How Headines Can Misrepresent A Story – Rangers and Pinsent Masons Edition

At the end of my post this morning about the Pinsent Masons investigation into “the connections between Craig Whyte and former and current personnel of the Company and its subsidiaries” I wondered how the mainstream media might report matters.

The answer has come quickly.

The BBC has a story, which can be found here, headlined “RANGERS CONFIRM NO LINKS BETWEEN CRAIG WHYTE AND CHARLES GREEN.”

The Scotsman’s website has a similar story here. That has the headline – “RANGERS PROBE FINDS NO GREEN-WHYTE LINKS”.


Maybe I am obtuse. Maybe I have problems reading. But the statement released to the Stock Exchange today, and reproduced in my earlier post, does not say any of the things mentioned in the headlines!

Mr Green is not mentioned at all, so there is no “confirmation” of there being no link between Messrs Green and Whyte. The Record headline, referring vaguely to the “new regime” might pass muster, but again it is not what the report summary produced says. That states that he had no involvement with the PLC which owns the company which owns the business and assets which make up the football club, nor with the company which owns the business and assets etc. By “new regime” does the Record mean the post Charles Green administration?

When stories are spun so blatantly, it ought to focus attention on who is briefing the press that the truth is in fact different from what the published story is – especially when we can all read the statement and see that the headlines do NOT reflect it!

So three leading media organisations in Scotland all produce headlines which misrepresent the report theya re commenting on!

However praise should go to STV news.

Under the headline – “NO LINKS BETWEEN CRAIG WHYTE AND RANGERS NEWCO” CLAIMS INVESTIGATION – it includes the following paragraph.

Rangers did not comment on the investigation’s findings on the alleged links between Mr Green, Mr Whyte and Sevco 5088 – a separate company which had an exclusive deal with Rangers’ administrators to buy the club’s assets.

That is one of the points I flagged up this morning, and well done to STV for raising it.

However, as Rangers have said that they will not comment any further because of Mr Whyte’s threatened legal action, there are unlikely to be answers given to the questions.

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239 responses to “How Headines Can Misrepresent A Story – Rangers and Pinsent Masons Edition

  1. Raymilland

    Memo from Walter (new chairman)

    To Campbell (ex chairman)

    RE P&M Report

    ‘Eliminate the negative an’ latch on to the affirmative’

  2. Fra

    C’mon Charlotte. Put this to bed once and for all. The toxic club has got all hands on deck but they’re issued with little bitty buckets and the waters coming on board faster than they can get it over the side.

    Cardie can’t count coins but he’s given the honorary top honchos job. I may be a cynic but is it just to appease the hordes to ONCE AGAIN empty their pockets of all it’s contents. Wake up lads before it’s too late.

    Au Revoir the sinking ship that was once rangers. Tatty boogle chappies

  3. Monti


    • JimBhoy

      Wattie on top the man whose spending policy killed rangers..!!!!

    • graham

      They say if you say a lie long enough you begin to believe its the truth ….
      Well it ain’t gona happen with the Rangers
      Wake up jungle jim’s
      Rangers are not dead and Won’t ever die !
      Over a year on since quite a lot of people
      Have been on here saying we are dead !!
      That we Wont be here by next Christmas .. Easter .. Start of next season … All have doomsday dates predicted have come and gone .. We have took the sporting integrity
      Punishment for alleged crime that we have subsequently been found not guilty of on the chin and are still standing and have completed stage one of our comeback …
      Then … Now … Forever

      • SairFecht

        Ah-ah-ayayaayayayaaaah! (Tarzan call). Beating of chest! Monkeys throughout the tree-tops screech and beat chests! Not guilty on the chin, m’lud! Ayayayayayayaayayayaayayayaya!

  4. People asking on here Walters business sense,it’s simples,
    Get an EBT son come and join us.
    Cleansing the club more like hiding the dirty laundry.

  5. JimBhoy

    stuff pending my typo

  6. I am more and more convinced that the SFA, SPL, SFL office share now looks like this…

  7. Can’t see the big deal here at all with Cardigan and Pisshead exchanging places on the board.All this means is that they will sell their season books quicker to the gullible zombies who would have got Wonga loans to buy them anyway.
    At the end of the day Sevco are Friar Tucked,with a massive black hole in their working capital,as soon as the spivs cash in their chips for penny shares in December.
    Unsustainable business model on life support…no need to worry…..It’s over before the end of this year.Sevco are dead.

    • graham

      Then … Now . Forever ….
      We have not died
      We will not be going away
      And in the words of arnie
      We will be back to get it rite up you fartybhoy

      • You died last year…..ZOMBIE… attention thickly.

        • graham

          Nope still alive a kicking fatbhoy
          Ask Uefa …
          Ask the fifth largest home and 15 th largest in fhe whokr of europe !! support in the whole of the UK for last season 2012/ 2013
          But like all the great unwashed fans say why let the truth get in the way of a good story
          Then … Now… Forever

          • Steven Brennan

            As long as you believe that, walter and co will keep on taking the money.

          • SairFecht

            Graham! Just trying to decipher some of the above…should that be ‘whore of Europe?’…for further reference see post on Walter’s success below.

            • graham

              Sair ,
              Glad you can decipher things ..but alas u have missed the point
              But let me clear it up for you… Rangers had the
              5th largest home crowd in the UK
              15th largest home gates in Europe
              I think u can decipher that into
              The rangers fc are not dead
              Then … Now .. Forever ..
              You and many of your friends have tried you best to kill off our club and have failed

      • Geddy Lee

        Oh I think you’ll find the old rangers are indeed dead.

        The team you now follow are called “the rangers” and were formed by Charles Green.

        That’s why they are plying their trade in the depths of Scottish part time football, as they wait with baited breath to see if they will eventually be issued with a licence to play .

        Until then the new club is not even allowed to vote on matters concerning Scottish football.

        I honestly thought everyone knew this.

        THE END.

  8. graham

    Tick tock Paul

  9. SairFecht

    Of course Walter was a hugely successful manager – he was practically given a book stuffed with blank cheques by SDM that every other football manager in Scotland could only dream of. Money that we now know didn’t exist, funding players on a mass tax avoidance/evasion (take your pick) scheme and leaving creditors stuffed for millions, a trail of debt through Scotland and Europe, Scottish football dragged through the mire and an ultimate tale of corruption, double-dealing and possible criminality that has practically filled the pages of the media on a daily basis for considerably more than a year. Great success, Walter! Let’s build on that!

    • graham

      Siar face ,
      You are spot on with your corruption ,double dealing and acts of criminality ,point above
      I can’t wait for the criminals who have carried out these crimes against my club to
      Be brought to justice along with the rascals In the tax office who leaked the private information appertaining to the clubs tax affairs to bloggers ( phil &paul) , who used it to try and close our club down ..
      But failed ..

  10. Fra

    Graham’s a fanny in denial. Haha. There is no rangers ya fud. They died and are about to again. Liquidation fanny face means death.

    • graham

      sair fecht
      Sorry my I phone changed your name name
      Was a genuine mistake ….

      Fra ..
      You are the fanny !! check with Uefa , the history of the most successful domestic club in the world is unbroken … Get it rite round
      You !!!
      54 titles and still going strong !!
      Catch us if you can with you tainted titles ..
      You and your bigoted pals will never close us down despited your best attempts !!
      So unbroken history means not dead

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