How Unreasonable is the Offensive Behaviour etc Act – Guest Post by searriagh

In a continuation of the Scottish government’s determination to bludgeon football fans with their Offensive Behaviour at Football Grounds and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, Mr Joseph Anthony Cairns, recently acquitted of the heinous crime of singing two Irish Republican songs at a football match is to be dragged once again through the courts.

After an appeal by the Prosecutor Fiscal’s office, three law Lords, Brodie, Phillips and Lady Paton have decide to overturn the original Sheriff’s decision in the trial. Mr Cairns was charged with breaching Section 1(2)(e) of the Act. That is to say he allegedly indulged in behaviour that a reasonable person would be likely to consider offensive.

The original Sheriff had decided that Mr Cairns had no case to answer as the evidence showed that there had been no obvious reaction from the opposition supporters to the songs sung, possibly due to the fact that they could not sufficiently hear the lyrics being chanted and therefore could not possibly be offended.

However on appeal it has been decided that due to the wording of the act, it is not necessary for a reasonably minded person to be present at the time to be offended, only that they would have been offended if they had in fact been present.

One must assume that the 2,500 Celtic fans surrounding Mr Cairns, who could hear the lyrics but were not offended, must not constitute a reasonable person in the eyes of the Scottish court.

And here we have the crux of the matter. Who decides what is offensive? And who defines what is to constitute a reasonable minded person?

PC Ingliss of the police FOCUS unit named the songs in question as, the Boys of the Old Brigade, and the Roll Of Honour. He then gave a brief synopsis of the songs for the benefit of the court;

“(The Boys of the Old Brigade) is a song which refers to the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and contains a reference to joining the IRA”.

What PC Ingliss fails to mention is that this is a song sung by Irish people throughout the world in praise of the founding fathers of the Irish Republic.


When this was pointed out to PC Ingliss during his cross examination, his position was that,

“Singing such songs was showing support for a terrorist organisation and that under the Lord Advocate’s guidelines, this constituted an offence under Section 1(2)(e) of the Act.”

One wonders how the Irish Government and its people must feel about having their heroes of 1916 described as terrorists in a Scottish court in 2013. We must also hope that the next time both countries face each other at Hampden Park, that the Irish fans do not decide to launch into any of their patriotic songs, lest the police FOCUS unit spark an international incident by immediately arresting vast swathes of their numbers.

I also find myself wondering how the police FOCUS unit would have handled the situation had Her Majesty the Queen, whilst on her way to the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin to lay a wreath in memory of the ‘Boys Of The Old Brigade’ had decided to stop off and take in an SPL match whilst still in the possession of the said wreath. Under the Lord Advocate’s guidelines surely Her Majesty would have been guilty of offending a reasonable minded person.

To continue on with the theme of the reasonable minded person let us look at the second song sung by Mr Cairns, the Roll Of Honour. PC Ingliss describes it as being;

“about the hunger strikes of the early 1980s, the persons named are ten paramilitary persons who died during the hunger strike.”

PC Ingliss is correct in his summation, but considering the most contentious lyric of the song is, “England you’re a monster”, we must assume that it is the fact that the song is about the sacrifice of the hunger strikers in general which contravenes Section 1(2)(e) of the Act.

Roll of H

As you may well know, the first of the ten hunger strikers to die was Bobby Sands. Whilst on hunger strike he was elected Member of Parliament for Fermanagh and South Tyrone with 30,493 votes. Are we then to conclude, that the 30,493 people who voted for Bobby Sands are not to be considered reasonable people?

After his death 100,000 attended his funeral in Belfast.


In 2011, 10,000 marched through the streets of Glasgow to mark the 30th anniversary of his passing. Again are they not to be considered reasonably minded people?

Upon hearing the news of his death the Indian Parliament stood for one minute’s silence; the New Jersey Legislature passed a motion to honour his courage; in Paris, Milan, Ghent and Lisbon thousands took to the street in spontaneous shows of support for the hunger strikers. Street names around the world were changed to bear his name, three in France alone. Lasting monuments have been erected in honour of the hunger strikers from Sydney to Derry, from Cuba to Connecticut.

One street in Paris

One street in Paris


The Bobby Sands Memorial in Hartford, Connecticut

Nelson Mandela has often spoken in praise of Bobby Sands. Let us hope that he does not do so within the confines of a Scottish football ground lest he finds himself having escaped his chains in South Africa’s Robben Island only to be incarcerated within Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison.

Surely this shows the ridiculousness of this Act.

How is the Scottish court able to define who is a reasonable minded person and what is likely to offend this mythical person? Laws already existed to deal with religious bigotry and racism in Scotland, they are good laws and laws which are sadly needed, but unfortunately the Scottish police chose not to enforce these laws which has led to the SNP forcing through this ill-thought out and dangerous Act.

This Act seriously infringes people’s human rights. The majority of people in Scotland may not agree with Irish Republicans but that does not mean that it should be illegal to be one within the confines of Scottish football.

For the good of all scrap it now, and enforce the laws that which already existed before more people are forced through the courts, before more time and money is wasted, and before it is ultimately overturned in a European court and forced to be scrapped anyway.

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  1. Ed Paisley

    That is one of the essential differences between the Rangers supporters and the Celtic supporters. They are happy to create their very own bastion of white protestantism – a white proddy ghetto where everyone loves the Queen and the British Army. God help you if you express any doubts about the relevance of the poppy on football shirts. Homogeneity and unanimity of outlook – that’s what these guys crave. In the 21st century ffs !!

    • Paul

      So sad if this continues.They do not debate the questions, or seek answers. BAHH BAHH.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      You need to stop viewing things through the tinternet. Its a world away from reality.

    • Ed Paisley

      BTW – For anyone concerned about the terrible statistics about homelessness and suicide amongst ex-servicemen in Scotland, then please consider a donation to Combat Stress:

      They are having a difficult time financially due to the focus on Help for Heroes and yet they provide essential support in the community to ex-servicemen who are having difficulty re-adjusting to civilian life.

      In case anyone is wondering, I opposed Celtic carrying the poppy on the shirt and I never wear a poppy. I leave that to Thatcher and Blair and the rest.

    • willy wonka

      Ed, you know as well as I do the sellik fans don’t have “any doubts about the relevance of the poppy on football shirts”.
      It’s down to hatred and bigotry. 1918, Ra ‘RA, Bloody Sunday, Gibraltar, etc, etc,
      Try wearing one the next time sellik are playing on Remembrance weekend.
      “Doubts” my arse .

      • Stevie

        Aye and what a complete cop out Ed.
        What bearing has Thatcher and Blair got in relation to 1914-1918 and 1940-1945?

    • Monti

      Take no notice of the monkeys Ed, they don’t have a team to follow anymore so they get their kicks attacking Celtic, the Catholic Church & anything Irish…..
      All the things they are scared of!
      Phil Mac ghiolla bhain has asked the questions they should have been asking themselves, yet he get’s racist verbal from the knuckledraggers, they are scared to hear the answers that’s why they don’t ask the questions!
      Huns who come on here are a laughing stock,they are in denial & are in a permanent state of apoplexy at the thought of Rangers (IL) not being around anymore, I haven’t seen anything as funny as what has happened to that rat & cockroach infested club, they are insignificant because they are gone & confined to history, the chapter has been finished,the book has been closed on them.
      Season starts tonight with a game against our brothers across the sea, I expect a tough game but feel Celtic will prevail over the two legs.
      Looking forward to Neil Lennon bringing a few quality players to the club over the next week or so, an already talented squad at his disposal Neil just needs to make 3 signings that could walk into the team & we are on the road again.
      A progressive Irish manager,a winner at the helm I have faith in Neil’s knowledge of the game, his Celtic will to win will be spread through the squad & hopefully another silver laden season & Group stage of the Champions league are to come.
      TIOC FAIDH AR FKN LA!!!!!!

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        Its a tough one for me. 2 British teams with 2 British managers going head to head. I like supporting the Brits in Europe.

        Think i will give Cliftonville ma support tonight as I will be watching it with 2 Cliftonville fans. 🙂

    • david

      That is UTTER NONSENSE.
      The Celtic support is the most homogeneous in Britain .

  2. Stevie

    Ed. What a totally rediculous and sweeping comment.
    Are you suggesting that history and tradition be forgotten simply because they have links to the union?
    You do the memory of those who lost their lives in the two world war’s a massive disservice.
    Rejecting the concept of the poppy in any form is insulting and unwarranted given what these men did for our country.
    The essential difference between Celtic supporters and Rangers supporters is religious bias and a sense of belonging. You appear to hold strange emotive concepts for a St Mirren supporter.

    • Paul

      There is more than one poppy. Real war and phoney oil wars, i wear the poppy of my great lost ones.

    • Ed Paisley

      St Mirren are my wee team – I grew up watching Tony Fitzpatrick, Bobby Reid, Jackie Copland, Frank McGarvey and Billy Stark. Great players and many happy memories of Love Street. But every time Celtic visited I would switch to the Caledonian end and stand with my brothers.

      All I am saying is that Rangers fans (seem to) crave a homogeneous identity which is totally at odds with modern Scotland and it’s religious and cultural diversity. Ibrox still has a poisonous anti-Irish/Catholic atmosphere – I know that because I take my young nephew to Ibrox from time to time. But I hope that the signing of Jon Daly will improve that situation.

      • Stevie

        What is this”Modern Scotland” you speak of?
        Are you of the assumption that Independence has been attained?
        Scotland has it’s own history. Dark…troubled…and proud. Just as any other country has.
        Why is it that nationlism is seen as progress? Is it simply being apart from the union?
        It is pedalled primarily by dissident’s and bigoted zealots who refute any association with the crown or the concept of being British. Why is that do you think?
        My family history can be traced back to Scotland since 1775. The imported troubles from Ireland have no bearing on my ancestry and i reject the accusation and assumption that it has.
        i doubt very much whether Jon Daly will have any effect on the “Modern Scotland” you aspire to Ed. After all your over simplistic remedy has been in operation for decades already.
        I mention this soley in the interests of accuracy. We don’t want to give our younger generation the wrong impression now do we?

  3. Paul

    The tinternet has not arrived yet maybe you should patent it when it does.

  4. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Anyway getting back on topic of behaiour of fans, does anyone have a list of the the volume of fines and the monetary value that UEFA have handed down to Rangers and Celtic in the last 10 years or so.

    Its just that, to an alien with no clue about Scottish football (lets call it mcfc d2 to give it a human name) you would think that by reading on here and elsewhere that Rangers must have a bigger volume of fines and be well out of pockets in comparison to their saintly counterparts.

    Anyone want to have a go at a list ?

    Or will it be ignored like the audited accounts fiasco myth ?


    • Monti

      No but we do have a copy of the creditors list!

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        No problems. I will help you out with my list so far.


        PSV – £33k
        Unirea – £18k
        Osasuna – £8k
        Vilarreal – £22.5k

        TOTAL – £81.5k


        Udinese – £21k
        Rennes – £13k
        Milan – £0.5k
        Milan – £25k
        Man Utd – £42k
        Liverpool – £2.5k

        TOTAL – £104k

        That cant be right as clearly Rangers are bad and Celtic are good. Can anyone add to the list as i must be missing loads on the Rangers side ?

  5. cam

    The majority of Celtic fans will with varying reasons and intensities support anything anti British.The young fans who are easily led and keen to prove their Oirishness are a breeding ground for the extremist GB propaganda.
    From Argentina tops to anything “rebel” related the fundamentalists clutch it close and hold it up as “evidence” of the evils of the British colonialism of years gone by.
    Poppies seem to get their dander up,the Royal family,most of the British govt.English peoples pride in their sporting and cultural history,the armed forces and the Union Jack.All of these will be booed roundly at Celtic Park,,,now here’s the twist,,,,where do they want to go and play?,,,yup England!,,,ffs! you couldn’t make it up.
    Lawwell is busy trying to make friends and hide the extremists out of the way.
    Its like hiding a psycho in your basement and moving to a new estate,,,,eventually your dark secrets will be revealed.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      “Hello my earthling friend, my name is mcfc d2 and i dont know nothing about football. Rangers is bad. Celtic is good. That is correct yes. UEFA always fine Rangers and never fine Celtic. That is correct yes”

    • Jamie

      Crock of shit…the deid club styled itself the quintesential British club to pander to the lowest common denominator…..trying to out English the English by wrapping your self in the Butchers Apron. Even the vast majority of English supporters find you lot weird….the majority of English supporters wrap themselves in the flag of their country while the sevconians shy away from the Saltire…..the hypocracy from you lot is staggering at times….for Queen and Country, support the Troops….all bullshit!….the wee fiasco with the marde gra at the asbestos dome last season was testamont to depths your club will sink to….you want to show support for the troops…pay yer fuckin tax bills

      • Monti

        Absolutely Jamie well put m8, they were a disgrace, cheating bastards of the worst kind.
        Walter Smith, Richard Gough (lol) are but two leg ends of the old club that have told the soap shy that the the rangers is a NEW club, yet still they refuse to listen, comedy gold!

  6. Stevie
    July 16, 2013 at 1:01 am
    Reformation ….Ian?
    John Knox?

    So you are dismissive of the highly held belief amongst your kin folk(especially on here) that the “Establishment” does not exist?

    Or do you just relate that to football matters? Hmmm?

    Stevie What relevance has The Reformation, John Knox, Presbyterianism Etc in MODERN Scotland? NINE PERCENT of the Population are Presbyterian & THEY practice their Faith in the KIRK, NOT in Triumphalist Street Marches. As I previously stated, The Kirk has repented it’s anti Catholic stance of the past, so why can’t folk like you?

    I am NOT dismissive of Anyone’s genuinely held beliefs, I uphold;l the right of ANY belief as Equal, as long as it is not harmful to others who hold no or different beliefs…THAT is my problem with you & your ilk…. YOU are right & Establishment & your MINORITY WILL RULE…Based on Christian Fundamentalist Shit… Scottish Taliban?

    Let’s be clear where I stand… The Bible is a man-made & REWRITTEN to suit Political ends as required. Jesus has been reconstructed in the mould of Greek legend to suit the Audience of the period.

    What does it consist of?

    A REHASH of the Torah, Jewish Religion/History. originally written in Hebrew with some Aramaic…. Not a Catholic nor any Protestant Sect in it, but hey, don’t let facts detract from your sense of Superiority, Establishment boy.

    We then have the NEW Testament written originally in Greek…. The Gospels? Selected by Constantine & The Nicene Creed was written to quell any revolt & is still accepted by most Christians..

    The Epistles take the biscuit, St Paul REWRITES & CHANGES the Jesus Story to suit his Romano/Greek knowledge… He NEVER met Jesus, nor did ANY of his Disciples who spread PAUL’S Teachings .I will leave Revelation for the Loonies chasing THEIR Cloud.

    In short, Your sense of Superiority is based on pish & if Aesop had caused so many problems & deaths HIS Fables would be banned.

    Believe what you want, practice it in Private & give the rest of us peace..


    • Stevie

      Ian i don’t have a fkn clue what you’re rampaging on about!
      I have made no case for /or against anything.
      You made a statement,i disagreed with your view and simply reminded you of the historical background of this country. I made no reference to superiority, the bible or anything else. I am an aethiest . Your anti establishment views are well known to this blog and i can see why your wee drawers are in a twist. But do not accuse me of religious bigotry or belonging to the establishment,when your establishment in Rome has the most colourful record in history. You really have a front in supporting republicanism while lecturing others who have no affiliation to anything.
      There is not one valid point in your above post. I suggest you read the threads in chronological order and you may well get a better grip of what people are talking about.
      You keep spouting your innaccurate pish if you want. At least i know my pish can be backed up by referencing the context in which it was submitted.

      • Mac Tomas

        Your an atheist stevie! then why do you carry a torch for that bastion of Britishness & “defenders of the faiths” …the Brit Monarchy….????
        something of a political & philosophical contradiction!!!

        • willy wonka

          Mac, the monarch has the title of ” Defender of the FAITH [not “faiths”] and Supreme Governor of the Church of England “.
          In Scotland, there is a division of powers by which Church and State are each supreme in their own sphere. The Church is self-governing in all that concerns its own activities.
          Its supreme authority is the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, presided over by a Moderator chosen each year by the Assembly itself.
          The monarch takes an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland at the meeting of the Privy Council immediately following his or her accession.
          The Crown is represented at the Assembly, sometimes by the monarch in person, but more often by a Lord High Commissioner appointed each year by The Queen.
          Provided that it acts within the law of the land, the Assembly has the power to pass resolutions which can have effect without Royal Assent.
          The royal title “Fidei defensor,” usually translated “Defender of the Faith,” was bestowed by Pope Leo X on Henry VIII in 1521 in recognition of the king’s defence of Roman Catholic teaching against the Protestant ideas of Martin Luther.

          • True willy & almost correct. The Title of Fidei Defensor was withdrawn by the Pope after Henry broke away from Rome. The current title of Fidei Defensor was bestowed by The English Parliament on him as the the Head of the Church of England.

            The Church of Scotland represents 9% of the people of Scotland.

            Religion is divisive when misused…. I bet the 9% were not marching up & down roads recently in a truly Christian & Ecumenical way of course & I also bet there were not any Anglicans either.

            • willy wonka

              Ian, my post was correct. Not almost correct. I’m aware of the title being withdrawn and reinstated by parliament.
              The point I was making was, it is not “Defender Of The FAITHS.”

          • Geddy Lee.

            the “monarch has no say in the Church of Scotland!!!!!!

            That was rejected by the Scots centuries ago. She has the status of “layman” with no powers whatsoever!!!

            In NI,she does not even have that status.

            The ignorance of you lot really does defy logic.

            Shameful stuff.

            • willy wonka

              Geddy, as far as I can see, nobody on this thread has said she DOES have a say in Scotland. Apart from Mac wrongly calling her “Defender Of The Faiths”.
              Lol. Ignorance indeed.

          • willy, for someone who likes to correct others, you don’t like to be corrected.

            The Defender of The Faith from Pope Leo X was for the book “Assertio Septem Sacramentorum” defending the seven Sacraments. It was Rescinded when Henry broke from Rome.

            The current Defender of the Faith was awarded by THE ENGLISH PARLIAMENT, not Leo X as you stated, so how are you right?

            • willy wonka

              Defender of the faith.. Not faiths.

            • willy,

              Defender of the Faith Title NOT reinstated by ENGLISH Parliament.

              A new Dummy one was created & named after the Original & you are claiming it is the same one….Old habits Die Hard..

              Reminds me of Sevco/RFC(IL) really.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Aye but what about the accounts question. Have you answered that yet before anyone answers yours ?

          • Mac Tomas

            regarding accounts, you seem to have missed the point which was…
            There is no legal necessity for either to produce audited accounts. However a company born out of the shambles that was Rangers trying to attract necessary investment & convince existing customers, you would imagine be desperate to quash harmful speculation & fears, Sevco have not done so, because their finances will not pass a modest medical.
            How much is left of the £22m?…….That £22m remains a myth till we see the audited bottom line………& you know it.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              So what date should the company have made their audited accounts ?

              30th June ??

              31st December ??

            • 2 side, I missed the start of the debate on accounts so I don’t know if it’s a wind-up or serious.

              Was the date not put back for some reason? I remember that it was mentioned that this would put two season books income into one set of accounts.

              I remember wondering if this would be a cause of TRFC not being allowed to play in Europe if any fast tracking occurred… Then I remembered Ogilvie & Regan were there as a safety net so did not really pay any attention

              Is there a relevance to the accounts question?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Ian – the debate started with Mac Thomas claiming that “Sevco cannot…won’t” release audited accounts and that this “must in itself be cause for concern” for Rangers fans.

              I then asked the question as to when the audited accounts are actually due and if Celtic have released audited accounts to which Jimbhoy said December and that Celtic HAD released them.

              This of course is wrong, as is your assertion that the date had been put back.

              The simple fact is that audited accounts are never completed in DEcember by either team as these are only interims. The audited accounts in the past have been 1st July to 30th June and they normally see light of day usually around September time due to preparation etc.

              However the Company that “owns” Rangers was only formed in May 2012 which i believe means audited accounts are not due until November 2013. It is possible that they will align it to a season and do them until 30th June 2013 but as with the Celtic accounts, if they decide to do this, you will not see them until at least September.

              The thought process that this means that “Sevco cannot….wont” release them is therfore born of total ignorance and lacks any form of evidence whatsoever.

              Why get in the way of facts though. Eh ??

          • Jamie

            Still a Fudd!

      • Stevie, Utter Bullsh*t.

        Posts to me Pat etc proclaiming Protestant Scotland & defending Orange Marches etc… Seems there was only trouble when those bad Nationalists declined to have them march where & when they wanted according to you.

        Some Atheist… As I keep saying I have no Establishment ties in Rome or anywhere else, but you are so bigoted you have to try & slap people with Ant Catholic rhetoric if they disagree with you

        For some one who claims No affiliation to anything you go along way in the defence of all the outdated Institutions which hold this country back.

        As I have already said when you gave me big licks on the reformation… who cares? Religious Fundamentalists rewriting a Fairy Tale in their own way.

        Scotland is Multi Cultural NOT Protestant as you have claimed several times.

        Everyone should be equal, You should go reread your threads & point out where I missed your Standpoint in defence of being an Atheist.

        What is wrong with being a Nationalist & a Republican? It seems to get YOUR knickers in a twist..

    • david

      9% are Kirk members, but 42% identify with the Kirk

      • david,

        Is that the 42% who march & cause social unrest, have a Supremacist attitude, claim the country is Protestant,( I actually don’t understand that one, what do they want? a “Proddy” Only lane on the motorway or what?) & have never been to a Kirk in their life?

        THAT 42%? All they do is get the 9% of genuine folk a bad name.

        • david

          Twisting data.
          The amount who march would be around 1/4 of 1%.
          Most of the 42% would consider themselves Church of Scotland even if they do not keep up their ” lines”.

          • david,

            I would consider myself a millionaire except I’m Skint…so I’m a non practicing Millionaire really…TRFC would like to consider themselves a Big team..but are a newstart trying to buy their way through the Leagues before the penny drops or the money runs out..

            The 9% are Presbyterian, the 42% are for want of a better expression “Plastic Proddies” . The claim is that Scotland is a Protestant Country…

            It is not, while the rest of us want to get on & live in a Modern Secular Scotland, these muppets, like their brethren in The six counties want to be a Supremacist type of Uber-Prod who proclaim they are The People but don’t actually manage to live up to their fantasies.

            They are actually backward & trapped in a time warp of False past glory created from a misrepresentation of historical facts.

            I have no complaint about that, whatever gets them through the night,If they would only go away & do it in private.

            My complaint is the ramming it down other peoples throats, the riots if they don’t get their own way etc & it’s importation into Scotland.

            That is not representative of the 9%. The Kirk has apologised for it’s involvement in the past & works with other Faiths now to be more open & less insular..

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              But as pointed out, its not the 42% “plastic proddies” thats the issue, its the 0.05% of Monti-like idiots who think they are uber-prods but in reality were just brought up to hate.

              You keep promoting this 42% number which in reality means nada other than portraying your agenda in a different light.

            • 2 Sides,

              Once again Learn to read the comments before answering.

              David raised the 42% claim not me.

              9% attend so 9% are Presbyterians… Simple.

  7. cam

    Wonder if this “lost soul” will take the ferry over now that he has to pay his own way.

    Come on now Jim pay the creditors!!

  8. cam

    Hows the Craigie-Charlotte courtroom gang bang coming along?
    Barca and Bud are two groupies of that freakzone.
    Must be Ready to appear in a court sometime soon? Can’t wait myself.

  9. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Do you think Devine will change his name to Jim Mac Devinolabhoy.

    Seems to be trendy this moving to Ireland to stop facing your troubles.

    • cam

      I’m more than willing to pay for a good few one way tickets.

      • Mac Tomas

        get one for yersel cam while yer at it. I’m sure some Shankil No Surrenderl simian will surrender his couch for a brother. There’s a place there for a man of your talents. A wee bit of subtle bigotry, a wee bit rye humor. Lets face it the full on street bile isn’t good for Narnian tourism. Remember the 12th of July was supposed to be a street carnival to match Brazi’s Mardi Gras, GSTQ…WATP…..blah blah blah 🙂

      • Cam,

        Good offer, take a few of your mates & practice your dancing on the Land Rovers with the other muppets disgracing themselves just now.

        Remember not to wear your colours in Belfast… It seems it’s dangerous,

        Mind you, looking at the videos of The People at play it seems TRFC strips bring on a Mad cow-like affliction, if they have Bolisha Beacons you will feel right at home.. . Enjoy.

  10. Geddy Lee.

    Cam, how can you have any money left?

    Surely when you passed “the rangers kiosk” (Not very big is it) at Glasgow Airport on your way to your Mediteranian Sash Bash, you must have popped in and bought 5 tops for the grandchildren, and a home and away top for yourself, the wife, and in fact everyone you know.

    That seems to be the party line over at Munter Media.

    You guys are loaded. I can’t understand why you did not get together and buy the club outright, out of your collective back bin.

    As it stands, Ashley must be heading for trillionaire status judging by the amounts of “the rangers tat” you guys claim to have bought.

    oh and don’t forget , half a dozen SB’s per fan. Even those that can’t attend the games. LOL

    Talk about living in fantasy land.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      “That seems to be the party line over at Munter Media.” – More evidence that ra sellic fans read, see and hear what they want.

      None of the new tops are even out yet so how the fukk can you read about people having bought 5 each.

      Chortle. 🙂

  11. Mac Tomas

    Wow cam…your a genius, you’ve finally worked out that the vast majority of Celtic fans are at odds politically with the British state & all it’s tawdry trappings. Spare us the “poppy” sanctimony. Why the f*** should we be bleeding hearted about institutions we have no historical or political affinity with. Especially considering the “charming History” of this once great nation. I have no axe to grind with young dafties volunteering to go & fight the Taliban in someone else’s country. Just as long as they are aware that they are not doing it in my name or my interests.
    If they come back minus their legs that is to be regretted & I sympathize. However I reject the current ongoing campaign by the red white & bloo to try & guilt anyone who wont buy into their “if your not with us your against us” dumb simplistic narrative.

    Celtic fans have been warned against wearing Celtic colours in Belfast tonight. Don’t remember the same warnings being issued to Zombies going to watch the sash bash. Aye…the red shite & bloo…the glory, the heart warming hand of friendship & tender tolerance of British culture’s been on the streets of Belfast since Friday night. Hold on, I’m away to buy a poppy…

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      And heres what was really said by a Director of the opposition, not the Police:

      “Belfast city centre is a very welcoming place but people are very sensitive about colours, not just this week. As a result, it’s probably best to avoid wearing colours into the city centre tomorrow.

      This has nothing to do with politics, it’s the same sort of advice Manchester United fans would be given about walking about Liverpool on a match day.”

      Advice or warning ? You decide.

      • Mac Tomas

        BOLLOCKS…..& you know !!!!

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Are you disputing thats what he said ?

          any reply on my audited accounts questions?

          • Mac Tomas

            I replied to your audited fixation.
            The fact that the advice – warning was deemed to be necessary is the point you are trying to avoid..
            So Man U & Liverpool fans can’t walk about either’s city centre on match day with their colour’s on, & are warned against it….. Rubbish.
            Also I can’t remember either set of those fans having a four day rolling sectarian riot ….!…..four days so far.

          • Geddy Lee.

            2faced, surely you recognise the irony in your question.

            That is simply remarkable that you seem to think there’s nothing wrong with Celtic fans needing this kind of advice for their own safety?

            All part of the “Kulchur and traditins” I suppose.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Nowhere did i say that. I just asked if it was “advice” or a “warning”

              Seemed like fair and sensible advice to me.

          • 2 sides,

            I am Questioning what he MEANT…

            The place is awash, ooop’s, with idiots rampaging in Red White & Blue, Orange Order Uniforms & TRFC strips, a couple of Chelsea ones too.

            Why is it DANGEROUS for a Celtic Fan to wear a Celtic Strip while supporting his team in Europe?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              It really is a stupid question for goodness sake. Is it right ? No. Is it life ? Yes. Should it be life ? No. Is it restricted to Belfast only ? No.

              The bottom line is that there are idiots going tonto over in Belfast just now so a Director gave some friendly advice, not a warning. The advice was sound and reasonable.

              It may surprise you to know that I wouldnt wear my Rangers top in manyof the pubs around the Gallowgate on Old Firm day. Why is it DANGEROUS for a Rangers fan to wear a Rangers Strip whilst supporting his team in their own city. DOH !!

            • 2 sides that was a disingenuous reply.

              When was the last time TRFC or even RFC(IL) fans were warned it was dangerous to wear their colours to a game?

              It’s dangerous to wear colours in Belfast yet every F*ckwit I see rioting is wearing THEIRS…

              Seems the danger is wearing Celtic colours…Welcome to the Mardi Gras….Belfast style.forget the Samba, it’s Bouncy Bouncy time.

      • gortnamona

        “Belfast city centre is a very welcoming place but people are very sensitive about colours, not just this week. As a result, it’s probably best to avoid wearing colours into the city centre tomorrow.”

        And well I remember Linfield/Rangers supporters rampaging through Belfast city centre unhindered/escorted by the RUC.

        Who or what is ‘a Director of the opposition?’

    • Ted Pàislig

      Ah Mac Thomas. You are a voice of common sense and sanity. A breath of fresh air. Thank you.

    • graham

      The celtic fans have been warned / advised by the PSNI not to wear their grey & green deck chair style tops at the match tonight , as they feel the umwashed may be attacked in the same way the rangers fans were by gangs of republicans when they left Windsor park after the game

    • cam

      Thanks Mac,,,now if only those who are at odds would do the protestant thing and refuse benefit handouts from the state they despise.

      • Cam

        The rioters in The Six Counties would die of starvation & The Pope would get the blame.

        It’s easier to say they are trying out as extras for a Police Training Manual.

  12. Raymilland

    The SFA has single handily killed the sport stone dead.

    The game is run by vaudeville comedians who deserve worse punishment that the traditional pelt of rotten veg.

    If Celtic draw sevco in the cup, any fan who buys a ticket is endorsing the lack of action from the SFA. I would also choose to body swerve any tie at Hampden, club and national team game until Ogilvie and the rest pay the price for their compromise of the sport.

    • willy wonka

      Thought you might.

      • Raymilland

        @ willy wonka

        Did you body swerve Tannadice last season?

        Are you happy with the custodians of Scottish football?

        What would you suggest is the best way to get rid of the clowns in Hampden?

        Or would you just mump and moan about the supposed hard time TRFC get from Regan & Doncaster, while your lack of willingness to oust them would betray the preferential treatment your club gains at every turn.

        In the end, all the manipulation of the rules is supposed to be for the long term benefit of the game, utter pish!

        What ever the outcome of this shambles, the name of ‘glasgow rangers’ will for ever be associated with a fraternity of shameful cheating and greed which destroyed Scottish football.

        There is no way back for the professional game in Scotland while the establishment club is aided and abetted by the regulators of the sport.

        Keep laughing willy, your club is on the up and up.

        The sport has taken a beating to allow tens of thousands of yobs to congregate in a regulated system of crowd control on a regular basis. Where else would they march without a football club to hang onto?

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          This is the dilemna. Youse all hate the SFA coz they are pro Rangers. The Rangers tinternet mob all hate the SFA cos they are anti-Rangers.

          Neither of you can see the others point, yet somehow amazingly, the one thing you all agree on, is that SFA are absolutely murder.

          If any of you had a modicum of sense, you would see that the best way to do something about it would be to collectively join together.

          I somehow think the 4000 mph tunnel from London to New York will be built before that ever happens though. 🙂

          • Raymilland

            Got to be a joker
            He just do what he please

            He got toe jam football

            Would you kindly vacate the premises Mr Ogilvie.

  13. Monti



  14. Monti

    Passing through Brighton today… that’s a Grand Hotel…..;)
    Tick tock tick tock 🙂

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      RIP – Anthony Berry, Eric Taylor, Jeanne Shattock, Muriel Maclean and Roberta Wakeham, none of which were government ministers.

      Why people put up with this rhat is beyond me.

    • Geddy Lee.

      That’s enough of that thankyou!!!

    • Stevie

      Watch out furra Mod’s Monti. The sight of all them Royal Navy logos and Union flags on their scooters will no doubt set you off on another republican rant. You could avoid any flashpoint by wearing your RA balaclava back to front so as they cannae see yer wee bitter twisted mush.JUst think a constant medley of The Jam nd The Who music serenading your wee plastic paddy lugholes.

  15. Geddy Lee.

    Cam, is it true the Norn Irons are still in “Tasmanian Devil” mode because Swally wants Miller back LOL.

    • cam

      If i could cut the anchor chain to that bloody island i would!

      • Cam,
        The Six Counties are NOT an Island, they are not even a proper Province of Ireland..

        • cam

          The whole island Ian,,,all of it,,,,bliss!

          • gortnamona

            Cam – you stupid little prick!

            It was the plantation of your sectarian ancestors, four hundred years ago, that is the original cause of present day bitterness.

            Take their rotten descendants back to Bonny Scotland, before you cut the anchor chain.

          • Cam,
            No need Just give the Six counties back… Let Ireland sink or swim in the tide of European Debt rather than 17th Century despair.

            Maybe those who stayed will become good citizens & integrate, the problem is WE would get the rest of the bams just more idiots to march up & down our roads & cause havoc..

  16. mcfc

    Looks like the SFA is running out of feet to shoot and shotgun cartridges to shoot them with.

    If true, the idea that the SFA find nothing worth investigating in the
    Whyte vs Green affair is truly hilarious. We’ve all read the emails, we’ve all listened to Whyte’s recordings, we’ve all heard the deadening silence of denials from the participants. we’ve all seen the writs and libel actions by those wronged and traduced (NOT). Yet, the SFA, to maintain the logic of its unerring support for Sevco/TRFC must find nothing worth investigating.

    Bizzarrely, the SFA started shooting its feet in order to help Sevco/TRFC survive, but now the SFA’s must be hoping that Sevco/TRFC go bust soon before they have to reach any more Escher-like conclusions and disappear up its own argumentation.

    • cam

      You’ve all been taken for a ride once again,,,WATP,,,don’t ever forget it!

      • mcfc

        @cam – Sevco/TRFC has dragged its friends in Hampden to the edge of the abyss – will the tread on your fingers to save themselves are will they go down with you ?

        • cam

          Nobody is going down on anybody on my watch!,,,,whaddya think this is a Sami home movie.
          Regan has been put straight,the Gers are back and if he wants to keep his earner he better get his establishment hat on and tell Ernst Stavro Lawwel to waddle off.
          I’ve gotta go cut ma wee maws hedge MCFC,but i’ll be back after YOUR big game to trade bullshit.

  17. Monti

    I hear the boys brigade have auctioned Bill Struth’s underpants……
    Oh dear……Dignity?

    • Ted Pàislig

      Bill Struth and Michael Jackson were two of a kind. Old straight-laced Billy Struth used to enjoy a moonwalk too, but keep that one secret shsshhhhhh

  18. kenny1888

    I am sure everyone will join me in hoping for a terrific match tonight and above all else, that everyone enjoys a pure sporting occasion free of any unionist disorder or violence.
    If I have one piece of advice it is this: no matter how much the urge takes you, please do not take the Union Jack and pretend you are wiping your arse with it. I remember a Leeds fan did a similar thing with the Turkish flag in Istanbul a few years ago with very bad results. Some people are very sensitive about flags – something to do with deep insecurities about their worth as human beings. Take care tonight bhoys.

  19. cam

    Total silence from Paul as Mr Lennon bemoans the fact that he has to pit his multi million 16th best team in Europe against some taxi drivers this early in the season.
    He knows the rules,his club is awash with money,his signings should have been made and preparations completed for this crucial match,,,but no ,,,thats not the Lenny way!,,,lets just greet and moan and whinge because fat Pete wouldn’t free up the Co-op mortgage cash to sign Russell at a cut price.
    Is this not one of those moments of comic genius that just makes you say whoa?,,,come on now Paul be consistent,,,thats all we ask.
    Lenny conveniently forgets that his team only qualified by one of his players doing the Celtic thing and cheating to get a penalty.
    Karma is gonna catch up with that wee pudding,,,he will be sacked,,mark these words!

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Its a Celtic blog for Rangers haters. Its only McCoist thats subjected to long blogs and posts on ahem “legal” matters. Chortle. 😛

      • cam

        Yup i just couldn’t get my thick proddy napper round Paul’s issue with Ally.The guy was only answering the usual trite media guff in an innocuous manner but it seemed to annoy the Albion Rovers man,,,strange that.

  20. cam

    Ted allows oor Monti plenty leeway,Adam doesn’t contribute some good stuff due to the mick and Monti IRA crap.
    When i first kicked the door in this saloon in, Eco and mick tried to tag team me out but i gave them a roasting.The usual suspects hounded other Rangers posters and Vi,but the Camster is made from sterner stuff :-).
    Now that the Gers are on the way back the wafflers are drifting away and the blues bros are taking over.
    The loons dress Monti up as a leprechaun and sit him on a donkey and slap its arse as he charges towards our lines,but he’s a coward just like his heroes.
    Game over bhoys,wee Maggie can swoon around like Miss Jones from Rising Damp, but the bhoys are in retreat.

    • david

      For some reason my posts were not being posted and I suspect Niall and others may be in the same boat.
      I see Monti is back to his lying ( Bik McFarlane a friend- ha ha ha ) and horrible bigoted self.
      He can go and …. himself, and not interested in any more excuses.
      A liar , a bigot, a halfwit.

      • Monti

        You missed out, Unrepentant Fenian bastard……& don’t you forget it……Arsehole!!!

        • david

          Youve repented 3 times on here before and sought forgiveness. Not any more.
          You are the biggest twat ever in the history of blogging.

          You talk big on the net, but you betray yourself as a sorry wee loser.
          Remember your challenge?

  21. mcfc

    @cam – will the amateur Dutch club TRFC play soon be playing in wooden clogs ?

  22. JimBhoy

    All downhill from here boys….The way things are going Chico’s penny shares (the ones he did not pay for) will be worthless by December.. Well at least he will break even I suppose…

    Good luck to the Bhoys tonight, result apart I just hope the fans all get home safe and sound..

  23. .

    Shares going south at an alerming rate of knots. Somebody wants out!

  24. mcfc

    Is this Kieran Prior walking away ?

    17-Jul-13 15:39:09 45.00 100,000 Sell* 45.00 45.00k
    17-Jul-13 15:33:43 45.00 100,000 Sell* 45.00 45.00k
    17-Jul-13 15:28:49 45.00 100,000 Sell* 45.00 45.00k

  25. mcfc

    and another one – bye, bye Kieran

    17-Jul-13 16:20:10 43.00 100,000 Sell* 43.00k

  26. mcfc

    RIFC plc shares down 15% so far today – have the MSM noticed – apparently not !

  27. mcfc

    Just in case anyone finds the above information financial information disturbing – remember we have Cam’s assurance that “Rangers as booming”

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      Hold on, I got carried away. The parent company of the holding company has nothing to do with the floating sports franchise. so a successful or unsuccessful day won’t affect said franchise. Yeah?
      What other lines of business does the parent company participate in as in regards of an investment opportunity . the sports franchise of the holding company is spending money hand over fist with no apparent profit.

      • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

        Does the holding company have a profitable business?
        Ahh ballls.
        Where am I again…….
        Oh yeah. There’s a squirrel

  28. mcfc

    Even Craig Mather can’t agree with Cam’s “Rangers are booming” – his latest missive is full of ambition to balance the books and hopes to become sustainable – joy to those who want to here good news – but far from convincing Mr Mather, under objective analysis:

    “designed to give the Ibrox outfit a more sustainable business model” NOT “the Ibrox outfit has a sustainable business model” ”

    “we’ve worked hard to ensure from a financial perspective we’re living within our means.” NOT “we’re living within our means.”

    “We are working hard to create a financially-sound structure which we can build foundations on.” NOT ““We have created a financially-sound structure which we can build foundations on.”

    and my personal favourite “there’s no reason to panic.”

    hopes and dreams Mr Mather, hopes and dreams

    • Budweiser

      ‘“we’ve worked hard to ensure from a financial perspective we’re living within our means.”

      Mcfc.—-Pure gobbledegook ! — Is there another ‘perspective’ other than financial, in order to live within your means? It’s like the worst kind of employee review ie ‘we will work hard’ etc etc ! Instead of ‘we will cut costs here – and here! ‘ ‘We will raise revenue here – and here!’ There may well be definitive cost cutting plans afoot but with statements like these Mather shows how out of his depth he is.

  29. mcfc

    So the answer is 4-1-3-2 – but what was they question again ?

    Was it how do you win the third tier of Scottish football with a squad of 30 plus and more spending than the rest of the division put together ?

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      So the answer is 4-3-1-2 but what was the question again ?

      Was it how do you stumble your way to win the Scottish Premier with a squad of 30 plus and more spending than the rest of the division put together ?

      With Hearts severe wage reductions this year, its possible Ra Sellic might have bigger wages than the rest of Scotland added together, with the exception of Rangers. 🙂

      • mcfc

        @Too Snide

        What’s that to me ?

      • 2 sides

        You are a poor loser, but a Loser all the same.

        Read what you have just written..

        Celtic have sold a player for £12.5m, another will go for around £5m. They will remain dominant.

        Last year they had substantial Euro Income & won a League & Cup Double while managing to reach the Last 16 in The Champions League.All Competitions produced income streams, especially Europe.

        You say Next year MAYBE Celtic’s wage bill will be what exactly? in comparison to their income?

        I don’t have a Crystal Ball to see what will happen Next Season… But I know what happened last Season..

        Celtic were on a different level from TRFC, the proportion of Income to Expenditure & results gained for the Investment does not bear comparison.

        Let’s look at each Club individually:

        TRFC spent a LOT of their money on players of Limited ability, Black being an example. The Majority of the decent players refused to TUPE over to Sevco & that was a big loss. TRFC had a poor season, out of the Cups & a fortune paid to win the 3rd Division… Season over. They have since PAID their best TWO Players to leave, it is probable that a lot of the money raised has already been squandered.

        Celtic…. Read the above & weep.

        I loved this bit which you wrote:

        .”With Hearts severe wage reductions this year, its possible Ra Sellic might have bigger wages than the rest of Scotland added together, with the exception of Rangers.”

        Because it’s probably True… BUT what will TRFC ACHIEVE for ALL that expenditure? How can they MATCH it with Income Streams?

        I read a letter once, about RFC(IL), & the guy said CUE THE JAWS MUSIC, I’m borrowing that, it seems appropriate for TRFC also..

    • mcfc,

      The equation is 4-1-3-2+ imported Refs x RCO x R+D, I don’t know the symbol for Longmuir but the Answer is a Fecking waste of money.

  30. JimBhoy

    the newest board member purported to have made a deal to buy chicos shares must be kicking himself , he could have waited a couple of months and picked them up for a couple of pence.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      But Green cant sell his shares for another 5 months.

      Ach well, them pesky facts again eh. 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        read my previous post mr facts. Chico actually still has an option to bail early, some speculation that this is why cenkos departed. The rules can change under certain curcumstances, I am sure Chico knows dem rules…

        a lot of bears saying dave king waiting in the wings maybes he is looking to get his original investment back. Certainly a man who knows how to avoid paying his dues, maybe there is a theme there!!!

        share price more than halved in 6 months, after a succesful ipo, new shirt and sponsor and 50k SBs sold wonder why investors are bailing after all that? Personally I blame Lawell.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          “options” “speculation” “saying” “maybes” “maybe”

          The bloggers war crys.

          Any reply to your nonsense about audited accounts yet ? Or was that another case of “speculation” “saying” “maybes” “maybe”

          • JimBhoy

            maybees ayes maybees naws. if you mean celtics accounts i would need to go check my last prospectus, there was numbers on there but to be honest cant be arsed checking cos i have no concerns about our finances. £25m from europe, £12.5m for wanyama soon to be another 6.5 or hooper. Did the rangers ever get close to a fiscal year like that with on the park business? naws fact!!!

      • 2 sides READ what is written..

        JimBhoy said an agreement has been made… This is public Knowledge, An Agreed price will have been reached.

        JimBhoy’s point is that if the buyer had waited TRFC shares will be akin to Reichsmarks.

        After world war one. The mark was worth 4,200,000,000,000 Marks to 1 US dollar.

        Just think, you will be able to decorate your own wee Blue room for 40p

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Public knowledge ??
          Agreed price reached ??

          Do you have evidence of this ?

          • 2 Sides,

            It was reported on TV & in the papers.

            This is a direct quote from the report

            Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has agreed to sell part of his stake in the club to a hedge fund.

            According to an announcement to the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday, Rangers International Football Club plc said Mr Green had entered into an agreement with Laxey Partners Limited in October 2012.

            Under the terms of this deal, Mr Green agreed to transfer 714,285 of his 5,071,629 shares in the company to the Isle of Man-based firm.

            Mr Green purchased 5,000,000 shares in Rangers at 1p each as part of an agreement entered into on October 31 last year, which was days after the Laxey deal is dated and months before the club was floated on the stock market in December.

            The former chief, who earned a base salary of £360,000 per year at Rangers, “left the company” on May 31, Rangers said in the stock exchange announcement.

            It would appear that Mr Green agreed a price.

            The BBC also reported the Easedale/Green share Agreement although this was described as “delicate” whatever that means.

            The Stock Exchange Report should have all the details.

        • JimBhoy

          Thanks Ian, i would just reiterate the share price can go up as well as down especially so when my PPI comes in and I invest in rangers at tuppence and become majority shareholder, I will definitely tell regan I am NOT Fit and proper in a vodka fueled meeting in the blue room (Smirnoff Blue labrl of course) and use the ibrox ground as breeding place for my snow leopards….

          That’s the plan anyways, some of my plans don’t always meet fruition (as you can imagine) but I am hopeful on this one. Then I will sell up to Mick and his Tesco (24hr) backed consortium making a £1 profit, simples!!!!

  31. coatbrigbhoy


  32. Paul

    @cam re some of your comments
    Interesting so you come on here to read what we think of the demise of the team formerly known as Rangers. So you think this site has the ability to weaken the gers resolve and you feel you need to come on to sort it out, a bit of paranoia setting in cam.You do not have to come onto sites to see what we think, just visit most grounds in the SPL and you will see what the rest think of your team.So you would like the tic fans to keep their noses out of sevco business, i am sure you would, so that the big brush can be brought out and everything can be swept away like magic dust. It is more than duty of all who do not share your or other sevoconians opinions to make sure that the theft on the scale of which your former club committed is never again repeated. If you do not like the site or the articles that are written there are plenty of other sites to suit your opinion. I am sure the creditors of your former club are happy to read the comments that appear on this site and others, and take great comfort knowing that there are people who understand that what happened to them was an immoral act and was nothing short of scandalous. Sometimes i wonder about your blogs, i blogged a reply to you previous about the Shankill Butchers to which you commented, you read about them and found them disgusting, a further blogger commented to you about the cultural effect people try to bring to ireland through books, like Yeats etc, to which you replied shite i prefer a book with pictures. So did you enjoy loooking at the picture book you had about the Shankill butchers what did you think when you looked into the victims dead eyes knowing that their only crime was to be a catholic. That’s right cam it is only the IRA that are scum in your opinion. If you do not like what is written why not jog on to somewhere where you can rant and rave all day knowing you have the full backing of your readers, this site is about opinions it is not a crusade.
    Answer me this and do not body swerve it with a rant
    What is your personal feelings towards the creditors of RFC and do you think they should be recompensed?

    • cam

      Paul, you’re losing the plot me old son.
      You’re taking all this way too serious and doing a piss poor job of manipulating my posts to your own ends,,,,must do better goes on your report card.
      I’m gonna be totally serious and honest regards the creditors,,,,shame, and no.The holding company that held the assets and securities of the trading company that didn’t pay the bills owed by the plc is bust,,,all debts gone,Gers start at the bottom,blackboard wiped clean and we’re off and running again.
      I’m gonna stay here and continue my crusade Paul and i would advise you to stock up on pain relief.

    • Maggie

      Excellent post Paul,but don’t hold your breath waiting for a serious reply from the trollmeister,that’s not likely to happen.
      I see that the ever popular ” bus to the ferry/buy you a ticket” opinion still very popular with the sectarian bigots of Sevco ( good name for one of their Orange bands,they do name them,right? 🙂 )
      The only supporter of the dead Rangers and present Sevco that ever attempted to debate issues or be realistic about their misdeeds was Adam.The rest are merely sad,bigoted losers who troll on here under the misapprehension that we care about their opinion.They are unable to defend the indefensible,so resort to the usual insults and delusions about their new club.
      I don’t know why you bhoys ( & mcfc,Budweiser etc) bother pitting your wits against them,it’s an unequal fight, intelligence wise, for a start.
      They’re an embarrassment to their team and themselves.
      This air of superiority that they cling to is actually all they have,however it is merely a defiant front for their lack of collective self esteem.To paraphrase a famous line from the film Mississippi Burning ……….” if you’re not better than an Irish “taig” or “Fenian” who are you better than” In the film it’s the “N” word instead of Fenian.
      Personally I’d give them and all the sash wearing,big drum banging,orange lily wearing underclass as much civil liberties as they can handle to march and proclaim their traditions,as theyre too stupid to realise that all this free expression merely heaps more opprobrium on their already despised traditions.They continually condemn themselves by their own actions and words and of course their wonderful songs of triumphalism.
      Don’t ask about the creditors for goodness sake Paul. Who are they again? They should feel privileged to be creditors of the mighty( snigger) Rangers.

      • cam

        Oh no! Miss Jones is back swooning about and getting more bitter by the day.
        Why did Adam leave again Marge?,,,oh yes he got fed up with your two bhoy pals mick and Monti giving it the “up the Ra” stuff.
        You personally couldn’t debate your way out of a paper bag and bring nowt to the table my dear.
        We have taken your colours and you lot have drifted away, embarassed at all your predictions flopping like Juarez,Bangura,Mastorovic,Murphy et al.
        I’ll let you get back to Rigsby,,,Philip isn’t interested 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        Hey Maggie cannot believe we have 1000 coppers over in NI from mainland UK, surely we have to look at what is important in the general community and some old fashioned tribal walking to do what I am not sure is fekin pointless… I’d rather put those millions towards a school, hospital, rehab centre, look after the old folk, nurses, pay carer’s a decent wage for the abuse they take (my missus), fitba parks for boys… Sickens me and I do not stop at only orange walks, the whole tribalism BS will keep Scotland and Ireland back for decades to come…
        Hope the holiday was awesome, you went away as we had a heatwave don’t you just hate that… HH

    • Jamie

      He doesn’t get the same freedoms on McMurders Blog & Leggit wont let anyone else post on his ….Mad Graham after his love in with CG went tits up hasn’t fully recovered and he’s still in the Psychc Unit in the Royal….him and his other trolls continue to abuse the priviledges that they are afforded typical sevco behaviour

  33. So what happened with the share price slaughter today?
    Is it simply Kieran Prior, taking the hit and putting his jaicket on…..Is it support rallied for the despicable treatment of Malcolm, send your leccy bill to me, Murray.
    Or could it in anyway be connected to the UTTT hearing scheduled for Friday. The traditional day for bad news to break on the markets.
    We might like to think we know our fitba’ but these money men could teach us a thing or two, when it comes to keeping a wee eye on their pennies.
    I wonder what they know, that we don’t?

    • Stevie

      Let’s talk about how many tickets the so called “greatest fan’s in the world” returned to the homeland? Seems the “green seat effect” at paradise is catching on. Are Celtic going for a world record of how many of their fans don’t attend games?

      • JimBhoy

        @stevie after seeing footage of the past few nights in NI and fans being told not to wear club colours would you be happy with your son, daughter, brother travelling for that game.?

        lets hope for a peaceful night and some good football on show.

        regards celtic park crowds, the ongoing SFA shenanigans is a factor that grates with many outside of rangers as they show incompetence beyond belief..the general feel amongst non rangers fans is that there is a bias by those running scottish football to rangers! the rangers fans think they have been punished enough. Either way the sfa are more complicit in scottish football armageddon than any other faction…..

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          the general feel amongst rangers fans is that there is a bias by those running scottish football against rangers!

        • Stevie

          Politics and sport especially fitba should never be combined JB.
          Celtic fans cannae wait for the next “watergate” moment to arrive so they can whirl aboot wi their banjo’s telling anybody that will listen”Begorra we feckin telt ya” Look..Look… at them big bad Rangers and the SFA. I don’t know what the SFA/SPL or whoever did. If they are culpable then let events run there course.They say that eventually the truth wil out. Just for the record JB i have been consistent in my desireto see SDM or whoever brought to task for their failure as competent custodians of my club. The Rangers fans have certainly been punished enough in my opinion.
          Celtic fans constantly bang on about how their club is incapable of being complicit in any of this. For the SFA//SPL to have did what they are accused of doing they would have needed a lot of nodding heid’s to get it done.
          So my question is… what exactly put the mufflers on messrs Lawell,Reilly,Thomson and Petrie? Bungs?

          • JimBhoy

            @Stevie No idea mate, some nice generalisations in your post.. 🙂 pitchforks and torches outside hampden by all fans that’s the only way to sort these guys out..

            We need a revolution to get the fans back and interested in a Scottish football product, Those in charge at Hampden, the whole sodden lot of them need to GTF. We need elected representatives, not by chairmen but by fan’s majority.. The paying public.

            We need a mix of business men and footie men looking after football matters.. A good product should not need a hard sell.. All teams fit basic unambiguous rules to safeguard the game and themselves so we never see a repeat of the current issues. Checks and balances in play to ensure financial fair play. Anyways what do i know, like I posted a couple of weeks back I would rather watch kids football on a public park.. Will take in some Celtic games and have been a fan for many a year but my heart is in the lesser game.

            The loss of rangers (in the top flight) has meant Celtic are more in (TV) demand and their games schedule more skewed making it a more difficult ask for people to commit to season tickets.. Alex Cameron said way back TV (and it’s booty) will kill football…. Desperate times mean any overtime going at weekends can mean the difference between paying bills and getting in debt.. Ever the optimist things can only get better in a lot of ways…

      • Stevie,

        Get REAL.

        I did not go & I will tell you why…

        Feckin’ Neanderthals running amok in Red White & Blue, Orange Order Uniforms & TRFC Strips & Police warnings not to look like a Tim in Belfast.

        I watched on TV & spent the money on the weans & am in the good books with my missus.

        I look forward to spending my Brownie points in a later round.. .

        My Brother & his mate went & he text that all the TRFC shirts hanging out the windows had more shape & movement than The Sevco’ Tribute act last season.


    • mcfc

      @barca – interesting I’d missed that date – coincidence – well maybe 🙂

    • JimBhoy

      @barca howdy mate. Maybe a consequence of the centkos boys bailing… That wee taig who complained last week about that has been spreading rumours and as we know he is employed by lawell so generally just a conspiracy by the rabid rangers haters. Just my opinion!

      apparently charlotte seems to be losing some of her exposures, wonder whats going on…!

      • @Jimbhoy.
        Awright bud. I heard some of Charlottes stuff was being rubbed. It also coincides with attacks on TSFM these past couple of days.
        Maybe some worried little capitalists.!!
        Some sterling info coming to light, which even the SFA can’t stem, with their “Good news for Sevcos” PM whitewash acceptance.
        Newtz, eco, Sam and others, are getting very close, I think. Their breath is being felt on the backs of some blowtorch proof necks.

        • cam

          I think its due to that letter i sent to the insolvency folk regarding the Charlotte freak passing on confidential e-mails.

          • JimBhoy

            @Cam or some hedge fund managers bonus was at risk after 6 months trading, they were only gonna pick up a six digit bonus tax free in Jersey.. Shocking how the other half live (hustle) with the ordinary Joe’s dosh..!!!

            • cam

              The only hedge fund i saw was when ma wee maw bought me a curry for trimming that bloody monster hedge of hers!
              And a wee beer,,,if it wisnae for yer mammy,where wid ye be!

            • JimBhoy

              @Cam I had some hedge fun one time…

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Why would the UTTT affect the price if Old Rangers are deid ?

      • @2bob.
        Rangers ARE deid. I never said they were not.
        Contrary to popular belief down Sevco boulevard, all investors are not spivs, crooks or charlatans. Some actually value their reputation.
        These types of investors have had a lot to endure these past few weeks, with honourable bill paying board members being usurped by a convictedtax evader of ill repute, and the resignation/sacking of the original Nomad broker, in unexplained circumstances.
        Bearing in mind, that Sevco are now on their second chairman, and second CEO, in almost as many months, then the looming UTTT hearing may just be a bridge too far.
        A comfortable 2-0 to Celtic in our first European game of this campaign. and only half time. It is not all doom and gloom in Scottish fitba’.

        • Raymilland


          A good result tonight does help lift the gloom, although if any glimmer of justice is to be served against sevco; it will be self inflicted through the actions of their own boardroom of racketeers (past and present).

          The Hampden administrators have lost the plot; and must be held accountable; several should be forcibly removed from office. Even being a token gesture; desks must be cleared out to allow a new regime to give the impression of change.

    • Stevie

      Barca soccasionally it is better to offload shares then buy them back when the price falls. It may also be possible that there is a potential investor waiting to purchase them. The Easdales?? Dave King?? The original investor maybe repatriated with any losses via another arrangement.The stocks and shares market is a minefield of obscurity.

      • mcfc

        There are millions of reasons why Debbie Harry never returned my calls throughout the 70s and 80s – but there’s one blindingly obvious one . In terms of RIFC share price you’ve chosen to focus on some of the million of reasons . . . .

        sweet dreams

      • mcfc

        There are millions of reasons why Debbie Harry never returned my calls throughout the 70s and 80s – but there’s one blindingly obvious one . In terms of RIFC share price you’ve chosen to focus on some of the million of reasons . . . .

        sweet dreams

      • @Stevie.
        The share price rises, when the shares are desirable. It falls when they are not.

    • Budweiser


      In the past few weeks there have been well over 2m shares traded,sometimes as much as 375k in one go. The share price hardly moved at all. What is different today is that someone has accepted a huge drop in the share price , for no apparent reason. It has a hint of panic about it imho.

  34. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    430,000 shares sold at a reduced rate. Or to look at it another way, 430,000 shares bought in Rangers today. 🙂

    • @2bob
      If only that were true!
      The shares have been sold back to the markets. Nobody has bought them. !
      Pesky facts eh!

    • 2 sides,

      No Shares in Rangers were bought or sold.. The Shares were in RIFC.

      The sale of the Shares does not put money into RIFC, the money goes to the investor.

      The problem for RIFC is that their value has plummeted because of these Share sales, That could be a ploy to ruin the Share price & get control of the assets cheaply…Or it could be investors bailing out,.

      Time will tell.

  35. Monti

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed your comments aimed at myself, your mask slips however when you refrain from criticizing Huns on here who post anti- catholic & anti – Irish sentiments.
    Cam, Graham, Niall & many others….why are they ” not beneath shite” David?
    Because like you, they are!

    • david

      I dont give a toss who sees them and what they think.
      Ive posted often about my dislike of bigots from the other side, but you just keep reverting to type; SICKENING BIGOTRY AND LIES.
      I am sure the others you mention can defend themselves, but I have NEVER seen a post from any of them where they rejoice in the deaths of innocents ( like your reference to the Brighton atrocity ) or PRETEND like you to be the friend of a sickening sectarian murderer like McFarlane.
      Vile idiot.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        He will have a new cry soon. Tiocfaidh sa chúirt ár lá.

      • Monti

        God bless Bik & all Irish Republicans!
        @2face….you are nothing to me!
        Stupid fkn huns!

      • @Cam
        I’m confused, first you say Irelands representatives won, then you say in Scotland, if you don’t like the rules you smash hooses up……..?
        We all know that in Scotland, if you want rule change, the best way is to rack up massive debt, don’t pay tax, field ineligible players, take the SFA to court, then enter into a secret agreement with them on the back of a few threats, 24 hr police protection, and the odd parcel bomb, demand they comply with the wishes of “The Peepill” or there will be a wee smattering of civil unrest, and a big dose of Armageddon.

  36. @Jimbhoy.
    Awright bud. I heard some of Charlottes stuff was being rubbed. It also coincides with attacks on TSFM these past couple of days.
    Maybe some worried little capitalists.!!
    Some sterling info coming to light, which even the SFA can’t stem, with their “Good news for Sevcos” PM whitewash acceptance.
    Newtz, eco, Sam and others, are getting very close, I think. Their breath is being felt on the backs of some blowtorch proof necks.

    • cam

      Hehehehe,,,Eco is getting close!!!,,,thats the best i’ve heard yet.His hot breath on someones neck,,,sounds like yer man!
      Barca you’re losing it.

      • @Cam.
        Our countries representatives in Europe opened their campaign tonight in their quest to further the reputation of Scottish fitba’.
        And you are in here sneaking in wee fly posts. Tut Tut.
        Who do YOU think was behind the SFM attack, Celtic? Nah! ICT? Probably not! Maybe Killie, or Brechin?
        Or maybe you think it was a disgruntled dishonest PR guy?
        You probably don’t care too much for Scottish fitba’ now that you are not a part of it.
        Maybe the tribute act will surprise us all get to the semis of the fish supper cup mate. Don’t get disillusioned. There is always hope. Keep the chin up!
        Good result for the Bhoys tonight BTW. Did your grandweans have to go to their pals house to watch it? 🙂

        • cam

          What was the score Barca?,,,was it easy against the bus drivers?,,,congrats to Irelands representatives on their win. What SFM attack??
          Did you feel suitably embarassed about Lenny greetin before the game,,,dem rules are a right pain,,,i mean in Scotland if you don’t like rules and refs you just smash their hoose up! 🙂

          • @Cam.
            My reply was bumped a few places above. It seems that even an unthinking computer realises that that Timmy will always be above Billy Bluenose. :-).,
            An exception was made for this post.

            • cam

              Off tae bed for me,,,enjoy your win,,,mick will be trying to tune his telly in the back of the removal van!

          • Jamie

            Eh you should know how easy it is against bus drivers, mechanics, plumbers etc, you had a full season of playing them you twat! as for greetin, fat sally did enough of that last season….try looking outside your wee blue tinted world yah bawbag!…..its a step in class for you deid team this season lets see how you handle it!

    • Ed Paisley

      Newtz is chasing the Orwell Prize following on from the success of the legendary RTC Blog. Assuming Murray and Chico don’t bump him off, that is!?

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca RE: TSFM, DOS attacks are highly illegal and the guys doing that will effectively face a long custodial sentence when they are tracked down and it’s not as hard as you think to do that.. Always a trail. Well done to Celtic tonight good game, banana skin avoided. The 2 Scots clubs tomorrow face tough ties, all the best to them.. Hope no trouble in Belfast…

  37. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    4th victory on the bounce for Rangers and 4 clean sheets. 🙂

  38. david

    Celtic against a team who would struggle badly against Auchinleck.
    However before everyone jumps in I hope Celtic excel in this competition again this year.
    Notice Cliftonvilles ground is called “Solitude”—- might be a good name now for Celtic Park.

    • Poor david, Clutching at straws.

      TRFC paid SEVEN MILLION PONDS to beat that level of opposition last season & STILL needed help from the Refs.

      • david

        What on earth are you on about Ian4300?
        I dont support Rangers and mock them constantly- suggest you read and engage brain before you post.

    • Jamie

      Celtic against a team who would struggle badly against Auchinleck.

      Have we played Sevco????

  39. coatbrigbhoy

    when it matters, we are in control, 0-1 Celtic

  40. A good opening result tonight. Well done bhoys.!
    I am sure Sally will have been watching to gain some valuable tips on how to deal with part-timers treating the contest like a cup final.
    Well done again bhoys. HH.

  41. coatbrigbhoy

    Ally, would you like to say something, anything that comes to mind on how your going to settle the team this season.

    “I am a believer that if we can get a formation and shape that suits us, we would try to stick to it.
    “I think it’s important you can adapt and change depending on the opposition
    “The 4-1-3-2 shape we’ve used is one the players look really happy with
    “At the same time, 4-4-2 is a formation everyone knows well.

    of that there is no doubt

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Youve just won your first game of the season in the CL qualifiers and you still want to talk about the Gers. Chuckle. 🙂

      • coatbrigbhoy

        I never mentioned “the Gers” they are dead, i was referring to a stake bake chomping blabbering fool of a man, of that there is no doubt

        we just won THE first game of the season, our season has now started, we start off as winners a CL qualifier, all the hard work in pre season has paid off, the team was up to speed, a result when it matters .

      • @Raymilland.
        I am open to ANY suggestions to get rid of the Hampden lot. The truth is Rangers would have been reeled in long ago, if this corrupt shower were not so bent!
        They are as much responsible, if not more so, than DM. He couldn’t have done it without their help.
        How this can be achieved is the question every fitba’ fan should be asking themselves. It will take a co-ordinated fan effort, but in what shape or form.

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Id like to know what Jack McGinn (apparently, the longest serving President ever) and Eric Riley have been doing all this time helping Rangers on the fly.

          Were they undercover agents ?

        • Raymilland


          The current SPL Board is made up of
          Ralph Topping (SPL Chairman),
          Neil Doncaster (SPL Chief Executive),
          Eric Riley (Celtic FC),
          Stephen Thompson (Dundee United FC),
          Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen FC) and
          Michael Johnston (Kilmarnock FC).
          Every football fan should contact their club to lodge a vote of no confidence in the current regime at Hampden, identifying the particular person(s) your complaint is against.
          Eric Riley (Celtic FC), Email:
          Send your thoughts direct:




        • Raymilland


          I posted a few direct email addresses, including the president of the SFA; and Eric Riley’s.

          My post has been automatically censured.

          It may post eventually

          • @Raymilland.
            Nice one bud. The ones I have are often ignored, and when I do get a reply they are from someone at the bottom of the food chain. I will keep an eye out for your post.

        • Raymilland


          An organized petition, outlaying a threat of withdrawal of custom, would seem to be the best approach. The fans should demand that Ogilvie’s position is no longer tenable. I would also seek to have new chief executives replace Regan & Doncaster.

          Any petition should be addressed to the current SPL Board and the SFA.

          I do not use twiter or such like, is there anyone out there able to organize an electronic petition in relation to the above?

  42. Ed Paisley

    Good win for Celtic against the plucky Cliftonville side.

    I hear Charlie Green will be playing up front against Pentonville next season – assuming he can play his way into the Bar-L first team.

    • Ed Paisley

      Cliftonville FC showed a lot of energy but there really is no substitute for class. I would say Cliftonville would compete well in the Scottish third tier – against the likes of Stranraer, Albion Rovers and Sevco FC.

      • Dunno who the idiots were who took bangers into the game,but geez after all the warnings and trouble in and around belfast,you would have thought people would have had more sense. But decent enough victory but they will have to step up dramatically in the next round defence is a nightmare.

        • JimBhoy

          @Jimmy I expected worse mate hopefully a quiet night after… Why the game was swapped to this week beggers belief..

          Ambrose is gonna be top dog this season.. Commons is on the bench hopefully for me, just doesn’t get involved enough and doesn;t really have a position…Rogic looks a player but came on as the opposition weakened, lustig had a good game, Sami the pick of the bunch, Brown and Kayal had a good first half.. Terrible pitch not as good as Broadwood, we played there 3 times last season I may have mentioned the once or twice… :).

          Players just getting fit and Lennie not taking any chances could have been 5 or 6, all credit to Cliftonville.

          Play making midfielder and a striker would do for me…Some good youngsters on show in Germany, hope 1 or 2 get a chance in the near future.

  43. cam

    Monti old bhoy, are you on the naughty step?
    You had a wee spell of promising to screw the nut and love everyone and then reverted to type,,,c’mon over to our side and after a suitable exorcism,we shall set you straight.

  44. cam

    Now check this out,,ignore the sex abuse stuff,,its the shuffling of funds thats the interesting bit.
    Now this Dolan fella could get an apprenticeship with Craigie.
    Transfer the funds,protect them from any liability and file for bankruptcy,,,,brilliant,,,,the spirit of Sevco moves in mysterious ways!!
    Tell me this,,if the church was open for worship after the bankruptcy, is this not a clear case of praying while insolvent?

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Would make a really good and interesting legal blog. Do you know anyone with experience in this field that would take it on ?

  45. cam

    Monti,,,in the name of the Christ i compel you!,,,leave unclean spirit.

  46. Monti

    @Dodgy Dave, you say I am lying about being a friend of Bik Mcfarlane?
    Could you provide the evidence that categorically confirms I am NOT a friend of the man?…..hurry up now…

    • david

      No, but I can categorically confirm that you are a proven bare-faced liar.
      You do not live in the Falklands
      You do not live in the Falls Road
      You are not a ” boss ”
      and so on………

      When in a hole, stop digging.
      I state again; you are NOT a friend of murdering sectarian scumbag McFarlane. You are a liar.
      If you are , I sure we would all be interested to know you befriended him, and in what circumstances, given your oft-repeated claim that you do not want anyone hurt.
      Have you got a photo of yourself with him, after all he is your friend?
      ( hee hee )

    • willy wonka

      “Could you provide the evidence that categorically confirms I am NOT a friend of the man?”
      Haw haw haw !
      I’m telling you, Lol. 14 years old.

  47. cam

    In the interests of integrity and fairness i’ve e-mailed,lettered and phoned P.A.P.E the governing body for the protection of potato rights worldwide.
    My neutral observers have informed me that they are positive that they heard a song at the game tonight that described an unnatural act with a King Edward.
    P.A.P.E’s spokesperson,Tuber O Sum said he is keeping his eyes peeled and any repeats of this heinous treatment of a much loved vegetable will result in folk being chipped out.
    Mon the totties!

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