Why Jumping to Conclusions About the “Rangers Coach” Fire is Wrong

The amateur sleuths are out in force already today, after police confirmation that the fire at Bruce’s Coaches in Salsburgh was deliberate. Amongst the vehicles destroyed was the new Rangers team bus, leading some of the would-be Sherlocks to have attributed the blame to Celtic fans.

The police are investigating and the full resources of Police Scotland will be directed to finding those responsible, and rightly so.

Some might think that it is rich seeing me comment on “amateur Sherlocks” but when I have engaged in speculation about wrong-doing it has generally been of the type where publicly available paper trails exist. Until the police investigation tracks down the criminals, and in the absence of evidence publicly available about the crime, it is rather pointless and indeed an indicator of one’s own prejudices, to attribute blame or motive.

On a separate note unrelated to the preceding paragraph, Ally McCoist too has had his say, being quoted in the Sunday Mail saying:-

“It saddens me. It really does.

“I think it’s pathetic that people would go to these extremes.

“It sounds like a premeditated attack on Rangers’ bus and I’m gutted about it but thankfully nobody’s been killed.”

Now, as we know, Mr McCoist is a man who is a supporter of free speech and freedom of information, as shown by his demands for the naming of the SFA Judicial Panel which imposed penalties on Rangers last year (even though there were undoubtedly various Rangers employees who would have known who the panel members were as they had sat in the hearing room with them for several days). But Mr McCoist could not have been expected to take time from his managerial responsibilities to ask them, instead using the media to get the answer as soon as he could.

With his comments today regarding the fire, he has clearly received briefings from the police regarding the matter or else has information that credible threats had been made to Rangers – how otherwise would he be able to say that it “sounds like a premeditated attack on Rangers’ bus”?

In the same way that it is not uncommon for vacant buildings, and especially empty licensed premises, in Glasgow to combust spontaneously, there is a surprising number of hits on Google if you search for references to fires involving buses and coaches in Scotland. The building fires generally result in insurance claims, some of which are actually settled by the insurers, although some are not. Equally fires such as that at Salsburgh will lead to communications with the insurers (and, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, rightly so).

Over and above that history, there are possibilities of vandalism or personal grudges being behind the attack.

This attack joins that long and inglorious history, but, and I agree with Mr McCoist here, it is fortunate that there was no loss of life. No matter what the reason for this crime, it is to be condemned and investigated and prosecuted with the full vigour of the law.

I want to make it clear that I have no idea who is responsible, and that those who have already engaged in idle and scurrilous speculation about certain individuals and organisations are engaged in rumour-mongering, and possibly maliciously so.

So either Mr McCoist is making his statement that this incident is an attack on Rangers based upon information from the Police or his employer’s security team, or he is jumping to a conclusion based on no evidence whatsoever.

I am however sure that it is not the latter – after all, one implication of his quote is that his team’s rivals (or at least their fans) are responsible for criminal attacks on their property, which is not a comment calculated to calm down tensions which already seem to palpable between Rangers and Celtic fans (or at least amongst those active on the Internet)!

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  1. @Paul
    Maybe as a wee dispensation for the most recent setback to the Ibrox club, namely, their lack of suitable transportation, the corrupt SFA will see fit to allow all of their away matches to be relocated to Ibrox.

  2. mc coist is nothin’ but a DIRTY M-NKEE H-N OR-NG BASTOOR

  3. William Fraser

    I put it down to the Easdales. It’s too easy to blame the “tims”. Board member who recently lost the coach contract. You don’t need to be Herlock Sholmes to know who is behind it. And, just by chance, they no doubt have a suitable coach standing by.

    • cam

      Shocking allegation,completely typical of an internet bampot,,,rinse your brain cell out with Dettol.

    • david

      Absolutely barking bonkers mad

      What kind of scewballs are posting now?

      Take your allegation to the Police

    • cam

      The loonball reads the blog and then goes and clatters that.How funny would it be if the Easdales read that and dropped him a wee lawyers letter?

      • david

        Cam, I think somebody must have dropped him on his head.

        • cregganduff

          Willie Fraser
          Congrats for taking the piss out out of the self proclaimed king of pts.
          As for David, no kudos there, he was born a prig without a sense of humour.

        • cam

          Monti’s da?

          • david

            Really Tykeboy?
            Seen any posts from me supporting murderers, defending Rangers, or attacking anyones religion?
            No you havent.
            But youve seen plenty going the other way- thats decency

            • Felpen

              You have shown you’re support for the British army who murdered thousands of innocent people. Enough said.

            • david

              @ Felpen.

              No. No. No.
              That isnt true- show me the post?

              Any support given has been in the context of World War 2, The Falklands Conflict or the fight against against terrorists like the IRA or UVF.

              I dont support illegal wars, and unlike you I dont support terrorism

  4. Ed Paisley

    As Ally says, we must all be thankfull that no-one was hurt (apart from the insurers that is). I’m afraid this is a fairly common occurence in the bus and taxi world where getting a little extra publicity can produce insane jealousy in your rivals. This business sector is ruled by the survival of the fittest credo, where everything goes. Even Brian Souter, christian fundamentalist and a very generous charitable donor, has been censured many times for overly aggressive business practices – including dirty tricks of various kinds (although I hasten to point out that Stagecoach haven’t committed arson to my knowledge).
    I think a bus company rival has done this – I am surprised they didn’t leave a few sprigs of shamrock to incriminate Celtic supporters.

    • cam

      Two Celtic supporters got lost one night and miles from home stumbled across a bus depot,Paddy said to Mick “i’ll climb over and steal a bus and we’ll be home in a flash”,,,,great idea says Mick.
      15 mins later Paddy climbs back over with a forlorn expression,he says to Mick “we’re fecked pal,,,,its the wrong bus company,none of their buses go by our street”

  5. Fra

    I’m actually surprised that the fire took hold, as I’m reliably informed that shite doesn’t burn. God, I’m a bad man. Lol. Haha. Guffaw guffaw.

  6. david

    Where is your evidence that you are a friend of Bik McFarlane?

    Want to take me up on my offer of a trip to Belfast at my expense to meet him?
    After all , if he is your friend he will be glad to see you.

    • Mac Tomas

      david…I remember ecojohn asking you for ‘evidence’, many ,many times regarding your “mythical” figures on Rangers handling of sectarian abuse within their own fans. Don’t remember you “ever” supplying the evidence.
      Your full of it. You simply cannot wait for an opportunity to occupy the moral high ground.

  7. Raymilland

    The cortege

    Show some respect 😉

  8. cam

    Congrats to big Phil on his Open victory.A real gent and family man who plays with a smile.Mr Woods could learn a little bit of class from “Lefty”.Tiger seems to suffer from a selective saliva problem.
    Now all this talk of fires has brought back memories of ex Celt Ronnie Glavin,,,,where is he now?

  9. Monti

    Blessed are the cheese makers!

    • david

      The Ninth Commandment; THOU SHALT NOT LIE

      The Sixth Commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL
      ( please pass to your pal Bik )

  10. martin c

    Paul, I would agree there appears to be a wave of criminality affecting bus operatives In the west of Scotland. The two more prominent in the public’s mind being the rangers bus and the McGill 100 grand. I wonder how many go unreported in the media?

    The transport industry in Scotland does have notorious links to the criminal class due to the cash nature of its business and anyone wishing to make hay while this Sun is shining and try and lay blame unfairly on rival supporters live in a fetid world of public relation toiletries?

    Mcoist says deliberate target

    The Sun has the story with unconnected fans close by (now removed)

    Make up your own mind

    • cam

      It could have been a stray flare,,,you know the kind?,the ones certain fitba fans use on their cultural tours.
      As Paul admits,it does seem a bit off that he is advising folk not to jump to conclusions whilst running a blog that fosters loons who specialise in just that.
      The Green Brigade banner with scenes of Ibrox burning doesn’t support the moral outrage outrage of Celtic fans being connected with alleged arson.

      • martin c

        My point being being more. public relation FLUFF than reporting of facts and that FLUFF being particularly incendiary

        • cam

          I do sense a growing hostlity and would ban any future Old Firm games,,the Glasgow Cup game at Firhill was a taste of unfortunate things to come possibly.

          • iantm


            NO Old Firm…. Don’t you Remember CELTIC winning the last one before RFC(IL) & The Sevco con act?

            I agree on one thing, I hope Celtic don’t draw TRFC in a Cup before Ibrox funds dry up..,

            • cam

              Wondered how long before a wean said that,,,explain why Parhead would be packed(for once) if Rangers played there in a cup game?
              Yup,go on spit it out!
              Its still all about the famous Glasgow Rangers,,,without your hate you’re all lost souls,lost bhoys.

            • iantm


              And I was waiting for you to come back with the usual shit.

              Do you remember this pish?

              “RANGERS owner Charles Green last night insisted the Ibrox club would be in a stronger financial position than Celtic in a year.

              The battered and bruised club began life as a newco with an edgy extra-time 2-1 Ramsdens Cup win at Brechin but the new chief executive was bullish about the club’s future and claimed within 12 months their balance sheet would be stronger than the SPL champions.

              Green said: “If you look at the balance sheets at the end of next season you should see the strength of the two companies.”

              Why don’t RIFC show us the Balance Sheet for TRFC & we can see if Chuckles was right…. I doubt it.

              Celtic had more Season Book Income than TRFC, who cut prices & gave Loads of Freebies.
              Celtic played to MORE Full price customers than TRFC.
              Celtic Had excellent Euro TRFC had NONE.
              Celtic Almost Maxed their domestic income per Trophy, TRFC fell early in each Competition except the 3rd Division … They SPENT £7m to win that.
              Celtic sold a player for £12.5m TRFC PAID theirs to leave.

              RFC(IL) ARE Dead…I don’t to Play The Tribute Act….,the money we give them in a cup game might save TRFC.

              I prefer to see you balance those Books WITHOUT our help.

              HA HA, £1m per Month Losses BEFORE you started spending again… Your Doomed.


      • Mac Tomas

        got the hump over a fekin bus done up in tawdry red white & bloo, going on fire cam?, & another GB banner got you foamin?
        Wonder how you felt about some of the fires in East Belfast erected by brothers in Sevco Shirts last Friday, who proceeded to torch an effigy of a priest who took his own life, an Irish tricolour, a Palestinian flag, a Polish flag & other cultural symbols which were bizarrely deemed to offer offence.
        BTW you’ve got some neck chuntering on about “loonballs”, your never off here with your obsessive compulsive rants & sleekit wee sectarian digs;
        Your like drunk in the corner who people, wearily have to humor.
        When you said that Rangers were “booming”, was it really the club bus you meant?.

        • cam

          Awfy grumpy today Mac,,another saddle post mishap?
          Ireland and its loons can all feck off,,,hellish place.
          Mac i’m a bit pished,,,can you get me a taxi or take me home pal?

          • david

            I disagree Cam.
            I think Ireland is a great place, both north and south, with fantastic friendly and articulate people.
            And I am honest enough to admit we Prods treated the Catholics like dirt for centuries, both here and in Ireland.
            Unfortunately, like Scotland a small minority cause a lot of trouble by living in the past and are sick bigots, many of whom have sad lives which revolve around hating others. Yesterday in was at Grazianios chippy in Girvan when a busload of Orangemen who had been to a funeral in Broxburn called in.Some were ok but many were absolutely blootered and swearing at passers-by, including a young laddie with the new Celtic strip on.
            Weve all seen it from both sides.
            Time to move on.

            • cam

              I stand corrected David,,,i was trying to wind up Gort.
              I’ve got uncles over in Ballymena but i wouldn’t visit,which is my loss as some parts are stunning,and i do like a good march through beautiful scenery with the camera Ready.

    • http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/chiefs-to-be-quizzed-over-alleged-bus-1056266.

      It has been going on for years mate, and this is not an isolated incident. There are plenty of dedicated forums on the subject, and not limited to the west of Scotland.
      De-regulation in the 80’s appears to be at the root of it, but there is now a very lucrative profit margin in a scam involving over 60 bus passes, which has been operating in he past few years. 100’s of mill involved.
      Maybe some old geriatrics in hoops tops “huddled” in a bus shelter, would have been a more appropriate set of pics to print.
      I am suggesting no impropriety, but maybe it was not a good idea in the first place, for a company with over £840K outstanding, and less than a bus drivers wages in the bank, to have made such an offer.
      There are many facets to this situation, and nobody should be making their mind up without evidence.
      Whoever the culprits, I hope they spend a lot of time in B wing.

  11. coatbrigbhoy

    I just read this, food for thought,
    also the line, “Is this just a case of one burnt out coach talking about another burnt out coach ?” had me near to tears with laughter, keep them coming Phil.


    • david

      ” Spot on Phil”
      ” Well done Phil”
      ” Accurate as usual Phil”
      ………………………….and all the usual accolades you see if you hold your nose and visit his blog. Problem is, it is moderated to the utmost with the odd daft Rangers supporter allowed on to help verify his viewpoint.
      His acolytes may in some cases actually be himself.
      This blog is the exact opposite, no moderation whatsoever, and any inadequate is allowed to post and celebrate murder.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        for someone that claims NOT to be a Sevconian you sure cry like one and your pain is evident for all to see, do you know you come across as a sad wee man, He (PHIL) just writes the stories, the one about the DOWNFALL was so,so accurate, why it upsets you as a non sevconian is a source of humour for me

        • david

          I am not sad .
          The saddos are the acolytes who hang on the word of a sickening sectarian bigot- as tarred by the Sun.
          If not so, why did he not sue?
          And for the record, for the umpteenth time, Rangers actions were a disgrace and they are a phoenix club.
          Their stain will never wash away.
          Clear enough?

          • coatbrigbhoy

            Not Tarred by the SUN ,tarred b y the mob, the mob that could not see the humour in the Incubator satire,
            Rangers fans calling anyone sectarian is a Fooking joke to beat all jokes,
            the spent year supporting an anti catholic agenda, the march in their anti catholic Orange Order parades and then call Sectarian on some one else,
            then they have wee non sevconians like you fighting their corner,
            why do you do so,
            what has Phil done that has upset a Neutral like you, did you read the Incubator satire, a satire built round Millars incubator club, you remember Millar, a man that wanted to save RFC 1872 and he got hounded just like Phil.
            Rangers itself lobbied the paper and threatened to ban Sun journalists from its ground. There were also physical threats made to The Sun reporter who wrote the interview with Mac Giolla Bhain.

            “But two experienced non-Sun journalists, both of whom did not favour serialisation, read the situation differently. They believe Harries was shocked by the hostility of Rangers fans and feared a possible sales boycott not unlike the one that the paper suffered after its infamous accusation against Liverpool fans following the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy.

            He was therefore relieved to find an excuse – the blog posting – in order
            to effect a change of direction.”

            How quick the mob rally , what is more offensive, a stupid satire that no one forces you to read, or journalist, among other getting threats, some times the mob resorts to death threats, ask Charlie Green, but an internet jurno, well he comes under the same defence the mob used on Neil Lennon, he brings it on himself, sure he does, just as Neil Lennon brought on the bombs and bullets , if you believe the mob,

            Scotlands 50,000+ Sectarian mob tarring a jurno with their own brush, do you not see it

          • iantm


            I first read Phil Mac when he was investigating MIH. He was right, he spoke of debts which could reach £900m+….After debt for equity resolutions the figure was Circa £750m, he even discussed the knock on effects on RFC(IL) which proved to be true…Meanwhile the MSN was discussing Casino’s & Hover Pitches, The Scotsman even ran an article about how much money Murray would MAKE in the recession.

            He has been right about the RFC situation… Sheriff Officers etc.he has been more often right than wrong . In fact without ALL the Rule breaking by the SFA, SPL &SFL he would be right on the button.

            To say Tarred by the Sun is a joke.
            To deny Facts on an accusation of Bigotry, which has no association with the material concerning RFC(IL) nor MIH is puerile.

            Admit the truth THEN attack the bits which are wrong.

            I would find you more credible if you did,.

            • david

              £ 900m +

              Are you totally barking????????????????????????????

            • Fra

              @David….Off the top of my head, I believe MIH debt was in the region of $810 million. I am willing to be corrected on this but I think Ian is in the ball park regarding his figure. So will you apologise if he’s close.

            • Budweiser

              I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an apology. He demands no personal abuse – then personally abuses people . When he hasn’t got an answer or is simply wrong, then nothing but silence. I suspect in this case he made a mistake ie RFC instead of MIH – but instead of simply admitting an honest mistake he resorts to personal abuse. Sad really.

            • Fra

              @David…Sorry, that should read £££££s and not $$$$$$s. even worse that I thought.

      • Jamie

        “This blog is the exact opposite, no moderation whatsoever, and any inadequate is allowed to post”

        dont be so hard on yourself…and there was no need to have a dig at the cam fellah!

  12. dan

    Deary, deary me! Buses being torched. Hmmmmm! Whispers surround ‘certain people’ when it comes to that sort of thing. Acid too, I’m reliably informed! Wonder who’ll get the new contract?

    Bye the bye, some academic report’s just come out, and they say there’s sectarianism in Scotland. Well whodathoughitit!!!!

    And coatbrigbhoy, you’re right. Phil’s on top form today.

  13. josephmcgrath112001809

    No sign of a Chinese lantern I suppose?

  14. I haven’t ruled out Jeremy Clarkson.

  15. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    The thing I find strange is that others throw accusations around about rangers fans being responsible for deaths in coatbridge, and also after games with no evidence, yet paul didn’t feel the need to blog then about being careful.

    One rule for Rangers fans.

    Another rule for Mick and co.

    • Monti

      Neil Simpson 😀

      • david

        What a piece of slime you are Monti.

        I saw McVie of Motherwell practically end the career of Brian McLaughlin of Celtic, who looked like he could have gone on to be the best Scottish player of his generation. Sadly I believe he lost his life last year.
        A tragic loss of life, and a fantastic career in prospect ended early.
        I have no difficulty stating this yet you come on and celebrate the injury to Durrant, another great young player. And dont pretend otherwise.

        Lower than shite, thats you.

    • @1side.
      Now you know what it feels like. Lol.
      I admire your pure unadulterated brass necktho’

    • Raymilland

      @Thrupenny bit

      One rule for Rangers.

      Another rule for the rest.

    • cam

      A very good point well made 2 sides.The defence rests,,,Mr McConville do you have any further questions for this witness?,,,No?,,,then sit down sir!

    • david

      Remember Mad Phil blogged about the murder of a Celtic fan by a Rangers fan in Drumchapel.
      Unfortunately it was the other way round.
      Maybe if he had actually trained as a Journalist he would have learned the basics, like checking facts.

      • cam

        He comes across as a tortured soul,his one string banjo emits a sound that appeals to fellow Philistines,,did you see what i did there?.
        Freelance?,,,means mercenary.

        • david

          Really means totally, utterly unemployable

          • coatbrigbhoy

            What was the name of your latest best seller, Phil’s was called DOWNFALL, and yours ?
            even without the help of the bawless SUN it was top of the sellers charts.

            • cam

              Bought by bigots who are easily led by fools.You’re all a brainwashed bunch of sheep following false prophets and spitting out the dummy when reality bites.

            • iantm


              This from an Ex RFC(IL) Supporter who adopted Sevco & watched them Morph into a debt ridden subsidiary of RIFC.

              You are like Zebedee on here… with a burst spring..

              I don’t know if the Monks fault for putting Buckfast on the market, or if it’s home-brew & Medication mixed but you are manic.

            • david

              CHECK IT OUT!

              I do not pretend to be an author, and I have survived well enough in my own profession. I , unlike your hero, have not been an abject failure at everything . Could always reinvent himself, I suppose.

    • Budweiser

      tut tut.
      Deary me.
      Dear dear.
      tut tut.

      • cam

        You ok there Bud,,,there’s not a solar eclipse in Paisley or you’ve been having absinthe shandies?

        • Budweiser


          Nah. — Just practising my 2 sides comments. Nearly got it. Tit tit – nope – tat tat- nope. Think I’ll stick with Deary, deary tit tut.

          • cam

            Sounds like an old Hillman Imp from Linwood,,,what are you Paisley bangers like?

            • Budweiser

              Thought yesterday Armageddon and apocalypse all in one. Actually had a nightmare that Morton beat Saints 4-2. — Thank god it was just a dream — pass the psilocybin Paul !

    • Raymilland

      “The fact is that Rangers have A. done nothing wrong and B. Outside of the circle of discredited bloggers he converses with there is no appetite to punish Rangers.”

      Did Campbell Ogilvie provide the above synopsis?

      • cam

        The truth cannot be denied Raymondo.
        HMRC tried and failed to use Rangers as an easy win test case to allow them to cover up their own failings.
        Their own rules were applied and proven by the highest experts in the field to be perfectly legal.
        My own personal favourite victory which can never be overturned was the LNS drubbing by King Billy Nimmo,,,a true legend.
        The titles, coveted by the 2nd class mob were proven to be won fairly on the field.
        The fact that rotund Roddy blew it just makes it taste sweeter.

        • Raymilland


          “You can’t handle the truth.”

          Honour, code, loyalty! What wall is he on about?

          Code Red?

          Why did Sandaza get transferred btw? (or was it Santiago?)

    • Ed Paisley

      “Cracking good read. Balanced, fair minded and wonderfully literate”. Hey.. Wait a minute… That’s what Thommo said about Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book “Downfall” (Now available as a Kindle download on Amazon.co.uk – perfect for the summer holidays!)
      I read that blog you referenced Cam but the author is clearly a semi-literate fool with a pathological hatred of Mr Thomson. There’s not even the saving grace of some charm or humour. You bluenoses need to lighten up a bit, no-one has died and there is still a team at Ibrox (albeit a team of third rate journeymen footballers).

      BTW thanks for posting the Buffalo Bill dance – that was the only bit of Silence of the Lambs that I found funny – that was the worst comedy I’ve ever seen.

      • cam

        Its a great tune Ted,,,,well done you on shoving your maracas out of sight.
        You deal in mental health is that correct Ted?
        Can you do profiling?,,,can i be cured?

        • Ed Paisley

          I mostly work with elderly people who have been diagnosed with dementia. However I have studied personality disorders in the past. The good news is that I can detect no such condition in you – you seem to be a well-adjusted individual. The bad news is that Craig Whyte is the text book case of the anti-social personality type.

          The anti-social type has a lack of empathy and tends to disregard many of the societal norms of behaviour. However, it was the following that struck me:-

          * although anti-social personality types tend to eschew direct acts of physical or verbal aggression, they will often resort to criminal damage to property, particularly through fire-raising or similar.
          [Advanced Psychology. David Fanshaw 2005]

          Was Craigy near Salsburgh any time recently?

          • cam

            Hmmm,,i tend to disagree Ted,only last week one of my multiple personalities diagnosed me as a sociopath.
            You do of course realise that every thought we have and every word we say has all been done before,by other folk,probably much more stylishly and that absolutely nothing we say,do,think,or imagine means anything whatsoever.
            That is a very stressful job you do Ted and one that i never could handle,for the simple reason that i hate people.Now me being one of the Peepul and hating people tends to cause all sorts of mental conflict and this is why my therapy in here on Dr Paul’s loonball drop in centre is extremely valuable to me.
            I’m baring my soul to you here Ted,how can i control the voices telling me to do unspeakable things,,,like buy a season ticket at Parkhead.
            Morag has warned me that one more episode with the yoghurt and toilet brush and i’m sleeping in the shed.
            I write down my thoughts in Haiku poetry and shall dedicate tonights verse to you Ted.

            The man of thoughts
            holds them close
            but still they stray

            When next you hear these words Ted,go to locker 24 at Central Station,collect the package,follow the instructions and become wrath.
            Good luck.

        • iantm


          Almost everyone can be cured or their condition improved.

          The first step is to accept the Truth….

          Na, YOUR Doomed.,

      • cam

        Ted,,us lighten up??,,,ffs man we’re trying to get on with things and everywhere we look there’s an obsessive with a mad look in his/her eye trying to bore us to death.
        This illness that the bhoys are suffering isn’t gonna look good in the history books,,,a rather sad episode in your CV.

        • iantm


          Put on your Sash, calm down… Now play your tapes of The People being denied their rights to walk all over others & the resulting rioting complete with OO Uniforms.

          I can’t make up my mind if the halfwit dancing on the Land rover was a LOON or had St Vitus Dance.

          How many of these F*ckwits are you related to? Sorry kindred Brothers in Arms defending their heritage ..

  16. martin kennea

    We will NEVER let you lot forget how you are a brand new club .And how you have cheated and swindled people out of millions of pounds , and also trophies . You really are scotlands shame .

  17. MT67

    What about the bus reg R1 WTP haven’t they learned anything!

  18. Glazert Tim

    Can just see the Record on Monday. Ally says “We will get a new bus by Friday. I can assure all loyal supporters that although it’s a brand new bus, it’s still the same bus! No one can take away it’s history”

    • Joyce

      Pretty pathetic and obvious replies by the rather sad posters on this blog.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      Has anyone put in a bid for the log book yet ?

      Can any one confirm the rumour that the spare tyre was not actually on the bus at the time and that a new bus is to be constructed around the spare and that way, everyone will then know for sure that it is the same bus,

      Sevco, the Triggers broom of Scottish sport,on and off the park.

  19. MT67

    What about the bus reg R1 WTP!

  20. Tam McCondie

    Cam needs shafted. Maybe on the next boys scout jamboree he could make an “arrangement” with his chocolate covered scout master.

  21. Raymilland

    The new bus

    “Squeeze up Ally FFS”

  22. dan

    Seriously, and I mean, really seriously, we’ve got some klutz on here called ‘David’ questioning the journalistic credentials of the wonderful Phil, and suggesting he would have done well to ‘train’ as a journalist! Davey, do you mean ‘train’ like James “Succulent Lamb’ Traynor, or Kieth ‘billionaire Graig Whyte’s wealth off the radar’ Jackson, or Darrell ‘I’ll see what I can do for you on Superboreboard, Oldco’ King? Not one of those lick-spittles could hold a candle to Phil. Any one of them could have written ‘Downfall’ if they’d carried out the research, but they didn’t. I wonder why? And I wonder why you are so hostile to the excellent Phil? Oh, and I’m not him by the way.

    • portpower

      That deserves a MEEP! MEEP!

    • david

      @ daftdan
      explain the following then.
      ( And by the way, keep away from the abuse, anyone who thinks Downfall is of any merit is frankly barking )
      1. Journalistic credentials- please outline Phils qualifications in this area- would I be correct in saying he dosent have any?
      2.Please list the respected papers for whom he has been employed- would that be none?
      3. Please explain why his ex-friends at TAL deride him as a fantasist and a liar?
      4. Please explain why he has changed his name numerous times?
      5. Please explain why he , according to the Sun, he is ” tarred with a sickening sectarian brush “. If he disagreed with the description, why did he not sue? After all , he has a lawyer friend.
      6. Please explain away his proven constant lying e.g claiming to he brothers ( he dosent ) ; claiming his daughter was 8 at a time she was 14 to claim a “crying ” incident; claiming he was abused on a ferry he wasnt on; claiming to hear anti-Irish abuse at a game he wasnt at, and so on..
      7. Please explain the circumstances of his dismissal from Glasgow Social Work and his flight to Ireland?
      8. Please explain why anyone could think the ” Incubator ” blog was satire rather than a pile of bigoted nonsense?
      9. Please explain why if Downfall is a serious attempt at a truthful non-biased investigation into Rangers, he describes the Rangers supporters in racist terms as the “Klan “, and hopes that the club dies?
      10. Please explain why he lied – and later admitted it- on Real Radio and was subsequently barred?
      11. Please explain why the only proper review of Downfall, by the Scotsman. panned the book?
      12. Please explain away the following quotes;
      ” An odd and slightly vulnerable man”- Graham Spiers
      ” Creepy and sectarian “- ex- social work colleagues.
      13. Please explain why he called his bunch in the East End as the ” SNP Provos “, then denying it when doorstepped by reporters?

      None so blind as will not see.
      I got lots of TUs for an above post praising Ireland
      I will get lots of TD s for this one.
      I dont give a toss.

      Both posts are the truth.
      Ireland is a great country.,
      Phil MacMadeupname is a rotten to the core bigot, fostering trouble which he himself would run a mile from.

      Phil MacMadeupname is a rotten to the core bigot

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Most Sevconians call Phil a few silly names and then get on with their lives, you on the other hand compile a long winded obsessive list about the guy, for a NON Sevconian your way in front of any of the Sevco lunatic fringe, now, that takes some doing, but your way ahead of the pack,

        “Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon”

        In your case Phil, using WIT against a half WIT like yourself could be deemed unfair

        • david

          All of the above is in the public domain.
          Please point out any inaccuracies.

          I know what Satire is. You obviously dont.
          The Incubator blog is NOT Satire, it is rubbish spawned by a diseased bigoted mind.

          BTW improve your grammar and syntax if you wish to boast.

          • coatbrigbhoy

            BTW ? grammar and syntax…… BTW,
            what are you? a failed English Teacher ,
            Complains about grammar and Syntax and opens a sentence with BTW.

            • david

              Im not a failed anything.
              Ive heard of a failed social worker and unemployable ” journalist ” though,
              think perhaps you have too.

  23. Was the bus insured? Oh dear not another honest mistake of not paying the policy like all the little people trying to make a living they put out the game by non payment. Then brag about a £500.000 bus!!! Ooops!!!

  24. The idea that Celtic supporters would torch TRFC’s superbus is just ridiculous. Why burn something that has given so many hours of fun on the internet and elsewhere? It seems to me that most non-TRFC fans see the bus, oops, saw the bus, as an iconic example of just how gullible the TRFC fans are and how prepared they are to see shiny new toys as a sign that all is well at Ibrox. Sadly, I think that in line with most crimes of this nature there will be little chance of the perpetrators being discovered, no matter what the motivation was.

  25. coatbrigbhoy

    July 21, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Bought by bigots who are easily led by fools.You’re all a brainwashed bunch of sheep following false prophets and spitting out the dummy when reality bites.

    Diebrox home of the False Prophets,…SDM,CW and CG, the holy trinity followed by a Scotlands weirdest Klan, The DUPIES,

  26. Jimmy S

    McCoist is now no. 1 suspect.

    Story is he felt his position was threatened when he heard Rangers were getting a world class coach from Holland.

  27. coatbrigbhoy

    July 22, 2013 at 10:16 am


    I do not pretend to be an author, and I have survived well enough in my own profession. I , unlike your hero, have not been an abject failure at everything . Could always reinvent himself, I suppose.

    Checked it out, yes it was, stop lying when it is so easy to prove,

    Phil has a world wide following on his blog, are you known world wide for your work ?
    YOU just Survived, shame, i prospered in mine, why don’t you put a wee bit more effort into your own “profession” to do more than struggling to survive, meanwhile criticizing others, that have done better than you, get off these blogs, get the head down at you “profession” and do better, let the Sevconians obsess about Phil, why do you suffer to survive when the DUPIES can fight their own battles.


    • david

      English and modesty are not your strong points, are they coatbrigbhoy.

      Downfall was NEVER a bestseller.
      ” Well enough ” does not mean ” struggling ”
      The meaning obviously escaped you.

      Dont know what yo means.

      And BTW , Phil is a laughing stock except amongst the morons who follow his every word.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        You seem to have followed and made notes on everything that Phil has ever written, you have dissected his life bit by bit, you more than anyone i have evr come across have followed his every word and every step of his life, MORON ?

        • david

          Kindly point out. any inaccuracies in what I have said.
          As I stated, followed only by morons, detested by ordinary people

          • coatbrigbhoy

            David/ Niall, tell us why are YOU so obsessed with Phil,
            every day in every way, Phil this Phil that Phil the next thing,
            YOU follow Phil more closely then any one i have ever come across,
            why is that ?
            try to find a new subject,
            your hate for this man is not healthy, he is not that important, He broke the news about RFC 1872’s tax troubles, he wrote a wee book about the DOWNFALL, so what, life goes on for everyone, only RFC 1872 died, the Dupies are happy to pay to watch a tribute act, let them,it’s funny.

            Downfall part II will be even funnier,pull up a seat.

            • david

              Dont call me Niall, I am not him.
              I dont follow Phil, the man is detestable, I just laugh at morons duped by such an unsavoury character.

              Now, again, point out any inaccuracies in what I posted ( if you can ) – its all available in the public domain.

              You are right, though, Downfall was certainly funny, reads like the Beano

            • willy wonka

              @ coatbrig – Stop ducking and diving. Just answer Davids points. Or is this just another example of you rattling your empty head ?
              In saying that, it would be better though if daftdan did it. He sounds like a real belter.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              Excuse me !! who are you ?
              David/Niall’s points where never disputed by me,who could be bothered to check out that crap whether it be true or false,who cares, so what do i have to answer, i just asked what was it that drove him to compile ZE list on Phil, what is David/Nialls obssesion for Phil all about, He claims he is not a Sevconian but he has compiled ZE list that most Sevconians could not be arsed to put together, Why is that ?

  28. George

    As an Albion Rovers fan, Paul, you are surely grateful for the luck you’re team has received in at least a cup draw revenue. Commenting on an incident you (may) or may not know anything about whilst ocassionally using the ‘it may prejudice an existing case’ line does not befit you. Or maybe it does…..

  29. George

    Just read David’s posts. Made it easy to reply by listing each of his points with a number. Yet to see any replies to each of his numbered points (bit like BBC quoting lots of anger amongst the Rangers club on the CEO salary,without naming names). Time a few of the contributors on here and the BBC ‘journalists’ grew a pair and substantiated their claims instead of wallowing in their hatred. Come on guys surely you can answer David point by point?

    • willy wonka

      I go away on business for a few days and Paul thinks he can sneak this blog by me. Lol.
      I posted this one just after news of the Rangers bus being torched. Unsurprisingly, neither Paul or the usual suspects made a single comment in reply –

      ” “Politician condemns ‘racist’ attack on torched Irish Gaelic club’s sports bus
      Mar 4 2010 By Tristan Stewart-Robertson

      A SUSPECTED racist arson attack on a community sports club has cost thousands of pounds of damage.
      A mini-bus owned by Tir Conaill Harps Gaelic Athletic Club was torched just days before they were to take part in a hurling tournament at Kelvin Hall Arena organised by Langside College.
      An estimated £3000 worth of sporting and video equipment was in the vehicle.
      A compressed gas cylinder was found inside the minibus when it was examined by investigators.
      Glasgow MSP Bob Doris condemned the attack as a “public outrage” and called for a serious investigation of ANTI IRISH RACISM.
      Doris said: “It seems clear that the arsonists weren’t interested in taking valuable possessions from the bus. It was a mindless act and a serious matter of public concern whatever the motive.
      “The POSSIBILITY of a racist attack on a mini-bus bedecked with the Gaelic name of the team and other Irish symbols seems not unlikely.
      “I have every faith that Strathclyde Police will investigate this carefully and take seriously any racially motivated possibilities.The message needs to be loud and clear, that if this attack was indeed motivated against the group because of their ethnic background, that the perpetrators will be punished under race laws.”
      He added: “THERE IS NO FIRM EVIDENCE AT THIS STAGE, but we are increasingly concerned following recent reports of anti-Irish racist violence in a popular Glasgow bar.
      “Those who identify with the Irish diaspora in Scotland are as welcome to live here without fear of discrimination as any other ethnic group. “And that means serious police action in cases where racial motivation is strongly suspected.”
      The club has since had offers of equipment to continue their season from local schools and from the Irish Gaelic sports community in Ireland.
      Police continue to investigate the incident, which took place at around 2.30am on Monday, February 22.
      Doris put down a motion in the Scottish Parliament last week condemning the attack, supported by a number of other city MSPs.”

      Maybe I’m missing the point and “integrity” or “irony” have something to do with it.

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