There are two sides to every story. The first side I detailed in my earlier guest post “Football Is Worth Defending”. This is the second side, in defence of Rangers. This post is not an analysis of Rangers i.e. it is not an attempt to critique what is good and bad about Rangers. Instead, like my previous post, it is one-sided but with one simple condition:  if I had to write down what is good about Rangers what would I say? Here it is.

What has Rangers contributed to the world of football? In reality, a great deal. To begin with, Rangers has given us players of sublime ability that could only have come from the Gods. Legends such as Bob McPhail, Jim Baxter, Willie Henderson, Davie Cooper, Ian Durrant, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne and Andy Goram easily trip off the tongue; and then there is John Greig: their captain who played with his heart in one hand and his opponents testicles in the other.

Rangers has won more championships than any other club in the world. Let me repeat that: Rangers has won more championships than any other club in the world. That is a phenomenal achievement. Within their glittering array of silverware is the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and 9 successive league championships. In 2008 they missed out in repeating their UEFA Cup win in 1972 but lost out to Zenit St Petersburg, a team with far greater financial resources. Remarkably, that was the fourth UEFA Cup final in which Rangers had appeared: 1961, 1967, 1972 and 2008.

Rangers has suffered four great tragedies, two of which they overcame with great dignity, a third that they could do nothing about and the last, well, that is still unfolding. The first tragedy was the 1902 Ibrox disaster when 25 people died at a Scotland v England game; the third tragedy was the 1971 Ibrox Disaster where 66 fans died at an old firm game; and the fourth tragedy is unfolding before our very eyes. The third tragedy involves Johnny Thomson. He died in an accidental collision with Sam English, the Rangers striker. Johnny died for his bravery but what happened to Sam English was also a tragedy. After that fatal incident he was a broken man and his heart was no longer in football. Worse, he seemed to give up living. Two great men died on that pitch in 1931.

What has Rangers contributed to society? Once again, a great deal. They have given pleasure to many fans, and players, down the years. They have contributed to the financial well-being of Glasgow. Over the years their charitable work has been considerable. Every year the players’ visits to Yorkhill Hospital lighten up the faces of children who have heart-breaking illnesses, some of whom with only months to live. Whatever my views on some of the theatres of war entered into by our troops, their duty to country can leave them carrying horrific permanent mementos: debilitating physical and mental scars. Yet Rangers give them a day out that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Now to the present day. The Rangers fans are not to blame for their current predicament. The villains of the piece are SDM, Craig Whyte and the main stream media. The first two everyone knows about, but the part played by the third culprit is interesting. When Celtic was heading for oblivion in 1994 the media were only too eager to inform the Celtic fans that their club was doomed. Remember the image of the broken crest appearing in the Daily Record? They did the fans a favour. We reacted immediately, banded together and forced the old board out, ending with the financial support of Fergus McCann’s share issue. With Rangers the media’s approach was very different and very fatal. They sat on their typewriters and neglected to warn the Rangers fans of what was happening. On the contrary, they told them repeatedly that a saviour was always just around the corner: SDM (again), Whyte, King, Miller, etc. In effect, they gave the fans zero time to react to what then became inevitable.

If Rangers had gone straight to the bottom division, as their fans wanted, rather than get involved with an abortive attempt to enter the SPL, then this would have saved much ill-feeling. This was not the fans’ fault but one caused by the SFA and the media pushing for this option. Charles Green was not to blame either. He was led to believe it was a viable option and like any leading custodian of a club, he jumped at the chance. Unfortunately for the image of his club, he was led up the garden path by a bunch of clowns.

Alistair McCoist. He did not walk away. Irrespective of the financial incentive to stay, he was entering the unknown that had the easy potential to go belly up. Without any training preparation, the loss of a full team of SPL players, and with the turmoil behind the scenes, he had to both manage the remnants of a team and become the trusted PR face of Rangers. He won the league championship at a canter. In addition, when Charles Green made a decision, and it was controversial e.g. boycotting of Dundee Utd or sacking of Sandaza, it was McCoist that was put on the spotlight. When the fans sang “inappropriate” songs at the Berwick game it was McCoist who behaved like a dignified leader to come out after the game to apologise. It was McCoist that was a pall-bearer at Tommy Burns’ funeral. God bless you for that Alistair.

The club. The one-million dollar question: is it a new club? My position is twofold: firstly, liquidation law mean the club is gone. Secondly, no law in the land can stop a fan following his team. Put on your Rangers top, wrap your blue and white scarf round your neck, take your usual seat in the stadium of your dreams and watch the light blues run on to that ancient field where the ghosts of McPhail and Baxter and Cooper still play when everyone has gone home. No law kicks a ball and no law can take that ball away. A football club is not the Chairman. Nor his Board. Nor even the owner. It is the living, breathing heartbeat shared by the fans and the players.

The Rangers fans supported the team when they had to, through thick and thin, in great numbers. They are not Huns or scum or the Klan. They are fellow human beings. We work beside each other. We share the same cinemas. The same hospitals. The same air. They are our neighbours. Our relatives. We are not defined by the colour of the clothes that we wear but by what is inside us and how we treat our fellow citizens. Collectively we do not have separate histories nor separate futures: for a brief time on this planet we inhabit the same space.

My best friend in my schooldays was of a different religion from myself and while I attended a Catholic school in Glasgow town centre, he went to the “proddy” one just down the road. I supported Celtic, he supported Rangers. We would travel on the same bus into town in the morning, sitting not beside our school mates but beside each other, and meet at 4.00 after every school day. Sometimes I would wait outside his school gates, sometimes he wait outside mine. Football never came between us. It’s only being a grown-up that fucks you up. Cam reminds me of him: same keen intelligence and cheeky humour. Which neatly leads me onto Internet bampots.

The football fans on this site are not bad people. On occasion we post some awful, instantly regrettable, remarks. What can start off as an intelligent and good-natured discussion can very quickly descend into a snake-pit of vitriolic bile. Our mothers would be ashamed at how we speak to each other. I admire the Rangers posters. Despite their club’s problems, they come out fighting. Unfortunately, we wind each other up and it can go too far. Cam I have mentioned: he’s a wind-up merchant and bloody good at it; but he’s a decent spud. Carson is a warrior. When his friends need him, he appears, plants his feet down, puffs out his chest and takes no prisoners. Richboy, Adam, Graham, 2 Sides, all have a contribution to make, some of whom have unfortunately departed from the blog shaking their head in disbelief. Those who remain need to step back and see what we have become. For the most part we have crossed the line from viewing each other as rivals to treating one another as enemies. Falter and you will suffer a metaphorical punch in the face.

I made the point in the first part of this double post that Rangers should also step back from adopting the militaristic language of enemies. At the same time others should extend the hand of friendship. Celtic should make that generous move. Rangers’ predicament is not Celtic’s doing but for the good of Glasgow, Celtic should re-establish cordial relations with Rangers. It is in everyone’s interests, not least the mothers who fret for their sons and daughters every time our teams meet in anger. A charity game at Hampden for Cancer Research, or an equally laudable cause, would be a start and present a different, new, fresh image of Glasgow’s football rivalry. Sooner or later both will meet in a competitive game – let’s cut each other off at the pass and meet for a charitable cause. Our own Charity Shield. Now there’s a thought. My two guest posts have very different endings, deliberately so. The choice is ours to make.

Now the SFA hierarchy, on the other hand, have shown no redeeming features.

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  1. Dubcelt

    Honestly. Talk about dragging a decent blogging site down into the gutter. Maybe Paul is on hols.
    Self-opinionated bs dressed up as some sort of radical essay.
    In one word “tosh”.
    Next week: Rangers contribution to Catholicism in Scotland

  2. JimBhoy

    @CoatbrigBhoy ” 50,000 people into the human equivalent of grayfriars Bobby” classic mate.. The Celts have Snoop Dog and rangers have greyfriar’s boaby..!!!

    Ah you gotta have a laugh.. 🙂

    • willy wonka

      Lol. ” Scottish and national media outlets have steered clear of reporting it, while Scottish football fans have bombarded journalists with requests for coverage.”

      Really ? “Scottish football fans” ? Whoever can they mean ?

    • @Evening Jimbhoy.
      WRT the msm refusal to print Charlottes publications, I do not buy into their human rights, privacy laws, or Leveson excuses. These laws are regularly breached in the name of “public interest”. (Incidently, I wonder how Alzipatru is doing with his charity research.)
      I think it more likely, that it is the fear of ridicule when the level of complicitness of the MSM is exposed that is the hindrance.
      Now a complaint has been made to the police. The complainant obviously feels that Charlotte has generated enough interest to trouble them
      Charlotte may have 13K followers, but I read, and am not amongst that official number. I would suggest the true reader number is obably as much as 5x that, possibly 10 or more if every fan forum link is added.
      The public interest IS there! This police investigation may either open or bolt closed the information highway.
      Grab what you can and save it. Drop it in the SFA inbox. Drop it in your clubs inbox and demand answers.
      The truth must come out. I include Sevco fans in that as they must also want to know the truth.

      • willy wonka

        barca – Fakes did himself no favours by releasing some obviously faked documents. The one concerning Mark Dingwall springs immediately to mind. But there were many others. No wonder the media didn’t want to know.

        • @Willy
          Only a proper investigation of ALL the documents can determine authenticity.
          Not a Pinsent Masons type whitewash, but thorough forensic examination.
          There is no excuse not to. Charlotte is making allegations of very serious wrong doings. Why are they not being investigated.
          Sevci fans deserve the complete truth, as much as the rest of Scottish fitba.

          • willy wonka

            @barca, we’ve covered all this previously. There was nothing that Fakes released which has any bearing on Rangers. Even the brand new sellik hero Whyte admits he has no interest in Rangers.
            You want a forensic examination ? Why don’t you get Phil ten-names to start up a fund ? You can all chip in and pay for one to be carried out . We paid for the last one.

  3. JimBhoy

    If Souness had stayed at rangers he’s have planted a flag in the middle of Celtic park..

    — I would have loved to have seen that, I would have expected that to incur a custodial sentence, if the police were successful in getting him out of Celtic park in one piece.. I hope he said it in jest otherwise the man is a numpty..

    • Mac Tomas

      Jim, he did it in Istanbul………don’t think he was joking mate. Would have loved to have seen the mess the press would have made of themselves trying to spin an event like that taking place in Glasgow’s East End.

  4. Any so called middle of the road post will have to come from a Jew, Muslim, etc. as this still smacks too much of “I think I am a good honest reasonable Irish, catholic celtic supporter and here is what I think …….” and guess what the post could only have been written by post by a good Irish, catholic celtic supporter trying to be neutral because it still grates with those who are not good Irish, catholic celtic supporters.

    As always it plays down the smelly bits that nobody is allowed to talk about parts of celtic’s history and puts the boot into Rangers’.

    • JimBhoy

      @Betty what part of celtic’s history would that be?

    • JimBhoy

      You on Google looking up celtic scandals Betty? Let me start you off as ALL Celtic fans are RC tattie munching taigs who have invaded this country supporting terrorists, hating all things royal and british especially the armed forces endorsing p-do-filia hating the rangers AND Celtic give them a home…
      — Is that it? Am I close betty?

      — If the answer is NO i cannot wait for your detailed reply, if the answer is YES then i would hope that all decent rangers fans on this site supply you a thumbs down because like a section of those who follow Celtic you are an embarrassment to your club and fellow supporters.

    • Betty what that club done not only to football but its creditors is unprecedented in football, forget about irish and catholic for a moment, if you can that is, and look at what they have done, they have lied, cheated, defrauded, secreted and destroyed documents, unregistered payments to playing and non playing staff along with payments to people not even employed by them, the whole sordid story stinks of corruption and should not be happening in a modern day society, its sport for gods sake, what is wrong with you? How can it be anyone else’s fault? Why mention irish and catholics? Is there something wrong with you? Of course I will be a hater and sevco and rangers are pure innocents, crackers so it is!
      The smelly bits! There is only one place that stinks to high heaven. Poor poor rangers, they hate us more than we hate them and we haven’t even done anything wrong!

      Oh Eh Aye forgive me, irish and catholic!

    • JohnBhoy

      Betty, my first post criticised Rangers and the SFA; my second post highlights what is good about Rangers. Do you prefer the former version? I did not “put the boot into Rangers” in my second post as you claim; quite the opposite.

      Why don’t you offer to fill the gap that is missing? Write two guests posts as I did, but in your case one tearing into Celtic, including the “smelly bits”, and the SFA; and in the other post record what you consider, if anything, that is good about Celtic.

      You are right that I am Catholic, of Irish descent, and a Celtic supporter. But as far as being “good” and “reasonable”, you are stretching it. “Middle of the road”, though, is a tad unfair: I thought it was very skewed towards your club, honestly so. Try and not judge the quality of someone’s views, or their integrity, based on their religion or perceived nationality.

    • Mac Tomas


    • jjbhoy

      @sweaty betty,crawl under one of your rolls ay fat an stay there!

  5. Stevie

    Well it’s pretty obvious you spent some time researching for your post so well done on that account.
    I do have some reservations regarding certain aspects of your comments.Having said that I will let them resonate a little longer by accepting your negotiating sentiments at face value.Hopefully the majority of “football” minded people will not necessarily smoke from the pipe of peace but at least be willing to sit round the camp fire.You are to be commended for at least advocating a ceasefire. I would hope that as fickle and demanding a creature as the football fan is purported to be the majority will recognise that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to move on in some capacity which hopefully through time will dilute the minority who may wish to remain with the status quo.
    For this to occur it will demand a certain fortitude and strength of character from both sides of the divide. In accepting that my club did wrong and acknowledging that their current predicament was entirely self inflicted I would also remind others that in the high pressured environment f capitalist business ventures there may very well be skeletons lying around in a few boardroom cupboards.
    This is where my issue with the seemingly unrelenting pursuit of information started by the RTC and imo still being played out under the guise of a new blog site comes to fruition.
    Yes..we do need answers,and of course we should demand
    No doubt individuals from opposing trenches will advocate a continuity of hostilities for a varying degree of reasons. This would hopefully

    • JohnBhoy

      Stevie, I understand your reservations. I have to say, I found the post easy to write, which surprised me, given the years that I have spent viewing your club as the devil incarnate. As I say, there are two sides to every story. Rivalry has to continue, but not hostilities.

      Personally, I think the fans should set up their own committee – made up of Rangers fans, and other fans – to demand answers. We have the power. We are the customers and the custodians. The members write down a list of things that they want answers to, thrash out an agreed agenda, get their clubs to support them in terms of facilities and credibility; and then call witnesses. If the SFA refuse to participate, we call for heads. Then we can have closure and all move on.

      • Gobsmacked

        They say that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Excellent Devil’s Advocate piece but a) the SFA don’t care about the customer they are above the minions b) the concept of various team supporters agreeing on an Agenda smaller than War Peace is I think Utopian. But I do concede that the supporters have to take back football.

    • willy wonka

      Jim – the club created and magnified the problem. They’ve allowed that mob to get away with whatever they wanted.
      They will do absolutely nothing.

      • willy wonka

        The fact the UEFA are carrying out investigations into the matter will of course have nothing to do with it.
        [that’s sarcasm btw].

        • JimBhoy

          @Mr Wonka I agree clubs often use this (hopeful pre-emptive) strategy when they know the big bosses are checking things out. And they have to do that also in this situation for health and safety reasons I would have thought..

          • willy wonka

            Jim, might not work this time though. The referee and fourth official both requested that Celtic make an announcement requesting the fireworks be stopped. No announcement was made until later, after the referee spoken to the match delegate.

      • JimBhoy

        Mr Wonka, good to hear from ya… I have heard for and agin the GB… I have heard exactly the opposite to what you suggest, where Celtic fans suggest they (GB) are being victimised by the police and have evidence of this harassment and suggesting Mr Lawell has done nothing to help that section of fans (who add so much colour and noise on match days)…

        It’s a bit like rangers fans saying the SFA and media hate them and help Celtic because the Celtic fans think exactly the opposite..

        So 2 sides to every story (at least) but it’s good the club come out and Hilight this problem, that was actually my point.

        What perplexes me is the lack of return rangers and celtic get for the policing and stewarding costs on match days, just my opinion but if some fans are being naughty then they should be ejected (at least) and I am sure there are enough policing eyes around to see that in plain daylight.

  6. portpower

    sevco I think you should have a good word to you`re sponsor.
    They don`t even recognise you`se on their website.

    • jjbhoy

      @portpower,are they maybe getting mixed up with the old rangers and forgot they died,only to re-emerge as The Rangers INTERNATIONAL Football Club,that’s effin hilarious that new name of the new club so it is!

  7. Stevie

    Oops..Grandaughter hit my tablet. Apologies.
    What I was going on to say was that any information gleaned or provided be taken with a pinch of salt until it can be verified. A lot of the cha.F’s material for example appears to be the main arterial blood vessel for the adaptation and preparation of those questions that require an answer. However whether they are genuine or not is immaterial. It is the accuracy of the information that concerns me more.Seeking truth is an admirable crusade but we need the full undiluted facts. A one sided circus show will never succeed in bringing Scottish football together. If anything it will only make the division wider. Cha.F,s material is one sided.There are various examples which appear “cropped” and manufactured. The clamour for heads to roll from the SFA,and in particular Campbell Olgilvie is a good example of this biased campaign. C.O. is not an island.There had to be a lot of nodding heid’s from various quarters to pull off what is being proclaimed as an RFC and unionist establishment cover up. I genuinely believe it was done for the benefit of Scottish football other’s disagree as is their right. However I also believe that a similar course would have been taken had it been either of our two main cash cow’s. My main concern is that while RFC and the SFA and the SMSM are being hounded to death,the SPL,now the SPFL appear to be bereft of any accountability. Why is this? Step forward Mr Petrie, Mr Thompson, Mr Lawell and Mr Milne. What have you got to convey to your supporters,because despite initially crying “Foul” from the rooftop’s you sure have gone quiet. Perhaps your fans and Cha.F will ask some questions of your involvement. I for one cannot see any other way that Mr Reagan,Doncaster,and Olgilvie could have done any or all that they have been accused of without the main players on the former SPL board knowing about it.

    • Monti

      Campbell Ogilvie is the New team’s man on the inside,simple!
      Corrupt & embellished!
      Wink wink,nod nod,shake shake!
      He is the worst of the lot of them!

      • Stevie

        Hi Mont’s
        Well so we keep hearing…proof?
        Any chance of trying to answer the question’s contained in people’s post’s instead of just repeating ancient unfounded allegations?
        How do you think Mr O. was able to get away with everything your mhob has levelled at him?
        What i’m looking for here is accountability by all, not just chosen Celtic minded target’s. I’ll ask you again, why no questions of Mr Lawell,Mr Petrie,Mr Thompson,? They were all on the SPL board when all this kicked off. Are you seriously suggesting they knew nothing?
        Where was their integrity when they left it to the supporters to put a stop to THEIR plans being adopted. These other chairmen are as much to blame, for either knowing everything and doing nothing, or not asking at all. I believe it was the former and fans should be asking why? That is if they don’t already know the answer.
        What sayeth thou oh Montiest of Monti-ism’s?

        • @Stevie
          Are you saying that Mr Lawell, Mr Petrie, and Mr Thompson were in league with the heavily and suspiciously conflicted Mr Ogilvie.
          These are not wild allegations being levelled at Mr Ogilvie. They are facts. He did receive EBT payments. The whole crux of the matter revolved around the investigation of EBT payments ! Doh.
          So you have any proof of the insinuations you have levelled at Messrs Lawell, Thompson, and Petrie.? Or are you just making a wild assumption.!
          I am sure Mr Ogilvie will be delighted if you have evidence of that wee conspiracy.

          • Stevie

            I was under the impression Barca we were discussing Mr Olgilvie regarding the SFA. Nothing to do with EBT’s or Rangers! Read Monti’s reply to my post…Doh!!
            I’ve already answered your question quite clearly in my post. You should have realised that had you read it properly.
            This current Celtic minded people’s crusade is getting way too one sided against Rangers players,manager’s and their supporters.
            You and others on this site and on TSFM are attempting to carry on the work of the RTC blog,and attempting to throw a cloak of deceit over it.
            Why don’t you do what the TSFM blog is advocating Barca? I’m sure you know the remit by now. You’re on it enough’ and post info gleaned from there on here. You or the rest of your pal’s including ChaF’s are fooling nobody.

            • @Stevie.
              It is Sevco and the SFA who are trying to mislead mate,
              And they are fooling nobody outside of their own walls.

            • Stevie

     and i have had this conversation before therefore you should know my thoughts about SDM and the rest. Nobody needs to make me more aware of what happened than i already know. I agree with Graham i hope Chaf’s stuff does finish D&P and CW,however if this happens then who else is going to get away? I still believe a lot of the stuff is mocked up.
              So i have my doubt’s about a lot of it. I want full unequivical disclosure of all that went on. Not one that crucifies Rangers and let’s others crawl under a rock.

            • @Stevie.
              Can’t ask for more than that mate. .

            • Mac Tomas

              @ stevie………are you of the opinion that there is no conflict of interest regarding Ogilvie……no cloud of suspicion?
              & what exactly are you insinuating regarding Lawell, Petrie & Thompson?
              lets have the specifics. or is this just a counter tactic, a smoke bomb to help deflect the focus where most of the followers of Scottish football believe it should be, on Sevco & their relationship with the apex of Scottish football admin.

  8. portpower

    All the best Gary at Norwich City.

    SPFL = Souness Pays Fraudulent Loan.
    That would be a bridge menderuppera.

  9. Ben McGinlay

    I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the whole debacle. Mainly due to the attitude of most concerned in making the decisions and the lies that have been told. Due process was NOT carried out..

  10. Monti


    • Mac Tomas

      Agree Monti, good luck to both. Especially hope the Embra greens can turn it round. Had I not been a Tim I would without doubt have been a Hibby… 🙂

  11. KnowTheStruth

    I just read a piece there by Chris Graham on the Rangers Standard. First of all i am a Rangers fan, but i was thinking to myself this guy acts like a little kid and by no way represents me with what he has to say about Rangers. Some people might find this funny but as i started reading his piece he pointed out that the amount of fans Celtic took to Brentford was almost 5000.However reading reports from both home sites (shef wed, brentford) and most print media Celtic took 6000 to Brentford and we took 5000 to Sheffield. Anyway knowing this as i say i started to read his article and when i seen he had Celtic down for 5000 i said to myself , he is going to have us down as having took more fans, low and behold to him we took 7000. i dont know about the rest of the Rangers fans but to me this guy is a joke. it doesnt matter who had more travelling fans as it doesnt matter about the rest of his article because in it he feels the need to slander the Celtic support and make out we are hollier than thou. To me it doesnt matter how the rest of Scottish football fans act as long as our fans start to act in a civillised and appropriate manner throughout the season . then maybe we can take the moral high ground.

    • Ed Paisley

      Thank you for your post but I respectfully say it is gonna take a long period of exemplary behaviour from the Rangers fans before the disorder at Manchester is forgotten. However, every Rangers match where the fenian blood and famine songs are not heard will be a significant step forward for all of us. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be widespread disapproval for these songs within Ibrox and I find that very disappointing.

      Yes, I occasionally hear political songs at Celtic Park however it is usually little more than a whisper and you can sense the discomfiture of the majority of the supporters. Pride in the success of our team, pride in its style of play, pride in the sportsmanship of the players and the fair dealing of the club, pride in our founder and the club’s roots – those are the things that matter.

    • Monti

      Why does anybody need to take the moral high ground?
      Why can’t your club just be normal & get on with football?

    • willy wonka

      @ knowthestruth – ” First of all i am a Rangers fan”.
      Lol. SURE you are !
      Do you work as a pane of glass ?
      Jesus Christ !

    • gortnamona

      You come across as sensible and moderate in your views.
      Perhaps if you included the odd profanity or misspelt Peter Lawwell, Wonka might have less trouble in believing that you support Rangers.

      • willy wonka

        @gort, “sensible and moderate” ? Haw haw haw !
        Chris Grahams article that your pet “Rangers fan” mentioned gave plenty of food for thought. It was an excellent article.
        And Mr Reasonable prefers to act like a five year old and mention how the crowd attendance figures were adjusted.
        “Rangers fan” my #rse. He’s a Cetic fan – and fine you know it.

        • gortnamona

          Haw haw haw little wonka.
          You really are something else.

        • gortnamona

          Wonky Willie

          ” Chris Grahams article that your pet “Rangers fan” mentioned gave plenty of food for thought”

          Chris Graham’s article is a pathetic piece of whinging which can be summed up as follows:

          Why does everyone love Celtic and hate Rangers?

          Numerous sources are quoted telling us what lovely, polite sporting friendly people, Ranger’s fans really are.

          And equally numerous sources are quoted recounting the iniquities of those dastardly Celtic fans.

          Hardly a week passes without some or another Rangers spokesman pleading nay begging for affection and understanding.

          But it just doesn’t seem to be working. To the football world, Celtic fans continue to be seen as sportsmen and gentlemen and Rangers fans as violent sectarian thugs.

          • willy wonka

            @gort – Look to your own again. It isn’t the Rangers fans who want to hold love-ins with everybody. The jolly craicsters are famous for it. If they don’t get it of course, they just make up lies and say they did.
            Also, you obviously missed the whole point of what Chris was saying. “Love us” is most definately not what he was saying.

        • Raymilland

          @willy wonka

          Go to sleep you little baby

          honey on a rock and the sugar don’t stop
          gonna bring the bottle to the baby

          A nipple each for you and Graham

        • Jamie

          “Chris Grahams article that your pet “Rangers fan” mentioned gave plenty of food for thought. It was an excellent article”.

          I particularly liked his article “why we need to get behind CG”

          Graham is a fanny a jumped up wannabe hanging on to the coat tails of more articulate bloggers…he’s a soundboard for all the bigots on FF who frequent his site who had a wee taste of stardom on the TV but shat himself when asked to sit with Paul Mc & and some other dude… for thought my arse!

          • willy wonka

            “Paul Mc & some other dude” ?
            Really ? Just the three of them ?
            Maybe you should find out the true story Jamie. Chris was being set up. The arrangements were changed twice. FIVE were to take part. Four of them “sympathetic” to sellik.
            Just the sort of odds your kind like, eh ?

  12. youngun

    wow Johnbhoy admire your bravery and your honesty ,but for some ,the hatred runs through their veins .

    excellent article , soon to buried under a pile of hate

  13. Biggest load of idealistic bullshit since Obama said ‘Yes We Can’ then didn’t….sorry mate.

  14. Charlotte Fakeovers @CharlotteFakes 22m So you want to play Jack? Q. Has anyone at the top levels of RIFC/Rangers ever called me direct on my mobile A. Yes, many times.

  15. Raymilland

    The Delgados – All You Need Is Hate

    Indifference is not an option.

  16. a charity game between dem and us, nae chance son,it wid be another bigotted event sponsored by the hunz

    • graham

      And the green bigot brigade wouldn’t be part of the bigot feast ,
      Why not admit if your team has its own sectarian problem .
      I couldn’t care less if I never set foot in the tattie bowl ever again . So don’t flatter youself and think we are falling over ourselves to play the deck chairs anytime soon

      • Monti

        Xavi,Iniesta & the world’s greatest player,Lionel Messi as recently as last season described our stadium & fans as ” INCREDIBLE”…….but I’m going to ignore them & subscribe to your description & admiration of our “tattie bowl”
        You are aware Graham that the famine in Ireland killed protestants too!… .you are aware…..aren’t you?

        • graham

          Tottie bowl name for ur stadium is not linked to the famine as far as I know ,,
          Just one of the many knick names we have for u r place just as u have many for ours ..
          But lets twist it at hop abroad the offended bus

      • Paul

        I couldn’t care less if I never set foot in the tattie bowl ever again . Well if you read your history you would realise the tattie dome could be your own stadium. Many a Protestant left Ireland to come here because of the Potato Famine. The land owners (British crown) in Ireland did not provide for anyone regardless of their faith, just goes to show the ignorance that is still tolerated today when it comes to Irish history. maybe a wee listen to the real Fields of Athenry might show the extent of the damage done by the crown, but naw thats a bigoted fenian song!!!!!

        • graham

          FFS get a life the tattie bowl has feck all to do with the famine !!
          I probably know just as well As you the words of the fields of Athenry as it was a popular song on both sides of the community in Northern Ireland until hijack by the your side !!
          Most offended people ever
          Fail fail

          • Paul

            Aye right so you made that name up with no reference to anything.San Giro is fine at least it is not in the derogatory plenty of Sevco fans unemployed. Just good banter like castle grey skull, asbestosis dome etc. So don’t give it the FFS nothing to do with famine aye it is,
            So Athenry was written by who about what.

            • graham

              No not really I had friends
              Who were killed by asbestos ,
              So you want tae carry this on and on
              The tattie bowls is nothing to di with the famine or it would be the tottie famine bowl i think the tottie bowl is a take on the irange the orange bowl in the states but twist away
              Mope bhoy

        • graham

          Hope I never set foot in the San giro ever again !
          Would you prefer that name !!

        • willy wonka

          Paul – did you forget the potato famine also affected Scotland ?

          • Paul

            What the fuck you on about, so it’s about Scotland now.

            • willy wonka

              @paul, no I’m just reminding you MOPES that the famine didn’t only affect Ireland. There were many Scots, you know, citizens of THIS country who perished too.
              Somehow you all seem to forget that.


  18. John

    Very dissappointed in some of the comments here Lhads? Sorry, firstly that was an outstanding read, very fair and as most have commented, although I don’t agree with everything in it, I am willing to take the ethos of the blog and look to be the bigger person about it! Lets get back to being rivals instead of enemies?

    Great result from St J last night, so well done lads! Hibs, oh dear oh dear??

  19. Ed Paisley

    Jeez – what things do I admire about Rangers FC?
    I like Andy Cameron – he is a funny bloke and with a good heart.
    I liked the vegetable curry pie I got at Ibrox a few years ago.
    I like the archibald Leitch main stand (but I hate the top deck that Murray stuck on with superglue).
    I liked Jim Baxter and the fact that his best friend in Glasgow for a while was Paddy Crerand (that Gorbals born son of Glasgow who self identifies as Irish).
    The old jungle fighter was a laugh sending the porcine Rangers players up and down Gullane dunes like big Sean in “The Hill”.
    Jim Bett and Bobby Russell were quite pleasant guys and skillful players.

    I think that’s it. I can think of no other reason to commend or applaud Rangers. Can someone help me?

    • gortnamona

      Jim Baxter.

    • Monti

      Every time they got knocked out a domestic cup, beaten in the league & knocked out of European competition…………i really admired that about them!

      • graham

        At least we admit when we are defeated in a game which must be admired unlike Lenob
        Who as we all know is
        Never defeated
        Always cheated !!
        Now that I don’t admire bad looser !!

    • Raymilland

      RFC 🙂 lambchop sideburns in the early 1970’s, they don’t make them like that anymore.

    • gortnamona

      There was a guy I met at a fleadh cheoil in Clones in 1964, who wasn’t a bad singer. I think he said he was a Rangers supporter. Then again it might have been Crossmaglen Rangers.

      • Mac Tomas

        Alfie Conn……..quite liked him…. & hid sideburns….. 🙂

        • Ed Paisley

          What about wee Robert Prytz’s perm?

        • graham

          Alfie’s a barrrrrrel …
          Alfie’s a barrrrrrrel of Sh1te
          I think is the song we sung in jest at Alfred after he defected to craptic via spurs
          good player though scored a nice goal In our 3-2 centenary cup final v the deck chairs

    • @Ed

      I like the reminder on the gates of the team who once played there. They should never be forgotten.
      I like the fact that “The Big Hoose” shares a name with another famous Glasgow Institution.
      But most of all, I LOVE the empty shelf in the trophy room they were saving for the big eared cup.
      They should save up though and paint over the bare mark where the Arsenal share plaque once hung……Or has that already been whitewashed? Maybe the PM report hangs there now. 🙂

  20. Monti

    Well done to St.Johnstone last night great result.
    Were Hibs playing with George Niven in goal last night?

  21. Raymilland

    THE SFA take their control of matters too far.

    Campbell Ogilvie is holding on to his ‘get out of jail free card’ just in case.

    • Paul

      Questions @ Sevco fans
      Define sectarianism ,
      Q1 How many Catholics go to Ibrox to follow Rangers v how many Protestant come to Celtic Park to support Celtic.
      Q2Why the difference,

      • david

        The actual figures might surprise you Paul.
        And given the imbalance of the relative populations the figures are even more surprising.
        Dosent fit with your narrative, though

        • Raymilland


          I’m interested to learn the source of your figures, when anyone applies for a season ticket at Ibrox, do they ask which school did you go to? 😉

          • gortnamona

            What statistics were you using when you stated that on average there are twice as many Celtic than Ranger’s supporters in jail?

          • graham

            Naw that urnae how bout your green plastic seat brigade
            I believe you must be of certain mind set ,, anti British .. Anti rangers and pro the modern day terrorist ira !
            And don’t tell me this not true as my sons friends are members and travel home and away to watch the deck chairs

        • Paul

          Not about a narrative m8 genuine question.I have lots of protestant mates that go to watch Celtic. So give me some of your figures.

      • graham

        Can’t speak for the rest but I know two .. My sons ..
        what you trying to say like Catholics don’t support the rangers !! .
        So 75% of the people travelling in match days in my car are catholic !!!
        But as I say could give you any other %

  22. david

    Well done the Perth Saints.
    As a club, they punch way above their weight.

    Hibees, oh dear. And on a night to remember and celebrate the late great Lawrie Reilly, whose team would have reversed the scoreline.

    And Monti, the hand of friendship is extended- for the last chance.
    And anyone else.
    Lifes too short for petty arguments over accidents of birth and football teams.
    I dont believe in transubstantiation but I dont believe in predestination either.
    And I believe all Scots are equal, though obviously superior to any other people except the Jews * ( note; last part is not to be taken literally )
    Good season tickets available @ £60 a head if anyone wants one.

  23. graham
    July 26, 2013 at 7:21 am

    And the green bigot brigade wouldn’t be part of the bigot feast ,
    Why not admit if your team has its own sectarian problem .
    I couldn’t care less if I never set foot in the tattie bowl ever again . So don’t flatter yourself and think we are falling over ourselves to play the deck chairs anytime soon
    Singing republican songs is not sectarian, political yes but not sectarian.
    A court of law has decreed this.

    Let’s use the Boys of the Old Brigade as an example.
    This is a song about the Easter Uprising of 1916, an important event in the creation of an independent sovereign nation. The Queen also laid a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance for the many of who lost their lives fighting for Irish freedom.

    Professor Tom Devine had this to say about the ludicrous idea of being arrested for it.

    “From an equality perspective, there are no reasons whatsoever for supporters attending football matches to be arrested for singing this particular song, or any other patriotic songs that are a reflection of legitimate pride in one’s cultural, national or ethnic identity…the song Boys of the Old Brigade is a legitimate song relating to nationhood.”

    It seems to me that an expression of Irish identity or republicanism is somehow viewed as sectarian by tribute act fans for no other reason than they disagree with it. That is the very definition of a bigot.
    This expression is just as legitimate as anyone’s wish to express their British or Scottish identities. There is no difference whatsoever unless you are a bigot of course.

    • david

      Kindly explain the relevance of a song pertaining to another country to football in 21st century Scotland.

    • graham

      Ok sorry how about their wee ditty about the Ibrox disaster would you prefer I use this song to show you how distasteful they are !!
      And some of their songs are sectarian you knew that every much as I do .,
      And yes some are political !!
      But the point I was making is the sectarian problem is not one sided !!
      But you monti and the rest of your republican orientated supporters will never see that ..
      And frankly my dear Scarlett I don’t give a feck .

    • graham

      I have said before on here about the objectives of the original ira from Irish perspective that they were well founded and Iam not offended in the slightest by the songs sung about them .
      The modern day terrorist republicsns I have no time for in the slightest
      i think these songs have nothing to do with football but thats another thing aw together .. so if celtic fans want to sing about the boys of the old brigade as they feel it is thier history and culture they are singing about , then let them , but please dont be offended when rangers fans sing songs about being British ,
      Iam rightly proud to be scottish and part if the British isles . I think this is a great country and so do many of the immigrants who now call the Uk their home !
      Just as the Irish are proud of the ROI

  24. Mac Tomas

    Great result for Scotland last night, well played the Saints.
    The Hibs fans must be the most long suffering in these islands. !6000 turn up for a Europa qualifier, & they get that served up to them.

    • Fra

      @No luck Hibees but please do yourselves a favour and keep turning up in numbers. Given time, wee Pat will turn things around. More fans means more money in the kitty, means better signings

      Well done St Johnstone.. Onwards and upwards.

      Good luck Gary Hooper. I hope your deserved cap isn’t far away.

  25. portpower

    Rumour has it there`s major structural issues that need resolved now at IOUbrox? Safety certificate could be withheld?

  26. Roy Greenslade @GreensladeR

    See my blogpost re @CharlotteFakes tweets here

    Charlotte Fakeovers CharlotteFakes @

    GreensladeR Happy to discuss the acquisition of the data. Drop me a line.

    IsabelOakeshott is more loyal to Jack than truth

    1:57pm – 26 Jul 13


      Perhaps Roy Greenslade of the English based Guardian newspaper , will run with Charlottes baton.

      • portpower

        Twitter email leaks about Rangers too hot for Scottish media to handle

        An extraordinary story has broken in Scotland that has galvanised the country’s media elite. Though it is the subject of much chatter among journalists, none of the mainstream outlets has reported it.

        For months, a Twitter account known as Charlotte Fakeovers (@charlotteFakes) has been running a series of snippets from private emails between people involved in Rangers football club during the crisis that eventually led to its insolvency.

        According to a well-placed Glaswegian media insider, the tweeter should be regarded as “the Julian Assange of Scotland”. He said: “These revelations are explosive but I understand, in this post-Leveson atmosphere, why the papers are not publishing them.

        “Though there is no proof either way, there is a feeling that the communications might have been obtained illegally.”

        In fact, according to a source familiar with the situation, there is no way the emails could have been obtained legally and the publication of them is a possible breach of the data protection act.

        Scottish police are now investigating the Twitter account, a fact reported yesterday by one online news outlet that has dared to highlight the CharlotteFakeovers story, The Drum.

        A police spokesman told The Drum’s writer: “We can confirm that we did receive a complaint in connection with a Twitter account and police enquiries are ongoing to establish if there is any criminality involved.”

        Among people named in the correspondence are the club’s former owner Craig Whyte, the man who masterminded its recreation, Charles Green, the club’s PR, then and now, Jack Irvine, and even the political editor of the Sunday Times, Isabel Oakeshott.

        The revelations have been acutely embarrassing for Irvine, who declined to comment. But a former colleague told me he believes the emails need to be seen in the context of Rangers problems and the consequent frenetic atmosphere at the time.

        Irvine, who edited the Scottish Sun for three years from 1987, launched a PR company, Media House, some 20 years ago.

        A legal firm acting for Irvine, Levy & McRae, did successfully request the removal of some documents from the website being used to host them, Scribd.

        The Drum story quotes Channel 4 News’s chief correspondent, Alex Thomson, as saying that the reluctance of mainstream media to report the story is related to the Leveson report.

        Thomson was one of the very few reporters outside Scotland to cover the Rangers crisis in any depth. Indeed, mainstream newspapers in Scotland were slow to cover it too.

        Instead, all the central revelations to emerge came from Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, who runs a blog and and published a book, Downfall: how Rangers FC self-destructed.

        • Stevie

          And what happened to that blog pp?
          Pissed off and ran like a rat down a hole when heat got turned on him
          How did he get that information again?
          Corrupt HMRC officials? Corrupt lawyers? and all with Celtic connections.

          • gortnamona

            Don’t forget the rats who ran down their hole leaving over 200 people who trusted them out of pocket.

            The rats that Phil exposed for what they are. Which of course is the reason for all the spite directed at him from rats like yourself and wonka.

            Pay your bills you vermin before you dare insult anyone else.

          • Paul

            How did he get that information again.
            So its true then regardless of how they were obtained they did exist and would not have seen the light of day.good bit of work getting them out.

      • willy wonka

        I’m quite sure his holiday home neighbour, ten names will be filling him in with all the details.

        • @Willy
          What if he does,? Isn’t that how information and evidence is gathered.
          Why is everybody connected with the Ibrokes fiasco scared of Charlotte Willy?
          Why will nobody march through the big gates, and just see her off with a clip around the ear?

          • willy wonka

            @barca – Charlotte has been hawking her mutton around the whole of the media for months now. There have been NO takers. Not even Thomson would touch it.
            Why ? As explained earlier, a lot of Fakes releases are, well fake. The rest is “questionable” when it comes to how it was obtained as determined during the recent major enquiries.
            Ten names has found a new useful idiot to spread the word. Greenslade talks about it. He questions, prompted by McWhateverhisnameisthisweek, why nobody is taking the story on. But I’ll guarantee you, Greenslade will not use ANY of the material in any article.
            “Why is everybody connected with the Ibrokes fiasco scared of Charlotte?” Sorry barca, you’re talking about a different animal there. Nobody, I’ll repeat NOBODY at Ibrox is concerned in the slightest about anything Fakes is/was releasing.
            Two of the names, Mediahouse and Levy McRae who your own kind were connecting to the recent “action” against Fakes are no longer employed by Rangers or anybody inside Ibrox.
            Once again, the guys pulling all your strings have spun a wee fairytale and you’ve all bought it.
            One day you’ll realise it.

            • @Willy
              When it comes to spreading fairy tales, let’s look at Mr Moonbeams shall we, or perhaps we could contact Air Traffic Control, to see if they can measure Whyteys wealth. Incidently, How is the Dallas cowboys deal shaping up,? Have you built your train station yet. Jeezo . I could go on all night here, this is fun, but I am going to stop before my baws fall off!
              Tou can talk some shite mate,
              Were you laughing as much typing that, as much as I was reading it.
              Cheers bud. Hilarious.

            • Fra

              @Barca…..No comeback there mate. He ran like the rest of the rats. Horrible little bigoted piece of scum

  27. Paul

    Wonder who the company was that was hired to shred the documents that were not to be seen.Now a lot of interesting stuff is appearing on CF that certain media are sitting up and looking at what might be a big story. MMM wonder what documents were not shredded, whom can you trust to get the job done? The story is out there Scottish Media, but are they big enough, to tackle it?More mint on yer lamb boys?

    • willy wonka

      @barca – I’ve stated quite a few times now on here that Murray, Whyte and several others will be in a criminal court to answer for their actions. Why did you bother with the above post ?
      I’ve explained that your new found pal and fighter for the truth Greenslade, won’t touch the story. Why not address that point instead of sticking your tongue out and saying “Nah, nah nana nah” ? It does you no favours. Really.

  28. Ed Paisley

    We should have a NOBEL prize for the best public interest leaking of information. Ok, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden would rank above Charlotte Fakes but a bronze medal ain’t such a bad thing.
    The counterpart would be the NOBALLS award for the worst example of craven and cowardly journalism. John Pilger would present that one and he’d be allowed to kick the recipient in the chuckies a few times just for fun.

    • Mac Tomas

      Ed……we could ask Noam Chomsky tae haud Pilgers coat while he administered the justice – award… 🙂

  29. Raymilland

    These guys are genuinely blind, the truth will out.

    People keep on learnin’
    Soldiers keep on warrin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long

    Powers keep on lyin’
    While your people keep on dyin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long

    I’m so darn glad he let me try it again
    Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
    Gonna keep on tryin’
    Till I reach my highest ground

    Teachers keep on teachin’
    Preachers keep on preachin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long
    Oh no

    Prayers keep on prayin’
    Believers keep on believin’
    Sleepers just stop sleepin’
    Cause it won’t be too long
    Oh no

    I’m so glad that he let me try it again
    Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
    Gonna keep on tryin’
    Till I reach my highest ground…Whew!

    Till I reach my highest ground
    No one’s gonna bring me down
    Till I reach my highest ground
    Don’t let nobody bring you down
    Till I reach my highest ground
    God is gonna show you higher ground
    He’s the only friend you have around

  30. The tendency toward petty point scoring among fans of both Celtic and Rangers supporters is something that has always been with us, certainly in my lifetime.

    These days it seems to have been raised in importance beyond which any scrutiny of the events that precipitate it can naturally sustain.

    For those who wish to score points, the behaviour of sections of any large group of people is likely to contain the actions of a few which provide an easily found resource.

    The practicalities of making useful conclusions about the behaviour of the few in relation to the many are generally limited by an inability to apply or wilful neglect of common sense.

    Finding something to say about that which you find disagreeable in the behaviour of a section of football fans, lacks rigour if it is not placed in some sort of context.

    The trade in one-up-manship has never had a basis in common sense. The throwing up of hands in horror prior to typing a condemnatory missive replete with gratuitous generalisations of an insulting nature have become all too familiar.

    Both sides are guilty of something which can only be described as deliberate thoughtlessness with a poisonous purpose.

    Each side does with a monotonous regularity berate the press for failing to highlight the shortcomings of the other.

    If I were a journalist faced with such an unremitting onslaught I might find myself disposed to making comments on golf, or god help me cricket.

    With due thought given to Johnbhoys post it is worth remembering the value of the language we choose to use when addressing each other. In terms of how that plays out in any attempt at reaching a resolution to problems, is very important.

    There are those who dismiss the idea of political correctness with the much used retort that it has simply gone mad.

    It’s a view that is difficult to argue against, not because political correctness has indeed gone mad but that the retort itself lacks thought, it is a knee-jerk reaction.

    The idea that we can bring people together be they from different social backgrounds, countries or religions and yes even football allegiances starts with an acceptable use of language.

    Without that dialogue is impossible.

    It’s not so long ago that the word ‘Paki’ was introduced into much that has been written about Scottish football both in the press and in blogs.

    The disquieting aspect of this was that some commenter’s chose to ask the question whether or not the word was actually offensive.

    For anyone still in doubt it matters not a jot whether you think the word is offensive or not. The kind thing to do, the inclusive thing to do is simply not to use it given that it may offend others, and the availability of other words which with certainty cause no offence at all.

    In a football context particularly where it concerns Rangers and Celtic the choice of language on this blog and others is cause for concern.

    If there are hopes for a future in which Rangers and Celtic fans can leave behind old enmities born of social issues which have found expression around football fields. Then the starting point is language.

    In any post I have made on this site I’ve addressed Rangers fans as precisely that – Rangers fans. I’ve sometimes referred to them as ‘bears’ only on the assumption that this is acceptable, I’d be more than happy to drop this if any Rangers fan cares to point out that it’s not acceptable.
    I don’t need to understand why any Rangers fan might find the term ‘bears’ unacceptable, for me to stop using it, it would be enough to know that they do.

    In any reasonable society we frame laws which prohibit discrimination and offence, but for most people interaction with the law even as victims is something to be avoided. Most people would rather get on with their lives and avoid any difficulty even at the expense of being discriminated against, offended or insulted.

    Society has to recognise this and respond accordingly. If we throw away the inept arguments towards the idea of political correctness and see it for what it really is then we at least have a starting point.

    It’s no more than being kind to people. At its simplest giving them the name that they would choose to have is no more that being polite.

    In creating something inclusive and purposeful it is the first and most important step.

    Posters, mind you language please.

    • graham

      Martin ,
      Very well said fella , u can call me a bear and blue nose or anything that is rhyming slang for those .. But never a Hun . Or some of the other trems such as DOB.
      I admit out club had a sectarian problem but the descent rangers fans have been striving to eradicate it as best we can , and if truth be know I think we have made great strides forward in our problem . However ,
      The amount of posters on here who are trying to kid not just me , but themselves on if they think that celtic don’t have similar problem .
      they descend into the name calling and twisting posts round to contain anti Irish content so they can be offended what’s aw that about !

      • Fra

        Anything from a rangers (sic) fan which sounds moderate, is then jumped upon and mocked by the little bigoted pensioner who hasnt grown up, Mr Wonka. He riddles his posts with hatred. Mocks anything he doesnt agree with and proceeds to insult the poster. Is it any wonder people leave the site when idiots like him are let loose.

        Why is every post peppered with lol, lol, guffaw, guffaw, when in reality the nastiness oozes from every pore of your bigoted body.

        Do you suck lemons as an aside?

        • willy wonka

          Fra, don’t let the door hit your #rse on the way out. Lol.
          “A big boy called me a name”
          The poster was so transparently NOT a Rangers fan I’m surprised that even halfwits like you bought it.
          “Hatred” ? No. Payment in kind. That’s what it is. You just don’t like it when your lies and delusions are taken apart by anybody who knows what they are talking about and doesn’t rely on information from guys who couldn’t find Ibrox or Celtic Park with a sat nav.
          “Hatred” ? Point that one towards Monti, Mick or the other pondlife who appear here with monotonous regularity spreading “hatred”.
          As a last point – you got taken apart the other night. Don’t take it personally. You made a mistake. You are out of your depth. Wee tip – think before you post and you won’t get shown up as badly as you did.

      • Graham,

        thanks for the comment and I’m glad that we share the same view with regard to the problems that Celtic and Rangers fans fa

        The thing which has struck me mostly when viewing comments on this site in particular when the language turns ugly is that those who engage in it seem ignorant of it’s effect.

        It’s too easy , lets face it, too gratifying for many on both sides to find fault in the other side and ignore their own problems.

        It’s not enough for either side to find fault.

        Even the smallest infringement must be met with an overarching generalisation that supporters of either club are essentially scum.

        The ‘ Scotland’s shame’ epithet is applied with equal vigour on both sides.

        The trouble with language which takes as it’s starting point an insult directed bluntly toward any social group is that everything said thereafter is rendered meaningless.

        Only the insult remains.

      • graham
        July 26, 2013 at 3:33 pm

        FFS get a life the tattie bowl has feck all to do with the famine !!

        Graham posts about Celtic park, he calls it the tattie bowl, he claims it has nothing to do with the “Famine”, maybe he would care to explain what it does refer to ?

        • willy wonka

          coatbrig – maybe I can answer that one. Do you forget the mock outrage from the MOPES when a potato found its way onto the running track at Porkheid during a game against Rangers ? How that one potato became a symbol for all the persecution the Irish [and sellik fans] have had to suffer for thousands of years ? All the letters and emails of complaint to everybody from Speirs to the Pope ?
          Apologies to graham if I’ve spoken out of turn.

      • Jamie

        “I admit out club had a sectarian problem but the descent rangers fans have been striving to eradicate it as best we can”

        Yeah hows that working out?…..I take it the “decent” supporters dont go to the away games then.

    • gortnamona

      God Martin, but you’re long winded .

  31. Raymilland


    How many bowls of sugar puffs have you had today?

  32. Graham cmon, I have never heard a song about the Ibrox disaster in my life, not even outside of a football ground. I think this is another of these follow follow FACTS.

  33. david
    July 26, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Kindly explain the relevance of a song pertaining to another country to football in 21st century Scotland.
    Who cares? Thats not the point.
    Would you have a problem if a group of supporters were singing a song about the American wars of independence?

    • graham

      No but I would if the radical Muslims were singing about 9/11 or 7/7

    • david

      Not if they were American.
      But here we have Scots singing about another countrys struggle for independence. That in itself is not offensive, but singing about vile terrorists- both sides- is beyond the pale

  34. Way hay! Charlotte is back with some more audio. Probably Mike Yarwood, eh Willy.!

    • graham

      Hope so because our club and the supporters are victims in this fraud just as much as anyone else ..
      I and the vast majority of rangers fsns welcome the truth

      • Fra

        @Graham…The truth my friend is……drum roll……..

        your team is dead!

        Sad but true!

        • portpower

          If the assets were obtained fraudulently would that make sevco a fraudulent company/company/2012club?

        • graham

          Aw naw Here we go again ….
          Bla bla bla bla not dead
          54 titles and still going on
          Etc Etc etc !!

      • @ Graham.
        The fans maybe were victims to an extent Graham, but your club were the perps!
        You can claim victim hood then, but not now! hat club is on death row for its crimes against you and Scottish fitba’ .
        Rejoice man! You will have your justice.

        • graham

          Barca .
          Sorry we will disagree from until hell freezes over ,
          The club have been found not guilty on all counts the only thing that they are guilty of is being taken over by a fraudster who had our money to pay the wages a the tax bill but elected not to !!
          And my club had been punished unjustly in the eyes of every rangers fan !!
          So there we have barca !
          Not guilty not dead !
          Am sure you will say the opposite and that is your right in this free country of Britain ..
          we await the jailing of the man who put our club in this position and his friends who have subsequently lined their pockets with our hard earned tax paid at source cash !

          • tykebhoy

            not guilty? Not sure of the exact words but something along the lines of one step away from match fixing! Also found guilty by the FTT of Tax evasion on some of the EBTs while admitting guilt on others.

            You were told of the fraud long before it was exposed in admin, but even into February 2012 it was denied because everyone pointing it out were Rangers haters. Oh dear the duped are being duped again but because its TRFC hater’s doing the warning it will be ignored again. I guess the next world record will be reincarnations lol

            • graham

              1 step away from match fixing !!!
              What ?
              We have been found guilty of nothing !!
              Only the non payment of taxes by a fraudster who had no mandate from the rangers support to act In the manor he did

          • Paul

            we await the jailing of the man who put our club in this position and his friends who have subsequently lined their pockets with our hard earned tax paid at source cash !
            Do not want to bring you bad news but the guys you talk about are still at your club.

          • gortnamona

            You know Graham
            I am actually starting to feel sorry for you.

          • Allfanstogether

            So Rangers only became bad when White took over, what about all those years when Murray was in charge do they not count.

          • tykebhoy

            No mandate???

            But but but he was the Motherwell born billionaire!! The blue knight in shining armour with a massive war chest, lauded by the blue hordes until February 2012 and even beyond. Only when D&P started confirming everything Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and others hade been saying was broadly true did the penny finally drop.

            However you still don’t get it do you. Craig Whyte didn’t withold her Maj’s dues for his own benefit, unless you count the continuation of RFC1872 as being his own benefit. In the end he failed because the loyal crown servant Hector decided enough was enough and ensured RFC1872 was liquidated.

            But that didn’t deter Craigy. He found a puppet to front a bid for the assets of the liquidated club in the firesale. But the puppet having carried it off cut the strings and duped his puppet master (why does Pinocchio ring loads of bells here) and started lying to the blue hordes about massive warchests, massive partnerships (Dallas Cowboys anyone?) and massive success (a professional squad dumped out of the Ramsden’s cup).

            Craig Whyte is casting a large dark shadow over South and South West Glasgow and SDM knew all about it and the blue hordes loved it until, as it was bound to do, it went mammaries skyward. The tribute act is about to follow suit because of Craigy’s involvement in its creation and because its built on foundations much more shaky than Craigy’s Ticketus deal.

      • tykebhoy

        But you went along for the ride when everyone was telling you it was a fraud, because everyone else were Ranger’s haters. Only admin and the resultant liquidation convinced you it was a fraud. The supporters aren’t victims of the fraud they are the ones that permitted it. History is repeating itself because the tribute act is a “fraud” too and just like the original will go mammaries skyward

      • Paul

        Sorry but your club was the problem not a big bad man who ran away.And now the club is new why don’t you embrace it and start afresh instead of trying desperately to hang onto the old traditions that screwed you.

        • graham

          You mean the way celtic fans embraced their new club you know the one with out the athletic which was the one that won the big one celtic football and athletic club !!
          Which is not the club you are now I believe !!
          So if you want tae split hairs about what our clubs are today in their present forms fee free cause I know my club has Unbroken history !
          Can you say the say
          Shelf bhoy

          • Allfanstogether

            Again you are wrong, anyone, clubs etc,can change or use whatever name they like as long as it’s legal.

          • tykebhoy

            Note the 3487 being one of the first 3500 companies to register in Scotland and the registerd date of 1897 with a name change in 1994

            In 1994 when shares were offered to the public it could no longer remain a limited company so the name was changed from Celtic Football Athletic Company Limited to Celtic PLC.

            At exactly the same time a pacific shelf company registerd less than 3 months earlier was renamed and made a wholly owned subsidiary of the PLC. The rename was to Celtic Football Athletic Company Limited. Why, well I suspect only Fergus and a few others know. Maybe Fergus was sentimental, maybe he thought the fans were or maybe he thought someone else might register it for malicious reasons. I wonder who he could have in mind if the latter is the case?

      • Jamie

        “I and the vast majority of rangers fsns welcome the truth”

        That’s the funniest comment I’ve heard on this site… should have ended your sentence with “as long as it paints us in a good light and doesn’t mention all the dodgy things we did”

  35. Raymilland

    Charlotte latest….

    Is David Grier aka Ted Smith?


    What a hotchpotch

  36. Someone at Duff and Phelps assuming a false identity to try and protect themselves from a conflict of interest charge. This just gets murkier and murkier.

  37. graham
    July 26, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Aw naw Here we go again ….
    Bla bla bla bla not dead
    54 titles and still going on
    Etc Etc etc !!
    Lol sounds like someone protests too much.

  38. lordmac

    they way it now looks like is this the 3 guys that are director of duff and Phelps where also directors with MCR before the take over they where also directors of a firm before mcr think they where names as mnc cant remember but they had done business before for rangers but when duff and Phelps bought them the mcr i don’t think they told duff and Phelps

  39. For those interested in the Charlotte Fakes account on twitter, conspiracy theory’s regarding the the press’s seeming inability to comment on the material released (there are many) look to be overtaken by a police investigation.

    The much debated Leveson inquiry, set up by David Cameron as a result of the phone hacking scandal has made journalist wary of any information whose source is questionable.

    For those eager for some kind of truth in the story of Rangers over the last few years and how it relates to Scottish football governance in the same time frame, Charlotte Fakes provides a seemingly inexhaustible supply of information to fill the void.

    The police investigation if nothing else at least opens the door for journalists.

    Though at this early stage it’s still far too easy to make conjecture look like reality by the simple process choosing facts before the investigation has generated any evidence.

    One thing is for sure the police investigation as reported looks a little vague.

    “A police spokesman told The Drum’s writer: “We can confirm that we did receive a complaint in connection with a Twitter account and police enquiries are ongoing to establish if there is any criminality involved.”

    Perhaps a serious police investigation is under way. The perception baased on reports is that if it is happening at all this is not an investigation into the veracity of Charlotte fakes posts.

    It would seem rather a question of whether or not the Charlotte fakes account has breached any law in making public, information which he or she had no right to make public or has fabricated information which may have in some way harmed individuals directly or indirectly.

    Any investigation into Charlotte’s postings could lead to unexpected revelations but this is something which is clearly a long way off and I would not place any weight on it at this point.

    For readers and listeners of Charlotte’s posts it would be wise to remember that they come without any explanation.

    More importantly, even if we subvert all doubts and grant Charlotte Fakes everything that she claims to be. Even if we accept that all her documents are flawlessly reproduced.

    There is still a huge problem.

    I have over many years in a tough business listened to so many blow hard business men tell me what they will do. Tell me what their colleagues shortcomings are. Tell me how to set the world right before falling down drunk in a way only a misguided middle aged businessman can accomplish, with no dignity at all.

    The trouble is the bluster is rarely more than that.

    Real evidence of actual wrong doing has yet to be presented in any form worthy of discussion, nothing in the Charlotte Fakes account has been tested in any way that I have seen.

    Interesting though the posts are they lack the fascination of something which has a suitable counter.

    Who knows what will come out of the police investigation, if such exists, that said it’s unlikely to be an investigation into the documents themselves.

    More likely a question of where they came from.

  40. Ed Paisley

    So David Grier knew exactly how Whyte was funding his acquisition of Murray’s shares. Gee what a revelation. Now you’re gonna tell me that bears shit in the woods and James Easdale is a well dodgy!

    I can just see Craigy, Grier and Withey getting together to plan the “cleansing” of Rangers probably with David Murray in the next room doing his hear no evil, see no evil act. What is the chance that the whole dirty scheme was hatched by David Murray – liquidation and phoenixing. The grim reaper was poised over Ibrox anyway and Murray knew that liquidation wouldn’t end the history – at least according to the SFA and Scottish media. In fact, with a bit of luck the new Rangers would remain in the SPL sans the crippling debts and no-one would be blamed for killing the club. Clever…………………

    Murray is an old hand at covering his tracks but I’m pretty confident that Charlotte Fakes has a few explosive documents that even the chickenshit Scottish media could not ignore. I would like to be there when HM the Queen cuts off David’s epaulettes with the ceremonial sword. Sweet!

    • Ed Paisley

      Wait a minute – I forgot my sarcastic laugh:-
      Haw haw haw……..

    • cam

      Your sounding like Eco on steroids Ted,,,,the idiocy of your chunterings is rising exponentially and i can see you Barca and Bud running away together and forming a commune.Praying to Charlotte as your deity and dressing up in sussies and heels,,,get Monti down and spike his drink and give him a night to remember,,,ooooh aaaaargh!

  41. badgerbhoy

    graham on July 26, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    • badgerbhoy

      Graham you really are a bit thick.

      Not guilty on all charges, haha keep spreading those lies and maybe someday people will believe it.

      Pacific shelf? Are tribute act fans really still talking about that?
      Celtic PLC is the football club ya daftie.

      Sevco are actually owned by the holding company RIFC. Ironically the setup that the liars and denialists said existed before.

  42. Ed Paisley

    Scrub my earlier post about the death of Rangers. Like Gortnamona at 8:06pm I’m feeling sorry for Graham. So here it is for Graham:-
    A bad man called Craig Whyte duped Sir David Murray and his advisors into selling him the club for £1. The club was in rude health but had a very temporary cash flow crisis and was probably worth £100m in reality. Anyway silver tongued but evil Craig Whyte stopped paying tax,NIC and VAT he was collecting on behalf of the government – because he is a very bad man – then the shit hit the fan and the club were killed by a conspiracy of fenians. The end.

    Pleasant dreams Graham.

  43. cam

    Well the truce didn’t last long chaps,,,back to the bickering and name calling.
    Martin said some lovely words about hate.I’m certain if he had some nice romantic lighting and tunes on, his syrupy tones could get Eco’s juices flowing,,,but i digress!

    I was gonna give you a week of peace and quiet in order not to stoke the flames but Gort,coatbrig,Fra,Paul and even Ted are fair dripping with venom.
    Safe to say they’re not going to San Francisco with flowers in their hair.
    Their domestic lifes must be interesting with all that hate in the mix.
    Morag thinks that Gorty bhoy pulls wings off butterflies and needs a watching.

    Anyway,,i’ve solved it!,,,yup the whole bloody mess was caused by a firm called Drake&Raleigh.

    Not heard of them Barca?,,,Charlotte didn’t leave a note under your pillow after a hard session?
    Franny and Wattie as these two gents are known were both responsible for introducing from the Andes, the Solanum Tuberosum,,,no, its not a Latin legal term that Paul uses to excuse his Gers agenda,and its not Lenny’s latest signing, who, after playing a blinder against Falkirk is worth £10million.

    Ladies and gents,bhoys and bears,,,i give you the humble potato!
    The root cause of hundreds of years of trouble.From the blight to the famine to the stadium this innocuous wee spud has been the focal point in mucho trouble between neighbours.
    In protest i’m boycotting the tottie and going Chinese and Italian in my filler food groups.Pasta and rice for me and to hell with the tottie!

    The above statement in no way reflects the opinion of the blog and no potatoes were harmed in its production.

    • Arb urns

      Surely the adirondack blues and jersey royals are still on the menu chez morag cam as well as the king teddys… Me I’m headin for a Charlotte flake and coffee….. Some hibs fans r sayin u guys once lost 12 in a two legged euro tie is that true?

      • cam

        To a great Eintracht team in the semi final of the European cup Rabbie,,,they lost as you know to Real 7-3 in the greatest final ever.
        Gers lost 12-4 on aggregate.
        Hibs fans are tottie heided buggers,,,,boil them and smash them all to bits.

      • cam

        After Andy’s and Scottish sports greatest day,i’m feeling more upbeat about the Gers,,,hopefully that lovely bloke Ally will get the team playing with some confidence and style.
        A wee cheeky bottle of plonk,some tunes,and Morag is gonna let me live out my ultimate fantasy,,,,she’s dressing up!!!,,,,,as the Pope!!

        • Arb urns

          Strap on ?

          • cam

            Good God man!,,,,an audience wi the Holy Fadder doesn’t require an Anne Summers catalog!,,,bloody Fifers are weird folk!.
            Rabbie,i’m a bit worried about oor Niall,,,,have you something to tell us regards a 2 iron in a quiet bunker?
            Is the man on vacation? or is he tussling with a higher being?

            • Arb urns

              Heard he couldn’t take any more aniallations on here so took up a role as a ‘ coin tosser’………don’t carry a twa cam so wisnae me if his blogging days are bunkered

            • cam

              Hehe,,,like it sir,,,yer a hybrid fan,,,vino’s done,tunes are shutting down,Morag is calling,,,i’m just going outside Rabbie and i may be some time!
              May your God go with you.

    • Raymilland

      Q: What do you get when you cross a penis and a potato?

      A: A dicktator

      There’s a few couch potatoes on here.

    • Fra

      @Cameron……Now sir, I see the wee rest has done your quill no harm. This is the Cameron we have grown to……..(fill as you may). But alas, my heart is wounded with the accusation of my involvement in venomous tirades….I believe your quill slipped when guessing at nom de plumes as I seem to have been added by mistake.

      Edit I cry, edit.

      Never played the YouTube vid but it looks awfy like Sweet and not Mot the Hoople. I will have another wee gecko which will probably confirm myself as a crazy man.

      I have been reading back and find myself having a Monti moment. My hand of friendship shall extend to Willy Wonka as my posts directed to him have not been up to standards I normally set myself. I can disagree without getting out my cot. Mr Wonka, hands across the ocean mucker as you actually remind me of somebody from my past life. A little bitter Orangeman but a lovely guy nonetheless. Not you, my mate.

      We had an agreement not to go there and it worked for us so if it can work for two bigots from opposite sides, then I assume it could work for us.

      I offer my hand in friendship and will stop the vitriol towards your good self. How about it brother?

  44. cam

    From the greatest year in the 70’s,,,,Bud ,Barca and Ted team up with Charlotte on bass.

    • Mac Tomas

      The worlds most Sectaria………..sorry, suck sessful team have Scotland’s second worse European result! Loosing 12 in two games that must be some kind of record, goes quite nicely with 54. That’s the thing about history cam, If you keep the records you keep the embarrassing history, just like Cromwell’s portrait…….warts & all………..

    • Fra

      Slap me down. The blond feather cut didn’t belong to Brian Connolly after all. Fantastic track Cam

  45. cam

    If music be the food of love,play on,,,
    Part of my Quantico training involved profiling a subject through his interests,hobbies,etc.
    To further understand you bhoys, i would propose we post a list of our fav. tunes.
    The book club critique that was suggested never took off due to mucho bickering and tired postulating on the Irish problem,WWII and the effects of tonic wine on the populace of Coatbridge.
    I propose a playlist of 15 tunes which should give plenty scope.In the interests of harmony and free love all party tunes are null and void.
    I came across this compilation on YouTube which is pretty good.

    • Mac Tomas

      No 11, “fighting in the Streets”…… the new boss. same as the old boss…….can’t think why you’d like that?…….. 🙂

  46. Mac Tomas

    You’ll love this cam, an education…………

    • cam

      Lovely tune Mac,,,,didn’t like the child abuse at the end though.

      • Mac Tomas

        Don’t you know that’s our favorite bit…… Well you keep singing songs about it just in case we forget!.

        Tattie scones for breakfast graham, Irish one’s of course…….
        Lying low today, or as we say……..Athenry………

  47. cam

    Number 15 in my list is Hurricane by Dylan,,,,a poet with a guitar and an intellect,,,,you gotta get the right version,just like his other Opus Major,,Idiot Wind.
    This version’s decent,although more of a vehicle for one of my fav. current actors big Denziel.

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