Are #Rangers Already Falling Apart On and Off the Field?

Is it possible for events at Ibrox to become even more bizarre and farcical than they have already been?

Today proves that indeed that is the case.

Remember we are dealing with a football club which has been described as the second most important institution in Scotland, and one with a worldwide fan base of over 500 million.

More prosaically it is a PLC, quoted on the AIM Stock Exchange, in which £22 million was invested recently in a share issue, as well as millions more by institutional and other investors before the IPO.

(Strictly of course it is a football club made up of assets and business which are owned by a company which is owned by the PLC.)

It is also an organisation with a sizeable PR department, as well as having expensive PR professionals on retainer. Indeed the club has its own Director of Communications, who is one of the titanic figures of Scottish sports journalism of the last 25 years.

Against that background, what has happened over slightly more than the last 24 hours?

1                    Former Chief Executive Charles Green is re-employed as a Consultant.

2                    A requisition is received seeking an EGM to remove three of the directors, including the new CEO.

3                    Mr Green gives a press interview where he tells Mr McCoist that, unless he wins the League and Cup, he will have a “problem”.

4                    Mr Green impliedly criticises the new CEO and the summer signings he authorised.

5                    Mr Mather, the new CEO, issues a statement via the official website lashing out at those who want a place at Ibrox to make money and because of arrogance, but who were not willing to put their hands in their pockets to help when assistance was needed.

6                    Mr Mather also criticises Mr Green for what he said, although accepting that he has an opinion.

7                    Rangers lose in the League Cup to Forfar.

8                    Mr McCoist, in his post-match press conference, blames Mr Green’s comments for the defeat.

9                    Rangers publish the article shown below and linked to here on the official site.

10                That article repeats the criticism of the manager for the former CEO and newly appointed Consultant in the starkest terms.

I do not recall internal boardroom machinations at any PLC being played out in full view of the outside world like this.

Can you imagine any properly run company allowing one of its key employees to accuse another of the company’s key employees, the former CEO and largest shareholder indeed, of having contempt for the organisation and its staff and customers?

Rangers deserve credit for publishing Mr McCoist’s comments because if they had not they would have been accused (probably by people like me!) of operating a Pravda-esque smokescreen.

However it seems inconceivable that any properly run organisation would allow its employees to behave like this, and to then have the comments publicised in such a manner as to make it clear that the PR side of the company are with the new CEO and manager, and against the old CEO.

The scene resembles one of the 1970s revolutions in Africa, where the first place the rebels try to annex is the capital city’s TV and radio stations, so that they can issue their own propaganda in place of the despot they are trying to replace.

Can we hear the figurative gunshots as Mr Green’s forces try to take control of the communications department which is loyal to the existing regime?

One thing is clear – Rangers really should be getting a huge amount more for the money it spends on PR – or else their bills will now shoot through the roof as the experts try to deal with this mess.

Craig Mather’s statement earlier today spoke of strength – I suspect the share price will react to the football defeat but more importantly the internal strife on Monday and that will not be a positive reaction.

I leave you with relevant extracts from Mr McCoist’s statement below although I plan to make some comment on the specifics of what he had to say later or tomorrow.

Posted by Paul McConville


ALLY McCOIST has accused Charles Green of treating Rangers and its fans with contempt and believes he has no interest in the club.

The manager was furious to waken up this morning to comments from the former Light Blues chief executive – appointed as a consultant to the club yesterday – in a national newspaper.

In the interview, he insisted McCoist had to win the league and a cup this season or he would ‘have a problem’.

Green also reiterated his belief last season’s team was the worst in the club’s history and described events at Ibrox as ‘a circus’.

And he maintained he’d have raised season ticket prices this term and wouldn’t have given McCoist the volume of players Craig Mather has allowed him to recruit.

The manager was furious in particular with the timing of Green dismissing the same squad from 2012/13 he was working with at today’s League Cup tie against Forfar.

Gers lost 2-1 after extra-time and McCoist feels the Yorkshireman’s words played a part. He said: “They were a terrible distraction and I found his comments appalling, I really did.

“Once again, he was reminding our boys who had a serious cup tie in four hours that he thinks they were the worst Rangers team in history.

“What kind of team talk is that from somebody who is supposed to have the club’s best interests at heart?

“He’s fooling nobody. He’s trying to kid the fans on that he’s this, that and the next thing but he’s not interested in Rangers Football Club, not at all.

“I think it’s plain to see his contempt and total lack of respect for my players, the staff at the club, the supporters and Scottish football in general. It’s totally unacceptable.”



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41 responses to “Are #Rangers Already Falling Apart On and Off the Field?

  1. @McCoist
    “If he does come back, I’ll certainly go and pick him at the airport. I won’t have a problem doing that”


    Ally so desperate to stay in a job, he offers to become Greens Driver, get a back bone FFS

  2. That last paragraph from mccoist has broken the irony meter

  3. No worries, its just a cup game. We are used to losing these, especially with such a depleted squad and off field distractions.

    Once we get over our poor pre season and come to terms with the illegal signing embargo, we should win the league at a canter…and if we do run into problems, then obviously the off field stuff will have played a part….not that i’m saying we will not do well…but if we don’t, then… i’m just saying…

    A. McCoist

  4. Mac Tomas

    Wee Craigy Bhoy must be pishin hisel…………..

  5. Jas

    mmmmmmmmmmm Mcoist,s statement on the rifc site appears to have been censored… or totally re-written lol

  6. Sorry Paul, I’m trying to post a comment but I just can’t type for laughing.

  7. al

    cam, Cam, CAM…..? Entertain us with ur thoughts……! Oh what a laugh….this is great.

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    “But our players picked up the newspaper at breakfast to be reminded they’re the worst team in Rangers’ history.

    “I’ll tell you, that would be bad luck – to have the worst Rangers team in history and the worst chief executive in history at the same time. That’s downright bad luck.”

    Is that Ally having a pop at Mather or has ALLY become so bewildered as to who this weeks CEO is , to be fair,it’s like musical chairs over there and poor Ally is just trying to agree with everyone that walks past him in the corridor in case he’s bumped into the new CEO or Chairman

    • Love his comment about CG coming back ince 34k season book sales have been made kinda insinuates that CG is only after £……wonder where sally got that idea? guess wally is sharing some of the financials with him but this is truly pricless, Jabba has never been this busy in his life, completely hilarious

    • Maggie

      Well,by his own admission,he is CONSTANTLY baffled.

      I’ve been giving this a lot of thought,and I’ve figured out what’s behind Chico’s return and all the internecine fighting………Chico is a sleeper agent of the great and powerful Peter Lawwell,and he is about God’s work on our behalf………..Obvious really 🙂
      Oh btw,this is all my own theory ( but it IS actually true Shhhhhhh )
      I did not steal it from Leggo’s blog.:-)

  10. Bill Dryden

    C’way the Loons!

  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oooooooooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ooooooooooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah ooooooooooooooooooo ahhhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah

  12. Jim Bauld

    I have been laughing Forfar 2 long to type anything sensible!

  13. Mac Tomas

    Chairman Walter………….dignified silence? or is he partly responsible for undermining the board that appointed him chairman, by shmoozing with the reformed & openly hostile Bloo Knights?
    Either way he’ll have to eventually make some comment about his disasterous recommendation that McCoist was the man to take the team forward.
    Can’t see a dignified end to McCoist’s or Smith’s involvement at the Asbo Dome. It. It’s going to get horribly messy for both………. soonish!!!

  14. Who’s in charge of the website, the board or the paid consultant ?

  15. Ed Paisley

    “Sevco’s Director of Communications has been one of the titanic figures of Scottish sports journalism for 25 years”.
    Wait a minute, James Traynor was quite trim in 1988 – I used to see him regularly near the Glasgow Herald offices when I was a student. But of course, over-indulgence in succulent lamb has produced the titanic figure we see today.
    Resign today James and work towards re-building some journalistic integrity. I know they are looking for a cub sports journalist on the Paisley Express.

  16. oh its all gone quiet over there ( on the darkside) where are you trolls nothing to say, NS watp? can you hear the trolls clatter no no

  17. So it looks like ‘director of communications’ at Ibrox actually means ‘re-writer of mad stuff that went up on the website while i was having a post-match pint and bridie’…

    I really didn’t think this shagashambles could get any funnier, but keep forgetting who’s involved…

    PS. Someone posted on twitter ‘Bridies 2 Pies 1’

  18. allyjambo

    I have the feeling that Mr McCoist’s comments deriding his ‘registered’ squad would have had a more negative effect (if his players are that fragile) on today’s performance than those of a ‘business consultant’. I’d imagine there’s many a manager has lightened the mood on a long bus journey to a match, raising the morale of a squad who’d just suffered a humiliating defeat (far more devastating than a humiliating rant from a CEO), who has no reputation as a ‘cheeky chappy’ and definitely none who had experience of working in television with that ‘cheeky chappy’ personality his stock in trade, and pulled off a famous victory. Ally will have to learn to stop making his excuses before the match has started.

  19. Beaten by a bridie.


  20. Don’t think Chico was wrong in his assumption,and if you listened to charlotte you will know what he thinks of ally as a manager.
    Ally must stay,Ally must stay, hello, hello, ally must stay ally must stay hello

  21. Pie man hates bridies

    @cam,carson,two sides,stevie,willy wonka. Here is a list that does’nt make good reading on Alistairs next CV,in two seasons he has been in charge,beaten by Malmo,Maribor,Falkirk,Dun Utd,Q.O.S.,Caley,Dun Utd(again)and Forfar,all in the cups. Ally must stay,all aboard the big BLUE bus!

  22. john fegan.

    Who in God’s name claimed that sevco had 500 million supporters? The Brothers Grimm? What a load of nonsense. Wonder if that “titanic figure of sports journalism” Traynor conjured up that figure just before he hit the iceberg.
    McCoists comments over the past two years are a barometer to the state of play in the big hoose. He is privy to what goes on in that place and good or bad news is written all over his face.
    When there’s a chink of light at the end of the tunnel he is all quirky and full of jokes. On the other hand he is sullen and prone to daft outbursts when he knows bad days are coming. Given the stupidity of todays rant I would expect some pretty damning stuff to emerge. Administration again ? or worse ? The guy just can’t hide his emotions.
    I look forward to the next couple of weeks.

  23. lordmac

    IBROX tea lady had to bite a lemon or lose her job, when ally ask for a “cup ” of tea as she opted for a mug!

  24. alan

    and stirling albion

  25. castlerockbhoy

    Sorry is this the same Ally McCoist who last year was asking fans to buy into Chuckle`s share issue as the pieman planned to buy shares so that his kids could reap the benefit in the future.

  26. castlerockbhoy

    Oh blue noses fighting amongst themselves, is there anything more enjoyable?
    Get the jelly and ice cream out of the fridge, this is going to be a feast.

  27. Where is Niall?

    Where is cam?

    Where is Violent?

    We should be told.

  28. Hugh Keevins remarks before today’s kick off.

    “This game will be a stroll in the park for Rangers”.

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