World Exclusive! – Ticketus Try to Liquidate Craig Whyte’s Main Company, Liberty Capital

I have commented on matters of Scots law, as per the name of the blog, and English law. But, so far, I have not mentioned the law applicable to the British Virgin Islands.

But that changes today!

Ticketus, who successfully won a court order against Craig Whyte, have now applied for the liquidation of Liberty Capital Ltd, the BVI company which owned 100% of Wavetower Ltd which was the vehicle used to effect Mr Whyte’s purchase of 85% of the shares of Rangers Football Club PLC (oldco) which was in turn as we must now know it, the company which formerly owned the assets and business of Rangers Football Club (whew).

The notice can be read on page 889 by following the link here.

The notice reads as follows:-

Other Liquidation Notices
Claim No. BVIHC (COM) 46 of 2013
4956 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application to appoint liquidators over LIBERTY CAPITAL LTD of P.O. Box 92, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, Virgin Islands (“the Company”) by the High Court of Justice, Virgin Islands, was on 23 April 2013 presented to the said Court by the Applicants, TICKETUS LLP and TICKETUS 2 LLP of P.O. Box 71 Craigmuir Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, Virgin Islands.
The application is fixed for hearing on the 27 May 2013 at 10am at the Commercial Court, High Court of Justice, Road Town, Tortola,
Virgin Islands. Any person intending to appear at the hearing of the application, whether to support or oppose the application shall give notice of his intention in the manner stated below pursuant to Rule 162 of the Insolvency Rules 2005. A copy of the application will be furnished on request to any director, member or creditor of the Company by the undersigned on payment of the appropriate charge for the same.
Signed: Harney Westwood & Riegels
Legal Practitioners for the Applicants
Craigmuir Chambers, P. O. Box 71
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands
(HWR Ref: 042235.0003/AMT/CF)
NOTE:- any person who intends to appear on the hearing of the Application must send to the above named notice in writing of his intention so to do. The notice must state the name and address of the person giving notice and his contact details, if any; whether it is his intention to support or oppose the Application; and, if he is a Creditor, the amount of his debt or, if he is not a Creditor, the grounds upon which he supports or opposes the Application. The notice must be sent so as to reach the above named by no later than 16.00 hours on 23rd May, 2013 or on the business day before the hearing in the event that it is adjourned.
Anyone fancy a trip to the Virgin Islands on 27th May? There might be a chance to see Mr Whyte there!
Ticketus are making all the moves to seek to enforce the debt it claims is due by Mr Whyte and his various offshoots, even on the day Mr Whyte appeals the judgement against him personally.
The liquidation of Liberty Capital Ltd is unlikely to affect directly Rangers Football Club, but there could be knock on effects for the claims being made in respect of its assets against Sevco Scotland (now The Rangers Football Club Ltd) and against Messrs Green and Ahmad.
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55 responses to “World Exclusive! – Ticketus Try to Liquidate Craig Whyte’s Main Company, Liberty Capital

  1. Do Ticketus have a BVI office or is this just an agent acting for them?

  2. Ed Paisley

    If Ticketus are seeking the liquidation of Liberty Capital does that mean Liberty Capital has reasonable assets (the full £17.7m?). Knowing Craigy’s style, Liberty Capital probably owns a 1980 Austin Allegro and nowt else.

    • robertg

      Classic car….

      Part of the liquidation would be realisation of any claims that may exist. So, even if the Popeyed Thousandaire’s investment vehicle (and I’m not talking about the Allegro here) doesn’t have the dosh, I think buried in the network of companies will be the one that he flogged 25% of to the mob in London that will be suing Chuckles for his alleged malfeasance.

      And it is a bit of a boot in the ba’s for PT.

  3. If you ever need a belly laugh,then read the embarrassing shoite written by a military fantasist, called D’Artagnan on Rainjurz Meeja.He makes our Cam read like JD Salinger.
    Good for a laugh out loud at his inane sentimental drivel about a military career and his support for a dead club.
    Where do the Orcs dig these eejits up from?

    • There are even funnier than him on there……Keyboard fantasy hardman called Rab Wilson……even funnier than the Bigman from Chewin’ The Fat……Hilarious haha

    • TheBlackGooseyCorsicaKnight

      Pot. Kettle. Black.
      I give you Ecojon & Margaret?….

      • ecojon


        Are you attempting to make some kind of statement? If so do it clearly and I will respond unless it is drivel and, although I don’t speak for Maggie, I am sure she would say the same.

        • Maggie

          Thanks eco,go ahead and speak for me, you’ll do it better than I can anyway 🙂 What is it the “blue tit” is accusing us of anyway? Not that I care,but it would be nice to know.
          God they’re tedious in the extreme.

    • Budweiser

      It’s certainly not carson ,as he pronouces D’artagnan ‘ Dark tanned yin ‘.

      • Maggie

        🙂 I thought he spoke French Bud,all that travelling with the armed forces and what not. Surely the catering corps insists that all of it’s members speak French like in a proper cordon bleu establishment.
        Or “Gordon Blue” as in Gordon ” blue” Ramsey.:-)

    • parmahamster


      May 16, 2013 at 5:50 pm

      If you ever need a belly laugh,then read the embarrassing shoite written by a military fantasist, called D’Artagnan on Rainjurz Meeja.He makes our Cam read like JD Salinger.
      Good for a laugh out loud at his inane sentimental drivel about a military career and his support for a dead club.
      Where do the Orcs dig these eejits up from?
      Once upon a time, the Dark Tan Yin (as he was fondly named on one Celtic website in particular) was a rational poster and one with whom a decent debate could be held. But after the LeGuen era…sorry, months, he started to sink in defensive mode, resulting in some of the most embarrassing posts ever on FF – no mean feat as we all know.

      Alas, poor Darters, I knew him well…

    • Spuds

      There’s also one on Vanguard Bears. I do often wonder whether these are ACTUAL people speaking their ACTUAL thoughts or if they’re complete satire. Then 5 seconds later I realise they’re actual idiots….

  4. Tecumseh

    I don’t know how many Virgins are on those Islands…….

    but there are damned few down Govan way……they’ve all had their back doors kicked in…..but they seem to like it…..just as well… it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping anytime soon…..!!!!!

    Bottoms up…..!!!!

    I think whatever Sevco’s plans are, they better get a move on or there will be diddly squat left! Volumes increasing.

    • JimBhoy

      Did you see ‘rangers is part of the travel & Leisure sector’ Sounds like a description of Chico… Traveling to to the Turks and Caicos for some beach leisure… Paid for by the rabid rangers fans..

  6. If wee Craigy hasn’t claimed the rights, I am staking mine! The mechanations of the Sevco wranglings has all the makings of a fantastic board game, for 4 or more players. A bit of chess, some musical chairs, a roll of the dice here, a banana skin there, secret allegiances and strategies. Fascinating!!!!
    An intoxicating mix of cluedo, monopoly, poker and snakes and ladders with hidden pitfalls and legal decisions drawn from a hat!
    Does anybody know the rules?

    • mcfc


      “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools.”

      Winston Churchill or was in wee Craigie

      • @mcfc.
        It must have been wee Craigy! I think Churchill would have sent the dambusters up the Clyde and flattened the Ibroke Bosch, and took out Hampden on the way home.

    • ecojon


      When you play the Rangers Way there are no rules – we make them up as we go along as do our friends and brothers in the SFA.

      • @eco
        What a cracking twist to the game though! Throw a double 6 and reverse 6 rules, and gain control off an off-shore haven. 2xdouble 6. gets you an IPO and wins you a mole! 🙂

  7. Good to hear that celtic hero Whyte the fraudster getting closer to being served justice

    • Monti

      The DEMON has spoketh more nonsense….:D

    • SairFecht

      What??!!! Craig is the unsung hero who saved Rangers! The guy who’s taking all the blows, rolling with the punches. Without his screwing of Ticketus, HMRC et. al there would have been no continuity, no completion of season 2011-12 with all the consequences that would bring, nothing! Give the man a break – he is no less honest than that much vaunted hero Mr Green, the departed Sir D Murray, Mr ‘tar his bawz’ Ahmad, the tax-dodging bus-boys or Mr mass tax-avoidance King. Why does there always have to be a bad-guy, a guy who takes all the hits? Give your true hero a break, GlesgA1.

  8. Monti


  9. Billy McNeil, shellik ur an oirish club
    Jim Craig, Gordon just wasn’t oirish or catholic enough for many shelik fans
    Buster Keaton tribute act, shelik minded = bigots

    • Ed Paisley

      I’ll try and help you here. Celtic FC are a Scottish club with important and cherished historical ties to the Republic of Ireland. Celtic fans care not a jot about the religion of its players and never have. Celtic Park welcomes all creeds and ethnicities to Celtic Park to enjoy entertaining football, and above all, fair play. You should come along some time, you clearly have a very distorted view of what the great Celtic FC are about.

      • rab

        Ed Paisley.

        Why even bother trying, the mind is closed, perceptions ingrained. I believe big Jock was a Scottish protestant who played for, captained, and managed our club to such universal acclaim that we named a stand and built a statue in his honour. How about king Kenny, or Danny Mcgrain for hero worship. Bertie Peacock i believe captained Northern Ireland and was a member of the O.O. Countless other protestants of varying success allowed to ply their trade without judgement, along with all faiths or none, and skin tone who graced the hoops to be judged on ability alone. A pathetic attempt to drag Celtics global reputation into the darkness alongside the dead clubs forever ( and ever ) tarnished image.

      • Tommy Gemmell, it was worse that it wasn;t the fans but, some of my team mates that were calling me a D.O.B

        • rab

          Maybe a bigot involved, maybe ill concieved banter, maybe big tam talks shampoo, maybe big tam was a bigot himself. Who knows. You highlight an individual who is still held in high regard by Celtic supporters and was not prevented from, or hounded from, plying his trade to acclaim at Celtic park. I gave you non Irish, non catholic legends, i gave you the proof of inclusion to the Celtic faithful of anyone on talent alone. You dig out one possible case from decades ago. I now give you Sandaza as proof your new club is as scum filled as your previous one. Franny franny bless yersel.

          • Are you saying the KKK couldn’t he racist,s as they had blacks working out in the field, just like celtic had protestants working out in the field but, not on the inside of the company who ran the club

      • It was Billy McNeil who claimed celtic were an Irish club, and who are we to argue with him, i just happen to agree al ong with the green brigade

      • david

        Not quite correct , Celtics ties are to IRELAND, full stop. Their existence predates the creation of both the Republic and Northern Ireland.
        Many Celtic people came from what is now Northern Ireland.

    • ecojon


      Cam stop pissing about because we know you don’t speak like that so just return to your normal drivel which we are happy to ignore so you can earn your bonus. If you’re not Cam did you know that trolls get paid for coming on here – if you’re doing it for nothing you’re an idiot but then you are a Rangers supporter 🙂

  10. Cue …. Genesis ……… Domino ……
    Interesting point is that assets of Liberty Corporate become embroiled ….
    They claim to own Floating Charge of RFC assets (as announced to Companies House) ….. but again events have moved on …. as explained by LBC care of Charlotte the Harlot ……..

    Now there are a couple of Loan Note facilities eg from Stokewell Ltd that seem to be proping up LC and feed into Worthington through Loan Stock controlled by Sherri E ….

    So this way, Ticetus cut off the life support to Worthington ………..

    You bet CW will fight this one ………… !

    Of course CW can feed Loans through other channels ….. Sherri I’m sure will sort that one out for CW ….. but most channels are being tied up by FSA, Pensions Reg and even SFO ……. seems Craig is being slowly throttled …….

    • @newtz.
      Looks like ticketus have bought a stake in the game. Nothing to lose but something to play holding a decent pair and cards to come.

    • ecojon

      @ newtz

      Perhaps I’m missing something here but unless Rangers – in whatever guise – has done a side-deal with TU why would TU want to destroy CW?

      Or are they just putting legal markers down in case he’s successful and actually gets a pay-off so they can claim a slice of the action.

      • Aye yer missing something alright, a brain. Rangers have nothing to do with Ticketus, at all at all, to be sure. Whyte did the deal before he bought Rangers and offered corporate guarentee,s Now they are calling in those guarentees. It is when it is found there is nothing in the pot that the case of misrepresentation and fraud will gather on Whyte. Rangers like many business before them will be found to have been bought by fraud, and run through misapropriation of company funds. A victim of crime for which our haters have pounced upon like the vermin some are

      • @eco, I guess that analysis is close to the truth ..
        Also … Craigy has siphoned off £m’s from various comp’s …. FSA have quarantined bank acct’s associated with some of his channels …

        …. but he has far east banking to support his offshore business’s …. see my link a few days ago to Jersey Trusts and how they work ….. BVI operates the same ….. I have a blog in prep that describes how it all works ….

        …. Here;s the bummer …… BVI and Jersey have ‘Flight’ laws for companies based there …. it’s shocking ! … Though TU may have caught him flat footed for once ….. !

        There’s more background info to come from CF on this … but is not the main thrust of release’s

  11. Fra

    @GlesgA1…Did you realise that the fellow supporters of your toxic club were being hung drawn and quartered on this site on a daily basis in regard to your team and you decided to come to their aid. More fool you. News for you fannybaws, you’re failing miserably. Now toddle along to your tree house like a good little soldier.

  12. lordmac

    why would ticketus, do this i thought they where all in the same bed, are they trying to do away with a paper trail.

  13. Bruce

    I wonder if this will affect the famous Bentley? Last time we heard about the beloved car, it was claimed it was owned by Liberty Capital so that Kim Whyte could not sell it to get her maintenance… meanwhile will the quiet and elusive Kim still get her £5000 per month when Craig is bankrupt?

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