For many decades the Scottish establishment shamefully allowed the old Rangers and their fans to contribute their “traditions” to the fabric and image of Scottish society, most notably evidenced by their scandalous century-old Catholic Footballers Need Not Apply employment policy; their fans’ hate-filled sectarian singing; disgraceful rioting home and abroad; and all nourished by their uber superiority WATP world-view. Such was the hubris within Ibrox that a director felt brazen enough to sing about being “knee deep in Fenian blood”. Rather than directly address these demonstratively anti-societal customs, an attempt was made to have Celtic remove the tricolour from its stadium: whilst Rangers could celebrate its “traditions”, Celtic’s dignified nod to its ancestral roots was to be condemned. As recently as 2008, Rangers hooligans were rampaging through Manchester fighting with police. Not a whimper from the SFA.

Ironically, it took Rangers to kill off Rangers. Their decision not to pay the Queen’s taxes and honour debts due to honest service suppliers, whilst dispensing huge payments to all and sundry, meant that the club, paradoxically, betrayed the very cornerstone of Scottish Presbyterian economic philosophy they espoused others to follow. Instead, they lived beyond their means and, dishonourably, at the expense of others.

The lickspittle main stream press were either too scared or too much in hock to Rangers to do their jobs; besides, succulent lamb on a plate is so much more preferable to hard earned scraps. The job of reporting Rangers’ impending implosion was mainly left to the new media – social media – with notable contributions from sites such as Random Thoughts and The Rangers Tax Case, including a significant individual effort by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain. The Scottish Football Monitor (TSFM) has joined the fray for truth and transparency – a Denial of Service attack is definitive proof that TSFM is doing its job.

When Rangers died, the Rangers-supporting main stream press, and even Rangers luminaries, accepted that whatever emerged would be a new club. The drive for modernity and a sense of togetherness in a multi-cultural Scotland was given a boost with the potential absence of an element of the Rangers support that brought nothing but shame to Scotland. No more Billy Boys/ Famine Song/ No Surrender excrement. The event, although painful for Rangers fans, could have been cathartic for everyone.

However, that gulp of fresh air was short-lived as the establishment, rather than grasp this opportunity to start anew, took cold feet, closed ranks and made the choice to rescue Rangers rather than repair the image of Scottish football. The illusion was cast that Rangers did not die after all and, contrary to company law, a club’s history continued unbroken after liquidation. Voodoo lobotomy ensured that that which was dead could live again, albeit in a different guise. Thereafter, the SFA manufactured a secret agreement to precipitate the new Rangers straight back into Scottish football. The master plan to have Ranger (IL) start in the SPL, on the basis that liquidation was a normal way to clear debt – as opposed to the novel approach of actually paying the debt – suffered a setback when SPL clubs, under pressure from their fans, rejected such morally corrupt propaganda.

At the same time, Rangers were under investigation for forgetting to declare “loans” to the football authorities. Even Ogilvie, who was a recipient of one of these loans, absent-mindedly forgot to remind Rangers to tell him about these loans when he started working for the SFA. Note: if these EBTs are indeed loans then why did Duff and Phelps not call them in to pay creditors? Why didn’t the recipients volunteer to pay the loans back early, if they hadn’t already done so, to stave off liquidation for the club they loved? Belatedly, for undeclared “loans” to players – largesse which of course had no impact on a player’s decision to join Rangers – a part of Rangers that was deemed not to exist was fined.

Ungrateful, the new Rangers came out fighting. Rangers now perceived the Scottish football arena in stark militaristic terms: friends and foes. Charles Green spoke of “bigots”, excluding his “P*** friend” of course. Revenge was in the air. Dundee United suffered a boycott. Only last month Craig Mather was quoted as saying to the fans ( “There will be times when you want us to tackle our enemies… We have chosen and we will continually choose the right moment to strike… We know all of them.” The sectarian songs re-appeared. The WATP and No Surrender slogans re-appeared. The new team bus had the socially superior WATP slogan as part of the registration plate: R1 WTP.

The Internet now proliferates with anti-Catholic, anti-Irish rhetoric. RangersMedia has posters referring to “Fenian c***s” and “Fenian b******s”. This blog – Random Thoughts – has some posters desperately scanning the Internet to paste disgusting links to paedophilia stories that involve Catholic priests. When Rangers fans sing about paedophilia or gleefully post related links to newspaper articles, one has to ask: do they have a genuine concern for the victims of paedophilia or are they exploiting the abuse of children to score points? If a news clip can be unearthed about a criminal who was also a Catholic then so much the better. Failing that, derogatory references about the Catholic Church will suffice. Ireland, we read, is a bog-infested dump. Even the racist and unlawful Famine song has been dismissed as no more than a piece of naughtiness. Sometimes the slogan “No Surrender” will appear. Why? Scotland’s Catholic population is well integrated into Scottish society and has no intention of “taking over” Scotland, yet this slogan maintains a religious warning against Catholics that should belong in the past and has no place in what should be a modern all-encompassing Scotland.

On the wider football sporting picture, the supine Scottish main stream media, true to form, have fallen comfortably back into their old obsequious ways and watched this multifarious SFA-Rangers charade unfold with, for the most part, nothing other than supportive comment. They are fawning secretaries to the old order. Unsurprisingly, in terms of football “reporting”, the Scottish main stream press are now reduced to an irrelevance and their fallen readership in part reflects that fact.

Now we have the unsurprising spectacle of the SFA haughtily declaring to the masses that there is no need to hold a proper investigation into the takeover of Rangers, despite the Internet awash with material suggesting otherwise. Hell, even Charles Green admitted to the world that he duped Craig Whyte to take over Rangers. Instead, the SFA will rely on a laughably limited investigation paid by Rangers into their own conduct with a remit that excluded the crucial take-over vehicle, Sevco 5088. It’s back to an ugly future for Scotland.

In mitigation, recent CEOs of Rangers claim gullibility as an unfortunate personal trait. SDM was duped into selling his beloved Rangers for £1 to a man whom the reliable Daily Record announced had “wealth off the radar”. Charles Green says he duped the man who duped SDM. The SPL then duped the man who duped the man who duped SDM: according to Charles Green, the SPL assured him that newco would play in the top flight (

The collective impact of visceral internet posts here and elsewhere – on Fenians, “Catholic”-related crimes, mocking of the Catholic Church, calls of No Surrender – and Rangers’ talk of enemies and revenge, including club approval of the chosen people slogan, does nothing to heal divisions within Scotland, not least religious divisions. Worryingly, a forthcoming report – The Place for Hope – by a Scottish Parliament task force led by Dr Duncan Morrow, offers the view that sectarianism is alive and well and tends to be “something of a one-way street” with Catholics “more likely to be on the receiving end”.

Charles Green used the language of division to create a siege mentality and it helped to sell season tickets. When Mather spoke of “enemies” and McCoist uttered “We Are The People” in an end of season speech (, their actions appealed to many Rangers fans. They need to step back. So do the bloggers who go out of their way to engage in anti-Catholic, anti-Irish rhetoric. Scotland does not need it. I note the Sun yesterday morning chose to intersperse an article about the Rangers coach on fire with photographs of Celtic fans and Neil Lennon at the Brentford game. Such a juxtaposition of unrelated events was irresponsible and just adds to the toxic mix of enemies, Catholics, Irish, Celtic supporters v WATP. It needs to stop now otherwise Stewart Regan for once may be proved right, but for the wrong reasons, when he made his apocalyptic forecast of social unrest.

If Rangers and their fans continue on this aggressively divisive route then they should be shunned. Rangers and their fans introduced the vengeful idea of a football boycott. If they themselves continue to treat others as enemies, waiting for “the right moment to strike”, then it is not inconceivable to envisage the day when other fans decide to boycott Rangers. Rangers and their fans may not care a jot, such is their current mood, but they should. Similarly, the SFA may ignore protests from fans eager to seek a morally-enhanced football authority; but the football world should see that many in Scotland do care. We care about fair play and sporting integrity and transparency and an all-embracing Scotland, one where togetherness and not divisive WATP supremacy is the clarion call.

If football in Scotland has any meaning at all then surely it is in the primary notion of respect for our game. Fans, not the SFA, are the life-blood of the game. It’s time non-Rangers fans took a leaf out of the establishment club’s book to protest and to seek transparency. Football belongs to the fans – you and me – and to the players who graced this game. It is worth defending.

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  1. Monti

    Congratulations to William & Kate on the arrival of their baby boy………DAMIEN!

    • graham

      Haha .. Another great weekend to be British ..
      Congratulations to Kate and William

      • graham

        Bit hard Turdo ,,
        Do You not think it had been a great weekend for the British again
        A Win in the cycling in France and a royal birth what’s not to be happy with that ?
        Rule Britannia n all that good stuff

        • You’re right, except the winner of the drug induced cycle race…..sorry Tour De France is a Kenyan who lived in South Africa for fourteen years, therefore is not British.

        • OldFirm 1

          Britannia has been decommissioned, just like RFC. Froome is not British. The royal baby’s uncle and grandfather are closely linked to the assassination of Dodi Fayed and Diana Spencer. When Scotland achieve independence your union and union jack will go. Yes it’s a good time to be Scottish. I see someone has been dumping 1.5M of your toxic shares. Insiders can see the impending financial armageddon. By the time the MSM catch on the game will be up for the bastard new club. Anyone for jelly and ice creaqm?

    • cam

      You were close to the anti christ when you stayed in the Falklands,,you just had to shout “Frankie”

    • Fra

      @JohnBhoy….An excellent written post JB. Full of facts, truths and examples. No malice whatsoever. Just an honest view of what went on and is still going on. No gloating, no snide comments and honesty throughout. A grown up post to explain the shenanigans of the old club and its cohorts within the SMM. I salute you brother

      JohnBhoy….This reader enjoyed your honesty and clarity but I fear the supporters of the dead club have their heads in the sand. The fiscal policy of the new club is unsustainable but c’est la vie. Armageddon MKII isn’t far off but we have told them often enough but they aint listening. I think we should sit back and watch and just view the car crash for what it is.

  2. 2 sides of the 1 coin


  3. graham

    Johnny bhoy ,
    Great piece of the typical one sided celtic slant on the bigotry that blights our game and our country …
    Why not cut and paste some of the brentford fans comments about your own bigoted fans behaviour last Saturday !!

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      The sad part is there are thousands like him. Brentford has hurt them. Even their own are turning against them. The retaliation is to wield out all the old stuff that has been regurgitated time and time again.

      Vile bigots.

    • tykebhoy

      Why don’t you Graham I’m sure you can find more than two that didn’t originate from Sevco fans. Try the officiall Brentofd twitter account @beesotted

    • ektim

      Whataboutery strikes again. Does the truth about the now dead Rangers and the corrupt SFA hurt?

  4. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    For clarity, my smilie face was at that blog and not Montis sh1t joke 🙂

  5. graham

    Just by the way the rangers are not dead !!

  6. cam

    Gentlemen,,,all rise for his Royal Majesty,,son of King William.
    Hope he plays for the Gers,cos wiv our Royal connections its a no brainer innit?

  7. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    GUEST POST BY JohnBhoy

    Football is worth defending – The one you wont read.

    In the last 10 years, Celtic have been fined to the tune of £104,000 in relation to 6 separate offences during European matches.

    The most recent of these offences included a fine for having smoke bombs/flares in Udinese. They have also been fined for illicit chanting.

    Despite these recent charges, in their most recent European venture, having got in the mood by attending IRA fests pre match with convicted criminals, they proceeded to chant in support of the IRA throughout the match and once again, went against the UEFA rules by setting off more smoke bombs, flares and fireworks.

    Not happy that they will once again find themselves in front of UEFA beaks, they went one step further at a friendly in Brentford. More smoke bombs and flares(UEFA fines). Various field invasions(something they have been fined twice for by UEFA). More illicit chanting (UEFA fine) but perhaps the most disgusting was the behaviour of a set of fans pre-match. Chants of “Drummer Rigby, you won’t be fukking drumming any more, oh oh oh”” were sung constantly at The New Inn pub to the point where the decent Celtic fans among the travelling support tried to step in and stop the vile bigots.

    Unfortunately things were getting tasty and the decent supporters ended up turning the other cheek and walking away. These supporters have been rounded upon by the online bigot community and referred to as traitors and Uncle Toms by some.

    A video of the disgusting filth has been sent to the club by one Celtic fan who witnessed it and he should be lauded, not threatened, for his actions.

    Will anything be done ?

    Well i think we are still waiting on the Ricksen lighter incident and Poppygate being solved so please dont do a David Blaine and hold your breath.

    • Monti

      You could try holding your breath 🙂
      A few hours perhaps 🙂

    • cam

      If that is accurate then a public inquiry should be held and UEFA contacted and made aware of this act of sedition.
      If this is confirmed then i’m personally contacting every English club and letting them know just what they are involving themselves with.
      Fecking ragin,,,,,open those bloody gates Wattie!

      • gortnamona

        You seem to be hitting the bottle pretty hard recently!

        • cam

          Moonlighting Gort,,,a wee bit of decorating on the side,,no tax paid ,nudge nudge,if you need any laminate flooring laid,papering,doors hung, give me a shout

          • gortnamona

            Thanks Cam
            But I’ve got a neighbour on the DLA who does all that stuff for me when he’s not playing golf. Also unavailable every second weekend (Old Trafford) and Cheltenham week of course.

        • Monti

          Have you seen a pic of Morag?

      • Jamie

        Its as accurate as all the other bile you read in the comic masquerading as a paper… the proof 2heids…more pish from you no doubt

    • lordmac

      Rangers dipped Lizzy purse to the tune of £100 million and more to uncover, just think the new prince will want to know in time who stole of his granny.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        £100m ?? Is that still not to be proven ? Or are you going against Pauls blog the other night and making silly assumptions of guilt ?

        Perhaps there will be a new blog tomorrow on lordmac. 🙂

    • @1side
      Johnbhoys blog was not about fan behaviour. It was about institutional corruption, and sectarianism. A far more serious threat to our game than a few flares and songs.
      So Celtic in 10 years have been fined £104K for 6 separate incidents.involving smoke bombs and flares.
      May I remind you that Rangers were fined £250K for 1 incident. An offence deemed second only to match fixing.
      Was there a vid sent and threats made? I applaud your research, if correct, and I urge my club to inflict the harshest punishments available to them, but let’s keep things in perspective when we are indulging in a spot of whatabootery. There has been no need for 24 hr police protection, Special Branch involvement, or rogue parcels.
      Johnbhoy pointed out, quite rightly, that our game is worth defending, the crunching tackles, the friendships and rivalries, the sport itself, and everything it offers.
      It is not worth defending if it is going to remain a cess-pit of sectarianism, division, and corruption.
      I think you missed the point.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        Failing to pay tax is “second only to match fixing” 🙂

        24 hr police protection ? Nacho Novo anyone ? Wullie Collum ?

        Windows smashed. Death threats on pavements. Woman battered on trains. Father stabbed because his 2 year old supported Rangers.

        None of which was sectarian of course. It was just the craic.

        • @1side.
          As I said, whatabootery.

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            Its the truth. No matter how you dismiss it.

            Murderer 1 on death row: “Murderer 2 is terrible coz he murdered somebody”

            Murderer 2 on death row: “Murderer 1 murdered 2 people”

            barcabuster : “Aye but that diznae count as thats whatabootery”

            • @1side.
              You posted a mock-up of Johnbhos post which was totally irrelevant to the original.
              If you were to address the sectarian issues raised by Dr Morrow, the part Sevco have played in throwing petrol on the fire, or the corruption of the SFAvin their secret agreements to benefit Sevco, then it would have been relevant.
              Instead you resorted to whatabootery and deflection.
              A Jack Irvine tactic which skipped over the issues raised.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              But its the same old regurgitated nonsense that has been written loads of times.

              If you honestly believe that its only been Rangers pouring petrol on the fire, then anything anyone writes isnt going to change your mind now.

              So what would be the point ?

        • graham

          None of that happened .. You are making all that up aren’t you ?
          The greatest(not) fans in the world wouldn’t do anything like that would that ?
          Perhaps mr JB and friends should look In before they looks out ..
          Stones and glass houses spring to mind .

        • Chances Are

          If my 2yr old son started supporting The Rangers I’m sure I’d deserve a right good beating!

      • cam

        This isn’t about fitba anymore Barca,,,this is civil warfare we’re heading into.
        A watershed moment in the geo political stratosphere of the quasi religious hole in the ozone layer.
        This battle between the forces of good and evil is being waged in a proxy fashion,using the sporting entities of Rangers and Celtic in much the same manner as the big stupid dummies in “Its A Knockout”.
        Baldrick has cleaned my armour and i’m now Ready for Wattie to open the gate,,,remeber my noble friend,no quarter shall be asked and none given.

        I now think i’m officially steamin!!

      • Budweiser

        His only ‘ points’ are child abuse – not totally unexpected.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Again. Is that aimed at me. If so, are you willing to back it up.

          • Budweiser

            who do you think it is? – the man the bheasts cant tame? Using child abuse as a point scoring exercise and preceding it with a superior moralistic tut tut.

        • graham

          But true ..
          The child abuse took place and was swept under the carpet . Now it everyone knows the crime was only carried out by a few or maybe even one man , so therefore it is wrong to tarnish the whole club and supporters with the peado brush .
          A bit like rangers fc and the
          Decent rangers supporters being blamed for the actions of a fraudster who had no mandate from the fans to run our club the way he did !!
          I pay taxes as do most of the rangers support so why should celtic fans accuse us and our club of doing the opposite , when they all know it was the actions of one man ..

      • Mac Tomas

        barca…….the very fact that all the come back they have is pointing the finger at a few Buckfast dafties & feral digs about child abuse is rather telling. your spot on. JB’s post was not about the extremes of fans behaviour which every club experiences, but about a litany of Institutional abuses, & a warped sense of entitlement. The petty bouts of whataboutery suggest that they either just don’t get it or are trying hard not to let it sink in.

  8. cam

    The enemy within thought they could strike a blow by attacking our club,but they didn’t reckon with the will of the people.
    The snide,organised campaign against Rangers has failed big time and the slow haul back to the top will be worth it when we put the Viet Cong back in their place.
    The referee excuse won’t wash anymore and come the day the Gers hump the life out of Celtic what a party that will be,,,red,white and blue bunting,street parties,national holidays,,,,c’mon Wattie open the gates i’m Ready tae get stuck right intae them!

    • gortnamona

      Third Div. Huns
      What exotic locations will you be visiting this year?

      Theoretically you are in the same league as Celtic just at
      a much lower level. So please try to behave with a little dignity pay
      Your debts and not disgrace Scottish football once again.

      • cam

        I sense the rage building Gorty,,,a Royal baby,the Gers on the march,the bhoys disgracing themselves and Ireland,yer wee legs will be going like the clappers to pedal off the steam 🙂

        • gortnamona

          Silly little Cam
          Put him to bed Morag.

          • Mac Tomas

            gort……….this moron refers to himself as “the camster”. I’m guessing he’s 12 yrs old. The forelock tugging moron is beside himself with glee over the arrival of an aristocrats sprog. This is evidence (not that it was needed) of a widespread collective lack of self respect, bordering on self loathing. Pushing your nose up the monarchs arse is not healthy cam.
            There will now ensue an undignified festival of nauseating servility, which is a Brit speciality. If only they could see themselves as others see them. Gormless, smug & malleable. Chico Green knows all about the malleable part. He’s about to fill his pockets with their hard end’ & GTF.
            Hell mend them, they have been warned. But you could send this lot a recorded letter informing them that your going to screw their house, could they leave the car keys & credit cards on the mantle piece. You know they would oblige.

            • cam

              Mac,,,get Ready to bow before the Royal Willie,,,bhoy you got a pretty mouth,,,you gonna do some fine praying!

        • @Cam
          Royal babies, cost royal money! . Virgin apaluchian llama fur nappies don’t come cheap. And don’t forget a Sevco sized squad of nannies and a head honcho to show him pictures of his ma, in case he forgets.
          Be very afraid mate. Your gonna find out whose granny she really is.

    • Monti

      The gates can’t open, their all rusted with asbestos! 🙂

    • iantm


      As a Practicing RC, I’m on your side… I’m here for you….I Blame The MONKS…

      But Cam… You must take Some responsibility for your own situation..

      If mixing Meds & Buckie does THAT to you, leave one or the other alone.

      Better still get a life.

    • portpower

      uncle charlie has the master key to the gate thrust firmly in watties` back.

  9. Well done johnnybhoy, they are in fact the enemy within and will even invade other clubs fan forums to try and spread their poison, take a look at the dates some of the pretendy brentford fans registered on their “own” club forum, they are a sick evil which is now well known in england and further afield and they are doing for themselves, as the millwall song they are so fond of states “no one likes them and no one cares”.

  10. Budweiser


    Long time no see JB. Welcome back. A thoughtful post which reiterates the views of many Scottish football fans .

  11. Monti

    Johnbhoy, excellent mate, spot on & stand beside you….Scottish football is corrupt & individuals within it are assisting the the Newco.
    Well done for calling it, the Huns don’t like it being told how it is……..Good!

      • iantm


        We all know that, Cheats & Chancers, the RFC(IL) now being followed on at TRFC in Debt? Surely not..

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Whats your views on millionaires cheat and act as chancers by avoiding paying tax ? 🙂

        • graham

          Mac tit ,
          You are right , we know what the post is about but if you and JB think this is one sided then we are all truly lost .
          We have a deep rooted sectarian bigoted problem on both sides however if you and people like JB don’t see it then we will never end it

          • Monti

            There isn’t a problem on both sides, who had the sectarian signing policy?
            Get Huns out of Scotland & things would be fine.
            It’s Orange & the the rangers that’s the problem.

            • graham

              There are no Huns In Scotland ..
              Who are these Huns ?
              Am sure we beat the Germans in two world wars

            • Colshy

              Of course there’s a problem on both sides, there’s fuds follow Celtic and Rangers! This problem isn’t going to go away as long as us, the adults, are scoring points off each other on a fucking internet forum instead of trying to educate our children on the idiocy of disliking someone based on their religion and/or football team.

  12. Tam McCondie

    Cam, when is your next, “date” with your scoutmaster? Don’t forget the big bath and the milk tray.

    • cam

      Tam,your altar bhoy days can’t be re-lived thru the Camster,,,any fecker tries that and i’ll clamp ma cheeks together and drag them tae the nearest cop shop!
      Get off those dodgy porn sites Tam.

      • Ed Paisley

        God Cam – who are these very creepy people hanging about outside Kate’s hospital – Royal groupies? If I was the Queen I would be worried that there is a John Hinckley or a Mark Chapman amongst them. Absolute weirdos!
        By the way – are you travelling down tomorrow to try and catch a glimpse of the new Royal baby?

  13. gortnamona

    And right on the mark, judging by the semi-literate foaming at the mouth reaction of the visiting hun brigade. And Cam’s unintelligible gibberish is even more hysterical than usual.

    • cam

      Few swallies Gort,then up wi the larks to do a good protestant days casual labour,,,Lizzie will forgive me my sins,,,for Queen ,country family and the Gers.
      This is for you Gort.
      listen to the words mate,,,very telling!

  14. cam

    C’mon one of you bhoys at least address the post,,,JB spent time on it and you guys could at least be polite and debate the points raised instead of reducing the blog to childish slagging! 🙂

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      To be fair they debated it the last time he posted the same garbage. And the time before that. And the time before that.

      The blog could be called Dave when it comes to Johnbhoys repeat mantra. 🙂

    • Ed Paisley

      What is there to debate Cam? Let me state the reality as succinctly as I can; Rangers supporters feel under siege from people of an Irish/Catholic background and are scared shitless that the comfortable old established order is being smashed apart. Scotland has many voices now – the white protestant bigot has no special privileges any more. Get with the new reality or you will find your new position is on the bottom rung of the ladder. I say that out of love btw!

      • cam

        C’mon Ted,,this isn’t your love life,,,don’t be so brief,,,foreplay mate,sensual expressions of autoeroticahunnery,building up to a climax of klanlikeuntermenschorgasmicwhataboutery.
        Sorry doll,this has never happened before,,,give me 10 minutes and i’ll be Ready to go again.

  15. 2 sides of the 1 coin


    I reckon there will be 10,000+ applicants for this. They have even had to put a disclaimer on it:

    (NOTE: Due to the number of applications expected, only shortlisted candidates may be contacted)

    Budweiser/mcfc, youse gotta job the now? Think youse would do well representing Sellic on social media. 🙂

    • cam

      Brilliant,,,i’m firing off my CV. I tick all the boxes and what a job i could do.
      Right ,birth certificate,straight doon tae Martha St,,,,,hmmmm what name will i choose?,,hmmm Finnbar Mac Aroon Bar,,,,sounds pretty good!

    • Budweiser

      too snidey.

      tut tut – deary me!
      You thought of getting a job looking up peadophilia sites – you da man furra job !

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        “You thought of getting a job looking up peadophilia sites – you da man furra job !”

        Is that aimed at me ?

        • Budweiser

          too snidey – if the cap fits——-

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            Well not really. I havent been on a forum backing up paedos every day for the last year have I ?

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            Well not really. I havent been on a forum backing up p@edos every day for the last year have I ?

            • Mac Tomas

              @2bob……..think you better expand on that, don’t think that should be allowed to rest……..which forum?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Eh ?? Expand on what. The fact i havent been on a forum backing up p@edos ? Really ?? wtf 🙂

            • Budweiser

              2 sides.
              Just checked and it wasn’t you. Please accept my sincere apologies.
              ps Have you ever been to celtic park or parkhead ?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              No problems. Apology accepted. And yes, i have been. 🙂

            • Budweiser

              2 sides.
              In our previous conversations you said a ‘tim’ was a celtic supporter – correct ? Well I must be the only ‘tim’ never once to have set foot in celtic park – even for St Mirren games. I have been at ibrox twice. Once rangers v saints – once OF game – with my best friend rangers fan. Ages ago- the score was 3-3. I couldn’t believe the hatred of the opposing fans and vowed never to return.

  16. iantm

    This is a reply for david from a previous Blog, but I think it’s relevant. I mentioned the MIH debt of over £900m forcing the RFC(IL) sale. David replied.
    July 22, 2013 at 10:18 am
    £ 900m +
    Are you totally barking????????????????????????????

    No I’m not, But YOU are in denial.
    I have noticed that about you. When you don’t like the TRUTH you try & Bully, Insult & Denigrate the bearer of the bad news.
    As I already stated MIH owed in excess of £900m . They used the same tactic as RFC(IL) to remain solvent INFLATE the asset value, RFC(IL) did it revaluing Ibrox & Murray Park at approx £125m… MIH did it & valued MIH at £1.25 BILLION to remain ahead of the debt.

    “Murray International Holdings has incurred £54m in restructuring costs as it aims to slim down by selling off assets.
    The package of radical reforms has seen its banker, Lloyds Banking Group, inject £150m in equity into the group.
    The shareholding held by chairman Sir David Murray and his family has reduced from 88% to 70%.
    But he said funding arrangements for Rangers Football Club were unaffected by the reorganisation.
    Murray International Holdings (MIH) also has businesses in the metals, property, call centre and engineering sectors.
    The company’s debt fell from £942m at the end of June 2009, to £713m by the end of June last year.”

    As I have already stated David, you crack up when you’re wrong… I look forward to a reply in CAPITALS, that also is a habit of yours I’ve noted when you are on the defensive.

    • lordmac

      was that the reason he off loaded rangers in case he got the blame while still holding the baby, as we all know there must have been
      some work done, on the way Charlotte’s web had to unfold

    • Ed Paisley

      You are 100% correct. MIH had a bank debt approaching £1bn. Mark Daly’s documentary on the BBC explained that very fully.
      It is alleged that Murray and MIH salted away tens of millions of this borrowing into a myriad of private and nominee companies.
      MIH is now a shell of a company and Lloyds don’t want the embarassment of shutting it down and losing £700M. Remember the taxpayer owns 42% of Lloyds. Murray is the real scoundrel and crook in all of this – he used his arse licking media and a useful idiot at HBOS to enrich himself at the taxpayers expense. Shocking.

  17. cam

    Goodnite,,, and may your God go with you.

  18. So let me get this right JohnBhoy. What you, on behalf of one evil twin, are saying is that your evil twin is, in fact, evil. Right, got that, thanks.

    • gortnamona

      It’s just not fair Andrew

      The vast majority of football people regard Celtic supporters as sportsmen and gentlemen and Ranger’s supporters as sectarian thugs.

      I wonder why?

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        Aye. So they do. 🙂

      • And by football people, I assume you mean Celtic fans. Or are you just relying on the painful fact that the vast majority of football fans in Scotland support one or other evil twin.

      • cam

        You’re on the bevvy now Gort and getting desperate.
        The pain will subside,,,after a good few decades.

        • gortnamona

          Whose getting a rise out of who cam?
          Four little hun-fish hooked netted gutted and fed to the cat, who turned up his nose.

      • graham

        “The vast majority of football people “…
        Brentford .. Blackburn .. Hearts (stewards ).. Dundee.. To name a few football people would strongly disagree with you !!

  19. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    An outsiders view:

    Interesting research on the whole “new company number thing” Half of the clubs in England have different company numbers. 🙂

    Stefan Szymanski July 22, 2013 at 6:16 pm Reply
    It’s quite hard to say exactly- I have detailed financial data from Companies House on English clubs going back to 1958. Most English clubs were limited companies before 1920. Each club has a company number, which they get at registration, and therefore gives you an idea of its date. So Birmingham City’s company number is 27318, and it became a limited company in 1888- the oldest limited company (owning a football club) that still exists as far as I know (though Birmingham City Football Club itself was founded in 1875). Bristol City’s original company number was 53889, but the company that owns the club today is 1501663. In 1982 the old club was liquidated and the assets sold to a new company. There are many cases like this. In other cases the old company has become a subsidiary of a new company (for example Bolton was originally 43026, which still exists, but the holding company that controls the club today (Burnden Leisure) is 335699. If you’re interested you can look these up on the Companies house online search facility:

    So I think about 45 of the 92 clubs in the English Premier and Football Leagues are controlled by companies with different numbers than the ones that originally owned them. Not all of the original 45 original companies have been liquidated- my guess is a couple of dozen.

    And this is just to describe the relatively orderly English system.If you look at most of the other countries in Europe club ownership and identity have a habit of changing on a regular basis.

    • graham

      Fick me 2sides does that mean that in the eyes of the great unwashed from across the city …
      all these clubs are dead !!

  20. Raymilland


    JohnBhoy’s post sums up what we are up against at the highest level, the SFA is rotten to the core.

    ‘Rangers’ should in deed be “shunned”. The only way to truly beat them is for fans to refuse to recognise them as the same football club; especially if Celtic is drawn against them anytime soon; it is imperative that Celtic fans sacrifice attendance of the game. I know you have already stated that you cannot wait to be drawn against them.

    It would do no good to resume the old firm fixture, even if the banners and chants decry the existence of RFC. Don’t kid ourselves, that match was always a cauldron of hate; the 90 minute bigot theory is a load of shite, the match perpetuates bile and bigotry.

    In light of the events over the past year; for any Celtic fan to walk straight back into the battle zone of an ‘old firm’ game would belittle every argument for the rules of the sport to be applied without fear or favour.

    Despite the above match being a ‘spectacle’ for a worldwide audience; it would be foolish to make up the numbers to provide the blood lust ‘atmosphere’ for the general public to gawp, while the SFA has already demonstrated a mind over matter approach to keeping the tie alive.

    Celtic fans deserve better than to be treated as bit players in a money spinning mockery of sectarian Scotland in the 21’s century, all in the name of entertainment.

    Stay away from Sevco!

    Monti, tell me that you are prepared to stand up against the SFA; right here and right now.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      The match would be a sell out. No matter what anyone says.

      • Raymilland

        The match has already been sold out by the SFA

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          55,283 people watched Celtic beat Barcelona.
          57,917 watched the Last 16 game v Juventus

          I guarantee you there would be a bigger crowd than both of those games if ra Sellic play the “deid club from the 2nd division that nobody is interested in coz there pure uznae an Old Firm anymore”

          • cam

            Spot on,,,and it kills them inside to admit it,,,totally obsessed and fixated on their 2nd class status.

            • Raymilland

              This has nothing to do with semantics of a club name; it is all to do with applying the rules without fear or favour.

              Why must Celtic fans be asked to participate in a relic that should be confined to history?

              There was an opportunity for TRFC to cast off the cloak of 1690; their urgency to survive encourages a ‘them and us’ mentality which has become more entrenched than ever.

              The ‘blue pound’ or the ‘orange pound’ might help Sevco to survive; but don’t expect the rest of Scottish football to welcome you with open arms.

        • @Raymilland.
          Bang on the button mate. It’s deid, !

    • cam

      Raymondo??,,,you’re conversing with that walloper?,,,the biggest supplier of bile and bigotry in here?

      • Raymilland


        If Monti backs up my sentiment, then I know Celtic supporters in general will do the right thing by staying away from Sevco.

        Sevco might believe that everything in the garden is rosy; other club’s fans don’t see it that way.

        I look forward to further response.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          So are you saying that Monti (Grand Hotel Brighton tick tock tick tock) is a typical Celtic supporter because if he backs you up, the rest will to ?

          • @1side.
            Much as it must have pained Bomber, a die-hard Rangers man, to point out that they were rotten to the core, he did it.
            Similarly, if die-hards on the Celtic side can resist the temptation of a tribute game, then Sevco will be denied the propaganda opportunity of claiming to be the same club, via warped association with deidco.
            Sevco need it. But Scottish fitba’ disnae!

            • Raymilland

              Cheers Barca

              My point exactly; we should not encourage any further association of sectarian divide by playing the ‘old firm’ card. I cannot see how that omission could have any negative impact on Celtic or Scottish society.

              If Celtic and the rest can continue in the absence of TRFC for three years; where is the problem?

              The landscape of Scottish football should be redefined for the better. Don’t look back.

              No to Sevco!

        • cam

          I hope they do,,Rangers will thrive without the ugly sister.Everything happens for a reason.Now the bigots on both sides will have to find another way of getting their fix.
          Rangers ARE Scottish fitba,,,for better or worse.
          Monti will go to do his plastic paddy ooh ah pish.
          If Celtic fail to use the Rangers free years in Europe to get a financial safety net, then they will vanish like their impoverished fans.

          • lordmac

            cam its looking like rangers are missing Celtic alot more, than Celtic missing rangers. we don’t want to be playing the lone rangers, as we reckon yous will no last that long, and we are not like your mob wishing your life away, a wee tip for you buy this years shirt as it will be the last

        • Monti

          You have got it spot on Ray, Rangers are dead & gone & there is no appetite for a game v the tribute act!

    • Monti

      Got it Ray & your quite correct…..HH! FTSFA!

  21. portpower

    All a fan asks for is a good, honest and competitive game.
    Thanks JohnBhoy for your thoughts.

  22. portpower

    I hear the happy royal couple have named their newborn wee Bhoy,
    Conan Emmet Liam Tadhg Iollan Colm.

  23. @gortchomhor

    Good enough article but then it jumps to the illogical conclusion that Scottish football is worth saving. A conclusion more consistent with the rest of the article would be that Scottish football has been used as a vehicle for trouble-makers, has brought us nothing but grief, and ought to be destroyed.

  24. JimBhoy

    @JohnBhoy Well written piece mate, I will go back and check the majority of replies a little later but would like to hear the rangers boys on here counter the facts you present just for a sense of balance.

    My take is there are a ton of decent rangers fans I know many, there is the element in the middle who like the decent fans are just glad to have a club but who are a little bit more fervent in their tribalistic approach and then there are a breed who live FOR the bigotry and hatred, but I think Celtic have a similar element IMO on a smaller scale but it does exist….

    I don’t think anyone can make sense of the religious pieces you mention and I have no answer except maybe just general point scoring.

    The heart of the problem on a football front are those numpties supposedly in charge of Scottish football… Neither Celtic nor Rangers fans believe they (Regan, Doncaster and cronies) have done their clubs any good and I can see arguments for and against each club as well as all clubs in Scotland.. How anyone can be happy with how they have conducted themselves is beyond me. One thing is for sure unless they GTF Scottish football will not progress and will be in the mire..

    I believe there is a wee addition to the royal family, i think i heard that once or twice over the past few hours, good luck to wee Prince Django…

    • david

      Hopeless trying , there is no balance in the article at all.
      Both clubs have issues with sectarianism, to say otherwise is flying in the face of reality.
      A simple statistic; if the most recent figures show a balance of 62% attacks against Catholics and 38% the other way , given that the Catholic population is only 16%, then the obvious conclusion to draw is that Catholics are much more likely to engage in sectarianism.
      However, because of percentages, a Catholic is still more likely to be attacked.
      Then there is the continuing imbalance in the prison population, where Catholics are overrepresented.
      Plenty of evidence on this blog that lots of Celtic bigots exist.

  25. JimBhoy

    Skimming thru the comments seems to validate what JohnBhoy mentioned in his post about posts on child abuse and paedos ffs guys get a grip..Take that sh!te elsewhere,,

    PMcC I would appreciate it if any post on this vile subject are removed and if we see repeat offenders I would suggest moderation purgatory for them.

    I hope everyone agrees.

  26. Ed Paisley

    Good God another royal wean to be supported by the public purse.
    Still, by the time this one grows up he will be opening supermarkets and reminiscing on chat shows about great granny. Still if the old adage of wan in wan oot still applies then Prince Philip will need to watch those royal doctors – shame, because Philip is the funniest of the lot of them. Philip to Ayrshire driving instructor “How do you keep the locals off the booze long enough to pass the test?”

  27. Monti


  28. lordmac

    IF any of you guys are on talking to to HUGH will you ask him why he never followed his article up

  29. Pingback: FOOTBALL IS WORTH DEFENDING PART II: IN DEFENCE OF #RANGERS By JohnBhoy | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  30. lordmac

    defending football would be totally wrong as far as sport goes, within Scotland the division has seen to that, normal people would have and give support to a player of that year that won a big trophy in any sport, but football is a taboo because it was encouraged at the place of work where as golf fans if you like, have there fa vs, but each year there are new guys yet they go to get entertained

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