Whatever Happened to the Rangers EGM To Appoint Easdale and Sack Murray? Now Green Wants One!

In May the “opposition” to Malcolm Murray as chairman of Rangers requisitioned an EGM. The purpose of this was to appoint James Easdale and Chris Morgan and to remove Malcolm Murray and Phil Cartmell.

Rangers acknowledged this to the Stock Exchange on 16th May and in early June announced that the shareholders who had requisitioned the meeting were in consultation with “the company” (Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC) and the timetable had been delayed in the hope of resolution.

Walter Smith was then appointed to take over as chairman from Malcolm Murray, who stepped down as chairman but who remained a board member.

Things seemed to have gone very quiet. The time for the EGM had passed, which was in order as long as the requisitioning shareholders agreed.

However Chris Musson of the Sun (who has been a regular breaker of stories about Rangers) had a story on Friday which looks as if it brings the EGM issue right back to the top of the agenda. This time it might prove more difficult to sidetrack it.

You can read it in full here. The headline is “Green demands Gers showdown”.

The piece states, in part:-

Green has lodged a legal letter saying ex-chairman Malcolm Murray — described by insiders as his “nemesis” — must be axed as a director. He also wants Murray’s ally Phil Cartmell ditched — and for bus tycoon James Easdale to finally join the board after months of wrangling.

Sources close to Green claim he’s even considering returning to run the club in a day-to-day role if changes aren’t made.

His demands came in a formal request for an emergency general meeting of shareholders, which the club was examining yesterday.

An insider said: “Charles and other investors are unhappy with how the club is being run — especially the influence Malcolm has. There are worries that cash raised in the stock market float last year is being rapidly eaten into. Costs must be cut and revenues raised or Rangers are in trouble.

“But all we see is players being signed and season ticket prices being frozen.”

As yet there has been no announcement to the Stock Exchange about this requisition, nor even one saying that it was being examined. As Mr Green still owns over 5 million shares (even if he has pledged to sell them to the Easdales or someone else) there can be no doubt of his right to insist on calling such a meeting.

Ironically the declared purpose of the meeting, as per The Sun, is to deal with cost cutting. The cost of holding such a meeting however is likely to be considerable. All of the shareholders need proper notification and as we know Mr Green’s success in the share issue means there are lots of them! That is a lot of money to be spent on stationery and postage!

So far, if my counting is accurate, seven players have been signed up for registration on 1st September. All of them are likely to be on wages far in excess of Second Division levels and more likely at higher than average Premier League pay scales.

Messrs Bocanegra and Goian have left, cutting the wage bill, at least on paper. However, as they were both on loan last season Rangers would have been relieved of paying their full wages, and undoubtedly they will have required a “pay-off” to terminate their contracts early. It is also clear that, despite their apparent marketability, no club was willing to entertain paying a transfer fee for either of them, which would have meant that their departures would have brought cash in, rather than resulting in expenditure out.

On the other hand, as Rangers have made clear that debt (or at least “external debt”) is bad, then next season’s running costs depend on (a) how much of the share issue funds are left and (b) how many season tickets can be sold.

Rather than gamble that fans might not be happy with watching Rangers go the “Gretna route” of buying players one level above where they are playing to ensure promotion and then repeating the exercise each year till the Premier Division is reached, those in charge decided to sign Premier Division players.

So that will bring in more season ticket money, but also increases the outgoings.

From what The Sun says, Mr Green does not like that plan and wants to come back to keep a careful eye on the cash, and after all, who could want to prevent the Businessman of the Year returning, especially if, at some point next year, a new share issue might be needed!

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  1. willy wonka

    “sources close to”, “an insider”.
    Not a single word from Green.
    Enough said.

    • always eager euough to feed on the bile that is normally thrown from the sun. Ostrich time again methinks, sally blows the club again this time forever.

    • Paul

      Yep well spotted just like when the insiders stated wealth off the radar, still they went with with it and Bang, no Rangers anymore.Have a nice summer waiting, wondering,marching and then following pish and having to rely on traynor for information.

    • Fra

      @Willy…..Jesus Willy. Why don’t you just thank us and be done with it. You’ll just look like a total tit when it happens and believe me brother, it’s on it’s way……………ARMAGEDDON MK II

  2. mcfc


    I must correct you:

    Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC

    should read

    Rangers Intergalactic Festival of Comedy PLC

  3. willy wonka

    And right at the end of the article, ” Green could not be reached.”

    • Mcfc


      Nothing to see here – move along – the call of the greater gullible govan gull, often seen circling over Ibrox.

      All tickety boo ? Why don’t you write a guess post explaining just how good it is to be gullible – in the US they call it Fat, Dumb and Happy

      • gortnamona

        ” in the US they call it Fat, Dumb and Happy”

        And in the case of the wonka excrescence*:

        Oozing spite jealousy and malice.

        * ex·cres·cence /ikˈskresəns/

        Noun 1. A distinct outgrowth on a human or animal body or on a plant, esp. one that is the result of disease or abnormality.

    • Monti

      …a bit like the oldco Rangers cheque book, that couldn’t be reached either when it came to paying their dues!

    • Paul

      Neither could Whyte must be good having the untouchables in charge.

  4. gortnamona

    ” Ironically the declared purpose of the meeting, as per The Sun, is to deal with cost cutting.”

    Seems sensible enough, the big question is, how will Ranger’s supporters react to Green’s return, now that his conspiracy with Craig Whyte has been exposed?

    • barcabuster

      The Sevco support will easily bought off if he returns with the 10 mill warchest he promised the fat chap for this season. 🙂

    • “How will ranjurs supporters react to Greens return”……..
      with their usual display of belligerent finger pointing & a continuation of resisting evidence. They still believe that Craigy bhoys tapes are of no consequence…….

  5. Monti

    When was the last time the Huns produced audited accounts?
    are they up to date with tax & other outgoings?
    Has the asbestos problem been addressed?
    If they haven’t produced audited accounts,what rules are they in contravention of?

    Have the creditors been paid every single penny?

  6. Ed Pàislig

    You don’t need to be Keiron Prior to know that Sevco are burning money at an unsustainable rate.
    Charles is worried that the impending financials are going to be so scary that they should hire Vincent Price to read them out at the AGM.
    Won’t that affect Charles’ final big payday? As a poster said above – a mill for sullying himself in the Rangers pubs and supporters clubs and ruining his reputation for straight-dealing, is surely worth more than that.
    All power to Malcolm Murray and his brainy mate Kieron Prior. Jeez that must be a combined IQ of about 300 and Malcolm is Leonidas in this battle.

    • His only interest is that they go bust again before he can cash in, ain t no one gonna buy worthless shares no matter how much of a blue nose they are. CG only looking after number one as usual.

  7. barcabuster

    Gaun yirsel Chicco!

  8. Driverjohn

    Mr Green has no record of ‘sticking around’ the numerous companies that have sought his expertise. The Rangers are no different. But not in this respect – he may not sell his shareholding until the prescribed timetable allows. Therefore, his only interest in Rangers is financial. No shame in that. However, his profit will be determined by the financial health of the share price. One factor in play here is a healthy set of accounts, and they will not be enhanced by a splurge on player spending. It would therefore seem Mr Green has back tracked on his £ 10 million war chest commitment. Given he is no longer CE, it is no longer his call any way.
    To me, the board is split by those who know nothing about football but have an investment, and those who know about football and seek long term growth. Should Mr Murray and Mr Cartmell be voted off, Chairman aside, the entire board will populated by hitherto unknown investors who have no connection to Rangers other than a seat on the new team bus. Should this happen, I expect Walter Smith to walk.
    Rangers are now on dysfunctional board number 3 when you include the last two Boardrooms under SDM when £20 million from Joe Lewis’s ENIC, £20 million from Dave King and in excess of £50 millions from 2 share flotations evaporated. A new financial reality has dawned on Rangers and the implications are very serious. As long as Rangers remain belligerent, hateful and seeking undue vengeance, no sponsor worthy of the name will touch them with a barge pole. Difficult to see where Rangers will find the cash to get to where they think their rightful place is.

    • lordmac


  9. @Driverjohn

    TRFC will find living within their means a tad frustrating. Unfortunately for them they don’t have a choice.

    For his financial assistance to the old Rangers there should be a statue erected outside Ibrox for Gavin Masterton.

    • Driverjohn

      Can’t disagree with that.
      Rangers downfall is a story of capitalism and all that goes with it. Reckless lending by banks based on profit, greed with no thought given to risk. For this, Rangers have my sympathy. For the way the office bearers and the supporters have responded to the consequences of the clubs own actions, they do not.
      The measured voice of Rangers is no where to see seen. A rich Rangers minded benefactor did not appear. Rangers route out of this mess is not clear.

  10. torrejohnbhoy(@johnbhoy1958)

    This report makes it look like Green has been away for ages,when it’s actually less than 5 weeks.He was there when it was decided to freeze ST prices,etc,
    This is just some rabble rousing to try and sell more STs and maybe support the share price.

  11. gortnamona

    ” For his financial assistance to the old Rangers there should be a statue erected outside Ibrox for Craig Whyte.”

  12. mcfc

    gullible (adjective)

    easily persuaded to believe something; credulous:

    usage :an attempt to persuade a gullible public to spend their money

  13. If, as suggested in the Sun article, Green might try to get back into power at Ibrox, and is successful, will his intention be to renege on the ‘signed’ players who have not yet been registered? This seems an obvious action if he is so concerned about costs and just might be possible, without the need for compensation, because of the non-registration (no personal knowledge that this would be the case though). Just how would the bears react to that?A post over on TSFM contains a piece from a poster on a Gers site, showing a more enlightened view, suggesting, and the guy seemed damned certain, that there are Green appointees, unheard of previously, who are in highly paid positions and have less than favourable track records. He’s encouraging others to check these people out. It looks like crisis number, anybody got a clue?, is about to hit and produce yet another world record (for a club in any division, anywhere in the world).

    • Stevie

      Is Charles Green entitled to any of his projected end of year bonuses given the circumstances of his resignation?
      Also how does someone resign and then be able to march back in and take control? What a completely piss poor attempt at journalism. Yet Chris Musson is already being hailed as the successor to Thommo by the legions. Shame on you PMc for entertaining this non entity of a story and attempting to add credence to it. Here we go once again with the negative propaganda. Go on then deflectors explain to me how CG can possibly make a comeback in the boardroom and be in charge of the day to day running of the club….He resigned in disgrace! As things stand if he get’s rid of MM and Phil Cartmell, replace them with Easdale and Morgan that’s two out and two in. It will be crucial who Craig Mathers put’s his weight behind. Green appears to be banking on Walter stepping down if MM is ousted?
      Come on Walter show us your war medals and slap this rebellion down.

      • Stevie, I don’t know if Green can make a comeback as CEO, he’d need to have a majority of supporters in the boardroom to do that, but I doubt there’s any laws that say he can’t, which is perhaps why he resigned rather than waiting to be pushed. Any signs of his disquiet over the running of the club can’t be good news for TRFC, as nobody knows better than him what’s been going on and what secret deals have been set up that have to be honoured. Remember, if there’s not enough money left to satisfy Green and others tied by dodgy deals, then there’s not enough left for the club either! Still, if you’re certain that TRFC’s future is secure so long as Green doesn’t get back into power, then all is OK and that master of boardroom wizardry, Walter Mitty-Smith, can see the company through hell or high water 🙂 After all, he won so many dressing room battles, the boardroom must seem like a walk in the (Murray) park to him now!

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Also how does someone resign and then be able to march back in and take control?
        First you get to be the major shareholder,

        Later,an inquest, at the cost of six figures is held, no one involved is asked any questions, the focus is placed on Sevco Scotland when the issue is/was Sevco 5088, the white wash clears you of any wrong doing and before you know it, and after the season ticket sales to the Dupies is all but complete Charlie , Craigs mate, is heading back in to protect his investment .
        Charlie and his mates control the majority of the shares he/they will decided who gets a seat on the bus(t)

      • jimmy white

        Pretty simple really, considering he only stepped down and was not forced out and it is his club after all, besides if he can buy another clubs history and convince the hordes that it is the same club that he bought it “from”/for, not to mention have two names in one season, sevco (duly ignored by the follow follow media) in the ramsdens cup one week and then the richest club on earth with zilch debt named the The rangers in the league the next, I certainly would not bet against old chuckles sauntering back into town to protect his pay off.

        • barcabuster

          I am not sure Chicco has any intention of returning. I think he is doing the ground work to cover the fact they are skint, and pulling the old, “I raised £20m, but they spent it” routine……”Nowt t’do wi me, it wir thee!”

      • Stevie,

        When did Green resign in Disgrace?

        Green’s statement denied wrongdoing “Whilst Mr Green strenuously denies any wrongdoing, he has recognised that this negative publicity is a distraction and is detracting from the achievements and reputation of the club.”” The “Independent Investigation” by TRFC found he had no case to answer!

        Funny how quickly you guys disown former Leaders, last week you were in denial about Sir David now Green goes from Saviour Status to disgrace.


        The article is about The non concluded EGM & how it may be resurrected,
        are you saying that the matter HAS been concluded?

        If Green has his Buds in the Boardroom in control he does not need to come back. As a matter of interest if he wished to come back & THEY wanted him to come back what is to prevent it?

        Do you now feel Green is a con man & bad for TRFC?

        • Stevie

          “When did CG resign in disgrace?”
          I believe it was around mid April 2013.

          “The article is about the non concluded EGM & how it may be resurrected, are you saying that the matter HAS been concluded?”
          Where did i make any reference to your claim of the EGM being concluded?
          I distinctly referred to the EGM being nothing more than a CG rouse to get Easdale and Morgan in, and force MM out.
          I also made comment on what you have just appeared to concur with regarding “His Buds in the boardroom” so why did you feel the need to repeat my sentiments,when you obviously agree with them?

          “Do you now feel Green is con man and feel he is bad for TRFC”?
          Yes i think that is obvious.He is a good salesman and says the right things
          but CG has only his own interests at heart not the club.

          Personally I think he should not return as he has made racist comments!
          I believe he should not return as he has made rediculous claims that he could not… or at least did not substantiate…. Dallas cowboys?
          Ten million pound warchest for Ally?..He is now complaining of money being scarce…Ally has spent nowhere near the “warchest” figure.

          As to your “Fickle” comment Ian… Remember the wee man in the bunnet?
          I remember the Celtic fans booing him after he had saved them.
          The wee Fergus situation was a far simpler scenario than CG.

          You really need to do more homework mate.
          Don’t forget an apple for teacher.

          • Stevie, according to TRFC Green did NOT resign in Disgrace.

            Learn to read, I did not say the EGM was concluded, I said ongoing & current story.

            Yes Fickle, for years not a murmur against SDM no rlast year any against Green, everything was great & we were all numpties for doubting…

            You are right, the situation with Fergus was completely different, HE put his money where his mouth was & saved Celtic, the Spivs are taking everything OUT of TRFC they can get. The only difference is this year you are getting worried & have jumped ship.

            What is that old saying? Fool me once Shame on You, Fool me twice Shame on me, is there a verse for Fool me THREE times?

            • Stevie,

              The newspaper you refer to says Exactly what I quoted on the 7th July @ 10:41pm…, “Whilst Mr Green strenuously denies any wrongdoing, he has recognised that this negative publicity is a distraction and is detracting from the achievements and reputation of the club.””He therefor resigned… That is Not resigning in disgrace, I then said that TRFC spent a large sum of money in an “Independent Inquiry” which exonerated Green. The SFA fined him £2,500 for Racist comments, which would not debar him from Office.

              I have said that Green can protect his investment through his buds on the Board but if he wishes to return to his big bucks job then there would be nothing to prevent his return if the Board voted for it.. Forget the insults just tell me where I have got it wrong?

              I p*ssed myself laughing at your defence of “Sir Walter” he was & remains a part of the problem at TRFC ….OVERSPENDING & Fat Sally & his Overpaid, Under-performing Football crew are part of Watty’s legacy.

              How did Green & his buds sum them up?.. USELESS,.. Keep up the good work “Sir Walter” all the dosh that Green’s mob don’t pay themselves, your crew will waste…TRFC is a money losing club & can’t survive operating as it is doing, How is the cost of salary to income promise shaping up?.

              Remember now Stevie, Green is a disgrace but did not resign as one & he is/was a Legend to the Ibrox fans, deny it all you want but it is true..

    • Budweiser

      ally . Do you have a link? Ta.

      • Not sure where you want link to but if it is regarding the post by the TRFC supporter it was by ‘North Red’ on gersnet according to the post on TSFM which gave no direct link. Here is what was posted on TSFM though, hope this helps:

        “Meanwhile, this was posted by ‘North Red’ yesterday. NB it’s a repost from gersnet.

        is Iain Morgan one of the biggest investors in the club? who is this person? if iain morgan is a big investor, why has nobody heard of him? is he a minimum investor? if hes not on the board or a big investor, then why is this man drawing a few bob out of the club?? is iain morgan a familiar name to rangers fans? I would doubt it very much… but courtesy of a certain Brian Stockbridge, he has been filling his boots with the IPO cash, since February…. this is not a fantasy story, but hard facts… check the guy out, check his companies out, check his credentials….. why does his company use a maildrop address in Dubai for his affairs? Active Management Services.ae

        also… Active Corporate.com… another of the bold morgans companies…. Iain Arthur Morgan…. could go on and on about this guy.. its very simple to check him out.
        The story about Green in the Sun is fairly accurate when it comes to an impending financial crisis…. its coming back and the fans are not wanting to take it on.

        Theres a mr Anthony Woods… of APM Contracts ltd who likes to dip the the pockets of the club… this company is taking on a variety of roles within the club, jobs that have not been tendered for in the open market, again, a friend of a certain Mr Stockbridge, who is a friend of Mr Iain Morgan, who is also a friend of a Mr George Angus who happened to work for Iain Morgan but is now a Rangers Employee in the upper echelons of the club, without the job ever being advertised… and again having a free for all when it comes to taking on work and taking out cash from the club… these particular men and companies I mention are just the tip of the iceberg, which is going to melt very very quickly…..
        I urge the fans to be a weeeee bit vigilant when it comes to these people.. check them out and check their positons within the club, check these companies out and their track records….not good viewing…
        oh, and if you happen to see the club accounts at some point, see if theres any IPO cash left, because im quite sure that the pile has been battered into buy these guys… like a big sweetie shop, these guys have been filling their pockets and leaving the wrappers behind……

        The poster signed off with the claim that the DR is sitting on a story about Brian Stock bridge.”

  14. mcfc


    If Green did come back he’d have to do it PDQ – EGMs take time and the season starts soon. More likely he wants to chase out Murray and friends so he can get his gang to follow his directions

    But dumping most of the new “signings” or slashing their wages would have to be on the agenda. The accounts need major surgery but the current board seem happy to indulge Ally’s wish to play a different team every week.

    Always remember, Green’s one and only objective is to bolster the share price until mid December when he can sell out to the Sleasdale. If the whole thing crashes in January he won’t give a flying f**k.

    • @ mcfc

      I’m sure your right that it is too late for Green to get back as CEO before the start of the season, though he has until 1 Sept to try to cancel the new signings contracts, would that leave him time? Still, I think it’s more a case of sabre rattling to destabilize Murray and reassert his influence on/within the board; he doesn’t need to be in charge, just to have people on the board that will carry out his bidding, whether it is his bidding, or that of the overall spiv-in-chief.

      I’ve been wondering about this apparent change of heart by Green. Could it be, as speculated by many, that he did resign from the board to enable him to sell his shares, but this was a miscalculation on his, or his puppet master’s, part? Could it be that on attempting to cash in he was blocked by the AIM regulators and now, realising that the money is being frittered away on unnecessary signings, he needs to get back in control before the market responds and his investment(?) depreciates bellow the point where the scam is worthwhile?

      Either way, whether it’s all part of the master plan, or a panic reaction to what’s happening within TRFC, it bodes no good for the club he is playing with.

      • mcfc


        I think you are probably right – it seemed Green had effectively gone with his pay off thanks to the Sleasdales – but now he’s back – worried about the share price.

        Mather was meant to be the experienced business man with a sensible long term view and an eye on the balance seat. Instead he seems to have fallen for Ally’s pitch – probably back by Walter – that they need a team to cruise Tier 3 and win cups to uphold the great tradition, pride etc and be ready to cruise Tier 2 next year. Maybe Green expected things to be more under control and his outburst is in response to Mather going native.

        But they just can’t afford that – don’t they understand than yet – what will it take for them to understand – will they ever understand – or will an evolutionary flaw lead them to repeat the same mistake until they are entirely extinct.

        • @ mcfc

          It appears to me that, amongst all their other problems, that TRFC have, at least, two factions, or mindsets, in power within the club. Even if, by some stretch of the imagination, we accept that Green genuinely wants to run TRFC/RIFC honestly and with a view to success, his motives are all aimed at making a profit, and a large one at that. On the other side we have McCoist, Smith etc whose motivation is entirely different. These men have absolutely no business acumen and, now that they have gone over a year since the formation of TRFC, are looking to carry on as before with no check on spending. Both sides probably have an equal amount of power, Green has the majority of shares on his side, while McCoist etc have the whole fanbase. I have the feeling that Ally and Walt actually fell for Green’s rhetoric and were swept along with the euphoria and don’t understand numbers, unless they are on the back of football jerseys, but do understand what the supporters want, and, still steeped in the Murray traditions, see success on the football pitch equating to success for ‘the club’. There is a split, and it’s getting bigger, and without the need for any sort of wedge.

          It is also possible that the biased moves by the football authorities to facilitate TRFC’s close season signings has acted against Green’s plans, causing his move into panic stations.

          • mcfc


            spot on – thing is – both strategies will drive TRFC to the wall gain – Ally spending it into Admin, Green and spivs sucking it dry and walking away from the carcass

            • I wonder if McCoist has the attitude of: ‘Mr Green told me I had £xm to spend on players, and he hasn’t gone back on anything he’s ever said, so I’m going to sign players commensurate with the salary I’m on’ 😉 In Smith’s case, his appointment’s only possible justification, in a business sense, would have been to act as a conduit between the playing side and the money men. Unfortunately his qualification is 100% on the playing side and he too hasn’t a clue how to run a football club without limitless spending. ‘Recipe for disaster’ has been used to describe so many of the strategies associated with both Rangers football clubs – though never (or very seldom) by the MSM.

            • mcfc

              @Allyjambo – whoever is picking the board is at least as bad as Ally is at assembling a sensible squad.

  15. Fra

    I can see a statue of SDM outside the bigot dome and when the day of judgement finally falls, the lasso will be strung round his neck and hooked onto a bulbar, driving away till the statue tumbles. As in Saddam Husseinesque moment. Oh the rejoicing in the street.

    • Ed Pàislig

      “Ladies and Gentlemen…(theatrical pause)……we got ‘im”. Then we will see video of David Murray being dragged out of grape press whete he has been hiding with a four inch long salt’n’pepper beard.

  16. mcfc

    Whatever happened to the £400k invoice from that chap in Singapore – is the winding up order threat still pending – https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/scotlands-mcleveson-proposals-could-cover-every-blogger-in-the-world/comment-page-1/#comment-60514

  17. Dan

    Great win for a great Tim, pity the hied mason gets too present the trophy

    • graham

      Who’s the great Tim that win today ?

    • graham

      Andy Murray scottish Protestant !!
      Who supports hibs … Not a Tim
      Get it round u !!

      • Tim does not equate to being a Catholic you muppet…….
        Murray does not have a religion.
        “well done Murray btw”

        • gortnamona

          Mac – good weekend

          The Lions
          Andy Murray
          Graham McDowell
          Dan Martin

          And me

          I took a full minute off my SB for a three mile climb I am secretly practicing on after a less than distinguished (joint last) climbing performance with the club a few weeks ago.

      • Only in Scotland would this pish be tolerated.

        He is a Scottish TENNIS PLAYER who won, we should ALL be proud
        He seems like a nice guy with a good family base & Professional team around him & his Burd’s a BABE…. & he could be the number ONE player in the world if he keeps on progressing..

        What do we get down to… what school he went to & which Football team he supports.


  18. barcabuster

    Well done Andy.! Refreshing to have a Murray who heaps glory, not shame, on his country. There might be a knighthood going begging for you soon my son. One in, one OOT!

  19. graham

    Great win for Scotland and Britain
    Makes you proud to be both !!
    Well done Andy !!
    Good to see the the old scottish and British flags being waved about in victory !!

    • Monti

      Fk yer Union Jack!!!!

      • graham

        Haha that’s not nice !! If u don’t like the flag or the country why don’t you leave !!

        • Paul

          Ha Ha why don’t you give it back to the real Celts.

        • No need to leave the country, just get rid of the red white & blue……

        • WHY?

          Are we not allowed to want improvement & a cessation of the conduct which caused the union Fleg to be named the “BUTCHERS APRON”?

          Typical of the Master Race attitude, agree or get tae F… Why don’t YOU accept others right to disagree with your viewpoint without wishing deportation?

          Remember Scotland is Multi Cultural & old Britannia has previous in most of the places those other Cultures come from.

      • graham

        Was fantastic seeing all them union jacks bring waved at Wimbledon !!
        And hearing Andy saying he was proud to win it for Britain
        Oh it’s been a great weekend with the British and Irish lions winning down under as well !!
        Great to see the Union Jack and the ROI flags together in peace !!
        Not a bigoted twat like u in sight monty !!
        Just good auld British and Irish boys together !!
        Get it up yae !!

        • Stop your childish name calling and rejoice in the victory,all this rubbish about flags.Grow up both of you.

          • graham

            Iam , in a great victory for the British tennis player Andy Murray !!
            The same as the majority of the country !!
            Nothing sinister in that ma man !!
            And a great victory for the British and Irish lions !!
            With British and Irish flags being waved as one !!
            Is there something wrong with that !!
            An end to monti style bigotry !!

          • Budweiser

            tc. – Well said !

        • Pity not all Brits are happy in peace

          SECTARIAN tensions have erupted in Merseyside as video footage showing a mob torching an Irish flag outside an Orange Lodge emerged online last week.

          Complaints have been made to Merseyside Police by furious Irish community members who were shocked by the public outburst of anti-Irish racism in Liverpool.

          Police have confirmed that they will investigate the footage, while Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy brandished the act ‘deplorable’.

          The five minute film, posted on the liverpoolirishblog site, shows a group of men, including a number of younger faces, chanting sectarian songs while setting light to the Irish flag.

          The incident takes place on the grounds of the Provincial Orange Hall on Everton Road, on June 8, and followed a march by the Apprentice Boys of Derry through the city earlier that day.

          Yet the Liverpool Province Orange Order claims that it is neither racist nor sectarian, maintaining they are ‘not anti-anything’, on their website, adding “racism and bigotry would not be a Christ-like characteristic”.

          Instead, they claim their ‘Orangemen’ are Protestant Christians, who are ‘good neighbours, citizens and gentlemen’, and state “we encourage tolerance and goodwill towards members of different beliefs”.

          But their neighbours within Liverpool’s Irish community reacted angrily to the footage of the men burning Ireland’s national flag – a symbol synonymous with Ireland’s sectarian troubles – and have called for the Orange Order to condemn the incident.

          Liverpool Irishman Mike Lloyd told The Irish Post: “As a second generation Irishman and proud of being from Liverpool, I was deeply offended at the video of a sectarian mob burning an Irish Tricolour outside the Provincial Orange Hall in Liverpool.”

          He added: “The Orange Order tries to deny any sectarian agenda or that they are opposed to a large section of Liverpool’s Irish community. The truth is I don’t believe they have moved on from the sectarian conflict that plagued the city in the past.

          “I think this shocking video needs to be widely condemned by our leaders and the Orange Order, if they are serious about not being sectarian in nature.”
          The video is a disgrace .

          • graham

            Ano ,And how about the hibs fans attacking notts Forrest fans and subjecting them to anti british / Protestant sectarian abuse !!

      • graham

        Monti ,
        That the rangers just reach over 30 thousand season tickets sold for next season. !!


        54 titles and still going on !!

  20. Dan

    Attends mass regularly at St Mary’s in Lieth

    • graham

      Don’t think he travels from hus home in London to leith to go to church !!
      But why not claim him and change his religion and his history to suit your needs .. You do it with everything else
      Well done British Andy !!

      • Paul

        mmmm i only know of one history that has been changed to suit, wonder who that organisation was? Andy Murray i am sure the guy prefers to be associated as Scottish, but when there is money to be made British should be fine, know what i mean? Hedman was English, but was shite and the British (English when it suits) media need a hero so cash in Andy you deserve it big time.

  21. Dan

    If it hadn’t been for the Irish the Ozzies would have walked it

    • graham

      Aye right of course it was all down tk the irish ,, we might as well airbrush all the welsh oot the team eh and call it the Irish all bit their self lions
      Unfookung real u lot !!

  22. Dan

    I’ve said the Rosary with him so there! Great post from Phil on his wonderful blog. They’re fucked.Just can’t accept it. Wouldn’t be surprised if asbestos problem at IOUbrox is sorted soon——-courtesy of Swan Vesta. It’s the solution of choice for ‘certain people’.

    • graham

      Of course you did silly me !! Just as you said the Irish in the lions team beat the Aussies without the help of the welsh , English and Scots !!
      How many green plastic seats for plastic paddies have been sold at the peadodome for next season !!
      I would concern yourself about that and the leave Ibrox to the fans of the most successful domestic club in the world ,,

      • EH! Most successful domestic club in the world, you must support a team outside of scotland then, can’t be the “The rangers” cos their only ever title is a fourth tier irn bru coaster, after beginning their debut season under the name sevco.

      • alfredthepict

        Re Graham
        You are a sad apology for a human being ! Why don’t you crawl back under your stone again ?

    • graham

      Maybe would get a wee hand oot with our stadium fae Glasgow council craptic fc style !! Eh
      Tick tock

      • barcabuster

        Why are Cenkos leaving town? TSFM never broke it, but they have some follow up info about the new Nomad. You might like to have a wee read about your them……Brace yirsel’

        • Budweiser

          barca. –Do tell . Btw thanks for the previous link., Do you have a link to this ?

          • barcabuster

            Originally from Phil Mac. But newtz amongst others done some follow up on yesterdays TSFM (same page but later comments)
            Daniel Stewart&co taking over their interests. He links back to Rizvi.
            Rizvi’s missus is nowdriving Tembusu..courtesy of Allenby capital(Brian Stockbridge) nomination.

        • graham

          Barca ,
          I don’t care about all the shenanigans going on upstairs at Ibrox ..
          Season ticket bought
          I will be there as usual win loose or draw .. Supporting the 11 blue jerseys on the field !
          No one will ever take that pleasure away from the loyal rangers fans !!

          • barcabuster

            Why are you posting about “ra cooncil” when you don’t have any cares about what happens upstairs?
            Is it just that you don’t care what goes on upstairs at rustyroof stadium..
            We can stick to the playing side if you like tho’
            Why did you pay 2 centre backs to leave, with a year left on their contract, and now don’t have any money to sign…..A centre back?
            30,000 you say! No money for a centre back….Hmmmm!

          • alfredthepict

            Graham you are pathetic

  23. Ed Pàislig

    Well done to the British and Irish Lions – these guys are a great credit to these islands. And of course Andy Murray was fantastic today – it is lovely to have the name Murray associated with genuine sporting excellence (for a change).

  24. Dan

    Glasgow City Council! What a wonderful organisation! Only a plonker could doubt that. One has only to look at the spectacular developments in the east end of Glasgow to see that.

    • Ed Pàislig

      I can’t believe the transformation of the East End Dan. We now have a world class sporting hub and a transformed environment for local folks, of whatever faith or cultural background. It is a triumph for Glasgow City Council and all of us should feel pride.

      • Dan

        I know. Funny how plonkers like Graham get upset about it. I mean they’re getting their casino and hotel and everything,right?

        • Jamie

          and a hover pitch! dont forget the hover pitch

        • graham

          Plonker ??
          Aye maybe , but if you don’t believe glasgow council are top heavy with celtic minded people them u are bigger plonked than me !!
          East end regeneration is fantastic cAnf argue ther !!
          Upgrading the peadodome
          And wee under the table loans to the great unwashed is just not on

          Tick tock !!!

      • JimBhoy

        @Ed I was down at celtic park at the weekend to buy my boy the new home top, place is looking great…

  25. Dan

    Anybody heard anything about Sleekit Ally’s 10 mill war chest?

    • Dunno guys,but is CG more concerned about ally’s signings,than you give him credit for. Maybe he wants to get back in before ally causes real damage. Well done Andy,it’s took the English a long while to forgive your wee quip a few years ago,about you don’t care who beats them,but an Olympic gold and Wimbledon champion sure is the best way to win them over.ps I don’t give a flying FCk wether your a proddie,tim,or any other thing, people want to score meaningless points on,just proud of you,and your family,to come through those terrible moments at dunblane all those years ago to what you have become,is wonderful ,more power to your tennis elbows. C’mon the Murray for Scotland and Dunblane.

      • Budweiser

        Well said. He is obviously a great Scotsman and deserves all the accolades. His comments re the English world cup chances, reflected a common held view in Scotland. Bad PR. Re the ‘Wimbles’ scene. But nevertheless the view of many scots re. the 1966 world cup and ‘engerlunds’ supposed world dominance.

      • graham

        And Britain under the union. Jack !! Well done and
        For Scotland and Britain !!

    • Rumour has it Jabba spent it on a good night out with RC Ogilvie and a blow out in Florida.

    • Fra

      @Dan……it’s doon tae two urn bru bottles and an auld bus ticket. Hahaha

      Those clowns actually believed Chuckles when he came out with that beauty. Gullible as feck. Lol

  26. Dan

    Mcfc have igot it right? Is Jabba in Florida? If so now’s the time to see if he and D Niall are one and the same.

  27. lordmac

    what have cenkos got to say about it then, are they not the big share holders now with so much percentage, have they not got a man on the job

  28. portpower

    sevco manager sally has pulled the plug on his bid to sign former Hearts and Wolves central defender Christophe Berra.
    I don`t think it was him that pulled the plug on the deal?
    Even though he was one of the reasons` rfc1872 went down the plug.

  29. geddy Lee.

    Let’s face it, we would all like to see Green back on the scene.

    The current mob making up Sevco’s boardroom are as dull as dish water.

    It’s clear the heaving hordes are desperate for a return of the “uber ned” and his “Moan then” approach.

    Green is as clueless as the rest of them, remember he proudly boasted “I know nowt about football” before
    proceeding to lecture us all on how the game should be structured(Oh the arrogance).

    He is however a safe bet for regular comedy gold, made all the more hilarious by the way the Sevcovians swallow swallow every rant that comes out of his mouth.

    I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if he returns at the head of Govan’s biggest Orange Walk shrieking “No Surrender”. Who knows, he may even get the role of Stick Juggler.

    That would be good for another 10 000 season tickets. LOL

    As for Murray, let’s hope we we see tennis at the Commenwealth Games . Speaking of which, who will our regular Sevcovians be supporting?

    Will it be Scotland, also known in Sevcovia as “This horrible wee country” or will it be their English heros. That way they can fly their union jacks with pride, although the real English fans will be flying the cross of St George.

    Enjoy your rugby.

    it’s clear that most Sevcovians are desperate for a return of the Uber Ned

    • graham

      We will be supporting Scotland of course as we are Scottish !! Will the anti British commonwealth plastic paddies even bother watching the games ???

  30. portpower

    Swansea ball boy’s jacket from the Eden Hazard incident sells on eBay for £28,000.
    sally to sign-on 100 new ball boys?

  31. Geddy Lee.

    Fascinating “debate” over on Munter media ref Andy Murray.

    Again the opening tirade is about “supporting the union” “say no to independence” and other self loathing statements we have become used to from the Ultra Unionists. The site is hoaching with party activists from the union cabal constantly stirring up hatred of all things Scottish.

    Naturally, the overwhelming opinion is that he is “British”. Indeed one complete imbecile rants “he has English roots!!!!!” I believe they are actually embarrassed he was born in Glasgow.

    Anoth complaint ? He was not wearing union jack sweat bands( I’m not making this up).Also fascinating to see one poster refuse to believe Murray has just purchased a house in Dunblane. How dare he cement his Scottish origins!!!!

    Very sad to see, but at least we can take comfort from the fact they will loath seeing the Saltire fly so often during the Commenwealth games.

    Another poster claimed the sight of Alex Salmond waving a Saltire “Made me cringe”.

    This is echoed (in the usual revolting language) by quite a few other knuckle draggers. One Moron claims he “Broke the rule of the all England club” because his saltire was too big. LOL Priceless.

    • mcfc

      @Geddy Lee.

      A friend married a guy from Belfast. I remember her saying once she could never live there because being English CoE she was just too slow working out which side she should take when something like this happens – her relatives could do it at lightning speed and with remarkable consistency – she felt like her was plodding through the logic at treacle speed and making enough errors to get herself in serious trouble eventually.

      Well done Andy – whether you are Scottish, British (or English ??) you played a blinder.

    • Ed Pàislig

      These guys are so mixed up. When anyone says anything critical of the union they take it to heart. They crave a white protestant (toothless and tattooed) homogeneity. That’s what forelock-tuggers have ingrained in their psyche – deference to authority under all circumstances. It is pathetic child-like behaviour.

    • Stevie

      Geddy i agree with your overall comments regarding the munters.
      However thee are points i do agree with.
      Salmond was cringeworthy.While accepting his role to promote Scotland he was equally if not more cringeworthy during and after the Ryder cup.
      He,s a wee fat nyaff who cannot answer simple questions regarding how Scotland can sustain itself. I mean you would hope he had at least looked into the implications of going it alone and could give reassurances. He has not.
      There are Wimbledon rules regarding oversized flags and banners.
      Andy spends most of his time in Miami Florida now. His parents live in England. He was sponsored and supported by British tennis Association in England,not Scotland. Wee Salmond is only jumping on the bandwagon because he was born in Scotland. He never supported Scottish tennis players financially throughout his tenure. They all train doon in England.
      I am a proud Scotsman and proud of Andy’s achievements but wee Salmond is just a wee “hinger on”

      • alfredthepict

        Andy had to go to Spain and America to get the best training ! I f he had come through the English system he simply would never have made it !

      • alfredthepict

        Also he is Scottish through and through ! Do not believe anything to the contrary.

      • Stevie,

        So much Junk in the one post… where to start?

        Murray was coached & learned his good habits in Spain, not England..He has since built an International Support Team, nothing to do with English or British Tennis..

        You say “He was sponsored and supported by British Tennis Association in England,not Scotland”

        Did the SCOTS not pay their share of that in tax when the grants were paid to tennis? In fact over the years has Scotland not paid MORE than England per English/Scottish player produced by the British System?

        As an aside the last Singles Champion, Virginia Wade who won in 1977, learned to play tennis in South Africa not England… The English system does not produce Champions.,

        Tennis in Scotland is a minority Sport but Andy Murray has inspired a lot of youngsters to give it a bash… that is good for Scotland & it’s youth , who may go on to another sport if tennis does not suit them.

        His making time to come back to his home town & how much he is appreciated there & elsewhere in Scotland is Inspirational.

        Salmond “Climbing on” to a Scot, supporting him & being all chuffed he won is cringe worthy but Cameron’s twittering & grabbing hold of him for publicity is not, you have a strange sense of balance..

        I disagree with Politics in Sport but found this comment outlandish. You say “He,s a wee fat nyaff who cannot answer simple questions regarding how Scotland can sustain itself.”, all the while The Union is BILLIONS of POUNDS in Debt… Is British debt GOOD while Scottish debt will be BAD?

        But for me the comment which took the biscuit was “There are Wimbledon rules regarding oversized flags and banners.” as you complain about Salmond displaying a Scottish Saltire….I can just picture you in your offended state… How dare he.. A Great institution of the Empire & a Scotsman dared defile it.. it’s nearly as bad as breaking crossbars/

        • Stevie

          @Ian4300… “Junk & where to start”….yadda…yadda….lol.
          Ian i think you have completely lost the plot mate.
          You are obviously incapable of absorbing factual information,nor reading between the lines…Literally.

          I made no reference to David Cameron whatsoever,there was no requirement to do so.Yet you say i did?… Bizzare!
          The debate was about comments directed at A.Salmond i agreed with them. You need to come out of “auto troll” mode getting the completely wrong impression of what is being offered for debate. You seem intent on manipulating people’s points of view rather than debating them .

          I did not complain about A.S. displaying a scottish saltire !
          I merely corrected another poster who was unaware of Wimbledon rules which are in existance regarding “oversized banners and flags”.
          I further concurred that Salmond was “cringeworthy” during Wimbledon and earlier at the Ryder cup.

          I am not “offended” by anything regarding AS.
          I just don’t rate or trust a first minister whom in the midst of advocating our country’s independence has continually refused to answer questions about his defence strategy and how that would be funded. He has also failed to produce structured strategies post seperation regarding pensions and a seperate currency,
          Whilst advocating “freedom” he wishes to remain under the auspices of the Bank of England.
          He is indeed “a cringeworthy wee nyaff!

          For the avoidance of doubt (contrary to you thinly veiled assumption} i am not a pro unionist by any definition. I simply remain unconvinced that Scotland could sustain itself despite it’s talent, natural resources,infrastructure ,industry, and tax system solely funded by exported goods.
          By your comments i am unsure whether i have rattled your wee SNP cage or awoke your anti-unionist convictions.
          I intended to do neither,but it appears it is one or the other.
          That my confused friend, remains your dilemna.

  32. Geddy Lee.

    graham ,

    Are you sure you will be supporting Scotland? What will you do with your England top? LOL

    Will you be waving a Saltire or a Union Jack?

    Incidentally, I know you guys prefer to live in the past but I must tell you, it’s a long time since it was known as the “British Commenwealth” That Imperialist title was dropped years ago.

    All that is now left of your Empire is Wales, your Irish Colony, and your West Coast strongholds.

    Not much is it ?

  33. Geddy Lee.

    mcfc, Spot on .

    I must say though, can you imagine the English insisting one of their sporting heros was British before he was English? No of course not, and quite right to.

    This is a mindset unique to certain strains of the Scottish and of course “Norn Irish” society.

    A national humiliation? of course. Yet it remains absolutely fascinating to see it in action with such enthusiasm.

  34. barcabuster

    Sally wanted Boca and Goian to stay. He desperately needs to bolster central defence. An important area of the pitch.
    Reputedly, their joint wages to see out their contract would be around £2m. They settled on around a £1m joint walk-away settlement.
    Sally still wants to prop up central defence, but has been told “No way, Jose.
    Here is the rub……Do Sevco have the cash to last the season? ……Have cash projections shown that the £2m wages of Boca & Goian, will not be available to honour their contract? So better to save a mill now, and struggle witha makeshift defence.
    Now Stockbridge announces a pay cut for himself. Is Sally’s salary next, or has it been done on the fly ..
    99p to look at a photo of a bus FFS! A pearl diver to see some footage of goals from a wobbly camera in a field. Wan camera angle only! Lol.
    Where are their interim accounts, due in May? Have the league seen their figures and forecasts as per “ra rules” on 31st March?

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca howdy mate….Chico pyro pants needs the Sleasdales in place to get his agreed wedge with them, I would expect more pressure exerted by him to make this happens so should be fun over the next few months…

      I wonder what penalties the rangers could be hit with WHEN they are late with the audited accounts, these docs will show too much of the shennanigans that have been going on… Chico and his cohorts will want to be away by the time these details are made public… The cardigan and sally could be left to carry the can.The footballing authorities could have been shown anything in the name of accounts and would be ok with that, pretty much the same as the AIM prospectus… Surely share-holders would want to know why all the money making improvements from the prospectus were not made and the monies drawn actually just kept the business afloat.

      I would expect sally to have one more signing, probably pandza, the other guy they have on trial seems to be in demand so why would he want to play his footie against postmen and shop workers..

      The SB monies (30k my @rse) and the new kit will see them thru the season, they can always fall back on the orange tap…

      Sun is shining HH…

      • Ed Pàislig

        Watch out for Sevco trying to push back the first accouting reference date for “sound financial and administrative reasons”. That will push back the reporting deadline for the plc by six months or so – but at the same time it will be taken as a big red danger sign for the investors. It is a long shot, but we might never see audited numbers from this mob, depending on how much Chico and his pals have bled from the club.

        • JimBhoy

          @Ed SBs, shirt sales and the sponsors wedge will keep them going thru the season… Sally should have big enough a squad to blunder his way to promotion but next season could be a different matter unless they get some serious financial backing, especially with no overdraft facility.

        • How does uefa’s rules work on the audited accounts? Will a delay in producing them result in a later date for their acceptance to qualify for european competitions?

        • Ed, did they not push back the dates already?

      • barcabuster

        Hey dude. Good to hear/read you. I hope you ‘n yours are doing good mate.
        I don’t get this sleezedale stuff. What is the connection with them and Blue Pitch, that they are lobbying for these two on the board? I can only find a rather circuitous route to DM via Aberdeen Asset management MIH and bus companies. Maybe Blue Pitch are in there somewhere.
        Stuffing themselves for centre back is equally bizzare.
        Proper audited company accounts are not due until Feb 2014, so Chicco will be a dot on the horizon by then.
        Did you know that their Youth policy co. has been dissolved also with about £1.8m outstanding
        Something very haddock happening on this fine sunny day..

        • barcabuster

          Forgot the link. Can’t afford to buy, nothing there to nurture.


        • JimBhoy

          @Barca all good here mate fab day watching Andy yesterday ipad in the garden with the family and friends….Listening to a wee Dublin band, Kodaline.

          The only Sleasedale piece i know of is the deal chico has to flog his penny shares to them, probably promising them a seat at the big table.. Chico will not stop ’til his end of the bargain is sorted and he is assured his wedge.. Interested to read that there are new names employed by the rangers in various capacities, chico’s cash cow will be keeping many cumfy…

          Question I have is what is the real gripe with malky boy?

          Goian and Boca were pretty sh!t anyways, why they just didn’t keep them out on loan until their contract had ended is beyond me..I had a beer with a couple of my rangers pals saturday and they had the same questions.

          I thought the accounts were due December. An EGM would be the best thing for the fans as I would assume the issue of finances would be discussed SURELY, with all the current speculation. Maybe we will see a photo in the papers showing a rangers finance man and a journo pointing to the bank balance. Proof that all is rosey…

          I didn’t know about the youth policy, Saddens me to hear that though… We had a couple of boys go on trial with rangers, got a couple of weeks then they were told they would get a call and didn’t..

          It will all come out in the wash..

          • barcabuster

            Pinch of salt with the Sleezedale shares mate. The Paxey deal has been made official, but not a whimper on this one!
            As you say tho’ It might be on if they get a seat at the wall paper pasting table.
            Speaking of which, did you hear the Rangers wallpaper has been discontinued in the airport souvenir shop………..They couldnae get it to stay up! 🙂

  35. Rangers Intergalactic Festival of Comedic Pishy Liquidated Companies GIRU&RY

  36. mcfc

    Dan Wrote
    Mcfc have igot it right? Is Jabba in Florida? If so now’s the time to see if he and D Niall are one and the same.

    The last from Jabba’s three personality disorders was Wanka: July 7, 2013 at 10:59 am and before that this jolly homophobic little insight from Wanka, July 6, 2013 at 1:10 am. Jabba maybe otherwise occupied.

    Careful Niall, another one singing to a male.
    “Under your skin” ? Careful Niall, he’ll be in your underpants the second you take your eyes off him.

  37. mcfc

    Bears Beat Bora Bora But Beaten By Berra Bid

  38. Colshy

    Can I mention please it’s only a Union Jack when hung from the Jack-Mast of a ship?

    Otherwise it’s a Union Flag.


    • Colshy

      Ignore me, talking shite.

      ‘Union Jack’ was officially acknowledged as an alternative name for the Union Flag by the Admiralty and Parliament in the early 20th century. The term ‘jack’ refers to the flag that is flown from the bowsprit of a ship, often denoting nationality.”
      “Union Flag,” Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2005

  39. mcfc

    Bears Beat Bora Bora But Beaten By Berra Bid Before Being Bristol Bound By Big Blue Bus

    ok – I’ll stop now

  40. Geddy Lee.

    I see the Andy Murray thread has been pulled from Munter Media. LOL

    It seems the ignorant filth expressed was too much even for the moderators.

    Clearly, there is only so much public humiliation they were prepared to put up with.

    The claims that an Independent Scotland would become a “papist state” seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    As for the return of Chazza -Ned, a swatch at the tumbling share price is a good indicator as to why he may be redeployed. Now down to 52.5 p, Charlie and his boys fortunes continue to dwindle.

    • JimBhoy

      @Geddy Howdy mate, I didn’t see the Murray thread, I wish i had read some of that now, beats me how a thread on the new wimbledon champ could go down the stank..

      I think Chico has a done deal with the sleasdales as long as he gets them a seat on the board…So he will have a fixed price for that imo regardless of the share price on the day of the sale.. Regards Malky I can only think he is the stumbling block remaining that will try and negatively influence the Sleasdales move in on the board.

  41. JimBhoy

    Are the rangers offloading another CB. Hearing that Cribari is going, moving out 3 CBs (at a cost) whilst trying to move in 2 seems at best a tad bizarre. It could be a good indicator to Sally’s eye for a player..

  42. Mojo


    Audited financial statement was due to the SFL by 1st of June as per sfl rule 22. Maybe that was another rule which did not apply to Sevco.

  43. JimBhoy

    @Mojo I didn’t know that mate but your conclusion could be spot on. Those running Scottish football are a joke and I am sure a huge chunk of fans across many clubs think the same…

  44. Mojo


    Reward for non compliance was full membership.

  45. mcfc

    talking about nonsense talked about Andy Murray’s victory:

    Sue Barker – “We’ve been waiting 77 years for this” – Sue you’re looking good for your age.

    John Inverdale – “Murray has re-written the history books” – John – he hasn’t even rewritten the tennis history books – he’s just added to them – no previous events have been changed – he’s not Dr Who

    • Ed Pàislig

      John Inverdale’s comments about the ladies champion Marion Bartoli were sexist and chauvenistic in the extreme. He is a relic from the bad old past. I don’t want the guy sacked but he should join us in the 21st century or move over to Talk Sport.

      • mcfc


        Saw the post-semi interview with Marion Bartoli and she came across very well as a modest, charming young woman – how anyone who saw that could say anything disparaging about her is beyond me – but Inverdale managed it – big time. Talk sport is his natural habitat.

        Was it him who bumbled his way through a plug for a new BBC app and ended by saying something like “provided you have the correct computerization” – relic doesn’t quite cover it.

        • Stevie

          @MCFC… It was Andrew Castle.

          • mcfc

            @stevie – thanks – wasn’t certain – I’ve just seen the full extent of his comments about Bartoli though – not just a slip of the tongue is it ?

            “I just wonder if her dad, because he has obviously been the most influential person in her life, did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14 maybe, ‘listen, you are never going to be, you know, a looker.

            “‘You are never going to be somebody like a Sharapova, you’re never going to be 5ft 11, you’re never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that.

            “‘You are going to have to be the most dogged, determined fighter that anyone has ever seen on the tennis court if you are going to make it’, and she kind of is.”

            • Stevie

              MCFC… I was totally gobsmacked by JI. He usually comes across as a half decent bloke.
              Don’t know what happened to his subtlety boundaries on this one it was bang out of order. Bartoli handled it well though…for an ugly French bint. lol.

    • mcfc,

      and still 77 years since and Englishman won Wimbledon 🙂

      • mcfc,

        Bartoli’s response – class!

      • mcfc

        @martin – see comment above 🙂

        @Geddy – as someone pointed out above – now 78 years since an Englishman won Wimbledon – and judging by the pipeline it could easily get to 100 years 🙂

        • mcfc,

          missed the comment – spot on though.

        • mcfc


          btw – my first preference would be for an English woman to win – so we don’t have to listen to Virginia Wade droning on for the next millennium – will it be Laura Robson – looks promising . . . .

          • mcfc,

            It would be great to see Laura Robson do well.

            I think Andy Murray provides both inspiration and lessons in what it takes to progress.

            The progression from a young guy arriving on the scene and winning a few games and admirers before getting knocked out by a stronger and more experienced player. Through to a man who could reach the semi-finals, then onto losing finalist before ultimately taking the crown. Is a lesson in just how much time and single minded dedication is required to become a champion in a fiercely competitive sport.

            Andy Murray is a wonder, they joy is, we get witness his achievements.

            • mcfc

              @martin – agree – grown up in public and just gradually ticked all the boxes of what you need to do to be a champ – including the TV/PR stuff – I think Lendl has been vital to ticking those last few boxes – because he knows what it takes and no one (including Murray) can question that.

    • Geddy Lee

      ” no previous events have been changed – he’s not Dr Who”

      LOL. Not yet.

  46. On the Tennis theme thought I’d put this up.

    Worth a read and very well put for a fox.


    • mcfc

      @martin – good read – one term our secondary school couldn’t get a replacement male PE teacher for some reason – so we had a woman instead – don’t remember her name – and she taught us “girl’s sports” – tennis and field hockey – both were brilliant – then back to football and rugby in the spring when they’d found a full time male. My own kids have had exposure to a lot more sports at school – but the problem is that by the age of 11 or 12 they need to focus on one to get anywhere – which is where I think tennis loses out against traditional team sports.

      • mcfc

        @martin – one last thing – the way politicians swarm around success like flies round s**t is quite nauseating – whether it’s Cameron or Salmon – do they think we can’t see through there pathetic attempts to steal some glory by association ?

        • mcfc,

          Anything resembling good news attracts politicians like a candle does a moth.

          Especially in hard times.

          Association and reflected glory is the oft repeated if nauseating aim though the fact that this is done repeatedly suggests that the politicians themselves perceive an advantage in it.

          Nothing succeeds like success, If you can’t produce quantifiable success yourself hang on to others who do as best you can.

          That said producing quantifiable political and economic success that is readily understood by the vast majority of the electorate is far from easy.

          Getting things right is hard enough!

          Waving a flag when a countryman breaks the tape or hits the winning shot is more easily understood.

          Quite why when presented with an opportunity to slap Cameron forcibly on the back of the head whilst shouting FREEDOM! Salmond remained passive is beyond my understanding.

          It would I’m sure have made the papers. 🙂

  47. Just thought I would have a quick look. You now seem to have what you want. A Celtic website where you can all exercise your various bigotries. But surely you cannot seriously want to discuss Andy Murray’s religion. But thank you for changing my opinions – I am now much more balanced in my view of RFC and have come completely round to he idea that the team may die but it will always be resurrected. And the real bigots seem to come from the East End of Glasgow. Butcher’s apron, Huns, ‘we are Tims’, Andy Murray religion and that’s just this thread. AND Monti, you really are someone to avoid. If you have children I pity them given the bile you must be teaching them. I will not be back.

  48. mcfc,

    I thought is was great that Andy Murray acknowledged Ivan Lendl’s contribution in his victory speech.

    Lendl brought something to the Murray camp that few if any others could replicate.

    Understanding of the position Murray was in through a shared experience of grand slam final losses and the knowledge that only harder work and attention to detail would turn things around. Could not easily be found elsewhere.

    Lendl didn’t win Wimbledon as a player though it’s hardly a blemish on his outstanding tennis career.

    That said he deserves to feel rightly proud of his contribution to Andy Murray’s success.

    Perhaps now they will part, the work being done.

    I suspect Andy Murray will go from strength to strength and bag a few more grand slam titles.

    He’ll have his losses too.

    But he is free from care now – he can try anything he wants in the game and who would doubt he will have success.

    I’ll look on with interest, and a little pride borrowed from a fellow Scotsman.

  49. Geddy Lee

    Excellent comments.

    Lendl was actually my Tennis hero as a kid , so this is a “Dream team” for me.

    I do believe though, they will stay together. The improvement in Murray’s game is undeniable since Lendl became involved.

    He will want Lendl in his corner no matter the price.

    • Wonder if lendls a tim or a proddie, only kidding.
      Got to agree without Lendl don’t think andy would ever have won Wimbledon,huge congrats to him for getting the best out of our Andy.
      C’mon the Murray.

  50. Dan

    I think i kicked off the Tim v Not Tim argument was simply taking the pish. If truth be told I shed a tear when Andy won—–and I don’t give a fuck what he is, but hope he is a Hibbee

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