Rangers Website Has Removed Mr McCoist’s Comments About Green’s “Contempt”

I posted not long ago about the reaction of Rangers’ manager Ally McCoist to the defeat by Forfar.

In that piece I complimented Rangers for its open-ness in publishing Mr McCoist’s severe criticisms of Charles Green, blaming him for the loss today. I suggested that it would be “Pravda-esque” for the official site to ignore what Mr McCoist had said publicly in his press conference.

The story on the Rangers website was posted under the heading “Contempt for our Club”.

I also made the wry analogy with a revolution where the rebels take over the TV station to put across their message. I think that the Ibrox computers might have been seized by rebel forces!

I happened to click back a few minutes ago to the Rangers website. Strangely there was no longer a headline referring to “Contempt” but instead the one illustrated with a picture of an angry and unhappy Mr McCoist was headed “We Will Get Better”.

The text had altered too.

There was now no longer any mention at all of Mr Green, or of contempt, or of him being blamed by Mr McCoist for the defeat for his comments.

The following whole section is gone from the piece:-

ALLY McCOIST has accused Charles Green of treating Rangers and its fans with contempt and believes he has no interest in the club.

The manager was furious to waken up this morning to comments from the former Light Blues chief executive – appointed as a consultant to the club yesterday – in a national newspaper.

In the interview, he insisted McCoist had to win the league and a cup this season or he would ‘have a problem’.

Green also reiterated his belief last season’s team was the worst in the club’s history and described events at Ibrox as ‘a circus’.

And he maintained he’d have raised season ticket prices this term and wouldn’t have given McCoist the volume of players Craig Mather has allowed him to recruit.

The manager was furious in particular with the timing of Green dismissing the same squad from 2012/13 he was working with at today’s League Cup tie against Forfar.

Gers lost 2-1 after extra-time and McCoist feels the Yorkshireman’s words played a part. He said: “They were a terrible distraction and I found his comments appalling, I really did.

“Once again, he was reminding our boys who had a serious cup tie in four hours that he thinks they were the worst Rangers team in history.

“What kind of team talk is that from somebody who is supposed to have the club’s best interests at heart?

“He’s fooling nobody. He’s trying to kid the fans on that he’s this, that and the next thing but he’s not interested in Rangers Football Club, not at all.

“I think it’s plain to see his contempt and total lack of respect for my players, the staff at the club, the supporters and Scottish football in general. It’s totally unacceptable.”

So my criticism of Rangers and its PR department for allowing the internal strife to be made so publicly clear is not wholly justified – as the offending message has gone.

However it now leaves Rangers open to criticism on two grounds – one for publishing the comments initially and then for removing them!

I asked in my last post if things could get more bizarre – they just did.

Who now controls the Ibrox PR machine – Mr Mather or Mr Green?

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122 responses to “Rangers Website Has Removed Mr McCoist’s Comments About Green’s “Contempt”

  1. FYI the sevco match was not broadcast ( audio) today allegedly because they have not renewed their subsrcition with the new league broadcast rights…….hmmmmm, now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oooooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oooooooooooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. John Clarke

    and yet……..sevco, like their predecessors oldco, carry on blaming everyone else for THEIR failings…..are they every to blame? Tomorrow we will hear the succulent lamb brigade back them and their excuses……

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      How will this pan out?

      • John Clarke

        Poor Sally….all this turmoil, doubt, interference is stopping him from being able to focus….he is only human and like any body else, it is difficult to avoid it and put out of his mind….constantly under the spotlight..damned if he does damned if he doesn’t with those that should be supporting him constantly undermining his great efforts. 🙂 🙂 ….or some other bull like this

  3. timzymurgy

    I thought that the PR was handled by some guy named James something, he used to work at the Daily Record. Not sure have not heard anything from him recently.

  4. Cetainly not James T, he would’nt have had the bottle, he’ll be gone soon also, i bet his head is spinning at the spin, but he backed the wrong camp, ‘here’s the story’ Oh No ‘It’s not’. Gone like the wind soon.

  5. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    Mr Irvine?

  6. graham

    It has now gone beyond embarrassing
    Just when you think things can’t get any worse … You get a day like today on and off the field .. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I will continue to follow follow !

    • Paul

      You cannot go any further than embarrassing. McCoist spat the dummy today and blamed Green for the result.What was witnessed today is a man who cannot cut it at management level. how many seasons to prove the guy is a donkey with two asses to assist.

    • portpower

      Today the Loons. Tuesday the Toons.

    • Ed Paisley

      Well done to you Graham; blind allegiance to your team and your country. That’s the spirit that vanquished our enemies at the Alamo and won us WW2.

      • Maggie

        @Michael 1888
        Hi Michael,thanks, that was Genius,sending it to everyone I know, especially my pals who live in Sevconia…….
        best bit:.Orange juiceless 🙂

    • cam

      Good lord Graham,one must be made of sterner stuff than that.
      Always remember it can get worse,,,you could wake up as one of them!
      Paul has gone into overdrive,Rangers have found 4 reverse gears and Ally is failing his test spectacularly,the Cherokee’s are firing arrows at me but i’m singing a happy song.
      Chin up Graham,days like these make the glorious day to come all the sweeter.
      Well done to Forfar,those damned Loons will be having a great night.
      Morag has done something wonderful with a bridie,the vino is flowing,the tunes are on and the party is just getting started.

    • Monti

      It hasn’t gone beyond funny tho….
      Hope the creditors enjoyed that result today…

    • cam

      Kudos to you Graham for at least popping into the local to take your medicine,,,Paul was marked absent in the run up to his teams biggest game and its aftermath,,,something seems to have cheered him up 🙂
      Morag,,,cheer me up doll and put Bill Struth’s speech on and then we’ll have a wee game of pin the tail on the Monti.

    • JimBhoy

      Stick wi your team mate… Tough being a bear but things will turn around…

      • cam

        Everything goes in cycles,how long this wee depression lasts will be determined by who gets control of the club and by Walter taking Ally aside and telling him that when a Rangers manager states that the wind and tall forwards are the reason that any Rangers team loses to Forfar,then its time to go.
        Its a shame as Ally is a nice guy and his timing has been horrendous.Yes his new players will play better but he had enough quality on the park to beat Forfar.He doesn’t inspire,he doesn’t command respect and he isn’t nasty enough.
        Follow follow,,,we will.

        • Arb urns

          Nice guys don’t want to know where people live cam……adored the wind comment …..mentioned it the noo to my bro when arranging a seaside trip for the best mum in the world this afternoon side splitting stuff…..amazing how life turns full circle your parents take you to the seaside when your wee and you take them there when they’re old….fantastic

          The answer is blowin in the wind……go on post it up here for ally ..u kno it makes sense……

          • cam

            I don’t remember Ally asking for addresses Rabbie,,he played the PR game when the bhoys in the background were having plenty free kicks at the Gers.
            You’re wee maw will have to take 2nd place tae mine!
            Enjoy your day,,,watch oot fur Niall kicking sand in yer face!

          • Maggie

            @Arb urns
            Nor do they whisper inflammatory comments into the ear of a fellow professional in order to exacerbate an already “tense” situation.
            He’s beneath contempt and couldn’t run a menage,never mind a football team. Karma has caught up with Sleekit and not a moment too soon.
            Enjoy your day out with your mammy Arb. 🙂

        • Monti

          “wee depression lasts”?
          It’s going to be 10 in a row Cam…..

        • Ed Paisley

          When normal businesses lose faith in their executive leadership, they are replaced quickly and painlessly. Isn’t it time Ally was allowed to leave with a generous severance payment? He has done his bit for the team surely. Ibrox needs an injection of fresh dna – widen the gene pool, so to speak.
          Ally can leave without a stain on his character – apart from his occassional resorting to the watp mantra and the sinister demand for names.

        • Paul

          Everything goes in cycle, you mean they have not replaced the bus.

  7. Dhougal

    ”Hiss,hiss,spit,gnarl,growl,bite,bite, it’s no ma fault,it’s him…….or them fae Parkheed” . That’s just my vision of what’s happenin er Govaaaan way .God bless you Sevco it’s been a blast !! TPGWS

  8. mick

    🙂 what a mess the sevco board are and team lol

    • Ed Paisley

      God Mick, that is one of the mildest comments I’ve ever read from you. I hope that soft living in sunny and warm London isn’t taking the fire oot o’ yur belly.

  9. allyjambo

    I wonder if the MSM will comment on what Paul has been able to disclose. I’m sure they all saw the same original statement, and have seen the replacement too. Somehow I think this will go under the tray labelled ‘carpet’.

    • Ally, the Daily Record has got in quick, will they be ordered to take it down or face a boycott


      • portpower

        “But our players picked up the newspaper at breakfast to be reminded they’re the worst team in Rangers’ history.”
        Are the SMSM heading in the right direction with that quote?

      • Maggie

        “boys from the West of Scotland don’t scare easily”
        OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!!!! fighting talk for a fat man……
        I predict he’ll be out by tomorrow.

    • allyjambo

      Thanks for that, Coatbrigbhoy. But did you notice; no mention of amended statement on the Rangers’ website? That is quite a story in itself, is it not? If I was a journalist, I’d be digging to find out who ordered it taken down, as that could tell us just how the battle is escalating, and who has the power. No matter who gave the order, there’s a story there. If it was Green, it shows he’s flexing his muscle already. If it was Ally, it shows he’s had a wee think, at least, to himself (yet another volte face), and if it was Mather, was he doing it at his returning master’s bidding, or as an appeaser? Maybe it was an indication that Traynor is actually leaning his job. Naw, that would just be pure fantasy, forget that one 😉

  10. Monti


  11. Monti


    Can I have another bowl please 😀

  12. cregganduff

    Well fair play to you Ally
    You spoke out like a man and told the double dealing con man what you thought of him. And you got him 100% right, a money grabbing bluffer who doesn’t know the first thing about football.

    Listen up guys I don’t want to hear another bad word or joke about Ally from now on. He has earned our respect.

  13. portpower

    It`s Jelly, Ice-Cream & Bridies time.


  14. captainmoonlight

    Paul, the “original” statement which has subsequently been removed from Sevco’s website was not printed in it’s entireity, only parts of it, even a snippet of Sally’s rantings are enough for an omnishambolic implosion of The Sevco which they will be called after the next Administration/Liquidation.
    Comedy overload

    Oh my aching sides

  15. McCoist said…..
    “As team-talks go, I don’t think it was one of Charles’ best.”

    Is that right, and can i ask you Ally how did your team talk go ?

    I am starting to seriously wonder,If McCoist really does love “the club” is it not time he moved over, he has landed a job that’s way beyond his abilities, they should move him sideways, put him in charge of something other than the team, maybe a job on Rangers TV or something,

    He could maybe do phone ins with the fans, ( £1 a minute) he could start a wee quiz show, Name them and Blame them, the winner could win 10 shares in the company that owns the company that owns the company that owns the club

  16. Glazert Tim

    Unlike Yorkshire bread, famous for “avin nowt tekken out”, the T’RFC website seems to “tek plenty owt” when Chuckles says so.

    I notice ‘Two shites of the same Boyne’ is fairly silent today too. Maybe he’s the T’RFC webmaster, maybe he’s Charlie Green, maybe he’s been recaptured and fired into Leverndale?

    By the end of the year, the team will be sponsored by ‘Hotwheels’ (no bus pun intended), they will be TTTTTTTTTTRFC 2013B/-23:AAAGF45 at Companies House and the Chairman will be the facepainter that was owed a fortune two years ago. Unbelievable?

    Would Chuckles returning, getting pumped in the first round of the league cup, spending 500k on a bus with a monthly operating loss of over a mill have been any more believable a month ago?

  17. Budweiser

    Chico just told it like it is. Fat boy just proved him right.

  18. Fra

    Fckuing unbelievable. I retire to my cot last night and awaken to this maelstrom of swirling nastiness. Paul has blogged 4 times while Ive been dreaming of Kylie. The BBC website has Sallys outburst. Chuckles doesnt scare easily so interesting times indeed. Who was behind Chuckles return to the heat of the battle? Maggie, we knew Chuckles wouldn’t let us down.

  19. downtheswanee

    One revenue stream gone.

  20. Fra

    I’ve just had a wee peek at McMurders site. He doesn’t know if he wants a shite or a haircut. He says Paul Murry is not welcome in Ipox and since Cardie and Sally are close to him then they should have a quiet word. Brilliant.

    Jim McColl (billionaire with wealth off the radar) is not welcome either…..wait for it……because he supports an independent Scotland and ‘we are a unionist club’. Absolutely priceless.

    Lets assume Mr McColl is a billionaire and the conversation goes like this
    JMcC. I fancy investing in your football team.
    Murder. How much ?
    JMcC. Dunno. Mibby about 50 million. Ad need tae see the books
    Murder. Fair doos. BTW dae ye support independence
    JMcC. Matter a fact, aye ah dae
    Murder. No can do. Only unionists allowed
    JMcC. Your clubs going down the shiter and you don’t want ma dosh
    Murder. But you support independence
    JMcC. So fckuing what. Av got 50 mill and merr tae invest in ur new club
    Murder. Only unionists allowed (fingers in ears)
    JMcC. You would rather see your club die again. Are you some kind of fckuing idiot
    Murder. Nananana. Canny hear ye

    6 mths later.
    Murder. Ye canny padlock the gate. We’re unionists.
    Works guy. Sorry pal. Yer clubs deid


    • cregganduff

      Yea Fra
      And Leggo is rearranging the deck chairs and taking his cudgel to Clyde Radio.

      He wants all Rangers’ supporters especially those who have businesses to cut off revenue to CR in punishment for its Celtic bias.

      The cynical might suggest that he is waiting to see who wins the boardroom battle before taking sides.

      • Fra

        @Cregg….Leggo is even having a go at McMurder. The bears den is bad mouthing follow follow and saying Chuckles was brought back by the CEO but I thought Chuckles was back to blade the CEO. Jesus, my heads spinning with all this in-fighting. It’s great, isn’t it. LOL LOL LOL HAW HAW HAW

  21. Mac Tomas

    @graham………… can’t agree with Paul McConvilles “good for you” comment. Your unconditional loyalty is being exploited, this is now a war & you & your fellow bloonoses are just “collateral damage”………
    It’s not as if you were’t warned, time after time after time…………….But you went back & bought the season tickets.
    McCoist was covering his backside today, why wait till after the game to give Green a volley?…..He made a rod for his back by uttering the “we don’t do walking away” nonsense. His ego will not permit him to resign, Also where is Smith in all of this, who is he backing? , Smith is simply protecting his own legacy.
    Too much nonsense has gone on for too long for any of the current boardroom & management to be viewed with any credibility.
    But hey, graham , cam , 2bob, carson, wonka….fill yer boots…..follow follow!!!!

  22. Muldoon

    Perhaps Charlie really does have Rangers best interests at heart. McCoist is out of his depth as a football team manager and we all, including Charlie, know it. We all also know that McCoist doesn’t do walking away. Secco might do better without McCoist and Charlies’s return et all makes it easier for McCoist and Sevco to part company.

    Is Watty still there?

  23. dan

    Can this get any better? I can now guess what Hell must be like. It must be like waking up every morning and being a Sevconian. It’s gotten so bad, even Phil’s feeling sorry for them!!! Turfed out of the League Cup at the first time of asking? You could not make it up!! Luuuuuurving it!

  24. Arb urns

    Why did Bryson not let these trialists play ? a think we should be told a really do……another example of bias against ” the the people”….”………

  25. Monti

    You guys are cruel, stop laughing at the new club & their fans, have they not suffered enough?
    you won’t catch me mocking them 🙂

    Honey pass me another bowl 🙂

    • Maggie

      Oh Monti,such fun 🙂 I haven’t stopped singing “I just can’t laugh enough” since you posted it yesterday.
      Let’s make it our anthem for Admin part deux 🙂

  26. cam

    Well would you Adam and Eve it?,,,Celtic caught up in a disgraceful attempt to cheat wee Forfar in a player registration scam,,,how low can they sink 🙂
    Sandy,,throw them out brother.

    Hehehe,,,, nite bawbags 🙂

    • Pie man hates bridies

      @cam,wot a banger you are. Your team out of another cup and all he comes up with is some shoite about womens football,deny,deflect,sweep. Out of the cup to Forfar why didn’t u talk about that,bawbag! All aboard the big BLUE bus!

      • cregganduff

        Have a heart Pie Man
        The nasty little bigot is suffering enough.
        So just ignore the little turd for a while.

      • cam

        Its all a PR game,,if Paul wants to spend huge chunks of his life searching for tittle tattle about the Gers,then i can return the favour.
        Of course it won’t bother him as he doesn’t suppport Celtic!

        • I think the point these days is you don’t have to search for Rangers tittle-tattle. Rather, you have to dodge the tsunami of tittle-tattle just to keep your head above the water.

          • cam

            Think about the time you have to devote to this?,,,we all have our little hobbies and interests and usually they are for our pleasure or for money,,,we on the Rangers side know what’s taking place and why.

    • portpower

      The Ghirls will still be the same Club challenging next season if true. I hear sevco have forgotten a John Hancock or Two.

  27. @gortchomhor

    So, Ally is a crap manager. Green is a loud-mouthed fool. Nobody knows who runs Sevco or owns the assets. Share price continues to fall. They’re expected to nose-dive into administration before the end of the season. And their dumb fans have bought shit-loads of season tickets.

    You could have said all that a year ago. We should be getting bored with it by now, but we aren’t.

    As Rick Mayall said in The Young Ones with regards to his underpants: “it’s the stubborn under-stains that hold them together…”

    It’s true. The only thing that unites them and keeps them going is their stinking bigotry and repulsive sub-culture.

    I said it last year and I’ll say it again; this isn’t a football club or a business that has anything to do with football. This is an elaborate scheme geared towards taking money from people with learning difficulties.

    Good luck to them, I say.

    • cregganduff


      It’s true. The only thing that unites them and keeps them going is their stinking bigotry and repulsive sub-culture.

      I don’t think any reasonable minded person could diasgree with that statement .

  28. Fra

    Is it just mine or is the format for Paul’s blogs different. TUs and TDs are missing and you’d need to have eyes like an eagle to read. Before any smart arse says make it bigger, I already do that. It’s just a wee bit inconvenient. What’s happened to DeNiall, Wanka or 2Faces. Is it too hot to venture out after getting horses in that big giant cup. HAW HAW HAW. LOL LOL LOL.

  29. ‘Happy Coincidental Juxtapositions in Advertising’

    I invite you to try the following.

    Visit Rangers Football Club website, click on the item titled ‘Video: McCoist Reaction’

    Thank me later.

  30. joe mcmahon

    @ Cam.
    No wheels on Sally’s wagon
    and he’s not rolling along
    Charlie’s Cherokees’ have caught up with thee
    high by high, he looks mad, and he’s not singing a happy song.
    Half a mile up the road there’s still a hidden cave
    but he’ll no be watching those Cherokees go galloping by.

    No hiding place from Chuckles all seeing eye!

  31. tonypaisley

    Fran Sandaza a former TOP sevco signing was sacked for revealing he was only there for the money. Chuckles me thinks pot, kettle, black. And as for Sue Barkers gusset, a shaky nail maybe!

  32. JimBhoy

    Off down to Glasgow Green to win some silverware wi the boys.. HH

    • Can someone do the madness song embarrassment,just for Chico and Sally,lol I’ve been playing it all morning just can’t get enough.


      Received a letter just the other day,
      Don’t seem they wanna know you no more,
      They’ve laid it down given you their score,
      Within the first two lines it bluntly read.
      You’re not to come and see us no more,
      Keep away from our door,
      Don’t come ’round here no more
      What on earth did you do that for?
      Our aunt, she don’t wanna know she says,
      What will the neighbours think they’ll think,
      We don’t that’s what they’ll think, we don’t,
      But I will, ’cause I know they think I don’t.
      Our uncle he don’t wanna know he says,
      We are a disgrace to the human race he says,
      How can you show your face,
      When you’re a disgrace to the human race?
      No committment, you’re an embarrassment,
      Yes, an embarrassment, a living endorsement,
      The intention that you have booked,
      Was an intention that was overlooked.
      They say, stay away,
      Don’t want you home today,
      Keep away from our door,
      Don’t come ’round here no more.
      Our dad, he don’t wanna know he says,
      This is a serious matter,
      Too late to reconsider,
      No one’s gonna wanna know ya !
      Our mum, she don’t wanna know,
      I’m feelin’ twice as old, she says,
      Thought she had a head on her shoulder,
      ‘Cause I’m feelin’ twice as older,
      I’m feelin’ twice as older.
      You’re an embarrassment…

    • Fra

      Good luck JimBhoy. No better sight than young guys enjoying their football.

  33. JohnBhoy

    Rangers’ new anthem: BONNIE TYLER – IT’S A HEARTACHE

    It’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache
    Hits you when it’s too late
    Hits you when you’re down

    It’s a fool’s game
    Nothing but a fools game
    Standing in the cold rain
    Feeling like a clown

  34. portpower

    uncle charlies` advertising sevco on the last page of a comic magazine. X-ray glasses extra? skinny malinky, big banana feet………………..

  35. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    I feel a new world record is about to be announced as season tickets are no longer available for t’rangers. The journey must be progressing nicely!

  36. Stevie

    Rangers been all over every aspect of the media for last two years. And your lot have been telling us for years they all hold a wee affection for Rangers.
    You want MSM to start digging for more stories on the inside of Scottish football?
    You must be very confident CFC have no skeletons in their cupboards?
    Why else would you demand more of our MSM journos?
    Just think what would come to light if your planted seeds eventually bear some fruit.
    I wonder if anyone knows more than they’re divulging regarding the cloak and dagger shenanigans between GCC, The Co-op and CFC?
    Glass houses? Bring it on Magz, won’t be the first time your not so “Lily white” club will have
    been found out. Will it now?

    • Greenday

      @stiffy ….. Still deid

    • Ed Paisley

      No-one argues that Celtic FC is lillywhite, just that they aren’t wallowing in the gutter like the old Rangers and its grotesque spawn Sevco. That’s all.

    • jjbhoy

      @Stevie angry chappie,deny,deflect,sweep. Firstly i hold absolutely no affection for your club or anything it stood for and now stands for. Whenever your club is asked any questions on how you have run things in the past,to the debacle we have now all you can do is the famous blue-nose stance,WHITABOOTERY. What about Celtic and the GCC and the CO-OP blah blah blah. We paid our taxes,you didnae,we played by the rules,you didnae,we didnae huv side contracts,you did,we didnae say for every fiver,you did,we won the European cup,you didnae,we were first to nine in a row,you wurnae,we didnae huv Scotlands top ref lose his job for sectarian texts(against the Pope),you did. Now that Stevie boy is fact,are yours? Allaboard the big BLUE bus!

  37. tykebhoy

    Good news. Lady C says it will cost over £2m (10% of te IPO?) to buy off Ally and his 2 lieutenants. Looks like more comedy gold at ayebroke as they won’t do walking away with that bonus to come when they are sacked

  38. Ed Paisley

    I’ve said it many times – Sevco is the grotesque spawn of Rangers, a club who died from bigotry, racism, cheating and latterly, outright criminality.
    It was wildly over-optimistic to hope for a clean new club to emerge. Now we have all this in-fighting over who is going to reap the spoils of the “successful” ditching of the creditors. Chico is at the head of the queue – he has already falsified legal documents and lied to everyone about his relationship with Whyte (Mr Corporate Misbehaviour).
    Then there is Paul Murray who couldn’t scrape up a few measly millions to buy the assets of the dead club but thinks he can step in and exercise control.
    A crook and a clown – is that the best the Rangers community has to offer?

    • cam

      Ted,as you can imagine with a hangover and all of Paul’s sterling work for the “cause” i’ve lost track,,,which legal documents did Green falsify? and when does he get sentenced?,,,Morag,,what was in the bloody wine?

  39. Carl31

    The Yorkshireman who has pockets wi nowt tekken owt is the last thing Rangers or Scottish Football needs – on this I agree with the manager no stranger to a pie supper.

  40. JohnBhoy

    Sir David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Ally McCoist. A line up made in Heaven.

    “David and Craig – your task is to destroy Rangers. When that happens the fans will demand a champion to save the club. Charles, you will be that champion. Make sure that you put the final nail in the coffin. Fill your pockets if you must. Alistair – you are my Joker card. You will give the veneer of credibility to Craig and Charles while they are in post. Just tell the world that they are absolutely smashing, doing the best for the club blah blah blah. Oh, you can win the diddy leagues but don’t forget to spend, spend, spend. Getting kicked out of cups would be a nice touch. Remember, smash and grab. Smash and grab. Ok, set phasers at stun.”

  41. Deansy

    Are they still laying claims to any forms of ‘Pride’ or ‘Dignity’ ?. Does anyone know/heard of anything recently of these claims ?. Or have they just given up on what’s an impossible task, taking into account their history and their undoubtable future ??

  42. Monti

    McCoist must have a worse record than Paul le guen in his time at Ibrox?
    Why are the ready bears not screaming for McCoists removal?
    Could it be that McCoist isn’t a Catholic?

  43. http://www.rangers.co.uk/tickets.

    Does anybody know why Sevco SBs are suspended? Is it anything to do with safety certificates.
    I know a lot of people have sold out down Ibrokes way, but surely the SBs haven’t joined them. Lol

  44. Jamie


  45. Pingback: Contrasting Headlines – “Green Calms Rangers Chaos” and “Green to Face Boardroom Vote” | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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