Which Dis-satisfied #Rangers Shareholder Sold 1.5 RIFC PLC Million Shares?

Bill McMurdo seems to have his finger on the pulse of Rangers sentiment, and has many contacts amongst the leaders and former leaders of his favoured team. This is exemplified by a piece on his blog yesterday, which can be read in full here.

In it he speaks to Charles Green about his wish to return to a senior position within Ibrox. He also denies suggestions that recent share sales, which contributed to the slump of over 20% in the share price, were his doing. As he correctly says, he is prevented from selling his shares until 12 months after the float.

One particular line which is of interest in Mr McMurdo’s piece reads as follows:-

Green said: “I have 5 million shares and have not let go of 1.5 million over the past few days. The shares sold were by an investor who is not happy with the way things have gone.”

Mr Green therefore knows who sold the shares and why they did so.

Looking at the list of major shareholders from the Rangers website, which details those who own 2 million or more shares, can we try to work out who the seller was?

The list is below:-

Charles Green 5,071,629 7.79%
Hargreave Hale Limited 5,022,000 7.71%
Artemis Investment Management LLP 4,286,000 6.58%
Blue Pitch Holding 4,000,000 6.14%
Mike Ashley 3,000,000 4.61%
Margarita Funds Holding Trust 2,600,000 3.99%
Cazenove Capital Management Limited 2,450,000 3.76%
Richard Hughes 2,200,000 3.38%
Imran Ahmad 2,200,000 3.38%
Legal & General Investment Management Limited 2,000,000 3.07%


In addition, the RIFC PLC Prospectus discloses major shareholdings BEFORE the float.

That list shows that the major shareholders prior to the float, owning over 1.2 million shares consisted of Mr Green, Blue Pitch Holdings, Margarita Funds Holding Trust, Richard Hughes, Imran Ahmad and Craig Mather.

It is understood that none of these “founder” investors paid the full offer price of 70p per share.

The remaining investors from the above list, being Hargreave Hale Ltd, Artemis Investment Management LLP, Cazenove Capital Management Ltd and Legal & General Investment Management Ltd, are likely to have paid the full price for shares.

So we either have one of those institutions selling 1.5 million shares at a loss of about 28p each, making a real, as opposed to paper, loss of £420,000, or it was one of the original investors.

It cannot be Mr Green or Mr Ahmad, due to their tie-ins.

It cannot be Mr Mather, as such a share dealing by a current director, would require to be disclosed.

We are then left with the mysterious Blue Pitch Holdings, or the equally secretive Margarita Funds Holdings Trust; or Mr Hughes, main man in Zeus Capital from whence Messrs Ahmad and Stockbridge came or Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United and Sports Direct.

The natures of the so-called “shadowy” Blue Pitch and Margarita Funds make it less likely, I think, that it is either of these investors – my reading of Mr Green’s words leads me to believe he is talking of an individual.

If Mike Ashley was selling shares because he was not happy with how things had gone, then one would expect to have heard some discussion about this. Mr Ashley is not a man known for hiding his light under a bushel!

And, even at a price of 42p, these initial investors would make a profit on such a sale.

So, by a process of elimination, it seems that the most likely candidate for being responsible for the sale is Mr Hughes. He came into the deal, it would appear, at the instance of Messrs Green and Ahmad. Now that his two cohorts are gone, why hang about?

And if he too got his shares at a significant discount, as seems to have been the case, then he still had a profit to take at the diminished share price.

As I wrote before about the share price falling, as there is no possibility of a dividend being paid, then those who invested to make money can only do so by selling the shares. For someone in this position to sell when the price is half of what it was at its peak suggests that (a) they needed to raise funds by asset sales or (b) they wanted to take a profit before it declined even more.

However, as well as asking who sold the shares, one also wonders who bought them?

And that is for another day …

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97 responses to “Which Dis-satisfied #Rangers Shareholder Sold 1.5 RIFC PLC Million Shares?

  1. Graham

    McMurdo interview looks scripted and could be press release, we know now oldco were feeding blogs and press with articles…

    Mcmurdo also did not ask any tough questions ???????

    Also McMurdo is quick to spread rumours, about bus and arson and singing and pitch invasions…. spreading muck about rangers opponents – maybe this how he got scoop on green?

  2. Interesting article —— Richard Hughes ain’t daft!!!!

  3. Monti

    Craig Whyte?

  4. Ed Paisley

    Hughes checking out isn’t a good sign.
    Rangers will need to get onto their second stage re-capitalisation very soon or the peasants will start to revolt (cue b&w video of the torch and pitchfork bearing mob). It’s gonna be difficult with the share price less than 40p and having lost Cenkos and the trust of the institutional shareholders.

    Bring back Charlie Green – mind you he probably needs to stay outside the UK for 186 days to avoid 28% tax on his share disposal proceeds.

    Look on the bright side bluenoses – the stars have aligned in the heavens, there are thunderstorms predicted and Kate and Wills will bring forth your future monarch – King Kai the First, defender of the faith(s) and homeopathy.

    P.S. I hope Kate is well and the young couple have a healthy baby.

  5. Budweiser

    ok – I’m the secret selling shareholder.

  6. Mac Tomas

    The latest round of bad news for the Bloos Brothers, the downward spiraling share prices & a torched super bus, will be tempered somewhat, by TV journalists standing outside a London hospital, beside themselves with the news that another Royal benefits fraudster is on the way. No doubt the above mentioned McMurdo will be concocting a forelock tugging, boot licking blog for the arrival of the blessed Royal child.
    It will be interesting to see how much is mentioned by a compliant “nationwide” press regarding the future child’s Grandfather, & his inhibition about furnishing his subject’s treasury with the taxes that they are entitled to expect he should pay. A characteristic he shares with the club that’s sports his Mother,, Her Majesty’s, image throughout it’s properties. GSTQ, just as long as they don’t have to pay for the parasitical institution.
    As for speculating who is the latest significant investor to leave the sinking SS Sevco, all we need to know is that it’s being handled through the medium of McMurdo who by wide opinion is considered a bit of a whacko!. Traynor it would seem is deemed less suitable to sell this to the 30,000 gullibl ST holders. McMurdo is Greens cheerleader, a succulent lamber who unashamedly sports a union flag. What more could Green want, or need to get this listing wreck back into port for the final payoff?

    • gortnamona

      Mac – unbelievable

      ” One matter that has baffled Rangers fans is why the blunt-talking Yorkshireman left when he did, rather than stick around to front the situation when he was falsely accused by Craig Whyte.”

      Falsely accused – over to you Willie wonka
      “Haw haw haw” yes Willie for once I agree with you.

      “As Green knows only too well, it’s great to be able to kick ass.
      The trick is in knowing whose ass to kick.
      And when the time for kicking ass is over.”

      Somebody please tell them that the game is about kicking a football

  7. galway

    Why on earth did an investment company like Artemis (which until only recently only employed Oxbridge graduates) put their customers money into this ?

  8. coatbrigbhoy

    ” The shares sold were by an investor who is not happy with the way things have gone.”

    Not Happy ?
    He/they invests in a football club, the football club win their league, get promoted to the next level, what’s not to be happy about ?

  9. gordonzola

    could the newco survive in its current state –
    with the existing shares deciding long term ownership?

  10. Once again very interesting, but not matter who puts shares up for sale someone has to buy these.

    Who would buy shares in a company whose share price is plummeting and has a series of bad publicity over their financial management?

    I’ve a feeling it’ll be internal purchases to keep the share price high until the lock in period is over, but it’d be fascinating to see who has been hoovering these shares up over the last few weeks and months.

    Flip side of this, would there be a ‘run’ on the shares if a substantial block of shares were made available but not purchased? Leading to a flood of those shares made available at a lower price with holders desperate to get out?……

  11. Chicco knows the share price is going south, and he will lose out big style.
    If you stick with the original theory, that the new Nomad has given him permission to sell. Then there is no need for him to take any further losses.
    If he started selling his shares at 52p, and bought them back again at 42p on the QT. Then he still has his shares, and avoided any loss. Simples!
    Anybody with the volume of shares required could have performed this wee manoeuvre.

  12. Monti

    Campbell Ogilvie?

  13. portpower

    Bill McMurdo seems to have his finger on the pulse?

    • portpower

      sevco board have just awarded new CEO Craig Mather a whopping £500,000 salary…………………

    • gortnamona

      Port power
      Do zombies have a pulse?

      ” We live in troublesome times when it seems that bigotry and prejudice, far from being banished in our supposedly tolerant and enlightened age, are more deeply ensconced than ever in certain peoples’ hearts and minds.”

      As a spokesman for the most bigoted sectarian and violent team in the history of world football, the bould Bill certainly doesn’t do irony.

      Glasgow Rangers – by appointment – Sectarian City Wrecker – to various kings and queens of Britain and Empire since 1872

      • graham

        Would that be ‘the greatest fans in the world’s ‘ scum behaviour at brentford last Saturday you are commenting on
        Bigoted sectarian scum ,,
        But don’t take my word ,
        go check the B’s fans tweets
        How sickend they were by your bigoted songs at the weekend !!
        The Lugan bigot said it was just
        “High spirits” so am sure it will be another black day that will be air brushed out of your catolog crowd trouble

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          There are a number of season ticket holders on twitter admitting they tried to get fans to stop singing the Lee Rigby songs at pubs before the game. Their reward ??? To be turned on by a large Sellic twitter community, labelled as liars and grasses and told they are not welcome following Sellic.

          It never happened. Sweepity Sweep.

          There has even been threats of visiting people with guns etc. A fair few of them will be getting a chap at the door very very soon.

          • graham

            Tick tock won’t be long before the knock !!
            They may sweep as hard as they like and paint with the airbrush .. They have really shamed Thier club this time !!
            Slowly but surely the supporters of clubs diwn south will see them what they are
            Anti British .. Terrorist supporting scum bags .. Fortunately
            Not all are of this mind set and the good chaps in the celtic support who tried to prevent Saturdays shameful display must be loudly applauded for their attempts to silences the half wits

          • Ed Paisley

            You’re gonna have to stop watching the Sweeney mate. Guns this time – balaclavas last time. Nick ‘im guv’nor- ‘ees got a shooter!

        • joe crawley

          Graham your a Twat!

    • coatbrigbhoy

      I am reliably informed that the Rangers board have just awarded new CEO Craig Mather a whopping £500,000 salary – much to the chagrin of some investors.

      It is my understanding that the only board member to oppose the salary figure was new member James Easdale.

      I know that James Easdale is someone who will use his influence to prevent unnecessary profligacy in spending at Rangers.

      Easdale ? if he is so influential, how come Mather got his salary bumped up to £500k

  14. Fra

    Chuckles will only get shot of his shares when Craigie Bhoy tells him. After all, Craigie works him from the back

  15. lordmac

    there is to more candidates did ally buy shares and where cenkos not to get 1.5 million a percentage of the float. one sure thing it will not put money into the rangers fighting fund lol

  16. im rather glad ‘ol big ‘ands’ maybe on his way back. the quotes will be
    ‘of the radar’ again,
    ‘next stop “last push of season books” ‘ding, ding’

    • JimBhoy

      Chico rocks…. Pointless reading anything McMurdo writes, try leaving a non rangers kiss@ss comment on his site… No chance..!!

      Hard to see where rangers are cutting costs… Paying players and execs off, bringing in more players, pointless internal investigation costs….The highest paid coach in Scottish football…. Not enough cost saving to fill a mouses ‘ankerchief…

  17. mcmurdo now saying club is losing 350,00 to 500,000 a month. did he not suggest only a few days ago that it was full steam ahead as The rangers had weathered the storm,
    my,my… that’s a quick 180
    wouldnt be surprised if figure was double that,
    will this figure affect share price as parent company of holding company of football club has no other business interests to offset such a loss.

    • JimBhoy

      Maybe Keevins is in the know right enough and the rangers are cash rich… With no overdraft facility they must have money in the bank as visible cost savings have not been apparent… More going out than coming in is always a worry but Mr Mather says all is well so there ya go..

    • Ed Paisley

      McTurdo puts a positive spin on everything that comes out of the AsbestosDome. Rest assured, if he says the operating losses are now £500k a month, then it is still running at £1mil. McMurdo tells us he is a man of God but when it comes to Rangers he is a habitual liar and panderer to the irredeemably bigoted and racist followers of his tawdry blog. Apart from that he seems like an OK guy.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        If it seems positive, you put a negative on it and say hes wrong. If it seems negative, you put a positive on it by saying hes in the know. 🙂

  18. Geddy Lee

    Mather on 500k in the third tier of Scottish football!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if he has a Green like 100% bonus to look forward to as well?

    Sheer financial madness, and all to pretend to themselves they are somehow a top club.

    I’m sure the Sevcovians will be delighted. LOL

  19. Geddy Lee

    Green and Ahmed had a 100% bonus written into their contracts in the event of them gaining promotion from Division three.

    I thought everyone knew that.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      More Sellic nonsense. I despair.

      Say it enough though and people, like you, will believe it. After all, everyone knows it.

  20. Geddy Lee

    LOL Good grief are you actually claiming his bonus did not exist.

    It has been reported repeatedly in the media and never denied or challenged.

    I suppose you lot have to keep those blinkers firmly on to stop you becoming suicidal.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      LOL – Yes im claiming the bonus for winning Division 3 DOES NOT exist.

      Now about those blinkers you have on. 🙂

  21. gortnamona

    From STV-
    ” Mr Green, who earns a base salary of £360,000-a-year at Rangers, was in line to receive a 100% bonus should the club be promoted from the Scottish Football League.”

    Could be interpreted as payable on eventual promotion to SPL?

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      No could be about it. Its the only interpretation. And its in black and white in the prospectus.

      And yet, still people perpetrate the myth.

      • Ed Paisley

        2 Sides is correct – the magabonus is for promotion to the SPL which should be achieved the season after next.
        The question is whether Rangers will have the cash to pay such a generous bonus. At that time they will be desperately trying to re-capitalise for a tilt at the magnificent Celtic FC. Perhaps all concerned will defer their bonuses or take it in shares (my arse in parsley as my dear old ma’ used to say).

      • @1side.
        I took it to mean promotion to the SPL(or equivelant) but that still equates to £120K per annum. A nice wee lift. Is this bonus still payable, regardless of which position he holds at the club, or even indeed if he is still involved at all.?

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          At this point you/we move to guesswork and its my guess that if they are no longer employed then they will not get a bonus as is the norm in these situations in every workplace up and down the country.

          • @1side
            I was guessing myself, but Chicco is a cagey old fox. I can see his interpretation in “saving” the club, being somewhat unorthodox with regards to normal guidelines. A la T.U.P.E.

          • Paul

            Only problem is the Sevco are not the norm hence the mess they are in 2 face, i mean 2 sides. They have been shafting the club from day one and the norm in law has not been applied, so chico might just take what he wants and no-one will stop him,just like wee Craig etc.

      • gortnamona

        @2 sides

        ” And yet, still people perpetrate the myth.”

        Could it be that you mean perpetuate?

        Perpetrator – a person who perpetrates a crime.

        Given your declared allegiance probably a Freudian slip.

  22. Ed Paisley

    Hey – if it is true that the wee nyaff Mathers will be paid £500k a year then what more evidence do we need that Little Big Shot Transformative Energy Drink (From the depths of the Sea of Japan), actually works.

    Stuff the Tizer I’m away for ten litres of LBS.

    • who am i to say what a persons renumeration is, but have we not always been told by those in the know that the high flying execs command these big salaries as a result of the extraordinary profitable performance they make for their employer, if i was a RIFC shareholder i would be looking forward to the RIFC plc figures with both excitement but also a worry about headhunters. if the figures reflect the CEO’s remuneration , ill bet every plc will be winging their way to govan to snap up this hotshot!
      we’ll have to see how this pans out!

      stage 2 go,go,go

  23. Geddy Lee

    I was wrong. What a riddie. Even so the 500k a year is still a shocker.

  24. Raymilland

    The WATP flight recorder box has been discovered in the ashes.

    Alas the recorder offered no clue to the tragedy; only the last words listened to by the passengers and crew:

    “Roll up and spend your last, roll up and spend your last,
    Roll up and spend your last dime” 😉

  25. arb urns

    Would TRFC’s chief exec on his ‘reported’ £9615.38 per week be the highest paid ‘player’ outside Celtic in the SPL.

  26. wastrel

    @2 sides
    your blinkers are fastened tight as ever- how dare you mention
    `every workplace up and down the country`
    that`d be `every workplace` where taxes are taken at source & paid on time!
    where as (fuckin) Rangers simply employ tax avoidance -schemes-indeed!
    so judging by their past record `Big Chuck` will receive a handsome no doubt tax free bonus, currently employed or not I`d wager!

  27. coatbrigbhoy

    July 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    From STV-
    ” Mr Green, who earns a base salary of £360,000-a-year at Rangers, was in line to receive a 100% bonus should the club be promoted from the Scottish Football League.”

    Could be interpreted as payable on eventual promotion to SPL?


    it’s all the one league now is it not ?

    • gortnamona

      That’s another angle to be considered.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Which means the bonus is now defunct as Rangers cant get “promoted” from the SFL 🙂

      • Mac Tomas

        2bob…….yer dead right mate. Rangers can’t get promoted. That event would surpass Lazarus’s astonishing comeback……….

    • jockybhoy

      It would be curious if Chuck knew he would get 100% bonus if NewGers reached the SPL and yet he postured so much that NewGers would never play in that league with him in charge. Seems to me he knows which side his bread is buttered….

  28. I see Charlotte is skelping Jack’s big flabby bahookey again. I think she is wasting her time. Everybody knows he is a cowardly back stabbing gut bucket, and hasn’t got a pair big enough to dance with our wee lassie.
    It’s so sad to see a grown man(I use the word loosely) cowering behind the sofa.

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca maybe he’s looking for some misplaced monies….

      • .@ Jimbhoy.
        That’s a few times Charlotte has asked him out, and he is bricking it mate. All he can come back with is to run off and clipe to his lawyers:
        . Charlotte is giving it to him large, and the whole PR industry must be laughing like hyenas at him.
        What a walloper.!

  29. david

    RIP Lawrie Reilly
    Hibs and Scotland legend.

    5 goals in 5 games against England.
    22 goals in 30 caps

    Modest and great man, sad loss.

    • Ed Paisley

      How sad they are all gone now – Lawrie, Gordon Smith, Bobby Johnstone, Eddie Turnbull and Willie Ormond. Halcyon days of Scottish football indeed.

      • david

        Too true.
        Must have been great when teams like Hibs, Hearts, Dundee etc could challenge Celtic and Rangers ( in their old guise )

        • david

          P.S. Someone actually gave a TD to the post.
          Whoever you are, youre a twat.

          • Ed Paisley

            I suspect someone on a smartphone has a fat finger and hit the TD by mistake. I’ve done it myself a few times. My pal keeps reminding me that Hibs played Stade de Reims in the European Cup semi back in the mid 50s – just after the heyday of the Famous 5 though.

  30. For those Rangers fans who invested their hard earned money in buying shares in the company which operates the club they support, receiving any kind of a dividend was I assume not high on their list of priorities.

    It’s possible to imagine that for some if not all selling the shares on at a profit did not figure to highly either.

    You could argue that the decisive influence in the purchase being made was the barn storming performance from Charles Green in his attempt to sell shares to rangers fans.

    This may have provided some with an extra impetus though Charles Green was simply tapping into a market populated by fans who saw investment as the only way to save their club.

    When the share price falls there is a tendency among fans to assume that it does not matter.

    They are correct in at least as far as their neutral stance towards their own stake-holdings value allows. The money they spent buying shares had only one purpose – saving their club.

    There is another aspect to this which is a little disturbing.

    Rangers fans who invested will, rightly or wrongly, identify common cause with the larger investors. Institutional or individuals.

    Bring back Charlie is an idea which is not uncommon.

    Not wishing to damage that relationship, it is worth pointing out the differences in prospects between a large and a small investor.

    Put a few ponds in an interest paying bank account and you will see a small annual return. These days it’s not likely to be great ( I’m open to advice if anyone knows a good one) but it’s better than a net loss. For football fans with a few pounds that is the most likely alternative to buying shares in their club.

    Buying shares in Rangers at a small scale as fans did, is to date resulting in a loss, though as I have said this is not something which concerns fans faced with an existential challenge to their club.

    A larger investor might worry about the condition of their investment but they unlike the small fan based investors have other options available which make bank interest rates on savings accounts seem trivial.


    It’s possible to convert a significant investment into a salary which outstrips any other investment on the market.

    If Mr Mather’s investment has produced anything like the reported upgrade to a £500k salary then he has clearly invested wisely. Even after tax considerations which I am certain will be fulfilled.

    These things are never open to small investors even if they are fans, fact is it’s the small investors in both shares and and season tickets who pay for it.

    Mr Mather’s reported investment looks pretty good given the salary awarded.

    It’s not all about the share price, sometimes control of the working capital is the prise if you can get the politics right and secure a position.

    For regular fans however the money they have invested looks like money spent.

    • I’ve included a few spelling mistakes in the above to annoy pedants and myself.

    • lordmac

      martin how would it look if they had to reduce is pay by £250,00 make it look good old slight of hand trick pay more, known he will not be there long enough to collect it .
      will he get his pay rise in shares not cash. indexed linked lol, on a sliding scale yep from 94p down to 42p and going below

  31. Monti

    Just to confirm the mileage on the the rangers team bus was 140 miles & concluded!

  32. So many boardroom fights look like something laudable if personal finance and security is not a consideration. In relatively small companies the participants often have simple personal financial reasons to fight their corner.

  33. Mac Tomas

    @gortnama……evening gort….The Giro d’Italia comes to Ireland next year. Three stages through Ulster & Leinster Lets hope the flag peeps don’t use the occaision to make “themselves” the centre of attention.

  34. It’s a boy !!! Not a ghirl or a bhoy ! God save our prince !! Rule Britannia !! God save the Queen .

    • cam

      Brother Carson!,,,good man,,,upwards and onwards to victory,,Rule Brittania,God bless the Queen,the future King William(orange tap) and the wean.
      How lucky we are to be part of this Great country that will rise again to its previous glories,,,i’m greetin wi pride!

  35. Raymilland

    Hail Adrian!

    Nicholas Witchell:

    “Despite the infernal weather, mother and baby are doing fine.”

    • david

      Picture of Montis mother.

      ” We will name it, whatever it is, em.. Beelzebub…. actually, lets go with Monti “

  36. I think it will be a long time before Slimey Jack sits down again. He must feel like his rectum has been rammed with rat-tail file.
    Charlotte has revealled some fairly nasty things he has said about Rangers (I couldn’t repeat without blushing) and their business practices.
    Maybe it wasn’t a rat-tail. It might have been a channel tunnel excavator. Lol.

  37. Ed Paisley

    Wonderful news – we have a new Royal heir. Let’s convert our food banks into street parties for a day. Let’s get the chronically ill to erect bunting – I’m sure that will please ATOS. Forget the prohibitive cost of higher education and the piecemeal dismantling of the NHS. Forget Ian Duncan Smith and his universal benefit system that will plunge another one million children into poverty. Forget the every widening income/wealth gap and the diminishing life chances of millions of bright working class kids. We have a new Royal born into unimaginable privelege – if you are not happy then you are a misery guts!

  38. cam

    What a great day,,,another future king is born,A lovely young couple and their wee yin all ready to rule.
    I do hope Charles steps aside after a short reign and allows King Billy to defend the faith.
    The town crier respendent in red,white and blue,the crowds thronging the Mall,the feel good factor is strong in Great Britain,,,,Ted,,i’m greetin again,,,time to put on some tunes.

    • Congratulations to the royal couple, wishing them and the young prince all the best.

    • jockybhoy

      If you think Charles will step aside to fulfil the public’s wishes you clearly don’t understand a hereditary monarchy….

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Oh,they understand the Hereditary bit , it’s the idea of a Queen Cammila that has led to the clamour for Harry Hewitts half brother to leap frog Williams father so Willie can get his hands on the crown,
        gawd bless the Queen (Cammila)

  39. cam

    No doubt some of the outsiders will not be happy due to not being part of our glorious empire.
    I think they should let the Pope have kids and we could celebrate their birth too.

  40. cam

    What a great series this was

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