Craig Mather Declares War on the #Rangers Rebel Shareholders!

Rangers Chief Executive Craig Mather issued the statement below today via the Rangers official website. At first I thought that it hardly needed any comment, but why change the habits of a life time! 🙂

I will keep my thoughts brief however. They are in bold beneath Mr Mather’s comments.


He said: “Rangers Football Club is a 141-year-old institution built for success and along with the Board of Directors, I am determined to conduct business with honour, dignity and integrity. The men who created this great club would expect no less.

Honour? Dignity? Integrity?

Excellent! If Mr Mather can conduct his business with all of those, then well done to him!

And anyone who says that would be a first for Rangers should hang their heads in shame …

“During my time as a main investor and now as Chief Executive, I have learned about the club’s rich history and proud traditions.

“So it is with deep regret that I find I must address the recent frenzy that has surrounded this great club.

“Again there are those attempting to bang down the doors simply because they feel they should be inside before any others and for no good reason other than self gain and arrogance.


Who are the previous “bargers”?

However it is a bit disingenuous of Mr Mather to talk about self gain. After all one suspects that Mr Mather, like Mr Green and Mr Whyte before him, is at Ibrox to make money, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

As for arrogance, that is an attitude of long-standing at Ibrox, summed up in the phrase “We Are The People”.

“It doesn’t matter to them that they have not invested or helped the club, or that they failed to make even a remotely credible attempt to save this fantastic club in its darkest hours.

One assumes he is referring to Paul Murray and his Blue Knights. At the time of the Green takeover the majority opinion seemed to be that the Blue Knights were more “Rangers minded” than the Green team and thus would have received a better welcome from the Rangers fans.

To condemn the Blue Knights as “not even remotely credible” seems unfair.

As far as investing is concerned, does Mr Mather know that Mr Murray holds no shares? After all he had invested in the oldco, and lost all of that investment.

“Not a single one of them stepped forward willing to invest their own money. Yet now they think they can waltz into the club.

“This club needs commitment and unity. It does not require the type of people who stood back and did nothing when Rangers were in trouble.

A bit of a declaration of war, isn’t it?

“Now, as Rangers has been climbing on to more solid ground and as the fans are heartened by what they’ve seen, these men emerge from the shadows with empty promises. They should be ashamed.

“It is surely no coincidence that they waited until the signs are positive and strong.

“Ally McCoist has enjoyed a positive pre-season programme, we have added eight new players to the squad to get Rangers back to the top flight and more than 34,000 supporters have bought season tickets for the new campaign.

Maybe signs are positive and strong but the share price is only just above 41p, from a height of over 90p after the share issue. That would not normally be seen as a sign of positivity and strength.

As far as buying players is concerned, whilst Mr Mather takes this as a sign of strength, Mr Green, as detailed in my last post, disagrees.

“There was a positivity and excitement ahead of the new season and this was heightened by last weekend’s victory and slick performance against Albion Rovers.

And here we have the first World Record of the new season for Rangers!

Never before has a victory over the mighty Albion Rovers been hailed as a sign of significant progress! Beating Barcelona might justify such a boast – but the Rovers?

“It is therefore disappointing that once again we are distracted by non-football matters that do nothing but destabilise this club.

“Rangers fans are well aware that there have been various people trying to grab pieces of their club for years now and to force themselves into positions of power.

“However, all they have ever done and continue to do is have a negative effect when I and the other directors are trying to focus totally on taking Rangers back to the pinnacle of Scottish football.

“It is a difficult task and yet again we are seeing people attempting to make it impossible.

Now, I did not recall Mr Mather making such clear statements about the previous attempt to have an EGM arranged. But that brought Mr Easdale to the board, and he is united with Mr Mather and the rest of the directors.

So it is not the fact of seeking a change which upsets Mr Mather, but the identity of the parties involved.

However it is refreshing to see an acknowledgement that these problems are not derived from outside sources, such as Peter Lawwell, the BBC, Radio Clyde, the SFA, the SPL, the Daily Record, Sky TV, or bloggers identified as “Rangers-haters”.

Instead the guilty men are those who claim to be Rangers supporters but who failed, as charged by Mr Mather, to save the club in its time of need.

“But we will not be defeated, I certainly won’t, and we will meet this latest ill-considered and ill-timed challenge head on.

And at this point one can hear the sounds of Muse in the background …

“Let me stress that I, as Chief Executive, a position I am privileged and honoured to hold, and all of the other directors are firmly behind Ally McCoist and his team as we embark on stage two of our journey

“I urge all of our fans not to listen to rhetoric or empty promises and continue to support the manager and those of us who do genuinely have Rangers’ best interests at heart.

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including Charles Green. But what I want to make clear is this: Backing the manager and the playing staff in their quest to restore Rangers’ fortunes is critical to our ambitions.

So the CEO is slapping down Charles Green on day 2 of his new role!

The atmosphere over the tea tray and custard creams (or maybe the Blue Ribands) when they next meet will likely be a bit frosty. Maybe Rangers could raise some money by selling “fly on the wall” coverage of it to a TV network?

“That and resolving to stand firm against anyone who would drag Rangers down in their selfish desire to promote themselves.

“This great club is bigger and more important than any of them, or any other individual.”


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23 responses to “Craig Mather Declares War on the #Rangers Rebel Shareholders!

  1. Budweiser

    Yon rangersitis is certainly catching – did Mather catch it from Green ?

  2. Remarkable indeed! Car crash TV more-like; but the battle lines have been drawn, what a ride were in for.

  3. Hilarious, can t wait for the new episodes they really should sell the rights to the saga cos I for one would buy a subscription far better than any other reality show availble.

  4. Love how Green as a consultant can tell poor Sally that if he does nt win the cup, ( just as well he did nt specify which one or Sally might be on his way after the game today). Then the CEO tells the consultant to shut it, really can t write this as a script. tic toc tic toc

    • JimBhoy

      Good point Michael I have had many consultants work with me and none have told me how to go about my business, more the opposite in most cases… However Chico has always been a special case..

      • Ed Paisley

        Of course Chico has 8% of the shares, his pal Imran has 4% and it was Chico who brought on board Artemis and Casenove. Chico has plenty of authority at RIL and that is why he can openly threaten the overweight team manager.

  5. cregganduff

    Surely Paul Murray has got majority shareholder support for his ‘takeover’.
    Anything else would be nonsensical posturing.

    And if so all Mathers’ grand rhetoric is just so much hot air.

    ‘A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing’ seeing Willie is so popular today

  6. Felpen

    That’s fighting talk. The end is in sight get you’re excuses in early and next time around you will be first in line!

  7. mick

    I every lol at Sally and sevco what a great winter were in for !

  8. Tommy fae the Brig.

    Oi, ya cheeky young whippersnapper! Beating the pride of Coatbridge is a significant triumph for a club that’s only just over 12 months old.

  9. Monti



  10. Monti

    Monti is laughing at you….:D

  11. Geddy Lee

    Why does every suit at Ibrox sound like he is about to burst into tears every time they make an announcement?

    Have you heard McCoist’s pres conference? the big Jessie.


    Civil war breaks out at Ibrox as Rangers manager Ally McCoist attacks “embarassment” Charles Green

    THE Rangers boss launched an extraordinary attack on the former chief executive in the wake of today’s embarrassing League Cup defeat to Forfar.


    when you click on the story it will not open on the Daily Record site, Funny behaviour for a MSM website,

    Cicil war has broken out, Is Ally still in a JOB ?

    • Maggie

      Like I’ve said a few times before on here : “Time wounds all heels” Groucho Marx.
      Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy than the fat sleekit one.
      Permarage taking over,get your wee fat coat Sally,you’re leaving.
      “I just can’t laugh enough…………

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  14. Saw a headline there saying rangers are revolting, always kind of knew that.
    Well done to the hoops,and to Forfar for another great Saturday.
    Pity I’m nightshift sure could go a cold magners.

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