Walter Smith Walks Away From Rangers

The BBC’s Chris McLaughlin was spot on when he suggested last night that Walter Smith was on the point of leaving Ibrox.

The Rangers website today has the following statement:-

RANGERS announces that Walter Smith has today resigned from his position as Chairman and a director of the Company with immediate effect.

Short and sweet?

He has already been removed from the webpage showing the Board of Directors.

The Board of Rangers International Football Club PLC now consists of Craig Mather, Brian Stockbridge, Bryan Smart, James Easdale and Ian Hart.

One would have thought that Mr Smith deserved a better goodbye than the one sentence quoted above, especially bearing in mind his loyal service to Rangers over many years.

It will be interesting to hear from him about his departure, although he may well have signed up to a confidentiality clause.

Who will break cover first to comment – Mr Mather, Mr Green or Mr McCoist? And will Ally stay with his long-time mentor having had enough?

Might Mr McCoist’s large shareholding (and his large salary) be enough to keep him from walking away himself?

The saga continues!

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  1. cam

    Don’t you concern yourself with Walter,Paul, he doesn’t concern himself with you!
    Darrell King?

    • Very “dignified” Cam. Paul makes an entirely fair point about Smith. Years of service ended in a sentence. I can’t believe The Rangers under Charles Green could be so classless…
      …what AM I saying???

      • cam

        Wattie is very aware of the intentions of the folk who discuss him,his club and his career affairs,methinks if Paul’s media career hadn’t been strangled at birth, then any tunnel interview between the two would have ended up just like Chic’s.
        All rise for Sir Walter of Carmyle.

    • don’t you worry about Paul, Cam I am sure he does nt concern himself with you, besides you have enough on your plate with the walking away brigade. Looks like you’ll need yet another new slogan to go with the new club. Tic toc tic toc…….

    • Pie man hates bridies!

      @cam,don’t talk about Walter,he’s walked away! Don’t talk to Ally about the game,just Charles greens comments,or the wind at the game or his records in cup competitions. See no evil…..It’s aw fawin tae S###e!

    • cregganduff

      Yea Cam
      You can post as much shit as you like about Neil Lennon or Peter Lawwell, but don’t anyone dare say a bad word about Walter Smith or you will have a fit of hysterics and start throwing all the toys out of your pram. As on the occasion Ecojon described your hero Sandy Jardine as a Crawler and arse-licker.

      Well listen up little bigot, this blog is a level playing field with no funny handshakes and if you give it your going to take it, whether you like it or not.

  2. cregganduff

    Darrell King – the archetypal Laptop Loyal hack

    The major problem with Darell King is, not only is he a rampant Rangers supporter who masquerades as a journalist trying to be ‘objective’ in his analysis of Scottish Football, Rangers F.C. are also his bread and butter.

    Was wondering who the hell Darrell King was .
    Google & Celtic Paranoia provided the above.

    • cam

      The guy left for Florida to get away from nasty rockets like you,fulminating in your rage.Get back in your place sir!

      • cregganduff

        ” Get back in your place sir!”

        You really are a sad stupid little twerp.

        As for our place. Don’t you know that Martin sits at the top table along with Peter these days. Tiocfaidh Γ‘r lΓ‘ as Monti is wont to say. Maybe in some respects our day has Tiocfaidh(ed) while yours little bigot has gone decidedly down hill and drain.

  3. Confidentiality clause? They don’t come cheap from a man with the experience of hundreds of millions of pounds in transfer negotiations under his belt.
    Skin them Walter, ! Before its all gone.

  4. Glazert Tim

    Surprised? Not really.

    Let the carnage, posturing, bullshitting and in-fighting commence………scratch that…….continue.

  5. Steak bake won’t be walking away anywhere anytime soon because he has painted himself in to a corner (fortunately for him) with his “we don’t do walking away” gumph, which as it happens, inadvertently gave him the perfect excuse to not walk away! Absolutely! Where on this planet would this spineless creature find such a cash cow as this abomination of a club, company, companies? EH! This is his once and only chance to ever masquerade as a manager and pilfer the club of a fortune under false pretence’s, he has nowhere else to go.

  6. cregganduff

    Well that’s Raleigh gone. It won’t be long before Ally is on his bike as well.
    Which leaves the spivs and conmen to fight over what’s left of the decaying carcase.

  7. Hullo hullo we were the billy boys
    hullo hullo we used to make some noise
    we re up to oor knees in EBt’s
    surrendered then we died
    cause we are the silly billy boys

    • cregganduff

      THE SECOND COMING (Or possibly The Second Ending)

      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.
      WB Yeats

  8. Maggie

    @Paul Mc
    Who will break cover first to comment…..I’d have to go for Mr Green. A controversial choice I know Paul,a bit out of left field,but I just have a feeling it might be him. πŸ™‚

  9. Who would have thought that guy from the Beechgrove Garden could have sparked so much boardroom upheaval at Ibrox.

    He always seemed so placid.

    Then again he did have green fingers.

  10. Glazert Tim

    There once was a knitwear fan called Wattie.
    Who nurtured and trained a wee fattie.
    When the going got tough
    Dodging bullshit and guff
    He exited Edmiston drive shouting TAXI!!!!!!!!

  11. Tonypaisley

    Charles Green clearly NEVER walked away and used the Cardigan as a puppet in order to fool the Masses (pun intended) to buy season books. Pay attention to the lyrics and sing along

    I wonder if one day that, you’ll say that, you care
    If you say you love me madly, I’ll gladly, be there
    Like a puppet on a string

    Love is just like a merry-go-round
    With all the fun of a fair
    One day I’m feeling down on the ground
    Then I’m up in the air
    Are you leading me on?
    Tomorrow will you be gone?

    I wonder if one day that, you’ll say that, you care
    If you say you love me madly, I’ll gladly, be there
    Like a puppet on a string

    I may win on the roundabout
    Then I’ll lose on the swings
    In or out, there is never a doubt
    Just who’s pulling the strings
    I’m all tied up in you
    But where’s it leading me to?

    I wonder if one day that, you’ll say that, you care
    If you say you love me madly, I’ll gladly, be there
    Like a puppet on a string

    I wonder if one day that, you’ll say that, you care
    If you say you love me madly, I’ll gladly, be there
    Like a puppet on a string

    Like a puppet on a….. string

  12. Ally said ………………………..
    “If that was a threat, the self-proclaimed straight-talking Yorkshireman should know that boys from the West of Scotland don’t scare easily.”

    A boy is a young male human, usually child or adolescent. When he becomes an adult he’s described as a man

    It’s how you see yourself i suppose,

    A fat balding 50 year old man appears to see himself as one of the BOYS*, a game youngster up for the fight, can’t beat Forfar for fook sake but up for the fight never the less.

    • Glazert Tim

      Ally is as ‘tough as a weans first shite’ as an esteemed colleague is quoted as saying.

      • david

        @Glazert Tim
        dosent say much for your central defenders over the years then, considering the barrowload of goals he put in the Celtic net.

        Im not on to defend Rangers, its beyond farce, and McCoist isnt exactly setting the heather on fire as a manager, but all this abuse is WAY over the top.

        • Glazert Tim

          WAY over the top.

          What, like Ally’s belly over his elasticated waistband suit trousers?

          • david

            Your lot?
            Not my lot.

          • david

            Was fit enough when planting plenty of goals in the Celtic net

            • Glazert Tim

              Totally true and I would not deny him his previous prowess but like the integrity, ability, respect, waistband and fitness, they are all history. Shouldn’t have to explain history to you surely? CURRENTLY he is fukn woeful and a liability not an asset.

              They were a 28 inch waist, they are now a 38…….but I’m SURE you will claim they are the SAME troosers!

        • come come David,the consultant started it,
          we are just laughing along, can your lot ,just once, work out where to lay the blame.
          How far back in the past do you need to live, McCoist is a failure as a manager, yet you talk as if he is still on the park scoring goals,
          you have to give Green some credit, he can spot a dud,
          Ally,has made more excuse since becoming manager than the number of goals he scored.

        • Maggie

          Sorry david,don’t agree.The day he whispered inflammatory comments into a fellow professional’s ear, as that fellow professional was proffering a hand,was the day he forfeited what little respect he could command.
          Those inflammatory comments exacerbated an already “tense” situation,mainly the result of the antics of his team,no doubt egged on by his dressing room chat.He’s good at that…..Gazza flute episode among other examples.He’s despicable and deserves every bit of opprobrium levelled at him.

          • Glazert Tim


            I wish I could give you ten thumbs up for the use of ‘opprobrium’ alone.

            Last time Ally heard that, was when he was trying to settle the bill at the Chinese Restaurant pre Administration.

            Waiter in Restaurant: “Mr McCoist, about your company credit card, there seems to be opprobriem”.

            • Maggie

              @Glazert Tim
              Thanks G,I’m the sort of show off who likes to use big words to confuse Sevconians. πŸ™‚ In fact, they think big is a “big” word.

              “opprobrium,that’s fun to say” apologies to the great Will Ferrell in Elf.

          • david

            I am not party, and neither are you, to what was said.
            As regards respect , his achievements as a player greatly exceed Neil Lennons.
            As regards to him being despicable, what other evidence do you have?
            Seems to be , or at least used to be, one of the most respected figures in the game, a regular on Question of Sport and was in a film with Robert Duvall.
            Carried Tommy Burns s coffin .
            As regards management, he is obviously struggling, but he has had rather a lot to contend with, dont you think?

            • Monti

              Ally McCoist never played in a European final!

            • Maggie

              I assume that post’s for me.You have a terrible habit of not naming the person your are engaging with.
              I can hardly believe you think his appearance on TV and in a tuppence halfpenny rubbish film,means he should command respect.
              Is that a serious point david,surely not.

              Oh I think we can guess the content of his remarks to Neil Lennon from Neil’s reaction.He has a long history of underhanded behaviour,and being the wee sleekit toad that he is, manages to escape almost unscathed,read Terry Butcher’s book.
              I have witnessed him and his former team mates on nights out.I know wherof I speak,is all I will say david.

              As for Tommy Burns.Tommy was a man of true Christian charity and inherent decency who judged not,lest he be judged.I’m afraid I do not have Tommy’s forgiving nature.I judge the content of his character by his actions and his words.
              Oh one final thing david.That is your opinion,of which you are entitled to of course.that Mc Coist’s achievements exceed Neil Lennon’s as a player,but Neil Lennon’s achievements as a manager far exceed
              Mc Coist’s and would have even if Mc Coist hadn’t been in the 3rd division.You may not know this david,but Neil Lennon has a Mensa level I.Q.,even you could not claim that the fat man could surpass that or let’s be honest come within 80 I.Q. points if it.

            • Carried Tommy Burns s coffin,

              I am sick to the back teeth reading about that, why is that brought up time after time, It’s claimed he was a friend of Tommy Burns, If so, what is so special about carrying a friends coffin, it is something that happens day in day out, all over the country, yet MCCoist carrying TB’s coffin is held up as some sort of wondrous event,
              Just let T B rest in Piece,

            • david, what a POINTLESS post… Fat Sally is Supposed to be a Manager & that is how we are comparing him.

              He has a lot to contend with… In what way? He has More Players, Resources & Coaches & has spent more money than anyone he has had to compete with & has FAILED. yet again when it came to bottle.

              I’m afraid your Blue spec memories of RFC(IL) & a slimmer Sally scoring goals have NOTHING to do with TRFC or RIFC.

              Last years junk & now this…. THAT’S your Lot…. Get used to it.

          • JohnBhoy

            Not forgetting his disgraceful call for disclosure of panel member names known already to his club.

          • david

            Neither you nor I know what was said.
            Any other evidence for him being despicable?
            Like texting ex- girlfriends with threats for example?

            • Mac Tomas

              He also did the dirty on his wife & along with The cardigan did the dirty on the Scotland National team halfway through a world cup campaign when Lamb chops Murray started waiving tenners at them
              Aye…. a charmer right enough

            • Monti

              What about cheating on his wife & family as his son lay I’ll in hospital?

            • portpower

              Β£750000. Players take a sacrifice yet sally doesn`t. Like sally said ” we don`t do walking away.” but I`ll take you for a ride. david. What`s it like when sally gives you a donky?

            • Maggie

              Thanks for confirming that.I thought I’d read somewhere that “fatso who doesn’t walk away” ( that’s his native American name btw,you know,like Dances with Wolves * ) didn’t take a pay cut.How very in character of him.God he really has no shame.

              * I’ll get my coat for that one,though I personally thought it was quite good πŸ™‚

  13. JimBhoy

    Green trying to get Warnock in as manager…It may take over Β£2m to make that happen though.. Some more wedge thru the redundancy door…

  14. JimBhoy

    IamRangers, Malky and Watties silence paid for also…

  15. Open forums are a good idea, I like open forums.

    They are pretty rare though.

  16. @Paul
    “He has already been removed from the webpage showing the Board of Directors.”

    why is Mather still showing as Interim CEO , they have had long enough to up date to his currant status, jacket on a shaky peg, right next to Ally’s shaky peg.

    Seams just like a few short weeks we got the good news , Mather and Ally can work together because the both like Bruce Springsteen

    will they be singing this tonight

    β™© β™ͺ β™« β™©Oh, the price you pay, oh, the price you pay
    Now you can’t walk away from the price you pay β™© β™ͺ β™«

  17. cam

    Work beckons,so you rockets keep talking about the famous Glasgow Rangers.

  18. Ed Paisley

    The only thing the competing factions could agree on was bringing Walter Smith on board long enough to sell season books to the wonderfully loyal supporters (or gullible idiots – whichever is your point of view).
    Now that has been done, civil war breaks out again. The only thing that unites crooks is the thirst for easy money.
    I can believe that Chico wants to bring in Neil Warnock – he has a good record with lower league clubs (disrespect intended). But he will be 65 in December and he has been talking about retirement. But they have to get rid of McCoist first and that could be costly in more ways than one.

    • R. MacGeddon

      Yeah, but remember just a few weeks ago Charlie announced his retirement too, when details the Sevco deal with Whyte were heading towards the fan.

  19. JimBhoy

    Mather says:

    “I am saddened that Walter felt he had to leave the Board because his advice and common sense approach over the past few months have helped enormously. Walter has his own reasons for this decision but exactly when he discloses them to everyone is up to him. ”

    “I am certain the last thing he would want to do is damage the Club more than is necessary. After all, he returned to Ibrox to help rebuild the Club, not to disrupt that process.”

    Sounds like he is telling Wattie to spill the beans… “Damage the club, MORE than is necessary” ??? Bizarre statement..

    • @Jimbhoy
      Howdy bud, I was thinking about that as well. Is it damage the club enough to get it cheap, but not so much there is no hope of recovery. Albeit playing and training in rented facilities.
      One thing seems sure, chicco bouncing the. last remaining Rangers man unceremoniously out the door, points to him not being too bothered about the effect on next season’s SB sales.

    • Had a similar thought – see below.

    • JohnBhoy

      JimBhoy, my reading of Mather’s statement is that he’s shitting a brick that Walter might rejoin forces with Murray and that, in the first instance, any statement from Walter could send an Exocet in the direction of the spivs.

  20. Paul

    “But our players picked up the newspaper at breakfast to be reminded they’re the worst team in Rangers’ history.

    “Instead of concentrating on the match, their minds are elsewhere and
    they’re worrying about their jobs. Because, let’s face it, if he’s said we don’t win a cup and we go, then some of the players would be under threat too.”

    This is brilliant all the Sevco players are in a hotel having breakfast and Ally hands them newspapers to read that are slating them. And guess what it backfires Forfar pump them out the cup.Ally has the makings of a great manager.No mention of how Ally had to calm their fears or convince them of their worth, nothing. This guys is the biggest excuse for been beat once again in a cup tournament by a bunch of part timers. Nothing wrong with been beat sometimes as this is the romance of the cups, but eight tournaments come on.
    Could you picture Alex Ferguson or someone of his stature, listen guys this is what the chairtman thinks of yous you are a bunch of useless wasters,this wee pub team are going to kick your arses today.

  21. How much damage is necessary?

    Craig Mather isn’t sure :

    “I am certain the last thing he would want to do is damage the Club more than is necessary. After all, he returned to Ibrox to help rebuild the Club, not to disrupt that process.”

  22. @Jimbhoy
    Howdy bud, I was thinking about that as well. Is it damage the club enough to get it cheap, but not so much there is no hope of recovery. Albeit playing and training in rented facilities.
    One thing seems sure, chicco bouncing the. last remaining Rangers man unceremoniously out the door, points to him not being too bothered about the effect on next season’s SB sales.

    • Ed Paisley

      These guys have such a poor command of English for such high profile roles. I mean – what does Traynor actually do for his money? I think he is asking Walter to keep his mouth shut and not say anything that would cause more damage than has already been caused by his abrupt resignation.

  23. tykebhoy

    Any significance in Strand Hanson being replaced by Daniel Stewart & co as official corporate broker to RIFC? Or was this news deliberately announced to be buried by the Cardigan’s departure?

    • Glazert Tim

      Daniel Stewart, similar sounding name to comedian Andy Stewart who is the double of Craig Whyte!


  24. The angry crowd at Ibrox tonight being calmed by the presence of JT.

    Peter A Smith ‏@PeterAdamSmith 56m
    Jim Traynor tells fans he won’t talk to them unless journalists go away. So crowd shouts at media to, ahem, kindly depart immediately.

    Peter ‘s timeline on twitter is a hoot,… sorry I’ll try that again.

    Peter’s timeline on twitter is informative.

    Peter A Smith ‏@PeterAdamSmith 1h
    Jim Traynor says he won’t talk to journalists. While he addresses protesting fans, someone moves Craig Mather’s car away from the stadium.

    • Shiva

      It’s an incredible embarrassment. They have been for years with all their baggage and knucke draggers but this is like wow. They can’t even decide who to any up against.

      Actually embarrassing for scottish football, football in general and scotland.

      Voltaire obviously hadn’t been to Govan.

    • Maggie

      Just when I thought I couldn’t laugh any more Martin,up pops Mr The Hutt telling his ex colleagues they can’t listen to his “pep talk.”
      Obviously the head of Rangers’ Media STILL hasn’t got to grips with that social media thingy that did so much to expose the misdeeds of his employers.The death of irony indeed.

  25. Budweiser

    What a shambles. Where is oor wullie to tell us that this ‘ all part of the plan’ ? Come to think of it, maybe it is, and wattie will be back as part of the ‘ new owners ‘ ?

    • Mac Tomas

      @Bud………..Think wullie choked on his last Haw Haw haaawwwwgghh!!!

      • Maggie

        @Bud & Mac
        “won’t see him no more” as Pete Clemenza says about Paulie in The Godfather πŸ™‚ and the camster is REALLY away to his work…..aye right.
        He posts every 2 second continuously throughout the day,every day ,though it seems now he has rustled himself up some double shifts to get him out of the road of the juggernaut bearing down on him on here.
        Such fun guys. πŸ™‚

      • Budweiser

        lol !

    • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

      @bud. I was in the area so went around to Ibrox this evening. Traynor did indeed come out to speak but wouldn’t do so until the media cleared off. The crowd made sure they did go.
      If Green, Ahmad and Co don’t sell up they will be removed. The institutional investors and Mike Ashley will be supporting Murray and his group. Mather and Stockbridge will go too.
      Green has been told he has a short time to name his price. He’s gone.
      It’s not Christmas yet Bud. Lol.

      • Mac Tomas

        Aye…ok willy……your buying that pish……you guy’s will buy anything…

      • Ed Paisley

        GET ON WITH IT – you guys are embarassing Scotland. Why has it taken Casenove and the rest so long to act? Give Chico, Imran and Stockbridge “an offer they can’t refuse” and get them to f*ck off back to Yorkshire or London or wherever they came from. If they play hardball then send round the mob with the torches and pitch-forks, failing that, get the “supporter of the year” from Kilwinning to post through a series of surprise packages. All’s fair in love and business!

      • @Willy
        Why and how! did they see off the media? Is it not Jabbas job to inform the media? Don’t fans who couldn’t be there need information?
        Or did he not want recorded telling lies? At least now he can blame Twitter.
        Lol. Name yir price Chicco. “Awreet lad, geez Β£500m n we can shake on t’deal.”….By t’way. Wiv spent t’brass from t’IPO.. there’s nowt left tha knows.

      • Budweiser


        Jim Traynor tells the fans !!!

      • portpower

        Was it another world record turn out or just tea for two?

  26. Mac Tomas

    Feeling a bit down in the dumps camster?….. Have a swig of Yorkshire Tea from your Rangers “holding company” mug, you’ll feel better……….
    Speaking of mugs…………..34.000 to be precise……Has there ever been such a collection of imbecilic halfwits in the history of football. Ah mean FFS!……how many warnings, omens & clues do you lot need to get a grip of yourselves, but naw, you decided to unbutton your troosers & bend over for whoever gives you a vacuous soundbite. “We don’t do walking away”….that is exactly what you need to do….NOW…….
    Was starting to feel sorry for you, but had a listen to super score board & had a peek on Munter Media, McMurders, & Swallow Swallow……..dear oh dear, Feckless & desperate. Totally disorientated because your begining to suss that your “not the peepel” any more. Your getting the club you deserve……….. HA !

    • Maggie

      @Mac Tomas
      Where is Mr Wikipedia Walker,deNial of the inflated ego and monumental self regard,and his interminable borefests now I wonder Mac? I do miss him so πŸ™‚
      God,I hope he’s not some sort of Sevconian Beetlejuice who appears when you say his name…..Argh!!!!!!!
      No wait,we’re safe for the moment,he’s on the steps of the bigot dome as we “speak” πŸ™‚

      • Shiva

        I think he would regard himself as too cultured to be spotted with those ruffs.

      • @Maggie.
        Hi. I’m pretty sure he was postingo TSFM for a wee bit. They sussed him within a couple of posts and gave him a mauling. TSFM mod shut him down for being a troll. He can post again now, but minds his p’s&q’s and is licking his wounds. Different name, same crap.

  27. Peter A Smith ‏@PeterAdamSmith 1h
    Jim Traynor tells gathered protestors not to record him talking at Ibrox. #Rangers

    Craig Whyte?

  28. I’m waiting for Craig Mather’s car to make an announcement as to why it has left Ibrox in these troubled times.

    • tykebhoy

      Did it “walk away”?

    • Maggie

      The Mercedes ( I’m guessing) has left the building and has nothing further to add to the statement he wrote earlier on behalf of Mr Mather.
      He would like to point out that as he’s doing a better job than Mr The Hutt,he’d at least like an AMG kit in return.

  29. officer dibble

    Cant wait to see if the MSM have some thoughts on the behaviour of jabba

  30. Monti



  31. JohnBhoy

    Donald Findlay: “The Rangers way during my involvement with the club was that we conducted ourselves in a certain manner.” Ha ha ha I cannae stop laugh- ha ha ha -ing ha ha ha ha The Rangers way ha ha ha… Remind us, Donald where’s your flute, just why you had to resign? Ha ha ha…

  32. @gortchomhor

    Crisis at Ibrox? Fans are in turmoil? Looking for clarity? They need a new leader eh? Someone to tell them who to hate? That’s what crisis means at Ibrox, isn’t it? When things are going well for them they know who to direct the hate at, right? There’s too many people to hate just now, it’s confusing for them; they’re even starting to hate each other, and that’s not good is it?

    All those questions and too few answers. All that hatred and nobody obvious to direct it at. Maybe fat chops will help with one of his “who the hell are these people” type remarks…

    Exterminate! Exterminate! But who? Hard to see the taig hand in this. Maybe it’s invisible like Adam Smith’s. There’s a thought. Blame Adam? No, can’t do that, he’s an establishment figure…. So, who?

    • Ed Paisley

      They can blame Luca Pacioli – the inventor of double entry book-keeping. Having to keep accurate financial records is a bugger. He was defo Celtic minded.

    • Mac Tomas

      They look for somebody to hate even when they are top dog…..go figure!

    • Maggie

      Peter Lawwell of course.He’s behind it all.Where have you been gort?
      Did you not know this ? You really must start paying attention πŸ™‚

    • Pie man hates bridies!

      @gortchomhor,absolutely 100% on the money(no pun intended),sit back and light the blue touchy paper! allaboard the big BLUE bus!

  33. lordmac

    looks like mathers 1 milion has ran out, now they require another director to come up with the next months rent, and walter said they aint getting anything from him , and hes off before they ask once again has easedales dough gone also used up

  34. Glazert Tim

    Of the tired old hack called Traynor,
    His move to the Gers? A no brainer!
    But when old colleagues started bitchin
    His arse started twitchin
    So turned round, walked out the door, like Gloria Gaynor!

    Apologies to Gloria for the visual association of Jabba to her fine self.

  35. Monti

    Paul Gascoigne has turned up outside Ibrox stadium with a fishing rod,some chicken breast & a six pack of lager.
    The same survival kit he used when trying to help his friend Raoul Moat.
    Gascoigne was also pished!

  36. arb urns

    we dodo walkin away after all……………………………………..

  37. Apologies Paul, but I need to correct you.
    You say:
    “One would have thought that Mr Smith deserved a better goodbye than the one sentence quoted above, especially bearing in mind his loyal service to Rangers over many years”

    Walter Smith has only served Rangers, as they exist now, for a matter of months. Nobody has served them for years. They can’t have.

  38. Monti

    I really want to hear Mark Hateley’s positive spin on all of this :D!

    • Glazert Tim

      How about.

      Walter Smith, Rangers Legend (not legned) who won the club 10 titles (no mention of a gap between the ninth and the tenth) has bravely stepped down.

      He only took the money and position to ensure complete irrecoverable damage wasn’t done by the careless incumbents before being reclaimed by real Rangers thinking owners.

      Now however, in a trully legend earning move Walter has acted now his favourite Choice all along (insert some bunch of feckless band of buns outfit) has regrouped.

      As the share price was already flailing, he siezed a true blue opportunity to ensure fans and financial backers with (insert superlative amounts of cash) can maximise the low share price and volatility (not mentioning him resigning to inevitably lower the share price further) to valiantly deliver the Gers into true blue rangers minded custodians.

      How did I do?

      • Budweiser


        Uncanny !!—– Are you wullie ?

        • Glazert Tim

          Some other real Wullie will have to stand up! Ooooer Mrs!

          Having had the misfortune to see, read, hear MSM pro Rangers Minty Moonbeam shite for as long as I can mention, I have the ability to knowwhat the DR says before seeing it.

  39. Monti

    How can the Huns be so fkn stupid, 34,000 buy season tickets ( Manchester calculator), as soon as the money is in Imran’s maws account,Walter walks away πŸ˜€ & they still think he has their best interests at heart hahaha!
    If they wan’t advice on how to do a takeover with minimum of fuss, phone Fergus McCann ffs πŸ˜€

    • Glazert Tim

      That’s like wondering, why after millions of years evolution, do moths still batter their melt of your bathroom light bulb.

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