Buy Your Rangers Season Tickets Now! Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!

Football clubs operate with wildly fluctuating income streams. In May, June and July, whilst there are no games being played, the season tickets are sold and this stocks up the coffers for the forthcoming season. Once the games start to be played, then there is still some income, although much less than in the season tickets sale time.

Most football clubs operate with some form of credit facility, or take advantage make use of companies such as Ticketus, who buy tickets in advance, smoothing out the ups and downs of annual income.

What is vital therefore is to ensure that season tickets are sold! Football clubs do their best to talk up the coming season, no matter how bad the previous one might have been.

Teams promise new signings … maybe Wayne Rooney will be signed by Falkirk … how about Messi for Cowdenbeath … could David Beckham be tempted to Cliftonhill?

Conveniently the transfer window closes after most of the season ticket sales will have taken place.

One can usually identify season ticket time even without knowing the time of year – the signing stories spread thick over the papers, like a May snowfall in Hamilton.

And so yesterday we saw the proud announcement from Rangers of its season ticket sales strategy. (And all credit to that master of the “inky trades”, David Leggat, who predicted this a couple of weeks ago.)

RANGERS Football Club has announced a price freeze to reward season ticket holders for their unrivaled and unwavering commitment to the Club.

Last season the Club took the unprecedented decision to slash adult season tickets by one third and juveniles by 50%.

This strategy has been reinforced by the record attendances at Ibrox this season making Rangers the fifth most attended club in the UK.  The Board has decided to continue this affordability strategy in recognition of the fans and their unquestionable loyalty and support.

Prices for season tickets, which include all 18 league games, start from £258 for Adults, £65 for Kids and £179 for Concessions.

Rangers Interim Chief Executive Craig Mather commented: “The Board is delighted to confirm season ticket prices for next season will be frozen. More than 38,000 fans bought season tickets in 2012/13 and in recognition of their tremendous support and loyalty we have taken the decision to keep prices for the forthcoming campaign as low as possible.

“We cannot thank Rangers fans enough. They have followed the team in huge numbers at all games this season and I am sure they will back Ally McCoist and his players again in 2013/14.”

I have been accused of paying too much attention to what official statements on the Rangers site say, especially where they emanate from Mr McCoist, and there is a certain “Barnum and Bailey” quality to what they have to say, but it is still worth a comment, I think.

The announcement ticks many of the expected boxes – there is a “price freeze” to reward the loyal fans; the fans are praised for their backing this season; there is a call on them to back their manager and team in the coming year.

However the statement is, to say the least, a little disingenuous, especially this sentence.

“Last season the Club took the unprecedented decision to slash adult season tickets by one third and juveniles by 50%.”

Maybe the decision to do so was based on the team plying its trade in 2012-2013 in SFL3, whereas “Rangers” played 2011-2012 in the SPL? It might have been an unprecedented cut in price, but for an equally unprecedented drop in quality of competition and product?

At the super and “unprecedented” low price this season, the cheapest season ticket for Ibrox was still more costly than the cheapest season ticket at every single SFL team, with the exception of Partick Thistle, whose cheapest was £260.

Rangers season tickets were more expensive (at the cheapest) than two SPL teams – Inverness and Aberdeen!

Now, for a team with, as we have been assured, double figures of millions in the bank, and being the “most financially stable football club in the UK” (© Imran Ahmad), the necessity for large season ticket sales is clearly much less than if it was a company running out of cash with a “burn rate” of £1 million over month or more. All that would be needed to ensure a smooth path would be a credit facility … but Rangers do not have one.

I am sure that it is entirely coincidental that the papers are full of stories about Rangers being set to sign Cammy Bell, Nicky Clark, John Daly and Nicky Law, and a further four players too.

The key to season ticket sales last year, which started very late due to the uncertainty of Rangers very existence, was Mr McCoist’s support of Mr Green.

I suspect that Craig Mather, the new CEO, will be using all his skills on Mr McCoist to get his endorsement of season ticket sales for this season too. (And as a holder of £1 million pounds worth of shares, Mr McCoist has an interest in keeping the sales going well and the ticket price up!)

How acute is the need for a matching sale of season tickets this summer?

In the half yearly results issued by Rangers in March, covering the period to 31st December 2012, which can be read here, the Directors stated that the Group had:-

Cash of £21.2m as at 31 December 2012.

The first 7 months’ trading resulted in a loss before non-recurring items and finance costs of £7.0m. The second half of this season is likely to have seen increased losses, although in accordance with the business plan, as the season ticket income for 2012-2013 is presumably recognised in the first 7 months results. Even if not, and it is spread over the year, the company is still looking at a £1 million per month deficit.

If the £22.2 million which the share issue generated was all in cash, then it arrived just in time, as the bank balance just over two weeks later was less than the sums raised.

If however much of the sums raised were in the form of loan notes etc from corporate or institutional investors, then this makes the position rosier for the Ibrox team. That would suggest that they had the cash AND other funds which were not cash.

All that being said, it is clearly vital for Rangers (as for any business which has such a seasonally affected income stream) to generate the maximum possible at “harvest time”. Let’s see quite how many times Rangers and Mr McCoist manage to get their transfer targets and “we are looking to add ten players” in the papers till the season ticket rush is over.

It will also be very interesting to see how Mr Mather and the Board deal with the alleged board room fights. How will they approach selling tickets at such a time of uncertainty about the control of the football club?


Rangers shareholders are asked to ignore the man in Green behind the curtain.

On the basis of the first statement released, the approach seems to be to ignore it, and hope the fans do too! These are very wise businessmen and I am sure they know exactly what they are doing.

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  1. On facing up to the grim reality of selling SB’s for Sevco, McCoist has decided to engage Mary Poppins in the vacant role of head scout, as SuperSallycalculatesthe costof SPLexodus-us.

  2. ecojon

    Must read

    Obviously lot of checking and question marks but some amazing stuff.

    Even if 10% is true then the game is a bogey. But early days so don’t get carried away.

    • Bill

      I see that TSFM has withdrawn charlotte fakeovers privileges citing credibility issues .

      • ecojon


        I don’t think you are correct on that in fact I know you’re not correct as TSFM has posted that he is quite happy for charlotte fakeovers to post on the site.

        If you actually read the series of posts involved you will see that what TSFM did was urge caution regarding the material and asked charlotte fakeovers for certain information.

        • Bill

          On the contrary…they wont let him post anymore..but just follow the twitter..another document on the way…I think charlotte must be Whyte or his agent…sound and documents couldn’t be got by accident.

    • cam

      Its ok Eco,,,i’m not getting excited,
      Did you know that the entire CFC squad are in fact aliens?

    • Brother Louis

      I have just read the document and I must say it certainly has a certain ring of truth. No doubt it has been written by CW (and therefore is meant to paint him as a saint and martyr) but even keeping that in mind it takes the lid off a steaming stew of plot, counter plot, double dealing, back stabbing, two facedness and deceit – if it is even half true it is more dramatic than any episode of Dallas, Dynasty and has more devilish plots than any Dan Brown or Jeffery Archer pot boiler. What a crew! What a bunch of crooks! So much for dignity. This will certainly run and run (such entertainment in store). I just wonder what Super Ally and Watty knew about all of this – how much did they know ? Personally, I suspect that they knew fine well they were dealing with the likes of JR Ewing (or at least a pound shop version) and had a pretty good idea of what exactly was going on but played along and bided their time (and made a bit of money along the way) – then played their hand to try a cash free takeover (as we know has been alleged against them). Who knows what the next plot twist will be.

    • Niall Walker


      Very interesting reading, however there is one key statement that is obviously utter nonsense, I have edited it to highlight the error.

      ” Without the Principal’s involvement it would have been impossible for the defendants to purchase the assets of RFC. Other parties had tried and failed to table a viable offer without this support. ”

      This statement only applies to a CVA, Bill Miller’s accepted bid proves this claim is false, and I believe this is where the dispute lies. No one needed CW ‘s shares to buy the assets through a newco, and once the CVA was rejected the shares(and CW) became irrelevant.

  3. lordmac


  4. EGM …. Murray allowed off the ‘naughty step’

    • cam

      Without revealing all newtz,will i be laughing anytime soon?

      • COYBIG


        Not only is Murray getting the boot. They’re replacing him with Easdale.

        • ecojon


          Perhaps they reckon that Murray kust isn’t tough enough to be chair of Rangers. There again perhaps his problem is that he’s honest that could be a problem if, heaven forbid, there were any spivs involved.

        • cam

          Upwards and onwards Coy,in a revolution Madame Guillotine is always busy.
          Sandy can give Craigie a wee conference call and call his tapes and raise him the deeds.Craigie is gonna have to go all in shortly and a Jack high isn’t gonna win this pot.

      • Monti

        Yeah, look in a mirror.

      • Going to get confusing for a while …. but survivable …
        Have been waiting to publish interesting doc from Jersey ….. explaing amongst other things ….. SPV’s ……
        maybes I get it out quick …

        • too late …
          Boards going to look very different soon ….. and not the way expected … i suspect

        • cam

          Special Purpose Vehicles?,,,,jeez newtz don’t tell me we have bought the Popemobile?
          I have visions of you suspended by a steel cable above a flat in Monaco!
          Always interesting to hear from you sir.

          • Need to get used to this doc ….. going to be useful ….

            Click to access TrustBrochure.pdf

            Pulled from a blog been doing ….

            • cam

              Ok,so instead of travelling all that way to the BVI bu using SPV’s in Jersey someone is attempting to pull the wool over our eyes.
              Craigie has made a right coo of things.

            • BVI and Jersey both figure ….
              Some people though are creatures of habit ….. not always CW
              when you get time ….. read ….
              Jersey has some particular ‘nasty’ law’s ….. comes with being a ‘one party’, one newspaper state ….. under our jurisdiction ….. but only when it suits …

  5. ecojon

    Something I hadn’t actually previously picked up on but seemingly CQN are saying the voting at the Board Meeting which put the boot into Malcolm Murray wasn’t on a show of hands but the number of shares held by each director.

    As Charlie bhoy has 5 million shares There’s no way he could be outvoted. An interesting snippet if correct.

  6. cam

    Andy Murray is just gonna have to accept that the clay court season is not for him.The surface takes all the pace off his game and he isn’t prepared just to play safe and wage a war of attrition.
    Get fit for the greatest sporting event in the calendar Andy.I love it when Wimbledon is a sea of red white and blue,it just makes me feel proud to be British.
    Rule Brittania.

    • Monti

      And me sick!

    • arb urns

      andy is a green boy cam

    • gortnamona

      “A sea of red white and blue,it just makes me feel proud to be British.”


      Sorry to say your cloying affection is not reciprocated down south . I was talking to David Cameron (your namesake?) last week.

      I said “David my friend, give me your honest opinion of Glasgow Rangers.”

      He replied “Jaysus Gort don’t start me. They are a festering sore. A disgrace to Britain, a vicious sectarian collection thugs and pseudo loyalists. The sooner they disappear the better.”

      A bit strong I thought and the conjured up image of 50 or so of your finest sitting around the Wimbledon Centre Court dressed in club regalia, chanting “we arra peepul” while gorging on strawberries and cream does have a certain grotesque appeal

    • Niall Walker


      Andy Murray accepts he is Scottish, and like me desires to be free of foreign rule, if I wanted an Americana culture I would go and live in America or London, I don’t.

  7. lordmac
  8. Iain Mcg

    Fingers in ears and whistle a happy tune.

  9. Well done Chelsea !!!! Another great British result in Europe !!!..Rule Britannia..!

    • ecojon

      Yea – not a great game but a good result.

      • gortnamona

        Very poor game eco and anyone who gives you a TD for saying so knows little about football, but maybe it was your appreciation of the result that rankled.

        • ecojon


          I have absolutely no doubt it might have been. I’m afraid I support every British team when they play in Europe. Obviously some Chelsea casuals have had historical links with Rangers but I can’t tar a whole support because of factions within it. There are some at Parkhead I have no time for but I supported Celtic long before the majority of them were born and would like to think I’ll still be supporting my club after they’ve gone.

          Also I watch other teams to appreciate the football and I tossed a coin as to whether to watch Alba last night or the more glamour tie – still this morning I’ll be catching-up. The wonders of modern technology 🙂

    • @Any auld coat tails will do eh? Rather sad really!

  10. There will be much wailing and gnashing of false teeth in Larkhall tomorrow.

    Extraordinary General Meeting confirmed at the Sevco Bigotdome in the morning.

    The Zombies are finally dead this time.

    Let the Party Begin….Yeeehaaaaaa

  11. cam

    How’s that legal action by Worthingtons going,,,this is a legal site yeah?
    I mean its obviously a shoo in,they have Craigie as a source.
    Eco, go do that Eco thing and find the lodged court papers,,,i mean time is of the essence,,,Craigie’s property is being abused by the crazy gang so surely a cease and desist order or even a padlock is in order?
    Trading suspended?
    All assets frozen?

  12. ecojon

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 32m

    EGM tomorrow – Stockbridge was at the meeting on the audio from earlier. As for Morgan, forces my hand for another document tonight.

    Morgan is the original consortium shareholder I mentioned earlier. resolution for egm coming from Blue Pitch Holdings – the mystery investment vehicle that nobody has a clue about and no one knows who the members are.

    So Looks as though Charlotte has stuff on Morgan he/she is going to post shortly.

  13. Bill
  14. I just want to vomit every time I read the word Britannia. How many deaths of men women and CHILDREN have been caused by this pathetic wee nation called Britannia and it’s now dead empire. . .for shame!
    The butcher’s apron is for wiping your feet on nothing else.

    • cam

      I loved it when the world map was all pink,,,Rule Brittania,check your pockets and look at Lizzie’s picture,,,remember its the Royal Mail that delivers yer giro!

      I want you up on yer feet when this is playing bhoy!

      • This toxic disease is for mindless veg and cannon fodder like the sevco’s donkey’s. Too vacant to think for themselves they need to follow a flag. Lizzy and her shower of leaches are the one’s who gets the biggest Giro wee man. Royal scroungers and a drain on the economy. Iv’e seen better the last time I blew my nose.


      • short quiz for ye cam, will not take long.
        What exactly does Britania Rule? go…………

        • cam

          The waves around the British Isles,any nonsense from you Mac and we’ll send a gunboat up the Liffey.
          The Falklands too,if Pope Franny fancies a wee holiday we can give him reduced rates if he keeps Mr O Brien.
          Oh and you as well Mac,Brittania rules you.

          • gortnamona

            ” Oh and you as well Mac,Brittania rules you.”

            Sorry for the language, but Britannia rules fuck all any more and a lot of people are very much the better for it.

          • ecojon


            They’ve already sent a gunboat up the Liffey cam.

      • rab


        Your a slave. Bought and sold for english gold. Brittania no more. Smash the union. Burn the fleg. Fly the Saltire.

        • cam

          Evening Bob,yes fly the Saltire beside the Union Jack,,,all that lovely blue and white.

          • rab

            Evening campbell.

            take it down from the mast Scottish traitor.

            • rab cam’s a “parcel of rogues” all on his own. The circus clown in a union fleg waistcoat.

              @cam your answer was longer than I thought it was gonnae be, but you do have a talent for making pish sound less interesting than it actually is
              The question remains unanswered though.
              We Were The People, 🙂

            • rab

              Mac Tomas.

              Roll up roll up, come to the big top hoose, see the elephants in the room, marvel as the tightrope walkers operate without a safety net, thrills galore as big peter goes for the juggler, watch the doors fly off, the sights, the sounds, the smell of dung. Parp parp.

        • gortnamona

          Yes Rab an honourable Scot gives his allegiance to
          Scotland The Brave
          Perfidious Albion *

          ” Perfidious Albion is a pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to acts of duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of Britain (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest.

  15. Charlotte about to drop her knickers?

    Lots of voyeurs around.

    Hurry up old girl and put these zombies to sleep for good.

    Lets get this party started.

    The Orcs are dead…..come home now agent Whyte.

  16. ecojon

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 3m It’s clear to me that there’s a reason for removing Malcolm Murray. He’s the only one capable of stopping these rogues taking everything

  17. ecojon

    Morgan is cc’d in on this doc – as I say all these have health warnings as the source isn’t known and neither is the authenticity of the docs assured

  18. ecojon

    In previous post SK Ali is allegedly an alias for Rafat Rivzi.

  19. ecojon

    I wonder if any of the Bears who bought shares will be able to attend the egm and vote – probably not they’ve got their money so they don’t matter any more.

    Meanwhile Rangers trolls are here trying to crerate deflections when they should be on rangers sites rallying their troops to fight for their club – or perhaps as I’ve always suspected our Rangers trolls aren’t actually Rangers supporters.

  20. ecojon

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 11m

    Is it true that Imran is attending tomorrow? Let’s see if he remembers this chat regarding Rangers Players/Legends/Executives and Salaries.

    • Budweiser

      ‘ But prosecutor Heather Swan told Sheriff Margaret Neilson: “We’re not yet prepared for trial because we’re still waiting for execution of witness Mr Craig Whyte.”
      Jings cam – executed before the trial ! Is this a ‘ fast track’ procedure ?

      • cam

        It would indeed be a small mercy!

        • events happening too quickly ….. seems like open warfare ….
          RFC announce EGM …
          Leggo has an EGM …
          CF running amok …. seems to be trying to influence outcome …

          Eventual control of RFC unpredictable at moment …
          Best for FIFC to seek temp AIM suspension until sorted …. SP loses at this time will be hard to recover ….. Investors need to be protected … it’s a mess !

          • cam

            I’m luvvin it,,,exciting day ahead tomorrow,Paul will be up till 3am and be late for court and be found in contempt,,,i’ll come visit you m8 and we can talk about expanding universes,Vatican Cluedo, the viability of underwater cricket and extradition treaties in Monaco.

          • FFS “seems like open warfare”, “it’s a mess” no shit Sherlock!!!!!!!!
            I like it, coy posting style. a carefully cultivated air of mystery & eccentricity. Intrigue, but curiously stating the obvious.
            newtz, this is dynamite!!!!!,

        • Budweiser

          cam.’ Prosecuters can;t find him’ Don’t know whether you heard the rumour, from some wee burd twittering away that , at this moment, yer man [speak his name in hushed tones] is passing Ailsa Craig , on the royal barge, en route to a tumultous welcome up the clyde, before finally landing at Govan. Wherein , to rapturous acclaim from tearful, flag waving crowds, and accompanied by lambeg, flute playing bands, he will make his triumphal march to the gates of his annointed kingdom . And they all lived happily ever after.

      • cam

        Craigie can always fall back as a parliamentary candidate for Garngad,,,,only problem would be when it came to voting in the Commons.
        The Speaker would say the “ayes have it” and Craigie would sue!

        • Budweiser


          You must admit, he does have beguilling eyes. Maybe Minty [ in exile ] has a point – he was hypnotised ! ” Look at this one pound coin I am waving before your eyes ” — Minty;- ” Yes oh master I accept your wisdom “.
          Craigie:- ” Right that’s that deal done then ! ” – ” Oh by the way, I have taped this conversation for training purposes – is that ok ?” Minty:- ” Yes master “.

  21. cam

    Any minute now the moll with the steel comb and smilies will appear.

  22. ecojon

    Usual Health Warning

    Craig Whyte
    Date: 23 May 2012 16:05Subject: ContractsTo: sheik.iahmad@[Redacted]

    Contracts to be breached:

    Suppliers1. Azure – Catering2. Prognosis – Internet3. JJB – Generates revenue of £3m per annum so we need to be careful about breaching thiscontract. Question is – can we do better?Team Managers1. McCoist – £750k per annum. Needs to be breached and renegotiated if he’s going to stay. I’dsuggest a salar of £300k + bonuses for League title, Champions League, etc. 1 year contract2. Kenny Mcdowall £250k per annum. Reduce to £150k3. Jimmy Sinclair – £170k – dismiss – he has a perfectly able No. 2Total Savings: £720kExecutive1. Jaqueline Gourlay2. Andrew Dickson3. Sandy Jardine4. David Martin5. Lindsay HerronPlayers1. Lee McCulloch – on £19k per week with zero sell on value. Terminate contract.2. Alan Mcgregor – on £20k + £5k per match. Too expensive and No 2 keeper is decent but we canprobably sell for £3m3. Steve Davis – on £28k per week but again we can likely sell for £3m+4. Kirk Broadfoot – Useless and too expensive. Terminate contract (on £12k per week)5. Stephen Whittaker – on £20k per week. Possibly some value but I wouldn’t take the risk. Terminatecontract6. Juan Ortiz – on £10k per week and useless. Terminate contract7. Alejando Bedoya – if he’s on more than £5k per week terminate.8. Sasa Papac – already gone – £20k per week saving9. Kyle Bartley – On loan from Arsenal. Return £16k per week savingTotal player savings: £7.5m per annum (assuming we’re able to sell McGregor & Davis)1st Team Management Savings £720kExecutive Savings: £300k

    • Raymilland

      Regards the email from S Kali.

      How did Green finance the SPV?

      Is the suggestion from SK to secure a loan against the training ground been ignored or is that asset securitised in connection to any deal with Orlit?

      I suppose if the training ground had been used as security; there would have been no need for Orlit to threaten issue of a winding up order.

      • cam

        mick will read this and see an e-mail from Skelly eyes to Green the Spiv who went into Orbit after someone tried to squeeze his ass on the training ground.
        Honest mick, its not a wind up its all well defo Tesco time

      • ecojon

        @ raymilland

        Not sure if the training ground stuff goes back to the previous purchase attempt or not. Personally I want to see as much as possible of what Charlotte has and then try and work out how it all fits together. I’m also slightly pissed having had a very pleasant night watching the footie and drinking some nice shiraz. OK not ‘some’ but a lot 🙂

  23. ecojon

    Oh Dearie Me

    Looks as though the Bears have finally come out of hibernation and beginning to realise that Chico was never a good guy. There even starting to realise that MM should be kept although they’ve been baying for his blood.

    The solution is interesting though and that’s to man the ramparts and hold off Imran and his hordes to give time for the rescue mission to arrive in the shape of Dave King on his whyte erm white charger.

    I wonder what tapes wee craigie has featuring Dave?

    I’m thought CW had totally lost it with his copyright claims for the film rights but he could end-up a millionaire out of this one 🙂

  24. cam

    Jeez mick, watch out!,,,your most famous fan needs to go to Spec Savers!

    • rab

      Ally, if you can CONvince the undead to do the zombie shuffle past this imaginary line, then you can sign wee nacho and thats it.

  25. tecumseh

    Is Charlotte by any chance a distant relation of Guy Fakes…..

    ‘Twould be spooky…..if it weren’t so funny.

    Light Blue ( pun intended )….touch paper. …stand back and enjoy the fire works.

  26. ecojon

    Looks as though the pressure has finally got to Ally.

    But McCoist has also targeted players for EVERY position with Mather pledging to back his manager as he looks to add to the capture of Daly and Bell.

    This is becoming more Alice in Wonderland by the minute – I’ve seen signings used to talk up ST sales but I can’t ever remember a whole team being brought in before. There’s obviously no problems at Ibrox and all this Charlotte stuff must be nonsense. I mean the new ceo wouldn’t be telling the Sun he’s backing Ally to get all these players unless there was loads of dosh – would he?

    Nah he would need to have caught Rangeritis to start talking and behaving like Green and he hasn’t been in the door long enough 🙂

  27. rab


    And ha.

    That is all.

  28. ecojon

    And I really fear for poor old Leggo – in fact I hardly recognise the writing style in his latest Blog – it’s almost normal and looks as though someone else wrote it.


    ‘RANGERS are going to be rocked by a new outbreak of boardroom in-fighting. And I (Leggo) can reveal that sacked commercial director Imran Ahmad is the man behind the moves to call an Extraordinary General Meeting’.

    He then goes on to say: ‘For the moment, the danger to Rangers comes from Ahmad and former chief executive Charles Green, who is still a director. The pair will now join forces with the Easdale brothers and London lawyer Chris Morgan, who legally represents the Blue Pitch Holdings investment in Rangers. They want to force an EGM and have the abrasive Morgan and one of the controversial Easdale brothers, bulldoze their way into the Blue Room’.

    Now wait a minute let’s hold the horses. Didn’t Leggo write all that stuff a year ago at the time of ST sales decrying Green as a snake in the grass snake-oil salesman and that he should be starved out by fans not buying tickets.

    Then all those posts disappeared and suddenly he declared a total conversion and declared that Imran and Green were the best thing that had ever happened to Rangers and he was right behind them supporting them all the way.

    And now he says his two best chums are about to tear Rangers apart. That must be how he manages to claim so many exclusives – he just writes contradictory sh*te all the time and by the law of averages some of it will be right some of the time but none of it will be right all of the time. I wonder whether he’s a poor judge of character or perhaps his source in the Blue Room is out-of-step and having to change his tune 🙂

    I’ve got a funny feeling there’s going to be another call to the Bears to starve Green and Ahmad out again. I have a funny feeling that John Brown must be having a helluva good laugh at it all – no he won’t be because he was the only rangers man with courage that stood up for his club 12 months ago and was ridiculed for it. He will be hurting for what’s happening to Rangers.

    And he warned Ally and cardigan but they did nothing – well they got shares and jobs and Brown was forced to walk away from his job at Ibrox – at least he can hold his head high.

    And the poor old SFA – they’ll need to do 2 x Fit and Proper Tests on Easdale and King. That should be a laugh 🙂 Personally my money’s on the Greenock guy. Still that world class administrator will no doubt arrange it in a jiffy 🙂

  29. rab

    Kirk Broadfoot – Useless and too expensive. Terminate contract (on £12k per week )

    Ooft, thats one in the eye for big Kirk. Maybe this guy could get neil murrays old job, he knows a player when he sees one.

    • cam

      Morning Eco,,hows the hangover?
      Where’s mick.Pensionerbhoy and Joseph?,,,hope they’re all ok,,its getting hectic and nearing the climactic tickly bit now.

  30. ecojon

    Thought I would have a laugh to myself and re-read the period of Leggo’s conversion to Chico and Ahmad and the love-fest that followed Cardigan’s return to the Blue Room.

    Thrown-off were the old jibes about the snake-oil salesman and instead in Leggo’s Damascene conversion there was a touching reference to Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge as: ‘Rangers very own Three Musketeers”. Reading Leggo’s recent attacks on Green and Ahmad it would appear they have gone over to the Cardinal’s side although perhaps they always were secret agents.

    If I was Leggo I would be seriously wondering whether D’Artagnan’s description of the Musketeers still holds fast: ‘un pour tous, tous pour un’.

    I love this piece by Leggo as it ties in some of the bit players in the tableau or would plot better describe what’s going on?

    Leggo said: ‘It would appear, following the McCoist endorsement, there is now a growing feeling the new regime can be trusted with the stewardship of the club. To such an extent that Walter Smith is now considering an invitation to rejoin Rangers, this time at board level. While others with impeccable business and Rangers supporting credentials are also on the brink of entering the Blue Room’.

    Well we know that Easdale and King are knocking on the door along with the representative of the mysterious Blue Pitch investors and, of course, it looks as though Mr Rizvi was there all along behind the curtains.

    I will leave you with a stirring endorsement of Green by Leggo ringing in your ears: ‘And the more I see of and hear Charles Green in action, the more I come to realise he is the chief executive Rangers have needed and Rangers supporters have been pining for, for years’.

    What can one say except ‘Pine-on Harvest Moonbeams’. I have left out the really nauseating, disgustingly obsequious, fawning eulogies used to describe the Musketeers – who now appear to be the enemy at the gates – just in case the enemy within throws-up on the Blue Room carpet fearing that John Brown might refuse to rally the Bears to rescue them.

  31. gortnamona

    Celtic Football Club would like to say a big HELLO! to all the young Celtic fans out there and invite them to join our new club JUST for them. If you are between the ages of 0-3 or 4-14 then come along and join the Young Hoops Club and enjoy lots of fun and unique experiences exclusively for Young Hoops. Your membership to the Young Hoops Clublasts all season – so sign up today for just £15

  32. Alan Parker

    So again Rangers the only show in town here are the finances as listed on the stock exchange.

    Nothing Brilliant but they are in a far better shape than Celtic PLC 2001 although as they are not the only show in town so I know you won’t write about them even though they may be a champions league qualifier defeat away from trouble. So lets reflect and I hope you read this sir even if it does not pass moderation i ask you to investigate the facts of the second biggest team in Scotland who are. 37 million in debt due to dealings of 2001 company via a foreign country which is a tax haven opencorporates Reg No;905831 they pay interest only at 6% per annum on a 22 million loan to it’s major shareholder via the caymans, they have also not paid corporation tax since 2001, they have 7 charges / mortgages held against their stadium listed here

    Two from Glasgow City Council for an apparent sell on agreement for land deals which is being investigated as possible breach of state aid rules investigation No: SA36872(2013)CP in which the VP of the commission Mr Almunia states distorts competition ,

    I mean I just worry about the better wages , higher transfer fees Celtic were able to pay because of GCC gifting or selling land cheap and with a sell on clause and for sporting integrity’s sake an SPFL investigation will surely be triggered if found guilty.

    Lets not forget that by doing a google / starbucks and running all business affairs through a Dublin shopping centre and although legally, I just worry about the extra nurses , teachers etc etc that could have been hired if this was done in the UK.

    I must also add if they had paid with Glasgow City Council full market value for the land listed in Celtic’s accounts just think of the extra teachers , respite care workers , apprenticeships or building upgrades the council the council could have done if they paid full market value and remember State Aid at any Government level can only be applied to organisations in difficulty

    The morality of it all or is it only morally wrong if the team don’t wear green. ?

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