How the Football Transfer Window Helped Prevent a Mortgage Repossession

Many unusual and unexpected things are heard in the courts of Scotland. However I had not, to my knowledge, been in court when reference was being made to the football transfer window, at least in a case that had nothing to do with football teams!

A couple of weeks ago, there was the usual crowd in Court 13 at Glasgow Sheriff Court. Lots of cases (83 to be precise) were on the list, many of them mortgage repossessions. Lots of people had turned up without representation in an effort to keep the roof over their heads.

Generally each case has its own specific circumstances – illness, separation, loss of employment – leading to mortgage arrears and frantic efforts to stave off repossession. From time to time an unusual solution to the problem is suggested, but generally it is only liberal applications of money which can solve the problems (there are actually far more things that a debtor can do to protect his position, but that is for elsewhere).

So when another case on the list called, no one was listening too much. But in this case, which is uncommon, the debtor had a solicitor appear for him, and one of the most respected and able lawyers in the city.

His client wanted to keep the two properties which were subject to repossession proceedings before the court that day. He anticipated substantial sums soon which would allow him to resolve matters. (So far nothing unusual).

However the source of funds was connected to the imminent opening of the transfer window. As the lawyer told the court, his client was a football agent who had a number of players on his books, some of whom were lined up for imminent transfers, with resultant payments to the agent. And that would solve the problem!

The archetypal football agent - but Eric Hall is not the subject of this post!

The archetypal football agent – but Eric Hall is not the subject of this post!

The Sheriff was interested – to be fair he was, as is his job, interested in every case which called, but clearly this had an additional element. The Sheriff asked if the lawyer could name the players who were about to be sold. No, came the response, but watch the papers!

The Sheriff did not pry further (which was in fact unusual as this was clearly an issue that was important to the question of when the mortgage arrears would be paid!)

The Sheriff agreed to give the debtor further time and repossession was prevented.

Even though the court list is a public document, I have decided not to name the football agent in question. The individual has been named in the press often enough in various different contexts over the years. However, what I can say is that anyone curious enough to look up the SFA website and its list of registered football agents will NOT find the person’s name!

I have no doubt that the lawyer gave the court the truth and nothing but the truth. Presumably he felt that the whole truth, namely that his client was not actually a REGISTERED agent, would have muddied the waters.

Indeed it is possible to act for a footballer and, when licensed activities are to be carried out, have a registered agent do the necessary. This explanation might have confused the issue for the court.

A mysterious football agent (who might not actually be an "Agent")

A mysterious football agent (who might not actually be an “Agent”)

Hopefully the debtor will have matters sorted by the next time the cases call – if not, then the Sheriff might be taking rather more of an interest in the names of the players who are about to be moved along!

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  1. cam

    Football agents are one of the main reasons why the game is going to the dogs.Usually the players have most of their brains in their feet,so having some wide boy looking after their commercial image rights and making videos of them playing well,in order to get another payday makes sense to the poor wee souls.
    Didn’t think that much of the CL final last night,typical German efficiency and ruined by that nyaff Robben.Extra time would have been fairer and 53-52 in Dortmunds favour at penalties.
    Thank god the fitba’s finished,,,get the tennis on!

    • Adeste Fideles

      Pretty sure there’s at least one more game to go before it’s all over.


      • cam

        Oh yes,,i forgot about the legends game in Hong Kong,,,another final for the Gers.The youngsters were in the final too.The word is being spread in the east.
        With the new signings of Law,Bell and Daly,does this affect the next administration date?,,,i know the loons in here are always right about thses things.
        Mick?,,,,,whats the latest rumours from the deviant boards?

      • The football’s all over for ‘them’, and if it doesn’t involve ‘them’ then it doesn’t exist.

        They’ll still be raging though.

        Jealousy is my guess.

    • Mike Brough

      “Thank god the fitba’s finished,,”.

      To be fair, as a Rangers fan, you could have been saying that since the start of the season.

    • Ed Paisley

      If you are talking about the EPL, the players are entitled to a reasonable share of the Sky money. However some of the money should be used to keep ticket prices affordable for all strata of society. The boom times for TV money will end some time – probably when internet streaming becomes a more enjoyable experience.
      P.S. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain agrees with me because he said something similar on his blog, and I’m sure you will agree with me that Phil is a man of unparalleled insight and intelligence who has a genuine love of Scottish football (except for Gers – the incubators of sectarian hatred).

      • cam

        Afternoon Ted,i think if you read back a few hundred years you will find that the seed of intolerance and hatred took root when some chaps took exception to some control freaks telling them what to think about Christianity.
        For this heinous sin they were burnt,slaughtered, exiled and forced to listen to Glen Daly.
        All of the stuff after that is a by product.
        The wages that footballers earn is an obscenity relative to their skill.
        Tennis time,,,real athletes,no hatred,just sport in its true form,,,magnificent.

        • Ed Paisley

          But Cam, you believe in unfettered capitalism – let the poor starve because they are just lazy and feckless. But now you advocate some kind of wage control that interferes with the operation of a free and flexible labour market. I am disappointed in that lack of purity of youe economic dogma.
          BTW I apologise for describing Gers as the incubators of sectarian hatred. As you say, that all started with the reformation. I meant to say Gers are the modern bastions of the centuries old sectarian hatred that still affects the West of Scotland. But things are improving now – some of my best friends are bluenoses and I have removed the “no huns” condition from my organ donor card. Yes we live in more harmonious times now thank goodness. See you cam – enjoy the green and white festival of football today. Ted.

        • Paul

          John McEnroe, Lost us with your opening paragraph maybe enlighten further with your history knowledge.

  2. cam

    how many sevco leg-ends are there in the Hong Kong tournaments?

    are they F.I.L.T.H ?

    (Failed In London, Try Hong Kong)

  3. cam

    Remember all that fuss about Phil’s pamphlet being pulled from bookstores?
    I see that there could be dark forces at work again.
    Its like medieval times again.Suppress the stories that you don’t want folk to see.

    • Gortnamona

      Yes Cam
      The scum (team and tribe) you support have always been refreshingly open about their sectarian bigotry and drunken mayhem, which in some strange way demonstrates that they are the chosen people of the Almighty.
      They wouldn’t have been my choice, but the Big Guy moves in mysterious ways, so I’m told.

      • cam

        Yes,i agree a very mysterious entity,byt i’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress up in a long frock and pointy hat.

        • cam
          May 26, 2013 at 12:08 pm

          …pretty sure he doesn’t dress up in a long frock and pointy hat.

          That’s the Ku Klux Klan, fascist bastards and first cousins to the the Ibrox bigots.

          • Maggie

            Didn’t someone claim that their Scots-Irish forebears were responsible for introducing moonshine and the KKK to America ?
            In fact it was more than a claim,it was a boast.Kudos for that wonderful addition to the cultural zeitgeist of the “poor white trash” demographic.

      • Gortnamona

        I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to advise Him on His apparel, but would humbly suggest a visit to SpecSavers before He makes His next team selection.

        • cam

          He’s gone awfy quiet since the white smoke got blew up the chimney.I wonder if he’s busy trying to control all those Italian newspapers with stories of scandals within the walls of the Vatican?
          And where are they sending poor wee Keith to sort himself out with prayers?,,,yup the Vatican!!!
          Imagine the hypocrisy involved in standing there giving it the fire and brimstone while all the while the old devil downstairs is out of control!!
          Marky Mhark the bhoy Daly could win a real award if he could infiltrate that vipers nest.

    • Paul

      Eh kindle is not really a book and cam if the book you refer to is published in hard back then i am sure most of the bloggers on here would read it and comment on it, When will you realise this blog is about getting news out and not covering up the stories. Hence the Sevco threads.Do you think everyone on here are lunatic catholics who sweep sweep, and even if some are catholic in the true sense of christianity do you think they would not comment on this news and insist that justice is done, Reality check your blog is intended to point score, point of blog missed,If you applied the same degree of scrutiny to your team maybe you would see the truth that you have been well and truly screwed and are blinded by your own bigotry that will keep you going to the well until it is dried up and gone. Marching season and season tickets coming to a stadium near you.
      Hail Hail friend keep me posted when the book is published so i can read it. Yours truly an Atheist.

      • Gortnamona

        Yes Paul
        Publish and be damned I certainly don’t want anything covered up.

        Every single Ranger’s supporter that has appeared on this forum has had the warped belief that an attack on the Catholic Church is a justified defence of their club.

        Also that the failings of the Catholic Church in the Republic of Ireland justified the mistreatment and denial of basic rights to Catholic citizens of the UK. Any comment David?

        • Den


          Not every single Rangers supporter has attacked the Catholic Church. Some undoubtedly have, but not all.

        • @ Paul & gort there is thinking abroad among many who still believe the Reformation is still under threat. That’s why they stand outside someone else’s church, wearing dayglo acrylic, banging a big drum! It’s in defence of hard won religious freedom.
          You also have to wonder why if people’s religious affiliations are of no consequence why are constant references made to it. Including gratuitous jibes one contributor on here who has an affinity with Buddism. We know the contributor who has this OCD with the religion of others.
          For my money the Catholic church has much to answer for both historically & in more recent times. However. what has that got to do with Celtic, & the legal & moral quagmire engulfing Sevco we are regularly invited to comment upon on this blog?

        • david

          Gortnamora, why are you asking me?
          I am no big fan of the Catholic Church but overall it is a force for good in the world .
          It failed the citizens of the Irish Republic but that is not, and never was, an excuse for any mistreatment of UK Catholic citizens.
          I really dont give a toss about the religion of my fellow Scots .
          I hope that clarifies matters.
          And as regards football, it is best separated from politics and religion.

  4. p groom

    there’s always the rangers story to follow in the summer… was the result of their investigation into themselves ever going to be otherwise? not a chance. it would appear not to have any legality anyway. no one under oath, no one compelled to attend. in other words it looks like and sounds like just someone’s (costly) opinion. will rangers now declare the egm is unnnecessary as everything in the garden is rosy?

    • Den

      I couldn’t understand why a board of Directors would need to get 3 expensive sources to investigate internal affairs.

      A very expensive way to shoot yourself in the foot,

      • Budweiser

        It’s getting boring – Bring back el chico !

        • Den

          Wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back as Reggie Green, Charles long lost identical twin, right down to identical grey suit.

          Reggie is the honest and caring twin and is stepping in to help Rangers out of duty since his brother made a mess of things.

          Reggie’s first announcement is “before anyone asks’ i have never heard of Craig Whyte”.

          Given that some people at Rangers want Dave King back, I think Reggie would have a chance.

  5. Raymilland

    I wonder if the two properties which were subject to repossession could be Ibrox and Murray Park?

    The players about to be sold; do they play in blue?

    Just asking like.

  6. JimBhoy

    Cheese eating surrender monkey lol

    Oh Hampden in the Sun (well kinda)…. HH…Mon the hoops…!

  7. cam

    Agents are horrible parasites and the various FA’s should get the talented Mr Ogilvie to create parameters that these creatures have to respect.
    Hopefully the usage of Wyscout will render as many of them as redundant as possible.

  8. Monti


  9. So the mysterious non-agent could not be Agent Orange, the former representative of Le Petit Merde?

  10. Fra

    The agent gave the judge a nod and a wink coupled with the small lapel badge, the matter wasn’t disclosed for public consumption.

    Secrets again. Didn’t we ask for transparency. Tut tut tut. And they wonder why we get suspicious.

    Good luck to the two teams in green and may it be a great football game.
    Hail hail to our brothers from the east

  11. Fra
    May 26, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Good luck to the two teams in green and may it be a great football game.

    Hail hail to our brothers from the east.

    Indeed, and may they recover from their disappointment quickly. 🙂

  12. JimBhoy

    Enjoy Monti, Mick, Eco, Barca, Carntyne, Fra, Ray, Den, Paul, Gort, Jim, Adeste and a Special mention to Maggie for looking after ma cats. HH to ALL the Bhoys….

    • Monti


    • charliedon

      Oh dear JimBhoy, that song you’ve posted up is mind-numbing in its turgid awfulness. Can anyone not do a football song with some decent flowing lyrics? I suppose a bit of variation in the chord structure is probably too much to hope for. No offence though mate, most club songs are fairly grim but I must say some of the Celtic ones set the standard in that respect.

      Let’s hope for a good game today, but I have to say I’ll be cheering for the Hibees. Again no offence though, it’s just because they’re the underdogs and I like to see the honours spread around a bit. I’ll accept any mocking I’ve no doubt set myself up for later.

      Mind you, it should have been the Dons today, we were the better side in the away tie against Hibs in the earlier round. Missed penalty and everything!

      • @charliedon….that’s a great tune 🙂
        Always had a soft spot for Hibs, felt gutted for them last year, but as an east end Glasgow boy delighted Celtic showed up today.
        charlie, regarding Aberdeen, what an opportunity for you to step up with Sevco & Hearts in the pooper. Used to love Celtic Aberdeen games.
        One of the reasons Scottish football has declined can be linked to the lack of challenge from the Dons.

    • JohnBhoy

      JimBhoy where’s ma name? I’ve already told my Greek drinking buddies that I was a legend in my own lunchtime. HH.

  13. Monti


  14. JimBhoy

    Hoop Hoop Hurrah!!!!! 🙂

  15. JimBhoy

    Make mine a double…… HH

  16. Monti

    @any sevconian 🙂 hahaha…:D OOH AAAH…:D…


  17. Monti

    😀 I just can’t get eeeeeennnnuuuuffff

  18. Monti

    Apart from my own children, there is nothing, nothing in this world that makes me so,so happy as the Celtic fans celebrating & happy! Tommy Burns you were with us today & every day!
    I am going to Stella Artois my liver, I am genuinly,genuinly so happy!
    Neil Lennon, I love you!

  19. barcabuster

    Hail Hail Folks!
    Congratulations to Lenny and the Bhoys, on a well earned double.
    Congratulations also to the Hibbees, for getting stuck in, and making a game of it.
    3-0 was probably a fair scoreline, but Hibs will regret not bagging at least 1 of their 2 first half chances.
    European football for both teams. Onwards and upwards.
    A well represented party kicking off at Chez Barca and reps from every SPL club, in attendance apart from ICT & Ross C. (2 of the Celtic supporters from Dundee! Does that count?)
    Two bluenoses here also, but we are not giving them a vote on Chinese or pizza!. Funny as feck. They’re getting a
    A wee blast from the past!

    • ecojon


      In my local there was a great Bear who used to come round every Tim after an important game and shake hands no matter whether it was: Win, lose or draw and either offer condolences or congratulations.

      He died last year, too young I’m afraid, and today his best mate carried on the tradition. It was quite humbling and proof that with true football fans religion and bigotry has no place.

      I have to admit that recently some of the bile on this site has taken me to the point of chucking it but my Buddhist perspective on life has been renewed today and all I can say is HH everyone who appreciates football for its own sake and not to suit a manufactured agenda designed to create division. between ordinary human beings.

  20. JohnBhoy

    Kalispera everyone!

    Commiserations to the Hibees and well done to the Bhoys.

    Meanwhile back in loo-loo land, The Rangers pay some legal dudes £500,000 not to interview anyone and to tell The Rangers what emails have been sent to The Rangers lol.

  21. JohnBhoy

    Greek barman, pouring me a pint: “So, these Rangers bastards are dead. It is good for football, no?” lol.

    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      Is that one of the Greek barmen particularly adept at serving up shots?

      • JohnBhoy

        Hi eco. We’ve taken your post on board and named a shot “F*** The Blues, Hello Happiness”. He’s got instructions to make it blue on the bottom, green on top. Barman is mixing it up as I write. Everybody in the bar is pishing themselves laughing.

  22. ecojon

    And next year THE TRIPLE 🙂

  23. JohnBhoy

    Here’s a world record I put to the folk in the taverna:

    “Name the only team in the world not to sign Catholics for over a century?”

    • david

      The Winsors

    • Gortnamona

      You will have to go back today and tell the barman you got the question wrong, should have been – “Name the only two teams in the world not to sign Catholics for over a century?”

      David was close – Linfield of Windsor Park being the second

  24. Budweiser

    Congratulations to celtic for a deserved win. Things might have played out a little differently had the header gone in after six minutes. Having said that, to have a chance of winning, hibs would have to have played at their absolute best, while a lot of celtic players had an off day. [ In the same way as saints in the league cup semi final ] Forrest had probably the worst game I have seen him play, but fortunately for celtic, commons, brown, stokes and hooper were outstanding, whilst hibs ,although the more determined team – winning most 50/50 tackles – lacked the guile and skill required to upset the odds.

  25. Had a great day following the bhoys,such a joy to play against the hibees,all Hampden covered in banners of green well done to the GB for another great display today it was different class. God bless celtic

  26. Budweiser

    alex thomson ‏@alextomo 3h
    Craig Whyte’s Letter Before action will go to Rangers mid-week with evidenced that “goes to the crux” of current investigation of RFC
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

    Alex t. basically saying that ‘letter before action’ will be delivered mid-week, and that Pinsents Masons should wait before reaching any conclusions.

    • Fra

      @Bud….I don’t think wee Craigys going to go quietly. If he suffers then I would guarantee he’ll bring down the whole lot with him. But only then can he return to base.😏

    • ecojon


      I keep wondering why the delay in the letter before action being presented to P&M especially when the LBC letter was done last December – so at least the ‘guts’ of what will be in the letter before action should have been done.

      I think the delay might have been built-in with an eye to Green’s tenure being legally up on 31 May but why would that matter to CW?

  27. Monti

    Did anybody notice the guys in suits,just behind where the Scottish cup was situated? There was about four or five of them, check out the guy with the white hair & look at the expression on his face,especially when it was Neil Lennon’s turn to pick up the trophy. 🙂 definitely a zombie.

  28. As if the Sevco Tribute Band had nothing else to worry about….

    Seems there was great gnashing of teeth in the TRFC Twitter world yesterday – there was a banner at Hampden that as you can see says Achill Island CSC

    Many folks misread this with their blue specs to read Islam CSC and launched a frenzy of messages

    Just when you thought the Peepil could not be more inept, they go and surprise you – was reading not one of the 3 R’s?

    I blame the schools!!

    • Maggie

      @Celtic Talk & Exiled Celt
      LOVED the # Sevcovision 🙂

    • JimBhoy

      Clutching at straws those desperate blue zombies…. A quiet easy day ahead as the yanks are out today… Just cant get enough…!!

      • Maggie

        Morning Jim.Great day yesterday.My ghirl and I watched it on telly with the big cats 🙂 Bringing them up the road to you today Jim.sorry bout the weight gain,they went a bit mental on the Methil troll hunt….you do not want to know !!!!!! 🙂 HH

  29. ecojon

    Is there just so much hatred in their hearts and minds that they only see what they want to believe? How can they believe that fellow Scots would ever act in such a way? Even if some nutter unfurled such a banner do they think that ordinary Celtic fans would allow it?

    Sadly, it’s because some Rangers followers truly don’t see us as Scots but as foreigners in their land and I can only hope that some of those twittering nonsense yesterday actually reflect on what they did – I wonder if they even saw the banner before they joined the stampede. And it really is time that we all look to healing some of the serious divisions in Scotland which poisons this country. We really have to try harder.

    At time like this everyone has a duty to try and keep calm and not be goaded into precipitate knee-jerk reactions. That’s what those who want to cause discord in our communities are trying to achieve through the horrific murder of one of our soldiers.

    Sadly a section of the Rangers support has got caught-up in the hysteria generated by those attempting to create mayhem. Just now we should be thinking about Drummer Rigby and the terrible suffering his wife, family and friends are going through and each of us, in our own way, offer support.

    • you could clearly see that the banner said ISLAND. However so what if the banner had said islam.CFC I have absolutely no problem in Muslims supporting Celtic. I am aqquainted with a few Pakistani Bhoys fron Glasgow’s south side. They have no interest in causing mayhem in Scotland or anywhere else for that matter.
      I also noticed the “Polish Bhoys” banner at Hampden, which I was delighted to see.
      CELTIC……open to all……..

      • Gortnamona

        Achill Island CSC – ” true hearted men from the County Mayo” in the words of the old song.

        Over twenty years since I was last there. Next parish New York. Maybe put the bike in the back of the car and head off. It wouldn’t take too long cycling around it. And drink a few pints in memory of an Achill friend who did best man for me.

  30. charliedon

    @ Mac Tomas

    You’re absolutely right about a strong Dons being important for Scottish football. Unfortunately, we’ve been mince for a number of years now and sometimes it’s difficult to understand why. This season was actually much better and started very well but we drew a lot of home games we should have run away with and lost our way a bit due to a lack of a killer striker to help out young Niall McGinn. Thanks to you Celts, by the way, for letting Niall go, he’s a smashing player and a very decent young man as well. I’m still hopeful we’re on our way back though.
    Part of the reason for the Dons decline in recent years I have no doubt is due to the over spending which was laid out after the 80s as we tried to keep up with Rangers crazy spending. The club got in debt and we’ve struggled ever since. I actually think the problems Rangers have ended up with is rooted in the 80s when they were regularly gubbed by Aberdeen. They just couldn’t take it and set out to spend their way back to the top. The WATP mentality has been their downfall.

    • Bang on charlie. When Murray & Souness rode into town they started an “arms race” that we have never recovered from. At that time what the game needed was a restructuring of youth policy to combat the lack of street & schools football, not the economic inflation which continues to wreak havoc

      • Monti


        • Maggie

          Morning Monti.Great season,great team and great manager.Make mine a double.:-) We’re all Neil Lennon.
          The best thing to come from the death of Rangers and the internecine war fare at Sevco,is the blossoming of Lenny.He’s a different guy without “that monkey on his back” ( wee cliche there Monti,in case deNiall pops in 🙂 ) He deserves all his success,as do the bhoys.
          Glasgow’s green and white.

      • Ed Paisley

        @Mac @Charliedon
        Murray had the luxury of using his “friendly” relationship with HBOS to indirectly bankroll his excesses at Rangers. Like the £50m that MIH borrowed to underwrite the Rangers share offer when Rangers debt was £85m.

  31. JimBhoy

    The recent Pinsent mason results was hardly surprising, having reviewed evidence from one side, from Chico Pyro Pants who has frequently been caught out… Whyte was never gonna give them the light of day, probably the 3rd or 4th time I have suggested that… Why should he?

    2 questions come to mind, what do the rangers fans think of this investigation, at great cost to get effectively a pre-conceived verdict, probably to appease those at the AIM? If there was any other result it could have caused them major grief…

    Lastly what are the questions Regan referred to that the SFA needed answers to? Be interesting to see what Regan comes out with on the back of this investigation, but i will not be holding my breath waiting on that.

    Three words come to mind… ‘You are Sevco’…

  32. barcabuster

    Good morning Champions of Scotland.
    And I am sure you will all join me in wishing ALL competing Scottish teams the best of luck in their forthcoming European campaigns..
    Pinsent Masons report, I imagine, will be liberally littered with caveats. ” On the evidence presented” ,…” By no means conclusive”. etc.
    I have already noticed that the press leaks are already suggesting that “No FORMAL links have been found.”! .
    A wee fairy tale, with no legal weight and a happy ending. Not to mention a mighty price tag!
    If Charlotte, and now Tommo, are correct, PM if they have been notified of the LBC(incidently Tommo calls it a LBA). It will need to be tagged on the report as “subject to”.
    It’s gonna be an interesting week, and can only add to the feelgood factor around us Paradisians, and another black cloud over Sevconia.
    Happy days!

  33. ecojon


    I posted this earlier but it ties in a bit with your post.
    I keep wondering why the delay in the letter before action being presented to P&M especially when the LBC letter was done last December – so at least the ‘guts’ of what will be in the letter before action should have been done.

    I think the delay might have been built-in with an eye to Green’s tenure being legally up on 31 May but why would that matter to CW?

    • Ed Paisley

      Maybe Craig Whyte doesn’t want to open the portcullis of Castle Grant and be confronted by two Greeks bearing “gifts”. Craigy knows that Chico has some high calibre friends amongst the Greek underworld – some little big shots in fact. Discretion is the better part of valor and Craigy only takes financial risks.

    • barcabuster

      I was quite touched by the story of the guy in your local. I feel sure he would have looked down on his mate’s actions with a lot of pride.
      I get the impression neither of the players want to go to court, where the buy out may be proved contrived, rescinded, and they all lose out and maybe get director bans, fined, or bird.
      TRFC only seem concerned, in alliance with the SFA, that they are innocent, and a big boy called Charles did it and ran away. This is the line their placement posters are spinning, that TRFC are victims!
      The dispute is over club ownership, and TRFC want distance between themselves, and whoever is finally deemed to be the legal owners. This again would suit the SFA to an extent. as TRFC will be in the clear.
      It does not excuse the SFA/SFL from granting membership and license to a bunch of crooked spivs though! Then the “We woz duped” joker will be played.
      Only a full investigation into the banks and David Murray, will ever get to the bottom of what is the tip of an iceberg. I think there are too many influentials who will make sure that doesn’t happen.
      If Green gets out the door with his wonga, will wee Craigy need to pursue him personally, for redress? If TRFC are cleared.

  34. Ed Paisley

    What a friendly atmosphere the Scottish Cup final had. The sun was shining and both teams fulfilled their obligation to play hard and fair and to entertain the supporters and huge TV audience.
    Both sets of fans behaved impeccably and I am sure all had a day to remember.
    One hopes that the new incarnation of Rangers will have seen that there are great rewards for honesty and fair play and they will commit to cleaning up their club and leaving the old baggage and dinosaurs(that includes you Cam) in the past.
    Congratulations to Neil and the players on a truly fabulous season. 125 YEARS OF GLORIOUS SUCCESS.

  35. Geddy Lee

    The players “represented” by this flyman need to get shot of him sharpish.

    It’s clear he will try and unsettle as many of them as possible in order to manufacture moves away from their current clubs.

    Paul I think you should consider publishing his name.

    He may have Celtic players in his portfolio!!!!!

  36. Niall Walker

    ” Both sets of fans behaved impeccably and I am sure all had a day to remember.”.

    Good afternoon Ed, I am trying to think of another region in the world where Christians still care about the difference between a Catholic or Protestant. This enmity seems to be confined to Ireland and the West coast of Scotland, its like the last holdout of a historical rivalry.that few Christians give a second thought, they are more concerned about atheism and to be frank Islam. The theological differences between a Catholic and Protestant are miniscule compared to other threats to the Christian way of life.
    This makes me think its not really about religion but more about politics, throughout history religion has been used to justify many things, and in my opinion it has been attached to the issue of Ulster to provide some legitimacy to both sides.

    Now this is where I really get confused, what has the politics of Ireland got to do with me, or any Scot for that matter. I may have a view on the rights and wrongs but I am not going to make it central to my life, I find it truly odd that Scots attach a foreign political difference to two Scottish football teams, its like attaching the two sides of the Falkland Islands dispute to Aberdeen and Dundee. The vast majority of OF fans are Scottish and in my opinion our links to Ireland/Ulster are now so tenuous as to render this rivalry nonsensical outside its footballing context. Just saying its part of history or tradition doesn’t wash with me, there are many parts of our cultural differences that become obsolete because they lose their relevance, and this religious/political rivalry is no longer relevant to the Scottish people.

    If Celtic and Rangers were in Ulster then I could sort of get it, but they are not, they are in my country and the link seems exaggerated if not almost contrived.

  37. Geddy Lee

    Niall, you are correct that this shameful divide is nothing to do with religion.

    Go on any fanatical website mentioning religion and you see nothing but crass ignorance and ignorant hate.

    Certainly there is a political dimension among the GSTQ mob, but Catholics in Scotland, especially in the West still prop up the unionist Labour party so it’s not a political thing for the Catholic sect.

    NO, I feel the seething hate has been kept alive in 21 st Century Scotland by football. Sad but true. I also agree that the links to Ireland, both north and south don’t help matters , but certainly for Celtic, they are an integral part of their history and should not be ignored.

    It’s the attitude towards Ireland from the other side that damages Scottish societies cohesion.

    That being said, it’s not as prevelant as it once was and hopefully will eventually wither on the vine.

    Maybe then Scotland can be a true nation again. Independent and proudly Scottish, where religion is irrelevant to social harmony.

    Just like all CIVILLISED countries of the world.

    • Niall Walker

      Good afternoon Geddy,

      ” I also agree that the links to Ireland, both north and south don’t help matters , but certainly for Celtic, they are an integral part of their history and should not be ignored.It’s the attitude towards Ireland from the other side that damages Scottish societies cohesion.”

      I am not sure Celtic was founded on the principles of a united Ireland but even if it was, surely the relevance of this must have expired in a Scottish context, and the same goes for the Scots who support Ulster. It would make a little more sense if it was Celtic supporting the SNP and Rangers supporting Scotland staying in the Union, but it is not, its about another country’s political differences, and they should not be attached to anything Scottish in my view.

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