Mr Leggat, the Easdales and Charles Green – Thoughts on Defamation and Stock Market Abuse

David Leggat has shown by his insight into the internal affairs of Rangers that he still has a fine nose for a scoop.

He spotted the apparent flaws in Mr Green at an early stage, repeatedly calling him a snake-oil salesman. And even though, as the year progressed, he became one of the biggest cheerleaders for Mr Green and his consortium, he could be excused for having been led into misjudging the soon-to-be former Director.

It would be unfair to hold his change of mind against him, and in fact I am sure he would be quick to claim that he had been right about Mr Green from the start.

Yesterday too he indicated his prescience, pointing out that he had used his contacts to find out about and publicise the freezing of season ticket prices well in advance of the official announcement from Rangers.

As a man with his finger on the pulse, it is clear that he is privy to thoughts inside Ibrox.

On Tuesday he indicated that Dave King “may be poised” to bid £10 million to buy effective control of Rangers – effective control being 25% to 28% of the shares. As Mr King lost the £20 million he invested in oldco Rangers, he is either awash with money, or sees how matters can be run differently. He is obviously a clever man of business – as Mr Leggat reported, whilst his assets inside South Africa remain frozen, Mr King has been able, as a result no doubt of fine and expensive advice, to accumulate a fortune outside South Africa which is no longer under attack by the South African tax authorities.

Bearing in mind the fragmentation of the shareholding and the various different major players, one wonders how such a shareholding would give Mr King effective control.

On wonders too how Mr King would deal with the “fit and proper” person issue – not just over his long running battle with the South African tax authorities over alleged tax evasion, but also through him having been a director of Rangers FC PLC when it went into administration. One assumes though that, if he intends to pay £10 million for a quarter of the company, he will have laid his groundwork carefully.

The main point though of this post is to express my surprise that such a measured writer as Mr Leggat, a veteran journalist and therefore fully aware of the laws of defamation, has made very serious allegations against some involved with his beloved club.

He has frequently before challenged people about whom he has written to sue, and said that failure to do so implies acceptance of his accusation. That does ignore the many reasons why someone would choose not to pursue a court action – impecuniosity of the proposed defender being one of them, although Mr Leggat’s very successful book about the manager Rangers sacked for not being Jock Stein may well have accrued sufficient to make it worthwhile suing him!

So what has he done this time?

After discussing Mr King, he refers to the Easdale brothers, keen to buy more shares and to get a seat or two in the boardroom. However he sees them as busted flushes already – as a consequence of them having given an interview to Chris McLaughlin of the BBC. Mr Leggat knows the Ibrox fan base far better than I do, so I won’t challenge his opinion that the act of being interviewed by Mr McLaughlin will taint forever the chances of the Easdales achieving their goals with the approval of the fans. Alienating one’s customers is not generally a good idea!

One wonders though how the investors who bought at or before the IPO to make money might feel. Is it truly the case that an interview with the BBC, the national broadcaster, is sufficient to see off people willing to spend lots of money for the shares, and to bring their undoubted business acumen to bear?

He then goes on to refer to the Easdales’ reference to them buying or agreeing to buy Mr Green’s shares. So far so good.

But then, twice, he goes on to state that this “may have been a ploy” to keep the share price high.

It is a quite scurrilous suggestion, and one which would be actionable, in my view, to allege that investors in a PLC were engaged, whether with the former CEO or not, in a “ploy” to keep share prices high.

This would, amongst other matters, amount to an allegation of “market fixing” and as such be liable to criminal penalties. The Easdale brothers have gone from strength to strength following the gaol sentence imposed on one of them for VAT fraud many years ago. They have built McGill’s Buses into a major player in Scottish public transport. The brothers have withstood vague mutterings about their alleged wrongdoings over many years, and the Scottish Traffic Commissioner condemned this whispering campaign against them.

Mr Leggat, a man with many Ibrox connections, clearly insinuates that there is a “ploy” to keep the share price high and that the Easdales are party to it. The implication seems too to be that Mr Green is involved as well – otherwise he could simply deny any suggestion of a sale.

Rangers International Football Club PLC is, and rightly so, concerned to make sure that all of its dealings fulfil its requirements regarding the law of the land and those concerning the Stock Market.

Indeed, prior to the IPO, I myself received a letter, delivered by two Sheriff Officers at 10.30 pm one night, from their lawyers prevailing upon me to remove certain items from this blog as they considered them to be potentially damaging to the share issue and as such “market abuse” by me. And, as I mentioned before, this was to be done by midnight that night – 90 minutes after receipt of the letter!

I did not agree with the points they raised, but discretion is the better part of valour.

So, either Mr Leggat is hopelessly wrong and might expect to be on the receiving end of action from the Easdales who would have been grossly defamed, or else the wily old reporter’s contacts have given him sufficient information to allow him to make the allegation of market abuse with a clear mind and conscience.

In the absence though of any evidence at all to the latter effect, then we must fall back on the safe assumption that indeed the Easdales are victims of a vile calumny at the hands of Mr Leggat.

Mr Leggat must hope that, if the Easdales do succeed in their plans, they are as forgiving as Mr Green. After all, Mr Green allowed Ibrox to be used for the launch of Mr Leggat’s book – a very open hearted gesture to a man who repeatedly called you a snake-oil salesman!

Would the Easdales take any action against Mr Leggat – as with so many of the issues in this saga – we can only wait and see!

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191 responses to “Mr Leggat, the Easdales and Charles Green – Thoughts on Defamation and Stock Market Abuse

  1. cam

    I’m sorry Paul,i realise its petty,childish and thoroughly impolite,but the thought of two chaps delivering that letter and the look on your face has got me choking on my rice krispies!
    My library books are a bit vague on defamation.Can one “insinuate” criminality,rather than clearly allege it,and be safe from a succesful charge of defamation?
    Is ignorance a defence? My own mental state and numerous anti psychotic herbal remedies would surely preclude my good self from any court appearances.When Gollum takes over, its nowt to do with me m’lud.
    Hopefully nobody gets the notion of putting up notices on McGills buses tipping the Easdales the wink regards old Leggo.
    Now the poster who is Charlotte Fakeovers, if the documentation being posted isn’t genuine,is that not a clear case of market abuse?
    The RTC blogger clearly must have frightened off a few potential investors/buyers with the supposed contingent liability theory.
    I’m not gonna do anything silly that will get the Sheriffs after me,but i did see a tall fellow with a devilish smile sticking up posters in a bus shelter in Renfrew last night!

    • Cortes

      Innuendo is grounds for action, iirc (the “scribbling” Boal v Scottish Catholic Observer, c 1910). Yes, I need to get a life 😦

      • cam

        Thank you kind sir.
        I shall be more careful with my innuendos or i shall fall foul of the law.
        One must be wary of putting things in ones innuendos or one may need the services of a proctologist.
        Now i’m trying to get the latin for without valour,,,,sine virtus,perchance?

    • @gortchomhor

      Not often I agree with anything you say, Cam, but I’m with you 100% when you say your mental state and the treatment you are on effectively diminish your responsibility….

      • cam

        I’ve had it gort,,,the jigs up!,,,look,,,,”ignorantia juris non excusat”,,,ignorance of the law is no excuse!
        Right where’s ma passport i’m outta here!

  2. Jamie

    The saga at Spivs R Us rolls on and on!

  3. Steven brennan

    Leggatt being decribed as a man of ” clear mind and conscience”
    Thats a bloody cracker so it is.
    No one today will beat that joke.

  4. cam

    Marvellous stuff.Where else are you gonna see the noun usage of impecunious?
    I remember a Celtic nutter ex colleague of mine coming into work and trying desperately to get “disingenuous” into the conversation.
    After a total roasting he fessed up to hearing it on Incubator mans site.
    This is how i first discovered the world of internet bampottery.
    All of the CFC bhoys in here are clearly intent on disestablishmentarianism.
    Jings i hope thats not actionable!
    Paul, what would have happened if you hadn’t been in that night when the Sheriff’s called?
    I’m not opening ma door,,,in fact i’m gonna be doing ma clattering today from a McGills bus.
    Catch me if you can.

  5. James McKinven

    heres some interesting links posted on an aim blog

    • p groom

      what a great read these are.. its curtains for all concerned… or is it? are they forgeries or the product of a fevered imagination? either way someone has burnt a lot of midnight oil in their preparation.

  6. John

    Were u reading the right blog?? The description of Dave L just doesn’t correlate with any of his blogs I’ve read?? 😉

    Insolvency event in the next couple of weeks is still my lock for the week!!

    Great read as always Paul

  7. Raymilland

    Mr. Leggat reveals video evidence of Blue Pitch Holdings fund raiser.

  8. Geddy(Hall of Fame) Lee

    Leggat’s blogs have always been peppered with ridicoulous allegations against all insundry.

    His cringing obsession with Celtic, and Peter Lawwel in particular, point to man , blinded by paranoia.

    Celtic though are right to ignore him completely . Firing off a letter, to be delivered in the dead of night, would simply make his day. Not sure though how the McKrays will “react”. Especially if they feel his rants are damaging their chances of buying Green’s shares.

    I understand their business practices can be somewhat “robust”.

  9. cam

    Would it be accurate and non defamatory to suggest in an oblique manner that Paul is fomenting anti Leggo opinion
    I like playing with those little bricks and my carers have said they have seen a marked improvement since they let me play with it.
    Now if i can fool them into letting me get my hands on some Meccano,i’ll show them!,,,no Gollum! master doesn’t like it when you plays nasty.

  10. How often at night, when the heavens are bright
    With the light from the glittering stars
    I’ve stood there amazed, and asked, as I gazed,
    If their glory exceeds that of ours. Ohh 2 popes of Rome

  11. SairFecht

    Mr. Easdale has just been spotted, walkin’ doon the Copland Road swingin a chain.

  12. ecojon

    Thought I would have a laugh to myself and re-read the period of Leggo’s conversion to Chico and Ahmad and the love-fest that followed Cardigan’s return to the Blue Room.

    Thrown-off were the old jibes about the snake-oil salesman and instead in Leggo’s Damascene conversion there was a touching reference to Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge as: ‘Rangers very own Three Musketeers”. Reading Leggo’s recent attacks on Green and Ahmad it would appear they have gone over to the Cardinal’s side although perhaps they always were secret agents.

    If I was Leggo I would be seriously wondering whether D’Artagnan’s description of the Musketeers still holds fast: ‘un pour tous, tous pour un’.

    I love this piece by Leggo as it ties in some of the bit players in the tableau or would plot better describe what’s going on?

    Leggo said: ‘It would appear, following the McCoist endorsement, there is now a growing feeling the new regime can be trusted with the stewardship of the club. To such an extent that Walter Smith is now considering an invitation to rejoin Rangers, this time at board level. While others with impeccable business and Rangers supporting credentials are also on the brink of entering the Blue Room’.

    Well we know that Easdale and King are knocking on the door along with the representative of the mysterious Blue Pitch investors and, of course, it looks as though Mr Rizvi was there all along behind the curtains.

    I will leave you with a stirring endorsement of Green by Leggo ringing in your ears: ‘And the more I see of and hear Charles Green in action, the more I come to realise he is the chief executive Rangers have needed and Rangers supporters have been pining for, for years’.

    What can one say except ‘Pine-on Harvest Moonbeams’. I have left out the really nauseating, disgustingly obsequious, fawning eulogies used to describe the Musketeers – who now appear to be the enemy at the gates – just in case the enemy within throws-up on the Blue Room carpet fearing that John Brown might refuse to rally the Bears to rescue them.

  13. cam

    Eco,i started to investigate the companies that Chris Morgan is/was involved with and i got as far as the first company and started to think about heading down to Queen St to await the 12.15 from Edinburgh to check the numbers on the carriages matched up.
    But i’m genuinely interested in your long view prediction for how it will all pan out.

    • cam
      May 16, 2013 at 10:09 am

      But I’m genuinely interested in your long view prediction for how it will all pan out.

      In death.

  14. cam

    Heading over to Ibrox for my 1983rd tour,,,if i see Scrote fae the Beeb i’ll interview him and check on his credentials,,,,i mean you’ve just gotta have a license to take that coupon oot in public?

    • Monti

      Remember your Asbestos mask & take your time Cam, it may be the last time you get to see Ibrox…..if you see Sally, tell him Mont says to keep up the good work.

      • Dont you worry about our asbestos, you just remember the KY gell, the bhoys best freind

        • Steven brennan

          Dont understand that, care to elaborate?
          When twats like you resort to spurious attempts at insults we know you are beat.
          Go back to the dark side where you belong sevconian kincoran boy!

          • Kincoran boy ? what league in Scotland do they play in, the best thing Fergus did was make sure he stopped the preists getting in for free before he opened the family section, aye good auld Fergus, the man that deemed the celtic minded as bigots.

            • ecojon

              @ GlesgA1

              I would have you you might have a club to save 🙂

            • Have another go Declan, this time see if ye can put the letters in the right order to give me a chance of understanding it

            • gortnamona

              GlesgA1 – seeing your into history.
              Would you like to explain how Rangers became the most loathed, despised and hated club in the history of European football?

              You might get some inspiration by looking in the mirror.

          • Monti

            Just ignore him Stevie, he obviously didn’t get his GIRO today…..

            • Dont understand what, your history ?

            • Steven brennan

              I know my history, and I know your club doesn’t have one at all.
              If you are referring to a child abuse case against members of celtic boys club, I know about that also.
              What has that got to do with any debate here today.
              If you wish to post a guest article, I am sure Paul Mcconville will consider it for open debate.

            • That must have taken all your talents to come up with that one.

        • Monti

          Your obviously the MENSA branch of the Rangers support!

        • GlesgA1
          May 16, 2013 at 10:53 am

          To quote Mr. Leggoland… “A lowdown guttersnipe, a piece of dog excrement whose very existence is an offence to the human race”, has joined the fray..

          • gortnamona

            ” To quote Mr. Leggoland… “A lowdown guttersnipe, a piece of dog excrement whose very existence is an offence to the human race”, has joined the fray..”

            Yes Carntyne

            In other words a typical Rangers supporter.

            • gort “would you like to explain how Rangers became the most loathed, despised & hated club football team in the history of European football”?
              That could take a while!!!!!!

            • That was the result of the keltic as they were known then being allowed to open for business, and their hatred has never stopped. Just because we are fortunate enough to be the People, and get to play our home games at home

          • @GlesgA1 I enjoyed your charming wit & repartee, Your observations were instructive & have helped me reach a conclusion.
            That conclusion being that I will rejoice in a manner I thought improbable when the reformed version of your odious club cremates itself in the full public glare once again.
            Have a nice day 🙂

            • Was that response written through hatred, jealousy, bigotry, or all three ?

            • Jealousy L O L………..:)
              now why on earth would I be jealous of a No Surrender Simian??? or Club Britannia in whatever guise it takes.
              You are incorrect on all three accusations. Bigotry- not guilty, I married a Protestant, Jealousy- an accusation so absurd it does not merit a response. As for hatred, How can I hate?……….that which I simply find RIDICULOUS!!!!


    Too many numbers for me!

  16. aten

    Silly question but would the recent toing and froing regarding who owns, has an interest in, Sevco have any effect on a potential claim made by BDO of gratuituos alienation.

    • Monti

      Good question Aten, not sure about this tho,maybe Mr.McConville could interject here & clarify.
      I was going to ask Carson but the reply would take a while to de-code…:)

  17. paul

    Could leggo be the leak or is that just pish i smell?

  18. Geddy(Hall of Fame) Lee

    With Blue Pitch and Putts now demanding one of the McKrays is immediately given a seat in “the blue room” will we see a raft of new resignations down Govan way?

    What will happen to poor wee Leggo if the “Busted Flush” ends up functioning perfectly?

    To paraphrase a fan of the Old Rangers, ….. “The links to the moles must stay open”

    Ps, Frightning to see Mather giving the jester his full backing. Have they not suffered enough?

    • ecojon

      @Geddy(Hall of Fame) Lee

      I have often pondered whether Mather just more or less wandered onto the scene through his shared interests in the gee gees with Green who probably sold him the idea of what a great investment it all was. And it would fit-in to an extent with Mather’s sports business.

      So his Green connection quite possibly is free from the taint of spivvery. He might just fancy a job as Rangers CEO which certainly could be more challenging than making cardboard boxes or whatever it is he does.

      So if he wants to keep the job he needs to straddle a few horses and stay pally with at least two of the factions on the Rangers Board. By backing Ally he is virtually assured support from Cardigan so if Ally has a replacement target for every team position then great Mather will back him – within budget of course.

      Wonder if Ally asked what the budget actually was 🙂 Perhaps Mather is banking that the Rangers boardroon fracas might claim Cardigan which I reckon would see Ally gone before the new season.

      A replacement manager’s budget will probably be 50% of the difference between Ally’s £700k and his own £100k. Win win for everyone except Ally I’m afraid.

      That John Brown’s never about when you need him 🙂

    • Geddy(Hall of Fame) Lee
      May 16, 2013 at 10:42 am

      Ps, Frightning to see Mather giving the jester his full backing. Have they not suffered enough?

      Not yet…

  19. “one wonders too how Mr King would deal with a’ fit & proper’ persons issue” There is an almost quaint optimism now in believing that such a process is likely to exist in any credible form within the SFA . A Delboy – Pablo Escobar consortium would probably be ushered in for shortbread & piss weak tea at Hampden, in the hope that this nightmare will be made to go away. However to be fair to the SFA the line up of potential investors in Sevco look like an old episode of crimewatch
    Still waiting on any substantial comment regarding the now acknowledged involvment of Whyte with the Green takeover. Is that playing licence somehow guaranteed regardless?

    • I suppose that now Desmond is seen as fit and proper after being exposed as making millions from his investment in the serious abusive nursing home, i cant see anything King has done as being anywhere near as seriously wrong compared to his actions

      • Monti

        Why don’t you just fuc@ off!

        • Ooh dear, sorry, i forgot you lot dont do facts and history if it doesn’t have a Marie Piper tied to it

          • Monti

            have you taken Chisel out for his walk yet, down to the paper shop to get the ‘star’ and a packet of fags & 2 cans of kestrel. down to sign on, into the bookies & back to your nicotine stained magnolia walled house, standard broken fence in the garden & a couple of abandoned car wrecks in the garden. Culture, the Glasgow Rangers way…..

            • Is that what it was like for you in County Coatbrig, i bet you have the same Irish accent as that well known Irishman McGeady

          • dan

            What the fuck’s a Marie Piper? Do you mean Maris Piper? What a fuckin dough ball. I blame the schools.

          • If Desmond has been up to no good then he should suffer the consequences of justice, We’ll cross that bridge when or “if” we get to it.
            However I suspect you’ve been sent here as one of McMurders errant Billy Boyz on a mission behind enemy lines.
            Noising up the Taigs are we?.
            If your waiting on having the last laugh I would’t bother hanging about.
            BTW maris piper were not the potato of choice in good old Oirland.
            Fekin creep! A cheap jibe about the famine!!! creep!!!!

    • JimBhoy

      @Mac T “A Delboy – Pablo Escobar consortium” classic mate…Trigger for manager… 🙂

  20. Raymilland

    EGM chaos

  21. Ed Paisley

    There are people who would say Leggo is a sad old git who would cling to any association with Deadgers in order to sell his hagiographic biography of Bill Strewth!.
    He was kicked out of the NUJ because it is a snake pit full of Rangers haters (I was laughing and greetin’ at that one)! And of course for some unaccountable reason Mr Graham ” Corduroy Jacket” Spiers is despised with a singular passion that I cannot fathom.

    For Deadgers to make Leggat their unofficial spokesman is a dangerous tactic. One of these days when they sever ties with him, he will turn on them with the same passion he currently reserves for Spiersy. Of course, then I will become his biggest fan and maybe even buy his book to press my flowers.

    Good morning cam – stay with the herbal remedies. I recommend magic mushrooms – heat them in a pot with water and a tiny amount of sugar then sip the liquor. You will be laughin’..
    and laughin’.

    • Maggie

      @Ed Paisley
      Leggo’s vitriol towards GS is driven by professional envy IMO.
      Also he probably looks upon him as a “traitor to the cause” of all things Rangers.
      He can hardly believe that a son of the manse and Rangers’ supporter ( well, maybe former supporter now) would be an unbiased,fair minded reporter of all their dastardly deeds.
      His blog is loathsome,even if it might not be libellous.I really hope his comments about the Easdale brothers prove to be actionable,no one deserves it more than him.

      • Maggie

        Oh btw Ed,any sons or daughters of the manse that I know or know of are truly non bigoted and non sectarian.I was not implying that GS was or should be,in fact I think he’s the compete opposite.

        • @Maggie I know quite a few of CoS churchgoers. I’m always surprised at Their expression of embarrassment on all things Sevco. In fact most of them who follow football tend to favour Celtic, Queens Park or Thistle.
          Now Why would that be?????
          Also regards Leggo’s post being actionable I hope that never happens. I mean why interupt the enemy when they’re “soiling” themselves 😉

  22. ecojon


    Perhaps the Easdales might confiscate Leggo’s OAP Pass 🙂

    Or better still, if they are in a forgiving mood, they might do society a favour and give him something useful to do like driving a bus. They could even put him on the Ibrox run and give him the opportunity to flog his books – well perhaps not.

    Better still, they could launch a joint enterprise with him to run the Gallant Pioneer bus on the Founders Trail route. A marriage made in Heaven I would say. I’m sure all those Far Eastern investors would be delighted at meeting such a well-known Rangers weathervane.

  23. @Paul
    An empty vessel cannae leak! 🙂

  24. Ed Paisley

    To be fair to the Rangers lawyers Paul, there were some outrageous allegations circulating just before the IPO.

    People were saying that Craigy Whyte had dealings with Mr Green and he had an interest in the new Rangers.

    Some people even suggested that Chico would engineer his departure from Rangers before any audited numbers were to be published – and the extent of his pillaging of the club was made public.

    Yes they were scurrilous and unwarranted allegations and certainly would have affected the success of the IPO.

  25. Rangers NOT responding to press speculation once again…

    Rangers International Football Club plc
    (“Rangers”, the “Company” or the “Club”)

    Comment re Press Speculation

    The Board of Rangers has noted the recent press speculation regarding a requisition for a General Meeting. The Board confirms that it has received such correspondence and is seeking to establish the validity of this requisition. Further announcements will be made as appropriate.

    • ecojon

      @ Jono

      Might be difficult checking the validity of the Blue Pitch investors considering they are anonymous. Still the SFA should be able to help them out as didn’t Green declare on TV that the indentity of all investors was revealed to the SFA,

      • @eco, as a minimum, I guess those calling the EGM will need to prove they have the authority to vote with shares over and above their own, and let’s face it, these days, a simple written document will be taken with a huge dose of salt!

  26. SairFecht

    I wonder if there are a few out there looking at the current sustained flatline on the Rangers Share Price chart, hoping it isn’t a cardiograph.

    • ecojon


      RFC Rangers 56.20p Market Cap £36.58M
      CCP Celtic plc 59.03p Market Cap £53.78M

      Looks as though Celtic are starting to go well clear in this race both in share price and market cap.

      I remember back in January when Rangers were ahead on both counts and we hardly heard the end of it. Those halcyon days of 94p share price and was it nearly £70M market cap. I know it’s hard to believe but those were the days to sell 🙂

  27. Monti

    What’s that coming over the hill? It’s an ice cream van, it’s an ice cream van!

    • Can you two get a room?

    • Monti

      Afternoon Carson….:). You know the funny thing is, I am employed, I am at work & I’m on here, I’m getting paid as I send this to you….:). Chisel been out for a walk yet?..good day to you sir, I’ll let you get back to your roll Ups……aaaaahhhhhaaaaHH!

      • Monti

        just had a beautiful lunch Carson, (paid lunch) Chicken Panini with layers of the finest cheese, salad & a few crisps on side, washed down With a pint of iced diet coke. back to work for a couple of hours then on the train home ( first class). Dessert tray had ice cream & jelly Carson 🙂 I didn’t tho….another day.

  28. Monti

    Just thought, Cam is away to Ibrox for a stadium tour right?
    Are visitors being exposed to the deadly asbestos fibres?
    Is there a certain time of day when the asbestos spores release their deadly breath?
    Can the holding company conduct tours in an environment of danger to the public?

  29. JimBhoy

    So Mr green time to let myself and Mr Doncaster know who the mystery backers actually are… Yeah Yeah no problem, well there is, ahem:

    Exi Tonly, Shred Ding Room, Caf Eahead and Nosmo King…..

  30. mcfc

    Interesting that the LSE announcement hasn’t made it to the Headlines section of the TRFC homepage – best not confuse the ST buying public into thinking there’s anything to see here. The headline could read something like this:

    An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has been requested in order vote on the proposed firing of the chairman and a director, but we’re not sure if those requesting the EGM have the right to do so because we’re not sure what percentage of RIFC plc shares, and hence voting rights, they control.

    Or if you prefer the full version:

    Rangers International Football Club plc
    (“Rangers”, the “Company” or the “Club”)

    Comment re Press Speculation

    The Board of Rangers has noted the recent press speculation regarding a requisition for a General Meeting. The Board confirms that it has received such correspondence and is seeking to establish the validity of this requisition. Further announcements will be made as appropriate.

    • 1 billion quid they tell me ……..1 billion spent….really ?……for one title and an fa cup …..worth every penny .

      • JimBhoy

        @Carson true, you would think with that sort of cash they might JUST be able to afford some of the Ibrox superstars….

      • mcfc


        and building for the future – you should try it

        for every £5 TRFC spends we’ll spend £100 or maybe £1,000 depends how we feel.

        oh and CL next season – you should try that too

        laughin at ya, not with ya

        • Looking forward to another glesga boy putting citeh on their erse next season …….1 billion you say ……1 billion ….wow….worth every penny.

          • Monti

            Carson is the 1 billion your talking about the amount outstanding on oldco’s creditors list?

          • mcfc

            @arse – are you claiming Moyes as your man ??? According to wiki “As a boy, he grew up supporting Rangers despite playing for Old Firm rivals Celtic”. Maybe he was like Ferguson – saw the light and never looked back – life can be so complicated and confusing.

            • Poor citeh , getting roasted by another Rangers supporting glasgow boy ……no wonder you’ve got the sellick chip on your shoulder syndrome ….more pain from the glesga boys to come…….

            • mcfc

              @arse – don’t remember getting roasted by utd.this season

              09 Dec – Manchester United Home L 2-3
              08 Apr – Manchester United Away W 2-1

              Or maybe you were thinking about last season

              30 Apr – Manchester United Home W 1-0
              23 Oct – Manchester United Away W 1-6

              Do you know anything about football at all ! ! ! !

      • Monti

        Carsenic, MCFC have spent their own money, Rangers borrowed & stole the public’s money & spent it! You getting it now?

  31. mcfc

    Alex Thomson must be crest fallen – whatever his planned expose was, it must now look rather dull compared to the developments of the past 24 hours – unless of course Craig also has video recording of rolled up trouser legs and aprons at the SFA – don’t mock – I wouldn’t give odds against it 🙂

    • JimBhoy

      @MCFc I reckon Thommo has the video to match Craighie’s audio… Now how much fun would that be…. 😉

      • mcfc

        @JimBhoy – Craig definitely has a feel for the theatrical – so anything is possible . . . Monti’s ice cream and jelly consumption may be enough to pull the country out of recession.

    • Fill of 4 names is still making it up for him, aye big Jock loved tae roll up his trouser leg, if only he picked up the phone

      • Steven brennan

        I propose no one responds to this person, and like others before him he will
        Go away.

        • As victim John McCluskey said, “Big Jock kicked Torbett out his office” funny how he did that when the Celtic minded claim knew nothing of it ?

          Horrible things happen when good men stand and do nothing

  32. Budweiser

    Paul, A civil case in court may be the least of leggos’ worries with the bros – oops – allegedly!

  33. JimBhoy

    “Jon Daly’s Fenian Army !!!”

    Been a lot less trolls on today giving their TDs so thought I’d post this to receive a record number of TDs, surely..!!! 🙂

    • Maggie

      Afternoon Jim.My tinternet died on me last night,just when I had loads of good retorts for Rainman.” He’s an angry elf” isn’t he. 🙂
      I hadn’t seen the Kevin Bridges joke about the snow leopards,dodgy adverts etc.My son’s just come in and explained it to me.Thought it was an original Jim Bhoy joke.:-)
      I’ve never laughed so much since early Billy Connolly as I did at the Kevin Bridges’ skit about the boys’ holiday.He’s brilliant.
      You might not hear from me for some time as my son has brought home his washing,despite having a washing machine in his flat GRRRR weans!!!!

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        But you’ve got the electricity and liquid, a cup of coffee and a biscuit, the tumble dryer and I know you love to iron 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        @Maggie wants to see his mammie… And benefit from her hospitality and to sponge some cash off her… I think my boy will be pretty much the same…

    • Like Enda Kenny”the conqueror of Rome” Jon is a good Irish kaflik and welcome into the all inclusive club that is Rangers. It sounds as if Declan is bealing though

      • ecojon

        You still here?

        I know it’s difficult keeping up. Is it an online dictionary you’re using?

      • JimBhoy


        — ‘Bealing’? — That he didn’t sign for celtic (I assume) 🙂 ffs he wouldn’t get near the bench at Celtic. There would be 25 younger players in front of him, so he’ll fit into your first team.. Check out the bear’s den to see how welcome he is with the masses…

        Rangers exclusion policy is known the world over and has been a big part of your ‘downfall’.. More to come, I wonder by the tone of some of your bilious remarks that you are sensing the end is near..

        My post from yesterday, a wee sample just for you weegie…….

        I don’t often venture into the den of bears but thought I would share this comment with you, minus expletives.. 🙂

        Awful f****** awful our first real chance to re build rangers with a young new exciting squad and we sign Jon f****** daly. F****** p**h yes he’s a republican b****** but if your going to sign one at least make it a f****** good one not a f****** donkey .

        Oh and apparently he is an Earl Haig, I had to think about that one… Lol sad but funny too, i feel sorry for these people…

  34. Geddy (hall of fame) Lee

    fascinating how easy it has been for Mather to wrap the sevcovians around his little finger.

    One Green like speech, havering about “Ally and I taking the club forward” blah blah blah.

    “Building a team to challenge Celtic” ???? Not with McCoist calling the shots your not LOL.

    Honestly, yes he needs to get the mugs to stump up again but simply regurgitating the same utter garbage as Green ( Offers to play rangers coming in from around the world blah blah blah), seems a remarkable tact.

    Yet, Munter Media are swallowing the appearance of this new Messiah just as they did with both Green and agent Whyte.

  35. antoniousF

    as the Rangers bus chugs up the road there is plenty of de-fame-ation going on.

  36. mcfc

    I do apologize – I appear to be providing pro bono PR assistance to TRFC – who have now acknowledged the EGM announcement to the LSE on the TRFC homepage. Unfortunately I did not have sight of the final draft before publication so I’ve included my comments in line in brackets [ ].:

    THE Club [surely RIFC plc] can confirm receipt of a requisition for a General Meeting. [surely Extraordinary]

    The Board is seeking clarity on the validity of this requisition [what is unclear] and in the meantime the Directors [which ones] wish to assure all fans that they are working tirelessly to keep the Club on the right course.[which track is that exactly]

    It is vital Rangers [The surely] continues [sic?] to progress and no matter how many distractions or obstacles are placed in our way [by whom] , the Directors [which ones] are determined to meet all challenges. [meet? defeat surely]

    The most important people in all of this are the supporters, the team, the staff and the management.

    Rangers’ fans deserve to know that the Board [which one] will not be prevented from doing everything necessary to protect this Club for them.[from whom and/or from what]

  37. Monti

    BROTHERS & SISTERS, We have a new brother among us, his name is GlesgA1, I want us to hold hands & pray for GlesgA1 for he has a DEMON inside his mouth, pray for our new brother & cast out the DEMON, let us show him Jesus’s love & guiding light is the way! GlesgA1 take our hands & repeat after me ” only through Jesus may I take my place beside God, Jesus cast the DEMON out & let me live in harmony with my Celtic brothers” Amen………….Graffiti on the wall….

    • Is that you right enough Declan, i was sure it was you to be sure, to be sure. Keep your prayers for your victims, you have plenty of them all over the world that needs them, although they would prefer the compensation they are due instead now they know the game they were shown was just all hocus pocus

      Long live Enda Kenny

      • JimBhoy

        @Weegie I am more interested in the Enda rangers…

        • Maggie

          You did it,I knew you could,you beat Steven B’s prediction that Paul would have the best joke of the day. One of your best Jim 🙂
          Oh btw WHAT is the deal with that half wit GlesgA1 ? Just when we thought that there could be no worse an idiot than Arseon,he proves us wrong.

          • JimBhoy

            @Maggie I thought my post on Chico naming the unknown investors to Regan and Doncaster was much better.. Mr Nosmo king…

            Been a lot of one off trollling going on… cant beleive i didnt get a single TD for my ‘Jon Daly’s fenian army’…

      • coatbrigbhoy

        All over the World ?
        Catholics all over the world detest and condemn child abuse, They don’t deny it or come on to blogs that are football related to score silly wee points at the expense of the victims of the abuse, when your laughing at child abuse, just who is it your laughing at, the child getting abused or the adult that is abusing them,

        try reading this, think about what it say’s about protestant clergy and sex abuse, look at the figures and then tell us what should be done about it.

        If you need to send in post after post on this subject, do you not think you should be posting on another forum, that way you night achieve something to prevent abuse in ALL religions churches, chapels or temples,
        or you can just carry on proving that your a true immature disciple of Rangers Football Club, in it’s previous life and it’s new one, how empty does your life need to be to be filled with hate and disregard for victims of abuse

        • Maggie


          • coatbrigbhoy


            They carry a sickness that they attach to a very troubled football club, no matter how bad it is in the boardroom or on the park at Ibrox,they would rather find time to vent their hatred at the catholic church and point score about child abuse while denying that the sickness that is child abuse thrives on in the protestant church,
            they have to deny and deflect as it is so so painful for them to find out that they are not chosen, their club died owing a minimum of £55m, no shame about that, no shame about anything as they think it is their right to act with impunity,sad immature people, waiting to be told what to think by the likes of LEGGO and McMurdo.

      • Monti

        The Demon it speaks…….i cast you out in the name of Jesus…….:)

  38. Geddy (hall of fame) Lee

    mcfc, That’s got Traynor’s sanctamonious posturing written all over it.

    The new club still can’t rid themselves of the stench of sheer amatuerism.

    Still a way to go though to beat the rants of dartagn’on. Have you read his guff?

    Almost every diatribe refers to his time in the army (Commandoes don’t you know) and equates the rangers travails with the Falklands war. AHH the memories.

    He actually moves some of the dementors to tears . I can just imagine them all huddling together as they bravely take on the forces of darkness throughout Scotland, who are trying to kill off their “wonderful club”.

    Pass the hankies.

  39. Geddy (hall of fame) Lee

    Why are my posts all awaiting moderation. (SOB)

    Reply by Paul

    Don’t worry Geddy! I think it is all sorted now!

  40. Coatbrig , a forum football related ?…I thought it was about Scots law …LMFAO .

  41. coatbrigbhoy


    “to blogs that are football related”
    “BLOG” where did i say a FORUM football.

    poor attempt to deflect from the content of my reply to the Sevco sicko thats posting about child abuse,
    do you stand by him ? as i don’t see you taking him to task but you tried to twist what i said, you do appear to LYFAO for the weirdest of reasons, cant for the life of me to see what you LYFAO in a post about child abuse.

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