Walter Smith, Rangers and “Dignified Silence”

Rangers CEO Craig Mather talked a few short weeks ago about the need for “stability”. I suspect that moves to oust him and two other directors, coupled with public criticism by senior employees of other senior employees, and over the weekend various articles in the media suggesting concern re the company’s finances were not what he classed as “stability”.

Indeed his comment has the potential to be up there in the ranks of ill-timed statements alongside that of General George Sedgwick who, at the Battle of Spotsylvania in the US Civil War’ disparaged the enemy snipers with the words “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…”

But the focus for this jotting is on the Chairman, Walter Smith.

His move to that role, in place of Malcolm Murray, was meant to calm the troubled waters, giving a figurehead all could unite around. That hasn’t worked and indeed today the BBC is reporting that Mr Smith is on the point of quitting.

I suggested when he was elevated that, despite his outstanding record in football management, that did not justify his appointment as Chairman of a PLC.

His job as Chairman is to hold the executives to account in the interests of shareholders. With all the public squabbling, what is Mr Smith doing?

If he is working behind the scenes then it is ineffective. The problem is that what might work with a dressing room of prima donna players is different from what is effective with money-focussed business people.

Should the Chairman be issuing public statements to reassure investors? Should he be speaking out to tell the fans that the mess is being sorted? Should he be providing visible leadership?

If the choice is maintaining “dignified silence” and having rumours of his intentions leaking to the media, or, in fulfillment of his commercial and legal duties, making public statements to clarify the company’s position and his own, then I can only see the latter as a valid course.

It must be time for the Chairman to earn some of his salary and to make clear where he, and the business, stands.

Unless of course the situation is already so bad that any statement by the Chairman would make it worse!

After all, if General Sedgwick had just kept his head down, I wouldn’t be mentioning him today!

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184 responses to “Walter Smith, Rangers and “Dignified Silence”

  1. Confirmed by stock exchange, Official

  2. Now the SBs are sold, it was expected Lord Cardy would be out the door. Chicco is back with new brokers in tow, and a fistful of SB wonga to commandeer.
    Wallace being touted to Notts F & Wigan, Black and Shiels rumoured to also being touted for off load, What chance the “trialists” or Sally?
    My question is this …..If I was to run down Sauchiehall st in the bare scuddy, wearing only a jesters hat, a bunch of jaggy nettles stuck up my arse, and frogmans flippers on my feet, ..Would I feel as stupid as a Sevconian SB holder must feel right now.. Or will I need to do a wee bit more

    • Maggie

      Ehhhh,nope,that will just about do it Barca,though maybe ask Morag for a wee shot of the camster’s sash to protect your modesty.It would also add that “je ne sais quoi,”it’s all about accessories this season.I would lose the jaggy nettles though,they’re just “de trop,” not to mention painful.
      Oh,such fun 🙂

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca would certainly provide you with a sting in your tail… Where’s ma jaiket..!! 🙂

      • Maggie

        Hee hee,there’ll be a lot of us getting our jaikets if this fiasco at Diebrox continues………too funny 🙂
        I wonder how long it’ll be before Sally gets has to get HIS jaiket?

    • cam

      Better watch out barca,,,impersonating Monti is not for the faint hearted,,,you don’t have it in you to be a total walloper.

  3. officer dibble

    Sally’s next.

  4. JimBhoy

    You would think the following statements by SDM would answer the question of whether rangers oldco received a sporting advantage by the use of EBTs.. I missed this before from the first tier hearing..

    “Q. And its operation. Would you describe it or would you not as a tax avoidance scheme?
    A. No, not at all. I think it was a method of us acquiring, especially football wise, better players in a more cost effective manner than we would be able do so. In the football world, we’re in a very competitive game and you’re competing with players and countries all around the world. And we were very ambitious at that time. And it was seen as a correct and proper way for
    us to proceed..”

    “Q. As regards football players, was it a success in getting good football players, do you think?
    A. As a club, we have been very successful, because we’ve been able to attract players of a certain standard that, perhaps, we may not have been able to do otherwise.”

  5. Story breaks, Green and Whyte are a double act, Smith is made chairman to keep the season book sales money coming in, McCoist is still not sure what is going on, Green walks away for the good of the club,
    a whytewash inquiry clears Green,
    Season book sales reach the magic 34,000 target, Smith reminds everyone he is not up to the job, he wants out sooner rather than later, for the good of the club, up pops Green as a consultant, Smith is outvoted when he tried to block green returning as a paid consultant, Green attacks Ally, Ally hits back via offical website, the consultant has Allys comments removed from the website,
    Smith has walked away from the New club,never having retracted his claim that it’s a new club, Smith showed a bigger back bone on the new club issue compared to James of Airdrie, James failed to stand his ground,
    The ball, regardless of what Sky just said is firmly in Greens court,not Ally’s, the worst Manager in Rangers AND Sevco’s history’s will toe the line of be forced out,
    Ally can say he is walking from Sevco not the club he played for,
    McColl the billionaire, along with Smith, McCoist and the Blue knights should just start the ball rolling for a new club,playing in red white and blue, call themselves Glasgow Rangers FC and get on with it.

    Let them hang all the spivs out to dry,
    Arsenal moved to a new stadium,
    why can’t a new club Glasgow Rangers do the same, with this world wide fan base we keep getting told about.just say the asbestos problem is to big to solve,it’s a face saver

  6. Monti

    Walter has walked away,Ally next?
    We are the peeeepel! 😀

  7. Monti

    Poor Ally your now cutting a very isolated looking figure…..

  8. Monti

    All we need now is Wee Craig to return, Celtic to knock out Elfsborg with consulate ease & Ally to walk away……Do Carlsberg do the perfect week?

  9. Monti

    What’s this pish about section 111 being closed down due to lateral movement?
    The rest of the stadium shouldn’t be allowed to do the Huddle then.

    God bless the Green brigade!

    • cam

      Correct Monti it is all about pish,,,or to be more precise urine!
      The golden shower brigade have been secretly filmed urinating on each other and loving it!!
      The sponsors financial pressure is working,,,who wants to be associated with terrorism?

      • @Cam
        I’m coming up the road on Wednesday, Gonnae put another coin in the life support machine for me. I would hate for them to pop off without saying my goodbyes in person.

    • cam

      FFS you would move sideways if you had to smell the ugly pie muncher standing next to you,c’mon Peter,,,let the people ming!
      Hopefully Strathclyde’s finest will be on standby to real with the civil unrest and unauthorised marching by these republican kettle fodder.

  10. All the Sevconians on here have walked away, can i just ask,

    Where Are The People ?

  11. Just saw this on another site

    “Wheres yer Walter gone….Wheres yer Walter gone..Forfar Away..”


  12. SairFecht

    Near on 18 months of this plus the build-up. Have finally run out of words. Breathless. Burnt out on comedy fatigue. WTF next!!!?????

  13. JimBhoy

    Wonder when old sticklebricks will be slavering over the honourable ‘never a snake oil salesman’ Chico…

  14. JimBhoy

    Neil Warnock to be new rangers manager !!!!!!!

  15. Guillermo

    And our next karaoke singer is Chuckles Green ..

  16. Paddy Malarkey

    Cam , mate (Thistle fans are friends to all),your club/company are imploding and all you can do is point in the opposite direction and make noise ? If you were half a man , you would be putting up a fight for your heritage and be seen to be doing it .

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