Craig Mather’s First Year with Rangers And Why He May Not Be on the “Green Team”

The battle lines are drawn. Rangers CEO Craig Mather is on one side – the investors who want to appoint Frank Blin and Paul Murray to the board on the other. Charles Green is somewhere involved in the battle, but I suspect he is not in the Mather camp.

At least one man called Craig Mather gets his hands on a Cup!

At least one man called Craig Mather (actor and musician) gets his hands on a Cup!

The correct Craig Mather

The correct Craig Mather

Maybe one reason for Mr Mather’s disgruntlement with Mr Green is that, if Mr Mather’s shares in Rangers had cost what Mr Green paid, he would own 100 million of them, rather than only a measly 1 million? And Mr Mather’s “investment” has lost almost 60% of its initial value as well.

He has every incentive to run things differently from Mr Green!

How has Mr Mather spent his first year as a Rangers investor?


On 18th July 2012 Rangers released a statement from “businessman Craig Mather”:-

“I am delighted to have invested in The Rangers Football Club with my business partner Guy Gisborne.

“In addition to the financial investment, my sports management business, Simply Sport Management, specialises in youth players. I am confident that my colleagues and contacts within this field will prove invaluable.

“The facilities within the youth academy and training centre at Murray Park are world class and we must continually improve to ensure that the players coming through are of the same standard.

“I look forward to being part of the team rebuilding this fantastic club.”

It seems that Mr Gisborne has been written out of the story since – I cannot see any mention on the official Rangers website of him.

You will also note that Mr Mather referred to investing in Rangers (The Rangers Football Club) with Mr Gisborne. Was it a joint investment, or did they have separate investments?


On 17th October 2012 Rangers announced the appointment of Imran Ahmad as Commercial Director and of Mr Mather as Director of Sports Development. He was described as a “founder investor”. The statement continued:-

Craig Mather has been appointed as Director of Sports Development and will assist the Club in reviewing the overall organisational structure and assume financial responsibilities for Murray Park.

Charles Green said today: “My roles have been stretching me to the limit and certainly the commercial side is something we want to improve upon.

“In terms of Craig, he signed a cheque for £1million and was one of the founder investors. He has particular interest in youth development and Murray Park is a big cost centre for the club.

“I think there have been issues that we need to address in terms of how the club manages its affairs, how we use the cash that comes in and of course where we are going to spend the money that we are now raising in the market.

“Craig is completely independent. He has come in as an investor and he is looking at things completely objectively.

“When a man signs over £1million from his own bank account then I think he is entitled to have a look at what he has invested in.

First of all, as a founder investor in what was Sevco Scotland Ltd, and then became The Rangers Football Club Ltd, it is likely that Mr Mather came to the party as a result of Mr Green’s excellent promotional activities.

However even as a founder investor it seems that Mr Mather did not benefit from the excellent terms offered to other founder investors like Mr Green and Mr Ahmad. They are understood to have paid 1p per share for their investments. From what was said by Mr Green Mr Mather paid £1 per share.

Based upon the present share price Mr Mather therefore has a paper loss of almost £600,000 accumulated over the last year. That loss could explain the rumours about his apparently generous wage package – according to some sources totalling £500,000 per year. It is hard to grudge him a reasonable compensation which will still leave him out of pocket after a year’s work!

That might also explain the apparent rift between Mr Green and Mr Mather. After all, how would you feel if you were persuaded to invest in a business by someone who, only a couple of weeks before you invested, paid 1/100th of the price you paid? And then your investment loses 60% of its value?

That might have made for a frosty atmosphere round the board room table.

It might also lead one to question Mr Mather’s business sense. After all, for his £1 million investment, if he had acquired shares at the price paid by Mr Green, he would have 100 million of them!


Things went quiet on the Mather front until earlier this year and the announcement on 19th April 2013 which followed Mr Green’s departure.

The Board has commenced the search for a new Chief Executive and expects the role to attract high quality candidates from both within and outwith the industry. A further announcement will be made in due course.

Quite wisely the Board was prepared to consider candidates from inside football and from outside. Bearing in mind the size of the business and its world-wide reputation, surely the vacancy would attract high powered candidates from the UK, from Europe and indeed from around the world?


The announcement that followed on 24th April 2013 gave Mr Mather the inside track.

RANGERS Football Club has today confirmed the appointment of Craig Mather as Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Executive with immediate effect.

Mr Mather, 42, becomes a Director of the Club’s Football Board and an Interim Director of the PLC Board.

Rangers Chairman Malcolm Murray said: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Mather as Chief Operating Officer of Rangers. He will also be acting Chief Executive which will allow us some time to examine the credentials of candidates for this position on a permanent basis.

“Craig’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer will allow the company and the Club to keep moving forward.

“Craig has invested £1m of his own money in the Club and is committed to playing an active part in delivering future success for Rangers.

“The Board has approved his appointment and look forward to him pushing us in the correct direction. Craig will lead the business on a day to day basis but I want to make it clear we are in a healthy position financially following the successful flotation of the company in December last year. I would also like to assure all of the supporters that this money is being used for the benefit of the Club and nothing or no one else.

Craig Mather said: “I am delighted to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer of Rangers Football Club and also Interim Chief Executive.

“This is one of the world’s great football clubs with a long and proud history and I had no hesitation in investing personally in Rangers. My own business background is in sport and particularly in youth development, something that will be fundamental to the success of this Club.

“I could not stand here and tell you I have always been a Rangers fan but I can say, with profound honesty, that I have been around football all my life and I have known of Rangers and their huge successes for many years. But then who hasn’t?

“I am well aware of what this Club means to so many people. I have been working at Rangers for the last year or so and the commitment and passion from the supporters never ceases to amaze me.

“They deserve so much better than they’ve been getting of late. My job will be to make sure the work is put in to make them even prouder to be Rangers fans.

“It is incumbent on everyone working for Rangers that we make sure the Club is in the best possible shape for next season and to create the platform on which fans can enthusiastically support the team.

“I look forward to starting work immediately and would like to make it clear the Chief Executive’s job is a position I would like to take on permanently.”

What better way to demonstrate the fitness for the job, especially against the “high quality candidates from both within and outwith the industry” who would undoubtedly have applied by now?

We will see in Part 2 what happened.

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144 responses to “Craig Mather’s First Year with Rangers And Why He May Not Be on the “Green Team”

  1. Budweiser

    Seconds Out !! – Round 2 !! ding ding!!

  2. Felpen

    It’s down to the few million. And every one wants a slice.

  3. bigz

    As I said before there is money in the bank from the season ticket sales and these guys want to recoup lost money from a high paid job on the board just like Mr Easdale and Mather.

    Drip drip drip drip drip ………..drip drip drip drip……………drip drip …………..drip …drip ……………drip …………………….drip………………………………………..TESCO !!!!!!

  4. Monti

    I hope Charles Green takes every last penny!

    Good Riddance!

  5. Ed Paisley

    Chico, Imran and Brian get their penny shares. Wee Craig Mathers has been indemnified against his share losses by a megabucks salary and what he sees as a plum job.
    The problem here is that Rangers haven’t got the outstanding CEO that the club needs. There must be dozens of outstanding candidates in the UK who would have jumped at this opportunity.
    No disrespect to Mr Mathers but where is his stellar track record of success?
    In fact, to raise the £1m to invest in Rangers he had to team up with a known baddy – Sir Guy of Gisbourne, the arch enemy of Robin Hood, played of course by Basil Rathbone.
    Sometimes I’m convinced this whole Rangers/Sevco circus is a dream and I am going to wake up one if these days with the clever and honourable Paul Le Guen still in charge.

    • Maggie

      @Ed Paisley
      “There must be dozens of outstanding candidates in the U.K.who would have jumped at this opportunity”
      Oh Ed,you’re far too generous and understanding……I’d say any outstanding candidate would run a mile from the bigot dome and their world famous “heritage and culture.” Why sully their hard won reputations by association with the den of Spivs. 🙂

      • Ed Paisley

        On reflection it would be quite a hard sell – leave your position with a bluechip company and join a cowboy outfit synonymous with bigotry and corporate misbehaviour! Mmmmmm

  6. JohnBhoy

    It’s a phantasmagoric mix of Robin Hood in reverse meets Monty Python, Cannibal: The Musical and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men… Lol.

  7. castlerockbhoy

    So the key unanswered question is :-

    When the money runs out, who is holding the title deeds for the Asbestosdome and Murray Park?

  8. JimBhoy

    Wattie as chairman was also a mistake IMO.. Wattie should have some figurehead role maybe with a couple of other ex rangers boys…

    Mather well i have to concede i thought he sounded like Chico’s apprentice but maybe not..

    34000 fans invest in the club they love is commendable but I have made comment many times about Sally’s lack of coaching guile.. His solution to fixing the football problems is to hire more personnel… This will work out sometimes but what message does that show the boys who got them thru last season.. The boys who effectively played for the club yesterday..

    I have said since i first posted here that results will kill rangers, when the fans do walking away because the product on show is crap.. In no way did I expect the infighting by those looking to rip of a piece of cash cow flesh to influence the fans as much as I have seen recently…

    I genuinely feel sorry for the majority of fans of rangers who want success for the club but also want to see a firm foundation to build on…Chico is and never has been the answer for rangers, most fans outwith the rangers support have seen that since his first contentious remarks..The man craves the limelight and has an eye for a money making opportunity regardless of who he needs to move out of his way.. if he can dupe Whyte he will not lose sleep over doing the same to all the rangers support..

    The real question is… Who is pulling the strings at rangers?

    • Maggie

      There’s no way that Chico’s back to “consult” on anything.He’s back to kick ass and get his money’s worth from Sevco.
      I found it very telling that his first utterance to the press was to bad mouth Sleekit,pretty much carried on from where he left off,”worst Rangers’ team ever etc” No love lost between him and the fat man.I’m backing Chico in the next b**** fight.

    • Monti

      That’s an easy one, Craig Whyte & Peter Lawwell….

    • JohnBhoy

      A deid king named after a fruit.

  9. Monti

    Hibs v ‘Well……painful!

  10. JimBhoy

    — Out of 8 cups in 2 yrs says a disgruntled fan on Bears den, his comments below.. I cannot disagree…

    — Seems rather funny that a consultant can make suggestions about what success the actual manager must get, effectively threatening his position… I have worked with many consultants and generally I have paid their wages to do a job with a specific remit.. BUT none have suggested i need to run things differently or my job may be in jeopardy.. Seems a wee smidgeon of a tad odd imo.. Let me suggest this, totally random thought, maybe Chico wasn’t away at all, maybe Chico is more than a consultant…. Who knows..!!

    — Anyways rangers fans I feel your pain..

    Dundee utd
    Queen of the South
    Dundee Utd

    Look at those teams! Unacceptable. He’s got to go. Let’s not forget the lead he threw away over Celtic in little over a month or two.

    He isn’t a manager.

    • Monti

      I disagree there, he needs more time in the job, six or seven years perhaps!
      I am a sarcastic bastard. 🙂

      • Maggie

        Nah,Monti,he needs at least 10 years to turn things around.Cut him some slack,he’s constantly baffled and that can’t be easy.To be fair to him,he’s always completely honest with us and wouldn’t dream of lying to us,so he deserves another chance.
        That my friend is sarcasm 🙂
        “I just can’t laugh enough……” HH

        • Maggie

          I’ve just heard Gerry Rafferty on the radio singing “Mary Skeffington” ( his mother)
          The intro music is the first verse of Sweet Sacrament Divine.Lump in throat and tear in eye time…..a boy singing a love song to his mammy
          will do it every time.
          God rest his talented soul.

      • jjbhoy

        @Monti….ally must stay Monti as Demis Roussos used to sing,forever and ever and ever. Was in Morrisons today,2 for 1 on Forfar bridies,Mmmm they were delish! All aboard the big BLUE bus!

      • Ben McGinlay

        There might not be a club there in six months.

    • JohnBhoy

      JimBhoy, I have to disagree with you on two fronts:

      1) All is a manager – of The Rangers – and their most successful one at that. Ok, he’s been the only one, but to his credit he does have a 100% record in championships won. 1 and counting.
      2) To be fair to Ally, and I won’t lie to you, those teams that beat his in the cup games, for both the teams he has managed, did apply tactics, absolutely. And it was windy. No manager should have to put up with that.

      We welcome the chase.

  11. Jimbo n Paddy

    Who invited Green back as a consultant? Was Mather involved in that decision.Surely as CEO he should have been.
    Maybe he is back as a consultant for Mr McCoist and we will see him sitting beside Durranty giving his opinion on substitutions.
    Maybe their director of communications could tell the fans of the team playing at Ibrox what he is doing for his money ,it’s certainly not clarifying this mess

  12. Steven Brennan

    Ally must stay
    Another thing that amuses me is even though they ripped off the HMRC for millions, when they go bust the Govt will pay them all redundancy money,
    12 weeks in luie of notice at £14000 a week for McCoist alone.
    And I would bet that he would take it.

  13. SairFecht

    Oxygen, please. A few days away from this and re-engage to new board room battle and out of the cup to Forfar. If media speculation is correct in that Walter is backing the takeover, is this the same Walter who was ‘steadying the ship’ on ‘full steam ahead’ just a few weeks ago? (Quotes (c) RM, Billy McBigot’s Web-blog and various other foolish nonsense). To me this strongly suggests that something is far from right with the present business model and Walter has got close enough to it to send up a flare to his mates. The bold Charlie is a star turn – legs it at the first hint of trouble then re-emerges when the coast is clear with another mouthful of his truly original patter. They’ll be wishing they’d never invested in the inquiry (how much did it cost again?) that ultimately ‘cleared’ him. So, more of this stuff on the horizon again – where and when does it all end?

  14. One way or another it’s been a terrible few days for Rangers fans.

    Boardroom battles ahead and being knocked out of a cup in the first round are in themselves causes for fan concern.

    Checking out Rangers Media to see just what some of Rangers fans make of all this the only conclusion I could come to is they they are as divided as the board. Hardly surprising given what the are currently witnessing.

    One fan though managed to cut through the confusion and get right to the heart of Rangers problems.

    I’ll quote the post in full, it is titled ‘Rangers: A club that has lost touch with it’s roots.’

    “Let’s be honest, most of us have Protestant/ Presbyterian roots. This is probably less true now than in the past, but still true.

    It even shows in our names, mainly Scottish/ British or Ulster Scots, also British of course.

    So why in our Club Megastore, amongst the named keyrings, and door labels, do we get Aiden and Dominic, but no Derek?

    How many bears do you know called Aiden or Dominic? How many of our players?

    A small thing, I know, but it seems to me our Club is scared of reality.”

    Funny old world!

    • SairFecht

      Now that made me laugh! Get some keyrings with ‘Derek’ on them and we’ll be back to the top.

      • I’m assuming the posters name is ‘Derek’ and he wants a keyring with his name on it quite badly.. He’ll get that keyring one day, presumably when Rangers reach the very summit of Scottish Football.

        A fan can dream. Good luck to the boy.

        • SairFecht

          No – it appears he just doesn’t want any keyrings with perceived Irish or Catholic forenames and that ‘Derek’ is somehow associated with Protestantism. The forum is divided and one poster (D’Artagnan) hails the post as the most concise summing up of Rangers’ problems he has ever seen. There is further contention over a recent signing who allegedly ‘crosses himself’ after scoring a goal.

          • SairFecht,

            your point is correct given a strict definition of the words used. The poster does indeed display displeasure at the availability of Rangers keyrings with names on them which don’t fit with his limited view of how names might be inherently linked to a country or even a religion which is somehow not part of Rangers roots and as a consequence, unacceptable.

            However what I was (with humour intended) trying point out was the ridiculous and incongruous nature of the post, giving the more pressing and realistic problems Rangers fans currently face.

            The poster is clearly misguided in more ways than one.

            If his post should find support on Rangers Media then clearly he is not alone.

            • SairFecht

              @Martin – He finds himself open to both sympathy and some mild ridicule – RM is a truly demented location and worth the occasional visit purely on anthropological grounds – if only to observe that human evolution has hit a serious sticking point somewhere on the supposedly upward rise towards a higher intelligence. If this is what passes for the norm in the repartee of the Rangers support I genuinely worry for them. Noo wherz ma f***in Derek keyring?

      • How many Alistair key rings were sold ?

      • Do not want to disillusion our friend at Rangers Media but if he is pinning his hopes on ‘Derek’ key ring’s I am sorry to tell him that I am called Derek and I am a tim!!!!.

        I can see it now on RM ‘lt’s a fiendish Fenian plot to steal our names! It is all the fault of catholic schools and of course Peter Lawell!!!

      • Ben McGinlay

        Even with Derek Piero they wouldn’t get to the top.

    • James C

      In fairness, I think the fan has an issue. Pragmatically can’t see many TRFC fans called Aiden or Dominic. Just rank bad practice by the store buyer not knowing his/her market.

      They will be suggesting they need rebranding next, maybe drop that cold blue colour everywhere for a nice warm colour (green or yellow?)

      • Ed Paisley

        Good call James.
        And they can unveil the new colours in a challenge match against San Lorenzo of Buenos Aires with guest of honour their most famous supporter Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Now that would be a real break with the old toxic past!

  15. JohnBhoy

    Go Charlie, Go! We Want Charlie! We Want Charlie! We Want Charlie!

    • graham

      Think you are on the Charlie !!
      Calm down and enjoy your fun in the sun because like British sunshine it won’t last long .. And for sure the rangers will be back ,
      Cast your mind back to your club’s we dark period before the bunet came in and saved you .
      dr joe , wee Louie , the rap star John barns .. Loosing at home super caly in the cup !!
      A Certain element in the rangers support And even chick nick estimated that it would take celtic 6years to catch up but within 2 years the blessed Martin was in and celtic won a treble ..
      So to you , Monti et al again I say enjoy while it lasts , because we will be back sooner rather than later ..
      I HOPE !!

      • JohnBhoy

        Hi graham. Seriously g, what do you make of this mess? I think Charlie’s got your club by the short and curlies and has been sent back by his masters to oversee their largesse. Paul Murray et al can huff and puff and all they want but Charlie holds all the aces. He’ll go when he gets his money, one way or another.

        Don’t rate Ally as a manager but funny enough yesterday’s result might be the making of him. It’s the first time that I’ve heard him speak out in anger. He should stop being used to prop up the suits and concentrate on his team. Walter’s between two stools in the blue room: does he sit there and support Mather or move closer to the Murray camp?

        My temporary solution for what it’s worth: fans have the real power, so use it. Demand that Charlie’s consultancy contract is terminated. He’s bad news. Support Ally. Get in a new Chairman – Walter is not the answer. Make Walter Director of Football to give Ally a helping hand. Mather seems ok but should stop the revenge talk.

        The big picture is who own Rangers and what happens when the cowboys depart?

      • Mac Tomas

        graham you guys have to bite the bullet, instead of stunts like boycotting Dun Utd, your fans should be boycotting Ibrokes. Nothing concentrates the minds of those in power more than when the little people start getting serious.
        Btw both you & cam have suggested that your misfortune is cyclical! I cannot agree. If there was anything approaching parity between the 2 clubs that theory might carry some weight, but the disparity is massive & it will increase while the turmoil continues, which I think we all agree it will. Even if you get back onto some sound footing, it’s still a long long way back, & it is by no means certain that Sevco will survive.
        Your problems are now exacerbated by divisions between the fans never mind the board….. Sorry, there will be no return to glory anytime soon.

        • graham

          Jb ,
          Sorry , Iam out the country wifi Pish ,
          I more or less agree with all you said.
          I live in hope that someone with integrity comes in , someone like the bunet. Who can settle things down and even sell the club on for a profit in the same open snd honest way that the bunet did ,
          As for super ally .. I think to have the second highst wage bill in the country and loose at home last year in the cups to caly and go out against an average Dundee utd team without a whimper, also playing a terible brand of football in the league should have been enough for him to go
          But with all the off field struggles he was due another chance this season , but alas I think it will be no better and he must do the right thing and go , but would you do walking away if you were on 500K plus plus extras
          Jb , I have no great love for NL but Iam sure if the roles wer reversed he would most certainly do the right thing and go , if the half time Kilmarnock v celtic thing a few years ago is to be believed

        • graham

          Mac T ,
          You know football and Things can turn round very quickly indeed , it wouldn’t take that much , if the right ( fit &proper ) person took control of the club and ran it in a sound footing installed a bright young manager with enthusiasm
          Then the next two seasons could see us be at least ready to take the challenge back to celtic ..
          But I agree from where we are now and the weekends events on and off the park
          We are miles away from celtic .
          But we will be back you must acknowledge that

      • jjbhoy

        @Graham,you see Graham there is one significant piece of the puzzle you have left out,rangers have not learned from their mistakes(2nd highest wage bill in Scotland when in div 3)bleating in the press that you were debt free(after stiffing your creditors 250+),and in these austere times there is now no Billionaire with”wealth off the radar”waitng to take control of your rancid club. What do you think of McCoists record of being a manager,8 cups 8 defeats and knocked out of them all,believe me i am wallowing in your pain. Allaboard the big BLUE bus!

      • graham, There was a BIG difference…. The Bunnet put Money INTO Celtic & spent wisely…. Sorry that’s TWO differences, but you know what I’m getting at…

        • graham


          I but there are ( if the papers are to be believed )
          People ready to put money in !
          So from the rangers perspective lets get them in and the fraudsters out .

      • paul

        The bunnet was not relegated to the lower divisions without a credit line or serious backers. Think about it if your club are so big where is the investment, surely everybody would want a piece of the biggest turnaround, no debt,no creditors,no toxic.Seriously do you think Celtic fans even care about Sevco, they could not give a shit, life moves on and the OF is gone, the place is healthier without the baggage your team brought to our ground among others. We will not be waiting for your return if it happens it happens but i hope it does not i want to see the change that i want to see no more explaining bigotry to my children and theirs, Old co is new co and new co is old co, wolf in sheeps clothing waiting to rip apart any serious money that comes in and investors know this. Youre club died and the new tribute is dying. You will be pumped in every tournament you enter as the tribute band, and the manager will see to that. I remember the threat from MSM when walter returned,now we have another wealth in the billions waiting to come in, how stupid are you’s answer on a postcard and donation to Ibrox boardroom.
        Forfar was not an embarrassesment it was expected, Ally mcCoist greatest achievement, beat a premier team Motherwell apart from that fuck all. Hail Hail enjoy your week i am sure it will be revealing.You will need charlie more than us as it will be the only time you experience a high following the tribute act.

    • Johnbhoy,

      What are the chances of Charlie not saying anything publicly in the following week…not good I suspect.

      What are the chances of Charlie saying something in private in the following week that does not later become public…not good I suspect.

      • JohnBhoy

        Ha ha. They’ll all be Trappist monks for the next week with a communique announcing peace in our time. But Charlie is barking mad and can’t help himself. He’ll blab. Particularly with the power machinations behind the scenes.

    • Ed Paisley

      Just for you JohnBhoy – and all you Jacobites out there. The beautiful Eddi Reader with words by Robert Burns:-

  16. jimmy white

    A wee reminder of the fun this man has brought to our game :-

    Old chuckles, what a geezer, should brush up on his card reading though, watch his eyes, hilarious!

    • AntoniousF

      PMSL, ‘Ally can spend his 10 million whenever the SFA allow him’. he started spending it a few weeks ago and Chico is straight in there saying Mather should not have allowed him so many signings.
      Cant wait for the halloween special lol

  17. Hullo everybody ! It’s Morag here.
    I thought I would pop in and see what the attraction is for that lazy sod man o mines.
    His erse has grown tae the size o a hoose since he took to hunching ower that keyboard every night. Still, the wee cheque from the off-shore bank is very welcome, and it gets me a bit o peace, if you know what I mean! I never did like it much, even wi the light off.
    He’s been like a bear wi a sore heid aw day, Slammin doors and kicking the dug. I thought it was something to do wi that daft team o his,, He’s always mutterin about somethin or other, under his breath, n stonnin in front o the mirror twirling my best floor brush.
    Anyroads, I asked him wit it wiz this time, mer corruption,? Dirty dealin? That bam Lawell? That’s his words by the way, I don’t even know what a Lawell is!
    Turns oot it was name o them. He went and found my photo! It’s just a wee bit o fun really.I get a wee bit lonely when he’s in nights, and I found this photo in a magazine. So I cut it oot, put it in a lovely wee picture frame I got at the market, it was only a pound. Just as a wee bit o fun, I used to keep it on the bedside cabinet next tae ma tap set. Just when he was on night’s you understand. I tucked it away before he came back frae his shift.
    Onyways, yesterday I forgot about it, went right oot ma heid . And seems he seen it.
    I told him it was just a bit o hermless fun, but will he listen! He can be a stubborn auld goat at times. Noo he’s in a right foul mood an rantin aboot me twistin his melon. Onyways, the upshot was he smashed me picture frame. I actually liked that better than the photo, if I’m honest. Who is Neil Lennon anyway?

    • Steven Brennan

      Best post this week,
      Come on cam whats your reply to the lovely Morag.

    • Maggie

      That’s it Barca,I’m staging an intervention,poor Morag,no woman should have to put up with living with the trollmeister…….Haud on hen,Heidi and I are on our way.Don’t bother packing your orange tap,we’ve got a stylist on speed dial…….:-)

      • Mac Tomas

        Morags not real…….she’s a blow up doll……..!!!!

      • @Maggie
        Morag here, Aw thanks hen, You must be the wummin he mutters about in his sleep. He can be a pig tae live wi sometimes. Even tho he’s my man. Skiddy drawers lying everywhere. He’s worse than the grandweans!
        And don’t get me started on they daft pals o his! Shower o eejits wi their silly wee hats n gloves oan.
        I send him oot the back way when that Mary at number 46 is at her windae. She throws stuff at him you know!
        You sound like a lovely wummin Maggie, and some of the men on here seem very nice tae.
        It would be lovely tae have a wee party roon at oors so it would. Aye, and bring your tongs. He won’t let me buy any. Says there for Harlotts! Then he jumps up an doon shoutin Charlotte, That effin melon twister! I think its a mid life thing he’s having.
        I’m off tae the bingo noo Maggie. It’s been lovely talking tae ye. I’ll mention tae auld twisted melon aboot that wee get the gether. It will be lovely tae huv yous aw roon tae Che Morag.
        Bye for noo hen…

        • Maggie

          Sorry Morag doll,I’m always up for a ghirl’s night,but I’d need to bring my
          BFF Heidi wie me and she’s got a bad history with the camster and his pals,so you’d need to come here.Don’t worry bout bringing a kery oot,I’ve got this lovely aperitif thingy called Aperol,you add it to some fizzy stuff and ice,it’s pure bright orange btw doll so the camster willnae disapprove,you’ll love it. I’ll send round a CD by a great wee band called Charlie and the Boys so you can learn the songs for the karaoke.
          Hope I’m not talking out of turn doll,but if I were you I’d ask the camster about a burd called Violet who’s been throwing hersel at him………that’s all I know Morag,but all they nice fellas on here are pure dead disgusted wie him……..just saying,but you didnae hear it fae me ( he disnae like me as it is )
          Don’t worry bout the tongs hen,my GBF usually comes to the ghirl’s nights and does our hair.Cannae persuade that Jennifer one who’s a Dr to bring a trolley case of botox wie her and gie us all a wee freshening up,something to do wie medical ethics Huh.I’m sure you don’t need it though.Take care doll,see you soon at casa Maggie.
          Btw hen,ma man’s pure dead nice ‘n that,he’ll stay in the other room as long as he can keep replaying that ancient video of his,it’s set in Lisbon in 1967 and he loves it big time.Maybe better not mention it to the camster as it will ignite another one of his melon twisting episodes. 🙂

          • @Maggie
            Awww yir man sounds lovely hen, No like ma big grumpy waster! And that Aperol sounds awfy sophisticated. Can you mix it wi Magners? I liked a wee cider but he won’t let me have it in the hoose noo!
            I’ll just tell him am gaun tae the bingo when I come up Maggie. He disnae like me havin my ain friends.
            Ye can tell me aw aboot that hussy Vi, and I’ll tell Ye aboot some of his Lordships wee, er . habits.
            Oh we’ll huv a smashin time. I’m getting quite excited. My ain friends at last. Whoopee.
            See you soon hen.

  18. JohnBhoy


    “Hello, who’s phoning at this time of the morning?”

    “Fergus, this is Walter, have you got a minute?”


  19. Maggie

    Peter Capaldi is the new Dr Who…….gaun yirsel the Italo Scots 🙂

  20. Glazert Tim

    Charlie silent for a week? LOL

    Based on his previous, he will probably call a press conference on the steps of Ibrox on Monday, handing out cups of tea to the knuckle scrapers on a white charger, blacked up like a Minstrel whilst drawing cartoons of Mohammed.

    • Budweiser

      Charlie silent for a week? LOL

      Based on his previous, he will probably call a press conference on the steps of Ibrox on Monday, handing out cups of tea to the knuckle scrapers on a white charger, blacked up like a Minstrel whilst drawing cartoons of Mohammed.

      Aye but will he be silent ?

      • Glazert Tim


        He’s the opposite of a WW2 doodlebug.

        When the doodlebug stopped whining, everyone ran for cover.

        When he starts whining, everyone runs. Especially if you work for the Evening Times (who’s worship of all things Sevconian has overtaken the DR) to type it and print it word for turd!

  21. Ed Paisley

    Cam ain’t no Billy Ocean that’s for sure. When the goin’ gets tough, Cam hides himself away in the garden shed.

    • Maggie

      @Ed Paisley
      Oh dear God,don’t tell me Morag’s finally snapped and has twisted his melon and imprisoned him in the shed along with his O.O. Regalia and his photie of HRH Walter.I hope I didn’t tip her over the edge when I told her about Violet………now I feel bad ( for Morag obvs. )

      • Ed Paisley

        At this moment Cam is running his 8mm cine camera in the shed showing old Orange parades from the past – all grainy colour, no sound and lots of sashes and huge sideburns.
        Jeez, I’m filling up here myself thinking of poor sad Cam all alone with his bittersweet memories.

  22. jjbhoy

    @ All Ra gers fans who usually come on here and spout their bile. Sally has been knocked out of eight(8)cups and having been beaten blames Charles Green for the result,what do you think of his tenure as your manager,please discuss without bigotry,bile or slander!

  23. “I’ll tell you, that would be bad luck – to have the worst Rangers team in history and the worst chief executive in history at the same time. That’s downright bad luck.”

    Yes Ally, the only thing that could top that would be the hat trick of having the worst ever manager in the history of the club to match the other two,

    Sevco,if it was not for bad luck they would have no luck at all

  24. Re McColl, the BILLIONAIRE McColl, he was the guy that was a day late in trying to take control along with Smith,the current chairman,
    He gets mentioned quite a lot by the SMSM, if it was not for these billionaires, always ready to save RFC where would they be.

    Now we have the blue knight Murray (again) trying to get control, he has no money to do so but for over two two years now he keeps getting his name in the papers, Murray and Kennedy could not top the £5.5m offered by Green, the BILLIONAIRE McColl did not even put in a bid.

    McColl, a billionaire Rangers man, the fans are crying out for a guy like him to wrestle control of Sevco, because he is a BILLIONAIRE,(£1,000 million)for me that way to big a number to compute, so lets shrink it,divide it by a 1,000, add to that that your a die in the wool rangers man, you want to rescue the club, you’ve got a very good income coming in, you’ve got a £1,000 in the bank, the bids are going in to secure a CVA with a back up of a right to buy the assets,
    Green and his mates have scrabbled together £5.50p to secure the rights,would you delve into your £1,000, offer £6.00p and then throw in another £19.00 to finance a few things, leaving you with £975 in the bank ,with a good income being earned from your other businesses,
    Has McColl put in as much as 1p into THE rangers, have any of the blue Knights put in any money

    • Maggie

      Exactly cb,good analogy.You made that nice and simple for the average Sevconian ( think there’s bout 5 of them at the last count) to understand.
      A friend of my Dad’s had a great saying when talking about a derisory sum of money.He’d say “Dear God,I’ve thrown more after a dog when I couldn’t find a stone” Seems appropriate here cb.

      • Very True Maggie, true billionaires must lose more down the back of their sofas than Rangers billionaires have thrown at their club, unpaid millions in bank loans shuffled side ways onto SDM’s companies bankrolled the CLUB

    • Ed Paisley

      McColl is a genuinely wealthy guy, there is no doubt about that.
      I agree, £6m to buy the assets and yes, another £20m or so to carry out the stadium repairs, settle the football debts, legal costs and provide short term working capital.
      But if Rangers were not dominating Celtic three/four seasons from now the supporters would be baying for his blood – and woe betide him if there is any non-volk blood in there. Given the insatiable demands of the peepul, this could be a bottomless pit for McColl. I’m sure the loss of £50m or so would sting even Mr McColl. He and his family being abused in the street by bluenose malcontents wouldn’t be a nice prospect either.
      A rich man would have to be a masochist to buy Rangers.

      • ED i take your point,
        for me a true Celtic man, with the club in his heart stood up and dug deep, he was no Billionaire back in 1994, he put up a £1m to save the club from the danger and embarrassment of administration,

        how many Rangers men stood up to save their club, ?
        Rangers fighting funds and Blue Knights, nice wee catchy names, but just talking the talk,
        it was left to a Yorkshire spiv to spin the same club rubbish when the oldco died, not one Rangersman,, not one i repeat, stood up to save the oldco, WHY ?

        • jjbhoy

          @coatbrigbhoy,100% on the money. It’s all about wee slogans that they think makes them important,We don’t do walking away,no surrender,we’re on a journey and it’s all bollox. We have real money men with real credentials and business acumen to boot,honest men who pay their dues and most importantly,play by the rules,can any honest rangers fan say that about their clubs past or present hierarchy,can you?

          • castlerockbhoy

            Guys the thing is, Fergus had already identified that the old board under Michael Kelly wasn`t maximising its commercial revenue, as the spivs call it. he told the old board this and they gave him the bums rush. thus when the chance to save Celtic arose, he would know that the money he invested could easily be returned at a good profit through opening up these unchanelled revenue streams. He did just that, and fair doos to the man. he put his money where his mouth was, took the risk and was well rewarded for it. the fans got a healthy club, a great stadium and a team on the park that could compete at the top level. So everyone won out of it. But what is in it for a Rangers minded businessman that beats what he can earn by buying out a struggling, non football, business with a poor CEO, but that has loads of potential with the right leader?

        • Fra

          As Thommo said, he knew of a guy with the cash, wanting to buy it and was fobbed off at every turn by Duff & Duffer. The blue knights could’ve bought it but thought they were the only bidders, so slept a mile. Meanwhile, the SMS lauded everybody as self-made billionaires who knew exactly what was good for rangers. Therefore, and its a long shot with no proof, I believe SDM still has his fingers in the pie in some way. Where’s Craigy Bhoy?

          It’s a strip the carcass time only the bears are too blind to see. Chuckles wants his dosh and he ain’t going quietly. Knowing what we know, re (chuckles gub) who in their right mind would bring him back? Who is his friend on the board now Imrans gone. Andrew Dickson maybe but he’s only one man.

          Curiouser and curiouser?


    some fantastic and loyal players, only one club gets two mentions, a club that gets into the hearts and minds of some of the best ever players for only the best and sporting reasons, that is a very special club


    Has this been posted before, sorry if it has,
    If it has can some one put a link up as i would like to read the comments

  27. Arb urns

    Critics choice ……pick of the week

    The new Scottish sit com edmiston drive got off to an explosive start this week……Charles the prodi…gal son and Yorkshire r….r made a shock return to the drive …..there’s troobl at t’mill a’say…..

    Paul cancelled a hairdressing appointment to team up with frankie ‘there’s none so blin’ to mount a takeover saying he was bankrolled this time by a big time establishment man who made his billions from ‘blowjobs’ down clydeside…locals are rightly suspicious of ‘tall Paul’ as his empire crumbled previously when he didnt stand up to wee Davy…..

    On the romantic side…cam from the typing pool made advances in the direction of the CEO the suave Craig size-matters ….will cam secure that all important date……

    The police and in particular pc Bryson are investigating claims that the local football team were knocked out of a recent cup tie unfairly as their opponents fielded an ‘inelligible player’ marvin Andrews is believed to be over 50 and was therefore too old to play under an obscure sfa ruling ….Bryson also suspects their opponents of cheating by turning the wind round at half time then switching it off for the first half of extra time and putting it back on again for the last 15 mins……

    Tune in next week for the next thrilling episode of Edmiston Drive……

  28. Budweiser

    After yesterday’s shock result an old film has been given a makeover and will soon be released. Provisional title :
    Seven Bridies Forfar Seven Brethern.

  29. jjbhoy

    @coatbrigbhoy,marvellous,but surely it must be a world record? Allaboard the big BLUE bus! That’s special!

  30. JohnBhoy

    Inglorious Basterds meet Djico Unchanged.

  31. Ed Paisley

    This talk about Dr Who reminds me of when Ralston boy David Tennant was on the BBC programme Who Do You Think You Are? David, this liberal humanitarian, found out his maternal great grandfather was a staunch Orangeman and vote-rigger on Londonderry City Council. The look on David’s face when he was shown his great grandfather’s sash was a picture – he physically recoiled when it was handed to him! He also has nationalist cousins who took party in the Bloody Sunday civil rights march of Jan 72 – David seemed much happier in their company.

  32. castlerockbhoy

    Can I throw an outrageous suggestion into the ring that has been bouncing between my ears since July 2012. Chico, and his backers, saw the potential wealth to be made out of Rangers. They knew the CVA would be rejected and played it fly enough to get it thus, but it made them look hard done by the taxman. Thus Rangers were dead and the assets could be sold off to the highest bidder. Problem, Chico and his backers had miscalculated the vocal strength of the Bears. So off they go and set up a new Rangers, play the PR games so that they come out the good guys. Along the way they offer a share issue, in the club, not the company because the company is running the club and that must remain in control of the initial investors. Anyhoos eventually the company runs into difficulties that lead to its administration. This reveals there is no cash in the pot and that if a saviour wishes to come in he will have to pay of the club`s debts and then speak to the company with regard to hiring or purchasing the assets that formerly belonged to the club, assuming of course that the company hasn`t already sold them to a new, currently unknown, party.

  33. Green responding to the accusation that his claims Rangers were lining up a partnership deal with the Dallas Cowboys were bogus:

    “I don’t care what they’ve said. I’ve just told you categorically, in front of the camera, when this interview finishes, I will show you an email where we are invited to go to Dallas Cowboys. The email came in three days ago.” (He never produced the email).

    Will Charlie produce the email now, will Ally or Walter call his bluff and ask him to put it on the official website

    • Budweiser

      Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug 2m
      BBC Scotland has learned the #Rangers chairman Walter Smith is on the brink of quitting after a weekend of bitter infighting at the club.
      Retweeted by RhebelRhebel

    • Budweiser

      coat. : Unless there is a ‘kiss and make up’ behind the scenes Sir Walt is cast between two factions.He has endorsed Mather and Ally. He also endorsed Mc Coll and Murray. He has endorsed Green. Hold on! — Is there anybody he hasn’t endorsed? Did he endorse chico? So little time, so many endorsements. Is there a ‘go compare’ site for endorsements ?

  34. jjbhoy

    This is absolutely hilarious,i really don’t think i can take anymore of this hunfest. What a couple of years it has been when your rivals die,re-emerge with all the blood and thunder of having been wronged and then WHAM,faw tae pieces with merr thud and blunder than they can handle,defeat after defeat in the cups and civil war breaking out in the boardroom. They really must have been bad as their former club/life to have aw this shit hit them at once. Karma ya bass! Allaboard the big BLUE karma bus!

  35. lordmac

    Walter, he will be back, he is the only director that can work the abacus.

  36. Budweiser

    Mathers may be asked to continue as ceo? Does anybody have a clue what is going on ? wullie ?cam? 2 sides?The Brethern? Hello- Hello -anybody out there ?

  37. cam

    The protestant work ethic has the Camster out doing double shifts to help keep her Majesty’s forces in rubber bullets.
    The latest self infilicted custard pie at Ibrox has drawn a few more lurkers out of the rotten woodwork of the SS Random.As Arthur Numan said when he first signed you never saw a Celtic top in Glasgow as they were all away hiding.
    In scenes reminiscent of a Roman orgy we have the unwashed masses writhing in ecstasy,the KOSC club strategy meetings are 24/7 as the Celtic minded ballista operators launch incendiary devices.All of this will result in an even steelier resolve to wreak revenge on the baying hordes.
    The blessed Morag’s name has been taken in vain as the infidels bathe in their bloodlust.The very thought of her socialising with a cross between Florence Nightingale and Bernadette Devlin is enough to induce a vomitfest.
    The chief sandwich maker has dug her trusty mace out of the loft and chez Cam now looks look the set of Kick -Ass 3 as she practises her anti Marge moves.
    Whatever Walter does will be in the best interests of Rangers,until the club is back to being run by good hard working sons of William then there shall always be a snake amongst us.
    For Queen,for country,for Rangers,for Morag, and for Walter,come now loyal Orange top wearers gather round the Camster and repel these mutants.,We took their colours and this counter offensive shall perish upon our cold steel.
    No Surrender!,,,WATP

  38. cam

    Good lord wee Eck has put the republicans head in a spin with this financial dagger into the cash flow at the San Giro.

    • cregganduff

      “Record Sport understands the legendary Nine-In-a-Row manager is considering his position after another weekend of bitter boardroom backstabbing following the return of disgraced former chief executive Charles Green.

      We can also reveal Smith was outvoted by his fellow directors over Green’s appointment as an Ibrox ‘consultant’ and this new development – coupled with the Yorkshireman’s latest public attack on boss Ally McCoist – has pushed the 65-year-old to the edge.”

      • cam

        Aw jeez,the only giro basher oot his pit yet is spud murphy,,,,don’t wanna talk to that thing!
        Awa tae ma pit.
        Follow,follow we will follow Rangers
        Everywhere,anywhere, we will follow on

  39. cam

    C’mon ya malingerers up ye get!,,, remember,,you’re only happy on giro day.
    The Camster has gotta sleep now, but i shall be back to haunt your Buckie filled nightmares.
    Morag!!,,,ffs wummin why are you gluing razor blades tae yer credit cards?

    “Yer gonnae gie her the death of a thousand cuts?”

    “Och Morag,its moments like these that make me realise why i fell fur ye!”

    • Ed Paisley

      I’m glad you are back Cam. I was worried Morag had carried out her threat to put you oot the hoose. The thought of you becoming a burden on the state is too much to Bear. Especially when I drive to your seaside bedsit in my advertising van -“Bluenose Scroungers Shape Up or Ship Out”.

  40. cregganduff

    ” “The basic fabric of the club will ensure survival”
    Alastair Johnston

    Sad to say the basic fabric of the club has always been sectarian bigotry and hatred of Irish people and Catholicism

    The nasty little piece of shit called Cam is a prime example.

  41. Ed Paisley

    You have to admire Walter’s loyalty to Alistair McCoist. Walter knows Ally is hopeless at everything except making a half dozen pies vanish in a split second.

    Walter seems to be treating McCoist like a son (albeit the backstairs sprog variety).

    How many failures from Ally before Walter has a quiet word and hands him his jotters? Maybe it’s the £1.2m severance payment that is the stumbling block. And maybe Ally will write his book when he has gone from Rangers – Goal Poaching for the Obese Striker – foreward by wee Joe Harper.

  42. cregganduff

    Can’t be bothered looking back,

    But would like to express my appreciation to whoever posted that Rangers are like Rik Mayall’s underpants, only held together by the ingrained shit.

    Morag – its time you cleaned up the dirty little bigot, he’s starting to smell rather badly.

  43. AntoniousF

    They are throwing so much mud at each other over there, I be surprised if they still have a pitch by the end of week.

  44. Colin Hughes

    @Ed Paisley: j
    JH may have been a barrel but he scored for everybody(he played for in Scotland) and is a gentleman from start to finish. No comparison with Mr WE NEED TO BE TOLD.

  45. cfhdk

    not impressed by your privacy settings

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