James Easdale Now Director of The #Rangers Football Club Limited – Maybe to Help Them Make Returns on Time?

James Easdale, the recently appointed non-executive director of Rangers International Football Club PLC (the company which owns the company which owns the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club) is a very successful Scottish businessman and entrepreneur. He has a wide experience in business, having served as director of a large number of limited companies.

As required by Stock Exchange Rules, his appointment to the PLC Board was accompanied by an official statement.

However he has also achieved an additional position within the “Blue Room” at Ibrox, which could conflict with his non-executive role.

Remember Sevco Scotland Ltd? That was the vehicle through which Mr Green and his associates acquired Rangers. It changed its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

The history of its directors is interesting. This was the company which had acquired the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club, and retains primary ownership of those assets today.

It is owned 100% by RIFC PLC, but the directors of the two entities are not identical.

When Sevco Scotland Ltd formed, there was one director – Charles Green.

On 29th June 2012 Brian Stockbridge, Imran Ahmad and Malcolm Murray were added to the board.

Mr Murray’s appointment terminated in December 2012, after he was appointed as Chairman of the PLC. This is not an uncommon procedure, leaving him free to concentrate on his non-executive role in the PLC without this being, potentially, compromised by his role in the subsidiary.

Mr Ahmad lost his position on the board in May 2013, and Mr Green followed shortly thereafter, leaving Mr Stockbridge as the sole director.

The new CEO, Craig Mather, was appointed to the Board in June 2013.

Now Mr Easdale has joined Messrs Stockbridge and Mather, his appointment being recorded by Companies House on 11th July.

Whilst the announcement of his role as a director of the PLC listed companies of which he was a director, clearly his appointment to the private limited company Board must have come after that, as it was not mentioned.

I have also not seen, whether on the Rangers site, or on the Stock Exchange news wire, any report of this appointment. (There is no obligation for such an appointment to be announced, although in view of the possible conflict with his non-executive PLC role one would have thought it prudent to report it.)

But as a man of great company experience, I am sure that he will assist the other board members in fulfilling all of the annoying regulations.

The Companies House website today shows that the Annual Return for The Rangers Football Club Limited (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd) is overdue, having been expected by Companies House by 26th June 2013, as shown in the extract below.

Accounting Reference Date: 30/06
Last Accounts Made Up To:  (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due: 28/02/2014
Last Return Made Up To:
Next Return Due: 26/06/2013 OVERDUE

Remember all of the shenanigans that poor Mr Whyte had to undergo as a result of paperwork being submitted late, or incorrectly?

Let’s hope that Mr Easdale’s expertise and experience can come together to avoid any more embarrassing regulatory lapses by the company which owns Rangers!

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526 responses to “James Easdale Now Director of The #Rangers Football Club Limited – Maybe to Help Them Make Returns on Time?

  1. Some whataboutery for the huns here

    Kevin Skeemer ‏@OfficialSkeems 47m
    #Rangers fans kicking off in Sheffield apparently before a friendly with Sheffield Wednesday #SWFC #RFC

    • Ed Paisley

      Good God – when will decency and civility ever break out amongst ra peepul. They seem to revel in the mayhem that they cause. The important point is that we need to be vigilant that the good young Celtic supporters don’t get dragged into this kind of appalling behaviour. Thank God they won’t sully Celtic Park with their presence for a couple of seasons (or three).

  2. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    It appears that early reports of rioting are unfounded according to the police.

    Lets have a look at what the locals are saying though.

    Ian parsisson ‏@IanStew58 1h
    Respect to Rangers fans. #properfans

    wednesdayite ‏@wednesdayite 1h
    Rangers fans making fantastic noise here at Hillsborough tonight. Makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck #swfc

    Donny Owl Chris ‏@chrisrishton 1h
    Rangers fans have took over Sheffield. Our fans won’t like to admit that but they have!! They are great fans too!! Fair play to em

    matt ‏@MattClow_ 1h
    The loudest fans we’ve ever had at hillsborough and its 10 minutes to kick off! #swfc

    Kevin Murphy ‏@KevinMurphy82 1h
    No point trying to compete with these Glasgow lads on the terraces. Different Gravy. World class

    Kevin Murphy ‏@KevinMurphy82 1h
    Never seen so many flags at a football ground before either! 6000 Rangers fans here tonight. Amazing

    dale sugden SWFC ‏@DaleSugden 1h
    With this sort of following & the atmosphere they create #rangers should definitely be playing in the premier league…would be amazing!

    Paul Riley ‏@OwlPaul 1h
    Fair play to Rangers, away support pre-season friendly. A credit to your club!!!

    Vikki Taylor ‏@mvikkit 57m
    Loving the Rangers fans!

    ian jacques ‏@ianjacques68 48m
    Sheffield wed scores to save my life from the bouncy but they have just got louder some fans Rangers,pity the club have been done over!

    Rhys Oakes ‏@Oakeesss 11m
    Rangers fans are class, massive respect for the atmosphere they bring, the lee rigby flag was brilliant! Fav Scottish club #swfc

    SWFC_Police ‏@SWFC_Police 6h
    Smiles all around from a Rangers fan

    • willy wonka

      I was at the match. There was NO trouble. There was no hint of trouble. Both sets of fans enjoyed the game.
      Typical though that an unfounded rumour is seized upon by some here.

      • Stiffing the Queen for taxes!

        @willy wanka…unfounded rumour,if you lot went anywhere and never caused any bother,that would be a first and more than likely,a last as well! Why were you handed the wee diddy cup in your dressing room in Barcelona,yip,rioting! All aboard the big BLUE bus!

  3. Hmmm I wonder what party songs are being sung.

  4. mick

    Hi cam you took no 1 on and you haven’t cleared the place lol it’s a regular debate am here still londons going well it’s great a pass the palace 2 times a day and Harrods a missed the Brenford game thou due to other things gutted at that as am not far from Putney no 1 has asked what school a went to or what team I am yet lol the joys of migration this economic migration is the way to go

    • @Mick.
      Glad to hear its gaun good bro. If its best for you and the family you have made the right move. Awrabest mucker. 🙂

      • mick

        Thanks barca am loving it the heat and food and the general feel of it all the flats are we thou and the kitchen is in the living room but it’s a large flat over all and at a good price so am well chuffed the work is easy going to do its a win win my local and nearest CSC is wembeldon via the Irish club in area it amazes me that every area in London has a Irish cultural centre why no places like this in Glasgow or Scotland when you look at the difference s it shows Scotland as backwards something am not missing it’s strange going to jobs and know 1 asks what team u are

        • mick

          Oh forgot to add the new prince has black hair it’s not another butler scandal in the making is it with wills of on rescue missions all the time it’s easy to understand

          • @Mick,
            Onwards and upwards mate. I hope the weans settle at school when they start, but in my experience they will adapt easier than you. Lol.

          • cam

            Shockerooney mick,,imagine a total stranger,stating that your good lady was messing about behind your back,,,not gentlemanly conduct.

        • cam

          That’s fascinating,,,i hope you stay down there for good.I really do hope there are no terrorist bombings when you’re down there just trying to provide for your family.
          Some of those terrorist groups have no morals and kill women and children indiscriminately,,awful isn’t it?
          There are even pricks on the internet discussing fitba teams who celebrate these atrocities,,,i know mate, its disgusting!
          All the best, and if the guy in the pub’s eyes glaze over when your explaining the Ticketus switcheroo via offshore spivs in suits and Tesco dramas,,,do the decent thing and walk away,,,after all yer a Celtic fan and thats what you do.

          • jjbhoy

            @camp,yeah you really do wish he would stay down there,cos it’s 1 less bhoy to slag you and your skank of a club off,read my post about living down there,and ask you and your kind,why is it,that a country that has actually suffered terrible carnage and atrocious loss of life can still celebrate a day that is everything Irish,as did the Queen when visiting Eire,yet the West of Scotland cannot do this,is it because Scottish Presbyterians are righteous and forthright or is EVERYONE else wrong?

        • jjbhoy

          Hi Mick,jjbhoy here,i take it you are in london?(sherlock or wot!) I used to live in ilford,essex and the local club was The Shannon or the local grocers,da Blarney Stone,take care and enjoy yourself and strangely,you can celebrate Saint Patricks down south but not in Glasgow,can someone explain that who came from a rangers background,i’m bemused,as i have since found out,that most,if not all major cities across the World,yes,unbelievably,across the big wide world,do actually celebrate Saint Patricks day,but not in Glasgow or generally speaking,the West of Scotland,i really am bemused on that one so if anyone from the West of Scotland can throw some light on this,please do as it would be informative to me and my friends! R.S.V.P. ASAP!

          • Stevie

            Ooofft, Calamero’s back!
            Kate and Will’s new born is more mature than you jjb!
            Whit a stupid hook to hang yer hat oan!
            Yet another insight to the mhob-bhoy psyche, another pointless crusade. What’s next on the rolling agenda of “It’s an injustice it is?” …
            Justice for Pol-Pot?… Knighthood for Boaby Sands?…
            Have you contributed to “Big Pete from Paradise’s” sponsored silence yet?

            • Stiffing the Queen for taxes!

              @Stevie,has your club paid the Queen her taxes yet or are you all too busy celebrating the royal baby on the back of someone elses monies,Eh,Stevie,are you?

      • Fra

        @Mick…..welcome back Mick.. Hope London continues to meet your expectations. Keep fighting the good fight. TAL

    • cam

      Cleared the place mick!,,,whats the latest well defo nuclear pish fae @BAWBAGOCONLEY?,,,are you harassing the locals and giving them the academical benefits of conversing with nutters?
      Ask my permission if you wish to keep posting,,,and please stop those unmoderated allegations of criminality,,,there’s a new sheriff in town.

  5. @1side.
    Good tweets from the Sheff fans. At the end of the day, all we can ask of any group of fans is to give it large, and keep it clean.

  6. Monti

    Take it nice & easy like Cadbury’s Caramel.HH!

  7. Monti

    Disgraceful sectarian singing from the Deadco fans in Sheffield tonight, stories of shoplifting, urinating in the streets & Catholic church attacked.
    Deary me,Deary me!!

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      If true then shameful.

      Any evidence ?

      Or will Paul be blogging about you tomorrow telling you to be careful. 🙂

  8. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    More comments on tonights events:

    wednesdayite ‏@wednesdayite 2h
    Great gesture by the @RFC_Official fans, and great of @swfc to let them parade the flag to applause at HT

    Sheffield Wednesday ‏@swfc 1h
    A massive thank you to the @RFC_Official fans for making the long journey to Hillsborough. Safe journey home all! #SWFC

    Grant Roberts ‏@GrantRoberts9 1h
    Rangers fans are easily the best away fans I’ve experienced at hillsborough.. #quality #swfc

    Lloyd Kerry ‏@LKerry11 42m
    In the mix with the #Rangers fans! Class support

    Lewis Southam ‏@lewsouthy 58m
    Never met a friendlier, louder and as passionate a group of supporters as Rangers tonight. What friendlies are all about #Rangers #SWFC

    Zak Oldfield-Cherry ‏@ZakOldfield 49m
    Quality night, we played some good stuff, Rangers are best fans I’ve ever seen in that away end #SWFC

    wednesdayite ‏@wednesdayite 1h
    What a fantastic night at Hillsborough. Rangers fans have to rate as the best that have come to S6 in a long long time

    Official Lee Rigby ‏@OfficialLRigby 18m
    Rangers FC Thank you all so so much for your Support at the match. Brilliant fans #Respect again Thank you so much it means so much XX

    Sheffield Wednesday ‏@swfc 2h
    Rangers and Owls fans unfurl a flag and parade it around Hillsborough: RIP Drummer Lee Rigby. #swfc #

    Jimmy Wiltshire ‏@ThisCharmingJim 31m
    Can we play @RFC_Official every pre season. Alternating between grounds? Top fans. Friendly banter. Good game. Make it happen @Swfc

    Peter E ‏@Seasider06 16m
    Biggest, best and most alive club in Scotland. As if you didn’t know. An unstoppable force on our way back to the top

    Liam Kelly ‏@Liamswfc92 1h
    If Carlsberg did friendlies…

    Steve Prowse ‏@Prowse0401 27m
    By far the best away support I’ve seen come to Hillsborough… Rangers fans were a credit to their club tonight! #swfc

    Mark da Pitsmoor owl ‏@Markmoorhouse2 41m
    Sheffield Wednesday fans are very fair if we say Rangers fans are the best weve seen. Were telling the truth top respect from SWFC family,

    Gupta Owls ‏@robsterbigunit 20m
    @Gers_world fantastic fans made our city McSheffield tonight Rangers the pride of Scotland !!! #fact

    GEORGE ‏@George97_Swfc 39m
    They were the best fans ever bet they all have sore throats haha I thought #swfc sang a lot nothing compared to these #Rangers

  9. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Meanwhile, across the way:


    Evening telegraph calls for Celtic louts ban.

    • mick

      Ts not your country cam get them oot is up there’ve with bomb the lot of them moronic sayings let them in a world with frontiers is the way To go

  10. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    “Hello there, this is Chief Inspector Ian Chilton, match commander for the Sheffield Wednesday and Rangers match. Just about 11 o clock now and starting to wind down the operation. Just like to say thanks to everybody that came to the match. Despite 16,000 arriving and watching a good match, we had no arrests whatsoever.”

  11. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    And still they keep pouring in:

    Irma Kennedy ‏@OWLFOREVER 1m
    YES PLEASE! “@GrantRoberts9: Return trip to Ibrox next pre-season would be quality, & a night out in Glasgow obviously 😁 #swfc

    Plastercine Scissors ‏@0ldY3llowBr1cks 3m
    I have to give it to Rangers, lee rigby tribute was a nice touch #rfc #swfc

    matteh ‏@pubefro 5m
    fair play with the Lee Rigby tribute, that was class to be fair #swfc #rfc

    Blue ‏@TheBlueView 7m
    Good win for #SWFC tonight. However, if you can find a better set of away fans at Hillsborough this year, you deserve a medal.

    Chris Bellamy ‏@Bellamyowl 10m
    #Rangers fans massive respect n a safe journey home by far best away fans we’ll see this season. #swfc #Rangers

    Cyril The Squirrel ‏@Liamowls 10m
    Seeing two sets of supporters singing together like that with no trouble was amazing rarely ever happens #swfc

    Debbie Marie Whittle ‏@MsDebbieWhittle 13m
    I love that on my way home I saw #swfc fans and #Rangers fans drinking together in the pub! THAT is how it should be all the time!

    Leah Parkin ‏@LeahParkin_swfc 14m
    What a great atmosphere at Hillsborough tonight! The Rangers fans were brilliant!! Best away support iv seen!! #SWFC

    Jack ‏@jackcraigswfc 14m
    @Gers_world unreal support by far the best I’ve ever seen at hillsborough, credit to your club welcome anytime in sheffield #swfc

    Debbie Marie Whittle ‏@MsDebbieWhittle 16m
    Loved the #swfc v #Rangers game tonight! Congrats babe @Michailantonio on another goal! What an atmosphere!!! 🙂

    Jamesy ‏@JamesyD1 1h
    RT @danowl: #RANGERS best fans seen at Hillsborough for many years #SWFC

    Carly Mason ‏@CarlyyBob 1m
    “@swfc: A massive thank you to the @RFC_Official fans for making the long journey to Hillsborough Safe journey home all! #SWFC”

    BehnomHassani ‏@BehnomHassani 1m
    Glasgow Rangers fans were absolutely amazing tonight! Hats off 😉 #swfc #RFC

    Brodie Fisher ‏@BrodieFisher24 2m
    Rangers fans are insane, never seen owt like it! Can’t wait til we play them again in the future, wouldn’t miss it for the world! #rfc #SWFC

    Chris Leek ‏@Leekie1867 3m
    Hope all the #Rangers fans have a safe journey home!! Both set of fans was quality!! How about a rematch at Ibrox next season!! #swfc

    hazowl ‏@hazowl27 39m
    Great atmosphere, wont see that at Hillsborough again this season. Game typical of wot it was. Rangers fans a credit #SWFC

  12. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Data Centre Guru ‏@DataCentreGuru 7m
    “@Prowse0401: By far the best away support I’ve seen at Hillsborough.Rangers fans were a credit to their club #swfc #GersOnTour” Unlike some

    George Uttley⚽ ‏@George_Swfc 7m
    Wednesday need to go to the ibrox now so rangers can see us away! #Swfc

    Daniel Gardiner ‏@gardiner1985 6m
    Sad thing is seasons not even started n that’s best away support we’ll see all season! #swfc

    nicole ‏@nicolegabbitas 7m
    lot of respect for those rangers fans that had that ‘RIP Lee Rigby’ flag! #swfc

    ian geddes ‏@geddesswfc 6m
    #rangers absolute amazing support from rangers best support I’ve ever seen at Hillsborough maximum respect your a credit to your club #swfc

    Sandy ‏@sandycutts 6m
    #Rangers #swfc let’s have a re match at ibrox next season n let all fans sit together #fansunited awesome night at Hillsboro xxxxxx

    Dan Pitsch ‏@dtmowl1979 4m
    Like I said best away fans at Hillsborough bar none #rangers #swfc #RipLeeRigby

    Friendzone Warrior ‏@JoshAmos96 4m
    Best away support I’ve ever witnessed at Hillsborough! #SWFC

    Kane hinchcliffe ‏@KanoH87 3m
    @Gers_world best away support that been to hillsborough, top team, top fans !!!!!! #SWFC


    • Mac Tomas

      good effort 2bob, though to be honest, got a wee touch desperate.
      The one I liked best was “best away support ever, shame they were done over”… done over indeed.. Should have read “shame they ‘are being’ done over….again!”………..PMSL…. 🙂

  13. Budweiser

    Jag retires due to throat cancer. Remember him best on World Service whilst abroad. Retired having unfulfilled his ambition to read :- Forfar 5 East Fife 4 !
    Records confirm his most repeated result included ——- St. Mirren nil .


  14. lordmac

    if the lad left a finger print it would have been more than what would have been in the house.
    its ok he knows how to fill in a insurance claim.

  15. lordmac

    here one for cam and 2sides of and carson, maybe they would want to know what church this was taken from,


    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Why would i want to know that ?

    • Budweiser

      here one for cam and 2sides of and carson, maybe they would want to know what church this was taken from,



      Paedophiles are not religious per se. They will use and abuse any and all means to fulfil their desires. They will acquire and don ANY ‘religious’ trappings or seek any opportunity via clubs /associations where they can establish a form of trust. Trust is the key word here. Catholic families trusted their priests implicitly worldwide. Peadophiles used and abused that trust. They saw the opportunity and took it . Positions of trust are being used by peadophiles where they see the opportunity.
      The recent ‘yewtree’ investigations and subsequent Saville and related investigations have shown how difficult and traumatic it is for victims to come forward and be believed by police and others in authority.
      This is NOT a religious issue [ or a football issue ] except in relation to alleged cover ups. These cover – ups also concern the judiciary and police in Scotland . Institutional secrecy and cover – ups re child abuse are the ‘norm’ in Scotland.

  16. jjbhoy

    Ha-Ha-Ha,ye couldnae make it up,the huns in Sheffield with a banner,PROCLAIMING,Wills and Kate new bambino and efter shafting his maw and her future mother in law,they really don’t do irony,silly billies! All aboard the big BLUE bus! Aha Aha Aha! GIe ma maw her money back ya fraudulent bastards yeez,was the cry!

  17. jjbhoy

    Did Wills ask ye fur his maws dosh ya robbin hun bastards?

  18. jjbhoy

    Oh the cry was,fuck off,it’s oor money!

  19. jjbhoy

    How nice,that the fine upstanding rangers,support showed that irony is alive and well by holding up a banner with CONGRAULATIONS emblazoned across it,only thing missing was,we shaftit yir maw,your wife and yir wean ay aw that tax and we arra people,please God,save the Queen,from this lot,as they always proclaim their undying loyalty and righteous ways but do’t pay their dues in life,maybe that’s the real reason the Queen has moved on,yet protestants/presbyterians in the West of Scotland can’t,as they really do see themselves as above the law,even the law of the land that governs ALL of us,even the pro-irish Celtic support(Ghod bless every last one of them!)pays their dues,Your Majesty,this lot don’t All aboard the big BLUE bus! TRUTH OR LIE HUNNIES?

  20. jjbhoy

    Good comments about a rangers travelling support,wawee,that must be a new record,well done,have a gold star an you can be like us,Only kiddin! Hee-Haw gold star fur your lot,that’s fur the big bhoys! All aboard the big BLUE bus! Tick,Tick,yer aw tick!

  21. JohnBhoy


    “Who are you telling to grow up?
    Going by the puerility of your last guest post, you have a lot of growing up to do yourself.
    You see the worst in others and the best in yourself.
    I meant it genuinely, and I wasnt having a dig, just bemoaning the fact at how far Scottish football has declined when its current leading club, Celtic, with a fantastic pedigree cannot retain its best players.”

    David at least be honest. You were having a wee sleekit kick at Celtic. My last guest post – which is Part I of two guest posts – was anything but “puerile”, unlike your constant foul-mouthed attacks on Monti: “liar, bigot,..”Constantly reminding Monti of how you “horsed” him. Jeez, what was that all about? Do I regurgitate your childish qualification boast?

    You misunderstood my guest post. It was an intelligent, and in parts humorous, reflection of Rangers’ predicament, the SFA and debased posts, still appearing I see, on this blog. Now, if you had made the accusation that my guest post was one-sided, and not puerile, then I would happily concede that point; although to be fair to myself, that was just Part I. You are also wrong when you state that I do not see the best in people but only in myself. Where’s your evidence for that daft comment?

    To get back to your initial comment about Hooper’s departure being “a bad sign of the times”. Hooper leaving Celtic for QPR is neither bad nor a sign of the times. In terms of the former, Celtic will make a healthy profit on a player who’s form was inconsistent and the player will increase his wage packet; the latter – a sign of the times – requires an event to occur that reflects current mores or trends. Hooper is leaving mainly, in my view, for money and, perhaps, but to a lesser extent, to enhance his chances of playing for England: that is why he has delayed his departure, hoping that a big EPL club will come in to tick both boxes – failing that, money is his goal.

    There is nothing unusual about players leaving to go to a smaller club, or indeed country with no great history of football, for more money. It’s been part and parcel of football for years. It reflects more on the player than his former club and it is not a “bad sign of the times”.

    I’m glad that you recognise Celtic to be a world class club. At least you got something right.

    • gortnamona

      For the further edification of David

      The worst kind of terrorism is that inflicted on a helpless minority by a permanent and powerful government with a vicious armed police force and a rabid sectarian paramilitary force at its command.

  22. gortnamona

    “In recent days it has been alarming to skim, fingers over the eyes, some of the more hardcore Rangers fans’ websites. “Loud and proud, lads!” the cry goes up from those fans who, far from being embarrassed by bigoted chanting, appear to believe this is how it should be for a “loyal” Rangers supporter.”
    Graham Spiers Tuesday 26th February 2013

    ian geddes @geddesswfc 6m #rangers absolute amazing support from rangers best support I’ve ever seen at Hillsborough maximum respect your a credit to your club #swfc

    Isn’t it wonderful how much the Huns have improved and mellowed in the last few months? My faith in the basic goodness of human nature has been restored.

  23. Cluster one

    carson. uefa don’t use the 5 star rating anymore not since 2006.stadiums are rated category one,two,three,four,These catagories replace the previous method of ranking stadiums to a five star scale,A stadium must be category four to host games in the playoffs of the qualifiying stage for UEFA champions league games……………Hope this helps

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