How Unreasonable is the Offensive Behaviour etc Act – Guest Post by searriagh

In a continuation of the Scottish government’s determination to bludgeon football fans with their Offensive Behaviour at Football Grounds and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, Mr Joseph Anthony Cairns, recently acquitted of the heinous crime of singing two Irish Republican songs at a football match is to be dragged once again through the courts.

After an appeal by the Prosecutor Fiscal’s office, three law Lords, Brodie, Phillips and Lady Paton have decide to overturn the original Sheriff’s decision in the trial. Mr Cairns was charged with breaching Section 1(2)(e) of the Act. That is to say he allegedly indulged in behaviour that a reasonable person would be likely to consider offensive.

The original Sheriff had decided that Mr Cairns had no case to answer as the evidence showed that there had been no obvious reaction from the opposition supporters to the songs sung, possibly due to the fact that they could not sufficiently hear the lyrics being chanted and therefore could not possibly be offended.

However on appeal it has been decided that due to the wording of the act, it is not necessary for a reasonably minded person to be present at the time to be offended, only that they would have been offended if they had in fact been present.

One must assume that the 2,500 Celtic fans surrounding Mr Cairns, who could hear the lyrics but were not offended, must not constitute a reasonable person in the eyes of the Scottish court.

And here we have the crux of the matter. Who decides what is offensive? And who defines what is to constitute a reasonable minded person?

PC Ingliss of the police FOCUS unit named the songs in question as, the Boys of the Old Brigade, and the Roll Of Honour. He then gave a brief synopsis of the songs for the benefit of the court;

“(The Boys of the Old Brigade) is a song which refers to the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and contains a reference to joining the IRA”.

What PC Ingliss fails to mention is that this is a song sung by Irish people throughout the world in praise of the founding fathers of the Irish Republic.


When this was pointed out to PC Ingliss during his cross examination, his position was that,

“Singing such songs was showing support for a terrorist organisation and that under the Lord Advocate’s guidelines, this constituted an offence under Section 1(2)(e) of the Act.”

One wonders how the Irish Government and its people must feel about having their heroes of 1916 described as terrorists in a Scottish court in 2013. We must also hope that the next time both countries face each other at Hampden Park, that the Irish fans do not decide to launch into any of their patriotic songs, lest the police FOCUS unit spark an international incident by immediately arresting vast swathes of their numbers.

I also find myself wondering how the police FOCUS unit would have handled the situation had Her Majesty the Queen, whilst on her way to the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin to lay a wreath in memory of the ‘Boys Of The Old Brigade’ had decided to stop off and take in an SPL match whilst still in the possession of the said wreath. Under the Lord Advocate’s guidelines surely Her Majesty would have been guilty of offending a reasonable minded person.

To continue on with the theme of the reasonable minded person let us look at the second song sung by Mr Cairns, the Roll Of Honour. PC Ingliss describes it as being;

“about the hunger strikes of the early 1980s, the persons named are ten paramilitary persons who died during the hunger strike.”

PC Ingliss is correct in his summation, but considering the most contentious lyric of the song is, “England you’re a monster”, we must assume that it is the fact that the song is about the sacrifice of the hunger strikers in general which contravenes Section 1(2)(e) of the Act.

Roll of H

As you may well know, the first of the ten hunger strikers to die was Bobby Sands. Whilst on hunger strike he was elected Member of Parliament for Fermanagh and South Tyrone with 30,493 votes. Are we then to conclude, that the 30,493 people who voted for Bobby Sands are not to be considered reasonable people?

After his death 100,000 attended his funeral in Belfast.


In 2011, 10,000 marched through the streets of Glasgow to mark the 30th anniversary of his passing. Again are they not to be considered reasonably minded people?

Upon hearing the news of his death the Indian Parliament stood for one minute’s silence; the New Jersey Legislature passed a motion to honour his courage; in Paris, Milan, Ghent and Lisbon thousands took to the street in spontaneous shows of support for the hunger strikers. Street names around the world were changed to bear his name, three in France alone. Lasting monuments have been erected in honour of the hunger strikers from Sydney to Derry, from Cuba to Connecticut.

One street in Paris

One street in Paris


The Bobby Sands Memorial in Hartford, Connecticut

Nelson Mandela has often spoken in praise of Bobby Sands. Let us hope that he does not do so within the confines of a Scottish football ground lest he finds himself having escaped his chains in South Africa’s Robben Island only to be incarcerated within Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison.

Surely this shows the ridiculousness of this Act.

How is the Scottish court able to define who is a reasonable minded person and what is likely to offend this mythical person? Laws already existed to deal with religious bigotry and racism in Scotland, they are good laws and laws which are sadly needed, but unfortunately the Scottish police chose not to enforce these laws which has led to the SNP forcing through this ill-thought out and dangerous Act.

This Act seriously infringes people’s human rights. The majority of people in Scotland may not agree with Irish Republicans but that does not mean that it should be illegal to be one within the confines of Scottish football.

For the good of all scrap it now, and enforce the laws that which already existed before more people are forced through the courts, before more time and money is wasted, and before it is ultimately overturned in a European court and forced to be scrapped anyway.

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  1. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Following on from my post on the various fines Celtic have been given by UEFA earlier, I was dismayed to see more flares and fireworks let off at tonights game. Celtic were fined £21k less than 18 months ago for the same thing in Udinese.

    I hope all you moral based football supporters are emailing UEFA as we speak.

    Does anyone have their email address. ?

    • JimBhoy

      Shocking things my lass was at T in the park and they were all over..Some fires started also because of them..

      What happened to the old bog roll on the park.. Vuvuzelas (probably mispelt) NO, wee guy in front of me and my boy at parkhead had that every fekin game… I think his da was 20 seats away..

    • JimBhoy I am sure that is it.. Good luck

    • Fra

      I’ve just awoken from a slumber and I come on here to read 2sides, graham, cameron etc drivel. It appears to me that because rangers died, the pain is too much to bear so we need somebody to blame. It must be that big bad Lawells fault, or Phils or Pauls, or Celtic or Ireland. Basically, anybody but us.

      Why can’t they cheer on Celtic, Scotland’s representatives knowing that the further they go, ALL of Scotland’s football teams will be benefitting. Is it just the bitterness oozing from their wee souls that won’t allow them to remove their blue goggles. Come join the party, there plenty room for everyone. Shed your veil of unhappiness at your predicament.

      We are in pain therefore to ease that pain, we will try and inflict pain on others. We know the old rangers board, under the command of Murray, cheated and stole but instead of throwing off our tainted robes and starting afresh, we will assume his tainted role, pull up the drawbridge and defend our traditions, as stained and tainted as they are??????????

      Free yourselves from the everlasting stench associated with the dead rancid club. Start afresh, under a new banner. Pay all creditors to relieve yourselves from the stench. Call yourselves a name so far removed from the old rotting carcass that there are no ties. Accept the hand of friendship from ALL other clubs once this have been achieved.

      Only then shall you be free of the stench of the Murrays, the Ogilvies and the Whytes of this world. When your team has been removed from the annals like Third Lanark, Clydebank and Gretna then, and only then can Scottish football move away from the bed of corruption that was allowed to fester under the Masonic conspiracy between them all.

      • @Fra.
        You have summed up perfectly, what the corrupt SFA should have tried to implement , when it was found that Hector had had enough of them.!
        Instead they tried to keep them at ANY cost, allowing the spivs to take control, and by extension, controlling the SFA.
        Until a new SFA , minus the “Traditional” ties to the crooked entity is in place, it cannot be achieved.
        You have hit the rebuild of Scottish fitba’ firmly on the head with your comments.
        The changes required cannot,, and will not, be made by the current governers.
        We need them gone!

  2. Monti

    You need to watch your mouth when it comes to Maggie, have a fight with me Cam but leave the lady out of your bigoted bile, a lot of the stuff you posted at the weekend was borderline racism, I’m sure this was noted by Paul Mcconville……you are lacking class Cam.

  3. coatbrigbhoy

    it talks of the next old firm game, how are they going to do that, Celtic won THE LAST ever old firm game, dead gers playing out of Diebrox do not qualify as part of the tainted old firm label, no more O.F., Celtic are a stand alone club,not part of any firm.

  4. cregganduff

    “Why can’t they cheer on Celtic”

    Truly a rhetorical question!

  5. Monti

    Have you compiled the evidence against me yet, that proves I am NOT a friend of Bik Mcfarlane?
    Come on now!

    • david

      Stop embarrassing yourself you halfwit.



    • Monti

      Still waiting David…..

      • david

        Me too, liar boy.
        Show us YOUR evidence, liar boy.
        A photo, perhaps?
        How did you meet scumbag Bik? Were you a volunteer too ?
        You know very well its another lie to add to your long list.
        Hows Port Stanley today?
        How did your referendum vote go again?

        • Monti

          I never did get to sleep that night David, I was up all night worrying about it, I haven’t been the same since that polls results! 🙂

  6. Geddy Lee.

    Lads they are serious.

    Indeed they have just signed a Club Partnership with North Village, who are the football powerhouse of,emmm, Bermuda. (Splutter).

    Neil Lennon must be terrified.

    I must say, Mather sounded pathetic as again they desperatley try to keep the association the old rangers had with Celtic, alive.

    ranting on about the CPL when all he has at his disposal is a gaggle of second class journeymen , led by a complete and utter buffoon.

  7. Geddy Lee.

    The share price is now diving faster than a Japanese Zero.

    Mather will need to be a bit more inflammmatory if he expects to be able to con Sevcovia into yet ANOTHER share issue anytime soon.

  8. Fra

    Shares are diving. How low can they possibly fail?????????

  9. Monti

    To all the Rangers fans on here, sincere condolences on the loss of former manager David white.
    R.I.P. Mr. White!

    • Ted Pàislig

      I’ve only vaguely heard of Mr White. In any case I join with you in expressing my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    • david

      There has never been a sincere word ever come out of your mouth, liar boy, and few truthful words either.

      • Monti

        Oh yes there has, I called you an arsehole.and I was…….sincere 🙂

      • Monti

        You have gone down in my estimation David, a sincere, sympathetic word of condelence towards a late Rangers manager from myself is not hard for me to express, I respect the rivalry that was there, I care not for knocking peoples religion, I do not dislike protestants, do you understand?

        • david

          Get this into your lying bigoted skull Monti.
          I dont give a toss about your estimation of me. You have been forgiven 3 times for your lying bigoted crap.
          You reverted to type with your praise of the Brighton atrocity and your pretence at being friends with Bik McFarlane, a sectarian scumbag.
          You dont dislike Protestants- dont talk rubbish.
          And stick your false condolences, you have called Rangers men everything under the sun.
          Get lost, lying bigot boy.

          • Monti

            A tad unfair I think David, I have met Bik on at least 3 occasions where we spoke about his experiences in prison among many other things, now you have no evidence to suggest this did not happen, I ask you again to produce the evidence Bik & I are not friends… can’t can you? 🙂

            • david

              Not unfair in the least.
              You have admitted to countless lies in the past.
              You are a proven and self-confessed liar.

              Now YOU prove you met him and under what circumstances.
              Or better still, just admit another lie.
              PLEASE ANSWER

    • Geddy Lee.

      Now, Now Monti. You know what happens when you try to “build bridges” with a Sevcovian.

      • david

        Yes, go ahead and praise a bigot, Geddy.
        If you had ever bothered to read any of my posts, even an imbecile would conclude that I am no ” Sevconian ” as you so eloquently put it.

  10. cregganduff

    Mickleson putting like God
    Rory solid but puts not sinking.

  11. Raymilland


    An organized petition, outlaying a threat of withdrawal of custom, would seem to be the best approach. The fans should demand that Ogilvie’s position is no longer tenable. I would also seek to have new chief executives replace Regan & Doncaster.

    Any petition should be addressed to the current SPL Board and the SFA.

    I do not use twiter or such like, is there anyone out there able to organize an electronic petition in relation to the above?

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      The petition would be signed by tens of thousands of Rangers fans as well. Great idea. 🙂

    • mcfc


      Ogilvie is employed to represent the club chairmen. As seen by the TRFC/SPL vote, the chairmen are sensitive to threats to their cash flow. The only way to get rid of Ogilvie in my opinion is to boycott season tickets. But that’s for next year now – because once you’ve handed over your cash they (chairmen, SFA, Ogilvie) don’t give a phlying phook what you or anyone else thinks.

      • Budweiser

        mcfc.:- Thought this post by Finloch over on tsfm was worth a read.

        Finloch says:
        July 16, 2013 at 2:34 pm

        I recently had a few interesting conversations over several beers with someone who works in one of our premier league clubs.
        He knows what is going on at his club, in his club and through his club.
        He is in one or other boardroom every Saturday with his wee blazer.
        He said that one of the frustrations of a year ago was the uncertainty.
        His club was constantly finding stuff out from the media rather than from their paid administrators.
        He confirms there are definitely clubs in the know and clubs who aren’t at the real top table.
        He was not complimentary about the people who run our game and he also feels the big three or four clubs think they are much better and more important than the rest- even the ones they play every week.
        Its a divided community of SPL heads.
        He personally was aware of the 5 way agreement but hadn’t seen it and wasn’t particularly interested.
        He thought it was “just business” and for the common good going forward from a mess.
        He totally supported and agreed with Sevco being given a berth in the SFL because he is convinced it is in his clubs and his chairman’s interest to keep the Rangers spend and more importantly the tv money from Rangers playing football in the game.
        “What would Spartans or Preston bring financially to our coffers next year when Rangers have such a massive support and tv audience”.
        He told me to get real – the SPL clubs have wages to pay and need all the ammunition they can get.
        He also painted a picture of the finances at the clubs that is scary and while he acknowledged that the situation had been caused and exacerbated by the historic testosterone-driven spending by SDM and the other alpha male club heads he said that was then and survival was about now and looking forward.
        He sees Celtic as profitable but landlocked and in danger of not selling out as they have no real competition. (It is inevitable the fans will get bored and last year they took less supporters to his club for the first time in years)
        He sees others like DUFC and Aberdeen as way overspent and probably trading on the edge of their own fiduciary duty but with a friendly owner, for now. Friendly owners who are probably looking for exits and certainly not increasing OD’s.
        He sees others like Killie who are way overspent but with no rich owner in the background. He doesn’t think they are in a nice place.
        And he admires from a distance the skinflint clubs who remember what it is like to be poor and where every pound is a prisoner – teams like the Saints and Caley.
        Clubs that are at the heart of their communities.
        He doesn’t think Hearts and Dunfermline will be the last to wobble then fall.
        When asked about why Ogilvie was re-elected unopposed and why Doncaster got the top job he said its because in the absence of any vision the clubs have circled the wagons.
        When asked about whether Celtic and Hearts could sue for losing their prize money and European spots to the cheating club he said something that amazed me.
        He was absolutely certain there had already been an agreement reached over this between the administrators and the clubs and that “compensatory money” had already been agreed and changed hands.
        If that is true….

        • mcfc

          @bud – very interesting – and rings true – ultimately chairmen have decisions to make day to day that will determine the future of their clubs – large, small and very small. They are “businesses” and businesses loath uncertainty.

          So fellow board members – we could campaign to remove Campbell Ogilvie – what would be the impact on us – STs, gates, TV money, sponsorship, pie sales, programme sales, policing costs

          Next item, toilet cleaning contract . ….

          • mcfc

            That hits the nail right on the head.

            If you look at the Rule bending & breaking by Regan & Doncaster & Ogilvie being compromised, you’d think their arses would be bouncing down the stairs.

            Look at what ACTUALLY happened, Regan & Doncaster received Gigantic PAY RISES & Ogilvie is re-elected UNOPPOSED. Sums it all up.

            Now look at the latest Bullsh*t…. TRFC are in the clear, THEY examined themselves, Independently of course, & found no case to answer… That was rubber stamped by the THE SFA.

            I said this would happen earlier when Stevie was saying Green resigned in Disgrace… He is now officially an Innocent man & STILL Paul’s salesman of our Generation…

        • JimBhoy

          @Bud I read the summarized version yesterday and various comments on the ‘guy he met in a pub’, pretty much akin to ‘a spokesman for the club said’ or ‘a club insider suggests’ IMO… If celtic received compensation it will be recorded somewhere. IMO BS, that would suggest some wrongdoing acknowledged by the SFA (without findings from one of their unbiased independent review boards!!) and would be in the public domain in a more solid fashion than chat over a pint..

          How would such compensation be calculated ? The guys running Scottish football are inept but this would take them to a whole new level of incredulity.

          • Budweiser


            The compensation issue was the only slightly dodgy bit for me [ and to be fair the ‘blazer’ says that he had heard of compensation and wasn’t definite ].
            Like mcfc I think the rest had a ring of truth. It wasn’t anti or pro rangers – it was just business. That fits with what we KNOW happened before the fans’ pressure last year forced the chairmen to back down.

        • lordmac

          great read if you are a rangers fan tell me this what effect is this having on rangers, don’t read the rangers needing anyone, try typing in stereo mate not mono. we will decide what happens to our team and club

      • Raymilland

        @ mcfc

        Season Tickets already sold?

        I don’t see that being an issue to prevent customers venting their dissatisfaction with the vendors of the game in Scotland.

        First call for action: 17 August; Aberdeen v Celtic

        An empty stadium would send out a strong signal of further lobby for change.

        Further mid week club games should also be targeted.

        Anyone who disagrees with the idea of withdrawal of custom of Scottish football would in my opinion lose the right to publicly criticise the way the game is being run.

        The answer to any customer dissatisfaction is to switch provider; or abstain from further purchase of the product.

        Second call to action: 6 September; Scotland v Belgium

        I do not accept any argument that any replacement executive will just be the same as the last; if the next man isn’t up to the task; chase him out the door as well.

        The customer is always right; don’t forget that.

        Firstly, you must be willing to act; not just grump.

        • mcfc

          @ray – I’m on your side – but not turning up for a match you’ve already paid for or a poorly attended international is not the same as holding onto a whole season’s worth of cash until something happens. If most clubs lost 25% of their ST sales for a month or two they’d be having a serious chat with the bank manager about their overdraft – it would become the number one thing on their list to action.

    • Monti

      Craig Whyte. 😀

    • @Raymilland,
      It’s worth a shot. Anything is, but look how much notice they took of their own survey, into the future of the game. None!
      I actually think it will take more than the threat of withdrawal. It will actually have to happen. I would suggest targeting Scotland games, but it would require the whole national fanbase to participate. They would need canvassed, as a failed boycott is a drawback.
      Then no club fanbase could be accused of having an agenda. They are the national body. Boycott the national team seems a logical step.

      • Raymilland

        @ barca & mcfc

        I would not delay or postpone withdrawal of attendance of specific games, the sooner the better.

        There should be a concerted effort between different Scottish football fan web sites.

        Scotland games and certain mid week club games would be the way to go. I agree any demonstration needs to be organised prior to any half arsed approach to this.

        We should try to drum up support to get rid of Ogilvie and his cohorts by boycott of certain games; especially at Hampden.

  12. Raymilland

    The current SPL Board is made up of
    Ralph Topping (SPL Chairman),
    Neil Doncaster (SPL Chief Executive),
    Eric Riley (Celtic FC),
    Stephen Thompson (Dundee United FC),
    Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen FC) and
    Michael Johnston (Kilmarnock FC).
    Every football fan should contact their club to lodge a vote of no confidence in the current regime at Hampden, identifying the particular person(s) your complaint is against.
    Eric Riley (Celtic FC), Email:
    Send your thoughts direct:

    An organized petition, outlaying a threat of withdrawal of custom, would seem to be the best approach. The fans should demand that Ogilvie’s position is no longer tenable. I would also seek to have new chief executives replace Regan & Doncaster.

    Any petition should be addressed to the current SPL Board and the SFA.

    I do not use twiter or such like, is there anyone out there able to organize an electronic petition in relation to the above?

  13. Geddy Lee.

    I see some senior female police officer in Yorkshire is beeling that “the rangers” are coming to town. Apparently she is furious she was not consulted, and would have banned the game if given the chance.

    Naturally, she is recieving the most vile abuse you could possibly imagine.

    And of course, “She must be a taig” is the general consenus of opinion.

    I’ve E-Mailed the link to her so Munter Media should be getting a call any time soon. LOL

    • Ted Pàislig

      She sounds like a responsible and conscientious public official who is rightly worried about the track record of violence from the Rangers supporters.
      Perhaps she served in Manchester during the infamous riots at the Uefa final.

  14. JimBhoy

    Interesting comment by Mr Mather today.. “We’ve agreed deals to bring in seven players, but in comparison to last year’s wage bill, it’s less this season.” — With at least 1 probably 2 more coming….!!!

    I am assuming he means the NEW players they got in last season cost MORE than the NEW player they have got in this season…

    • Geddy Lee.

      He is also neglecting to mention the pay- outs needed to make players leave.

      He certainly knows his audience, but of course as we see, it is not fooling

      • Mac Tomas

        hi jimbhoy, it’s tortured logic, but the desperado’s will buy into it.
        Have you seen the new add… “Join The Unstoppable Energy” ……Those guys on the tv in Belfast wearing Sevco shirts, & lobbing rocks at the polis were certainly “Energetic”…. 🙂

        • JimBhoy

          @Mac Howdy, I fear also ‘unstoppable’ which is concerning… As much as it kills me to say it I am hoping my kids find jobs in countries without these troubles… Preferably somewhere hot with a pool so their auld da gets a cheap holiday..

        • Geddy Lee.

          “May the farce be with them” LOL

  15. Mac Tomas

    Impatiently waiting for the the pathological denials that the share price, lying in the gutter with it’s throat cut, is really a sign of sound corporate leadership & fiscal health.
    Wonkas will be a haw, haw, haw cracker, 2sides & stevie will try some new big words & cam will talk his usual shite & mimicking an “oirish” accent, graham will resort to his favored topic of child abuse.
    Lets hear it…. be creative now…..

    • mcfc

      @mac – someone on TSFM posted this link to a discussion of the share price fall – absolute classic – reminded me of Gryf and Mel face to face sketches – only funnier

      • JimBhoy

        @MCFC howdy mate, I know nowt about the share price or consequences to be honest 🙂 I did read that a fall of this magnitude is sometimes indicative of a delayed announcement which to me reads as a leak. Maybe the wee Taig in the chair actually looked under the bonnet and the big shiny bus had no engine.. 🙂 Ok I found it funny..

        Seen Leggo recently maybe he sold up and moved to the Turks and caicos.. He was a man for leaks whilst complaining about others leaking info..

        Poor Cartmell he buys into rangers in December gets the bullet in July and the value of his shares are nearly half what he paid.. Lucky whyte heather.!!

        • mcfc

          @mac – all you need to know about the shares is that no-one with money thinks they are a good bet for the future at 41p. Which means no-one is buying the “everything’s rosy spiel from Mather”.

          Many CEO’s would be fired if their shares dropped 15% in one day – but if they fire Mather who will take charge – Walter, Ally, Charles

      • JimBhoy

        @MCFC I did like this boys comment….. “Do you get frightened when the wind changes direction unexpectedly? ”

        An awesome comeback to those other poster fretting over something (like me) they know little about..

        • mcfc

          @jimbhoy – yeah – that made me smile too – the answer is “no but I do get worried when my house gets blown 500 yards down the road”. 🙂

    • Stevie


  16. Stevie

    @Ian. Look mate my post was slightly tongue in cheek and I think you know that.
    However your quote re…neanderthals running around in Rangers tops, orange order uniforms etc…Have a look at this mate. Paint’s an entirely different picture.

    • JimBhoy

      Like I have said many times before I would ban these demonstrations on all sides… Pointless, senseless bigoted tribalism.

      Save the money policing these events put it to a better, more positive use.

      • Geddy Lee.

        I thought it was rather “touching” last night when the whole crowd name checked the OO. LOL

        • JimBhoy

          @Geddy Howdy, I missed that one, was there any trouble before/after the game ?? I haven’t heard of any..

          If we get a consistent Ambrose the coming season we will not miss big Vic..

          • Geddy Lee.

            No reports of trouble outside.

            No danger of any inside. Also great to see the manager get such a rousing reception from both sides.

            The fact the RUC were disbanded , went a long way from keeping the Sevcos Irish division, from causing trouble.
            Today’s Policeforce, with it@s healthy quota of mainland cops , are sick of “Ra Peeple” erupting into violence at the drop of a hat.

            • Geddy Lee.

              Effi played well last night. A couple of “moments” but nothing too scarey.

            • Stevie


              ” No reports of trouble outside”…
              ” No trouble inside”…

              No comment on the link i posted earlier.?


              ” No dead cat bounce” blah blah.

              No comment regarding the link i posted earlier.?

            • Stevie


              ” No reports of trouble outside”…
              ” No trouble inside”…

              No comment on the link i posted earlier.?


              ” No dead cat bounce” blah blah.

              No comment regarding the link i posted earlier.?

            • Mac Tomas

              Stivie……share price….?

    • Stevie,.
      Whataboutery does nor interest me.

      Bampots on one side of a divide does not excuse the actions of the bampots on the other side… It is enacted by religious intolerance by pricks with not a Religious bone in their bodies. It is empowered by people who have a vested interest in the “Divide” though, on both sides.

      I found Gusty Spence’s take on the issue honest & it is still happening to the ghetto youth,, more so as equality becomes the norm in the Six Counties. It seems the Catholics, in the Six Counties, take more advantage of the Educational opportunities available… Not all but enough to see improvement in their life choices, this improves communities, it also gives THEIR weans a good chance in life.

      The thing about divides is it needs others to force the Bampots to stop..

      Now here is a simple fact, if the O.O. Leaders had not insisted on Parading where the Parade’s Commission said no then NONE of the Bampots would be out, on either side.

      I am not religious, but I uphold everyone’s right to practice their beliefs IN PRIVATE or within their own Community at their own cost.

      I would ban ALL Marches in Scotland, they have no place in a modern, secular Scotland. If the O.O. want to gather then fine, let them hire premises or a Park,, Marshall it properly & no shit coming or going. simple


      • Budweiser


        I see that the Parades Commission has said no to marches in the Ardoyne area for this Sat. Wonder if there will be more peaceful protests?

  17. david

    Cmon Monti, tell us more about your imaginary friend Bik.
    You know, that one, the murdering terrorist scumbag. Do you approve of his actions in murdering 5 unarmed men?
    Cmon now, tell us all about your friendship and your jolly escapades with him.

    • david

      Also Monti, why dont you raise your delusional standards and start thinking youre Napoleon?
      I will send you a cocked hat once Mad Phil returns it.

      • gortnamona

        ‘Mad Phil’. – Do you really believe that? – David

        I detect a significant lowering in your standards, this last while.

        Buy yourself a bike and get out in the countryside before the good spell ends. I have clocked up over 400 miles in the last two weeks and Ranger’s friends and foes suddenly seem rather irrelevant.

        Hi Mac
        Bought a Specialized Roubaix Expert (not the Di2) and added a Cobl Gobl-r seatpost to ease the old bones over the humps and bumps, but the hills are still a bastard.

        • david

          Yes, there is overwhelming evidence about ” Phil ”
          Talk about false prophets.

          I have lowered standards as you say since there is only so much lying and bigotry that one can take from cretins.
          If someone came on here supporting Lenny Murphy, and PRETENDING to have been his friend I would have the same reaction.

          Either you believe in the truth or you dont.
          Either you support murdering scumbags or you dont.

          Monti the cretin is a liar and supports murderers.
          I dont

          • Mac Tomas

            you don’t support murderers?… Bomber Harris…? the Para division on Bloody Sunday, The grunts who shot nine Argentine conscripts on the Falklands?….david, just because it’s state sponsored violence does not make it any more acceptable than paramilitary killings. Your words might carry more authority if you stopped thinking in the narrow, prescribed, “Presbyterian” might is right.straight lines.
            You seem to think violence is ok if your wearing a uniform with a regimental emblem sown onto it.

            • david

              Who started the war, and who started indiscriminate bombing, the Nazis or us?
              In your desperate and unthinking hatred for everything British you would side with anyone.
              Please supply evidence that 9 Argentinian soldiers were executed.
              Who started that war again also? ( Again, you would rather side with a tinpot fascist Junta than your own people )
              You are incorrect about Presbyterian rectitude, we cannot abide murderers like Bik or Lenny, liars like Monti, or agressors like Hitler or Galtieri , as you so obviously do.

            • Budweiser

              ‘Who started the war, and who started indiscriminate bombing, the Nazis or us?’


              Britain and France declared war on Germany .[ as did USA after Pearl Harbor ]. Britain was the first to attack [indiscriminately] Berlin in 1940 . This so infuriated Hitler that he ordered Goering to switch bombing raids to London and other cities in retaliation. This undoubtedly led to the ‘winning’ of the battle of Britain as the switch saved Britains air defences which were at the point of collapse at the time.

            • Mac Tomas

              if we are going down that road david who started the last Irish conflict?

            • david

              Christ on a bike, now you are saying France and Britain started the War?
              Nothing to do with Germany invading Poland?
              WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?
              And for your information, Germany started the indiscriminate bombing.
              Ever heard of Rotterdam?
              Coventry? Clydebank? The Blitz?
              And, the RAF won the Battle of Britain and continued to gain strength.

            • Budweiser

              Christ on a bike, now you are saying France and Britain started the War?
              Nothing to do with Germany invading Poland?
              WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?
              And for your information, Germany started the indiscriminate bombing.
              Ever heard of Rotterdam?
              Coventry? Clydebank? The Blitz?
              And, the RAF won the Battle of Britain and continued to gain strength.’

              DAVID – WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING ? Should a good Presbyterian be saying ‘christ on a bike’? You really need to calm down.
              It’s just the facts david. Britain declared war on Germany fact! Germany didn’t declare war on Britain – fact !
              Poland getting invaded david ?—- Russia invaded Poland on Sept 17th 1939 – fact ! Britain did NOT declare war on Russia david -fact ! Russia occupied 60% of Poland – Germany 40% – fact david. Why didn’t we declare war on Russia david ?
              It is well known and documented that Hitler did not want a war with ‘ England’ and saw ‘England’ as kindred spirits. Read Mein Kampf – he wanted expansion to the east.
              Again, if it’s them or US re indiscriminate bombing ie Germany or Britain ,then it was us ie Britain. Coventry, Clydebank, the Blitz, all happened after the bombing of Berlin.
              Yes, the RAF won the battle of Britain – but only because of Hitler ordering that the TARGETS be switched from the fighter airfields and radar systems to cities and civilian targets – a huge mistake – as the RAF was on its knees at that point.
              Try to be on planet historical facts david.

            • David you are VERY selective about Britain’s part in the troubles of the world.

              British Imperialism caused over 450 MILLION Foreign Nationals to be conquered & several massacres of Unarmed Civilians. We denigrated other Religions & Cultures & devised the Divide & Rule policy & redrew the map of The Middle East to enforce it.

              We had Concentration Camps in Africa & practiced Apartheid all over the world against conquered people who became second class Citizens in their own Land. We murdered the Indians & forced the Chinese into accepting Opium in payment for goods, causing the Opium wars..

              In the World Wars it was NOT Britain protecting the world.Britain protected it’s own position. The Russians made a pact with Hitler because of the British habit of letting others take the brunt.

              We bombed the Germans first, an air raid on Berlin.This caused the Germans to revise the Luftwaffe policy.& it changed to bombing Cities following the British lead.

              Bomber Harris was a war criminal,He was in charge of TRANSPORT & modified his aircraft to accommodate bombs.. His actions in the Middle East, bombing unarmed civilians in villages puts him on a par with anyone who has appeared in the Hague on war criminal charges.HE murdered the Kurds long before Sadam.

              Pick a Continent & go check… Imperialist British soldiers murdered Unarmed Civilians there. There was such an outcry in Indi after the Amritsar massacre that the Army had to review it’s Policy… It became minimum force.

              Go tell THAT to the families of those murdered since Mau Mau Torture, Bloody Sunday, more than once…ETC…

              Civilians in Europe, Asia, Africa & America, I’m not sure of Australia but I bet the Aborigines could tell a tale or two.

              We invaded Afghanistan TWICE & failed, we are back trying again…. But it is always someone elses fault.

          • 2 sides of the 1 coin

            Budweiser is a TIM. Fact

            • Budweiser

              2 sides.

              Just copying yoor wullie’s style – fact ! haw haw haw ! lol lol . What age are you sonny?

            • david

              Also an historical illiterate, mistaking an ACT of war for a DECLARATION of war.
              As usual, everything Britain does is automatically bad.
              Trying to argue that the RAF started the bombing- and not the Luftwaffe ( who had flattened Rotterdam ) is startling.

            • Budweiser


              When did I say that Britain was bad ? Just factually correcting your historical ignorance. Why didn’t we declare war on Russia then – hmm ?
              BTW. You, wullie and too snidey are all masons – fact.

            • david

              Budweiser, Ive forgotten more than you know about the war, you ignoramus.

            • Budweiser

              Sorry oh all knowing architect lol. And Britain declared war on Germany but not Russia for invading Poland because——–????

    • Monti

      You asked for a photo….that won’t prove anything David as Bik & I had Ski masks on……:D

      It was a skiing holiday you see……:)

      • david

        More lies.
        So you agree you have never met him, or are you now bullshitting that you were on ” active service” * with him?

        Note; ” active service ” as defined by the IRA and their loyalist counterparts means ALWAYS attacking the unarmed or bombing from a safe distance. On no account must you attack people who might actually shoot back.


  18. coatbrigbhoy

    Note; ” active service ” as defined by the IRA and their loyalist counterparts means ALWAYS attacking the unarmed or bombing from a safe distance. On no account must you attack people who might actually shoot back.

    “shoot back ”
    That will be along the lines of unmanned drones,laser guided bombs and Apache helicopter attacks on people sitting in their own homes unaware that some kunts official army has arrived

    • Ed Paisley

      Since the first gulf War we have been sold on the story of surgical strike capability and the elimination of collateral damage. However, when the intelligence is wrong we see the effects – wedding parties massacred, buildings smart bombed with scores of innocent people killed, medical rescue teams shot to death from helicopters. It might not be the targeting of innocents but the effect is the same.

      • mick

        I every1 hope yous are well and up for admin2 oh and the season ahead what a great night last night from the bhoys and both sets of fans hail hail the celts are back in action the sevcoians are mental thinking they can even keep the score less than 5 if we get them in a cup lol dreaming zombies

      • mick

        Well said ed all bombs are bad and evil no matter how fires them

        • willy wonka

          “West Tyrone DUP MLA Tom Buchanan has said that Sinn Fein will never succeed in re-writing the history of the terrorist campaign in places such as Castlederg despite an event portraying murderers as “Volunteers”. Republicans are holding a commemoration marking IRA terrorists at the spot where two of them were killed near Castlederg.

          The parade is also due to pass where three members of the security forces were murdered by the IRA and Mr Buchanan is demanding a meeting with the Parades Commission to demand action against this deliberately provocative event.

          Speaking today Mr Buchanan said, ‘Castlederg suffered immensely at the hands of IRA terrorism. The unionist community in this small town was devastated at the hands of republicans during their sectarian murder campaign.

          Republican terrorists were not successful in bombing and shooting their way to a united Ireland and attempts now to re-write this brutal history now will not succeed either. This event on 11th August is not just offensive to the victims of IRA terrorism or to the unionist community, but to any right thinking person in Northern Ireland.

          There has never been a single conviction for any of the murders carried out by the Provisional IRA in Castlederg and this parade is due to pass the spot where three members of the security forces were murdered.

          The Parades Commission has now received notification for this parade and I am demanding a meeting with the Commission to see what action they will take. I was in the High Court on Thursday to witness a judge strike down the illogical ruling which sought to prevent a flute band in Castlederg walk past houses who fully supported the parade.

          The test now is to see if the Commission will take action against a grossly offensive parade to commemorate terrorists killed by their own bomb as they attempted to inflict yet further death and destruction on the community of Castlederg.’

          here is the UUP response:-

          The decision of Sinn Fein to commemorate what they refer to as ‘Tyrone Volunteers Day’ in Castlederg has been roundly condemned by West Tyrone Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey.

          Mr Hussey said;

          “Sinn Fein have announced on their website that they intend to hold this parade on 11th August in Castlederg on the 40th anniversary of what they refer to as ‘the significant anniversary of two local volunteers from the area’ who they describe as having been ‘killed’.

          “When one considers that in the Derg Valley area 29 victims of terrorist action lost their lives to the hands of terrorists and that only one of these crimes has resulted in a prosecution, you would understand frustration and annoyance that Sinn Fein should target Castlederg for this event.

          “Here we have Sinn Fein attempting to rub salt into the wounds of the bereaved by holding a commemoration in Castlederg for murderers and terrorists.

          “Let us look at the circumstances of the deaths of Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn. Both were from Castlederg. These were 2 young men – Harvey was 22, and McGlynn was 18 – and they chose to join a terrorist organisation the Provisional IRA. On 11th August 1973 they were transporting a bomb which exploded prematurely and they were killed.

          “There is nothing honourable or praiseworthy of any act of terrorism, in this instance these men were transporting a car bomb, probably to the RUC station in Castlederg. There was a clear intention to detonate this bomb and to destroy the police station – as in 1973 the security precautions would not have been to the same standard as in later years and murder any police in the vicinity. Thank God they did not achieve their objective – but if they had of achieved their goal who or what would have been their next target? Would another bomb run to Castlederg have ‘been on the cards’ or perhaps a booby trap under the car of an RUC officer or UDR soldier?

          “This event happened 40 years ago and the attack was wrong then as such an attack is today. Once again we see Sinn Fein trying to rewrite history where terrorists become ‘volunteers’ or ‘patriots’. What is or was patriotic about killing other Irish men who do not agree with your political agenda?

          “The IRA attempted to ethnically cleanse the Castlederg area by their murderous activities and what they did is certainly not worthy of any form of commemoration. The event should be a day of shame for the loss of life, the destruction of business, the loss of opportunities that befell this province due to the activities of the IRA over a 35 year terror campaign. I will certainly be lodging an objection to the Parades Commission in relation to any such gathering and I would urge others to do likewise.””

          Incredible. Some maggots blow themselves up while on their way to murder folk and the rats want to mark it by holding a parade.

  19. @Raymilland,
    It’s worth a shot. Anything is, but look how much notice they took of their own survey, into the future of the game. None!
    I actually think it will take more than the threat of withdrawal. It will actually have to happen. I would suggest targeting Scotland games, but it would require the whole national fanbase to participate. They would need canvassed, as a failed boycott is a drawback.
    Then no club fanbase could be accused of having an agenda. They are the national body. Boycott the national team seems a logical step.

    • willy wonka

      Barca – you mean like the sellik fans have been doing for years ? The only time we saw any at a Scotland match was if we were playing Eire.
      Stick with the rest of the deluded and boycott your own team. That one seems to be doing rather well right now.

      • Fra

        @Wanka… like the time I went to support Scotland and two non-Catholic Celtic players were booed by their own fans because they had the audacity to sign for Celtic. The two being Danny McGrain and Kenny Dalglish. So disgusted was I by Scotland supporters, I vowed never to return and to this day, I have kept my word.

        • david

          UTTER RUBBISH.

          • gortnamona

            David will you deny
            That Catholics playing for N. Ireland were jeered and booed by “their own”
            Protestant supporters. That was when I stopped supporting N. Ireland. They were my team and I had followed and admired them for many years, back to the days of Danny Blanchflower

            • david

              Gortnamora, I am a Scotland fan.

            • Mac Tomas

              david … I’m a Scotland fan also, & your talking garbage. There has been significant anti Celtic abuse from Scotland fans.

              @wonka…. many Celtic fans support Scotland in spite of tossers like you.
              you spiteful little shit…….
              I’m still a Scotland fan in spite of the constant crap served up by people like david & wonka………..

          • Monti

            Your full of shit :/

          • Fra

            @David….What is your problem. I state a fact and you try to twist it to suit your narrow minded bitterness.

            Now listen here and listen good.

            Myself and my friend, aged 15 or 16, without a political bone in our body around this time, attended a Scotland match. Danny and Kenny were continuously booed by their own supporters and it wasn’t because they were crap. It took myself a while to understand, in my naivety, what the hell was going on. When we had managed to work this out, I was disgusted with the behaviour and vowed never to go and support them again.

            Religion has always played a hand in Scottish football and the establishment club with their non-catholic signing policy for over one hundred years were not only allowed but encouraged to continue in this vein. Even today, we have witnessed the authorities bending and breaking the rules to suit one club. The rules don’t matter because the masons and Orangemen in suits will see to that.

            In later years, I have come to understand how it all works. One of the greatest ever players, if not the greatest, to have graced the turf of Scottish football, was limited to a certain number of caps, not because of lack of ability but because of the school he went to. Ladies and gents, I give you Jimmy Johnstone.

            The Masonic lodge has a stranglehold on Scottish society and until this link is smashed, Scotland as a secular country, will not move forward. The narrow minded self interest of the rulers of our game will see to that.

            If Scotland is to move on, close all Orange, Masonic lodges and clubs. Ban all marches from our streets as they serve no purpose to the wider community. They belong in the dark ages. Secret societies don’t belong in a modern country. Stop holding on to the sins of old. Inter marriage between religions isn’t frowned upon any more apart from in bigoted households so why do we put up with clubs and lodges based on religious intolerance.

            Before I’m accused of bias, KSC clubs will be closing themselves because the amount of visitors and members is continually falling.

            • willy wonka

              @FRA – ” In later years, I have come to understand how it all works. One of the greatest ever players, if not the greatest, to have graced the turf of Scottish football, was limited to a certain number of caps, not because of lack of ability but because of the school he went to. Ladies and gents, I give you Jimmy Johnstone.”

              Haw haw haw ! Are you being serious here ? Was Jock Stein in on the conspiracy too ? Maybe you’re too young to remember who Stein preferred in a Scotland jersey ? Willie Henderson ?
              There was also the small matter of Stinky not wanting to fly anywhere.
              Stop making up lies and talking complete garbage.
              If folk like you didn’t exist we’d have to make you up. What a walloper.

            • Fra

              @Wanka…….I’ve acquired a stalker. A bigoted, narrow minded one at that. Takes a perfectly logical statement and places his bitter little views onto it. Calls the greatest ever footballer to come from these shores, a
              derogatory name.

              No class, no team, no dignity. Dead team, dead ideas and bitter till the end.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              “In later years, I have come to understand how it all works. One of the greatest ever players, if not the greatest, to have graced the turf of Scottish football, was limited to a certain number of caps, not because of lack of ability but because of the school he went to. Ladies and gents, I give you Jimmy Johnstone.”

              That is the most ridiculous pile of footballing nonsense ive had the displeasure of reading. Always the victims.

            • david

              Nah, you listen good.
              Been to more Scotland games than youve had hot dinners, so no lectures. please.

              And its embarrassingly obvious how little you know about Freemasonry.

          • david, calm down…

            I also witnessed the abuse of McGrain & Dalglish & Johnstone before them.

            Facts are facts they WERE abused, as were Scottish born players who elected to represent the Republic of Ireland.

            • willy wonka

              @ Fra, Never mind the deflection. You posted that Stinky couldn’t get a game because of some Masonic conspiracy concerning the school he went to;.
              That is the biggest load of shecht I’ve ever read on the internet.
              Here’s a question. It’s the same one I posted above – who did Jock Stein pick to play for Scotland ? Stinky or Henderson ?

            • david

              No you didnt, youre buying into the victim mentality.

              Plenty of Scottish-born players who were not good enough to play for Scotland opted for the Republic to gain International caps- Coyle, Coyne, Houghton, etc. I never heard anyone say a word against them.

              However, McGeady despite having 2 Scottish parents and 3 Scottish Grandparents opted for Ireland despite being wanted for Scotland.
              Thats why he gets abuse.

        • willy wonka

          Fra – once again history is rewritten by one of you lot.
          LIAR. It did not happen.

          • mick

            it did happen wily your the site liar and bigot all you do is defend without acceptance of facts and truth your sad

            • willy wonka

              F#ck me ! Another one. Lol.
              What is it with you guys ? Why do you constantly feel the need to tell lies ?
              Right Mick, were you at the matches ? Maybe you were there along with Fra, standing beside Bik and Monti ?
              Liars, the lot of you.

      • @Willy.
        When it boils down to it, you really don’t know much.

        • willy wonka

          @barca – When it comes to Scotland matches I’ll know far more than you or any of your daft pals here. I’ve missed very very few Scotland matches since around 1963.
          There weren’t many of your mob ever bothered to turn up.

          • @Willy
            Until recently, since I began my own wee protest against the corrupt SFA. I missed maybe 3 or 4 in around 35 years. Home and away. Kind of knackers your statement, as most of my travelling companions are Celtic men.

            • willy wonka

              SURE they are barca !
              Join Fra, Mick, Monti and the rest.
              Maybe you guys all drink in different pubs from the rest of the Scotland support ?

            • I have replied before to this, Scotland v Northern Ireland, at Hampden my old man and his big mate put a few numpties on their arse for singin the sash,and booing the celtic players and they were so called Scotland fans, I was sitting on the barrier as a 10 year old put me off watching Scotland.

          • Mac Tomas

            garbage….. when the Scotland team qualified for the world cup in West Germany at Hampden in 1970, I attended the match with my uncles & about 15 – 20 Celtic fans, those numbers were not untypical.
            Also How many Celtic players wore the dark blue that night?
            & how many Gers players?

            • david

              Haw Haw Haw

            • david

              You mean 1974, game against the Czechs?
              1970 World Cup- we did not qualify.
              England did and Bobby Moore got lifted for shoplifting

            • Mac Tomas

              I stand corrected, 1970 was Mexico.
              Yes david Scotland v Czekoslovakia

            • Monti

              Seem to remember Brian McClair getting a raw deal of Scotland fans….you’ll not remember that David!

            • @Willy@David.
              This type of abuse DID happen! Fortunately it appears to have ended, but I have many examples of it. I also have many examples of decent Rangers fans (amongst others, myself included)having “words” with the abusers.
              Perhaps you two also had words…but you cannot deny it happeed.
              As I say, “fan power” eradicated the problem. Fan power for the time being is keeping alive the myth Rangers never died, but ultimately, it will be the final nail in the coffin.

            • willy wonka

              @Mac, your uncles plus about 15-20 Cetic fans ? Is that the Seville calculator at work again ?
              1970 ? Maybe you’re a bit mixed up ? Lol.
              “How many Celtic players wore the dark blue that night?” Is that not the point of this wee debate ? Rangers fans always formed the greater part of the Scotland support no matter who was wearing the dark blue jersey. We were and are proud to be Scots. Your lot just didn’t bother to turn up, preferring to follow Eire. It continues today.

          • Fra

            @Wonka….Are you in a perpetual state of drunkeness? Some of your posts are full of hate and venom. Are you in control of your senses? Maybe you don’t want to hear how the other side are subjected to abuse. I suggest you stop your rants and listen for a change because your stupidity is becoming rather tedious.

            • david

              Brian McClair gman got stick for being great at Man U and rotten in a Scotland jersey.
              Joe Jordan was revered as the grew a foot when he pulled on a blue jersey. Celtic man through and through

            • willy wonka

              “Subject to abuse” Lol.
              Don’t you mean “conspired against” ?
              Your posts show you to be the lowest common denominator of “the oppressed”.
              You told a lie. You got caught out. Get over it.

      • @ Willy
        How is the ex-con settling into his new role as board member. Life long Rangers fan. Lol. Did you hear about his last match……He burnt some buses with it.!

      • Raymilland

        Hi willy

        The farewell card is doing the rounds to be signed by well wishers, feel free to contribute to Campbell’s retirement gift.

        The bowler hat shall be round soon 😉

  20. mcfc

    No dead cat bounce for RIFC plc today – closed at 42p despite trading volume 15 times higher than average.

    • martin c

      I would suggest spivco are trading nearer their true value and yet somehow the feeling is, the only way is down! To keep trading volumes elevated then to sell them the price will keep falling.To shift a million shares the price took a 15 % hit. To steady the ship Mather needs investors to see the books and not puff pieces in the MSM

    • Raymilland


      What happens when the shares reach zero; is it possible to go into minus figures? 😉

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        A number of English clubs in the past had share prices at 2p and 3p. They are still in existence.

        Just as the share price didnt matter when it was at 90p, it doesnt really matter that its at 42p now.

        Once upon a time, Celtic share price was over £4. Its now 60p or something.

      • martin c

        What they pay you to take them? There might be laws against that?

  21. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Serious question. Does anyone know why Phil has changed his name 3 times ?

  22. mick

    that story about phil is nearly a year old and at time phil was doing articles on the dundee issue at xmas he upset some people in our group due to him being balanced on topic he is a good tim and has the celtic and irish behind him hes non violent and 100% has his heart in the right place and is a hero cult figure to us the name changes are his business .although phil upsets the sevcoians if he feels its right he will upset celts to this is what makes him stand out from any msm in scotland he focuses on truth no matter who it upsets thats why we like him ,with him being a celeb celt he does not look to brian wash us with lies he tells it like it is and thats why year on year his profile just gets bigger and bigger

    change your name all you want phil its your business and commen in writing .

  23. mick

    phil does constructive criticism for us all to improve and its worked well since is stance there has been no trouble phil and angie made us all have a good look at our self andy from scotzine and paul can take credit for this to we know the media want bad storys now were clever via blogs not to give them them so yeha t.a.l .

    a wonder if phil is doing a new book for us this year downfall was the bees knees

  24. Monti

    :)…….give me a kiss xx

  25. mick

    hi monti hope your summers going well hail hail bro what a lazy poster this 2sides is he cant even bother to check the exact figure “Once upon a time, Celtic share price was over £4. Its now 60p or something” or something clown comment 2 sides sevco is doomed to fail due to a lack of transparency and thats the bottom line as the big hoose huns says lol .

  26. david

    Descriptions of Phil Whateverisname
    ” Tarred with a sickening sectarian brush ” – The Sun ( p.s. why didnt you sue, Phil? )
    ” Creepy and sectarian ” – ex- social work colleagues
    ” A dangerous tactical bigot “- prominent Irish journalist
    ” An odd and slightly vulnerable man “- Graham Speirs
    ” Liar and fantasist “- TAL
    ” Ill punch your head in ” – Jim Rooney after Phil upended an 8 year old at football
    ” Never heard of him ” – leader of Donegal Mountain rescue
    ” Cross the road, heres Phil coming ” – Sinn Fein man in Donegal
    ” Youre fired “- Strathclyde Social Work Dept
    ” Youre barred “- Real Radio

    Caught out also on countless lies too ( remind you of Monti? ) such as having brothers ( lie ), daughters age ( lie ), being abused on a ferry ( lie ),
    hearing anti-Irish abuse at a game he wasnt at ( lie ) and so on.

    His acolyte Angela, armed with an HND and no experience , is his ” Editor “- she must see a chance to forge a career in expressed mopery also.

    What a man.
    And people hang on his every word.

    • mick

      David have you not seen the cha tweets about negative story’s for dish phil is a victim of this all of the above quotes are fake to fleece the bears and discredit phil your mental and need your head examined if you believe any of it phils not bad he was caught up in a media pr campian seeking the truth was his only aim

      • willy wonka

        Aye. I just saw your reply on the TAL blog when you posted it there too Mick.

      • david

        Everything asserted is true and in the public domain.
        Youre mental if you believe a single word he says.
        Why did he flee to Ireland again?

        • coatbrigbhoy

          he told everyone that RFC1872 would go tits up, or are you saying they did not,
          he was spot on about the DOWNFALL of that failed football club.

          nobody needs to like the messenger,you just need to listen to what he has to say,
          the bears hate for the messenger led to all of you bears bear listening to the in house liars telling you that there was no problems with the clubs future,
          why not run Traynor out of Diebrox, he told you that Whyte was a billionaire, he told you your club was dead, as did Walter Smith, you sevconians scream that the club is not dead, Ally had a go at Traynor for talking about a new club, when will Ally have a go at the chairman for saying the same?

      • Ed Paisley

        You are right Mick. This all reeks of the most disgusting character assassination – orchestrated by people jealous of his success and shown up by his bravery in breaking from the Rangers cheerleaders. I even read a madman’s review of Downfall on Amazon in which he said that the author was complicit in the death of a vulnerable person. I’m shocked at how low people are willing to stoop to further their sectarian agenda.

        To paraphrase one of Niall’s great heroes, Josef Goebbels, you can create your own “truth” by the repetition of lies and an understanding of the psychology (cognitive bias?) of the majority of your audience. Hence, a diligent and honest journalist is repeatedly slandered by the lowest of the low.

    • gortnamona


      A Pathetic collection of mostly anonymous sources and references
      A Sinn Fein Man in Donegal

      Truly amazing after all the abuse you have directed at Monti

  27. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    ” Cross the road, heres Phil coming ” 🙂

  28. Mac Tomas

    Good evening gortnamona……
    Good to see your taking advantage of the weather & getting the miles in, been doing likewise, around the 400 mark myself . Had a carbon Campagnolo seatpost snap on me a few weeks back,
    a close one!.
    Btw, nice new bike! & meant to say congrats on the SB….
    Some awesome racing in the Tour, great to see Irishman Dan Martin take a stage. Noticed some of the bhuns were stealing Scotlands glory when Murray took Wimbledon, claiming it as a victory for Queen & country, If they’d been aware of Martin, they’d probably tried to claim that for Britannia as well…. 🙂
    Get the new bike out in the sun gort, it won’t last….

  29. Monti

    Have you disproved my claim that Bik is a friend of mine yet?

    Let me put it another way…..your thick aren’t you?

    • david

      to prove you are his friend.

  30. Monti

    Did Bomber Harris inform the children of Dresden he was about to blow them & their families to pieces?

    • Mac Tomas

      david…. Monti has asked a perfectly reasonable question, Please answer?

      • david

        Why dont you ask Monti to answer my questions , MacTomas?
        Because you would rather side with a cretinous lying bigot as he fits your narrative. No, in answer, he didnt, Dresden wasnt necessary, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
        Nearer to home, did Goering tell the children of Clydebank the Luftwaffe was coming to kill them and their families, you know, those Nazi fascist aggressors you would rather side with.

    • Ed Paisley

      Hey Monti,
      Stop introducing moral Grey areas. Some people prefer their own facile interpretation of recent history; all republican activists and members of the PIRA were common-or-garden criminals and terrorists. Complexity gives them a sore melon. This blog has just shown us photographs of international memorials to Bobby Sands MP – why would these people commemorate a terrorist?

      Mandela was a terrorist to the racist south African regime. Menachem Begin made peace with Egypt and yet as head of the Irgun he was responsible for the bombing of the King David Hotel and the summary execution of British soldiers.

      Please no lectures about Warrington and Enniskillen – everyone accepts that these were terrible and tragic mistakes. The attempt to assassinate the British PM at Brighton has parallels with Begin and the King David hotel in Jerusalem – the legitimacy of a political leader as a target can at least be debated. Didn’t the Americans sanction the killings of Diem in Vietnam and Allende in Chile? Castro in Cuba? Mossadegh in Iran?

      The greatest moral Grey area of all – the fire bombing of Dresden and other Germany cities in 1945. The purpose was to terrorize the civilian population in order to end all remaining support for the regime. Of course the same applies to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      • david

        Usual facile crap.
        IRA atrocity like Enniskillen= tragic mistake. ( just as well the bomb did not go off at Pettigoe, killing those oppressors, the Boys Brigade, eh? )
        Warrington killing 2 innocent children= tragic mistake?
        Were they aimed at postmen?

        Bringing acts of War into the argument dosent wash.
        Germany and Japan were barbaric foes and rather Nagasaki and Hiroshima than more deaths of Allied soldiers.

        • Ed Paisley

          British secret intelligence collusion in the murder of solicitor Pat Finucane in front of his wife and son? Official collusion in the murder of human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson (known as Scarface by the RUC because of a facial disfigurement)? Extrajudicial execution of unarmed suspects in Gibraltar and an official cover up?

          I am a pacifist and I cannot envisage any circumstances that would make me want to hurt or kill anyone. However, many intelligent young men did turn to extreme violence in N Ireland, from all sides, including UK security forces. I thank God it has ended.

          • david

            Classic whataboutery.
            Lots of inquiries about the deaths of Republicans.
            None about ordinary innocent victims on both sides.

            Unarmed suspects in Gibraltar? Dont make me laugh.
            Out on a sightseeing trip were they?
            Just desserts.
            Army should have shot all the terrorists on both sides.
            Scum the lot of them

            • coatbrigbhoy

              Are you saying that instead of arming,training and covering up for the UDA & UVF they should have shot them, ?
              Are you saying that instead of working hand in glove with the loyalist para military death squads that the Army should have killed them the same way they killed the IRA volunteers.

            • willy wonka

              They got exactly what they deserved. Just a pity there weren’t more of them taking part in the “action”.
              Scumbags and maggots. Every single one of them.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              I noticed you body swerved the Finucane and Nelson murders, you jumped straight to Gibralter to defend the British army while ignoring the collusion of the British state in the murders of two civilians.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              Click to access po041001devenny.pdf

              how do you identify who’s a terrorist if they are wearing the uniform supplied by the crown, cover up and collusion, who was it the forced their way into someone’s home and terrorise the occupants and their actions led to the death of an innocent man.

      • Monti

        …..And Derry!!!

  31. david

    Monti and Mactomas

    You asked for an answer, you got it, Im still waiting on your answer.
    Wont hold my breath though.

    • Mac Tomas

      Ed paislig presented the point above, & much better than I could.
      So Bomber Harris did not know that the undefended civilians of Dresden were going to be terrorised & incinerated?.. In your logic david are 2 wrongs making a right?
      I supported the aims of Irish republicans but condemned many of their methods. Similarly if Hitler was alive today. I would support Britain & any other anti fascist country in a campaign to end that vile regime. However I recognize that as Ed pointed out that life is not black & white & that there are areas of moral complexity.
      Would I support the bombing of Dresden again?, no never!
      Did I support the Birmingham pub bombings…No!
      so david stop being obtuse, & have and review your narrow, simplistic view point. I think your getting a bit dizzy on the moral high ground. Which is easy to occupy when use the “they’re all murdering terrorist scum” argument

      • david

        Notice you bring in the classic ” its complex, ” argument.
        No it isnt.

        You didnt answer MY QUESTION, did the Luftwaffe warn the good citizens of Clydebank?
        You were keen to ask about Dresden in support of your bigot buddy Monti

  32. cam

    A lovely day out in the sun and i see Monti has spent most of his family vacation in here getting stuck on his donkey and trying to cause childish bother.
    David ,you’re way too learned to become entangled with that wee bhoy.Ignore the vile beast for it is an unclean spirit.
    Everyone of the loons who support him expose their bigoted nature that they struggle to contain.
    I’m currently reading about the American indians and may adopt some of their beliefs to become one with the great spirit.
    Come, let us smoke the pipe of peace,,,Monti,smoke this ya walloper!

    • david

      Crazy Horse Cam.
      By the way, dont fancy your new signings.
      Well done St Johnstone tonight, hope the Hibees can turn it round.

      Some posters on here great at asking questions, hopeless at answering when challenged.
      Of course, they fear to reveal their true beliefs. Monti does, and shows himself up.

    • @Cam
      Top idea that Cheech & chong pipe of peace. My favourite smoke is a brand called Sevco Dreams. It is heaven watching them go up in smoke. 🙂

      • cam

        Barca,i can tell that you’re an afficianado of mind altering substances.I have this image of you and Bud and Charlotte in an opium den,,,the horrible thing is you’re all naked and i can’t tell where you stop and Charlotte begins.
        Bud is just your average Saints fan,,,a spare boaby.

        • Ed Paisley

          Don’t get us onto the Opium Wars – another shameful episode in the colonial history of Great Britain. Sometimes I wake up with a yearning to return to the old country – but I’m an outcast in North Wales these days because I don’t speak Cymraeg.

          • cam

            Ted,i’m sure they will let you back,you would be the cleverest person in the village.
            Don’t understand why so many Celtic fans are so opposed to Great Britains contributions to world history.Must be awful just being rebels without a cause.

  33. Monti

    If you claimed to have a friend & I said you were lying & the said person wasn’t your friend,why would the onus be on you to prove the said person was your friend? 🙂

  34. cam

    I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made of the SFA decision not to investigate the takeover by Chico,,,,all those lovely tapes,dismissed as pish.
    Craigie’s chance of a successful court case diminishes.
    Another skelping for the bloggers.Mick went silent on that,,,,doomed i’m telling ye ,doomed.

    • @Cam
      It’s just some more of the SFA breaking of their own rules for the benefit of Sevco.
      However, all Scottish teams have been informed that the rules will be applied without fear or favour. Any complaints forwarded to the SFA, will now be treated on the same basis.
      Self investigation will be the new way forward, and the SFA are 100% confident that less punishments will be neccessary under this system.
      If successful, the radical new system will be rolled out across the board, to the extent that claims of free kicks, will be decided by the perps, and it should result in massive reductions in yellow and red cards.
      Sevco board members are further elated by the news that self-assessment tax forms are to be introduced.

      • cam

        Interesting theory, but of course completely insane.
        The Pinsent Mason inquiry obviously outmassed the collective intellects of Regan and his pals, and once Vinny bhoy explained the legal minefield, the old establishment rubber stamp got a rare outing.
        Once Craigie is dealt with and the UTTT confirms the FTTT verdict then these blogs will become irrelevant.

        • @Cam,
          It is Sevconian delusions that are driving me insane. You are waaaaaay past embarrassing now. You are the drunk dancing uncle of Scottish fitba’ . The big plook on the nose on a first date, the guy buying a bubble for his level,
          There is no known cure ! Even the long slow walk to the vet of liquidation failed. The virus mutated. Fortunately it cannot cross species into humans, so the rest of us will be fine.
          Now where’s my passport? I’ve got a few away games to take in.

    • Ed Paisley

      Hi Cam
      The enemy for Rangers isn’t Mr Regan, or Mr Lawwell or Mr Mac Giolla Bhain or even Mr Whyte. The enemy is Mr Greenback – Rangers are burning cash and they have few avenues open to raise new revenue. If the audited numbers come out in December and show a Rangers club in rude financial health then I will be pleased for the genuine supporters and investors. But I agree with MCFC in his excellent guest blog – the board continue to burn cash at an unsustainable rate and they are endangering the future of the club. I care Cam, God forgive me, I care!

      • cam

        Ted,your credibility is going down quicker than Sami in Bennets.You think that PMacG is talented and that the Madchester CFC fan’s blog was excellent.Both these loons are fantasists and need to seek out the approval of loons on the internet for succour,,,its not natural male behaviour Ted.

    • martin c

      The answer perhaps lies in a theme developed over on TSFM, The granting of the euro licence in 2011 and representations made by a certain commercial bodies representatives to HMRC recoveries?

      • cam

        Once they have developed their theme properly and can remove any “perhaps” and “maybes” from it then they can ask Craigie’s no win/no fee lawyers or maybe get wee rotund Rod McKenzie to feck it up.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      The SFA have backed Sevco, they bent and broke the rules to have them included in the league, they will do whatever it takes to keep backing them, until they are forced to face the truth, most will be hoping that there time will be served, contracts paid up and be long gone before the truth comes out, the, ” we were all duped”, a tried a tested defence in Scotland will be trotted out, the SMSM will continue to ignore the story and the corrupt will walk away, with their bank accounts intact and the paying fan will continue to pay to watch a loaded, bent game,getting played out, it’s Scotland, a bigoted blighted nation.

  35. david

    Cmon Monti and McTomas, answer my question.
    You asked for an answer from me, you got one.
    Over to you.

  36. cam

    That Charlotte weirdo is getting ever more desperate,,,defo sounds more and more like a frustrated beggar.

  37. Ed Paisley

    I hear on the news that the City of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy owing $18bn to creditors. This is the first US city to file for bankruptcy protection from its creditors. I guess we have found Craig Whyte’s hideout now.

    • cam

      Nah Ted he’ll be hiding out in the Free State,,,they like a bit of bankruptcy,,,how much did they have to get bailed out by?

  38. cam

    Mick’s relocation must be keeping him away from all the well defo nuclear clatterings from the academical titans.His updates and predictions were comedy gold,,,talking about that what happened to Tommy?

    • willy wonka

      Tommy is currently seeking funding to make a film about Rangers.
      He should ask ten-names to set up and sponsor the appeal. He’s been very successful at depriving the deluded of their Giro cash.

  39. JimBhoy

    Awesome St Johnstone score….Missed the game first training session tonight…

  40. Raymilland

    Stock footage SFA disciplinary committee:

    “The loss of morality in Government will cause us to lose our self-respect and the respect and confidence of other people. From such a catastrophe no nation has ever recovered. Our citizens are aroused and an aroused citizenry is irresistible, they will relentlessly demand honest and confident officials who will drive the criminals in to prison, out of the country or in to the electric chair.”

    An unremitting crusade for justice.

    Bring back old sparky for Ogilvie 😉

  41. coatbrigbhoy

    Yet another lump sum pay off, Sevco,not willing to go to court to back up CG sacking of the player.

    • Raymilland

      Tommy’s good name was also besmirched, after all, where would we be without a little bit of humour in this world?

      Take them to the cleaners Tommy.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        “besmirched” – He lost someone their job.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          Never mind,Sandaza is now a happy chappie, fully paid up and free to sign on elsewhere, also free to bless himself if he feels the need.
          Big Mouth Green has cost the tribute act another shed load of money,
          It’s a strange way to run a football club, Bocanegra , Goian Sandaza all let go, no transfer fees coming in, and wages paid up,
          I wonder how many others will be allowed to walk away to get them of the wage bill

        • Raymilland


          Charlie Green has done a fair share of ‘besmirching’ since he arrived at Ibrox, its pretty boring since he left.

          Sandaza has received his pay off; (some cash from the working capital kitty, another wage off the books) no harm no foul.

  42. Budweiser


    I thought you were a wee bit depressed after your hols.
    Not to worry tho , Saint Wally is praying for you——

    • Raymilland

      Walter’s arse is making buttons:

      “they’ve asked me to sit in as chairman for a while.”

      “It’s not something I see as being long-term. I’ll do it for a while until the club settles down then hopefully I can leave and give it to someone who is maybe more capable than I am. It’s not so much dealing with people on the board, it’s the formalities, the technicalities and the business aspects you’ve got to be careful with.”

      Taxi for Smith.

  43. Raymilland

    “Within years he was working for the man he now describes as his idol, Rupert Murdoch”

    What an article!

  44. Monti

    I find your character assassination of Phil MacGhiollabhain somewhat disturbing….Phil is a close friend of mine.

  45. Monti

    Rangers share value dropped £5m yesterday…..oh dear 😀

    Celtic meanwhile after the sale of just 2 players Wanyama & Hooper will have brought in nearly £18m pounds.

    The future is bright, it is Green & Whyte!

  46. Ed Paisley

    Great little ad in this morning’s Herald “Its Your Legacy” inviting people to buy family season tickets at Ibrox.
    The clear subtext is – don’t let the hooligan bigots take over your club.

    Yuou see a wholesome family without a Union Flag or a tattooed arm in sight – in the background the saltire is flying from the roof of the stadium but the Union flag has been cut-out.

    It is a nice wholesome image of intergenerational enjoyment of pure sport – it is a shame the reality is much different. At least it shows an awareness of the damaging effect of the toxic elements in the club’s history and supporters.

    • Monti

      You missed out me in the new Hoops,driving my JCB that Bik gave me a shot of, heading towards the Copeland road end for stage 1 – Operation Demolish Ibroke….:D

  47. Monti

    £5m wiped off the price of the tribute acts shares……not long now 🙂

    @David, have you gathered the evidence that Bik is NOT my friend yet?
    Just hold your hands up & say you can’t prove it David, this is painful now 🙂

    • david

      A PHOTO?
      AN EMAIL?

  48. Monti

    Would you describe the senseless & needless slaughter of tens of thousands of Men,Women & Children, an act of terrorism?
    Bomber Harris destroying Dresden for example?
    Do you agree this was terrorism?
    Try & respond clearly,calmly & coherently please.
    Bik can you pass me the custard creams please…

    • david

      I answered this above, calmly and coherently.
      Now YOU answer my question about Clydebank.
      And try to do so without your customary lies ” Falklands “, ” Falls Road ”
      ” Boss ” ” Bik ” etc etc
      You are a vile juvenile bigot and a lying cretin.
      And you got HORSED when you asked if you were a bigot, which you are.
      Remember the vote?
      Lower than shite, thats you,.

  49. jocky bhoy

    “Today, 19 July, is the date set in Edinburgh for the next round of what looks like an increasingly attritional contest.

    The second tier tax tribunal opens. It’s perhaps a rather recondite avenue of the civil law, but behind all this there is a war going on between two worlds, a war which creeps further up the political agenda with every week that passes, every cut that is imposed by the coalition.

    This does not, should not, impinge upon the process of the law one iota, but it does make it easier for HMRC to press their case in the background of this war of the worlds.

  50. martin c

    Well blow me down, a publicly listed company and the chairman has no business sense (by his own admission), If i’d invested I would want to know his track record in business and perhaps conflict resolution (Tony Blair is looking for an understudy). The NOMAD should also be there to protect the shareholders.

    Expect the share price to fall further with this daft puff piece . .

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