“McCoist Must Win the League AND the Cup” – Charles Green Speaks!

After yesterday’s fun I wondered how long it would take before Mr Green started straight-talking.

There was not long to wait.

Today’s Scotsman reported the following from the Sun:-

Charles Green has fired his first shot in the civil war at Ibrox. The Yorkshireman, speaking to the Sun said that Ally McCoist must win the league and the cup this year.

Green said: “He (McCoist) knows he has to win the league, but in my opinion, has to win the cup as well.

“If he doesn’t do that he has a problem.”

Green also said that if he was still in charge at Rangers he wouldn’t have allowed McCoist to sign the amount of players he has this summer.

I suspect no one will disagree that a failure by Rangers to triumph in the third tier (with what now is probably the second highest payroll in Scottish football) would result in Mr McCoist’s time at Ibrox ending, despite his position as still the all-time leading goal scorer in Rangers history.

But Mr Green feels that Rangers need to win “the cup” as well?

Which cup?

The Ramsdens Challenge Cup?

The Glasgow Cup?

The League Cup?

The Scottish Cup?

Normally a reference to “the cup” would be to the Scottish Cup.

Again I am sure no one would deny that a win for Rangers in that competition would be a remarkable achievement, if only as a result of the need Rangers would have to raise the game from third tier standards for the later rounds of the competition.

But if Mr Green considers that Mr McCoist has failed if Rangers do not win the Scottish Cup …


Time for folk like Barry Ferguson, John Brown and Brian Laudrup to get their CVs ready for submission to 150 Edmiston Drive!

Or else, and I regret having to mention such a ridiculous theory, Mr Green can’t open his mouth without saying something noteworthy, controversial and headline-grabbing!

It is also interesting to see Mr Green criticise his successor as CEO. After all it is not Mr McCoist who actually concludes the deals, no matter who he would want to sign.

Instead Mr Mather, as CEO, is presumably the man who signed off on the deals and as such is the man with whom Mr Green disagrees.

I wonder how the two men will greet each other when they next meet – and could Mr Mather insist that he wants Mr Green gagged or sacked?

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25 responses to ““McCoist Must Win the League AND the Cup” – Charles Green Speaks!

  1. JohnBhoy

    I look forward to John Keane unfurling the Championship flag today. A true Celt. He, as much as the flag, will be cheered to the rafters. When Celtic asked for his help he didn’t hesitate. Handed over £1m because he saw that administration “would have been a slur upon the name of the Club.”

    Of course, we were all wrong about administration and even liquidation. Rangers and the SFA tell us it’s no big deal. Nothing to see here.

    What a difference in club responsibility. One club pays their dues to avoid the shameful consequences; another club ducks and dives to avoid paying taxes, prefering personal “loans” instead, and then, when it all goes pear-shaped, leaves creditors out of pocket without a by-your-leave, while simultaneously seeking victim status from the UN and threatening to strike against their “enemies”. One club holds it head high. The other should hang its head in shame. Unfortunately, the latter fails to see the difference between dignity and disgrace. You reap what you sow.

    • Hail Hail jb must have been typing same time as you, couldn’t agree more

      • JohnBhoy

        Hail Hail to you Jb! What a day it’ll be!! John K is a real gent and deserves his day. He’ll love walking on the hallowed ground where we Jinky and all the other greats played. Wait till he hears the applause ringing in his ears.

        As for the game itself, it should be good. Ross County are no slouches. I like Ross County and Inverness Caley – they make them out of girders from the oil rigs up there. Hard players but fair; and well-organised. Hope to see our new Dutch winger in action.

    • Stevie

      Are you the much vaunted(totally unwarranted accolade in my opinion) who posted a two part blog recently?
      If not apologies to the conflicted author.
      If you are that confused soul I don’t particularly pander affectionately to the cut of your jib.
      Part 1 was a typically embittered biased and bigoted account.
      Part 2 was a pathetic attempt to redeem yourself.
      Stage 3… Lie low for a week or so then having rediscovered your true identity you publish that crap.
      You appear to have a serious personality disorder my friend.
      Again apologies should the decent version of JB regain control. Although my thoughts on parts 1&2 remain in place.

      • Mac Tomas

        well stevie if it’s consistency your after worry not. I have no time for your club, or the anachronistic politics it revels in, never have, never will, I have no sympathy with it’s follow, followers who have taken their “cultural of loyalty” to the point of being brainless. I don’t condemn you for having a go at Celtic & other fans for reveling in your demise, but I think your time would be better spent in convincing your fellow Sevco fans to abandon any notion that Rangers & it’s “bizarre” history remains in tact. Your only hope is to realize that the old firm is now dead,& that you are an isolated 3rd tier team struggling to regain fiscal health, you cannot do that by pretending to be the old Rangers……they are gone.
        Btw Johnbhoy is undoubtedly a partisan Celtic fan, but for me his 2 part blog was a sincere attempt to try & understand what it is like to walk in the shoes of a Sevco fan & the discomfort that the last 18 months has brought.

        • Maggie

          @Mac T
          Typical Sevconian,higher order reading skills and critical thinking is just beyond him.
          He’s a late comer to the site or he would know the quality of JohnBhoy’s
          work and would quake before him 🙂
          As Monti said yesterday “I just can’t laugh enough…..”
          Will I pop out and get some Forfar Bridies for us all Mac ? 🙂

  2. As the never ending story continues across the city,I am off to celtic park to watch a man I and everyone of the celtic family owes a great deal of gratitude too John Keane. The man who saved our club with a payment of £1 million pounds,from his own account straight to the bank to fend off administration. I hope he gets the full standing ovation that he deserves,but would not ask for. Unlike the media frenzied thieves and vagabonds who operate or have operated over govan way.

  3. Paul, are you blog happy today? Cant keep up, new statement on TRIFC website imminent.

    • RE Mr M statement,
      The new pretenders to the keys of ‘greyskull castle’ are exactly what Mr McC & Mr S were hoping to achieve in the long term game plan (so called rangers men), the appearance of Mr G yesterday now scuppers that and all backed up by the statement now leaves them exposed and in a rather sticky old place. Mr G has already given Mr McC his warning earlier today; league and cup wins, let the war commence.

    • Maggie

      @officer dibble
      I know! I’m just back in to a blog tsunami.Paul’s in danger of becoming as prolific as cam the “trollmeister” 🙂

  4. Monti

    Paul can you slow down, if my boss catches me on my phone again I’m going to get sacked! 🙂
    Then I wouldn’t be able to pay all my taxes & I couldn’t live with that 😀

  5. Geddy Lee

    I see The Record has “the rangers” latest “Lone Ranger” riding into town, just happens to be ANOTHER Scottish Billionaire.

    Thought I would have a look to see what he is worth, but can’t find him on any list.

    Surely the Record are not after more free meals again ?

  6. portpower

    Is it true? jabba has walked away?

  7. Feck them! The fitba’ is starting! Another league and a couple of cup campaigns. A new team to shape up to CL standard. And a great big well earned flag to unfurl.
    The very best of luck to All legitimate Scottish teams. HH here we go. 3 in a row!

  8. Monti

    Forfar 1 Sevco 0
    Want a Bridie Ally?

    • Mac Tomas

      getting obsessed about Coventry Stevie?……..
      Off to the game, hear were getting a new flag!
      Hail Hail to all the jungle Jims…….remember bhoys & ghirls, We Are Not the People, were just football fans who love our club….
      Mon the Hoops !!!!!

  9. Budweiser

    Go Chico !!

    • JimBhoy

      @Bud Chico rocks…. Cannot wait to see what his consultancy endeavours unfold… I think Phil has the inside on this… More share monies required in 2014…If the last shares cash did not quite meet it’s destined targets which I fear may be the case I wonder how a new one purporting to be a quality investment will take shape..

      I have only been flitting in and out of the stories unfolding… Did Chico Pyro pants not bring Mather onboard? If so is Mather now getting the knife in the back treatment that seems to be the MO of ole Big ‘ands?

  10. William Fraser

    RM in meltdown;. Has something special happened today

  11. AntoniousF

    the loving cup, maybe?

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