Whatever Happened to the Rangers EGM To Appoint Easdale and Sack Murray? Now Green Wants One!

In May the “opposition” to Malcolm Murray as chairman of Rangers requisitioned an EGM. The purpose of this was to appoint James Easdale and Chris Morgan and to remove Malcolm Murray and Phil Cartmell.

Rangers acknowledged this to the Stock Exchange on 16th May and in early June announced that the shareholders who had requisitioned the meeting were in consultation with “the company” (Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC) and the timetable had been delayed in the hope of resolution.

Walter Smith was then appointed to take over as chairman from Malcolm Murray, who stepped down as chairman but who remained a board member.

Things seemed to have gone very quiet. The time for the EGM had passed, which was in order as long as the requisitioning shareholders agreed.

However Chris Musson of the Sun (who has been a regular breaker of stories about Rangers) had a story on Friday which looks as if it brings the EGM issue right back to the top of the agenda. This time it might prove more difficult to sidetrack it.

You can read it in full here. The headline is “Green demands Gers showdown”.

The piece states, in part:-

Green has lodged a legal letter saying ex-chairman Malcolm Murray — described by insiders as his “nemesis” — must be axed as a director. He also wants Murray’s ally Phil Cartmell ditched — and for bus tycoon James Easdale to finally join the board after months of wrangling.

Sources close to Green claim he’s even considering returning to run the club in a day-to-day role if changes aren’t made.

His demands came in a formal request for an emergency general meeting of shareholders, which the club was examining yesterday.

An insider said: “Charles and other investors are unhappy with how the club is being run — especially the influence Malcolm has. There are worries that cash raised in the stock market float last year is being rapidly eaten into. Costs must be cut and revenues raised or Rangers are in trouble.

“But all we see is players being signed and season ticket prices being frozen.”

As yet there has been no announcement to the Stock Exchange about this requisition, nor even one saying that it was being examined. As Mr Green still owns over 5 million shares (even if he has pledged to sell them to the Easdales or someone else) there can be no doubt of his right to insist on calling such a meeting.

Ironically the declared purpose of the meeting, as per The Sun, is to deal with cost cutting. The cost of holding such a meeting however is likely to be considerable. All of the shareholders need proper notification and as we know Mr Green’s success in the share issue means there are lots of them! That is a lot of money to be spent on stationery and postage!

So far, if my counting is accurate, seven players have been signed up for registration on 1st September. All of them are likely to be on wages far in excess of Second Division levels and more likely at higher than average Premier League pay scales.

Messrs Bocanegra and Goian have left, cutting the wage bill, at least on paper. However, as they were both on loan last season Rangers would have been relieved of paying their full wages, and undoubtedly they will have required a “pay-off” to terminate their contracts early. It is also clear that, despite their apparent marketability, no club was willing to entertain paying a transfer fee for either of them, which would have meant that their departures would have brought cash in, rather than resulting in expenditure out.

On the other hand, as Rangers have made clear that debt (or at least “external debt”) is bad, then next season’s running costs depend on (a) how much of the share issue funds are left and (b) how many season tickets can be sold.

Rather than gamble that fans might not be happy with watching Rangers go the “Gretna route” of buying players one level above where they are playing to ensure promotion and then repeating the exercise each year till the Premier Division is reached, those in charge decided to sign Premier Division players.

So that will bring in more season ticket money, but also increases the outgoings.

From what The Sun says, Mr Green does not like that plan and wants to come back to keep a careful eye on the cash, and after all, who could want to prevent the Businessman of the Year returning, especially if, at some point next year, a new share issue might be needed!

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  1. Just heard on the news that tennis is not being played at the commonwealth games,big mistake me thinks,I’m sure kids up and down the country will want to be the next andy. Probably lost Scotland a gold medal 2.
    Ach well hind sights a great thing.

  2. Just been having a look on phil mac’s blog and noticed these posts in the comments:-

    posted by gilly.

    any joy in your investigation into celtics finances phil? surely using your journalistic talents and interests in fairness and integrity its due a look? or are you biased? surely not? tick tock

    posted by nearly there:-

    phil do you ever think of asking peter lawell or ian jameson the total amounts that the plc have secured against celtics assets.

    What the hell are these nuggets on about? Anyone any idea or have I missed something? love the use of the tick tock in the top post btw, one thing he can’t be accused of is being original, mind you neither can the club that he more than likely follows.

    • Fra

      @Jimmy White….This Jimmy is the psyche of the deflectors. Instead of having a go at ‘the men who sold the jerseys’, the mantra is ‘we might be on our knees wallowing in filth so we will try to get everybody else on our level.’ A big Bhoy done it and ran away. David Murray done it. He brought them years of honours (illegally) so we annotate blame him. It will probably be everybody else’s fault when LIQUIDATION MKII occurs but personally, I cannot wait. HAIL HAIL

    • portpower

      gilly & nearly there know Agent Candidus own them.

  3. barcaewbuster


    Malky and Cartmell have both resigned!!!!!!!!
    Will the Cardigan also walk? Will the new signings be told “Au Revoir!”.
    Are the Sevconians daft….Or really daft!

  4. barcaewbuster

    Murray and Cartmell both resigned! Green still cannot be contacted. Haw haw haw!
    A source says the link is in mod.
    Haw Ha Haw!

  5. barcaewbuster

    Why am I in mod for saying Murray and Cartmell have walked away?

  6. Monti

    Isn’t the sunshine so much nicer now they have gone?
    I feel contented today that the sectarian ‘institution’ the former football club Rangers f.c. is dead & gone, a wrong in the world has been righted with their demise!
    I couldn’t be more proud of my club Celtic today, please holy father grant me my wish & pair us with the tribute act in the cup competitions next season.
    Ice cream & Jelly anyone?

  7. JimBhoy

    Malky and cartmel officially away I wonder how much that cost the rangers…. Talk of 3 or 4 more players going not to mention Cribari, more money going out the door thru bad footballing judgement.

    31k SBs though, apparently!! More fans to boo Sally super-coach’s team as they struggle to beat guys who have just finished the shifts of their proper jobs. Oh how the mighty have fallen…Shadys, spivs & shysters running the rangers.. 🙂

    • portpower

      How long before wally the stabiliser walks away?

      • JimBhoy

        @Portpower Howdy mate, I would suggest when Chico and his bosses tell him it’s time he walked and pays him £500k for his silence..Probably just after the next round of shares selling.

  8. mcfc

    With most of the Audit Committee gone today, it could be some time before we see those audited accounts:


    Audit Committee
    The audit committee is comprised entirely of independent non-executive Directors. It is chaired by Bryan Smart, who the Board considers has recent and relevant financial experience. The other members are Malcolm Murray and Phillip Cartmell. The audit committee is expected to meet not less than twice a year

  9. badgerbhoy

    willy wonka on July 7, 2013 at 10:53 am “sources close to”, “an insider”. Not a single word from Green. Enough said
    Oops, lol.
    You are 1 ostrich! There are many more like you who have learned nothing from the old club dying. Hail hail!

  10. Geddy Lee.

    I understand the Sevcovians can pay for their tickets in a series of installments.

    What happens if McCoist produces football down to the same standard as last year?

    Can the Sevcovians cancel their payments due, on the grounds they are being conned, or must they grit their teeth and “Bear” the humiliation?

    • JimBhoy

      @Geddy Howdy mate.. I have no ideas if those numbers are correct and without validation I am taking it with a pinch of salt, it could just be the ‘feel good wave’ to tempt more customers… I did expect a lot of rangers fans to hold back until the season started to see if there was club stability as well as some decent results. I guess this may still be the case..

      I have never paid in installments for SBs so not sure..Not sure any guarantees given on a SB sale for any comeback..

      • mcfc

        Just to calibrate the ST income – remember TRFC have pitched their prices to compete with English League One giants such as: Shrewsbury Town, Stevenage, Swindon Town, Tranmere Rovers, Walsall and Yeovil Town


        • mcfc

          and Ally – have you seen that Kidderminster Harriers charge £4.00 for a pie – criminal – how’s a guy supposed to keep fighting fit at £4.00 a pie.

    • @Geddy.
      You know how it works with them mate……If they don’t want to pay, they won’t.! 🙂

  11. Geddy Lee.

    It’s ironic that Cartmell, one of the very few ” the rangers Men” on the board to actually PAY for his shares, ends up getting the boot.

  12. Geddy Lee.

    Good Grief!!!

    According to Munter Media, James “tickets please” Easdale has been “given” a place on “The rangers” board.

    Exactly the kind of guy you would want driving your buisness eh? (Shudder).

    Our resident Sevcovians must be delighted.

  13. Iain Mcg

    James Easdale appointed to Board.

  14. Geddy Lee.

    JimBhoy, they may indeed have sold that amount.

    My question was genuine to the Sevcos.

    Can they cancel their payments once they have made the commitment?

    If not, it must have been agony last season watching the club take their hard earned cash and then serve them up the cringingly bad football we saw them subjected too.

    You can say one thing for Swally. He has certainly left his mark on “the rangers”. lol

    • Stevie

      Being a loyal supporter brings with it responsibility mate.
      It does not require the “glory hunter’ gene.
      Real fans support their club through thick and thin.
      Okay the football wasn’t the greatest last season but there were mitigating circumstances. Try keeping it real. Last year was all about stage one of the rebuilding process. The fans were magnificent in their support of the club. Nobody can deny this.

      In response to your ‘sevco” question.(Who are they by the way?) Oh wait i remember now. Are they the equivalent of your Pacific shelf?
      You can pay in monthly or quarterly instalmens.
      There is also the public sale which starts on 28th July which will probably see the remaining 12,000 ST’s being snapped up. I’ll stick my neck above the parapet and predict that Ibrox will be packed out every week, just as it always is.
      Can you say say the same?

      • barcaewbuster

        How is it done if you are paying in instalments? Do you pay instalments to Sevco, or collection agency who have paid in full, upfront?

      • @Stevie
        How do instalments work? Do you paythem to Sevco, or a collection agency who has paid up front?

        • Stevie

          @Barca. I believe it would be a similar set up to that of Pacific Shelf?
          However i am no financial expert. Perhaps you have more knowledge of these things than i do? Why don’t you share?

          • @Stevie,
            I don’t know mate, I don’t pay in instalments. It wasn’t a trick question.
            There is a poster on TBD, who is rather annoyed and feeling conned. He said he would walk if the Sleezedales were involved, but has already bought his book.
            I was wondering if Sevco would “feel” his protest if he withheld payment, or if he would be chased by an independant company and possibly face credit black marks.

        • wastrel

          no, you PROMISE you`ll pay them, then go to a loan Co, tell them you`ve a return on their investment if they back you, show the desperate gullible twats the loan Co cash to validate your offer for a SB, pocket the cash, and then F` off to Monaco and laugh your tits off at the gullible twats who swallowed your promises!!!
          I`m thinking of getting a SB myself, just for a couple o weeks in the sun, think I`ll draw the line at a draughty Scottish Castle though!

      • Jamie

        I think you’ll find Snake mountain was far from full every week….maybe if you all took your head out the sand you would notice….good effort at massaging the figures tho

  15. Geddy Lee.

    mcfc, the prices “the rangers” charged last season, compared with the rest of the league are absolutely shocking, especially considering the standard of football they served up.

    I wonder if they will have the audacity to again out charge every other team by massive amounts this season.

    I was under the impression there were limits to what you could charge the punters “Down there” yet some of their prices eg ” Most expensive ticket” are DOUBLE most of their rivals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @ GL,
    “I was under the impression there were limits to what you could charge the punters “Down there” yet some of their prices eg ” Most expensive ticket” are DOUBLE most of their rivals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Another world record?

  17. mcfc

    Jump forward five months and after continual speculation about RIFC running out of cash – would it be so difficult for the Bears to accept that mortgaging Ibrox and Murray Park is a shrewd move rather than face another administration – just to be safe – just in time for the accounts – after all things are going so well on the pitch – SPL and CL beckon – still in the cups – it’s just a mortgage anyway – loads of people have mortgages – it’s normal – financial stuff the club needs to do – WATP.

  18. mcfc

    Naismith to Accrington Stanley ?

  19. mcfc

    Murray and Cartmell wiped from Committees page – maybe Dickson’s reading this blog as he deputizes for Jabba 🙂

    But no replacement director names added


  20. portpower

    Virtual sevco – which is free to download soon on iTunes – lets fans have their pictures taken with hologram images of first-team stars and heroes from the past whatever their location.
    At work, at home, on a five a side pitch and literally anywhere else in the world, the new app can be used to take pictures with the players at any venue and supporters can also watch the players perform tricks and enjoy a host of exclusive interviews conducted by Oldco legend Andy Goram.
    I kid you not. They are claiming a world first.

  21. Monti

    He loved the Celtic with all his heart so…….i would sing wee Jimmy Johnstone, the lord of the wing, Jimmy Jimmy Johnstone we won’t forget, hey Jimmy when will we see your likes again?….R.I.P. wee man! HH!

  22. Monti

    You know what, as much as I enjoy the banter & Craic, I miss people actually talking about the football itself, great goals,passes & crosses into the box & things like that!
    My idol growing up was Michel Platini, I loved how he could grab games by the scruff of the neck,change games & how creative he was….
    I despised the Huns for their sectarian ways, but football is bigger than that shite, anyone remember the 1984 European championship final France v Spain….that’s what I’m talking about…..PPPPPLLLAATTTIIINNIII

  23. Why did MM & PC decide to walk. It is not as if this was the first time of asking, which they steadfastly refused.
    Why where they removed from the audit committee web page so swiftly? Was it at their own request, to absolve themselves of responsibility.?
    On the same day as an 11th hour Nomad switcheroo, there is something seriously amiss.
    Will the SFA seek further “clarity”.

    • Stevie

      I agree Barca there is something just not quite right here.
      Can’t put my finger on it as yet,but defo smelling something.
      I also seen the holding company document from IA and the leasing of the training ground. Is he referring to the Albion?… or Murray park?
      I really hope this is not what Newtz,Neepheid and the rest are thinking.

      • @Stevie.

        I assume you mean this doc that Charlotte posted. I seem to recall mention of how to structure the loan on a soundbyte. Pretty sure they meant MP. I can’t recall if they settled on that route. Any ideas about Blue Pitch and the Sleezedales.? Although BP are unknown, I find it hard to believe they would inhabit the same circles as scrap metal dealing bus men. Something not quite right there. Some bluenoses are saying that they have put in diddly squat.

  24. Paul

    The Sweet Fuck All and clarity are miles apart mate do not hold your breath, as per usual the spins will be getting weaved and then we will be bombarded by the usual posters giving it the nothing to see here move on.

    • @Paul,
      Aye bud, I know, I am still waiting for the “further clarity” from the Pinset Mason whitewash. Something definitely afoot. TSFM has disappeared as well.
      Newtz on Twitter is suggesting outside interference. Now who would do such a thing……? !

      • Budweiser

        TSFM was back on an hour ago – unless it’s off again. TCN live blog was also down.

        • @Budweiser,
          Oor Paul will be feeling left out.”Wherz ma effin cyber attack!” Lol.

          • Budweiser

            I have been busy last couple of days. I thought it was Daniel something or other who was the new nomad ?

            • @Bud.
              Aye Daniel Stewart & co, apparently, from Phil. They were signed up on Friday. Something has happened between then, and now. It all seems a bit sudden. Hasty even! Very iffy,

          • Budweiser

            barca. Don’t know if it’s correct – but I am hearing that celtic lost 6 – 2 to furth.
            You may not know that Furth [ there should be an umlaut over the u ] is the twin town of Paisley. Furth also have a shamrock on their badge.

            • @Bud
              I hope its not an identical twin. Lol.
              Aye 6-2. I know the score is unimportant, but a win is always nice. It will be alright on the night tho’

            • Budweiser


              My brother lives just outside furth and I have visited it many times – a great wee place ! Furth were in the bundesliga for the first time last season, but were relegated. Given the strength in depth of that league, that doesn’t mean they are useless. It does show that celtic need to sharpen up quickly.
              6-2 is not a close call.

            • @Bud.
              That’s a valid enough point mate. The quallies are a bit more pressure filled for obvious reasons and a slip would be sore. I never seen the game tonight, so I can’t really say how we performed overall, or how experimental we were. A tight defence is crucial in Euros, so work to be done.

  25. Don’t know if this has been put up yet, haven’t had time to look through all the posts, anyway it makes great reading and for the size of our nation, well I don’t think we fair too bad at all, the bit about the defunct rangers just say’s it all, pmsl http://billsportsmaps.com/?category_name=scotland

  26. http://m.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/mobile/stocks/summary.html?fourWayKey=GB00B90T9Z75GBGBXASQ1.
    If you look at the sequence of events, MM & CP resigned while Cenkos were Nomads, and JE appointed under Strand Hanson.
    Whether there is significance to that or not will take a bigger brain than mine.

  27. Monti

    It must have been a Scottish referee officiating at the Celtic game last night 🙂 HH!

  28. Fra

    As the old Scottish chappie from dads army used to say
    “You’re all doomed.” Haha

  29. that’s a bit strange, a comment in moderation 11 hours, wassup paul?

  30. Monti

    I see the sieve returned last night in Germany, whilst I don’t take pre season games seriously I don’t like seeing headlines saying ‘ Celtic thrashed’.
    Having said that 6-2 is a scoreline that will always be close to my heart!
    Larsson’s chip over klos was pure genius, I keep trying it on Fifa but I keep fkn it up…….:D

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti it was a good game, high tempo, from what I saw the ref gave pen #1 for the ball hitting samaras in the head that had a big influence on the game and the second pen IMO was never a foul, if anything it should have been a Celtic free kick.. Like you said the main reason for these is not the result I did see a fitter, sharper looking Celtic last night….

      Personally I still have a Qn mark over Kayal, he has lost his way a bit.. The Centre backs need to click also, that will come… Lot of good young Celtic talent on show also so hopefully we will see one or two in with a shout over the coming season… I don’t think we would have had any benefit in humping a highland league team or the likes…

      • Monti

        Morning, I agree about Kayal,he’s either injured or suspended, in my opinion Neil should get the majority of the Wanyama money to bring in similar quality to Wanyama, rebuilding the side & replacing top players in the team should be seamless.

        • JimBhoy

          @Monti Hail Hail to ya matey… I loved Kayal when he came but he has not been the same since the knee prob from the rangers game way back. I think Ledley and Brown offer sufficient defensive midfield cover and we lack someone who can make the play in there. Ledley can on occasion but we need a bit of quality in there. Fill that one position and I would be a happy man.

          • Monti

            Agreed JB, basically we need another Nakamura or Lubo.
            Would like to see Gary Mackay Steven at Celtic park as well, Mackay Steven on the left wing & James Forrest on the right wing would be a nightmare for defences, that leaves, Sami, Kayal, Commons,Ledley & Brown fighting for places.
            MacKay Steven being naturally left footed would provide balance,pace & good delivery from the left.
            I also think its time Izaguirre was sold, we concede too many goals from deliveries into his area, had enough of him.HH!

            • JimBhoy

              Izaguirre had a decent game last night found loads of space. I have never thought him the best crosser of a ball. he is looking sharp though. Never been a commons fan, seems to be on his @ss a lot.. Kinda pissed off we didn’t go for Johnny Russell as I think Hooper will go if we get a £6.5m bid..

  31. So Kieran Prior has two thoughts on the goal-post shifting of yesterday. One was dismay, the other was horror! I’ll bet he doesn’t feel like the cleverest man in Britain this morning. Lol. Maybe he should hand back his mensa card.
    It seems fairly conclusive that “Rangersitis” is a brain wasting disease, backing up previous scientific opinion.
    Fortunately, in the case of Chicco,. Although he developed all the symptoms, i.e. A propensity to wrecklessly fritter away other people’s money, and a Tourettes like compulsion to lie without remorse, he had self-diagnosed incorrectly.
    Full blown “Rangersitis” known as “Zombiism” can be averted with a regular dose of snake oil. Although this miracle product may be preventative in developing the full blown disease, one undesirable side effect is a swelling in the cerebral area responsible for averice.
    Further testing is required, and doctor’s are examining blood samples taken from David Murray, another advocate of this miracle product, to see if there is a connection.
    Kieran Prior is anxiously awaiting the results.

    • mcfc


      I get the impression Mr Prior is fairly straight down the line. He’s looked under the bonnet and he shied away – probably nothing close too the business standards, professionalism, governance, intelligence, strategy he is used to or was exppectting. It’s a fair guess that he won’t be topping up to 10%. Which leaves him as a minnow in a tank of sharks. He can risk his £400k of shares to stay as an observer/commentator, he can try to filter them slowly back onto the market, or he can surrender all hope and sell to the Sleasdales.

      • JimBhoy

        @MCFC Howdy mate, I get the impression Mr Prior has too much money to spend if he ever thought his £400k in the rangers was a good piece of business. I suppose he can easily afford not to see a return on that. He does seem eager to lend a comment though, a good fit for the rangers backers, they all seem eager to get their mugs in the papers.. Maybe he is a pal of Lawell and his middle name is Declan.. 🙂

        • mcfc

          🙂 Declan ! Isn’t Kieran Irish enough for you ?

          As a mate of Malcolm Murray and a RFC supporter he probably had dreams of making a difference and thought they could be turned around – after looking under the bonnet he was probably horrified – now he’s double horrified. He probably never dreamed his £400k would be in jeopardy. But, in fact if he sells off slowly he may get most of it back. Goldman Sacha people are used to gambling billions on their judgement so the loss is probably less of a trauma than the realisation that his club is an utter shambles.

  32. JimBhoy

    @Bud regards your link to the telegraph/regan interview…. I found this statement interesting.. Regan states:

    “You have got to feel for the fans, given what they have had to endure for the last 18 months or so. They thought they had a new dawn with Messrs Green and Ahmad coming in and it has turned sour on them again. You have to feel sorry for them.

    “We’re all just hoping the board can get it sorted out and get them back on an even keel again.”

    — Is he saying Green and Ahmad were not ‘fit and proper’? is he saying the current board running the club have yet to be deemed ‘fit and proper’..

    — I would assume his specific questions not been answered “specifically” would require more of PM’s time so are the rangers still paying for this internal review (review)..? As this review is not going thru the courts I do not think PM will have access to anyone’s bank details therefore his ‘specific’ question on IAmRanger’s mother’s bank account will never be answered..

    — Regan will hang onto this until such a time as Chico does a bunk with his wedge allowing Regan to claim he was NOT fit and proper and he can then impose a fine on green that will never have to be paid, much like Whyte’s £200k fine.. Just my opinion.

  33. mcfc

    Three days or 72 hours or 4320 minutes since Jabba’s personality disorders (deNiall, Wanka, Cam) have commented here.

    Are they safe ?

    Has Jabba experienced a miraculous mental health recovery ?

    Are they working on their tans in Florida – lovely sight I’m sure ?

    Send us a post card boys.

  34. JimBhoy

    Another great piece of football business for the rangers, Cammy Bell gets an injury and they are now on the hunt for another keeper, after letting a tried and trusted one go (who was actually prepared to take a wage drop)… Sounds like an absolute shambles ON and off the park..

    No welcome from Wattie to the new board member? Waxed lyrically over the two who were shunted… Is the cardigan on a shoogly peg?

    • Monti

      I’m not comfortable with the chuckle brothers trio of Regan, Ogilvie & Doncaster smiling their way through the shadows of change in Scottish football, these three clowns should be out of a job for their efforts in assisting Newco…
      Disappointed fans haven’t demanded they leave their positions!
      These cretins have blown away any trust in the game here,every word they say is a slap in the face to honest tax paying clubs & fans in this country!

      • JimBhoy

        @Monti Could not agree more and I believe most fans of all clubs think the same but until the fans voices are heard as a collective the people running clubs in Scotland will do nothing..

        • Monti

          JB the fans need to find a second wind & regain the appetite for shaping OUR game, I can only speak for myself mate & these three continuing in their positions is only increasing my resentment & trust issues with them.
          They are harming the game & what they have done in assisting Oldco & Newco should not be getting brushed under the carpet!
          NO TRUST!

        • @Jimbhoy.
          Longmuir was given a £100K bonus last week. I thought at the time it was because Dungcaster was already getting the top job.
          I wonder if there will be any vacancies popping up soon at Ibrokes. Does anyone know if he is any good at roofing?

  35. JimBhoy

    Did anyone see the program on Rod Stewart last night…. “Come on you Bhoys in Green” he chants to his 2 youngest kids and they reply “Glasgow’s green and white..” Apparently he did the same on the one show a few weeks back when his boys were in the audience.. HH 🙂

  36. Monti

    I need some bad news that will almost certainly kill off the tribute act, please someone/anyone out there just let me hear the words I long to hear, they are dying like Oldco…..i really want Ibrox demolished!

  37. JimBhoy


    The man is clearly a bigot.

    Paul gets a mention in this article too..

    • mcfc

      wow – he’s a bit angry – did I get that right – Kieran Prior is a Trojan horse for the catholic church investing to infiltrate TRFC. I’ll have what he’s drinking 🙂

      ps Kieran – a less obviously Irish/catholic name might be better next time

  38. lordmac

    rangers have let another dude into there board, this new one must have a good name with the bank, so as they can ask him if he can get them a loan till September. or maybe to use his balance sheet to produce to the SFA, as the SFA SPFL will be wanting to see it as they like to do due diligence on there teams

  39. Monti

    Marching down Sackville street,starry plough on high, here comes the citizen army with their fists raised to the sky, leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his eyes, my names is James Connolly I didn’t come here to die,
    But to fight for the rights of the working class,this small farmer too, to protect the proletariat from the bosses & the screws…
    So hold onto your rifles boys,don’t give up the dream, a Republic for the working class….economic….liberty!

  40. Eh Walter sorry, Chairman, dae ye mind if a come in.

    Jist wanted a wee chat .

    That budget Charlie gave me fur players, ye know the ten mil…erm…is that still on?

    I’m only askin cause ye know we’re movin up the leagues-n-that and eh that’s the plan right , tae get back to our rightful glorious position at the very tap-o- Scottish fitba.

    Anyway that’s what I read in the Daily Record.

    Awe right al sit doon,but it’s no as good as ma comfy chair at the front-o-the bus. Huv ye seen it by the way! It’s great ah can see oot the windae and everything.

    Thing is Watty, sorry boss, everythin seems to be changing boardroom wise. Ah know you’re the chairman, that must be some chair by the way. Huv ye seen mine!

    Awe right sorry to go on about it but it’s a beaut.

    Anyway boss, a jist wanted to know..em..your stabalisin the board right but eh things seem to be changing ye know…like aw the time, a canny get ma heid round it.

    Am no asking for money by the way, Craig says we’ve got plenty so no worries.

    10 mil right?

    Thing is, that Easedale boay has lots of busses right? He might change things. Am ah still gonny get a seat at the front…wi ‘gaffer’ on it, that’s me by the way.

    Eh, jist a thought…that Prior guy seem to know a thing or two, don’t gie him a seat on the board ffs.

  41. An open letter from Malcolm Murray! All is not well on the SS Sevconia.

    “I make this statement not for self-gratification or sour grapes but because so many fans have told me that dignified silence will be seen as a sign of disrespect.

    “My previously criticised silence was observed in the best interests of Rangers.

    “I was chairman of this great club for arguably the most difficult year in its long history.

    “I was recommended for the role by the investment institutions because of my strong record of honesty, integrity and my successful stewardship, of a 25% shareholding in Manchester United from the bottom to the top but not least because I am a Rangers fan and everything I have done or do is for the club and not self-interest or financial gain.

    “It has been a difficult shift and I’d like to thank you, the fans, for your support which I enjoyed as recently as Sunday when I drove over 600 miles to Brora.

    “I would also like to thank my wife and daughter for their patience and endurance of great hardship -including no holiday for a year and harassment by journalists in their own garden.

    “During the dark days of last summer I put a six-figure sum into the club to literally stop the lights going out at Ibrox at a time when we were in real danger.

    “My family have given things up to help save Rangers in this difficult year. There aren’t many wives who would let their husband pay someone else’s significant electricity bill.

    “You and I want a squeaky-clean club run by men of the highest integrity and global commercial ability and the highest level of transparency.

    “The reason we went down the flotation route was to guarantee transparency, whereas ownership by mysterious individuals does not.

    “Events of the last year have seen behaviour that would make the late, great Bill Struth spin in his grave.

    “The loss of two men (Phil and myself) with such lengthy financial public company experience and a quality broker will undoubtedly raise questions amongst our institutional shareholders.

    “Only time will tell how they will react. These investors and you are our future and you must be listened to and given transparency.

    “We cannot go back to the depths of the last two years, we need to hold course. Corporate transparency is the norm and we should embrace it rather than change course when difficult questions are asked.”

    The letter continued: “My family and I will always be fans and season ticket holders and I will remain a shareholder and use whatever influence I have to help the Rangers. I want the best for our club both on and off the pitch.

    “I want our fans to be talking about football and the development of our rich history and culture. I hope to be the only chairman in our history to preside over a Third Division title!”

  42. JimBhoy

    Malky put more of his own wedge than minty, whyte and green and he is told to GTF… I have never understood why, maybe there is no why, McMurdo seems to think so… He seems a Chico pyro/easdale. man ffs do rangers fans really get this…!

    • @Jimbhoy
      How’s this for a plan? The signings, the long term contracts, the phoney money wastage on the PM inquiry.
      Are the “Rangers men” trying to bust the newco, so they can buy the assets at admin ii?
      They know they would get, ahem, every assistance, and Chicco would be a distant memory in the eyes of the corrupt SFA.
      They could then admit to a “broken” history, and begin as a reincarnate, as the new auld Rangers. and drop the spivvy bit in the middle.

  43. JimBhoy

    Hey Barca fella who knows…. I think Bobby Ewing steps outta a shower sometime..History is intact mate, history channel, nothing stopped time, lol Ask Kodaline.

  44. portpower

    Welcome back to sevco from their pre-season tour of Northern Scotland.

  45. Monti

    So Malcolm Murray had to use his own money to pay the the tribute acts electricity bill….oh dear, not long now!
    Such a shame isn’t it?……hohoheehee!

  46. Good luck to victor on his move south of the border,I believe he has so much potential that he will play for one of the big 4 in England at some point in his career,but see him more as a European style player,and hopefully barca or Madrid will come at some point. He has still to mature, and I was hoping he would stay for another couple of seasons,but such is the state of the game up here now, that is never going to happen.
    Reading Ronnie Cully lat night in the evening times,I’m sure everyone ever associated with him will want a slice of the pie. So out of the 12.5 million transfer kitty,wonder what the true profit to celtic will be.
    He will be a great loss especially in the European arena,lets hope John park has got another gem lined up,because the rest of the midfield don’t have the stature of victor.

    • mick

      Good morning every1 hope yous are all well as a am and enjoying the summer ,it’s save to say sevco is run by 100%spivs now and trouble with accounts admin or worse liquidation is well on cards the spivs like to get rid of evidence lol the cats out the bag .as for big vic well done to him and a wish him well but we should have kept him deep down am gutted as he was solid ball winner and with more like him on board we could have achevied well and easy in Europe but money rules in austerity times and we have a big yearly charity budget to support so for these reasons it’s a good deal that adds to the pot bulging from last year to .while sevco struggle for fuel were stanching mils in bank this is good and great for future generations of talent yeah ha ,weres the next 10mil? Coming from 1 deal. A year would be good 5 to 10mil each time . A see the ibrokes freak show is as freaky as ever well as a have said before this accounts not right will doom them hail hail malcolm marry wants transparacy lol so do we sevco are crooked con men with criminal links and is doomed the msm nice as ever lol it’s a slow sevco death with Lols all year at the the freak show of the century lol hail hail

      • mick

        A see the UVF the ni criminal murder group and drug dealers have links to killing 20 children via ecstasy tablets so sad young lads and girls dying lets hope who ever has these fake evil pills throw them down the pan and flush them also a have not seen any1 charged with the deaths how can almost 20 kids die and no arrests come on police Scotland and ni jail the fake e sellers

        • Monti

          Just a pity they didn’t sample their product first Mick…..TAL!

          • mick

            Hi Monti so much for for them being pro British how can they be when they are killing there own via drugs its sad and sinister there drum skins are paid for by killing young people via drugs for monies sad but true

      • @Mick.
        Howdy bro. I thought you had disappeared to the smoke and forgotten about us. Lol.
        Aye Spivco are up to their necks in more spivvery again. Wee Craigy’s film production co must be lluvvin it!
        MM’s statement mate! I am sure his lawyers have been all over it, which is why its a bit vague, but he does hint at more smoking guns than the western front.
        I liked the bit where he says he hopes to be the last ever chair of a 3rd div Sevco. Surele he cannot be hinting at relegation, which can only mean one thing……Admin ii. !!!!
        Lol. Rich history…..A whole quids worth!

        • mick

          Hi barca it’s been some week on the sevco front mm is warning them there f,ed agian lol they want green back lol even the money men of the LSE cenkos have jumped ship its sinking due to the weight of criminality in accounts lol delotties pulled out to there doomed agian lol Hail hail bro

  47. mick


    FOR over 20 years there has been bad batches of drugs killing people young kids is it time to decriminalize drugs and this would but a end to dealers why not it would make it safe and all tax profit could go to nhs to teach drugs are wrong its sad but true the only way to stop these ni loyalist drug gangs that flood scotland daily with drugs and kill our young and there own is to decriminalize this affects all kids also a other thought is nhs testing kits for free and health clinics the snp is slow in its response to this to which is well sad and needs a liberal approach

  48. You stand back and wonder why the Sevconians would chase a man like Malcolm Murray out of the boardroom, then to his disgrace the truth leaks out, he paid a bill, how dare he, does he not care about the clubs long standing tradition of not paying it’s way,

  49. mcfc

    Four days, 84 hours, 5040 minutes since Jabba’s personality disorders (deNiall, Wanka, Cam) have commented here.

    Send us a post card boys.

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