Secret Identity of the SPFL Revealed! It’s the SPL Under a New Name!

I wrote briefly about the blessed union of the SPL and SFL to create the super-duper, all-new, all singing and dancing SPFL.

I looked up Companies House to see if I could locate a company called the “Scottish Professional Football League Ltd” and there it was.

The Scottish Football League was not there but as an association of members it was not listed before.

However, there was no trace amongst active companies of the Scottish Premier League Ltd!

A closer look at the Scottish Professional Football League Limited shows the company number as SC175364.

As Bruce Wayne is Batman, so the SPFL is in reality ....

As Bruce Wayne is Batman, so the SPFL is in reality ….

For those familiar with such numbers (or indeed for those who check thru the details on Companies House) it reveals that, in fact, the SPFL Ltd is in fact the SPL Ltd under a new name!!

It is confirmed when you click through and see that the name changed formally on 5th July 2013.

In addition we can see that new directors were appointed on 22nd July, namely Les Gray, Michael Mulraney and William Darroch, to join the existing Board.

So, in fact, the SPFL is none other than the SPL!

It was of course an article of faith of newco Rangers that, after what they saw as its terrible treatment by the SPL, it wanted nothing more to do with that organisation ever again.

As Charles Green said on 29th October 2012 on TalkSport:-

“The chief executive of the SFA, Stewart Regan, has said there will have to be some restructuring in Scottish football.

“It’s no secret the SPL have been working on a plan and I understand the Football League have got their vision for change in Scottish football. It has to change because it’s in a mess.

“It’s really difficult for me to take seriously the SPL re-structure. They threw us out of the league and are now pursuing title stripping, and for us to sit down and think that after all that has come to fruition that I will say ‘OK, everything’s forgotten’, you’re in cloud cuckoo land. I don’t forgive and forget.

“While I’m chief executive, Rangers will not play in the Scottish Premier League.

“If that situation arose, I would go out to the fans, as we did earlier in the year. But my position wouldn’t have changed. If they wanted to go back into the SPL, then fine. But I won’t be chief executive.”

As we know Mr Green is no longer CEO at Ibrox, so the dilemma does not arise. And there has been little or nothing said by the “new” regime at Rangers about the fact that Rangers are back in the SPL camp, notwithstanding all of its bluster.

Of course if it wanted to play in Scotland then it had to join the SPFL, but one might suspect that Mr Green would have had a bit of a rant and rave about the re-structuring, and indeed would probably have suggested that the whole thing was designed by the football authorities to rail-road Rangers into the SPL!


The coverage has been sorely lacking in the fine detail of exactly what was happening. But one can piece things together from the press announcements. So, for example, we saw this a few days ago:-

SPFL Press Release – BBC extend League Cup deal

The Scottish Professional Football League is pleased to announce that BBC Scotland has acquired the exclusive rights to screen Scottish League Cup matches for the next three seasons.

BBC Scotland will screen at least four Scottish League Cup matches each season for 2013/2014, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. The rights agreement also covers live radio commentary, highlights packages for television, online clips and streaming of selected live matches on the i-player.

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster commented: “We are delighted to announce that BBC Scotland will again be screening live free-to-air coverage of Scottish League Cup matches. This will ensure that as many viewers as possible are able to enjoy the drama of this season’s Scottish League Cup and should help attract a sponsor for this prestigious competition.”

Ewan Angus, Head of Sport, BBC Scotland, said: “It’s great news for our audiences that we can bring top live action from the Scottish League Cup for the next three seasons. Building on the success of previous seasons, we will continue our high-quality coverage of key games from the competition including a semi-final and the Final in each season. The combination of live matches and highlights on television with our live radio commentaries, online clips and i-player streaming makes it a winner for our audiences.”

So the League Cup, which along with Divisions 1, 2 and 3 made up the “empire” of the SFL, is all gobbled up by the SPL SPFL.

And indeed reading the above release it is as if the SFL never existed …

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117 responses to “Secret Identity of the SPFL Revealed! It’s the SPL Under a New Name!

  1. Steven Brennan

    Same corrupt cabal
    Chico knew he could say anything because he wouldn’t be there, but the boys on the big blue bus will go touring the country singing party songs on the way.
    It must be a slow day in Airdrie court for Paul to be writing this stuff.

  2. Pretty sure this was publicised in advance.

    In order to keep SPL sponsors the restructured organisation would be keeping the same company details but rebranding.

  3. Cregganduff

    Sadly Green chose, in his efforts to maximize revenue, to play the Orange card and appeal to the worst instincts of the Ranger’s support.

  4. Monti

    Morning Paul, Steven Brennan is 100% correct, if there was ever any doubt that Scottish football is corrupt & overwhelmingly favoured one club in particular, last summers SFA & SPL collaboration in trying to fast track the new club straight into the SPL or the very worst into Division 1 was clear evidence the governing bodies would not or couldn’t implement their own rules, look how much easier it will be for them to deal with Hearts if/when they go into liquidation.
    Will their be “social unrest on the streets of Scotland?
    Does Scotland need this “institution”?
    From being allowed to go unpunished by the SFA for over a hundred years with their anti catholic sectarian signing policy,through to their hand picked referees & funny hand shakers at Hampden, remember this is the SFA that demanded Celtic remove the Irish tricolour from the parkhead roof, yet said nothing to Rangers about their sectarian signing policy.
    Balance? Impartial? Healthy? NO!
    As I have said many times Scottish football is broken, it is corrupt & until Ogilvie,Regan & Doncaster are removed from position, Scottish football cannot & should not be taken seriously!

    There’s an inscription of the great Jock Stein’s famous statement on his statue outside Celtic park ” Football without fans is nothing”
    For me & thousands & thousands of football fans in Scotland agree with Jock’s words, For me football without trust is nothing! HH!

    • Cregganduff

      What about a harmless little song this Rainy First Of August?

      • Monti

        Appreciated comrade!

      • Maggie

        Thanks for that,love it.
        It’s my turn to have the “Ghirls Night” tonight,guess what we’ll be singing ? 🙂

        • cam

          Shaddap you face?

          Apologies for this ungentlemanly behaviour Marge,,,i just couldn’t help myself.

          • Monti

            Craig Whyte is looking to buy a football club Cam, any suggestions?
            Wealth of the radar apparently 😀

          • Mac Tomas

            cam, we know you can’t help yourself, we saw that with some of the trash you posted a few blogs ago………
            Incidentally, which one of Mark Daly’s documentaries did you like the most. In my opinion both were doing a service to the community, seem to remember you thought one was sweetie wifin, which one?

            • cam

              What trash Mac?,,,actual facts about something that you don’t want spoken about for some strange reason?
              To my eternal shame i still haven’t seen Marky’s Rangers documentary, but it seems to hinge upon tax matters that Rangers were found NOT GUILTY of and was based on the RTC cowards blog,,,thats sweetie wifin.
              Your serve Mac,,,match point to me,,,

            • Mac Tomas

              Who doesn’t want to talk about it. Did you read my post?. I stated the problem is growing & it deserves our attention……where in any shape or form did I suggest avoidance.
              So your passing judgment on a documentary you admit you have not seen!!!.. Tax case still under appeal, & The rest of ‘football Scotland’ views Rangers EBT’s scam, as guilty as…………
              btw….. your not a fundamentalist……….aye right, your fundamentalism is disguised & repackaged in cute wee camster jests…………

            • Cregganduff

              Cam the sectarian bigot rat
              Venting his rage and bile on RTC once again.

              He showed your club to be not only morally and financially bankrupt, but also so buck stupid they should be put down without a second thought and that is what your hate is all about.

              Crawl back in your hole you disgusting vindictive piece of vermin

          • Stevie

            No apology required (again) Cam.
            Maggie O’shea seems a “wummin o the world”.
            By the cut of her jib on here i’d keep my pay packet sealed tae ah got hame.

            • cam

              Jeanette Findlay wi a platinum card!

            • Monti

              David Murray with a football club?

            • Maggie

              A PLATINUM CARD…….that’s the worst insult you’ve ever sent my way.
              Are you trying to be funny ? Platinum cards are for losers who live in Monaco with debts off the radar……I have a BLACK mastercard 🙂

              While I’m here,what was that you were saying about people posting while on holiday,the wheels of the plane were still screeching to a halt and you were typing away,keeping us informed of your safe arrival…….awh sweet.
              I personally was worried sick in case you might not get there in one piece and return to us unharmed.For goodness sake please let us know the minute you’re home safely,we’ll barely survive the worry and stress caused by your absence 🙂

              Oh btw,do you want me to say Hi to Jeanette for you when she comes over tonight,she always speaks so highly of you.

              Enjoy your hols,”camster”

          • Cregganduff

            “Apologies for this ungentlemanly behaviour Marge,,,i just couldn’t help myself”

            Yes I understand, it’s the mixture of ignorance and inbreeding.

        • Steven Brennan

          hope you warned the neighbours,

        • BB

          This land is scotland? Er, perhaps not. An irishmen will do anything for his country , except live in it. George Bernard Shaw

          • Monti


          • Cregganduff

            Rather a silly statement from GBS

            As for Scotland

            “Your country consists of two things, stone and water. There is, indeed, a little earth above the stone in some places, but a very little; and the stone is always appearing. It is like a man in rags; the naked skin is still peeping out”


            “The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!”

            In the opinion of Dr Samuel Johnson.

            • BB

              Yes. The 2 make the same point. Nationalist hypocrisy Both points with a reasonable degree of merit I reckon.

      • Mac Tomas

        ” From The Northern Highlands, to the Western Islands.
        to the hills of Kerry, & the Streets of Free Derry,”
        “This land is our land” & it’s time for the butchers apron to come down, & The Trident death subs to be parked up the Thames……….
        £20 – £30 billion expected to be found with no problem to renew Trident, in a country we are told is skint. Just think of all the dosh that would be left in the kitty, then Sevco could apply for a govt grant to get that nasty asbestos prob sorted. 🙂

        • Fra

          @Mac…And they try to tell us Scotland couldn’t cope without England. In a nutshell Mac, decommissioning of trident, and costs, lie with the west midden government. A saving of 20-30mill. Think how many jobs would be created building a SCOTTISH shipbuilding defence site on the gareloch. Scottish investment for Scottish people for the Scottish economy. Not rocket science.

  5. Monti

    I read today that BDO have ran up a bill for £189,000 for 1 MONTHS work 🙂
    & some still claim there isn’t a god?
    I think through BDO god is very much at work.
    I was at Hampden when they booed the minutes silence for our late Papa John Paul II……..
    Patience is a virtue my friends!

    • Cregganduff

      “HEARTS administrators BDO have revealed the club owe £28.5million after sending a detailed report of the club’s debts to all 200 creditors.

      The full extent of Hearts’ financial predicament has been laid bare in a 45-page report.

      It was previously thought the Tynecastle outfit’s arrears stood at around £25m after years of mismanagement by departed owner Vladimir Romanov.

      But the dossier paints a more bleak picture. As well as the £15.5m and £8.2m due to Ukio”
      Daily Record

      So is that £52.2 million total debt? Plus BDO fees of course.

      Do the creditors of the bankrupt Ukio Bankas get the first pound of flesh?

      Who appointed BDO as liquidators?

      • Cregganduff

        ” So is that £52.2 million total debt? Plus BDO fees of course.”

        No. Still just £28.5 million. Read a little more carefully before rushing to post and your cut and paste gives an erroneous impression.

      • Monti

        “Who appointed BDO as liquidators”?……..HIBS! 🙂

    • jambocol1874

      Around 8 – 10% of the 14k Hearts fans that day acted like morons by booing the minutes silence.

      And around 50% of the 25k Celtic fans acted like morons, retorting with ‘Dirty Orange Bas…’

      I wasn’t a moron that day Monti. You?

  6. Fra

    The sooner the letal injection is administered to this abortion of a club/company the better.

  7. Ed Paisley

    Patience is indeed a virtue Monti, and all good things come to those who wait.
    Who can forget Murray’s “If Celtic put £5 on the table then I’ll put down £10”. Eventually we found out that Murray didn’t put a brown cent on the table – it was HBOS and HMRC.
    A more obscure quote from Murray was when he was questioned by an MSM journalist one time (amazingly) about misconduct of his players on and off the pitch – it was just after Gazza had an altercation with a teenage girl in Glasgow whilst he was drunk no doubt with his mate Ally hiding in a shop doorway somewhere “Good guys don’t win anything”. That cerainly was Murray’s philosophy and it killed the old Rangers Football Club.

    I see Vicki Pryce has been stripped of her special honour from the Queen (Companion of the Bath!!?? ffs!). James Crosby voluntarily gave up his Knighthood because he was at least partly responsible for the failure of HBOS.
    How long before David Murray does the honourable thing and gives up his knighthood – we can invent a new Order of the Scoundrel foe Davy and Craigy. I can feel a petition coming on…

    • Ed Paisley

      I might even convince Cam to mark his cross on my petition to get Murray stripped of his knighthood.

      • Monti

        Does Cam have a cross or a Crucifix?

        • Maggie

          Hi Monti & bhoys.
          Been really busy since coming back from holidays,haven’t even had time to comment on Paul’s latest blogs on The Daily Mail.
          I “pure dead” love The Daily Mail,but not because I agree with any of their opinions or their stance on just about anything,apart from their campaign on behalf of Steven Lawrence.No I love it because of its idiocy…….last week they had a series of photos of Vladimir Putin in poses similar to Bond villains!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!
          It is most definitely a right wing rag,in fact I heard Nigel Farage thinks it’s a bit too extreme even for him 🙂 My daughter and I love it for a laugh and it’s preferable to the DR or The Sun.I also read The Guardian on line.OK,that’s a lie,I read the Oprah magazine and any and every fashion magazine that has an online presence 🙂
          Re Paul’s blog about the new SPFL,I see CF has posted a 94 page document from the SPL about league reconstruction……..Quick! get an emergency signal to ecojon to analyse it,or maybe Paul and BRT&H could bring their legal expertise to the case.
          I would be willing to bet that Eco is half way through it already 🙂
          You’re right Monti,there will be no justice or transparency until Regan,Doncaster and Mr Conflicted Ogilvie are unceremoniously removed from their jobs.HH.
          Oh btw,I wonder how long it will be before the document is removed from
          Charlottes twitter feed.

          • Monti

            Hi Maggie, hope you enjoyed your hols, I’ve been busy Hun slaying :)……to be sure 🙂 Zombie Hun slaying in fact…..gruesome job but it’s god’s will 🙂
            What do you make of the news Ibrox could be unsafe?
            I know a couple of Joiners Duff & Phelps that could help with that, they charge by the hour tho,not cheap.:D

            • Maggie

              You must be about your father’s business and I need zombie meat for
              JimBhoys snow leopards,so it’s a win,win situation. 🙂
              Ibrox unsafe,what a surprise!!!!!!!
              I think you should cut D&P out of the deal and consult mick about doing a wee “homer.” He’d do a great job of making the Diebrox Stadium the envy of the world. 🙂

          • JimBhoy

            Hello Maggie, Did the document mention Jackie Bhoy? If so consider it gone, one vanished in front of my eyes yesterday, the one where Jackie released a leak to the great leggoleaks on some nonsense tying in Dermot Desmond with some care home scandal all because the man had some shares in said company… However old sticklebriicks in his usual MO now dislikes Jackie bhoy…

            The actual story itself saw daylight for a day or two and the tenuous link to Mr Desmond thru his investment portfolio is of course desperate at best..

            Hope you are well and able to post more soon… Mind no feed the snow leopards too much zombie flesh..!! HH

            • Maggie

              Hi thereJim.I saw the document before it was taken down,what a rid neck for Irvine.My daughter put me onto an article in The Drum saying that the police have had complaints re CF and are investigating.Phil Mac also as a link to a Roy Greenslade piece on it in the Guardian,which in turn has a link to The Drum…….phew! A bit convoluted there.
              I take back what I said earlier about not really reading The Guardian,it seems today I did 🙂

              That Dermot Desmond story,like the “Celtic have a black hole in their accounts” are quite clearly attempts by the dark side to unnerve us.
              Good luck with that I say.These are the same people who watched their club disintegrate while calling Phil Mac et al,Rangers’ hating Internet bampots.Where were their investigative skills then ?

              What I’m a supposed to do with all that zombie meat that Monti’s been giving me from his slaying if I can’t feed it to the cats? 🙂
              Maybe I’ll freeze it for leaner times when the zombies are no more.HH.

            • JimBhoy

              @Maggie it is usually a ‘Riddie’ you getting all posh now? Sorry about the posts disparity ran aff ma feet today and the missus hairmyres visit turned out to be an epic… I was there with the cleaners.. Footie tomorrow til Sunday it’s an ask trust me be fekd going back to work Monday….! HH to all football fans..!!!

  8. Rangers manager Ally McCoist will continue to assess trialists Hameur Bouazza and Mamady Sidibe in training and decide in the next two days whether to offer them contracts.

    Full story: The Sun (print edition)

    Boris Pandza, the Bosnian defender who had already dropped his wage demands by £2,000 per week, has been left angered by Rangers after being told that his contract with the club is on hold unless manager Ally McCoist can offload some of his fringe players because they have reached their player budget limit.

    Full story: Daily Express

    Going , Going ………………………..

    • Monti

      Go on Sally give them contracts & big bonuses & appearance money………..GONE!

    • JimBhoy

      @Coatbrigbhoy This stood out for me today…
      –Some context:
      McCoist, who will continue to run the rule over trialists Mamady Sidibe and Hameur Bouazza, admitted: ‘It was a great goal from Arnold.
      ‘He’s fancied it in training and he takes a rare set-piece. I think, come September, I’ll maybe let him take another one.
      ‘You saw here that nobody else was going to take the free-kick apart from him. ‘He can get another shot as long as he produces another piece of quality like that.
      ‘It’s just unfortunate that the new boys who played here tonight can’t play any League Cup games or Ramsdens Cup ties.

      — What new boys is her referring to? Isn’t Nicky Law a trialist? Did he not score in the Chippy cup at the weekend? Maybe I am missing the point.. Ideas on a postcard to Jimbhoy?

      • cam

        Hi Jimbhoy
        Just a wee note,we all arrived safely,there weren’t any Buckie filled terrorist lovers on the flight rabbling on about the dear lost bog.Weathers great, blue skies,no clouds apart from some green bile out east.
        Obviously with your team playing a vital CL qualifier,a strange hurried signing policy from a club awash with money and a manager in a raging panic,you thought it would be better to concern yourself with us.
        Quite right Jim,it’s all about the famous Glasgow Rangers.
        I’ve attached a wee link to explain the rules illegally imposed by your pal Peter’s pals.Hope it helps.
        Look forward to your next obsessive comment on us.
        Alan Pardew’s wee comment about how the great Rangers history makes Newcastle v Rangers games special must hurt some of the fundamentalists in your gang,,,,,good!’ll-bring-my-top-team

        • Mat

          Would that be the actual plus THE BOUGHT history !

          • JimBhoy

            @Mat give it to the year end and Chico Pyro pants will have the rangers history on EBAY…

            • Monti

              If the whole club was bought for £1, how lower will that figure drop now it’s second hand & has an asbestos issue?
              I’ll start the bidding at 18p 🙂

        • JimBhoy

          Alright Cam glad you and yours got safely to your destination..Buckie filled terrorist lovers? Cam you know that is way beneath me mate, why you even bother i dunno..!!

          Ah it’s the obsessed card again is it.. Akin to the paranoid one back in the day… So me asking for a little clarification on words from your eloquent footballing leader is me showing an obsessions… I posted the other day suggesting youth football and rules generally follow the seniors and in youth football trialist can play 4 times in league games and early in the league cup (ie, no other cups), this is where my interest stemmed from (or obsession as you wish to call it)..

          It has been noted before that you are one of the most frequent posters on this site mate, so your obsession on all things on this site is FACT..

          Regards the Celtic if i may, decent professional performance but nothing to write home about, I would have settled for any score with the opposition scoring nil If I am honest so job done..

          I also posted yesterday about Lennie’s haste and lack of planning re: the potential to lose his top striker. Panic buy maybe but he wasn’t earmarked to play apparently, it was just the usual meeja speculation, time will tell whether the celts have done their homework on the bhoy..

          Me, not being a fundamentalist (as you are aware) I wouldn’t know how that bunch felt, however it must grind on YOUR fundamentalists that you boys played in the wee-ist cup of them all in the same week the Glasgow’s green and white played in the biggest cup of them all.

          You need to get off the blue bols and back on the creme de menthe mate..

          • cam

            Jim i know you’re just a footie man and not a rocket like Monti.
            I didn’t read anything about Celtic’s game,i don’t know who played,the subs,how the game went or the attendance.
            I do know who played at Dens,Peralta’s goal was a cracker and Dundee played well.
            I’m gonna keep winding up the rockets in here,as the hate is never far from the surface.
            You keep doing what you do best supporting your team,,,we’ll follow follow ours.

            • JimBhoy

              @Cam I didn’t know the Celtic score until this morning been suffering with a virus of late (on my week off work typically) so caught the result at 0-0 when I hit the sack early last night.. So it was a pleasant surprise when I checked this morning. One read on the game basically let me know all I needed to know, let’s just say not a classic.. Templeton scored a cracker on Sunday I saw that, I have liked him as a player for a while… Obviously I despise him now as he has joined the dark side.. 🙂

              I have had a good footie week wi the boys team, some new guys in and managing the team now so lots of admin at this time of year…. Some new strips to pick up over coatbrigBhoys neck of the woods tomorrow before hitting 3 days tournie at Glasgow Green… All go, loving it , even more if I was feeling 100%..

              Celtic will never be out of my blood, but will let you in on a wee secret, my Da, who never really followed footie much did have an eye for a player and his fave was Bobby Russell, there ya go… Have fun HH from damp Scotland..

            • cam

              Watched some of the tourney at the Greenfield pitches at the weekend,but i can’t handle the faithers screaming “tactics” from the Saint and Greavsie prog.Can’t deny fatherly encouragement though, and everyone was smiling.
              Change in the weather seems to bring these bugs,,,don’t overdo it!
              Bobby gave us a great away victory in Eindhoven in 78,,,seems a lifetime ago.

            • Monti

              You followed them to the end Cam, 2012!
              You tell your grandchildren about that……

        • Fra

          Mike Ashley will have Pardews P45 before the end of the season. The rangers 2012 Il plc is a new company as the 2012 would suggest so Mr Pardews is somewhat mistaken in his statement UNLESS he meant that illustrious history of Scottish 3rd division champions. I would suggest Mike is trying to boost his wee investment before off loading it. He got stuck with Newcastle when trying to sell and I would think he could also also take a hit on his shares of the toxic club.

      • JimBhoy

        OK cheers for the TD it was a genuine Qn… Anyone know what the rules are?

  9. Monti

    CQN chat, anyone have details?

  10. Fra

    @Monti..CQN had another a short time ago titled ‘what journos were in the pay of rangers’. It never went on to explain or did I just miss it.

    • cam

      Due to your time difference Fra and the difficulties involved in catching sheep in the heat,let me explain.
      Declan O Bammer,a Celtic sleeper agent who began his career as a paper boy,has uncovered a Masonic/SMERSH plot to control the printed media dating back to the invention of the printing press.
      He is in possession of wage slips that he painstakingly “unshredded” which prove beyond all doubt that every single journo for the last 50 years has been bribed by RFC.
      Personally i’m deeply ashamed and gutted to learn that everything i’ve read over that period wasn’t true.
      I mean Greigy didn’t actually land on the moon???,,,,ffs,,some of his clearances did.

      • Fra

        Cameron…Our friend Charlotte has been at it again. Ibrox needs a lot of work and would you believe ‘my comrade Monti’ has been telling you all along. Doesn’t that just stick in your wee gullet. I’m loving it. Guffaw guffaw guffaw

        Meanwhile Jacks arse is making buttons. Charlotte is wringing him inside out and there’s not a thing he can do. His Rottweiler behaviour is returning to take a chunk from his backside. It’s like a 20 stone hard man shaking the little loudmouth about and everyone shouting ‘he deserved everything he got.’

        • cam

          What can you expect from a desperate wee man who’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders?
          An official document regards repairs that refer to a stand that doesn’t exist?,,Copeland Rd?
          If you’re gonna use Clip art,use a spell checker.
          btw,cheers Fra,i don’t bother looking at the tranny’s mince but i note that Mr McConville’s name comes up in the Twitter pish,,being a techno dinosaur i leave Twitter to weirdo’s and sweetie wife’s.

        • @Fra
          Never mind the roof, They have installed a big screen so that the Zombies can watch it crashing around their ears, LIVE,!
          And with the new wifi, they can let all their pals see it.
          Maybe then they will believe us. Lol.
          On a serious note, I hope nobody gets hurt when it happens.

          • Fra

            Barc, I was gonny say “I don’t” but I think I’ll not bother as that would be very nasty of me. I don’t want anybody thinking I’m a rocket like that Monti and Creggan. Guffaw guffaw guffaw. Life’s a riot.

      • @Cam
        As did some of the players who played against him. That was in the days when they just dreepied back down again and got on wi it. Braw memories!

  11. Cha has stuck up a load of SPL docs WRT League restructure. Can anybody recall the date of the SFA fan survey.?
    As for Ibrokes roof repairs……Don’t even go there!
    The best bit, which will surely annoy the Wee Craigy haters…….The Arsenal shares where up for the highest bidder LONG before he became a multi bulti trulti, wealth off the radar, gazillionaire. And long before he bought the poke that oinked

    • Doc

      A few other nuggets:
      “Rangers looked to lease/sell the Albion Car Park site to Tesco”
      “A diminishing/ageing overseas fanbase”
      “Supporters club numbers reducing”
      “Inhibitors to success – Participation in SPL”
      “exploit the Old Firm licensed trademark and incorporate the Old Firm”
      “exposure and growth of the Rangers brand in conjunction with Celtic”
      “Lack of Rangers celebrities – partially due to reputation and association with sectarianism”
      “taxation – £0”
      “Tour to South Africa with Celtic”
      “Pre season tour to USA with Celtic”
      “3 year projection, SPL 10/11 – 2nd, 11/12 – 2nd, 12/13 – 2nd”
      “Season Tickets – dropping to 36.6k & 35.1k”
      “only Celtic games currently selling out”

    • portpower

      ***** stadium under review? Looks like there`ll be a working bee every second Sunday at IOUbrox?

  12. Monti

    Never told the good lady about the blonde Swedish female physio’s from Elfsborg last night…ahem.
    Noticed big Johan Mjallby having a butchers tho…..;)

  13. A quick YouTube search shows it is not a matter to take lightly. Lots of examples.

  14. Stevie

    You having an argument with yersel duffy? lol.

  15. cam

    I’m really concerned for mick,this site is his life, and due to financial pressures the poor guy has uprooted himself away from his beloved San Giro and is now squatting in a single end,under the thumb of some gaffer who has taken his fone off him and told him to shut it regards diddy teams up north.
    Every time i go to the Tesco fruit and veg. section and see a watermelon i think of the poor guy.
    Mick, as much as i want to see your team die,stadium razed and ground decontaminated,i hope you’re ok.
    Can we have a mick tribute day tomorrow? The best micklike post gets a date wi Creggy.

    • Monti

      Why not nobody does tributes quite like the the rangers….nobody does it better
      nobody does it half as good as you…..the the rangers….your the best! 🙂

      Nobody does it half as good as you
      Liquidation was the best! 😀

    • mick

      Hi cam hope your ok am working long hours and no net at flat yet but a will sort it for winter a have Been reading the blog on phone though ave my desktop at flat a might buy a dongo and top it up via phone shop or get my phone provider to do me 1 and if your your want to tribute me do it by eating lots of fruit and staying healthy so we all live long to fight the good fight 🙂

  16. Ed Paisley

    Reading the Cha documents it looks like the Rangers board know they have a brand in serious decline and they are desperately trying to hitch their carriage to Celtic’s engine. The Rangers support amongst the Scottish slightly bigoted diaspora is dying off apparently – excepting that Australian bloke who gave the Rangers fighting fund £1m. Was it £1m? It was either that or a bag of Skippy’s toe-clippings.
    (For you younger fellas, Skippy was a highly intelligent kangaroo who could communicate with a Ranger through a series of clicks and other tongue sounds – the Ranger was played by Craig Moore’s dad).

    If Peter Lawwell gets any begging letters from Rangers about S African tours I would say NO. You’ve got to be cruel to be kind with beggars. Ain’t that right Camster?

    • mick

      Hi every1 ,ed your right we should never play them ever they cheated us and smeared us Peter should be demanding there licence revoked for phoniex ing a liquidated company via sevco 5088 sick bunch of moronic chancers or laymenly they are shit on Scotland’s shoe scum paracites am not aiming that at there fans there just zombies with it all

      • mick

        Something a noticed to day in the London news was a old man was bailed for a London bombing a Provo 1 a was under the impression that under the good Friday agreement that reconsilation was the aim would it not be better for the crown to save money and broker a guilty plea with no sentence it seems strange all these years of peace then a trial does any1 know if found guilty is there a sentence or is it just for the records to have a conviction as a said all these things are the past thank Christ and it seems odd after nearly 2 decades of peace were having a trial

      • cam

        Ya dancer!,,,just before i head off to work, the one,the only,mick the mangler.
        Sounds like you’ve had another tough shift underneath that big hairy gaffer.
        Does he take your fone off you like a school wean?
        Get it off your chest mick,if those Swedish Elfs manage to dive for a crucial penalty and horse you out of Europe this place will go into meltdown.
        Right i’m taking my Abba cd into work.
        The winner takes it all
        Big Sami,,,the Diving Queen

        • JimBhoy

          Winner takes it all… Peter Lawell (apparently) will make sure that happens for years to come, jeez he could be described as the new David Murray?!?!?


        @Howdy Mick.
        Glad to hear its gaun good bud.
        I would be happy to play the tribute act. As soon as they put their hands up and realise they are a new club, Or, Pay their debt.
        Until then, I am with you mate, the O** F*** is over. The rebels have won!
        Bert Kassies, the UEFA coefficiency compiler is away for some more nails and a heavier hammer.

        • mick

          Hi barca things are rolling a long well sorry and new club would reconcile things also getting rid of the spivs as playing them is accepting them and mocks justice not just forcscotland but the head In the sand bears every 1 is forgetting newco is a criminal phoniex via whyte then green conning whyte via change to sevco Scotland as we have seen and heard via cha that was not the plan 5088 your are sevco green told whyte it’s mental and criminal as the creditors were conned via d&ps a have not come to the conclusion bdo are crooks to as they should be shouting publicly get the police it’s sick and disgusting not only for fans but people doing business at a loss it’s time for a government inquiry in to the whole affair

    • cam

      Ted,in keeping with the Oz theme,,,,is it true that when you were growing up that your family looked at you and said to each other,,,,, “can you tell what it is yet?”

      Good nite!

  17. dan

    Got so caught up in the ‘Traveller’ thread I posted in the wrong place. Anyway, had to switch Superboreboard off as I ran out of Tenna Man’s. I was constantly pishing myself laughing at the Sevconians coming on and suggesting the Jambo’s got preferential treatment from the SFA re administration. My arse. Did the Jambos withhold players’PAYE to keep things ticking over? No! Did they withhold VAT to pay wages? No! So what’s the beef? These Sevconians should try and think ( I know it’s a tall order) things through. There has been a qualitative difference between the events at Tynecastle and the disgraceful goings on at IOUbrox. And have they forgotten how the authorities bent over backwards, and forwards, (audited accounts anyone) to help them out in their hour of greed–I mean need? What an ungrateful bunch they are. Shame on you all.

  18. JimBhoy

    Go St Johnstone….!!!!

  19. Fra

    Apart from the bhoys, St Johnstone are doing Scottish football proud. It’s a pity we don’t have many teams who are successful in Europe. I only know of two this year and one last year. Haw haw haw haw

    I wonder if any teams in Scotland will be helping the co-efficient this year. Every team in Scotland should be thanking CELTIC as they have single handedly kept the home fires burning, especially last year.

    So I ask any teams who are benefitting, which is everyone, to just be thankful that my team is still in there fighting and I would be expecting every fan in Scotland to cheer on Celtic. Lets hear you ALL supporters. LOUDER. Come on. LOUDER. WE LOVE YOU CELTIC.

    • Ed Paisley

      Hey Fra
      You put four “Haws” in your sarcastic laugh and I thought the convention on here is three.
      To be fair Fra, to ask Rangers fans to cheer for Celtic in the ECL is probably a bit much. I don’t remember cheering much for Rangers during their “Golden” period in Europe. You know – the year they were cheated by Bernard Tapie the financial fraudster. Haw haw haw (haw?)

      • Fra

        @Stevie the zoomer….My point was, 20 or 30 mill spent within the confines of Scotland will work for you as opposed to removing the said sum and placing it in the greedy paws of west midden. From memory, I believe every job created within the shipyard industry then flowed out to create another 4 or 5 jobs. People like the newsagents (you should know all about them brother), pubs, opticians, clothes shops etc and not forgetting the immediate family are benefitted by the infusion of capital to the local economy.

        Now I would suggest that injecting the sum of 20 or 30 mill into a yard would do no harm whatsoever as opposed to your rotten bigoted corpse of a club who screwed the tax payer for more than that. An absolute disgrace so don’t try and tell anybody about economics you tool.

        @Ed…I do apologise Ed for my overuse of the ‘haw’ word. I must’ve got carried away by the hilarity. From henceforth, I will restrict it to three. Thanks for pointing out my indiscretion brother. Much appreciated

        • mick

          Ed there the parasites of Europe and shameless about it the ship yards and the ibrokes that’s all they have haha

        • Stevie

          Ffs.. A republican rocket who zoomed off to live in a republic… advocating independence for a country he deserted…probably didn’t like that much when he was here due to the “Britishness”…Then telling us how to spend our money! …….Guffaw…awguff…guffaw!

  20. Stevie

    “Mars ain’t no place to raise your kids”…

    20-30 million Fra? What for a pea shooter and a super soaker?
    “Rocket man”… right enough.

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