TyroneBhoy Replies to the “Crystal Palace = Rangers” Post

Your assertion that because a different company now owns “Crystal Palace” means that the club is a different club is not quite correct.

Crystal Palace was incorporated as in 1905 and remained within this legal structure until 1984 when a new company was set up called “Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” and set ups as a subsidiary of “The Crystal Palace Football and Athletic Club Limited”.

“Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” took over the operation of the business and assets of the football club but remained as part of the group structure of “The Crystal Palace Football and Athletic Club Limited”. It changed its name to “Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” in May 1986 before being placed into administration in March 1999.

“Crystal Palace FC 2000 Limited” was set up in 2000 by Simon Jordan to purchase the club from administration and like you say it only purchased the assets and business of the club, not the company itself and so like the current situation with Rangers/Sevco, is not the same company and so could be treated as a new club.

The difference with the Rangers/Sevco situation and the situation with Crystal Palace (and other teams in England) is that “Crystal Palace FC 2000 Limited” was able to purchase the single share in the league previously owned by “The Crystal Palace Football and Athletic Club Limited” and latterly “Crystal Palace FC (1986) Limited”. This was permitted by the Football League and so the football authorities in England consider this to be the same club, even if operated by a different company.

Where your argument falls down in trying to link this case to Rangers/Sevco is that while Sevco was allowed to purchase the assets and business of Rangers Football Club Plc, it was not permitted to purchase the SPL share. Had Sevco been permitted to purchase the SPL share, we could argue that it was the same club as before but now, that argument is flawed.

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637 responses to “TyroneBhoy Replies to the “Crystal Palace = Rangers” Post

  1. mick

    no matter what makes the public domain it is still admissible so if a was conned of a thousand pound and write to watchdog they print it and the evidence on line does this make it nill and void clutching at straws there adam don’t forget these are legal big wigs and know the law in side out cooperate law in England will deliver the fatal blow lol hahahahahahaha pay up or die of the bill to whyte lol wee criagy bhoy has yous by the short and curlies dear bhoy lol green stole the assets from whyte its pay back time don’t for get his msm stuff to and his character assassination claim all the msm favors have back fired

    • Bill

      Would still like that confirmed by someone who knows what the fck they’re talking about .

      • barcabuster

        It is still admissable. My mate got done for speeding the other day. Do you think he will get off with it if I give him a namecheck on tweeter……I’m off to rob a bank now!

          • mick

            barcas clever and Paul would only give you same answer Paul might not want dragged in to the con that is sevco Scotland and 5088 green and whyte don’t forget jabba had him on the sort list last year as a hater when he tried to tell and warn yous the signs were there but jabba was recruited to silence the doubters why should he after all he was the only 1 trying to help yous but the sevco pr machine was in full swing to silence him the main concern on here when a joined was the shareholders in oldco and creditors but jabba spinned it as wanting to harm the club

    • Adam

      Will you be man enough to admit you lied about 2 rangers fans murdering a Celtic fan in Coatbridge in what you described as a sectarian murder mick?

      Will you put your hands up and say “I did not read that online, I made it up”

  2. mick

    am on the ball with it bill a have read 90% of articles online about sevco and was right in my predictions about whyte being behind green thats how much a have learned in my time blogging you yourself bill laughed at me when a said whyte was still there or there abouts the thing that got me was David Griar the d&ps man with whyte before admin a did think ticketus was still there thou this was wrong my predictions is liquidation of newco before court so the main players don’t incriminate there selfs and whyte gets the assets via long legal battle its a busted flush and greens to blame he should have stuck to plan A instead of being greedy and conning the lot from whyte this will run and run till sevco die its over now bar a sale to tesco but all good things come to those who wait lol

    • Adam

      Will you be man enough to admit you lied about 2 rangers fans murdering a Celtic fan in Coatbridge in what you described as a sectarian murder mick?

      Will you put your hands up and say “I did not read that online, I made it up”

      • Monti

        you weren’t ‘man’ enough to tell us what the ‘bouncy’ is a reference to,were you!
        Stand firm Mick.

        • Adam

          The myth is that it relates to the murder of Robert Hamill in 1997 however as stated, i can remember doing the bouncy in the late 80’s both at Rangers games in the old enclosure and at Scotland games in the Rangers end at Hampden.

          Unless there is alternative theory im not aware of that predates the late 80’s then im at a loss as to what you mean.

  3. mick

    the only thing that can be seen as solution to this is bdo undo sale and demand police charge d&ps green and whyte with massive fraud that is technically what it is liquidate sevco scotland and all companys surrounding it then have fresh asset sale all this is still possible

    • barcabuster

      If you lump together the fighting fund, and the reported wonga the Sevconians pumped in for shares. They could have outbid Chicco. Unfortunately they weren’t offered it…..Something to do with an exclusivity agreement.

      • mick

        that agreement is were the crime lays green whyte and Grier that saw the the crooked deal and con throw and set the ball rolling for the spivs miller paid his and got it back lol lucky him

  4. mick


    For evidence to be admissible, it must tend to prove or disprove some fact that is at issue in the proceeding. However, if the utility of this evidence is outweighed by its tendency to cause the factfinder to disapprove of the party it is introduced against for some unrelated reason, it will not be admissible. Furthermore, certain public-policy considerations bar the admission of otherwise relevant evidence.

    For evidence to be admissible enough to be admitted, the party proffering the evidence must be able to show that the source of the evidence makes it so. If the evidence is in the form of witness testimony, the party introducing the evidence must lay the groundwork for the credibility of the witness, and his knowledge of the things to which he attests. Hearsay is generally barred for its lack of reliability. If the evidence is documentary, the party proffering the evidence must be able to show that it is authentic, and must be able to demonstrate the chain of custody from the original author to the present holder. The trial judge performs a “gatekeeping” role in excluding unreliable testimony.

    you do a post on it bill and see what answers you get for and agianst and presidents set in law from older cases am ready for night classes lol

  5. More Laugh a Minute Reading…
    From the Scottish Monitor…

    The CE says:
    Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 16:20

    Now that the season’s finished I would just like to commiserate with the fans of the six SPL club’s who went out of business this season. 🙂

    On a serious note how did Armageddon work out for everyone?

    Yes I’m sure fans of the following clubs are gutted at the way the SPL’s turned out without the deceased Rangers.

    Celtic – Easy-ish league win, Champions League knockouts, SC Win.
    Motherwell – 2nd spot – Europe
    St Johnstone – 3rd spot – Europe
    Ross County and Inverness Caley – Both finishing high in the league after record breaking seasons
    St Mirren – Won a cup
    Hearts – Got to a cup final, but continue to navigate choppy financial waters.
    Hibs – Got to a cup final – will play in Europe
    Dundee – Relegated as expected, made some money thanks to the death of Rangers
    Dundee United – Made more from Dundee derbies than they would have off Rangers, did well in cups, including a near full house and Sky’s money for televising the absolute spanking they gave the tribute act.
    Kilmarnock and Aberdeen – Meh, no real change either way.

    Yup, an absolute disaster for all concerned in the SPL.

    Looking an absolute mile down the leagues:

    Rangers – Won the Third Division with the second biggest budget in the country, failed to beat fourth tier records of Gretna and East Fife, lost to the likes of Annan and Stirling, and endured early cup exits to QoS, DUFC and ICT.

  6. Niall Walker

    ” failed to beat fourth tier records of Gretna and East Fife,”

    But…but…but….Gretna is dead, and their history dies with them.

    Come on East Fife.

  7. mick

    sally must stay lol

  8. Budweiser

    For anybody interested in BB’s statement re. Exovaticana — enjoy !

    • BB

      The question was asked in relation to the poster’s comments on astronomy. It’s something the vatican seem very interested after all-

      • Budweiser

        ‘The question was asked in relation to the poster’s comments on astronomy. It’s something the vatican seem very interested after all-‘

        So what’s your take on it BB ? I suppose a God by definition means ‘alien’ to us mortals. Do you believe the story ?

        • BB

          I believe the infinite God is creator of the universe. I am curious as to the vatican’s high level of interest in astronomy .Jesus is a supernatural being who will return The scriptures will be fulfilled. Some have been already. Read isaiah 53. Written 500 years before ir happened.Daniel Matthew Thessalonians and Revelation all tie in to the end times prophesy

          • Budweiser

            Yeees – I think. The planet Nibaru [ planet X to some ] was prophesised to hit earth in Dec 22nd – then feb 2013- april 2013. However you continue with your ‘ predictions ‘. What’s the weather like next week ?

          • Budweiser


            Don’t I know you from somewhere ? Are you the guy with the sandwich board from Suchiehall St.?

  9. barcabuster

    The people who really count have lost out again. Another £1m sucked from the creditors pot. The real cost of corporate mismanagment.

    • BB

      If you really cared about the creditors I’m sure you would rather the cva was accepted. Stuff that though eh That would’ve kepr Rangers in the top league. Why you not badgering the spl for rangers prize money? Surely that would help those left high and dry by shyster whyte. Oh wait. He got rangers liquidated so he’s a great guy. Mmm. Sorry creditor people . We know you lost out but it allowed us to stick it to rangers, which is far more important obviously. Poor creditors. As if!

      • barcabuster

        That was kind of you to point out to me what I really think.
        Unfortunately, I am not a Sevconian and have my own mind.
        So Rangers suffered consequences, i.e. liquidation, for their failure to pay their way. Big Deal!
        I would rather they didn’t get in that position in the first place, and the creditors received 100p to the pound. That is how the world works Rangers actions were foreseeable and preventable. They elected not to act and continued to rack up debt, knowing it would not be paid. They elected their own demise.
        If you are angry and looking for somebody to blame for the death of your club, then look to its killers. It’s killers were not my heroes. They were yours!
        Your psychic abilities that have you the gift of mind reading, should have been applied to them..
        Failing that, you should have least have given google a wee go.
        Please do not try to place the blame for the disaster that befell them at my door. and have a bit of respect for yourself and stop trying to defend the indefensible.
        They did it, and now they are gone.

        • BB

          Says you putting words in my mouth. I never blamed anyone. I referred to folk enjoying the fact despite their alleged sympathy with taxpayers and creditors. The stuff of nonsense.

          • Monti

            Yes you did!

          • barcabuster

            And what is wrong with enjoying watching a corrupt, deceitful, organisation, go to the big bad fire, for cheating the people of the country it claims to love? Not only the common working man, but our schools and hospitals, and even its own disciples.
            To hell and be damned.

            • BB

              the only guy i know who was responsible for not paying paye was whyte, and he is hated for it at ibrox. Celtic fans love him. go figure.were you so concerned for tax payers when glasgow city council absorbed costs when celtic were redeveloping parkhead? nope. go figure. as for the last part. in the name of Christ Jesus i reject that completely! how dare you! how very dare you! unfortunately for you where i end up is not you’re decision. bigot.

          • barcabuster

            To hell and be damned was notaimed at you, but at the cabal of rogues and thieves known as Rangers.
            There is no denying that is what they are. The extensive list of creditors proves that.
            I have no care who or what decides your final resting place, and if you choose to believe you will find yourself perched on a fluffy white cloud playing a harp, who am I to try to convince you otherwise?
            Why should I?
            As such, your claim that I am abigot( I assume you mean in a religious context) is 100% baseless!
            If of course, you mean that I have no tolerance of corruption and supremecist attitudes, and that I abhor religiuos fanaticism and preachers of violence and hatred, who inflict pain and subjegation on their fellow man, then I am indeed guilty.
            I would be grateful if you would take the time to inform me of which particular brand of bigotry I stand accused of.

            • BB

              You lack tolerance and display a clear contempt for folk with an alternative point of view.That is bigotry. The creditors? See Craig Whyte, it is his responsibility, but hey, the guy is a hero at Celtic so best be careful.

  10. Budweiser

    Oh aye ! Just off to work are you? Come on – when did you get the i pad ?
    A sneaky move that – posting the results of your vatican investigations under the pseudonym of BB .

    • BB

      Erm, I asked a question about a telescope matey. What planet are you on? 🙂

      • Budweiser

        I knew it ! replying to a post about cam ! cam, you old devil [oops]. When did you get fundamentalism ?
        Is that ‘capstone’ the one on the dollar bill – you know – with the eye on it – I love a good conspiracy lol.

      • Budweiser

        BB. – I hope it’s a very different planet than the one you seem to inhabit – matey ! Tried preacher’s corner yet ?

  11. charliedon

    It’s the way of the world. In a liquidation event the creditors get shafted and the only people who usually profit are the shysters who caused the company to be liquidated and the lawyers who sort out the mess at great expense to the creditors.

    • barcabuster

      I know mate. It only makes it worse knowing it is legal.!
      In all likelihood, the majority of creditors will get diddly squat. Possibly all of them, as the BDO investigation still has more mileage to clock up.. It makes me feel a bit better knowing that D&P were able to strike such a good deal on behalf of the creditors.
      Imagine how much the poor sods would have got if D&P never negotiated such a good deal!
      Corporate law is a nasty machine. People who hide behind it, to avoid their responsibility are nastier!

  12. Niall Walker

    I didn’t know ” the bunnet ” moved to France to avoid paying tax, so he paid no tax on the 30 million he made from Celtic ?

    Shameful behavior in anyone’s eyes, good sound businessman though, great Celtic fan I hear..

  13. BB
    May 29, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    The bible is indeed full of horrific human behaviour, and there are consequences. God does love us though. When jesus saw lazarus’ family weeping it grieved him terribly

    Lazarus !!!!!
    one man and Jesus got so upset he brought him back from the dead,
    All those children dying of starvation in Africa and other countries, All those Rape and Child Abuse cases, well if there is an all powerful god,it seems to have run out of compassion for any and all of them,
    I would think that any all powerful all knowing God that allowed this and the likes of the holocaust, should go down on it’s knees and beg forgiveness from mankind, they say he is the ultimate father, well if any earthly father stood back knowing this was going to happen he would be jailed and shunned by the rest of humanity

    If God is all knowing and All powerful why would he abandon a child to rape, carried out by religious men working in his name, why no divine intervention, the child is devastated and the Rapist,well he just needs to say sorry and every thing is hunky dory again.

    • BB

      The world is in a terrible mess, it didn’t have to be this way.but…Genesis 3…
      The lazarus episode was to demonstrate God’s power over death! Jesus wept at the consequences of our sin, of our rebellion against God. He also suffered terribly, for all of us who call on Him. There will be a time and place where there will be no more suffering. Rest assured.As for those in darkness, God is a just God, he will avenge.

      • Budweiser


        You really are a self righteous, sanctimonious twit – I substituted an ‘a’ there !

        • BB

          Not at all. Being a christian means accepting you’re own failings, (which i can assure you i do) acknowledging them, repenting, to deny the self and follow Christ. .You should read the book.

  14. Adam

    @ mick

    “May 29, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Was reading over on kds A young Celtic man was murdered in a sectarian attack 2 arrests a man and a women there was a women murdered to after the Hun title party sick and sad these evil people killing people innocent and alone a hope they rotten in hell every year we shocking amounts of Celtic blood poured on the streets to the point our own government tried to fiddle the figures surrounding it when a chart was done on it the murder rate was never released god rest the souls of the men and women who fall at the hands of evil and may they rest in peace we shall over come.”


    29 May 2013 Last updated at 21:24

    Two people have appeared in court in connection with the death of a man found in a Coatbridge car park.

    The body of Mark Donnelly, 27, from Motherwell, was discovered in Hozier Street on Sunday morning.

    Martin MacMaikain, 28, from Bellshill and Amanda Cook, 21, from Coatbridge appeared at Airdrie Sheriff Court on charges of murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

    So having made up total lies about sectarian murders resulting in Celtic blood being poured on the street, mick, when unable to provide a link, refused to admit he made the sectarian and Rangers accusation up. There was no such post on kds yesterday.

    The 2 people have now been caught and the charge they faced has no sectarian element attached to it whatsoever. Not withstanding that though, even if it did turn out to be sectarian, the fact remains that mick came on here and lied to everyone about something he has read when he hadnt.

    I dont know if people can remember my bits of coal/wood analogy but im going to repeat it.

    I once read a story about a bonfire that lasted for a month. Not sure if it was true or an old wifeys tale, but apparently, each day after the 5th November, around 20 kids would each throw 1 piece of wood on the fire at night and this allowed the fire to burn and burn until one day a month later, local residents doused it with water.

    For me, I see the Old Firm rivalry as a Bonfire and in my opinion, the Internet forums are the kids with the wood. The problem i see though, is there are some who don’t realise that they are throwing that bit of wood onto the fire, then there are a whole bunch of people who are re-building the entire fire every single night.

    Which brings me back to mick. Somebody will have read what he wrote yesterday and told people about it at work and in the pub. They will then tell others as well and before you know it theres hundreds, maybe thousands who will recap that a boy in Coatbridge was murdered by a “hun” They then wont correct themselves with the truth and whilst the original reader may now know that mick lied, the rest dont.

    Thats the bits of wood. Thats what keeps the hatred alive. It keeps the hatred burning. The Islam flag thing is another example. I guarantee you there will still be people who think that happened and will never remember that it was proven to be lies.

    14 Thumbs up for mick yesterday and one solitary thumbs down tells its own story. I would like to think the 14 of you return the compliment on this post or hold your hands up and openly condemn mick for starting this rubbish on here.

    He wrongly incited hatred and should be brought to task by all the good members of the forum.

    If we cant start dousing the flames amongst respectable elements of the Old Firm, then we truly have no chance of ever puting the flames out.

    • Paul McG


      Normally I do not give Thumbs up or Down to any comments but in this case have made an exception. Broadly agree with your comments regarding possible incitement before any facts have been made known

    • cam

      Well said Adam,the guy is an embarassment to decent behaviour.The hypocrites who laud him are secretly embarassed but can’t be seen to turn against him.

    • Den


      I wish there were more people on here like you.

      A reasoned and measured post.

      I have given a thumbs up.

  15. Adam

    Announcement to stock exchange:

    Rangers International Football Club plc (the “Company”)

    Conclusion of Independent Review

    On behalf of Rangers International Football Club plc, the non-executive directors of the Company (the “Investigation Committee”) engaged the law firm Pinsent Masons LLP to investigate the connections between Craig Whyte and former and current personnel of the Company and its subsidiaries (the “Investigation”).

    The Investigation was overseen by Roy Martin QC.

    The Investigation concluded on 17 May 2013 and Pinsent Masons and Roy Martin QC have reported to the Investigation Committee. The Investigation Committee is satisfied that a thorough investigation was conducted despite the inherent limitations of a private inquiry.

    Based on the assessment of the available evidence, the Company considers that the Investigation found no evidence that Craig Whyte had any involvement with Sevco Scotland Limited (now called The Rangers Football Club Limited), the company which ultimately acquired the business and assets of The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. from its administrators; nor which would suggest that Craig Whyte invested in The Rangers Football Club Limited or Rangers International Football Club plc, either directly or indirectly through any third party companies or vehicles.

    On 28 May 2013, a letter before claim was sent to (inter alia) The Rangers Football Club Limited and Rangers International Football Club plcon behalf of Craig Whyte, Aidan Earley and (purportedly) Sevco 5088 Limited. The Rangers Football Club Limited and Rangers International Football Club plc will be preparing a robust response to the letter before claim. However, given that legal proceedings are threatened in the letter before claim, it would not be appropriate to make public any further content from the report or to comment further about the contents. Pinsent Masons’ and Roy Martin’s reports to the Company are confidential and legally privileged. This announcement is not intended to and does not serve to waive privilege in the contents of the reports which remain confidential and legally privileged.

  16. Budweiser


    I have already read YOUR book and wasn’t impressed. Why don’t you try Richard Dawkins – ‘The God Delusion ? Failing that, we could agree not to preach on the site.

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