There are two sides to every story. The first side I detailed in my earlier guest post “Football Is Worth Defending”. This is the second side, in defence of Rangers. This post is not an analysis of Rangers i.e. it is not an attempt to critique what is good and bad about Rangers. Instead, like my previous post, it is one-sided but with one simple condition:  if I had to write down what is good about Rangers what would I say? Here it is.

What has Rangers contributed to the world of football? In reality, a great deal. To begin with, Rangers has given us players of sublime ability that could only have come from the Gods. Legends such as Bob McPhail, Jim Baxter, Willie Henderson, Davie Cooper, Ian Durrant, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne and Andy Goram easily trip off the tongue; and then there is John Greig: their captain who played with his heart in one hand and his opponents testicles in the other.

Rangers has won more championships than any other club in the world. Let me repeat that: Rangers has won more championships than any other club in the world. That is a phenomenal achievement. Within their glittering array of silverware is the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and 9 successive league championships. In 2008 they missed out in repeating their UEFA Cup win in 1972 but lost out to Zenit St Petersburg, a team with far greater financial resources. Remarkably, that was the fourth UEFA Cup final in which Rangers had appeared: 1961, 1967, 1972 and 2008.

Rangers has suffered four great tragedies, two of which they overcame with great dignity, a third that they could do nothing about and the last, well, that is still unfolding. The first tragedy was the 1902 Ibrox disaster when 25 people died at a Scotland v England game; the third tragedy was the 1971 Ibrox Disaster where 66 fans died at an old firm game; and the fourth tragedy is unfolding before our very eyes. The third tragedy involves Johnny Thomson. He died in an accidental collision with Sam English, the Rangers striker. Johnny died for his bravery but what happened to Sam English was also a tragedy. After that fatal incident he was a broken man and his heart was no longer in football. Worse, he seemed to give up living. Two great men died on that pitch in 1931.

What has Rangers contributed to society? Once again, a great deal. They have given pleasure to many fans, and players, down the years. They have contributed to the financial well-being of Glasgow. Over the years their charitable work has been considerable. Every year the players’ visits to Yorkhill Hospital lighten up the faces of children who have heart-breaking illnesses, some of whom with only months to live. Whatever my views on some of the theatres of war entered into by our troops, their duty to country can leave them carrying horrific permanent mementos: debilitating physical and mental scars. Yet Rangers give them a day out that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Now to the present day. The Rangers fans are not to blame for their current predicament. The villains of the piece are SDM, Craig Whyte and the main stream media. The first two everyone knows about, but the part played by the third culprit is interesting. When Celtic was heading for oblivion in 1994 the media were only too eager to inform the Celtic fans that their club was doomed. Remember the image of the broken crest appearing in the Daily Record? They did the fans a favour. We reacted immediately, banded together and forced the old board out, ending with the financial support of Fergus McCann’s share issue. With Rangers the media’s approach was very different and very fatal. They sat on their typewriters and neglected to warn the Rangers fans of what was happening. On the contrary, they told them repeatedly that a saviour was always just around the corner: SDM (again), Whyte, King, Miller, etc. In effect, they gave the fans zero time to react to what then became inevitable.

If Rangers had gone straight to the bottom division, as their fans wanted, rather than get involved with an abortive attempt to enter the SPL, then this would have saved much ill-feeling. This was not the fans’ fault but one caused by the SFA and the media pushing for this option. Charles Green was not to blame either. He was led to believe it was a viable option and like any leading custodian of a club, he jumped at the chance. Unfortunately for the image of his club, he was led up the garden path by a bunch of clowns.

Alistair McCoist. He did not walk away. Irrespective of the financial incentive to stay, he was entering the unknown that had the easy potential to go belly up. Without any training preparation, the loss of a full team of SPL players, and with the turmoil behind the scenes, he had to both manage the remnants of a team and become the trusted PR face of Rangers. He won the league championship at a canter. In addition, when Charles Green made a decision, and it was controversial e.g. boycotting of Dundee Utd or sacking of Sandaza, it was McCoist that was put on the spotlight. When the fans sang “inappropriate” songs at the Berwick game it was McCoist who behaved like a dignified leader to come out after the game to apologise. It was McCoist that was a pall-bearer at Tommy Burns’ funeral. God bless you for that Alistair.

The club. The one-million dollar question: is it a new club? My position is twofold: firstly, liquidation law mean the club is gone. Secondly, no law in the land can stop a fan following his team. Put on your Rangers top, wrap your blue and white scarf round your neck, take your usual seat in the stadium of your dreams and watch the light blues run on to that ancient field where the ghosts of McPhail and Baxter and Cooper still play when everyone has gone home. No law kicks a ball and no law can take that ball away. A football club is not the Chairman. Nor his Board. Nor even the owner. It is the living, breathing heartbeat shared by the fans and the players.

The Rangers fans supported the team when they had to, through thick and thin, in great numbers. They are not Huns or scum or the Klan. They are fellow human beings. We work beside each other. We share the same cinemas. The same hospitals. The same air. They are our neighbours. Our relatives. We are not defined by the colour of the clothes that we wear but by what is inside us and how we treat our fellow citizens. Collectively we do not have separate histories nor separate futures: for a brief time on this planet we inhabit the same space.

My best friend in my schooldays was of a different religion from myself and while I attended a Catholic school in Glasgow town centre, he went to the “proddy” one just down the road. I supported Celtic, he supported Rangers. We would travel on the same bus into town in the morning, sitting not beside our school mates but beside each other, and meet at 4.00 after every school day. Sometimes I would wait outside his school gates, sometimes he wait outside mine. Football never came between us. It’s only being a grown-up that fucks you up. Cam reminds me of him: same keen intelligence and cheeky humour. Which neatly leads me onto Internet bampots.

The football fans on this site are not bad people. On occasion we post some awful, instantly regrettable, remarks. What can start off as an intelligent and good-natured discussion can very quickly descend into a snake-pit of vitriolic bile. Our mothers would be ashamed at how we speak to each other. I admire the Rangers posters. Despite their club’s problems, they come out fighting. Unfortunately, we wind each other up and it can go too far. Cam I have mentioned: he’s a wind-up merchant and bloody good at it; but he’s a decent spud. Carson is a warrior. When his friends need him, he appears, plants his feet down, puffs out his chest and takes no prisoners. Richboy, Adam, Graham, 2 Sides, all have a contribution to make, some of whom have unfortunately departed from the blog shaking their head in disbelief. Those who remain need to step back and see what we have become. For the most part we have crossed the line from viewing each other as rivals to treating one another as enemies. Falter and you will suffer a metaphorical punch in the face.

I made the point in the first part of this double post that Rangers should also step back from adopting the militaristic language of enemies. At the same time others should extend the hand of friendship. Celtic should make that generous move. Rangers’ predicament is not Celtic’s doing but for the good of Glasgow, Celtic should re-establish cordial relations with Rangers. It is in everyone’s interests, not least the mothers who fret for their sons and daughters every time our teams meet in anger. A charity game at Hampden for Cancer Research, or an equally laudable cause, would be a start and present a different, new, fresh image of Glasgow’s football rivalry. Sooner or later both will meet in a competitive game – let’s cut each other off at the pass and meet for a charitable cause. Our own Charity Shield. Now there’s a thought. My two guest posts have very different endings, deliberately so. The choice is ours to make.

Now the SFA hierarchy, on the other hand, have shown no redeeming features.

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  1. cam

    Monti,,,are you listening to Dylan?,,,he mentions you!

    Idiot wind,,blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot babe,,its a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

  2. cam

    Good to see that rules are rules and Lawwell’s wallet and judgement shall be hit.
    Meanwhile the Lurgan loon plays the Coyote’s PR gane,,,,don’t alienate the bigots.
    Shocking!,,,where’s the integrity?

    • JohnBhoy

      Cam, you suffering from sleep deprivation?

    • Mac Tomas

      “wheres the integrity?”………..still looking for some?

    • gortnamona

      “Where’s the integrity?”
      Lift the grating and stick your head down if you can stand the smell you might spot the last vestiges of the rotten old bigot pockets stuffed with unpaid bills slithering down the drain covered in shite. Have a good one little man, I’m off to enjoy the

      Forty Shades of Green and The Green Green Grass of Home

      If you happen run into the ineffable wonka here’s a little song for you to sing. Be wary, he strikes me as the type of guy that says “after you” at the pub door or has to go to the toilet as soon as you get in.

  3. Mac Tomas

    Morning gortnamona………….looks like a lovely day, Wheelin the old Gios out today, six hours out on the hills……hopefully.

    • gortnamona

      Morning Mac
      I did a bit of hill work yesterday, making progress but slowly and its not much fun. Donegal were hot favourites last Sunday and looked formidable at their pre-match training, but badly off their game in the match.

      I wandered around Clones on my bike before the match terrific cheerful colorful atmosphere. The self confidence of the Donegal support almost tangible, they might still do well through the back door, but their form has been less than impressive so far this year.

  4. Fra

    Since Cam made an effort with his brilliant compilation I thought I would have a stab……Hard to get down to 15 but here no specific order
    Party tunes excluded at Cams request.

    The Cutter – Echo and the Bunnymen
    Paul Kelly – To Her Door
    Cocaine – Eric Clapton
    Desperado – Eagles
    Only Women Bleed – Alice Cooper
    In My Life – Maggie Bell
    Feels Like Heaven – Fiction Factory
    A Horse With No Name – America
    Tiny Dancer – Elton John
    The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – The Pogues
    I Was Only Nineteen – Redgum
    Straight Lines – Silverchair
    Anarchy In The UK – Sex Pistols
    Legend Of Xanadu – Dave Dee, Dozy,Beaky, Mick & Tich
    Sailing – Rod Stewart

    There you go folks. Hope you enjoy and if you don’t know some of them then I suggest YouTube.

    Maybe Paul could make up a special post devoid of legal, politics and football just for a bit of light enjoyment

  5. gortnamona

    Jim Reeves. – Hell Have To Go
    Johnny Cash. – The Ballad of Ira Hayes
    Barry Maguire. – The Eve of Destruction
    The Platters. – The Great Pretender
    Kenny Rogers. – Lucille
    The Eagles. – Take It To The Limit
    Bob Geldorf – Don’t Like Mondays
    Buddy Holly – Rave On
    Pogues. – Fairy Tale of New York
    Raglan Road – Willie in the local pub
    The Town I loved So Well. – Various
    Elvis. – I’m Counting On You
    Conway Twitty – 15 Years or Hello Darling
    Steve Earle. – Copperhead Road
    Dr Hook. – Sweetest of All
    Hank Williams – Be Careful of Stones That You Throw.

    • Fra

      @Gort….It’s amazing what a persons taste in music says about them. I have an image of a dance hall in Donegal circa 1980. Happy memories.

      The town I loved so well…..classic mate

    • cam

      Some good tunes there bhoys.Gort’s much older than i thought,,,well done you auld yin on that bike clocking up the miles.
      Fra is a secret dancefloor devil and Gort is definitely a big softie under that gruff exterior,,,a couple of Bushmills and the tears would start.

  6. Ed Paisley

    Me venemous and full of bile. Me ending the Scott McKenzie truce on here? I am hurt by those claims.

    As you well know when I attack somone on here it is like being savaged by a dead sheep, as Dennis said to Geoffrey. You see, I am too full of human kindness. On my organ donor card I used to write “organs not available to members of the Orange Order” but I felt so guilty I removed it. Now I have written “Celtic supporters of all faith backgrounds to be given priority”. You see I drive 35,000 miles a year in a Chevrolet so I reckon I have a heightened chance of becoming an unwilling organ donor. I don’t want some rabid Rangers fanatic getting my good heart – jeez all that “I love you young Celtic fellas” “I apologise for our sectarian past” and you join in when we sing the Soldier’s Song. Agghhh, I couldn’t take that! I want you guys to stay nasty forever – then I can retain my overwhelming feeling of intellectual and moral superiority. Viva buns!

  7. Ed Paisley

    If you want to marvel at how fat Mr McCoist has become after his summer pie binge then tune into BBC Alba tomorrow Sunday at 4pm.

    Albion Rovers v. Rangers in the Chip Butty Cup. All the way from the West Lothian Stadium at Livi.

    A sporting feast!

  8. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    As a reply to an earlier question purely to provide a source for information on a point being made:

    “The relationship between religion and football can be seen in the survey, which shows that 74% of those who said they support Celtic described themselves as Roman Catholic (while only 4% described themselves as Protestant). Similarly, 65% of those who said they support Rangers described themselves as Protestant (while only 5% described themselves
    as Catholic). This is not to suggest that support for Rangers or Celtic is sectarian in itself but it shows a strong link between religion and support for the Old Firm in Glasgow. “

    • Raymilland

      No shit! Sherlock

    • david

      Thank you 2 sides.
      Actual facts and truthful statistics baffle many on this site, they much prefer to exist in their fantasy world with its own narrative.

    • I am in my late 50’s, when i was a young man, before i saw religion for what it is, what incentive would i have had to go to Ibrox to watch an anti Catholic football club.
      What would have possessed my to stand among people that wanted to be up to their knees in my blood.
      Would i have been safe if those around me had known i was a catholic?

      • Stevie

        You would have been fine ccb. They would have cut you some slack due to your village idiot characteristics which are still in evidence judging by that rediculous post.

        • My post was a reply to this

          2 sides of the 1 coin
          July 27, 2013 at 1:10 pm

          so tell me how does that make my post ridiculous,

          if i am a village idiot, what does that make 50,000 people that follow a tribute act of a dead club, a dead sectarian club, a club with an acknowledge 100 year history of anti catholic, anti irish racism that they can’t let go of.

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            For the record, i dont think you would have any incentive to go and follow Rangers just as i dont have any incentive to join KOSC or why a protestant doesnt have any incentive in trying to become the Headmaster of a RC school.

            The fact remains though that for every 11 players in every football team in Scotland, 9 of them should have been non Catholic. In most cases, this was the case whereas for some, there was only 1 non Catholic on average.

            And no, this does not condone the signing policy Rangers had in place. That was wrong. That was taken care of. That exists no more.

            Rangers sinned
            Rangers confessed
            Rangers fixed it

            But still for people, who have probably hidden behind confessions of their own in the past, its not good enough.

            Hypocrites all round.

            • hancock

              Rangers fixed it ?….. yeah they just tell the catholic players not to bless themselves or there will be trouble … nice fix

      • cam

        I blame those grape treading monks,,,guys lost it.

    • Monti

      There is no old firm in Glasgow, there’s only Celtic!

      • jjbhoy

        @monti…that’s how they always got away with,quite literally murder….ach wans as bad as the other,when we really know the truth.

  9. Monti

    I see McCoist bleating about not being able to field some of his signings until September 01?
    A wee word Sally, your club should never have been given a licence in the first place, you should have been placed in Junior football for three years.
    Never mind the Creditors left out of pocket, never mind the clubs who were cheated out of prize money!
    You have a cheek complaining about not being able to field players until September, if it was up to me you wouldn’t have kicked a ball in Scottish football again…..ever!

    • Stevie

      Toy’s oot the pram again! Snarl…snarl!
      We know Monti…you hate Rangers. Change the record.
      Interesting comment at the end though. Particularly the AGAIN bit. Lol.
      Here I found a soother for you. Suck it up dum dum.

      • Monti

        Evening Stevie,
        Let’s get one thing clear Stevie, The ONLY thing I hate is what Rangers ( the original one) got away with for 100 years, open & blatant sectarianism.
        I also despise what they have done to Scottish football, cheating fans & clubs throughout Scotland!
        Yes I do believe the Newco should not have been given a licence, they did not fulfil criteria for a licence.
        Many non Celtic fans feel exactly as I do Stevie, face up to the fact your club died through cheating & non payment of tax,tax we all have to pay.
        Just for the record because I think your in denial, I did NOT hate Rangers because they were a so called protestant club,I have nothing against protestants whatsoever, I DO support Irish Republicanism & a united Ireland, but I do not want people bombed or shot to achieve this, please take these words as fact because it is the truth.
        Rangers had more than a few players over the years who’s ability I grudgingly appreciated, none more so than Davie Cooper, when he passed away I felt for genuine Rangers fans, not the bigots among them, the ftp brigade,you know who I mean.When I seen Walter Smith & Ally McCoist carry Tommy Burns coffin & seen how they were absolutely heartbroken to lose their friend,I respected that & always will.
        You have to hold your hands up & admit Stevie,Rangers cheated the game,they done it,not Lawwell or Thompson or Petrie,it was David Murray! HH!

        • david

          Does your pal Bik believe in non-violence too?

          • david

            Taking into account your reply below I withdraw that.
            Now for everyones benefit lets all not stray again.

            BTW on a wee tour today I came across the only Chapel Royal in Britain which is Catholic. Know where it is?

          • Monti

            David,that does not sound like the tone of friendship?
            Now you have to explain why your going over old ground when I have accepted your hand?
            What’s the problem?

        • Stevie

          Oh good grief Monti you are an enigma of science.
          Let’s discuss CFC 1897 then…
          Getting hot and bothered yet?
          No..okay then why have you got a seperate holding company that has only been in existance for twelve years? That’s 12 years!
          Has your club paid any corporation tax since 2001? Hang on (12) that sounds familiar!
          Ach…probably just coincidence!.
          What about the registration in R.O.I. ? Tax evasion mibeez?
          So many unanswered questions..perhaps someone should start digging..oh wait they have!
          Tick Tock..time to watch the clock!

      • jjbhoy

        @Stevie,yes,probably despise as well,but that’s exactly what monti is saying,we disliked you as our former rivals,but now knowing how you”gained”your infamous nine in a row and all the other silverware and prize monies that went with it,Scottish clubs have seen you for what you are,you stole from Scottish football and you can only expect to reap what you sow.

    • They sign a guy on a two year contract, then they complain he can’t play as a trialist.

      How can anyone that has signed a binding contract by considered as a trialist, Scottish football once again makes it’s self look pathetic

  10. cam

    Poor mick,he waited for years to see his Tesco dream but Arty C, mad Phil,wee rotund Rod and Hector all let him down.
    His Ticketus chant will be echoing around building sites and Irish social clubs in London,,every other worker will be wearing ear protectors 24/7 and some big Polish gaffer will have warned him if he’s caught clattering shoite into his phone when he’s supposed to be grafting then its getting shoved right up his Blackwall Tunnel.
    He’s stuck in a single end miles from Porkheid with not a GB member in sight.
    I can just see him turning up at the head offices of all the Gers connected spivs in suits firms, with his theories.

    • mick

      Tesco is reality why was the maintance cost of repiars ibrokes not mentioned in the propectus rust and aussie is expensive to sort and my boss is English fine man he asked me yesterday I front of a management team was a hun or tim gen up m8 a said tim he said that’s ok his wife is from linwood and a tim so there you go he came to Scotland 30 year a go and met and got married he’s been to parkhead lots and likes a sing song when with his relatives who still have a bit of we belt turn from last century’s goal post escapade lol the English call yous Huns lol a mentioned it was not nice to use the word Hun jokingly of course then mentioned yous are zombies now and have been outed as the parasites of our great union via tax cheating and not getting your jobs on merit they all agreeded not only are yous Scotland’s shame but with all the fleg drama and beating police lines with petrol that yous are the shame of the uk a highlighted the war is over the rebels have won and the old firm is dead am getting them into the blogs to for info celticnewsnow and so on .also there impressed with my Celtic work ethic

      • cam

        Jeez mick, that was some imaginary conversation you had with yourself there.
        Don’t tell your new pal that you are secretly a fan of folk who blow up bits of London just for the craic.
        You have loads of fun in your single end and get all the London teams singing good Celtic songs.
        Its better that you’re not here to see whats happening to the GB bhoys,poor wee souls are being shut down by the Coyote,,,UEFA are on the case mick,sponsors are watching,health and safety certificates are at risk,,,,,doomed,,,pure,well defo doomed dramas.

  11. Raymilland

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 24m

    Summary report to Craig Whyte. Defining Pro-IRA songs with BBC is a chargeable item or a specialist area for Jack?

    Jack Irvine to chat with BBC to determine which songs are (and are not) offensive, what a guy, no surrender…. Eh?

  12. Raymilland

    “Jack usually attaches this report when submitting invoices to RFC. He sends this to Craig as an example of work undertaken. However what’s Jack doing charging Rangers for calls with the BBC defining Pro-IRA songs?”

    • Stevie

      Ray..Have you had permission from Cha to use his material?
      I thought there were copyright laws? And whit’s that other wan…oh aye data protection act!
      Knock knock…

      • Monti

        Stevie, 200 creditors still want paid……knock knock!
        Do you think the the rangers are the same club?
        If you answer yes, the creditors will still have to be paid then….knock knock! 🙂
        you can run from your debts,but you can’t hide….knock knock!

      • Raymilland


        Cha said it was ok to publish, I still got a knock on the door though.

        You can’t keep a good man down, it was a bum rap.

  13. cam

    Andy Murray could have been a Gers star!

    Thankfully he chose tennis.Can’t wait for the U.S Open in September.
    Imagine a wee boy from Scotland possibly being rated the world No.1 in the greatest era ever for tennis.
    Lets hope he inspires many others

    • @Cam ,
      Aye mate. Andy is a pure Deffo nuclear big hitter, An inspiration for young bhoys and lassies alike. More power to your elbow Andy!
      But what’s all this tosh Cam? Sign for Sevco! Have a word. The guy might like racquets, but his are spelled differently. 🙂

    • david

      I think both he and his grandfather, Roy Erskine, ( ex- Hibs player ) could improve the Hibs defence.

    • lordmac

      if he gets beat cam hes Scottish mind, they will drape in a saltire. but if he wins mind, the butchers apron will come out.

      • cam

        The English can be permitted to bask in Andy’s Scottish victory just a little.
        They would have preferred Tim for sure to be the man who broke the jinx,but Andy has the determination and resolve of a true winner.

  14. Monti

    I appreciate your offer of the hand of friendship & it’s reciprocated & accepted warmly. Thanks.

  15. Mac Tomas

    The curse of the KELTS !..Scotland & Ireland………. 🙂

  16. The world is square

    If the Oldco fans are not to blame ,why did they picket the BBC when they exposed Craig Whyte, long before administration and bankruptsy

  17. Mac Tomas

    wonderful world……..? 🙂

    • Ed Paisley

      You’re in my heart you’re in my soul. Jeez Cam, every time I watch this my old heart bursts with pride.

      • cam

        Thats quite enough of that Ted,,,,Paul, will you issue a warning to these damned drunks uploading all these vids!!,,,bloody irresponsible Ted,put down that absinthe and get tae bed.

  18. cam

    Well Paul will be digging out his scarf and heading to Livingston to hear the Gers fans serenade him.
    Can the Wee Rovers pull of a shock? will Paul have a VIP box? if the Rovers win will he be happier than a dug wi tu quoques?

    • lordmac

      where is Paul tonight, is he at a bonfire, or running the rule over the voodoo economics, or is he just using the safest way, with doll and pin, for the game tomorrow

      • mick

        What a week we have had with the outing of dirty tricks via media house and rangers paranoid my backside we know now the true script of how low these animals will stoop to tar us with the same brush as there selfs this is worthy of a government inquiry and an apology to every Celtic fan on earth jack Irvine and the people who employed him to tar Celtic and our faith just hang there heads in shame when you look at the bigger picture these people have indirect blood on there hands am just glad it’s out now for all to see we all knew anyway but over the last couple of weeks it’s been confirmed and is slowly been taken up by the msm its a tough 1 to forgive and forget

  19. C’mon the wee Rovers tomorrow, Dreams that you dream can come true

    give it a wee listen, might open your mind and your heart

  20. Budweiser

    It was just a bad dream ! Thank the great architect it never really happened !

    • Budweiser

      It was just a bad dream ! Thank the great architect it never really happened !
      So. Rangers didn’t go into admin and then liquidation. They are not in the ramsden cup —- It was all false memory – rangers arra peepel still !
      Pass the magic mushrooms paul .

      Learning how to turn on false memories may also help scientists figure out how to turn off, or erase, bad ones, he added.’

      We don’t need groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs to show how ra peepel ‘ turn off, or erase, bad memories.

  21. Budweiser

    On this day. 28/71945.
    The building didn’t collapse.

  22. cam

    I want to be able to opt out of paying tax so that it can be diverted to this lot and others like them who think society owe them something,,,disgusting.–really-fertile–and-can-t-help-getting-pregnant-131232054.html#NBwFB52

  23. Monti

    Just watching the pre season friendly round up on Sky Sports, I noted with curious interest Sony Aluko score a penalty for Hull v Birmingham City after he scored Aluko blessed himself.
    Could anyone confirm if he blessed himself after scoring for Rangers (IL)?
    If he didn’t, why does he feel free to do it in a Hull shirt but not a Rangers (IL) strip?
    Genuine question…. Interesting.

  24. WRT playing trialists in the first, but not 2nd round of the fish supper cup, Does anybody know how many trialists, or “unregistered” players club 12 fielded at the same stage last season?
    Were the rules “relaxed” last season to accommodate any delays in the registration process enabling club 12 to field a team for the opening round only.

    • Raymilland


      The rules got battered 😉

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Ive tried my hardest but i have to give in.

      The rules this season are the exact same as the rules last season. No rules have been changed at all. The rules on trialists are the exact same as they always have been.

      Its just that, until now, Rangers have never had trialists so there has nothing for Celtic fans to complain about. This “myth number 1345” that the rules have been changed is a fiction of Celtic fans imagination (and yes i include Budweiser in that) 🙂

      Now, grow up, and understand that the whole world is not against you. Its in your heads.

      • @1side
        I don’t think the world is against us! In fact quite the opposite, and that Celtic generates a wee bit of warmth in peoples hearts towards us.
        Rangers, and now Sevco tho’ deserve thorough scrutiny of all they do. They have both been proven to be liars and cheats of the highest order. A simple fact of life, is that nobody likes liars or cheats!
        If you want that opinion of your club(s) to change, you must ask the present governers to come clean, and take their medicine. You should lobby your club to publish the unedited PM report. The 5 way agreement should be put out there. A comment on David Murray and the damage he did to your club and Scottish fitba’ should be made.
        And if you want to be recognised as the same club, pay your creditors.

        • cam

          Barca,when folk look at the 1999 “shame game” and witness the true nature of the Celtic beast,then i don’t think warmth and love is what springs to mind.
          Celtic fans are the worlds best history re-writers,they have selective amnesia.You attend some games?,,,tell me if you feel warmth and love as you march along the Gallowgate.
          The Green Brigade monster, spawned and assisted by internet bampots is becoming a huge problem for the Coyote.
          Trust me,the thoughts and opinions of Celtic fans don’t matter a jot to us.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          So to summarise. You were caught @rse up talking yet more nonsense about Rangers and when challenged on it rather than saying sorry or admitting you were guilty of talking sh1te, you go off on a tangent.

          Thank you.

          • @1side
            Er …Not quite.
            I asked a question about club 12, and was looking for a reason why trialists are permitted to play in the 1st, but not 2nd round.
            As you know, club 12 have no registered players, and really, were a fictitious entity.
            I was, as I said wondering if the rules were relaxed in any way to accommodate this fictitious entity to exist.last season, which has resulted in the anomaly we see this season.
            As Sally said, “A ludicrous situation”, or words to that effect. (Not as ludicrous as signing and paying wages to inelligible players though if you ask me).
            I did like your “Say sorry” comment. That tickled me. Lol.
            ps. I didn’t mention TRFC.! Are you now claiming TRFC(formerly Sevco Scotland) were Club 12? I thought you were claiming TRFC were actually RFC. I am so confused. Who do you want to kid on you are. Please make your mind up. 🙂

      • Did the SPFL and it’s rule book exist last year,

        If we are going under last years rules what happened to the limit on players over 21

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          The SPFL have confirmed they are sticking to the same SFL rules in place last year.


          Look it up.

    • cam

      Hmmm,i’m sitting in a picturesque town in the south of France,life is sweet,my team are gonna win the league at a canter,possible chance of getting into the CL and at last my embarassing manager has calmed down and is acting like a human being.
      So what will i do?,,,oh i know!,,,i’ll trawl through weirdo sites and come up with conspiracies,i’ll obsess about Rangers,i’ll take every snippet of info and feed it through the bamputer and sit and clatter utter mince.
      Barca,,,you need a holiday man,,,,too long at the front line.

      • @Cam.
        How did you know I was in France? I’m in Saint Quay Portieux though on the NW coast of Brittany, but I don’t live here permanantly..
        I squeeze loads of wee holidays into my busy/not busy schedule.
        In fact I will be up the road in a couple of weeks so you better have got those potholes sorted, or I will hunt you down like a rabid dog. My poor auld ma is going spare, with the “lazy corpy bastards” as she calls them.
        I have told her the corpy don’t do roads, but will she listen? Wummin eh!
        Anyway, put that fabled protestant work ethic of yours to something constructive, and sort it out.
        Use some of the back fill from the Rangers grave if you must. But nae asbestos rubble fly tipping.

        • cam

          So your a bloody tax avoider?,,,jeez what a guy!
          We can’t get the potholes fixed due to all the lazy scroungers wi their mitts out for benefit handouts.
          I’m just waiting for my favourite paper the Daily Mail to publish a story about a Celtic fan demanding money for a season ticket,cos his human rights are being infringed upon.
          I don’t care if its inaccurate,,,it sounds right to me!
          When you visit, at least you won’t have to worry about not getting a match ticket,,,pick any seat you want.

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            Perhaps if a load of millionaires paid their tax instead of siphoning there money into film investment schemes to avoid tax, then the roads could be better.

            Anytime it gets posted or mentioned, the morally outraged retract into their turtle shells though.

            Sweepity Sweep. 🙂

            • @1side.
              Income tax doesn’t pay for the roads mate. Now that you have been caught @rse up talking nonsense, maybe you should just apologise before going off on a tangent. 🙂

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Just curious then and willing to learn. What does the DFT do ? And do they not receive a slice of our tax ?

          • @Cam.
            I’ve never evaded, dodged, shirked or missed a Hector penny in my puff.
            A lesson learned from my auld tambourine banging Sally Ann granny.
            The truth is Hector puts the shutters up me, and turns my legs to jelly.
            Any fool who tangles with Hector is doing the dance of death! Or the Bouncy, as you would call it.
            Now when your finished trying to chisel that name off the headstone, will you get her Maj’s holey highways sorted. It’s a kind of Royal appointment and your duty.

  25. jjbhoy

    I found it very strange that Sone Aluko blessed himself after scoring for Hull today,never noticed him do that when playing at Ibrox. Anyone know the answer pray,do tell.

  26. portpower

    I`m Paranoid am I ?

    @Markdaly2 The BBC now have an incredibly serious problem to deal with . Ken McQuarrie must realise that what is suspected here is that Rangers paid a PR agency to brief the BBC against Celtic, and 5 days later the BBC criticized Celtic supporters live on TV, in an allegation that was hotly disputed. It doesn’t get worse for the BBC than allegations of bias and collusion.

  27. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Should also add that a poster elsewhere (where a lot of information that ends up on here resides) claims Rangers owed MIH £65m when put in administration but it was kept out of the press as it “was shown as long term debt”

    There is another popular Celtic myth.

  28. portpower

    Viva la Wee Rovers.
    Are sevco holders of the Ramalamadingdong Cup ?

  29. Monti

    1) Comfortably numb – Pink Floyd.
    2) Estranged – Guns n Roses.
    3) Fools Gold – The Stone Roses.
    4) Live Forever – Oasis.
    5) Creeping Death – Metallica.
    6) Changes – 2pac.
    7) Bullet in the head – Rage against the machine.
    8) Starman – David Bowie.
    9) Friends will be friends – Queen.
    10) Cemetery Gates – Pantera.
    11) One tree Hill – U2.
    12) Voodoo – Bodycount.
    13 Seventh Son of a Seventh son – Iron Maiden.
    14) We care a lot – Faith no more.
    15) Ride on – The Happy Mondays.

    • mick

      Good morning every1 let’s hope Sevco get done over today for breaking all the rules and cheating builders and postmen via financial doping of div 3 and now div2 there sick in the head

      • cam

        Good morning mick,lets hope that Celtic get horsed out of Europe so there is no repetition of disgraceful cheating by diving for penalties.
        The football authorities must send observers out to Lennoxtown to witness this evil anti football practice.
        Will you and your fellow Semtexheids be tuning in,phones on speed dial to the UN,FARE,BBC,Peter Kearney?
        BBC Alba mick at 4.00,get doon the shillelagh club,dress up as a green gnome,stick flares up each others arse and do the Riverdance.Start greetin aboot the Old Country,swap signed pics of “heroes” like Bobby and then stagger home giving it “ooh ah whose ma da?”.
        It will feel just like home.

  30. cam

    Her’s Dermott Desmond and Benny turning up at Paul’s to offer him a lift to the wee Rovers biggest game.
    The joys of being a celebrity fan!
    Get a wee advert for CLARITY LAW!!! in the match programme Paul,,,there will be 9000 potential new customers rampaging and pillaging thru Livingston!

    • mick

      No mention of the carlisle based team Celtic nation cam the Trojan horse route to epl lol enjoy your ramsdens cup game lol

  31. Stevie

    My door is always open Montz…just like the gates of Ibrox.
    .”I hear you knocking ..but you can’ t come in.
    Anthea…”what’s the score on the doors”?…
    Well Bruce …Celtic” gubbed again” F.C. – 1 B Mgladbach- 2

  32. willy wonka

    Just having a couple of cold ones before heading over to the match. Nothing like a cool beer on a Sunday.
    Noticed that it looks like the green seat costumes have sold out this year again. The Herald report 15,000 at the tattiedome. Must’ve used the Suville calculator. What’s the excuse this time ? School uniforms ? Mothers Day ? TGFITW ? Haw haw haw !

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