Craig Mather Shows He Can Talk As Much Rubbish For #Rangers As Messrs Green and Whyte!

The CEO of Rangers, Craig Mather, released the following statement yesterday. I thought it was worthy of some comment which might enlighten him.

It is good to see that the recent history of Rangers CEOs talking complete and utter nonsense in an effort to ingratiate themselves with the fans continues. It provides a continuing source of material for me to write about!

Mr Mather has a hard act to follow in that both Mr Whyte and Mr Green were not averse to bunkum and poppycock, but, perhaps with the help of Communications Director James Traynor, Mr Mather has leapt straight into the stratospheric heights of baloney attained by his predecessors.

The statement reads:


RANGERS Football Club notes today’s verdict by the Disciplinary Tribunal who ruled that Hearts cannot register any players over the age of 21 between now and February 1, 2014.

We also recall that Dunfermline were given a similar sanction in May.

But in particular, Rangers are aware of the glaring differences in the sanctions imposed on three clubs who entered administration.

Our club, Rangers, was hit with a £50,000 fine and given a 12 month registration embargo.

While no-one at this Club wishes to see others fall on hard times, questions must be asked about these anomalies and we fully understand the rising anger among our fans.

They are entitled to think there is one rule for our club and another for everyone else.

We will be seeking clarification for our fans.


As I mentioned above, I might be able to assist with clarification for Rangers fans.

Hearts faced a charge of breaching Disciplinary Rule 14(g) by “suffering an insolvency event by entering into administration on 19th June 2013.”

The outcome was that the complaint of breach of Disciplinary Rule 14(g) was admitted.

The sanction imposed? Prohibition up until 1st February 2014 of registration of new players aged 21 and over.


Dunfermline Athletic faced a charge of breaching Disciplinary Rule 14(g) by “suffering an insolvency event by entering into administration on 11th April 2013.”

The outcome was that the complaint of breach of Disciplinary Rule 14(g) was admitted.

The sanction imposed? Prohibition up until 31st December 2013 of registration of new players aged 21 and over.


So why, asks the highly qualified and extremely intelligent CEO of Rangers, was his team treated differently?

Craig Mather, who clearly is able to spout as much tosh as his predecessors

Craig Mather, who clearly is able to spout as much tosh as his predecessors

I detail why below, but first …

Imagine a person, let us call him Craig, who has been convicted of drunk driving, dangerous driving and speeding at 80mph on the M8. Craig (and this fictitious Craig is NOT a reference to Mr Mather – I am sure he is an excellent driver) is banned from driving for five years, has his car confiscated and is ordered to perform 200 hours of community work as part of a Community Payback Order.

At the same court Vladimir and John are both convicted of doing 80mph on the M8, that being the only charge they each faced. They are both fined £250 and receive 4 penalty points.

Would Craig be entitled to complain that there was one law for him and a different one for everyone else?

Would Craig be justified in demanding clarification of the sentence?

Would Craig have a case for pointing out that the sentences passed on the three fictitious men were “anomalous” and that there were “glaring inconsistencies”?

Of course not. Craig is lucky he is not off to Barlinnie as his offences are far more serious and not remotely comparable.

Maybe the passage of time has meant that people have forgotten what Rangers FC was penalised for last year? If so, I am here to help with a reminder.

Charles Green - the master at rousing his fans by talking rubbish (at times)

Charles Green – the master at rousing his fans by talking rubbish (at times)


I take the following from the decision issued by the SFA Judicial Panel which can be read in full here.

Rangers FC was found “guilty” of the following offences against the SFA and SPL Rules:-

  • Rangers FC breached Disciplinary Rule 2 by failing to procure that Mr Craig Whyte acted in accordance with Disciplinary Rule 1 by failing to disclose his disqualification as a Company Director.
  • On 14 February 2012 The Rangers Football Club plc entered into Administration pursuant to an order of the Court of Session. This constituted an insolvency event in terms of Disciplinary Rule 14 under reference to Article 15.1(g).
  • An allegation was made of a breach of Disciplinary Rule 66 which provides that “No recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, or other member of Team Staff, player, referee, or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall bring the game into disrepute.” The five elements found proven by the Panel were

1        failing to procure the disclosure of his disqualification to the Scottish FA by Mr Craig Whyte.

2        failing to comply with the rules of the PLUS Stock Exchange rules by failing to disclose the disqualification of Mr Craig Whyte.

3        failing to lodge annual accounts by 31 December 2011 in terms of s447 of the Companies Act 2006.

4        failing to hold an annual general meeting by 1 January 2012 in terms of s336 of the Companies Act 2012.

5        non-payment of PAYE income tax, National Insurance Contributions and Value Added Tax to HMRC.

  • Rangers FC were found not to have acted in the best interests of Association Football by failing to pay sums due to Dunfermline Athletic in respect of an SPL match on 11th February 2012.
  • Rangers failed to pay sums due to Dundee United in respect of a Scottish Cup game, in breach of Disciplinary Rule 325.
  • Rangers failed to pay sums due to the SFA in respect of a Scottish Cup game, in breach of Disciplinary Rule 325.

In relation to the disrepute charge, as the Judicial Panel said, “each (of the five elements) taken individually was of such gravity as to substantially lower the reputation of the game. Accordingly on that basis the Tribunal was satisfied on the balance of probabilities that the disciplinary charge of bringing the game into disrepute was proven. The cumulative effect of the five separate bases for such a finding served only to aggravate the breach.”

So were Rangers treated unfairly by comparison with Dunfermline and Hearts?

Those two were guilty of undergoing an insolvency event.

Rangers FC was guilty of:-

  • Failing to ensure that its director obeyed the rules
  • Undergoing an Insolvency event
  • Bringing the game into disrepute under five separate headings, each of which on its own would have been enough for a guilty verdict
  • Failing to pay Dunfermline money due to it
  • Failing to pay Dundee United money due to it
  • Failing to pay the SFA money due to it.

Perhaps that explains the different outcome?

But in case Mr Mather needs more “clarification”, shall we look at what the Judicial Panel had to say about the penalties to be imposed?

Craig Whyte - who brought in the recent tradition of Rangers CEOs talking rubbish!

Craig Whyte – who brought in the recent tradition of Rangers CEOs talking drivel

The Panel noted, in relation to a financial penalty, that, despite having been given the chance to do so, the lawyers for Rangers produced no information about the club’s finances. As the Panel stated:-

In the absence of accounts or bank information the Tribunal was under a duty to work with what evidence of financial matters it had. In identifying the available evidence the Tribunal was immediately aware that the wages and salaries and other taxes of Rangers FC gave rise to tax payment obligations of between £1,000,000 and £1,200,000 per month, and even the most generous rough calculation might suggest this meant that wages and salaries of twice that sum were paid by Rangers FC each month.

In respect that the maximum fines which could be imposed by the Tribunal were limited to £160,000, which appears but a small fraction of an ordinary month’s expenditure for Rangers FC, it appeared to the Tribunal that the circumstances of Rangers FC were not going to be significantly affected by any fine which the Tribunal could impose.

On any view the matters involved in this case are as serious offences against the ordinary standards of corporate governance as one could imagine. The Tribunal attempted in its exercise of fixing these matters on the scale of offences to identify a more serious offence than those on the complaints, and concluded that only match fixing in its various forms might be a more serious breach. It had no hesitation in concluding that the breaches struck at the heart of good corporate governance and social and financial probity and responsibility.

They brought the game into serious disrepute. As such, they required to be regarded as at the top of the scale of seriousness.

In the case of the non-payment of tax (which was possibly by the smallest margin the most serious breach) the massive extent of the failure and the intentional and calculated manner in which it was carried out aggravated the breach even further.

The failings as regards disclosure of a director’s disqualification struck at fair dealing and the protection of the public from persons who had a history of corporate misbehaviour.

The Tribunal took into account the extraordinary circumstances of the offences and the extent to which Rangers FC through its directors had been apparently misled and deceived by Mr Craig Whyte. Against that it took the view that whatever their position a number of individual directors and employees must have known that what was happening within Rangers FC was entirely wrong and illegitimate but they chose to do nothing to bring it to the attention of the public. That may be matter for their long term reflection but it does reduce the mitigatory impact of the suggestion that Rangers FC were innocent victims.

The Tribunal also took into account Rangers FC had no disciplinary record involving any similar matters. It also took into account the exemplary manner in which Rangers FC had conducted itself at the Disciplinary Hearing and in its related dealings.

Having regard to its view on the undoubted gravity of the breaches, the Tribunal considered whether it should terminate Rangers FC membership of the Scottish FA and concluded that punishment was too severe. It considered whether suspension of membership was a less serious but an appropriately severe punishment, but concluded that too was too severe. Having regard to the circumstances which led to the breaches by Rangers FC and the role of Mr Craig Whyte in their plight as their Chairman and director, it was concluded that a temporary prohibition on registering new players was appropriate. Twelve months was considered an appropriate period.

The Tribunal was dealing with a football club at the top of Scottish football who had a history of signing top flight players, who, logic demanded, commanded commensurate salaries. It appeared to the Tribunal that in a case such as this the punishment should relate in some meaningful way to the unpaid taxes arising from high wages and salaries amongst certain players. It appeared to the Tribunal that a temporary prohibition on registering any new players during a period of twelve months was a suitable, relevant and proportionate sanction. The Tribunal recognised that it would place pressures on Rangers FC and accordingly limited the period and specifically excluded from the prohibition the registration of persons under eighteen.

The Tribunal was of the view that whilst the sanction was severe it was not excessive and that the period covered only two signing windows. It was, of course, unknown what capacity Rangers FC may have during that twelve month period for signing and registering new players in any event. The registration prohibition struck a balance which was relevant to the mischief and proportionate to the breach.


Look at that again:-

  • “as serious offences against the ordinary standards of corporate governance as one could imagine”.
  • “The Tribunal … concluded that only match fixing in its various forms might be a more serious breach.
  • “the breaches struck at the heart of good corporate governance and social and financial probity and responsibility.”
  • “They brought the game into serious disrepute. As such, they required to be regarded as at the top of the scale of seriousness.”
  • “In the case of the non-payment of tax (which was possibly by the smallest margin the most serious breach) the massive extent of the failure and the intentional and calculated manner in which it was carried out aggravated the breach even further.”
  • The Panel considered expelling Rangers FC from Scottish football or suspending its membership, and only just decided those penalties were too severe!

Is Mr Mather (a) unaware of what happened last year; (b) so set on “inspiring” his team’s fans by speaking up for the team, even though he knows very well he is talking rubbish; or (c) stupid?

A graphic representation of Mr Mather's statement

A graphic representation of Mr Mather’s statement

I am sure it is not answer (c) and I have my doubts that it is answer (a) either.

Posted by Paul McConville

Postscript – I am aware, before anyone rushes to point it out, that the Court of Session ruled that the registration embargo was “illegal”. (Well actually the Court decided that it was ultra vires of the Judicial Panel, which is different from “illegal” but nonetheless a revised embargo was accepted by Mr Green’s Rangers as a condition of membership of the SFA.) However it should be noted that the Court of Session did NOT find that any part of the verdict was wrong – it was only part of the “sentence” which was struck down.



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140 responses to “Craig Mather Shows He Can Talk As Much Rubbish For #Rangers As Messrs Green and Whyte!

  1. wottpi

    Paul, another fine article that should be sent to all MSM football journos, ideally with a footnote in huge letters saying TO PUT IT SIMPLY – APPLES & PEARS.

    • Maggie

      There’s as much chance of the MSM printing Paul’s latest brilliant article as there is of hell freezing over……Why let the facts get in the way of another “we are the PERSECUTED people” rallying cry to the hordes.
      Plus ca change etc.

  2. Monti

    Good morning Paul,
    Reading quickly over Craig Mather’s remarks surrounding the SFA & Hearts….I see dignity is still oozing out of Ibrox or maybe that’s just the asbestos,who knows?
    What we are seeing here is the latest clown to follow Charles Green in the talking total shi£e stakes.
    Rangers never received any punishments, they were liquidated!!!!!!
    Like I have said throughout this distasteful cavalcade, Newco Rangers should NOT have been granted a licence, the Oldco were a disgrace & the Zombie tribute act have signed up for the same disgrace as before.
    Why is Mather asking the SFA for CLARITY?
    Surely Ogilvie could turn off the shredder machine for an hour & answer any Mathers questions over a pint at their local lodge?
    If Mather keeps pandering to the orange card & the FTP brigade, I hope Peter Lawwell tells him to GTF!
    P S. Have the creditors been paid yet?

  3. Words almost fail me here… As you say, Mather is not stupid. This is simply blatant rabble rousing. It’s quite incredible. And so technically wrong that the guy must be intentionally making a complete fool of himself and coaxing the gullible Rangers fans to follow his lead and continue making enemies of all other Scottish clubs.

    But can Rangers fans actually be that stupid? This is not ancient history, or ultra complex legal stuff. It’s quite clear to see why Rangers were treated differently. And very understandable too. Reasonable people will probably admit that they got off very lightly indeed. So why the fuss?

    I would guess that it’s a tactic to keep the Rangers fans anger at 100% in order to mask what is currently happening (running out of money) and help pass blame. It worked last year for season ticket sales and it’s working again this year. Expect a surge in sales this week. Maybe this will help pay for the stadium repair work…

    I could only listen for an hour last night before I had to turn SSB off. I didn’t hear Guidi say anything of the above to any angry Rangers fans. He had obviously been briefed not to burst their anger bubble and to let the story and the anger build. Do Scottish football fans not deserve better? SSB used to be a good listen but now it’s little more than the propaganda wing of RFC (always was pro-Gers I suppose but now it’s so blatant as to be unquestionable).

    And yet TRFC fans still think they’re been hard done by. What are we missing here?

    • Monti

      ” What are we missing here”? in relation to Sevconians…Hygiene, toothpaste, mouthwash, deoderant, morals, ethics, brains, thought, decency &…..DIGNITY!

  4. Monti

    Heart of Midlothian are a disgrace, they have been constantly in financial trouble for years now, they have also been spending outwith their means, or cheating to me & you.
    During these years they have played a number of European ties,Liverpool & Tottenham Hotspur spring to mind, who in the halls of Hampden has had a hand ( shake) in the affairs of Scotland’s two shameful clubs,albeit one is gone?
    Campbell ogilvie the floor is yours!
    Hearts should be closed down & the sooner the better.

    • jocky bhoy

      Of the £28.5m owed by HMFC £25.4m (90%) is owed to banks & companies owned or controlled by Romanov. How did the SFA allow this to happen? Again! What exaclty do they do all day?

      Was there anything the fans could have done to curtail this? Even if they had wanted to?

  5. Jimmy S

    The Daily Rangers pretty much only reported the statement verbatim. At least some of the other MSM actually reported there were some differences between the cases of Rangers, Hearts and Dunfermline.

    The statement “Our club, Rangers, was hit with a £50,000 fine and given a 12 month registration embargo.” is clearly wrong.

  6. Fra

    The poor me syndrome is extremely tedious. It might appeal to the gallery in Ibroke but to the average football fan in Scotland, they are a disgrace who think they are a special case.

    No matter how large a club they were, they should’ve followed the natural course for a liquidated company. DEATH. No ifs no buts. No rule bending, twisting or breaking. Scottish football is bigger than toxic club. Destroy this abomination and take the hierarchy of the Association with them. Yes that includes the shredder.

    • Jimmy S

      re: “they are a disgrace who think they are a special case. ”

      yet they complain:

      “They are entitled to think there is one rule for our club and another for everyone else.”

      obviously they’ve only to be treated differently when it is to their benefit.

  7. Like you, Paul, one of my reactions to Mather’s statement (after a loud burst of “Foxtrot Oscar” which might have woken any nearby deceased) was “is he just stupid”?
    It appears that some Rangers fans believe their club was treated differently because they were fined £50,000 for going into administration, whereas Dunfermline and Hearts were not fined. And the suggestion I read on one site is that legal action should be instigated, using any remaining “Rangers Fans Fighting Fund” money to help fund it.
    As an honourable man, Paul, I was wondering if you would be in a position to offer these Rangers fans some preliminary legal advice? At a reduced rate, of course…after all, you wouldn’t want to clean out the RFFF…

  8. JimBhoy

    Guy’s a fud..!!!

  9. BB

    Baloney… said it. Of course the charges were serious. Rangers were right to feel aggrieved however. Not least due to the fact the sfa knew what was going on at the time and did….nothing. Not least because the Rangers board warned the world about the shyster who was now running the club, and were either sacked for their trouble or left. Not least because every employee at ibrox paid their paye…it was whyte who didn’t pass it on to the taxpayer (and most posters on here love him for it…a man who denied the public purse millions and ripped off every local business going…a real celtic fans hero eh….. but he stuffed Rangers…royally…and that’s what REALLY matters… because if it was about hospitals schools and facepainters , then why the rejoicing when the cva was rejected thus depriving the public purse of yet more millions. If it was about lollipop attendants and dinnerladies people would be asking neil Doncaster why rangers’ spl prize money didn’t go into the creditors pot as it should have. If it was , then why aren’t celtic getting it thick for not paying corporation tax? And that’s before we even get to dodgy land deals with glasgow city council…a council who are being very evasive with the details….. This is not about justice or fairness , it’s about a hatred for Glasgow Rangers. As the blogger said himself on a recent post, constantly reporting on an organization in a negative light means you must ‘really hate them’. Not my words,his. The crux of the matter in question is this. Rangers were fined 50,000 SPECIFICALLY for the insolvency charge only. (Interestingly this information is omitted above). The remainder of the fines were for the remainder of the charges. Rangers are not raising the evidence of an anomalie. Ironically, it is the post above that is actually doing the apple and pears job! For entering admin Rangers were fined the maximum amount…Hearts and Dunfermline were fined-nothing. That my friend, is apples and pears. Mather raises a valid point, and is wholly for justified doing so.

    • Cregganduff

      ” every employee at ibrox paid their paye…it was whyte who didn’t pass it on to the taxpayer (and most posters on here love him for it…a man who denied the public purse millions and ripped off every local business going…a real celtic fans hero eh….. but he stuffed Rangers…royally”

      No – for the hundredth time.

      He used the money to keep the club going when it was totally broke. Why can’t you get that into your stupid thick skull?

      • BB

        Hiw did ‘he’ buy the club again…?…and what happened to the arsenal shares…?….no…he shafted Rangers. Stupid bhoy!

        • He bought the club, because he had a spare quid to offer Murray.
          Chances are it was Murray who alerted wee Craigy to the existance of the shares, as he too, had them earmarked for auction.
          Why don’t you take the matter up with D Murray? Ask him for a full and Frank explanation.

          • BB

            No need. Lloyds told him to sell or else. Dunfermline’s 6 mill can go for a burton tho…again ,Rangers treated differently. Next!

            • @,BB
              What you talking about “next”? You walloper.
              If you want to win an argument, go argue with Murray. He put you on the executioners block.
              Craigy tried to blunt the axe, but failed,
              And Chicco robbed the carcass bones to make SOUP.
              That’s all your DEID team are matey. A great big bowl of festering cabbages, from which the meat has long since been extracted, and topped up with the piss they are taking from you.

            • OldFirm 1

              If I were you I would be thankful that you have a new club to watch at Die Brox. When the CVA failed and Rangers (1899-2012 deceased) became insolvent there was a genuine possibility that the padlocks would be on the Blue Room and the vacuum that you call a trophy room -one SFL3 title, The Ash Tray.
              As you formed a new club, only eight players remained. The first team walked as the club that employed them went bust and they had as much obligation to join Celtic as Sevco.
              You fail to mention the so-called Wee Tax Case and of course the systemic cheating of the widespread use of EBTs. Both of these scandals occurred prior to Craig Whyte being at the helm. Everyone, Directors, Managers, Players had their noses in the EBT trough. The CVA failed because HMRC objected to the desultory pennies for a pound offer. SDM sold Craig Whyte a pig with lipstick. He tried to juggle all the corrupt balls that he inherited as best he could.
              It is far too convenient to apportion the blame to one man. RFC was corrupt to the core. There was something rotten in the state of Sevcovia. I am delighted that RFC and its tainted trophies are now consigned to the rubbish bin of history. The air in the SPL is suddely more fresh and more clean. Good luck to your plucky new club in the third tier of Scottish football. I think you will have a big year, if you don’t go bust. My Jelly & Ice Cream are on standby.

          • Cregganduff

            Where ignorance is bliss etc
            Cue Paddy Reilly one of the best

        • Monti

          I’ve got the Arsenal shares & your not getting them back!

        • What happened to the income tax and National Insurance that was withheld ? Did Whyte buy a new yacht? No he kept the club afloat for several months. Stupid head in the sand currant.

    • bennybhoy

      Did you not read the post. The evidence is all there.Its all Craigie Whytes fault is it ? The mass head in the sand mode is unbelievable. What is the first stage of grief, oh aye DENIAL…Then the whataboutery that seems to be flying around concerning Celtics supposed dodgy tax and the land deals with a supposed corrupt GCC. Its so sad, but funny at the same time. Gullible then gullible now gullible forever…

    • @BB
      What would the situation been, if Wee Craigy, used whatever funds were available to him, and Pay Hector instead of playing the loyal 1st team squad of players.
      There was not enough money to pay both, So what then?
      IMO There were not enough “Charity” matches arranged to plunder.
      On a side note, why do you, and others of your ilk, think Rangers were guilty of nothing?
      LNS was another “guilty” on all counts!
      The FTTT was 80 odd charges. Rangers accepted 50 odd as guilty, but appealled 30. Even losing 5 of them!
      Who is feeding you this total utter pish, that Rangers were innocent?
      Maybe your big pal Campbel will grow a pair, and give Mathers the “clarity” he desires.
      Ooops, Maybe not! Murray might claim his “loan” back !

      • BB

        Rangers won the big tax case. Get over it. LNS deemed Rangers hadnt cheated. The helicopter will not be changing direction.Deal with it. Whyte’s a rat who shafts people for a living and got in over his head. He bought the club with muppetus’ cash as he had none. No matter. Rangers have still been treated differently re the insolvency punishment.

        • bennybhoy

          Nothing to see here.your right.

        • @BB
          Christ son,! Your head is seriously wasted!
          I hope you don’t live near any tall buildings.

        • graham

          Spot on comrade , we the rangers fans and our club are the victims in this , the sfa are suppose to protect clubs and their support from fraudsters like that loon ball white !!
          I like many many other rangers fans bought my season books with hard earned tax paid wages .
          So don’t tar me or my club as tax Dodgers , I ask again once whites takeover Is proven to be a fraudulent act will the sfa oppologise to our club for failing in their duty and the sanctions they placed on our club and the over the top ones such as title striping thst they tried to (with help of the deck chairs lawyers ) and failed ..
          Not guilty in the big tax case , white’s take over was a fraud from the beginning !!

          54 titles and still going on

          • Are you a member of an RFC supporters club affiliated to the big hoose?

            You the rangers fans? duped? Mr / Sir D Murray. was he duped,? victims of what? stupidity? or ‘i dont know man, the sfa were supposed to protect me and my club from fraudsters!

            Whit’s it goat tae dae wi me?

            ‘i could concentrate on Billyi-boying-it up on a Saturday’ sure you know what ah mean? So who’s fault is it that we got cfukced?

        • Paul

          Sorry to burst your bubble whyte bought your club for a pound then financed it the same way as murray did. Do you ever think how did Whyte know about ticketus, the same people who were financing Murray. Look to others and you will find the truth.When Big mouth told the SFA and others to GIFUT we are the people, the writing was on the wall and now you are gone.

        • alfredthepict

          BB wrong on all counts son totally wrong ! LNS did not find you innocent, you did not win the big tax case, you ” won ” a small part of it which is going to appeal by HMRC. Still, don’t let the facts get in the way of paranoia !

        • Stevie

          You’re wasting your time with the baying mob on here mate.
          They have one agenda and won’t deviate from it. Obsession hardly touches the depth of their bitterness.
          The hypocrisy of it all is mirrored by their adulation of Craig Whyte or “Agent Whyte” as they affectionately refer to him.
          The financial aspect is a mere vessel for them to vent their fury at Glasgow Rangers
          Historical tradition’s and nothing more.
          As you correctly pointed out Rangers had paid their bills until their hero reneged on the deal with HMRC.SDM is ultimately to blame for the policies he adopted during his time as custodian.
          However as things stand (pending the result of the UTT) he and the club have been overly criticised. It remains to be seen whether HMRC and the RTC’s exaggerated claims will be validated …or not. The debt was being reduced.
          The cries of derision regarding the non payment of Creditors and small businesses are
          another example of twisted logic as it was agent whyte who took the decision to shaft them
          as well.
          I hate organised religion. I hate it even more when people use it to justify their bigoted beliefs.
          It is particularly disturbing when they use it to attack a football club.

          • BB

            Stevie. I certainly don’t like religions that are more akin to political ‘systems’ than a faith. A faith between man and his creator. Not some homage to another human being who is as fallible as the next. If some people don’t know that by now… for whyte…they just love him on here …a proven fraudster…says it all really. ..

    • portpower

      Were you duped as well BB. Ah diddums.

    • alfredthepict

      That,s the head in the sand mentality that has got you where you are ! You need to wake up and smell the coffee or you are going down the stank again ( rapidly at that )

  10. Jimmy S

    no, but rangers are claiming they were fine 50k and received a transfer embargo for simply undergoing an insolvency event. not true.

    • Maggie

      @Jimmy S
      Did they even pay that £50k fine,or the one handed down by LNS ( can’t remember the amount ) for improperly registering players ?
      What about the initial fine for bringing the game into disrepute that accompanied the signing embargo?
      Eh,that would be no,so what’s his point.Sevco aren’t out of pocket,unlike the many creditors of the deid club,but they don’t count….”Chocs Away” as the “camster” posted yesterday re Monti’s question enquiring if they’d been paid yet.

      So three fines unpaid……we’re now back to the punishment v consequences argument.Everything that happened to their deid club was the result of their rule breaking on a scale only slightly less serious than match fixing……what part of that does Craig Mather not understand ?

      I particularly love the line re the fans permarage ….. “they’re entitled to think there is one rule for our club and another for everyone else”
      Yes,Craig,always has been,always will be……oh the irony.

      Btw I wish Chico would come back,at least he was brilliant for a laugh.

      • portpower

        It`s because they never got any tainted trophies stripped from them they think they`re innocent. LNS verdict —– Guilty ₤250000 fine. (unpaid).

        • Maggie

          Let’s not worry about unpaid taxes, creditors and fines,bringing the game into disrepute and all the duplicity and rule breaking involved in granting them a licence to play at all.Let’s not worry about all those who had to be given advice on the personal safety and the safety of their families as a result of their manager demanding names.Let’s not worry about the sectarian singing of their fans broadcast for all the hear on Sky television, or the racist language,blatant lies and general spiviness of their 2 former owners and their ex CEO Chico,of blessed memory.Let’s worry instead about the SFA keeping their prize money……….Dignity indeed.

          • Stevie

            Jeezo Magz I thought oor Mick was back under a pseudonym for a minute there. The grammar and spelling gave it away in the end, but a good biased rant nevertheless.

      • officer dibble

        If we get out way, there will be a permafrost so cold over ‘castle greyskull’ it will take a thousand years to de=frost.

  11. Let me just Paraphrase Mr Mather’s statement,

    ” Cheap season tickets remain unsold”

    just how POOR are Sevco ?

  12. Monti

    With Coventry FC going into liquidation, if Sevco bought them, does that mean Sevco won the FA cup in 1987?

    • Stevie

      Behave yourself Montz. You wouldn’t want people to think you’re a daftie now would you?
      Rangers never played in the FA cup.

  13. O.M.

    So why did HMFC not face a “disrepute” charge for failing to pay HMRC and other SFA members.? (see recently published creditors list)

  14. Paddy Malarkey

    Are they not to be called The Rangers ?

  15. Craig Mathers, The altzeimers suffering £500K p.a. CEO of Sevco, has made a public statement seeking “clarity” over certain issues from the SFA.
    In the interests of balance. The SFA, should publicly provide him with that “clarity”.
    It’s only fair!

  16. willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

    Rangers were fined £50,000 and given a 12 month transfer embargo for going into administration.
    You can dress it up however you want but for that specific offence Rangers received far harsher punishment than Hearts or Dunfermline.
    Not that I expect anybody here to admit it though. Lol.

    • Jimmy S

      “Rangers were fined £50,000 and given a 12 month transfer embargo for going into administration.”

      no they weren’t.
      how many times does that have to be stated.

      • portpower

        Celtic(Champions) win 17 in a row and rangers(IL) deducted 10 points.

      • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

        Yes they were. And it doesn’t matter how many times you “state” it.

        • Jimmy S

          please show me where it says they received a 12 month transfer embargo for undergoing an insolvency event?

          • Jimmy S

            oops, i found it: official rangers statement:
            “Our club, Rangers, was hit with a £50,000 fine and given a 12 month registration embargo.”

            seems to be the only place where it says that.


    • alfredthepict

      Simply not true Willy boy !

  17. Are we going to have to go through this tripe every season, as ‘fantasy football injustice’ is trotted out as a goad to whip true blue Sevconians into buying season tickets for asbestos towers? In future years will we see more and more shaved from the actual story. For the sake of balance maybe all the non-newco fans could hold an annual charity event reiterating the charges and penalties that Oldco brought upon themselves. Make it a tradition, since it appears that Mr Mather has taken the baton from Mr Green and this is going to be a rallying point every year to get the bluenoses to part with good cash for inferior product. I hope folklorists and scholars of ethnology are studying this as the narrative is being changed from the cold truth of cynical manipulation into myth, fairytale and epic heroes, with the msm too gutless to report on the truth.

  18. Guillermo

    The blanking by Sevco’s handmaidens in the media of the obvious reasons for the ‘anomaly’ was so predictable..
    Also blanked was any recognition that Sevco would be better served by shutting up about there being different rules for the team which plays at Ibrox (in any of its guises). Of course there are different rules for them; there always have been. That’s what every non Sevco fan is pissed off about.

  19. portpower

    All sevco board members are playing a blinder. The SPFL are to blame. Admin II then finally death.

  20. cam

    Just having woke up to find no mick tribute event happening,i can only shake my head in disappointment at how expendable Celtic’s “heroes” and legends are.Mick i’ll make it up for you later.
    Now to the crux of the Mather,,,Rangers were obviously treated in a far more severe manner due to pressure heaped upon the staunchly Masonic SFA by the growing malevolent KOSC presence creeping into the corridors of power.
    To even allow the statement match fixing and Rangers to be uttered together exposes the agenda at work.
    Craig Mather is already assured of “legend” status for picking up the sword and launching himself into battle.This suave,tanned ,handsome,Martin Bain with hair,has vowed to settle a few outstanding accounts(no Monti,eff the creditors) with Lawwell’s puppets.
    It is heartening to find another source of outrage that brings Paul to a state of apoplexy,,we have The Daily Mail,Ally,Charles Green,Craig Mather, the redoubtable James of Airdrie,Chris Graham and any MP that dabbles in jiggery pokery with the legal system.
    All of the waffle(Paul’s interpretation of SFA statements) above has to taken in the context that nobody apart from Herats and Dunfermline fans really cares about the sanctions imposed upon the clubs.Craig Mather(did i say how handsome he looks?) doesn’t desire financial penalties imposed upon these clubs,so financial recompense from Regan and the bhoys shall suffice,and of course an apology.
    The Lawwell driven band wagon to damage Rangers for as long as possible to give Celtic a financial advantage, in order to square up GCC and the mortgages,has been boarded by the debonair,handsome Craig, who will swash his buckle to the cheers of the blue army.

  21. Fra

    Deflect, deny and change the truth to suit the agenda. Fans of the toxic club, waken up and smell the coffee. The fleecing is now becoming part of the annual ritual. The season tickets need to be sold so everyone gather round, form a siege and empty your pockets. Do not look at your sins, just blame everybody who doesn’t agree with your agenda. The money from the hordes is tainted with hatred but who cares, as long as the spivs have their pockets filled.

    McMurder advocates one view while old sticklebricks advocates another. Two sides of the one coin fighting like ferrets in a sack to determine who can lick the cardies arse. Methinks its gonny get messy. The old snake oil patter from sticklebricks is back on the agenda. Firstly it was snake oil, then it was Chuckles is the prodigal son, now it’s back to snake oil and all the time the arse licking towards Wattie would give you the boak.

  22. Paul,

    Great post laying out the facts in a way that anyone with an ounce or two of grey matter should find easy to understand.

    You’re getting good at this 🙂

    Perhaps those who support Rangers could save themselves considerable anguish if the simply took the time to read your post.

    Mr Mather naturally has other ideas and will not let his clear understanding of the facts get in the way of maintaining and utilising the Rangers support.

    All in a day’s work for a CEO of Rangers.

    I see former CEO Mr Green has returned in a ‘consultancy’ role. This seems to have made a lot of people very happy.

    A statement to the London Stock Exchange states “Mr Greens role will be to promote the interests of Rangers Football Club, specifically assisting with shareholder relations and advising the company on its capital structure”.

    It looks like a job which needs doing and clearly he is the man to take it on.

    I wish him well and will look on with interest.

    I may even comment as things unfold.

    • Maggie

      Chico’s coming back!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!
      You’d better not be kidding bout that Martin,I don’t want to get my hopes up,then have them dashed when I find out it’s not true.Chico rocks 🙂

      • Maggie,

        I wouldn’t lie to you…it’s on the Rangers official website and a statement to the stock exchange.

        Mr Green has his big ‘ands and possibly mouth on events once more!

      • David

        And for his next trick…nope wait a minute hes a one horse zombie.!!! not the academic type but READ the statement and remember Rangers WERE LIQUIDATED,,, bought by SEVCO and are now THE Rangers..FFS they are barely in existence and when they run out of money after their shareholders cash goes to pay for running costs then there will be a lot of bears with no future to sing about. Forget your secterian viewpoints if you want THE Rangers to survive start asking those in charge pertinent questions..OOHHH Welcome back Chico..another consultancy fee paid for by naive saps..

        just my opinion..

    • It’s fair to say that not all Rangers fans are troubled with a lack of understanding of SFA judicial panel results.

      I should have made that clear.

    • officer dibble

      Nice one M and Mr G never did explain that transfer or the cost of the transfer from Cencos to Stroud Hansen.

  23. AntoniousF

    Mr Mathers should have had this wee ditty playing in the background when he made that statement

  24. lordmac

    keeping Mather, on £8,500 a week his wages are looking like pacman on the rangers balance sheet, it is eating into accounts, at the rate of 34 members season tickets per week, Cam and BB to show proof of rangers paid recipt of fines to the SFA within the month.

  25. Ally McCoist pitches into the ‘debate’ with typical awareness:

    “We definitely had other issues and the tax problems have been well documented but our £50,000 fine was for going into administration.”

    “If that’s the case, I think it is only fair we get it explained to us why we were the only team fined.”

    “As yet, we haven’t had any clarification. Maybe they’re sending us a cheque for £50,000 instead, I don’t know.”

    Yes Ally there were other ‘issues’.

    • Jimmy S

      Is a 50K fine a greater punishment than a 6 month transfer embargo?
      That seems to be the only real issue here.

      It was a different punishment but was it more severe?

      • It would be odd indeed if the SFA judicial panel reached a decision without explanation.

        Paul has provided an excellent summary and provided a link to the full decision.

        The question of comparative severity is not applicable. That should be obvious when you consider the rule breaches associated with Hearts, Rangers and Dunfermline Athletic were not the same.

    • Maggie

      Did he not say he was ” baffled ” by it ?
      He’s baffled by everything else.It’s a wonder he can even walk and chew gum at the same time ……….Oh wait………:-)

      • Maggie,

        he doesn’t know who people are (though his club is fully aware) and demands to be told and he doesn’t understand a decision that has been presented to his club in the clearest possible terms.


        “The Tribunal also took into account Rangers FC had no disciplinary record involving any similar matters. It also took into account the exemplary manner in which Rangers FC had conducted itself at the Disciplinary Hearing and in its related dealings.”

        One assumes that those representing Rangers at the hearings left not only with a ringing endorsement of their participation but with a full understanding of the result.

        Perhaps Mr McCoist has been left out of the loop again.

    • officer dibble

      Nice one again M, Mr McC issues statements which the media communicator Mr T issued previously, more indication of the inside fighting and control issues ‘castle greyskull’ face.

  26. mick

    Hi every1 what a great read on way home a had to look up bunkum thou fit the CEO to a tee lol things are really piling up for mathers the roof bill the share drop the lack of transparacy with accounts whyte sevco5088 and the 1 mil a month vaporisation of ticket sales money it’s not a healthy state then we have cha fakeovers on the case it’s London ride this weekend all of the Londoners bike it to work its a bike marathon great idea sponcerd by prudential massive event 1 Scotland could copy for bike promotions . A was speaking to a girl today were am working she bikes it to save bus fare to look at here you would think well affluent it made me realise not all office workers in London are on bankers pay enogh of me woffling hail hail tesco is reality the bills are as high as the red load flats down rust bucket sevcoia

    • Maggie

      Hi mick,hope you’re coping with the working in London and commuting at week ends.Bet you’re missing your family and they’re missing you.
      I admire what you’re doing,it can’t be easy mick,but it’ll be worth it in the long run for your wife and kids.Hope the economy and the building trade picks up soon and you can find work at home.Things are tough for lots of people just now.Enjoy your weekend mick,Admin 2 on the horizon.HH.

      • cam

        Does Mick not have the wife and weans with him?,,,jeez mick, if that’s true i’m genuinely gutted mate.
        I would like to start a fund for mick so he can get broadband installed in his single end.
        Without micks laymanly take on the paracites at scum central the layman in the layby will be reliant on msm propaganda and delusionial zombie voodoo without truth being exposited the man in the cul de sack is being fleeced and has no reparensentation at bored level resulting in gulliblie working men loosing hand over fits its a world wide scandal of big business capatilistic hunnery and shady spivs if a builder can learn through academicials and clatterers then new media is the way ahead via Phil and paul and other titians to be more universialistic in a forwards thinking culture without backwards cults that are responibile for outdated thinking cos they are hated worldwide and in the subway people come up to me and call them hun zombies and love Celtic we are loved everywhere the rebels have won its tesco time with bleedin a million a month unsusainablity they are doomed.

        • Maggie

          Stop being nasty,we know you can’t help yourself,you tell us this often enough.Thought you’d be delighted that mick’s following that era defining Tory policy,much admired by you,of “getting on your bike” to look for work and not being someone,like those unfortunates whom you regularly berate,for relying on state handouts.
          It speaks volumes for mick’s essential good naturedness and decency that he doesn’t take umbrage at your insulting, demeaning posts about him.Thought you were on your holidays anyway.

          • cam

            No Marge,your spending excesses on frippery have discombobulated your comprehension,,,my satirical postcard to Jim was obviously intellectually out of your grasp,but seeing as you don’t read my drivel then it is a testament to your intruder alert radar, that you can track me on your defence system.
            Mick is thick,,,skinned enough to repel my clatterations and your heinous treatment of carson,Adam,et al permits a little nastiness.
            I’m the only poster to propose a kitty for mick to stay in the loop and if he gets hungry i can contact the Chelsea/Rangers city marauders to launch pies through the window of his single end.
            I trust that mick is paying tax on his earnings as the building trade has a worse rep than Craigie for slip ups in that department.

  27. Sid

    Get that share price up Cha- s’nearly December ye know.
    Accidentally clicked on this blog thinking it was for all the guys who want to shag their own granny- then I found it still had the odd bloke with half a brain trying to tell us Sevco are innocent of any type of wrongdoing- tell you what, these days, some people are sick.

    • cam

      Sid,,i think you have a great future in here on the strength of that post of yours,,,now can you expand a little further on why you clicked on a site where you assumed incestuous OAP’s where shaking their zimmers?

  28. portpower

    sevco supporters:
    Having spent 20 years sitting in your high chairs being spoon fed WATP. I can understand why you`re all stunned mullets. Now that youse are out and playing in the sand-pit keep an eye on that spivco (IOU)sand-castle.

  29. lordmac

    i can envisage a fire at ibrox coming on, maybe even a insurance claim they need a clean bill of health. reports coming in of, roofers walking of sites and also plumbers

  30. arb urns

    AS A NON THE RANGERS Football Club supporter I note today’s verdict by the Disciplinary Tribunal who ruled that Hearts cannot register any players over the age of 21 between now and February 1, 2014.

    I also recall that Dunfermline were given a similar sanction in May.

    But in particular, I am aware of the glaring differences in the sanctions imposed on three clubs who entered administration.

    THE THE Rangers, was given a £50,000 fine and given a 12 month
    registration embargo, but they were still able to sign players older than the other two clubs.

    While no-one as a football fan wishes THE Rangers hard times questions must be asked about these anomalies and I fully understand the rising anger among most reasonable fans of other clubs.

    They are entitled to think there is one rule for THE Rangers,another for everyone else.

    I will be seeking clarification for all reasonable football fans.


    Slightly more accurate craig………….is there something in the name or is it ancient doric or something for poss tot…………………………………………..

  31. willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

    Looks like the deluded got it wrong again. Season tickets for Ibrox UP 1500 on same time last year. Over 34,000 sold.
    Them damned statistics, eh ?

    Never mind, I’m sure the huge banner currently being made to sit in the top tier of the tattiedome will help cover up the spaces. . Lol.

    • cam

      Only 40,000 at a crucial CL game?,,,those benefit cuts are really having an effect.
      Once the mortgages are called in the Tic might be needing pals at Hampden to come up with a new punishment.

      • Ed Paisley

        I’m sure Peter and Eric will be content with that crowd Cam. Real wages are dropping every year and household budgets are being stretched. I’m feeling the pinch, aren’t you? I’ve had to give up my daily Costa coffee at £2.65 a cup and I only get the Gaurdian every other day. What have you given up, apart from fair-mindedness and civility?

        • cam

          I’m not into that Paisley bum pinching malarkey and my protestant work ethic wards off the economic hardships by working even more overtime.
          Coffee is a substance that i associate with luvvies in Greenwich Village and i don’t buy top shelf porn involving the armed forces.
          The Co-op mortgage chaps will be monitoring these events Ted and will be very wary of building houses on the site due to critical urine contamination.

      • jimmybee

        40,000 plus still has to be the largest attendance in champions league football this week m8.

      • alfredthepict

        Dream on Cam !

    • portpower

      will you be sitting in the top tier on Tuesday?

  32. martin c

    obviously the consultancy fees have to paid?

    sorry if already posted

  33. portpower

    Rumour has it that someone has taped a single X on the steps of IOUbrox. Is uncle charlie about ready to give the admin II speech?

  34. Ed Paisley

    Look at Mick working hard down in London and effortlessly making friends. That’s what people proud of their Scottish/Irish/other heritage do. We are not defined by hostility or fear.

    I would also like to congratulate another Scottish/Irish boy done good – Sir William Haughey elevated to the peerage today.
    I met Willie Haughey several times when I was a young auditor and Star Refrigeration was one of our clients. Willie always had time even for a very junior guy like me and even though he was trying to grow his own business, he gave much of his time to helping Glasgow charities (I believe he has given more than £5m to charities over the years).
    This man is such a fine role model for Scotlands new young entrepreneurs – a man of outstanding business acumen who has never forgotten his social responsibility.
    Sir William Haughey – take a bow!

    • Ed Paisley

      I’m now waiting for the Bluenose detectives to fabricate/insinuate dirt on Willie Haughey. But fortunately, Sir Wiiliam isn’t cut from the same cloth as Sir David (the man who sold out Rangers to Craig “synonymous with corporate misbehaviour” Whye).

      • cam

        Ted you’re obviously aware of Willie’s business methods and his relationship with Mr Purcell.
        Dermott and Denis like to help folk out too and it does seem to be a profitable method.
        Once my political career takes off and i get to see under the bonnet of GCC’s financial dealings i can update you on the laundry businesses.

      • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

        Aye, he’s a right gentleman Ed. The stories I could tellya.

    • Ed Paisley

      Jeez Cam and Willy, every time I praise a prominent Briton you guys come in and tell me how corrupt they are. In Sir William Haughey’s case you are confusing being an intelligent businessman with sharp practice. Prof. Roy Greenslade has a pad in the Republic of Ireland so he must be in cahoots with Phil Mac Giolla Bhain. Oh, and Alex Thomson, fearless Chief News Correspondent with Channel 4, has been duped by Phil and the Celtic supporters – that guy is a pure patsy.
      Listen to yourselves. In your world Sir David Murray is a successful and ethical businessman. You are living in a topsy-turvy world.

  35. cam

    Every now and then along comes a statement that just makes you think “did that muppet actually say that?”
    Here we have that intellectual giant amongst pygmies the Lemon stating that Celtic might just manage to win the SPFLASLPSA title by a bigger marhin!!
    Jings Neil thats a cracker even by your cerebrally challenged hate generator.
    Hearts bust and getting relegated wi nae players,Aberdeen a joke,Dundee Utd on death row,Killie awaiting the admin man,,,and this loonball thinks his collection of giganticos, whose value rises with every 6-0 victory,might just win by a bigger margin,,,breathtaking!

  36. willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

    Charlie Green back for a wee while. This time as a “consultant”. I look forward to him verbally machine-gunning .all in Scottish football.
    It’s only fair after all. McBride escaped punishment simply because he was a “consultant”.

  37. jimmybee

    sorry to hear colin macadam has passed away thoughts and prayers with his family at this sad time.

  38. cam

    In the new SPFL website we have the confirmation(hate that word!) that the mighty,famous Glasgow Rangers continue ,,,aaaah, it’s GREAT TO BE A BEAR!
    I like the look of our top scorer Boaby Trialist,,he’s good in the box,holds the balls up well,invites others to play off him and lasts the full 90 mins.

    • arb urns

      yup he’s a cocky wee guy out front cam , he’s at the veteran stage though so disappears from games for spells and ye canny locate him but when its in the box he’s a real one eyed gunner in a purple helmet…. lucky these sfa bobbys have let ye sign the boaby…..pc’s ogilvie and bryson would take down the particulars i’m sure

  39. Carl31

    A shareholder group is looking to oust Craig Mather, according to STV.

  40. cam

    Creggy,Morag gave your clatterings a wee scan and she senses a lot of rage and has enrolled me in a martial arts class that combines Krav Maga and Brazilian toe wrestling.

    Just in case you lost control ,i did a little checking and found this doozey.,_Derry
    At least i’ll see you coming with the fake tan!

  41. Ben McGinlay

    What’s all the hatred towards Neil Lennon all about. Is it because he has ginger hair, I wonder hmm. A shot in the dark. Maybe because he is a catholic from NI managing the top team in the country with an unbroken history…

  42. Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug 13m
    Latest on the unrest at #rangers coming up on @BBCRadioScot

    Unrest, Whatever can he mean?

  43. Paul

    I suppose at the end of the day the Sevco will have to accept that the rules applied to Hearts and Dunfermline came from a new organisation.The sevco SPLSFL maybe decided to have a heart and this will now be par for the course.Surely the new setup want away from the old history of been part of the one team organisation.

  44. My understanding of the “£50,000 fine” which, some commenters have correctly noted, is not specifically addressed in the article, was that it was part of the £160,000 fine imposed by the independent tribunal looking at Rangers’ many breaches of all kinds of everything. The fine was the maximum and was levied in that context. On what grounds would that be challenged in court, as some Rangers fans continue to suggest should happen?

  45. Rangers (IL) were given a 50k fine for suffering an insolvency event, Hearts were not.

    Hearts were given a transfer embargo for suffering an insolvency event, Rangers (IL) were not.

    Surely Hearts should be the ones feeling more aggrieved given the differences in the two punishments.

  46. As The Rangers Football Club, appear to be a continuation of RFC in our eyes, how do the tax authorities see the 2 companies?
    Is there a possibility that ‘as it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and acts like a duck’ HMRC will treat them as the same duck?

    I do understand the directors are different, would this be relevant if the authorities wanted to treat the 2 companies as the same for prosecution purposes?

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