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Crystal Palace – why this club is NOT returning to top-flight football – by AD Bryce

Before you ask…

No, I haven’t just woken from a coma.

No, the Championship play-off result has NOT been overturned!

Yes, I am aware of the record books showing that back in 2004-05 Palace were relegated in their first season back in the top flight since 1998.

Yes, I am aware that during their 107 year history, dating back to 1905 – a year of founding which graces their team badge, Crystal Palace F.C. has spent 14 seasons in the top flight of English football.

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Charlotte Fakes Reveals “Stud” Connection with Rangers’ Charles Green by Ecojon

I noticed one of the Charlotte Fakes ‘leaked’ docs had an email address for Charles Green: and I wondered whether this was kosher or faked as I hadn’t previously come across Green being connected with a company of that name.

A quick look showed the website registrant for was John Paul Fraser of Whitley Bay.  I wondered if he was connected with Paul Fraser from Newcastle who set-up Panceltica – the AIM company which floated in March 2008 with a market cap of £236 million and within two years had crashed, burned and was liquidated with most investors losing their lot.

But Paul Fraser is into construction and huge companies so would he be connected with a horse stud business whose non-working website is registered to a very modest Newcastle address with barely enough garden space for a Yorkie terrier let alone a donkey?

I then remembered that Green stayed at Holme Downe in Okehampton prior to his ultimately disastrous AIM venture in the Middle East with Medical Solutions which pre-dated him becoming vice chairman of Panceltica in his next AIM adventure. Continue reading


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Can Rangers Legitimately Register New Players on 1st September? Yes They Can

There was an interesting blog post by Daniel O’Connell brought to my attention at the weekend.

His contention was that Rangers would be breaching the terms of the SFA player registration rules by registering its new signings on 1st September, which is the day after the “registration embargo” accepted by Sevco Scotland Ltd (as it then was) as a condition of SFA membership. He stated “The intention was that the new club would be unable to register players until January 2014 (albeit after giving them the summer 2012 window to build up their squad for the assault on Division 3).”

He suggests that “The basis for this belief is that clubs can register “free agents” from September 1st, and that as Bell and Daly’s contracts with their previous clubs expire on June 30th, they will be free agents.”

He then refers to the SFA’s registration procedures here and especially Article 1.2 which reads:-

“A professional player who has failed to find employment during a registration period may sign and be registered for a club outwith the registration periods.”

He suggests that the fact that the “free agents” signed by Rangers “have found employment” means they cannot be registered outwith the transfer window, and thus cannot legitimately play for Rangers until January 2014. Is this then another alleged instance of the Scottish football authorities bending over backwards to Rangers, as some accuse them of doing? Continue reading


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How the Football Transfer Window Helped Prevent a Mortgage Repossession

Many unusual and unexpected things are heard in the courts of Scotland. However I had not, to my knowledge, been in court when reference was being made to the football transfer window, at least in a case that had nothing to do with football teams!

A couple of weeks ago, there was the usual crowd in Court 13 at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Lots of cases (83 to be precise) were on the list, many of them mortgage repossessions. Lots of people had turned up without representation in an effort to keep the roof over their heads.

Generally each case has its own specific circumstances – illness, separation, loss of employment – leading to mortgage arrears and frantic efforts to stave off repossession. From time to time an unusual solution to the problem is suggested, but generally it is only liberal applications of money which can solve the problems (there are actually far more things that a debtor can do to protect his position, but that is for elsewhere). Continue reading


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Dundee’s “Rescuer” Keyes Capital – Remarkable Change in Investment Strategy?

Dundee Football Club has had its share of financial trouble over recent years. Administration (twice). The ruinous Marr Brothers regime. Ravanelli. Caniggia. Giovanni Di Stefano. Arkan.

Despite this, and as a result of Rangers own woes last season, they had managed to make it back to the SPL before falling back out of it and missing a last minute reprieve because the SPL decided that Hearts have not quite yet suffered an Insolvency Event.

The latest saviour to turn up at the gates of Dens Park is Keyes Capital of Texas, represented by John Nelms.

Sometimes I read things that baffle me – this is one of them.

The BBC reported on its rescue bid, which is apparently hanging in the balance. Continue reading


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