Shock News – Rangers Take on New Coach and Snub the Easdales!

It has all gone very quiet regarding the boardroom upheavals at Ibrox. You will recall that in May there was a requisition for an EGM. This ought to have taken place by, at the latest, next week. However on 6th June Rangers International Football Club PLC announced that the timetable had been extended whilst discussions went on with the shareholders who wanted the EGM.

The purpose was to remove Mr Murray as Chairman (which has already happened) but also from the Board, along with Mr Cartmell.

They were then to be replaced by James Easdale and Chris Morgan.

Nothing official has been announced although the press have made various comments on leaks and rumours about who is to be elevated.

However the peace which seemed to have descended over Ibrox might now be disturbed, and the story which will cause this is brazenly displayed on the front page of the Rangers website.

You can read it in full here, under the headline “New Coach for Gers”.


Rangers have a new coach!

However this is only good news for Mr McCoist as the coach is in fact a new team bus! As the story on the Rangers website says:-

Specially-built for use by the club by Vanhool, the 41-seat bus carries all sorts of equipment which will make journeys as comfortable as possible for the Third Division champions.

I suspect that last year’s Third Division Champions did not travel in such luxury!

How, you might ask, is this a snub to the Easdales?

Have a look at the picture below.


Do you see?

Whilst the Easdales, owners of McGill’s Coaches, are significant investors in Rangers, and poised to take positions of influence in the “Blue Room”, the club has deliberately attempted to snub them by going to Bruce’s Coaches for the new team bus!

Bus 1

Why not this coach, which comes with Union Flag already painted on?

And insult is added to injury by the quotes from the coach driver, which form part of the article. He says:-

“Mr Bruce is a Rangers supporter and he wants the team to have the best so he has endeavoured to make it as good as he possibly could.”

What does this say about the relationships in the corridors of Blue power? The Easdales might succeed in taking over the club, as the rumours suggest is their goal, and will have to endure their team driving round flying a competitor’s flag?

Once Mr Easdale takes his place on the Board, one wonders if he might have a quiet word with Mr Bruce, and an accomodation will be reached which will allow Mr Bruce to show his support for his team in a way which does not slap Mr Easdale in the face at every away game!

I have no doubt that sense will prevail between these Rangers fans and respected businessmen.

The only question that remains is “Doesn’t Jimmy Bell drive the bus?”!!!

Posted by Paul McConville


Public Information

Should any readers of this blog want to hire the new Rangers team coach for “for corporate use including for weddings and funerals” they can call the Rangers hotline on 0871 702 1972 for further information. When booking, mention that you read about it on the “Scots Law Thoughts Blog”!



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101 responses to “Shock News – Rangers Take on New Coach and Snub the Easdales!

  1. More importantly Paul I notice The rangers are now to be welcomed with full membership of the SPFL despite all the outstanding issues that remain about the new club and its current and past executives.

    This is another brush under the carpet and released with no flag waving to obscure it from public feedback. I bearly warrents a mention in the msm today as they concentrate on the league reforms. Another sfa scam.

    • Budweiser


      Another rule bites the

      • Niall Walker


        Can I assume Celtic are agreeing to all of the alleged rule breaking, or does their vote not count anymore ?

        What does this say about the Celtic board’s attitude toward sporting integrity, why are they not morally outraged ?

        It is a sad day when even your own club considers your objections to be obsessive and perverse.

        • Niall Walker

          p.s. I do realize you are not a Celtic fan, maybe.

        • willy wonka

          Niall, even the dugs in the street know that Sporting Integrity FC are worried about plummeting attendances at the Tattiedome. If it had been left to Liewell Rangers would be in the SPL right now.
          He tried to shoehorn Rangers into SFL1 and that one didn’t work. The plastics lost interest and loss of revenue has seen him trying to punt any player who can tie his own shoelaces to pay the bills.
          The sugar daddy is also worried as he watches Eire reach parity with the Congo. He might just be looking to call in some of the financial doping he’s thrown at his wee hobby.
          The CSC at Glasgow City Council are also holding emergency meetings in broom closets at City Chambers trying to find a way to cover up the scandals about to hit the papers.
          Oor Peter is scared to have a day off in case the blossoming SPL disappears from underneath his feet.
          The Celtic board have more to worry about than Rangers “problems”.

          • Felpen

            You talk some shit.

            • gortnamona

              A liar, a fantasist and a thoroughly ugly, distasteful personality. In other word an ideal supporter for Ranger’s.

            • Ed Pàislig

              Talking shite is Willy Wonka’s thang! Scattergun accusations against one of the world’s most respected football clubs.
              On the other side we have the sevCO crooked collective.

          • Monti

            You talk some shite….

          • Fra

            @Silly Willy….Willy, for a moment I thought I had been transported to another website and this piece was by that eloquent member of the old inky trade, one Mr Leggat. Yes, he of the piss stained trousers and unironed shirt.

            This my friend is drivel and going by your recent postings, you have failed yourself. Your recent postings have shown a sevco supporter with a modicum of sanity and intelligence but alas, you let your good self down with that piece of drivel.

            The predicament sevco find themselves in, is nobody’s fault but their own. We have sympathy for those supporters who have been shafted so much, they could possibly be lost to the game. As for the cretins, then I’m sorry my friend but nobody would miss those idiots. Accept you died, apologise for the behaviour of your club, settle the debts with ALL creditors, then we can move on.

            Getting back to Mr Leggat. He spouts that Peter Lawwell is the embodiment of the devil who wants nothing but the worst for your club while on the other hand, needs your club for the green pound. Now Willy, even you must realise that these are polar opposites and the rankings of a bigot with no logic or sense.

            Big Peter has tended to the needs of our club in a respectful and businesslike manner. If only big Peter had been in charge of the banks when the shit hit the fan..but that’s another story. From the days of Fergus, Celtic have had to be prudent due to the changing landscape and financiality of the Scottish game.

            I am one who will admit to not agreeing with Celtics spending policy during the Murray years and was somewhat envious of the toxic clubs ability to throw the cash about. How wrong was I and as Fergus stated at the time ‘the rangers financial model is an unsustainable model within the realms of Scottish football.’ All supporters were being sucked into wanting their respective clubs to try and compete against Murrays crazy spending. Wasn’t Fergus a man with vision and we couldn’t see it. Hindsight is wonderful so god bless you Fergus McCann for that vision.

            The fans of my club have had to stand back and watch as the toxic club bought titles and trophies. But now my friend, we find ourselves in opposite roles. Your club finds itself in dire straights with no bank wanting to go near you because of the reckless behaviour of one man. Peter is only the custodian of our club and the face of the board and I am more than happy with the job he’s doing.

            Celtic are probably on a sounder financial footing than they have been for decades. The landscape in which we find ourselves is a financial basket case so for Celtic to produce the figures they have, is a minor miracle. The Celtic support can only ask for more of the same and your rantings Willy reek of nothing but jealousy. Instead of trying to throw muck at the Celtic family, I suggest you use your energy to further your new clubs ambition.

            DAVID MURRAY. For a man who loved the limelight, he has been surprisingly missing of late. He hasn’t expained why he sold to Whyte. He hasn’t explained how a top level businessman could be duped by a shyster. This is the man who has killed your club yet your support laud him and turn a blind eye because of the success of the cheating years.

            Grow up, face your responsibilities to each and every creditor. Stop blaming everybody but yourselves then maybe the supporters of the other clubs will think about it. I bid you good day kind sir.

            • Absolutely well said sir! A lucid, well written reply, something sadly missing from the deluded Peepel support who blame everyone but their club, no change there.

        • Paul

          MMMM would it be that the usual old paranoid chestnut gets wheeled out again, besides WTF should we be concerned about them the season is ready to start and we are ready accounts intact ready to go. The SFA etc will be found out sooner or later and they will have their day for the corruption involved in their corridors, it is a well known fact that they are nothing more than ass kissers for the institution. Hail Hail Nial the Sevco Fan.

        • Budweiser


          Can I assume Celtic are agreeing to all of the alleged rule breaking, or does their vote not count anymore ?

          What does this say about the Celtic board’s attitude toward sporting integrity, why are they not morally outraged ?

          It is a sad day when even your own club considers your objections to be obsessive and perverse.


          I’m not too bothered whether rangers play 100 trialists, have 100 players over 22 years of age or are associate/ full members.
          If ALL the SPL rules have been accepted and the SFL rules ditched then fair enough for me. I would however think it a mite strange if there was some sort of amalgamation of rules, wherein the rules inconvenient to rangers were scrapped. Of course we don’t know what the rules are as there was no transparency in the process unless someone leaks the details.
          Of course the celtic board [ and all the rest] want to ‘ accommodate ‘ rangers. that was never an issue with them – it was the fans who forced the issue last year.

    • Monti

      This is concerning…..:/

      • Niall Walker


        ” The original Rangers spent money they could never afford to pay back in pursuit of trophies and titles, and the inevitable result was liquidation.”

        This is just factually inaccurate.

        • Raymilland


          Rangers were in the football business, with the aim to win as many trophies as possible, in that pursuit they went bust. Are you saying they can afford to pay every penny due to creditors?

          I would appreciate if you could explain your comment in regard to the inaccuracy of the paragraph from which you cite.

          • Niall Walker


            To state the liquidation of Rangers was inevitable requires omniscience.

            • Raymilland


              Hail thee omniscient one.

              At which point could liquidation have been avoided, and pray tell of any action which could have prevented the omnipresent shambles at Ibrox which would not involve settling debt?

            • Raymilland


              In a parallel universe; Rangers avoided liquidation; and there is another Niall Walker who really does support East Fife.

            • Niall Walker


              At any point right up until the hammer fell Rangers could have avoided liquidation, it was never inevitable, as circumstances evolved it became more and more probable.

              The sun rises every morning, its rise is probable not inevitable.

            • Raymilland


              A self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others.

              The sun shines oot your arse.

              I think you’re brain is suffering from the effects of a major solar flare.

              Ultimately; as “circumstances evolved” it became inevitable that Rangers would be liquidated! (duh?)

              Pay yer debt!

        • Monti

          Do you practice being a fkn idiot, because you have pulled it off…..

          • gortnamona

            Natural talent Monti. Also for being a Pompous Asshole Niall has buckets of it.

          • Niall Walker


            You have not pulled off proving I am a fkn idiot, this takes a lot of practice, back to the drawing board.

            Love you more.

            • Monti

              You don’t have talent,you are annoying tho, but not in a supposedly higher intellect sense, your annoying in the complete fkwit sense, my size 10 boot is so far up your arse, my laces are protruding from your ears…..your nothing more than a thick hun from Methil, let’s put it this way, if you were intelligent you would surely have left Methil by now… The only things in Methil are Drugs & needles…oh & dipshit Niall… can I have my boot back?

        • Carl31

          agreed, Niall.
          they are in liquidation, but havent yet been liquidated.

          should read, ‘will be liquidation’.

    • p groom

      how convenient, coincidental and downright suspicious that the new setup just happens to allow rangers to put two fingers up yet again and get their membership and triallist issues handily resolved at a stroke. and no voice at the back said whats going on here? all 42 clubs have sold out their integrity for a few sovereigns. must be nice for rangers to know that whatever the problem sfa will dream up a re-organisation to solve it.

      • Niall Walker

        ” all 42 clubs have sold out their integrity for a few sovereigns.”

        The whingeing is becoming almost unbearable.

      • Stevie

        “The SA will dream up a re-organisation to solve it”

        The SFA had nothing to do with influencing the vote of the 42 league clubs!
        This is geting tiresome.
        Time the bitter CFC supporters redeem their sixpence’s from under their pillows and accept the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. Rangers are still here and they aren’t going away. Get over it bhoys.

        • Budweiser

          ‘The SA will dream up a re-organisation to solve it”’


          I thought your earlier piece re SDM and the fans deserved credit , as being not a totally ‘blue tinted’ blinkered view. Although not always being in total agreement , I respect that.
          What I object to [ and if it was celtic I would do the same ] is the blatant rule bending – or in the case of the new SPFL – ‘ blending’ of rules to suit rangers.
          The reorganisation into theSPFL is IMO a good thing , and not brought into being primarily to help rangers. This does not mean that the reorganisation has not ,through negotiation, helped rangers. If it was ANY other club, would the same assistance have been forthcoming ?

          • willy wonka

            What “assistance” ?
            This reorganisation had nothing to do with Rangers. Rangers had no say or vote on what happened.
            It was done for one reason only – so that some of the money Rangers generate would find its way into the pockets of the bankrupt SPL a wee bit quicker.

          • Stevie

            Of course you are correct Bud.
            Any other club outside of Celtic or Rangers.
            It’s all about the survival of the game in Scotland. Nothing else.
            Now’, i miss the old firm games and a lot of my CFC supporting mates do as well. Welll the honest one’s who’ll admit to it.
            The SPL was a dead duck,that’s why it’s been shelved.
            The thing that annoys me,is that a lot of Celtic minded people rightly abhor what went on at Ibrox. Do they think that Rangers supporters are over the moon about it?
            The Rangers fans want answers just as much as the next guy,and are more entitled to that than anybody. But you know what? It ain’t going to happen. They could try and get Mr Lawell to tell us why’but i doubt he’ll give you you the real reason either.As a fan for almost forty years i feel cheated by SDM. He financially raped my club before slinging it over a wall and walking away. Och aye,i feel fkn magic about what’s happened.

            • Fra

              @Stevie…..Good post mate but shit eventually comes out in the wash..We will eventually hear the truth. Normally when the culprits have left the building

              DECENT supporters deserve to know. Why is the 5 way agreement secret

  2. Steven Brennan

    I thought Beelzebub drove their bus.
    From Helen Street to Hellandback

  3. Jamie

    Looks like you can push the Easedales aff the bus

  4. Monti

    When I read the headline ” new coach for the the rangers” I immediately assumed that the sleekit, cheeky chappy had been transferred to Gregg’s the bakers.
    However I continued reading the latest copy of AN PHOBLACHT, with the sense of contentment that Celtic are in safe hands with our inspirational Irishman….

  5. Monti

    Q. With an ever expanding arse the size of McCoist’s, does he get a 3 seater sofa all to himself at the front of the bus?

    • Ayewell

      A back seat sofa would be much safer, save it from skidding on the ice.

      • Budweiser

        A back seat sofa would be much safer, save it from skidding on the ice.


        A back seat sofa on a Mc Gills bus would have £ 30k in used readies , behind it to halt the slide.

  6. Ed Pàislig

    Oh how the might have fallen (down dead). I remember when Moonbeams Murray would use his private jet to bring a prospective Rangers signings to his evil lair in the Channel Islands. Oh the MSM were in ecstasy over it – imagining it was a Boeing 777 with the MIH livery along the side. (Turns out it was some crap thing he leased from Deathtrap Air that nearly killed our national hero David Coulthard).
    Anyway, they have gone from high flyers to celebrating the leasing of a new bus “fully carpeted throughout!”.
    Hurry up Morag and buy another 10 season books for the family – I am so proud we have a new team bus!!!! How sad that the Sevco’s biggest achievement since their formation in 2012 is hiring a new bus.

    • Monti

      Nik Nak from ‘Fantasy Island’…”hey boss it’s a plane”…..:D

    • Monti

      Celtic are building a squad to be proud of, Champions league qualifiers, Champions of Scotland & Scottish cup winners, bringing young talented & progressive players to the club, while we already have multi million pound talent in the squad, we have a wonderfully run club from top to bottom, I’m sure John Park has a few gems up his sleave!

      the the rangers have a new team bus & a stadium riddled with asbestos……oh dear what a shame!
      It’s not their fault tho,it’s West ham & Chelsea’s…..:)

    • Niall Walker


      Please make your mind up, one minute you are condemning Rangers for their unaffordable opulence, the next minute you are ridiculing their thrift and humility.

      Just cannot please certain people.

    • MSM

      Following a very trying week here in Oz {politically speaking}, I laughed for ages on this one and in wee dark moments of deafening silence – I recalled the whole “Deathtrap Air” and chuckled {glares from stern faces around me}, who thought I found humour in Kev being crowned PM – although I did laugh about that too but not out loud!!!

  7. Does everyone still think sevco will fold this season ?

    • Ed Pàislig

      I don’t know Thomas but I will continue to say my prayers every night.

      • willy wonka

        Tam. Of course we will ! Have you not read what ten-names, Brennan, Thomson and most of the halfwits here have been saying ?
        It’s due to happen when Rangers lose the big tax case, have titles stripped, can’t afford to pay the current squad and…………….. oh, wait a minute.

        • Steven Brennan

          I have told you before about using my name.
          Be specific about whom you are referring to,when you are hiding behind your stupid alias.

          • willy wonka

            Who would be interested in anything YOU have to say ? Do you think the whole world automatically thinks of YOU when the name Brennan is used ?
            The one I refer to is a deluded clown. YOU are not even worth the consideration. So, no. I will not change the way I post.
            btw – I take it you contacted the bigot ten-names about not using his proper title ?

    • Niall Walker

      Everyone who has a malfunctioning brain.

  8. My goodness, the cashflow is severe they couldn’t afford the extra letter for second part of the number plate. How much does it cost to add an A? I feel so heartfelt sorry for them that I will personal have this added in – with a permanent marker :mrgreen:

  9. Parks buses ? what happened to them ?
    maybe this.
    Parks of Hamilton Coach Hire £7,256.00 Total debt to date: £26,815,156.64.

    Lets hope Mr Bruce can afford to take the hit when it comes.

  10. Number plate

    that will be

    Rule 1 Withhold Tax Payments

  11. Raymilland

    Audited accounts inspector:

  12. Monti

    Have the creditors been paid yet by the ‘same club’?……..aah didn’t think so!
    Wonder why that could be …..hmmm 🙂

  13. Monti

    Notice none of the current buns ( pun deliberately intended) don’t focus much on the creditors?
    Where’s David Murray these days?
    He used to get wheeled out in front of the cameras every Friday,telling us about casino’s,hotels,retractable pitches & the like…… gave me a right pain in my gullivers my brothers.
    ‘ A clockwork orange ‘ should be in everybody’s DVD collection!
    I’m singing in the rain,I’m singing in the rain…..

    • gortnamona

      This bus lark could be a good little earner, hiring it out for weddings, trips to the seaside etc. I suppose scenic trips around Glasgow might be stretching things.

      In the meantime:

    • Niall Walker

      ” Notice none of the current buns ( pun deliberately intended) don’t focus much on the creditors? ”

      When Monti wakes up will someone please explain to him what liquidation means, apart from Rangers are dead dead dead.

  14. barcabuster

    That’s the effin Daily effin Rhebel for you. Spinning the new bus lie! Who buys this effin Peter Liewell effin rhag anyway!
    It’s the same effin bus, ya thick f*ni*n f*c*e*s. Same effin colour, only its better and effin stronger! We have the same effin blue effin fluffy effin dice, which we bought from the auld holding bus. Fair ‘n effin square!
    We are effin squids in tae, because its got eff all mileage, but we bought the history aff the auld bus, and we didnae have tae wear a effin single tyre doon daein it. It disnae need an MOT yet, but that just because o’ that 3 effin year shoite that the rhabid haters invented when they were hanging aboot the school gates. The bheasts! Efter this effin 3yr pish is up, the AULD MOT will TUPE across from the AULD holding bus.
    Anybhody who tries to tell me its a new bus isnae a real true blue! A mean……Look at the drivers keyring, It’s even goat a wee plastic Willie Johnstone wi the ba’ glued tae his feet on it. FFS man. It’s time we aw stood together an boycotted that Daily Rhebel, ‘n the Liewell cabal at the SFA are nae better.
    New bus my arse!!! WATP! No effin surrender tae the effin mhanky mob .
    Bus NOW
    Bus THEN
    Bus FOREVER.

  15. willy wonka

    “Killer signing” for the Tattiedome . Rewarded with a 3 year contract –
    Should fit in well with the maggot that is Lennon.

    • gortnamona

      Scum now
      Scum then
      Scum forever

    • Budweiser

      They’re paying on the ‘ never never’ !

    • Budweiser

      “Killer signing” for the Tattiedome . Rewarded with a 3 year contract

      Surprised that Niall hasn’t berated you with ‘ hating in plurals’ with that comment. Then I don’t remember him accusing a rangers fan ever over anything. lol

      • Niall Walker


        I have berated the nutters on both sides, and defended Celtic, the Irish, Catholics, Catholicism and the Catholic Church from general abuse.

        Anymore and I will be made a saint.

        • Budweiser


          I have berated the nutters on both sides, and defended Celtic, the Irish, Catholics, Catholicism and the Catholic Church from general abuse.

          Anymore and I will be made a saint.


          Yes Niall, I have noted that . I have also noted your attacks on the above. A true neutral. Haven’t noted any ‘ hating in plurals ‘ directed towards rangers fans. Come on. It’s not difficult.
          Ref. our previous conversations on PRISM.
          ‘what does prism actually mean?’ – Dark side of the moon ! lol.

  16. Monti

    ” From within these walls I see the sun
    As it shines down on the hill
    Down into the valley
    And amongst the daffodils

    And when this war over
    And I see your face again
    I’ll tell you of the warriors
    Who put death before revenge”

    Graffiti on the wall,Graffiti on the wall……

  17. ccl

    Have they paid for the bus?

  18. JimBhoy

    Paul, looks like the Albion are gonna get first sight of said coach.. I hope it is an unhappy return down Glasgow way…

  19. JimBhoy

    I would have thought the tactical genius that is Sally would have needed two buses full of players to give him full options from his squad of 70… Remember , playing a better class of part timer this season..

  20. Dhougal

    If the bus breaks down (due to no diesel……garages fault !)bicycles & skateboards will be laid on ……..or you could all do the ”bouncy” to asbestos dome !

  21. Raymilland

    TRFC prepare to flex their muscle while simultaneously making new friends.

  22. Niall Walker

    I have compiled a list of conspirators determined to assist Rangers:

    1. SFA.
    2. UEFA.
    3. MSM.
    4. D&P.
    5. 42 Scottish football teams.
    6. Celtic F.C.
    7. SNP.
    8. BBC.

    It seems obvious to me the world is against Celtic fans, even their own club.

  23. Dave S.

    Nice vehicle, shame about the team …

  24. If Jimmy Bell drives the bus then is he trained to use a fire extinguisher?

    You never know….ey?

  25. Kevin

    Small point. But the company owned by the Easdales is McGill’s Buses and not McGill’s coaches. McGill’s do not run or operate coaches
    Bruce’s have the contract to supply Rangers with coaches.
    But why let the truth get in the way of a story!

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