Rangers Blow Whistle on the SFA – by Ecojon

Ecojon posted this as a comment, but I think it is worth a full post, as I sit here watching the rain batter down against the windows of Paisley Sheriff Court.

Take it away Ecojon!


BOMBSHELL documents show how outraged Rangers directors accused chairman Malcolm Murray of spilling sensitive information on the club.


It would appear that the smear campaign to force Malcolm Murray out the door continues apace. What is particularly fascinating is that he is accused of ‘leaking’ by someone presumably very close to the Rangers International Board who has leaked the board minutes. A leaker leaked on the alleged leaker so to speak :)

But the real bombshell in the leaked minute is the involvement of the SFA in the private affairs of one of its member clubs. The Rangers board minute stated: ‘The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman’.

So how did the SFA get this info and who at the SFA authorised that it should be leaked to Craig Mather who isn’t on the Rangers Board and isn’t even a permanent members of Rangers staff as far as I am aware.

I thought Mather was meant to be a high-powered and experienced businessman and he might well be but he has displayed a certain naivety IMO in allowing confidential information, allegedly imparted to him by the SFA, to be minuted in Rangers International board minutes especially as the board in question is a laughing stock over the amount of leaks it has.

However Mather is not really of any importance and he might not even survive this gaffe. The real questions here surround the SFA and what they were up. Who gave them the info? Who spoke to Mather? Was Mather accompanied by a Rangers International board member? What did the SFA hope to achieve by releasing the info? Did the SFA want Malcolm Murray ousted? What was the SFA agenda in revealing this info?

Why did the SFA choose a total newcomer to Scotland holding a temporary position at Ibrox to be the recipient of the information. Does the SFA admit giving this info to Mather. Is it normal practice for the SFA to meddle secretly in the affairs of clubs? Was the decision to impart this information taken by the SFA or an individual within it? If by an individual was he acting with the authority of the SFA? If not will an enquiry be held into his actions?

I could go on and on but this move by the SFA goes way beyond Rangers – this smacks of behind the scenes deals and arm-twisting to suit a hidden agenda and we can’t even be sure whose agenda it is. Perhaps the SFA are acting for another party – we need a full public disclosure of what the hell the SFA has been up to here.

Players and managers are slated when frustration boils over and they make public comments which are often true but they are still disciplined by the SFA.

In this case we have been given a rare glimpse into the secret workings of the SFA in their dark and exclusive corridors of power. Nothing less than an open inquiry is acceptable here and I wonder what the MSM is going to do over this one.

Probably the usual – just walk on by with eyes averted from the scandal. This organisation truly isn’t fit for purpose and is a disgrace to Scottish football.

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225 responses to “Rangers Blow Whistle on the SFA – by Ecojon

  1. lordmac

    rangers board of directors are trying to sway the SFA, in allowing them into the SPL, and to remove any ban out standing, at present they are missing Celtics money, from there home games, they are loosing 1million per month, and have been seen at the doors of Hampden on a regular basis BEGGING THAT they be placed into the SPL set up,
    there are desperate time at ibrox, and they know if they don’t get the help from the SFA, it will be liquidation once more, just now they are fighting among themselves as who is going to tell the fans, what is going to happen to there club, and it looks easier to leave the board room now, Rather than be the guy that has to stand at the marble stair case and say we are finished once more. must admit the last man standing will have to come out and say it, I say ALLY IS just THE WEE CHAPPIE FOR THIS JOB, he likes giving out the truth.

    • Good read bud thanks for that

      • cregganduff

        Great read. Some very quotable lines.

        ” For years, the SFA sat and did nothing as a club in their association operated a sectarian signing policy. They did nothing whilst the fans sang sectarian songs. In their failure to act they strengthened those elements of the Rangers support, instead of isolating, alienating and eventually helping to eliminate those who saw that club as a totem pole of division and hate.”

        • gortnamona

          In a lot of ways the failures of the SFA mirror those of the British Government in West minister who for 50 years ignored a policy of open sectarian discrimination against Catholics in N. Ireland. A policy which successive Unionist leaders openly boasted about and justified and ruthlessly crushed any dissent with the aid of their own private paramilitary police force.

          These policies and the failure of the British Government to intervene and end this running sore in an integral part of the United Kingdom are the main contributory factors to the death and destruction that followed.

          • gortnamona

            5th October 1968 – Derry Civil Rights March.
            The RUC showed the ugly face of N. Ireland to the world’s TV cameras and things would never be the same again.

  2. So much Niall for your worries,take it away Peter,
    Neil Lennon will get money to improve Celtic squad

    CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell has vowed to give Neil Lennon the financial muscle he needs to lead the team back into the Champions League group stages.

    By: Scott BurnsPublished: Tue, May 14, 2013
    Neil Lenon’s SPL winning side will be given funds to stengthen for next season

    Manager Lennon wants to supplement his title-winning squad with two quality signings and keep top stars such as Victor Wanyama, Gary Hooper and Fraser Forster.

    The Hoops must negotiate three perilous qualifying rounds to reach the Champions League proper, where this season they enjoyed glamour ties against Barcelona, Spartak Moscow and Benfica.

    And Lawwell has confirmed the board will do everything in its power to build on Celtic’s success. Lawwell, above, said: “The club is already planning for next season.

    “We have a title to defend, while our aim is to once again bring Champions League group-stage football to Celtic Park.

    “The reward we’ve offered to season ticket holders for next season is a thank-you for the club for that support and commitment, and we look forward to further success here, both at home and in Europe.”

    The Hoops lifted the SPL trophy on Saturday after their 4-0 win over St Johnstone at Parkhead.

    Lawwell praised Lennon and his players and is hoping they can bag the Scottish Cup to end the campaign on a high.

    Getting the league trophy is always a great occasion and the team produced a performance worthy of champions to win the match.
    Peter Lawwell
    “Getting the league trophy is always a great occasion and the team produced a performance worthy of champions to win the match,” said Lawwell.

    “Neil, his backroom staff and all the players deserve congratulations for their efforts in retaining the league title.

    “It was a fantastic atmosphere on Saturday and our supporters were magnificent.

    “It’s been an important year for the club as we celebrate our 125th anniversary and there have been some great moments along the way.

    “Those 48 hours back in November, when we held a special event in St Mary’s to mark our anniversary and then, the following night, beat Barcelona 2-1 in the Champions League will live long in the memory.

    “We hope to finish with a Scottish Cup victory at Hampden on May 26.”

    • Adam

      Im not being funny but the headline doesnt actually match the content. “planning for next season” as many on here have admitted on this blog does not equal “get money to improve the squad”

      I will be amazed if Lenny spends more than he brings in during the summer. This is not meant as a criticism though, just common sense.

      • Niall Walker

        Good morning Jimmy,

        I am not worried, I am simply making some predictions based on the extinction/absence of Rangers and historical accounts evidence.
        Celtic recorded an operating profit of 15 million for the first 6 months due entirely to CL success, and the 2nd half will more or less wipe its face. Celtic’s break even turnover is not dissimilar to Rangers at 30 million, and that is its domestic turnover without Europe, basically Europe increases turnover by 20 million to 50 million, and 15 of the 20 million is profit.

        The problem Celtic face is maintaining its 30 million domestic turnover, and the ” reward ” for season ticket holders reflects these concerns. Celtic must maintain their average domestic attendance to break even, and the domestic market without Rangers is showing early signs of fatigue.

        The point I am trying to make is the Celtic board do not want Rangers dead dead dead for purely commercial reasons, because Rangers maintains the fans interest in the domestic scene and guarantees their 30 million turnover.

        I am not worried about Celtic’s current financial position, if they sell two players for 15 million in the summer they will have raked in 30 million which is unbelievable profit on such a small turnover. But as everyone knows one off incomes cannot be guaranteed and it is the underlying trading position that is the key figure.

        • Paul

          The difference with Celtic is that unlike Rangers(not really their real title) Celtic can cut their cloth accordingly to compensate for a recession and lets not be kidding ourselves this country is screwed at the moment economically hence cutbacks, tightening of belts etc. This point is to underline the fact that Celtic do not really need Rangers as much as rangers needs Celtic money. Also Celtic fans no longer want the baggage that Rangers bring to the game and this is been expressed through blogs and ignored by lazy journalists.This is the reason why there is now more urgency by the SFA and Ibrox to try and establish the now defunct establishment team as slowly the real people not the WATP brigade are getting stronger and waking up to a new and brighter future. The old firm has gone and i am glad it has, real people live happier when they see corruption become desperate.

          • Niall Walker


            The profits from this year enable Celtic to cut their cloth without Rangers for a few years, but if you ask any board member if they want Rangers permanently gone then their answer would be no. The domestic season is their bread and butter, and without a competitive Rangers the bread will go stale and the butter will go off.

      • ecojon

        @ Adam

        Who said: ‘Im not being funny but the headline doesnt actually match the content’.

        I do realise you are a numbers man and have probs with the words and I should add I have never believed you understand humour going by the posts you make. However, because of these failings I will try and help you.

        The headline – Rangers blow whistle on SFA – quite simply points out that by putting confidentially imparted SFA information in a set of Rangers board minutes which I am certain was never meant to see the light of day then Rangers blew the whistle on the SFA – simples 🙂

  3. @ Ecojon

    I would think that the SFA’s biggest worry about the leaks over at IBROX is the fear that someone over there, with access to it, leaks the five way agreement.

  4. On the subject of Celtic winning the SPL without a team called Rangers participating in it, some one inferred that that somehow lessens Celtics achievement.
    Lets assume new Rangers make it to the SPL, will this new club be able to compete ?

    Look back at RFC 1872’s achievements this century, and how those achievements were funded.
    That club ran up massive bank debt coupled with the disgraceful EBT scheme used to entice players it otherwise could not afford to pay.

    Rangers when they did win the SPL, more often than not,won the title by the odd point or two or even only by goal difference,
    I remind you,this was achieved using massive borrowing and EBT’s.

    How will new Rangers cope, they will not be able to borrow or use EBT’s as their DEADCO did, if you can only mange to win on goal difference with massive bank debts and EBT’s how do they they intend to do it without those two financial tools?
    Do people remember,when Whyte took over, the first thing the old bears told him was that he could not increase the season ticket prices,
    Whyte had to buckle to that demand,
    selling lots of season tickets for the 4th tier was easy, lets see what happens if this new club makes it to the top flight.

  5. Iain Mcg

    I do not believe for one second that the reference to the SFA in the leaked minutes about the leaks is not deliberate. Go figure.

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  7. arb urns

    ” Desperados”

    ” only match fixing or bribing an official could be worse”

    little did those that said these words at the time in this fiasco know that they would apply to the SFA,SPL and SFL ……….. a five way agreement coming to a blog near you soon…… methinks.

  8. Richboy

    For those of us of a certain vintage, this draws the weary response of “it has always been like this”. Seriously, although we were once considered “paranoid” (only to be proven correct on countless occasions) does anyone expect things to change under the current regime (Ogilvie etc.).

    I think not.

  9. John

    Niall & Adam, you both are asking how Celtic will make profit without CL money, but as has been pointed out a few times, this is not the question you need ot be asking! Celtic have a true Billionaire in good ol’ DD, a sound business model, and reliable income streams (fans, sponsors, TV pittance etc) and the board will not allow us to make a loss that would cause the passing of the club! Simple & straight forward, no what about this and that nonsense, this is how it is!

    The thing that gets me in all of this is the obvious colusion between sfa and rfc,trfc,rifc,sevco,deadco. Every fan of every club should want more for their club than merely being there to make up the numbers. Everytime I hear this sh*t “SPL needs a strong rfc” bul*s@$t it really insults me. If DU and Aberdeen had strong squads and wer challinging for the title, would the blue pound still be missed? No, however, the sfa and msm would still be telling us all that we don’;t like what we are seeing and we must go grave robbing again?

    When will the fans of all clubs come together and simply tell the saf, get CO out or the games a boggie? Thats all it takes, get together and let them know in no uncertain terms we want/need change throughout the governance of OUR game!

    And latly, great to see NL give his spl splonsors medal to the wee lass in the crowd. Great day, great performance, great man!!

    Hail hail

    John 😉

    • Niall Walker

      Good morning John,

      The wealth of DD nor Celtic’s prudent business model does not alter the size of its domestic market, Celtic need to maintain its average domestic attendances to break even, and these attendances are in danger of shrinking out of apathy and the recession. Now Celtic can afford to bankroll two years potential losses until Rangers gets back in the SPL but they want them back to prevent these losses becoming permanent.

      • lordmac

        can rangers survive and bank roll thereself till they get back in the spl lol dafty, Nial what ever rangers take in we take double, if its hard for us, what do you think it is going to be like, for the mugs supporting rangers. we dont need yous at all 2 games or 3 at the most get real mate. rangers and the SFA need celtic mate.

        • Niall Walker


          Discussing Rangers when I am discussing Celtic is rude, please desist forthwith, and your dwindling attendances clearly highlight the need for the speedy return of Rangers 5088.

          • lordmac

            you seem to be the only ranger, that is bothered about what we do
            we have told you before if we are stuck for funds we will arrange a few
            big named teams to help us out and at present we are getting the thief share of any money from the TV deals, and from the SPL are the rangers doing so well. i don’t think so, they are missing Celtic for a decent pay day.

  10. Paul

    Campbell Ogilvie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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