Trouble at t’Mill? Guest Post by mcfc on Rangers and its Finances

Last week, (7:30pm 4th July) when musing on cash flow problems and in solvency I said:

”… cash flow just melts away and you’re insolvent, bankrupt, gone – all in a few short weeks. The lesson is that even the slightest whiff of cash flow problems is enough to start the vicious circle. If you’ve never managed critical cash flow without a safety net – be warned. Suppliers beware.”

I’d like to clarify for Wanka – in the labelling game – I’m not Charles Green – but he does seem to be taking serious note of some alarming trends – and in the Scottish Sun on 5th July has just farted a big eggy whiff of cash problems. Just to recap:

Costs UP – Green pay off, Mather £280k, overlap period paying both – all unplanned

Revenue DOWN – 9000 fewer ST sales than last season – same drop as last year – minus 9000 x £250 = minus £2,250,000

Revenue DOWN – Tennents sponsorship deal replaced by Blackthorn sponsorship deal – £1.5m replaced by – well let’s say maybe £0.5 (details secret)

Costs UP – central defenders previously on loan paid off at €1m to be replaced by cost of two new signings – double paying

Revenue DOWN – Nike sponsorship deal replaced by Puma deal – £1.5m replaced by – well let’s say maybe £0.5m (details secret)

Costs UP – CPI inflation at 2.7% on all running expenses

Costs UP – a stitch in time saves nine – Ibrox maintenance deficit increases net cost of repairs

Costs UP – Legal contingencies – Sandaza, Craig Whyte’s Letter Before Action – lawyers at £500/hr for 200hr/y – so let’s call it £100,000– before consideration of settlements – which could be £0.5m for Sandaza and millions for the LBA

Revenue DUBIOUS – Buy a Blackthorn shirt – out of date by May – 1 year deal only – careful whose name you put on the back – fire sale coming.

Costs UP – seven figures for Huawei Wi-Fi router, Computer Weekly

What Mr Green probably also recognizes is that the IPO money is being spent on day to day expenses (players, perks, toilet rolls and tea bags) and not on re-structuring the business. The prospectus laid out the plan for the £20m – but which of these things is money being spent on – (clue – it’s the fourth one)

6. Use of proceeds and effects of the proceeds [of the IPO proceeds]
The Company plans to use the money raised from the Placing to improve the infrastructure of the Club.

In particular, the Directors have identified:

  • upgrades to Ibrox Stadium (approximately £5.5 million);
  • acquisition and development of land assets adjacent to the stadium (approximately £4.5 million);
  • other identified projects which could result in additional revenue generating activities
    (approximately £3.0 million); and
  • general working capital purposes.

Investors locked in to their shares will be getting twitchy because the share price is in danger (54p per share and counting down) – any analyst can see the plan is not being followed, there are warning flags flapping, the IPO cash is evaporating and there appears to be inaction or ignorance in the board room.

A man who knows about trouble at the mill

A man who knows about trouble at the mill

Well said Mr Green!

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132 responses to “Trouble at t’Mill? Guest Post by mcfc on Rangers and its Finances

  1. Budweiser

    Yeh, but you’re forgetting that revenue will be increased by 500m x 99p, for looking at the bus online ! And also not forgetting the orange tap !

  2. Good post and the major problems in a nutshell, if they survive they will have to make sweeping changes. The profligacy of last season and the lack of success in cups is a near mortal blow.

  3. Monti

    Well played mcfc, good post mate & you nailed it… man HH!
    Not long now for the tribute act….tick tock tick tock goes the grim reapers clock…… moon I saw you standing alone…..HH!

  4. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Ok, bit by bit, lets go through this.

    Costs up re overlap yet no mention of various reductions in non playing staff as well as pay cuts for Directors such as Stockbridge.

    9000 fewer season ticket sales. 🙂 Firstly, this is the 14th July which actually means as things stand, comparing to last year, we are 33,000 UP on season ticket sales as we didnt start selling them until the end of July. In fact, it took until the 14th August to reach the 30,000 mark yet here we are on the 14th July and already 10% ahead of last years total. Will that mean 42,000 by Xmas ?? Who knows but we are only 5,500 (NOT 9000) behind last year and still loads of time for new sales.

    Sponsorship revenue down. “well let’s say maybe £0.5 (details secret)” OR we could let’s say maybe £2.5m (details secret). So we could be £1m down or we could be £1m up or we could be level. Your guess is as good as mine eh.

    Costs up on central defenders leaving. – You do reallise that when players go on loan, the new team very rarely pays all their wages. Normal rate would be 50% but sometimes less. Given that the 2 defenders were on a rumoured £2m per year(yeah i know thats ridiculous) then the likelyhood is that they cost us more than £1m last year. As for their replacements, which 2 central defenders have been bought ???

    Kit deal revenue down – “well let’s say maybe £0.5 (details secret)” OR we could let’s say maybe £2.5m (details secret). So we could be £1m down or we could be £1m up or we could be level. Your guess is as good as mine eh.

    Legal costs up – to use your words “lets call it” and “could be” Nothing like cold hard facts eh. And your nonsense is nothing like cold hard facts. Chuckle.

    So to summarise, basically, well how should i put it, its kinda like, you know, well, ahem, to be blunt, and not to put too fine a point on it, you dont like Rangers coz you support Ra Sellic. 🙂

    • ross north

      Yeah 2sides ,and the old ranglers were never liquidated .
      we dont like ranglers or the other related new clubs because they cheated on and off the park and they are sectarian bigots .

    • OldFirm 1

      The idea of £1M increase in sponsorship is risible. Blackthorn and Puma will pay significantly less than previous deals. £500,000 per year is generous for an SFL2 club. The reason the deals are secret is that they would send a signal to AIM to dump your shares and they would go into a tailspin, and your new club would go bust with more fingers burnt. You would have thought that Buns would have ‘wised up’ when losing their shirts on RFC deceased. But then the Swallow Swallow brigade believe that there is a Blue Brigadoon at Die Brox. They probably still believe in the tooth fairy. There is a distinct lack of teeth and financial bite in the new team’s support.

      • Ed Pàislig

        Agree with you. Chico would have been shouting from the rooftops if he had secured bumper deals with Puma and Blackthorn. Commercial confidence my arse!

    • graham

      Well said ma man !!
      Here is a wee tune for Mcfc …
      ‘This is what it’s like to be man city …
      ‘This what it’s like to be small’ ….
      Am sure Mcfc can fill in the rest for us

    • Anyone who thinks they are going to get higher sponsorship in the lower leagues in Scotland is quite frankly stupid.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        I would have thought people could read between the lines. I wasnt suggesting there was a £1m increase. I was suggesting that the guy who has never been to a Scottish football game, hee hee, was simply making a number up. 2 can play that game.

    • portpower

      @2 sides of the 1 coin
      You`re sevco team are there to win a pint from. Enjoy.

    • Monti

      Never mind that, your fkn team is DEAD!
      HOW MANY TIMES????????

    • portpower

      @2 sides of the 1 coin
      Did the employee staff ride a wave and tupe over to sevco5088? Who lost their service leave? Wavetower saved.

    • portpower

      ,but you aren’t, 2 sides of the 1 coin

    • Maggie

      2sides of the 1 coin
      Why would you assume that dislike of Rangers is limited to Celtic fans?
      I know plenty of non Celtic supporting people who loathe and despise Rangers and all they stand for.Included in that number all of my friends who are regular attendees of the Church of Scotland,who particularly hate the assumption that they must be Rangers’ supporters because they are Protestant and live in the West of Scotland.Why do they hate this assumption? Because they do not want to be associated with the “permanent disgrace” that is your club.
      It’s quite telling I feel, that last year the fans of every SPL club made their feelings known to their chairmen, re your new club’s application to be parachuted straight into the SPL in complete contravention of the rules.
      Maybe all these fans,like mcfc,are secret supporters of Celtic,if so,brilliant,as we welcome all into the Celtic family.
      Like many of the bhoys on here I rejoice that there will be no more,so called,Old Firm games to perpetrate the hatred and bias for which your dead club and its present incarnation are so famous for.I thought you and your fellow followers didn’t care that nobody liked you anyway,so what’s your problem?

    • alfredthepict

      Whether he like or dislike ” Rangers ” is irrelevant ! You are going down the stank at a rapid rate of knots !

  5. OldFirm 1

    Paying Sally £750,000 per year accounts for 3,000 season tickets. McCulloch’s salary represents 3,800 tickets. Sally’s two assistants cost 1600 season tickets. The VAT on 29,000-38,000 season tickets is 5,800 -7,600 season tickets. National Insurance on 4 employees is 1,092 season tickets. So for just four employees the season tickets required are 14.200 if 29,000 are sold, and 16,000 if 38,000 are sold.
    It is therefore no surprise that this new club is losing £1M per month. With approximately only £6M left of the IPO and payouts to the departing directors and new appointments to the board, this club may be insolvent in four months. Sally is there to give substance to the lie that they are RFC continued. This Blue Brigadoon scenario is being lapped up by the sentiently-challenged Swallow Swallow brigade. However are the prepared to go bust in support of this flag-bearer?

    • OldFirm 1

      If you then add the 1,092 for NI, the running totals for 29,000 sales is 15,292 and for 38,000 is 17,092. This is 45-53% for just 4 employes. Unsustainable. If no income from League Cup or Scottish cup runs, insolvency is inevitable. Keep a close eye on the refs next season!

      • JimBhoy

        Always good to have a post with actual facts, nice one mate.. God only knows what the board are taking in sal and bonuses… Loan repayment to the men who put up the original monies??

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Actual facts ?? 9000 season tickets down. X. Rumoured salaries. X Guesses at sponsorship. X 2 central defenders bought. X

          Can you tell what is actually factual about it please ? 🙂

          • Fra

            One absolute racing certainty…..your toxic entity is head for total oblivion

          • portpower

            @2 sides of the 1 coin
            you`re no two sides to support. Pick 1, Dead or newco?

          • JimBhoy

            put your head back in the sand those facts or suggestions are way off right??? FFS whatever your fukin name is get a grip ya tit…

          • OldFirm 1

            Yes the salary details were disclosed by Craig Whyte. He proposed that Sally was cut to £300,000 and that both of his assistants were given their P45. Green was of a similar view. My posts were factual. Your posts were speculative and without foundation. I have come to expect this from the Sevcovians. They are a strange new breed that can imagine a Blue Brigadoon at Die Brox home games. Do you get a tab of LSD with each season ticket voucher?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              To be fair, i owe you and jimbhoy apology on this as i thought his post was aimed at the original post which was completely devoid of facts. I havent checked all of yours for accuracy as of yet but the salaries look about right and i therefore apologise for the confusion.

  6. portpower

    Could you repeat that again please.

  7. portpower

    Oh how the € looks better for the defunct rangers followers.

    • graham

      Defunct ??
      Just back from bristol .. Rangers end sold out .. Duznae sound like a defunct club to me
      54 titles and still going on !!

      • OldFirm 1

        Wear water cannons deployed? It was good to see the NI police giving the unwashed orangemen a thorough delousing.

      • OldFirm 1

        You evidently have problems with addition. Your new club have won one SFL3 title (aka the ash tray) by playing and paying for full time professionals in an amateur league. This has resulted in a £1M per month loss and sent your shares down from 92p to 54p. Insolvency beckons. As for your claim of a sizeable support at Bristol, I have my doubts. There were no riots reported. I will keep an eye on the new season of Crimewatch to see if any of your old lags misbehaved, as is the norm.

      • Ed Pàislig

        I admire your loyalty Graham – that’s a long way to travel for the Cider Cup. My nephew was there too and he posted some photos on Facebook – it looked like an empty stadium. I guess Bristol City supporters don’t want to mix with the likes of Sevco – a lower league newco from Scotland ffs, you can’t blame them.

        • graham

          Monti ,
          Still alive a kicking , over 30,000
          Season tickets sold already !!
          Not dead ..

        • graham

          Ed ..
          It was a cracking day out bit of sunbathing .. A few beers and no trouble . How can any right minded football fan try and knock that ,
          And check out a few of the bristol city fans tweets n such like praising the rangers fans !
          Am sure the warped craptic fans on here will twist it !!
          Still another victory for us ..
          How is the deck chairs pre season results be going
          Hahahahahahahaha !
          Mon the’ wee celtic team ‘from Belfast
          Here how ironic would that be if they pumped your team oot of Europe !!
          Ah can only dream eh

      • portpower

        Did you pick your rubbish up ?
        Recycle the defunct please.

      • portpower

        Lee Henry McCulloch cracked a stiffy again being captain against The Bristol.
        Up to your arm pits with fenian blood? captains red arm band?
        sevco get him gone? Explain his book please.

      • Monti

        Not nearly defunct, really defunct as in dead!

      • alfredthepict

        You have,nt won any titles yet son excepting last season third division !

        • graham

          54 titles and still going on !!
          141 years of unbroken history.
          The most successful domestic team in history !
          Don’t take my word for it
          Ask Uefa and every other organisation that the craptic fans have appealed too and lost the argument that the mighty glasgow rangers are dead !

          • OldFirm 1

            Total nonsense. Pass the crack pot, crackpot. Your team and its legacy are dead. Only a desperate fool would try to pass of an SFL3 amateur league title as a PL/Division 1 title. Uefa have made no mention of RFC, save Platini using their demise as a warning to Play Fair, something EBT VAT AVOIDING RFC (1899-2012) have never done. If your new club ever play in Europe, you can thank Celtic for any coefficient that you are given. Now pucker up and kiss my ass for that, you sad deluded Bun. I heard they are introducing a new calendar at Die Brox to raise money for the threadbare start-up: Miss Orangeman Wet T-shirt,will no doubt go down. I suggest a trip to NI and a water cannon to wash out your mouth from the lies you spout.

  8. There may or may not be financial challanges to come but this particular article is so vague and full of if´s & but´s to be useless in terms of analysis.
    All it really does is to supply a low quality and uninformative ‘hit’ for the addicts.

  9. Sir Walter of Cardigan, Super Swally et al must yearn for the days when they could get Sir Duped to ask Musterton for “free” money to fund their illusion.

    The Berrs don’t like it the living within ones means thing one bit.

  10. portpower

    Whose injured sevco? Let us know.

  11. portpower

    Rumour has it the tangerine sash comes with an in-build CO2 cylinder.
    sevco floaties FC. sevco sash detects liquidation, depending on the hand to save oneself………………………. Thankyou for what WE are.

  12. Ed Pàislig

    Well done sir – you have set out a very coherent argument which suggests that even before Sevco get back into the SPL, they will need a significant fresh injection of cash. Where will that come from?
    We know there aren’t any sugar daddies out there (with genuine off the radar wealth that is), the blue pound has proved loyal but not stupid and I can’t see any rights issue or open issue of shares being taken up after their approved advisors just ditched them.
    A major crisis awaits for this new company and I don’t see any way to avert it.
    But of course, according to the usual dunderheids and delinquents, the Rangers will never die so they don’t care about any impending crisis.

  13. portpower

    Why not ?

  14. Either TRFC are running on fumes or CG has, for the first time in his life, increased the revenue sources and the amount of revenue for a venture he is involved with.
    Has the sale of his shares to the Easdales been approved? If so, at what price?
    Have any of the other shareholders ‘promised’ their shares to anyone else?
    Unless Chuckles has one of his ‘three billionaires’ lined up to take a £60M haircut, the ST cash is only delaying the inevitable.

  15. Raymilland

    Captain Haddock to the rescue?

    Time to bail out!

  16. portpower

    Is there something wrong with your scrotum sevco? Hurry we`re waiting.

  17. portpower

    Would they make David Murray sit at the back of the bus?

  18. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    “Fair play to #Rangers fans. Loudest I’ve ever heard at Ashton Gate in my ten years, and only for a friendly!”

    “What a set of fans Glasgow rangers have, outstanding at the gate today! #bcfc”

    “best of luck for next season!! With fans like yourselfs the only way is up!!”

    “quality noise from rangers fans today and god save the queen was outta this world.welcome back in bristol anytime.”

    “I thought they were the best fans ever down the gate”

    “3rd division and they sell out man city can’t get full attendance v Madrid”

    “Credit to the Rangers fans though, they’re class”

    • OldFirm 1

      They are definitely a class. An Underclass of sentiently challenged knuckle-draggers who cannot get their heads around the fact that their club is deceased. They prefer to get tanked up and enjoy an illusion of Blue Brigadoon at Die Brox. It was fortunate for Bristol that the street-defecating (Manchester) hordes were being deloused by the NI police. Please refer to the UFO in The Huddle posting on Facebook. Unidentified Flying Orangeman.

    • Think most of the comments came from the EDL?

    • portpower

      mum & dad let a ten year old go to the gate. You`re young enough to forget the rangers cheating bastards. Support the the sevco5088. In Agent Whyte you`ll believe.

    • alfredthepict

      Think you,l find the supporters and citizens of Manchester, Barcelona, Villareal and a host of other devastated cities might disagree with you

    • JimBhoy

      vat paying this year fella? Some taxes?

      • coco the clown.

        The worst part of this is the ambulance service,the face painter and the many firms who lost much needed income that the oldco conned them out of,no one ever mentions this,seems like the one who used to follow the now defunct club and now follow a new club,forget about.
        Or the players ripping up their contracts,the shares that the fans lost,but the same fans still buying ST, shares of this new club without questioning.

  19. Monti

    The tribute acts fans need to open their eyes, pretending to look forward to another season in the lower divisions, no European football for years to come & regularly being knocked out by lower league opposition.
    Meanwhile Celtic awash with cash & set to strengthen the squad with proven players are heading for the champions league & another 25m windfall, we are out of sight of everyone in Scotland & I fancy a treble this year!
    Sevco? Haha

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Your wage bill is 4 times any other team in the land and you only “fancy” a treble.

      You should expect it !!!

      Hows the pre-season coming along ? I see you are shipping out yet more young Scottish talent. chuckle 🙂

  20. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    33,000 season tickets sold for a supposed new club in the lower reaches of a backwater footballing country. Still a payday and 4 weeks to go to the real start of the season.

    What was the predictions on here ? 25k ? 27k ? Chuckle. 😛

    • JimBhoy

      Is success measured in how many cheap SBs you sell? Check out the post above that breaks down where a lot of that money will go just on basic running costs..Look at it this way, I hope you get 40k SB sales because that is a measure of how easy it is to dupe a large set of fans…

      Gullible united…

      • mcfc


        The quality of response in defence of Rangers says everything really e.g. Puma deal is worth more than Nike, Blackthorn is worth more than Tennents so everything is OK. Determined to ignore reasonable indications that all is not well – because anyone saying that only does so because they hate Rangers. You can take a Bear to accountancy, but you can’t make it think.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Who said the Puma deal was worth more ?

          Who said the Blackthorn deal was worth more ?

          Thats your problem, You only see what you want bhoyo.

  21. portpower

    Like a wise man once said ” Huawei you to f^ck sevco.”

    • JimBhoy

      @port it was stated celtic wireless a few hundred k from Cisco, now I work in IT and I know Cisco, industry leader, never heard of 7 figure Huawei….. But they pay so much more wtf bears?

  22. Have the Sevco trolls been replaced by a free transfer? Or have we a trialist in for a wee run oot?

  23. cam

    Same old weirdos regurgitating the same old crap,,,they will go bust in Jan,Feb.March,April,next week, last Friday, at half past 2.
    They wont get more than 20,000 SB’s ,the figures are wrong,they’re lying about the money,Phil knows,Paul’s seen the books, Arty C has dressed up as a bird and has some e-mails,the bhoys from the Columba club in Blantyre have an audio of Malcom Murray farting.
    Some daftie from Manchester(ahem) has put up a post with some imaginary numbers,,,lets all talk utter shoite about that.
    Wee Tony Watt,the legend,the maestro,the £10million starlet is bumped off the wage bill,no new signings,Lenny in a panic and the Beggardome half full ,,,BRILLIANT.
    as you’re obsessed with all the dead things, even on holiday,ffs!

    its just to let you know about Bobby Sands,,,,he’s DEEEEEEEED.

    • Paul

      HA HA cam the Celtic fans and the rest of the SPL know Rangers are dead the only ones who do not is the Sevoconians.Think logically cam if rangers were still alive everything would have been straightforward.
      The club had to die in order to clear the toxic debt and to get rid of the pesky creditors, remember them cam? these creditors invested in Rangers Football Club, so their money was given to the CLUB.
      Once the club/business had been dealt with and the funeral arrangements out of the way the SFA were then able to bend the rules and bring in the crap about the club and business been separate entities. Your club could not function without a business backing. A business could not flourish without a product, merge the two and the two becomes one.Celtic is not just a club it is a business like all other top clubs, separate clubs play in places like Glasgow Green and are classed as amateur.If other teams were to avoid tax and stiff creditors they the club would be responsible, it is not ethical to live in a society were people can be stiffed and have no recourse to the law, this would simply open up a can of worms for crooks to exploit anyone, anytime, anywhere. i am sure if you bought a car from say Arnold Clarke and tomorrow they went down the bust route and open again as Arnold Clarke you would not be happy if the previous day you had bought a banger and had no way of retrieving your money back even though Arnold Clarke had just added a letter to the end of their name and traded on the name of the previous company keeping the old traditions and history. You know fine well your club died and it is hard to accept and it is an embarrassment that fellow people who followed your club are left out of pocket whilst you cling to old traditions and delude yourself. Bobby sands may not be your cup of tea as you will never understand until you wake up what it is like to be oppressed,(and you are oppressed through your culture) and as sands commented it is in the future children’s laughter that revenge will be the sweetest.So whilst you pig out on your July festivities of hatred remember cam that a lie will always be a lie even if dressed up as the truth and a truth will always be a truth regardless of how it is dressed up.One thing that is certain is this whilst you new club struggle and sweat Europe will be a better place for the foreseeable future without your club. Hail Hail my friend and keep the lies flowing as we on this forum find it absolutely hysterical that so many can be so dumb.

  24. cam

    I told Ally and Durranty to read some of the posts in here,,,,

  25. portpower

    Boss McCoist…………………………………………….?

    • graham

      Like stadium names do you .. How bout the peadodome or the tattie bowl .. Or my particular favourite the San giro !!
      All good name for the green plastic seatsfor the green plastic paddies over in the east end of glasgow

  26. Mac Tomas

    Graet post MCFC.
    can I just add….A business reborn from a financial malpractice would surely be bending over backwards to attract investment. Surely it would be zestfully keen to present audited accounts, to put reasonable fears to rest. The fact that Sevco cannot…won’t do this, must in itself be cause for concern. This implies that the current custodians have no confidence in convincing their public that they are a healthy going concern

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      1) When are the audtied accounts actually due ?
      2) Have Celtic produced audited accounts for last season yet ?

      • JimBhoy

        December, aye ya fud… head back in sand… Why you asking this here ya numpty..Everything is cool dont worry apparently..!!!

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Que ? The audited accounts were due in December and Celtic have produced theirs ?

          Is that what you believe ?

  27. Paul

    Do we need to show anything now that Sevco have set a precedent in the art of theft? Maybe all the teams should do what Sevco do and pay nothing. The rest of Scottish football now know that the coin two sides has always been favoured to suit one institution, but that is about to change just like the Scottish environment. WATP are no longer in charge as Scotland/Ireland has opened the door to Europeans who do not give a shit about your culture. You my friend and your kind are now a minority which is good news for you grandchildren and their children who will soon be free of oppressed outdated values. Scotland will move forward to it’s rightful place free from bigoted morons and again be a nation to be proud of.To all the deluded GIRFUY. One Scotland free.

  28. GWG

    To Mr Paul McConville
    You can pull the plug on this blog anytime my friend. You have let the original High Standards of good & FACTUAL debate by some of the best intelligent posters that used to make this place worthwhile spending time on but sadly the blog has descend into a open forum for totally unacceptable Bigotry and Sectarianism by those who DON’T want to debate what is a very serious time in the future of Scottish football and THEIR OWN future as supporters of a club that was liquated as the record show for unacceptable mis management over a long period. Sadly “some” of these people will never accept that their club & HISTORY is no more and the facts are indeed undeniable.
    It’s also sad that these people are not prepared to accept the that all the Jack Irvine’s in the world cannot change what is a FACT!!
    It would have been a lot better for them to accept what has happened, done their penance, cleaned up the image of their defunked club by cleansing their club of the bigots and vileness that is now showing on here on a now daily basis…. and start again as a new concept.
    Sadly this will take many more generation (and Liquation’s ) to achieve. And of course a completely open and truthful media.

  29. lordmac

    the bigest problem rangers face just now is they have to pay tax and insurance at the going rate lol, they used murray to pay the lecky bill lol what have they got Eastdale in for to pay the bus fares.

  30. JimBhoy

    Go the Feniain Bhoys…

  31. JimBhoy

    A Celtic man, plenty Rangers family albeit we are all from the same Irish most boys here will tell u where… Definitely a Fenian now I know what it means…!!!!

  32. Night Terror

    Maybe only a tangential link, but there was an interesting speech by Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC last week on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the refurbishment of the North and South Courts at Glasgow High Court.

    Following Lord President Gill’s more formal speech regarding the history of the North & South Courts and some of the important and notable cases heard there, Mulholland brought a slightly more personal set of recollections, many of which I suspected were well worn anecdotes. The one curious exception was a fairly lengthy recounting of a case in the early 20th Century regarding the 1902 Ibrox Disaster where 25 spectators died when a stand collapsed during a Scotland England match.

    The case involved the prosecution for culpable homicide of the engineering contractor who built the stand. Part of the engineer’s defence was that it wasn’t his fault, but that of the architect Archibald Leitch. The contractor was eventually acquitted, and as Mr Mulholland noted, Archibald Leitch was never prosecuted and went on to have a long and notable career in stadium design.

    Are you waiting for a punchline? There wasn’t one. Mulholland’s speech carried on its way and, well, that was it.

    However, I found the Ibrox case a curious one to bring up in the circumstance, amid stories of notable cases involving murderers, hangings and legal precedent occurring on or near the spot the very distinguished guests (and also myself) in attendance were sitting.

    Anyone else suspect Mulholland bringing up a case where nobody was ever convicted of culpability for a dreadful event at Ibrox that scarred the history of Scottish football was meant to have some resonance in the present day?


  33. Sevco share price today (17 July) 44.5 pence!

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