The Express Suggested Mike Ashley Might Quit Newcastle For Rangers

Amidst the chaos and recriminations at Ibrox, some of the major shareholders have been studiously quiet. One of them is Mike Ashley.

The Express reported speculation that Mr Ashley saw his future perhaps as being at Rangers and not at Newcastle.

He is a hugely successful businessman, not known, normally, for wasting money. If he wanted to invest  to increase his holding then this would be an investment to make money, either directly or via promotion of his Sports Direct business. Sports Direct has, after all, acquired the naming rights to Ibrox Stadium (or so we were told in March).

As the Express said, with its article focussed on Newcastle rather than Rangers:-


NEWCASTLE supporters made their feelings clear at Blackpool’s Bloomfield Road on Sunday by unveiling a banner declaring: ‘Support the team, not the regime’.

And it has emerged they might get their wish to see Mike Ashley leave their club as the controversial multi-millionaire continues to develop his interest in Rangers, who Newcastle will play in a pre-season friendly at Ibrox next Tuesday.

Ashley is now the third-biggest shareholder in Rangers with an 8.9 per cent stake as the club work their way back to the Scottish Premier League following the financial collapse last year which sent them into the fourth tier of league football north of the border.

Ashley’s huge Sports Direct leisure company have a deal with the club to sell their official merchandise which they won off rival JJB Sports, owned by Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.

Ashley also secured a deal last March for the naming rights to the 51,000-capacity Ibrox stadium, although he has yet to announce his plans over any name change.

It all points to an increased interest in Rangers, and close associates of Ashley say it is the enormous potential the club enjoys which he finds appealing, despite their ignominious fall.

MA 1

Ashley is acutely aware of the merchandising and commercial possibilities at a club which could still call on average gates of about 43,000 last season, despite the fact they were playing largely part-time opposition.

Newcastle fans have one eye on Ashley’s close ties with Rangers, as his unpopularity is such that the vast majority would happily see him sell up and move north of the border.

While Ashley has pumped in the region of £200 million of his fortune into Newcastle, he continues to make baffling decisions which alienate him from supporters – his latest and most bizarre appointment was that of 66-year-old Joe Kinnear as director of football.

Steve Wraith of Newcastle United Football Club Fans United believes Ashley will depart the North-east in much the same way he arrived in 2008.

“It wouldn’t surprise anyone connected with the club to see Mike Ashley go as rapidly as he came in,” said Wraith. “And let’s face it, he wouldn’t be buying an interest in Rangers just for the sake of it. He has put his marker down at Ibrox and it may only be a matter of time before he regards that as a better option than Newcastle.”

Wraith says that Ashley was beginning to win over fans when Newcastle finished fifth in the Premier League 15 months ago, but since then has made some oddball decisions which have injured his reputation.

“He has been hurt by the criticism which has come from fans, but appointing Joe Kinnear is just mind-blowing,” said Wraith.

“He has got rid of Derek Llambias and replaced him with Kinnear, who is considered a comical appointment by the rest of the football world.”

Ashley has yet to make any public announcement regarding his involvement with Rangers, hardly surprising bearing in mind he has yet to speak to the media since taking over Newcastle five years ago.


One wonders how an Ashley move to take over Rangers would be perceived by the fans.

By all accounts Mr Ashley leaving Newcastle would make him more popular there than at any time since he arrived!

And bearing in  mind his apparent fetish for appointing Joe Kinnear, then the loquacious Irishman sitting in the Blue Room giving interviews would  more than make up for Mr Ashley’s well-known public silence!

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63 responses to “The Express Suggested Mike Ashley Might Quit Newcastle For Rangers

  1. Monti

    If Bill Gates was in charge of Sevco, Sally would still find a way of fcuking things up!
    David Murray, Charles Green,Mike Ashley?
    Peter the Lawwell will see them all off….
    This is OUR City, these are OUR colours!
    Glasgow is Green & White!


    • david

      Glasgow is everyones city, Monti, or do you disagree?

    • Jon Mackenzie

      I think you are trying to be funny but your final sentence makes you come across as a sectarian twat and I believe most Celtic supporters, of which I am not one, are better than that.

  2. Glazert Tim

    Think Roy Kinnear would be more apt for The Rangers.

    He, like Rangers, is long since deceased and provided many a comedy performance over the years.

    Unlike Rangers, he was a sad loss to the world of entertainment.

    • Stevie

      1872….right uptae noo!
      Clean yer windaes GlazierT….Boo!
      Simply the best…always have been…always will be.

      • I know Stevie, & Green left in Disgrace & Wattie will never let him back into Ibrox….. OOOOP’S you got THAT Wrong too

        • Stevie

          Lol. What are you pontificating about now?
          CG was and still is a disgrace Ian.
          He made racist comments…He is a proven liar..
          You are mistaken in attributing any comment about WS
          vanquishing CG to me Ian.
          Everybody knows CG is the main shareholder,therefore the main man.
          Never mind….attention to detail has never been your forte.

  3. Budweiser

    Gawd, Not another trillionaire. I see that Mc Coll is NOT interested in increasing his investment at ibrox .

  4. officer dibble

    Maybe just maybe they’ll all be on zero contracts for the foreseeable?

  5. JohnBhoy


    From a big new castle to poking about the ashes of a burnt-out hoose. Oh Mike, whatever happen to you?

  6. Monti

    Ally McCoist likes a pie!

  7. Monti


  8. Fra

    Ashley couldn’t get shot of Newcastle about 2 years ago. What makes him think he’ll find it any different this time.

    SDM, Whyte, McCall, Dave King, Joe Lewis, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all have all had their little fingers burned when going near the toxic club.

    The place and everything associated with it is ROTTEN

  9. Gambi53

    The quicker they disappear, the better life will be without them!

  10. jimlarkin

    Ashley’s huge Sports Direct leisure company have a deal with the club to sell their official merchandise which they won off rival JJB Sports, owned by Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.

    Ddn’t the JJB deal end, when rangers went out of business and Ashley’s merchandise agreement is/was with sevco (Scotland), before sevco changed the sevco name
    …to the rangers football club limited ( to kid the mugs on, that sevco rangers are the same rangers as the rangers that went out of business)

  11. JohnBhoy


    A toothless regulator finds the trustees of the Rangers Charity Foundation in breach of their statutory duties but it’s ok because the trustees, all connected with Rangers FC at the time, acted in “good faith”. I killed him m’lud but I did it in good faith lol.

    In good faith it never occured to them to check out what were their legal duties. In good faith it never occurred to them that it was wrong to let someone else unconnected with the Charity decide what happens to Charity money. In good faith it never occured to them that being Rangers men they might be compromised when it came to making decisions in relation to Rangers FC-related events e.g. Rangers Legends v AC Milan Legends. In good faith it never occurred to them that maybe they shouldn’t let one trustee make the decisions. In good faith it never occurred to them to hold quorate meetings. In good faith it never occured to them to seek legal advice. In good faith it never occurred to them to act like a charity.

    Mather’s reaction? “Delighted” about the “good faith”. Where have we heard that spin before over a guilty verdict? Only in Rangersland. Charitable causes lost out to the tune of £191,430. What business TAKES money from a charity? Is it not supposed to be the other way around? Oh but it was the administrators that took the money, not Rangers FC! In Rangersland it’s always someone else’s fault. The EBTs, improper registration of players, failure to pay taxes, shafting of creditors, liquidation – all someone else’s fault, nothing to do with “Rangers”. The money went to keep Rangers FC afloat, however temporary: “funds raised will help secure the future of the Rangers, which is vital at this time.”

    The Rangers FC, if they have any moral fibre, should give the money back or hang their head in shame. Then again, they don’t do shame.

    • JimBhoy

      @JB Too right Bro, shocking and D&P seem to be the ambiguous middle ground… They need a separate investigation but time seems to be their healer…!!!!

    • Budweiser


      This decision relates only to one match. There are questions also about the Man Utd legends match. Is this the fault of Duffers as well ? Sweepity sweep.
      Haunshakes aw roon .

      • Yep, Budweiser, someone put on a link to a blog, written by a senior Charity Worker earlier. I can’t get it just now but he reckons overall it could run to almost HALF a MILLION POUNDS over various events…. THAT is some amount of Good Faith that the Trustee put into RFC.

        It’s the same old, same old… Guilty as sin but no repercussions, just excuses & vindication followed by the usual war-cry, everyone is against TRFC. I would put up Shaggy’s ” It wasn’t Me” dedicated to everyone at the Phoenix club & those who make up the excuses.( I am a Computer diddy so I can’t)

    • Mat

      Curiouser and curiouser the gers’ cases become
      Always found guilty but always nothing done
      The latest cheating – a charity no less
      The logic behind the decisions you can only guess

      Is it a guess? no it is most clearly a fear
      We have seen it all since it began last year
      The bullies call to demand to know
      Make the the truth a place no one will go

      Both fear of the mob and sleight of the hand
      Dominate all facets of life in this land
      The hand it is now obvious is at play every day
      Making very sure justice is kept well away

    • I think they are not the only ones to hang their heads in shame.

      OSCR needs to take a good look at its function which is to ensure that trustees and charities act within the rules. This is a case where they have clearly found that the trustees did not. Given the massive conflict of interest of the trustees including I am led to believe Whyte and Bain both directly involved with RFC(IA) it is difficult to see how any action benefiting that organisation could be deemed as good faith.

      For OSCR to take no action makes them look like a toothless quango….

  12. JimBhoy

    Posted earlier, re the reaction to the journeymen at rangers to the younger boys….
    @Officer D

    I think it is the most poignant point Brown makes and one I eluded to in a past post of mine.. You get a team of youngsters up to win a league and then next season you replace them all with more expensive so called pros… It has to have a neg effect.. Sally cannot see that nor him Million pound coaching staff..!!!! FFS!!

  13. lordmac

    rangers will take yer eye teeth, Ashley will break even for what ever he makes in the jersey sales will cost him with the up keep of rangers
    and if the bears don’t win anything they will want him out such is the beast in them. it will be like throwing buns to bears and Ashley will find out there is no feeding them

  14. JimBhoy

    I wonder how much Chico has gained furtively from deals to get men into the rangers.. His £3-4m and sal was never gonna be enough..!

    I really think you could times that 5 fold..When the clear light of day clears the orange fog..If it clears…

  15. Daily Mirror 12 May 2012
    Former Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd is one of the backers behind an English consortium linked with a move for ¬crisis-hit Rangers.
    Shepherd, 70, left the Magpies in 2007 with a £37m pay-off following Mike Ashley’s takeover.
    He’s estimated to be worth around £75m and is one of the men behind a bid being fronted by Charles Green.
    Shepherd is now part of the Triple S Sports and ¬Entertainment Group along with his football agent son, Kenneth, and Paul Stretford, the agent who represents Manchester United hero Wayne -Rooney.
    Sunday Mirror ¬Sport ¬understands that legal ¬representatives from the group fronted by Green, a former chief executive of Sheffield United, are in talks with Rangers administrators Duff and Phelps.
    A source close to Triple S admitted last night: “Our advisors are talking to Rangers.”
    Attempts to sell Rangers, who went into administration on February 14, have been thwarted by debts that have reached £134m.
    The fallen Scottish giants are also looking at a three-year ban from Europe, which will hit income.
    So the English consortium may be the only hope to prevent Rangers from going into liquidation.

    Daily Mail Tuesday 12 May 2012
    Former Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd and his agent son, Kenny, are part of a consortium expected to take control imminently of ailing Glasgow giants Rangers.
    Their £8.5million bid for the club – in administration after a financial meltdown relating to tax problems – is being fronted by a former Sheffield United chief executive Charles Green.
    The money is understood to be coming from Singapore and Green has brought together a variety of British football investors. SUNDAY 13 MAY 2012
    FORMER Newcastle United chairman Freddie Shepherd was last night linked to the Charles Green consortium bidding for Rangers.

    BY CATRIONA STEWART ——-The Sunday Herald understands Shepherd, who spent 10 controversial years at St James’s Park between 1997 and 2007, is involved. Whitehouse would say only there were “some relatively high-profile football people in his [Green’s] bid team”.
    Following a newspaper sting operation, Shepherd, 69, and vice-chairman, Doug Hall, in 1998 were accused of sordid sexual acts, sneering at local women, mocking fans who bought replica shirts and of criticising footballers Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer. During an expose in which an undercover reporter posed as an Arab prince seeking a business deal, Shepherd and Hall called Geordie women “dogs”. They went on to laugh at fans who spent money on club-related merchandise.

    The “business meeting” took place in a Spanish brothel while Shepherd and his Newcastle colleague were said to be well-fuelled by alcohol. Shepherd attempted to win a High Court injunction to block the story but, instead, the judge said:

    “Shepherd and Hall made a long series of boastful, lewd statements bragging about the way they whored their way around the world.” During the meeting in the brothel, Hall also talked about how difficult it was when his 12-year-old son brought a girlfriend home:

    “I look at the girlfriends and think ‘Phwoar!’ So by the time she is 16, I’m going to be in trouble.”

    Shepherd then went on to talk about lusting after the Croatian wife of their friend Bernie Ecclestone and of sleeping with international prostitutes. Following the expose Shepherd left the UK and resigned from the club.

    Following a newspaper sting operation, Shepherd, 69, and vice-chairman, Doug Hall, in 1998 were accused of sordid sexual acts, sneering at local women, mocking fans who bought replica shirts and of criticising footballers Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer.
    During an expose in which an undercover reporter posed as an Arab prince seeking a business deal, Shepherd and Hall called Geordie women “dogs”.
    They went on to laugh at fans who spent money on club-related merchandise. The “business meeting” took place in a Spanish brothel while Shepherd and his Newcastle colleague were said to be well-fuelled by alcohol.

  16. JimBhoy

    Chico hyper pyro pants ffs… He blames Wattie, The cardigan’s reply???? Coming soon..!

  17. JimBhoy

    Listen to the warchest piece jeez…!!!! Apparently he has raised 34 mill and some in stockbridge’s (who he doesn’t really know) safe.. Did he pay the leccie bill that Malkie says he did…?

    Any man who terms himself in the second party is a fukin nutter…!!!!!

    I could make a statement that you are ugly..!!!!! Honestly!! 18 mins

    • Eastside

      Isn’t it galling that characters like the Murrays,the Easdales, Green, Whyte, Ashley and Ravzi, have and are being attracted and encouraged to infiltrate our game in such numbers. A lack of governance,not only from the footballing governing bodies but also political, law and judicial bodies, sprinkled with a spoonful of fear and half a cup of favouritism has created an environment these unsavoury spivs seem to find very welcoming. The current climate surrounding the media and this club and it’s predecessor and all the lickspittle cowards who pander and appease them has created the perfect conditions for corruption and illegal and immoral behaviour. Sadly I expect these characters to make the most of lawless nature surrounding this “institution” and I doubt very much they will be in any hurry to leave now that they are aware of the opportunities to “work” without rules, regulations, authority and even the law. They are as happy as pigs in s&@t.

  18. Naw, really? Shurely shome mishtake by the daily fascist? Leaving aside the interpretation that things must be really dire for the owner of a pretty successful (revenue-wise) EPL brand-name football franchise (one that is about to enjoy the fruits this year of a multi-BILLION pound TV deal), to want to swap it for a financially struggling team in Scotland’s third tier (?!!?) it does make you wonder though, just how many of the ‘millions’ of ‘Rangers’ fans around the world actually have any money?

    Celtic managed to get a wee hitherto unknown millionaire with a bunnet from Canada, a lifelong supporter, when they needed someone to get things sorted. Yet the much-lauded ‘Rangers’ brand has so far attracted what can only be described as non-footballing shyster after shyster since they’ve been in need of a comparable saviour (and if I recall correctly, Minty himself was a rugger bugger before he got involved).

    Adding the continued failure of several attempts to get real ‘Rangers’ supporters to dig deep to help out (I’m talking about guys who would put in a million just out of love for the club, like John Keane did for Celtic), I can therefore only surmise that the ‘Rangers’ brand appeals almost exclusively to the world’s poor, while that the business side seems to be quite attractive to what used to be called spivs.

  19. JohnBhoy

    Bare with me – or is that bear with me? – I want to try something. Here goes… hehe… tehe… heh heh… haw haw haw…

  20. JohnBhoy

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Oh what a beautiful day,
    I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
    Everything’s going our way.

    • Monti

      ” Oh what a beautiful morning,
      Oh what a beautiful day,
      I’ve got a wonderful feeling
      Ally McCoist’s going to stay” !

      • JohnBhoy

        Oh what a beautiful morning,
        Oh what a beautiful day,
        I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
        Everything’s going Peter’s way.

      • Maggie

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Oh Monti,you are a scream,you’re even funnier than Chico,and that’s saying something.
        The rest of the bhoys will have to up their game to top that one.
        Are you listening JimBhoy 🙂
        Really am away this time ………Ciao

        • JimBhoy

          @Maggie Come stai…? Mrs Feraccioli would be proud of me… I think much fun ahead for sure now the chief clown is back.. You couldn’t write this stuff…

      • david

        ” Oh what a beautiful morning,
        Oh what a beautiful day,
        Ive got a wonderful feeling,
        My Giro is coming today”


  21. Monti



    • Maggie

      @JohnBhoy & Monti
      Buongiorno ragazzi.
      There’s a bright ( green,White and) golden haze on the meadow……:-)
      Great start to the morning bhoys.Just read Chico’s latest meanderings in the paper…..Guffaw!!!!!!!

      “The whole world knows Ally and I won’t be going on a SLEEPER VAN( I actually can’t type for laughing) holiday together.”
      ILLEISM continues unabated ….. on being warned by the polis to be careful on his return to the bigotdome ” Lots of people don’t like Charles Green,but lots of people do like Charles Green”
      “I’m not politically correct ( no s*** Sherlock ) I say it how it is.That’s why the authorities don’t like me,because Charles Green is a problem for everybody.I’m a problem to Ally Mc Coist,I’m a problem to the SFA……..”
      So the Chico v Sally feud is not over…….excellent.

      Oh Chico,my Chico,you’re not a problem to me,I’m your biggest fan.
      Long may you reign over the Bigotdome.:-)

      Btw guys,just answered the door to delivery man.What is the deal with delivery drivers wearing uniform shorts ?They’re all at it,P.O. DHL.UPS.
      Do they think they’re in an episode of The King of Queens,it doesn’t really work in Scotland,does it. 🙂
      Im away out guys,catch you later.Have fun.

  22. Charitable Lad

    As an avid climber, I was approached by a friend 9 months ago about the possibility of taking on Everest for charity. The situation was that 9 people were raising funds, primarily for Yorkhall Hospital but they were waiting to nominate a second charity to also receive money.

    Having accepted the challenge, I nominated Mary Curry hospice in Glasgow, which I knew many of the climbers had previously helped and this was quickly agreed by all.

    Since accepting the challenge, the team managed to raise a staggering £200k of commitments from Corporate sponsors to attend a Dinner dance which was due to be split £140k for Yorkhall and £60k for Mary Curry Hospice. Yorkhall were the main sponsor of the event and they had used £10k of their own money promoting and paying for some costs of organising the Dinner Dance event.

    Unfortunately last Monday, we took a phone call from the Expedition leaders who had received some bad news. The teams in Everest who prepare all of these and guide the climbers safely up the mountain had money problems and said that due to unforeseen circumstances by all, the costs were going to increase by £120k if we were going to go ahead. Everybody was gutted and we were initially thinking of cancelling the trek.

    We firstly contacted the Hospice and they said we should carry on with the expedition but as the Primary sponsor and money committed partner, we should give what was left to Yorkhall Hospital, a wonderful gesture by the management at Mary Curry.

    We then contacted Yorkhall hospital, and mindful of the £10k costs and having heard about the very kind gesture of the Hospice, they said that £80k would still really help them out and that as long as the Corporate sponsors were agreeable, they would like us to go ahead.

    Finally, we contacted the sponsors to let them know the circumstances, however they all were looking forward to the Dinner Dance and have 100% agreed that raising £80k at the Dinner Dance is better than allowing Yorkhall to take on a £10k cost and cancelling all the events.

    So what do we do ?

    Option 1 – Let Yorkhall down and cost them £10k.

    Option 2 – Go ahead and give them £80k which is still a good amount.

    • Anneca

      Go ahead and give them a present of £80k. Well done you !!

    • Very commendable but I am unsure the point you are trying to make.

      If it is to make a comparison with the dealings of the RCF then I think it misses the mark.

      I am assuming that this was funds raised by individuals and as such the funds were not raised by a charity. The said individuals were therefore not trustees and were not aware of their duties as trustees. Ignorance is not an excuse because it is the duty of a trustee to ensure that they are informed. If they are in doubt they should seek advice.

      I also assume that none of those responsible for distributing the funds were employed or had any of conflict of interest arising from donating these funds to Yorkhall Hospital (Not sure if you mean Yorkhill). I also assume those donating were not aware of any threat to that donation because of financial state of the recipient.

      Finally being a hospital it is for the public good and not a private entertainment company owned by shareholders that had a cash flow problem.

      AS a trustee of a charity I know that because OSCR is taking no further action (presumably because all the main actors are no longer in place) does not imply that wrong doing did not take place. The report itself is quite clear that the trustees acted wrongly.

      As I say your actions are very commendable.

  23. Monti

    Charles Green – ” Rangers have the biggest history & reputation in Scotland”

    I would argue they have the biggest reputation in the world, for being sectarian & have an entire support that is interbred!
    The sooner Ibrox is demolished & the Huns are relocated to Venus the better!

  24. Monti


  25. Monti


    • david

      HE DIED AT THE AGE OF FIFTY-THREE ( av. life expectancy Calton)

  26. Monti

    ” Cam & Carson up a tree,
    like Jack & Victor on LSD,
    here comes Violet, oaft what a stench,
    head into Boots, you rancid Wench” 🙂

  27. Hendy

    I don`t care where he goes as long as the disasterous Oaf leaves Tyneside forverer! We hate him.

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