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The Daily Mail Reports on Belle De Jour and Sunday Times Apology Via a Time Warp

Every so often one gets confused reading the newspapers. Some things are reported which are undoubtedly false. Some things are mistaken. Sometimes the writer of the article seems not to understand what they are writing about.

And, with that preamble, I am confused by a story today reported in the Mail Online. Regular readers will know that the Mail Online is far from my favourite news outlet, although, as it is one of the most “popular” news websites in the world, I suspect those in charge are not bothered what I think.

Today’s story refers to the former “call girl” who went by the nom de plume of “Belle de Jour” and whose exploits were recounted in a blog and then in book form. She was then revealed to be Dr Brooke Magnanti, a research scientist. Her role was played in the TV adaptation of her writing, by Billie Piper. Continue reading


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There are two sides to every story. The first side I detailed in my earlier guest post “Football Is Worth Defending”. This is the second side, in defence of Rangers. This post is not an analysis of Rangers i.e. it is not an attempt to critique what is good and bad about Rangers. Instead, like my previous post, it is one-sided but with one simple condition:  if I had to write down what is good about Rangers what would I say? Here it is.

What has Rangers contributed to the world of football? In reality, a great deal. To begin with, Rangers has given us players of sublime ability that could only have come from the Gods. Legends such as Bob McPhail, Jim Baxter, Willie Henderson, Davie Cooper, Ian Durrant, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne and Andy Goram easily trip off the tongue; and then there is John Greig: their captain who played with his heart in one hand and his opponents testicles in the other. Continue reading


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James Easdale Now Director of The #Rangers Football Club Limited – Maybe to Help Them Make Returns on Time?

James Easdale, the recently appointed non-executive director of Rangers International Football Club PLC (the company which owns the company which owns the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club) is a very successful Scottish businessman and entrepreneur. He has a wide experience in business, having served as director of a large number of limited companies.

As required by Stock Exchange Rules, his appointment to the PLC Board was accompanied by an official statement.

However he has also achieved an additional position within the “Blue Room” at Ibrox, which could conflict with his non-executive role. Continue reading


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For many decades the Scottish establishment shamefully allowed the old Rangers and their fans to contribute their “traditions” to the fabric and image of Scottish society, most notably evidenced by their scandalous century-old Catholic Footballers Need Not Apply employment policy; their fans’ hate-filled sectarian singing; disgraceful rioting home and abroad; and all nourished by their uber superiority WATP world-view. Such was the hubris within Ibrox that a director felt brazen enough to sing about being “knee deep in Fenian blood”. Rather than directly address these demonstratively anti-societal customs, an attempt was made to have Celtic remove the tricolour from its stadium: whilst Rangers could celebrate its “traditions”, Celtic’s dignified nod to its ancestral roots was to be condemned. As recently as 2008, Rangers hooligans were rampaging through Manchester fighting with police. Not a whimper from the SFA.

Ironically, it took Rangers to kill off Rangers. Their decision not to pay the Queen’s taxes and honour debts due to honest service suppliers, whilst dispensing huge payments to all and sundry, meant that the club, paradoxically, betrayed the very cornerstone of Scottish Presbyterian economic philosophy they espoused others to follow. Instead, they lived beyond their means and, dishonourably, at the expense of others. Continue reading


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Which Dis-satisfied #Rangers Shareholder Sold 1.5 RIFC PLC Million Shares?

Bill McMurdo seems to have his finger on the pulse of Rangers sentiment, and has many contacts amongst the leaders and former leaders of his favoured team. This is exemplified by a piece on his blog yesterday, which can be read in full here.

In it he speaks to Charles Green about his wish to return to a senior position within Ibrox. He also denies suggestions that recent share sales, which contributed to the slump of over 20% in the share price, were his doing. As he correctly says, he is prevented from selling his shares until 12 months after the float.

One particular line which is of interest in Mr McMurdo’s piece reads as follows:-

Green said: “I have 5 million shares and have not let go of 1.5 million over the past few days. The shares sold were by an investor who is not happy with the way things have gone.” Continue reading


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