Rangers Tax Appeal May Be Heard On 19th July 2013 – Correction – No It Won’t!

Earlier in the week I confidently predicted that the appeal to the Upper Tribunal would probably, based upon the time lag for fixing other Upper Tribunal Tax appeals, not be heard until the summer of 2014, or even later.

Clearly the UTT was awaiting my prediction so that it could prove me wrong.

The date has now been published and the HMRC appeal involving liquidated Rangers and the four Murray Group companies is now scheduled (probably) to take place in Edinburgh on 19th July 2013. So my guess was only 12 months or more out!

The tribunal listings can be seen here.

The hearing is scheduled for the Edinburgh Tribunal Centre, George House, 126 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4HH.

Autograph hunters would have to make do with eminent QCs appearing, rather than football stars or respected businessmen.

I suggest in the heading that the appeal “may” be heard that day simply because the case list does not disclose the type of hearing. If you look at the list, most cases are described – either as “substantive” where the merits of the case are to be decide, or for “Directions” where the hearing is preliminary to a full hearing. The list contains no such entry against this case so it is possible that this might be a hearing to deter,mine how long might be needed for the appeal – it could be intended to clarify the extent of the appeal and if all grounds of appeal are to be argued – it could even be a hearing fixed because one or other party wants more time to prepare.
Of course it could also be the full hearing. If the latter, it is likely that, if concluded in one day, a decision might not come until into the autumn.
With further appeals, the saga could still run for several years yet!
CORRECTION – It pays to read the full page – I made the mistake of thinking that the absence of a description against the various cases (as it is five separate cases) meant that it was unclear. However the list shows – against the last case of the five, that it IS for Directions.
So, maybe I will turn out to be right after all!
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447 responses to “Rangers Tax Appeal May Be Heard On 19th July 2013 – Correction – No It Won’t!

  1. Remember CG visit to Greece ……. I thought that was to arrange a footy match ….. !

  2. barcabuster

    It’s hard to know where to start with Charlotte. Latest revelations. Now we have Stavros&Spiros of Greek Mafia fame involved. I think wee Craigy is bound to make more from the film rights, than he ever will out of Sevco.
    It will need to be one helluva long movie! What comes after trilogy in movie and book terms.

    • Steven

      Quadrilogy is the natural successor to trilogy, but i’m not too sure that CENTRILOGY (100x) is a word… LOL!!

  3. OMG ……… run ….. run as fast as you can ….. don’t look back ….

    CtH ….Wait for the ending, …. I haven’t started on the other bad guys yet.
    #JailTime #Flee

  4. arb urns

    its getting close folks suggest read the ipo again

  5. Budweiser

    What a drama ! We have in this doc[s] morals, blackmail, greed,friends, favours ,threats to kill ,million dollar payouts, and finally threats of ‘pushing the button’ and ‘ unimaginable maelstrom’ ! No wonder wee craigie has the movie rights ! – It;s put me right off ‘Emerdale’.

  6. mick

    its mental now lol what a girl oor cha is lol

  7. mick

    is any 1 going to summerise tonights tweets and dont say there all snookered lol

    • Maggie

      Good idea mick,maybe Paul will tomorrow.Wish I’d gone straight to bed after girls’ night out,ma heid’s now doubly nippin’ 🙂
      Btw mick,I’m totally inviting Charlotte to the next girls’ night. 🙂

  8. mick

    A maelstrom (/ˈmeɪlstrɒm/ or /ˈmeɪlstrəm/) is a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, it has considerable downdraft. The power of tidal whirlpools tends to be exaggerated by laymen.[1] There are virtually no stories of large ships ever being sucked into a maelstrom, although smaller craft are in danger[2] and tsunami-generated maelstroms may even threaten larger craft. Tales like those by Paul the Deacon, Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe are entirely fictional.

    One of the earliest uses of the Scandinavian word (malström or malstrøm) was by Edgar Allan Poe in his story “A Descent into the Maelström” (1841). In turn, the Nordic word is derived from the Dutch maelstrom, modern spelling maalstroom, from malen (to grind) and stroom (stream), to form the meaning grinding current or literally “mill-stream”, in the sense of milling (grinding) grain.

    the sinking ship is nearing a giantic whirlpool lol

    sevco to tesco in 12 month lol

  9. Niall Walker

    I am wondering how much money would have been raised if D&Ps had sold its top 5 payers with a few months to go, my estimate goes from zero to nothing, it does not make sense. It doesn’t matter how little the value of the payers was buit into a CVA, it had to be more than nothing.

    If someone can tell me why an EPL club would buy any Rangers player in March, when they could get them for nothing in May then please proceed.

    • tykebhoy

      For the very same reason some clubs occasionally pay a transfer fee in January, when a pre-contract agreement* for a move in the summer is available or even signed. They want the player before next season!

      *Available to any player out of contract at the end of the season

  10. If you’re going to boast that you were “invited” to submit guest posts then it’s for you to back this up with links, not expect others to root around for them.

  11. Steven

    Hi, Paul!.. Having looked at the pdf for the hearing dates, my interpretation of that document is that only the case against Murray International Holdings is for directions. The fact that the other 4 are blank seems to suggest to me that they will be some sort of formal hearing. Possibly though, the MIH directions hearing has a bearing on the outcome of these other 4 cases.

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