Some Questions About Rangers International Football Club PLC and Market Disclosure

It is a hard job, running a PLC. As well as all of the normal struggles of business: cash flow, personnel, delegation, and customer satisfaction; there are extra responsibilities both to shareholders and to people who are not shareholders but who might wish to buy – “the market”.

The nature of a PUBLIC limited company is, as the name suggests, public. This does not mean that Bob from accounts having an argument with Joan from legal need be announced but, where information could influence share prices, either up or down, investors and potential ones need to be on the same page. “Insider dealing” or the potential for it is one result of not doing so.

So where there is significant “news” about a PLC, one would expect a public announcement. Confirmation of Sir Alex Ferguson retiring from the Old Trafford dugout had to come on the back of an announcement to the New York Stock Exchange.

If we turn our eyes to Rangers International Football Club PLC, to pick a random example 😉 we see uncertainty and confusion, even amongst those who have more than a passing knowledge of Ibrox affairs.

I have no doubt that RIFC will have been advised of its duties and decided carefully what to report and what not to. As its legal advice too will have been expensive, being the cost of using highly experienced and knowledgeable advisers, we won’t be looking at decisions made on a whim.

But that does not stop questions being asked.

1 What is Mr Green’s position today? The announcement that was made said he was resigning as he had become a distraction and would leave by the end of May after an orderly transition.

He is still a director of RIFC and a myriad of subsidiaries. A Prominent Rangers-connected source suggests he was in fact sacked with a £600k payoff. Is he still active on the Board? Was he dismissed? Why?

2 What if, before he concludes his “orderly transition”, the independent investigation into links with Mr Whyte puts Mr Green in the clear? Suspicious cynics will suggest that means the investigation did not look in the right places but this blog has no place for cynicism!

As Mr Green has been hailed as a triumphant CEO, responsible for saving Rangers and masterminding a hugely successful share sale, surely RIFC would want him on board if his name is cleared? Why lose him?

3 What about his shares? His 7% stake is rumoured to have been sold to the Easdale Brothers. Has it? He remains a director. There is a duty to report a director’s dealings in the company’s shares. That has not happened. The sale of such a large block of shares is surely of note to the market?

4 What of Mr Ahmad? He was labelled a key employee, alongside Mr McCoist, in the prospectus. His role was seen as important enough for him to be mentioned there alongside the directors. He remains a director of The Rangers Football Club Ltd. He is still a major shareholder in PLC.

The same “inky trades” source suggests that he has been fired too but with no recompense. Is this true? If so then one would have thought that what seems to be summary dismissal of a key employee was worthy of official comment?

5 What about Mr Murray, the Chairman? The BBC reported he had lost a no confidence vote. The rampant speculation on the Chairman’s position is something, Naively, I would have thought worthy of comment. Is coverage by the national broadcaster and the press of the apparent imminent demise of the Chairman, when the CEO has resigned/been fired, not worthy of a statement?


RIFC can’t say that it refuses to comment on “media speculation”. It has done so officially in the past, indeed twice in April it issued statements referring in the title to “media speculation” or “media reports”.

One answer is that the shares, though in a PLC, are very lightly traded. Therefore, as there is no significant market for them, with the largest number of shareholders being fans who bought with their hearts, and the major players generally being tied in for a period, there is no real issue about influencing the share price.

However one must take the rough with the smooth. RIFC was created to take advantage of being a PLC by making a public offer of shares. With that right comes the responsibilities to play by the rules.

As I said, I have no doubt that those in charge have carefully considered what to announce.

As the London Stock Exchange Guide to Investor Relations states:-

However, companies must also operate on an ad hoc basis to ensure that any new developments are also disclosed to the market without delay. This will normally involve consideration of whether there is any ‘inside information’ which requires disclosure to the market. The concept of disclosing inside information is set out in the UK Listing Authority’s (UKLA) Listing Rules. Listing Principle 4 states that a “listed company must communicate information to holders and potential holders of its listed equity securities in such a way as to avoid the creation or continuation of a false market in such listed equity securities.”

The principal provisions relating to disclosure of inside information are set out in the Disclosure and Transparency Rules (“DTRs”) which implement certain European Directives on disclosure and transparency. These apply to all companies on a regulated market, such as the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market. Companies quoted on AIM are subject to their own rules relating to the disclosure of price sensitive information, although the principles are very similar. The initial assessment of whether particular information amounts to inside information must be made by the company, with help from its advisers. In reality, unless the case is obvious, input from the company’s advisers will be vital, as there will be a number of different factors which will need to be taken into account when assessing the significance of the information, such as the company’s size, recent developments and market sentiment about the company and its sector, the swing in share price, including other market variables affecting price, the source of the information, the company’s financial condition and information previously disclosed by the company to the market

Certain rumours or speculation circulating in the market or the press may prompt the company to consider whether such information is inside information. In general, if the rumour is accurate and is inside information, an immediate announcement will be required. If the rumour is false, then the company may choose to delay disclosure, probably indefinitely. There is no obligation to respond to a false rumour, although a company may wish to correct significant errors where they lead to general market misapprehension or the market being misled.

I am sure that RIFC has carefully considered all of these matters and determined that the answers to the questions raised above do not amount to “inside information”. I can see how opinions on that could differ.

As the guidance says, there is no obligation to respond to false rumours, and it may be that beyond the terms of announcements made, everything else is untrue. But there has still been no public announcement about Mr Ahmad’s departure. That is not a rumour? What about Mr Green’s Schrodinger position – is he still on board (as distinct from being ON the Board)?

These, and many other questions, may be answered eventually.

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  1. Ed Paisley

    Yes I think the great Jock Stein should have been treated with far more dignity than accorded him by Desmond White. Big Jock brought us Europe’s biggest accolade and permanently put Rangers and now SEVCO in our shadow. As I and others have said, this is what eventually led to the death of Rangers at the hands of David Murray.

    Inter Milan reserves? You’ve made an arse of yourself there WillyWonka. The retort from the Rangers/SEVCO fans is we arra peepul : translation – we know that Celtic are the ones with the big gold star on their shirts but if we tell ourselves that we are innately superior then the pain will lessen. But of course, it never does and hence Minty’s reckless gamble – supported by all of the Gers fans as far as I could see. That’s why the blame is focused on Mr Whyte the comic book villain, rather than Mr Murray.

    • Answere the question !..why no seat on the board ?

      • Ed Paisley

        I don’t know for sure but one assumes that the White and Kelly families didn’t want to dilute their absolute control over the club. Desmond White was a small time accountant who really did run the club’s finances out of a biscuit tin. An imposing, intelligent and much admired figure like Jock would have represented a major threat to these people.
        It was nothing sinister as far as I can tell, simply the frailties of human nature.
        If you think it was something else Carson then please just spit it out. No-one is shocked by your statements any more.

        • TheBlackGooseyCorsicaKnight

          Or… If we follow the “assuming” doctrine that Paul/Ecojohn subscribe to for everything with respect to the many unsubstantiated, indeed fictitious Rangers stories published here ….We could assume he was not given a place on the board because he simply was not a Catholic.

          Which despite all protestations that will fly in .. the majority of fans believe is true. But of course this fact will be swept away as per..

      • Monti

        Has Chisel got 1 tooth as well..woothhhs woooths 😀 ha. Hun zombie dogs with 1 tooth called chisel….aaaahhhhhaaaa


    • lordmac

      he was on 10% of the takings, he was the first promoter for our club
      and as he came from a school that had shown very poor Education results, where most of “THE PEOPLE ” at it couldn’t Count, Read, or Write
      we had to test the water. before giving out jobs of importance thats how we work CARSON not jobs for the bhoys.

    • Monti

      ….In a shop doorway?

    • Monti

      Why did your dead club bump creditors? Fang face?….left turn Clyde…ooh aah?

    • Monti

      Why is it that the whole Hun support has 1 fkn tooth? That must be a world record! 🙂 haha….

  3. Tam McCondie

    cARSEon, why don’t you answer the question as to why you were boasting about the red and black stockings that are still part of your hated team’s strip. Boasting about red-topped stockings that signify being up to the knees in Fenian blood lets us all know just what type of cowardly low-life you are.

  4. Why is it ra selling ghirlies answere a question with a…….question …rotflmao… ..why was big jock not given a seat on ra sellick board ?…and given a job selling scratchcards ?…in your own time lhadies.

    • Ed Paisley

      Just for me – can you tell what you are getting at? You asked a fair question, although in your usual semi-literate style, and you got a reasonable answer. What is all the insinuation?

    • Steven Brennan

      I posted a reply to you earlier but you didnt respond.
      Once again
      I am surprised the Ohio police have given you and your brothers access to a computer.
      Jock Stein was a great manager, can you tell me any Manager in that period who was given a place on the board after they left the job?
      Its a relatively new idea.
      Greig was a patsy to keep the hordes happy.
      Sir Minty could have promoted every ex player to his board and treated them with the same disregard as the rest of his board.
      Mushrooms, kept in dark and fed shit.

      • cam

        Stevo,you’re another guy that used to be mild mannered and reasonable and now you’re getting angry.Why are Celtic fans still full of rage and hatred?
        An angry man might think its funny to compare carson with the incident you’re referring to, but i thought better of you.Luckily PB your mentor is away on his hols,he might have to speak with you.
        Chill man,,,rage will increase global warming and newtz’s bunker doesn’t have anymore room.

        • Steven Brennan

          I agree, I am by nature a reasonable person.
          However the pond life on here sometimes piss me off.
          If i offend the innocent bystanders I apologise.

          • cam

            Stevo mate,its understandable,i’ve told brother carson his job is to sell our moonshine to the locals not drink the damn stuff.
            Right i’ve got to go check the dilithium crystals,,,when i go over the top Stevo, set your phasers to shut up cam!

  5. So why did the greatest fhans in the whorld not kick up a fuss when …the greatest manager in the clubs history was promoted to selling scratchcards ?

    • errr… yes we did. There was a huge outcry against the board. They never regained the trust of the Celtic support. Not that they were ever hugely popular anyway.

  6. @david re your post last night regarding “Covenanters legacy”
    Need to clear this up. I wasn’t suggesting that the ideals of the Reformation were responsible for the Ayrshire bombers. I was trying to highlight that those ideals are distorted by Orangism both here & as gortnamona would confirm in Ireland.
    Also agree about William Wolf, good riddance & fully endorse your enthusiasm for the work of Ken Burns.

    • gortnamona

      Missed David’s post. What heading is it under?

      • it was yesterdays blog gort. The newer comments section about halfway down.

        • gortnamona

          Thank Mac
          Read it interesting.
          Yes I still believe that the beliefs that motivated the Covenanters at that time are still widespread in Northern Ireland. In particular that loyalty to an earthly ruler is secondary to your loyalty to God. Ian Paisley lecturing the Queen on her duty as Monarch a few years ago is a good example.

          This is borne out by their changing sides a number of times in the Civil War, offering their services to whoever would sign up to their Covenant and agree to impose it on all citizens in Britain and Ireland Freedom of worship was not on their agenda.

          I believe that in N. Ireland ‘Protestants’ use these Covenant beliefs as justification for their mistreatment of Catholics. ‘You are not of the chosen, be thankful for we allow you, for it is more than you deserve’.

          I know, absurd and anachronistic, but still very much with us.

          • david

            Pretty accurate, Gortnamora.
            As they would say No King But Christ.
            Or, If God be for us, who can stand against us.
            However the Covenanters did have some excellent principles, though toleration for Catholics wasnt one of them; viewed as latter-day Amelikites, drawers of water and hewers of wood.
            You are right, these belong to the 17th Century

            • gortnamona

              Thank you David

              Having no interest in the present debate I did a little research

              To back up my previous claim that Sherman’s Georgia campaign ‘ more or less’ ended Southern resistance I present the following:

              “In the wake of his successful campaign to capture Atlanta, Major General William T. Sherman began making plans for a march against Savannah. Seeking to destroy the South’s economic and psychological will to resist, he intended to conduct a campaign designed to eliminate any resources that could be used by Confederate forces.”

              My contention is that he was successful on all counts.

            • gortnamona

              ” However the Covenanters did have some excellent principles, though toleration for Catholics wasnt one of them;”

              Maybe, but for a Catholic standpoint, it was: ” Besides that Mrs Lincoln, what did you think of the play?”

            • gortnamona


              ” These three commentaries on the nature of Sherman’s campaign through the Confederate heartland convey a very different picture from traditional accounts of a military strategy that destroyed both the war resources and the morale of the Southern people.”

              ” His hardened veterans, who had seen the worst war had to offer, were now engaged in a campaign designed to simultaneously destroy the military resources and the morale of the Southern people”


              Nothing better to do Nobody in pub and Rory playing badly.

            • Budweiser


              Looks like a great book ! I watched the Ken Burns civil war series on the history channel .I have seen various dvd box collections on the series, ranging from £25 to £ 100 ! Any recommendations ?
              Because of you and david’s comments, I bought a wee book today in a charity shop, entitled ‘Storm Over The Land’ [ Abraham Lincoln: The War Y ears 1861-1865 ], I was told it was more like ‘Lincoln’ the film, in that it portrayed his political struggle, so I am looking forward to reading it.
              Also , would appreciate any other reading suggestions. [ More on the social/political/racial/economic lines than battlefield tactics – although I am open to ‘ left field ‘ military histories that differentiate from the ‘accepted ‘ narratives ].

    • david

      Cheers bud.

      • david

        Gortnamora- Sherman was certainly successful in destroying resources useful to the Confederacy.
        But the major battles were raging around Richmond. The Confederate forces in Georgia under J.E.Johnston avoided general engagements due to a lack of strength. Had Lee been able to engage with his magnificent veterans it would have been a different story. Once legacy of Shermans march to the sea was a bitter legacy of hatred for the North which paradoxically led to the post-bellum South and the long oppression of the freed slaves.
        Lees army fought literally to the end and many wanted to continue.

        • Budweiser

          Im thinking of buying an ‘overview’ of the civil war. A friend has recommended Shelby Foote’s trilogy. Also James Mc Pherson’s ‘ The Battle Cry of Freedom’. Any thoughts ?

          • david

            Shelby Footes trilogy, very even-handed.
            McPhersons book is really about the Army of the Potomac.
            If you leave an address Ill send it to you, you can return after reading.
            What is astonishing about the Civil War was the dominance of Scots / Scots-Irish Generals on both sides.

            • Budweiser

              Thanks for the offer. I have just been reading some rave reviews of the Shelby trilogy and have ordered it. That should be more than enough at present.

  7. martin c

    Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 20:34
    4 1 Rate This
    “Independent” Commission Finds Green Not Guilty”


    Charles Green has been found not guilty of links with disgraced ex-Ibrox chief Craig Whyte in a report commissioned by the club.

    Queen’s Counsel, Roy Martin QC, who oversaw the investigation has completed a draft report which will be handed to the clubs board confirming there is no credibility in obscene claims made by serial liar Whyte that he was part of the Charles Green led summer takeover which saved the club from administration.

    The findings of the report look set to spell the end for club chairman Malcolm Murray who has lost the support of the original investors in the club who purchased the assets Duff & Phelps. It is well known that these original investors are still loyal to Charles Green.

    It does raise a problem for the club in that the blue chip investors such as Legal & General and Hargreave Hale stumped up the cash once Murray, a well respected ex pension fund manager in London, became involved in the club.

    I’m led to believe there is a lot of political manoeuvring behind the scenes to clear the air with these investors before Murray is finally pushed aside.

    Despite tabloid rumours Walter Smith will NOT be following his friend, Murray, out of Ibrox.

    Although Walter has some misgivings about the motives of many who sit alongside him in the Ibrox directors box both him and Ally McCoist have decided they are best placed to defend the interests of the club and its fans from within the corridors of power at Ibrox.

    In better news I can also confirm that the club have sought legal advice over the ownership of Ibrox stadium, Murray Park and the Albion Car Park.

    Under Scottish Law those assets are all owned by Sevco Scotland Limited which later became The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

    It is thought that the best case scenario for Whyte would be a successful clam against the club for damages if he was misled by Green or Imran during the summer fight for control of Rangers.

    In the event of any successful claim the most that Mr Whyte would be awarded would be £1.35m (33% of the value of the assets when purchased from D&P).

    It would appear that when Ticketus won their case against Whyte, that has sent him to the brink of bankruptcy, he has tried via a compliant press to put pressure on Green and Imran to give him a pay off.

    When no pay off was forth coming we were subjected to the usual bluster from Whyte, his friends in the media and the Timmy conspiracy theory mob on the internet.

    I hope you’ve found this information helpful and I’ll look to blog again soon about what the future holds for the club. Taken from KDS

    Can anyone confirm this is genuine?

    • martin c

      I think this is a wind up buy some a spivcovian

    • @martin c.
      Just read it on TBD. They are hopeful, but the guy has previous for posting mince.

    • cam

      Guilty,martin,i posted it through my cyber mole account in Reykjavik.
      I then waited outside an estate in Coatbrig and watched hunners of folk heading to the offy clutching their nappers and greetin into their phones.
      The Buckfast monks have sent me up a case of their latest squeezings as thanks for their profits rising.
      It will do for weedkiller.

      • martin c

        Over on TSFM they have got you to a T and described you as a moonunit.

        And as for the tonic wine, the spivs plans for a fast buck is back firing quicker than the blue lagoon bubbles.

        • cam

          Martin,no kidding mate am i famous?,,,i can’t seem to get interested in that site,,it seems pretty dull and you’ve gotta admit,anybody who takes this pish seriously is a total rocket,,,i’ll go and check,i hope this isn’t a Pacific Shelf ploy to distract me from my main mission.

      • gortnamona

        Cam – fame is unimportant- love is everything – a song for Rangers:

  8. Goodnight ghirls , always fun and a pleasure , take care , and remember it’s only a game …..lmfao.

  9. Monti

    @willy wanka, before you start your vile Shiite aimed at Jock Stein, remember who helped assist with your fellow fans, dead & dying at the Ibrox disaster….you fkn dick! I wish you were in front of me right now…….

    • cam

      Aw c’mon Monti,,,this isn’t yer X box yer playing now.

      • willy wonka

        A 14 year old internet hardman !
        Lol. I’ve went through half a dozen to get INTO a fight.

        • Budweiser

          willi’s wee wonka.

          A 14 year old internet hardman !
          Lol. I’ve went through half a dozen to get INTO a fight”

          Jeez wulli, whit is this ‘true confessions’ !
          You went through half a dozen 14 year olds and then got in a fight ! Who with ? One of their dads? Is ‘ going through ‘ 14 year olds not a criminal offence? Maybe you should have asked your faither in law polisman.
          Haw Haw Haw, lol lol lol lol HAW
          still waiting haw haw haw lol lolhaw

          • willy wonka

            Bud, I’m afraid , rather like Eco you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
            Read up some Scots Law and what it says about self defence and reasonable force when it comes to dealing with bawbags trying to attack you – no matter what age they are.
            Hitting 14 year old bawbags is not per se ” a criminal offence “.
            FAIL !

            • Budweiser

              Poor wulli; You really didn’t get it, did you ? I’m still laughing .
              BTW STILL WAITING.

            • @Willy windylicka.
              What did the wee boys attack you for? Bet they don’t try that again eh. 6 of them was there? Bet you showed them. Were they hard 14 yr olds? Probably all carrying as well! Your a pure gemmy! No wonder you are the people. Wish I was like you……Ya fudd! Your team is deid! Your culture is deid. And your history …..Is history.! BTW am 15 and a hauf!

            • With this in mind, in 2003 the law on the physical punishment of children changed. Section 51 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 prohibits the following forms of physical punishment of children:

              Hitting on the head Shaking Punishing with a belt, cane or other implement……….
              @Willy childbeater. The above was lifted from the Scottish Govt website on child protection.
              A page you obviously flicked passed as you carried out your studies in Scots law.
              But you carry on living in the centuries of old my good man and listen for the chap at the door. There might be an adult behind it!

        • rab

          You mean you followed through when confronted by a skinny 14 year old ned asking you to go in for his half dozen cans of dragon soup.

    • steady Monti. That pricks not worth it. A classic bottom feeder!!!!

    • willy wonka

      I had great respect for Jock Stein. It was the weasels on your board I had no time for.
      Threats ?
      You’re not this guy are you ?
      A green and grey scumbag who was threatening harm to Chris Grahams young son on the internet tonight.
      If your door goes tonight it’s the polis.

  10. @Monti.
    Know how you feel mate. I was down in Cardiff when the big man died and was truely gutted! But Mac is right! He’s a Willy worthnought.

  11. You’d think that their official site might be correctly maintained and accurate.

    Chuckles as CEO still!

  12. How are we all tonight what’s the thoughts hoops fans on Lenny going to everton he’s been backed all day from 12/1 to 7/4 fav.

  13. Tam McCondie

    Monti, if he was in front of you right now he would be on his knees ready to crawl around you to lick your ar$e. This type of cowardly ratbag doesn’t have the guts to face anyone. He, along with cARSEon and cam, reminds me of the weakling in the old Charles Atlas adverts who got the sand kicked in his face. The three of them would certainly have been bullied at their “non-denominational” (?), non-educational school.

    • willy wonka

      Tam. You’re my hero ! You sound like a really clever guy.
      Haw haw haw.

    • cam

      Evening Tam,i’ve just walked up to Tesco to get my nightly cooked chicken £3 for a lovely bird!!,,,thats what i call a cheap nite oot!
      My protein intake is commensurate with my work out schedule and try as i do,its very difficult not to end up with the”Tweety pie” look like big Sly.
      I’m benching sets of 70kilos and i’ll tell you i’m in damn good nick for an auld git.
      Now if you hadn’t mentioned that rimming malarkey i would have asked you to train with me but my reflexes have slowed over the years and i can’t keep a look out on my back door and pump iron.
      Take 3 eggs a banana,a litre of semi skimmed and some blueberries in a blender every morning and you will be ready for me.

  14. cam

    Right lets get this tired blog back on track.
    Those bloody commissionairre guys in the city chambers are fast!
    In i go whistling my Georgia tune admiring the marble staircase(just like Ibrox),I tell them i’m in to see the top banana about knocking down listed buildings in the east end to accomodate the Coyote.
    Cheeky bugger tells me no whistling and could i leave my mace at the desk!!
    Now i know my rights and if this son of Billy Nimmo wants to march then i’m bloody well marching.

  15. cam

    More Mason later bhoys!
    Now to address the issues at hand,
    Item 1;the Easdale Bros.,,,by jingo i like the cut of their jib! get in theit boys and get it sorted.
    Item 2;Lenny for Everton,,unfortunately nae chance,,we’re stuck wi the horrible wee man and his temper,he knows he’s not up to the job.
    Item 3; this is good news,with his contract up for negotiation he can demand more off tricky Dessie,but then again Dessie knows he doesn’t need a manager to win the SPL,,,jeez Monti could do it! Anything that causes bother at the Stade de Pish is good news for this old mace twirler.

    • rab

      If Neils temper is as bad as the ragers fans make it out to be, then he would have leathered the fat one when he entered the Celtic technical area, all purple faced and heart pounding in bulging veined fury, when we skelped yous out the scottish cup during your last proper shame game. You must remember the shame game, yous had three red carded, ten booked, ref manhandled, fatmans encroachment, cardigan pulled him back also from another encroachment, doofy barging the physio and ignoring the ref and polis and the fatmans snidey ungracious loser whisper, c’mon, you must remember, it was when Neil got hammered from the sfa for pointing his finger at fatty. Unfortunately callum murray wouldn’t speak in his defence and probably implied he felt more more threatened by Neils catholicism than big boogy repeatedly manhandling him.

      Mark Wilson should have been sent off for playing a one-two off papac’s napper before scoring the winner. Fortunately, no damage was suffered by papac, who retained both his brain cells to remain ayebrokes mastermind champion, narrowly defeating the st etteine bike in the final.

  16. cam

    I don’t like all this fighting talk,,,i’m a lover myself!
    Assuming that Lenny gets offered the job and uses his noddle for once and escapes this backwater,,,who would the Tic bhoys want as manager?
    Also,i know i’m setting myself up for a fall but i just get the feeling that the worst is over for the mighty Gers,,,the boardroom stuff is gonna get resolved,Whytey is in deep shoite,and my letter to Walter will ensure he stays to fight the good fight.
    Right lads i’m off to finish my e-mail to the BBC to get Marky the bhoy Daly to investigate Glasgow City Council,,,there’s a 10 part series in there if someone grows a pair,,,

    • @ Cam, best o luck with your letter to the BBC! I hear the cooncil is in need of a good sorting out back there. See if you can get them to sort they holes in the road at the bottom of my ma’s street. There’s a wee drink in it for you. Good man.

      • cam

        Aye potholes are destroying my vintage banger,bloody cooncil want to assist the bhoys demolishing beautiful buildings so they can build a walkway??
        Ah’ll tell ye this ah’m pure ragin man!
        Luckily i’m now watching Dave Allen and greetin wi laughter,,,i’ll talk more rubbish to you tomorrow barca.
        My secret mission is to drive you all crazy and when your psychiatrist tells you to calm doon,then you will know why i picked this name!!!

    • I’m sure newtz is on the council job as I type cam.
      Really touched by your passion for preserving Glasgow’s architectural heritage. Shame your fellow bears didn’t show the same concern down in Manchester for the metropolitan environment. In fact mebbe the Coyote could offer some of them some work before the builders move in to London Rd. Judging by those old tv pics the peepel looked pretty handy at dismantling stuff.

  17. I have noticed the further down The Rangers go the more bitter their fans become. Self-defeating, if only the understood.

    • Adam

      I have noticed the further down The Rangers go the more bitter the Celtic fans become. Self-defeating, if only they didnt care as much as they say they dont.

      • cam

        How was the after match night out at the Radisson Adam and can you get me a freebie for the golf outing? I would pay quite a bit to go for a wee walk with Craigie with a full set of clubs.
        The Easdale bros. came across quite weell i thought and you can see that the bahind the scenes feuding is gonna come to a head soon.
        Then we can get back to being a football club again and leave the obsessed to their illness.
        Off for a wee march in the morning sunshine,,,Morag where’s ma orange trainers?

        • Adam

          Was a fantastic night cam. Even managed to have a 15 minute chat with Bryan Robson who was superb but star of the night was David May who gave an excellent interview on his career which was hilarious. All the players from both teams were superb signing everything for the guests all night and getting photos taken. Great occasion to be at. Brilliant day all round.

          Re golf……Im afraid not re a freebie. I could maybe get you a caddy job tho. 🙂

          • Watching him trying to play was hilarious too Adam.Well done on the night and the money raised from the match.

          • cam

            Good to hear,great to see folk smiling and enjoying themselves and raising money for great causes.
            I would walk 500 miles to carry Walters clubs and clean Ally’s balls.
            Just back from a lovely march to the library,the local park,Lidl’s for my hun fruit,and a wee discussion regards transubstantiation with the lovely Italian family who run the local deli.
            They admired my sash and bowling club medals and took extra care with my cheese omelette roll.
            Paul obviously is caught up in real life,or has no new articles about MG05 forms,dates of registration documents,or the ethics of plundering deep sea minerals without a proper license,,,but its still early!
            Mason Boyne is heading out again in the lovely spring sunshine,,,the bluebells are looking wonderful,,,Morag could you iron my sash!

        • Don’t worry cam, everything is going to be just fine. Somehow I don’t think Adam shares your feral optimism.
          Not Long Now 🙂

  18. Ed Paisley

    I have to say the Easdale Brothers looked every inch the successful businessmen sitting together on one of their buses being interviewed.
    As Sandy said his Vat fraud conviction was 16 years ago and he did his time. I se it as similar to Thomas McCulloch’s release from Carstairs State Hospital. It is a statement of compassion and a belief in redemption that allows us to rehabilitate offenders.
    I would just say, keep Mr McCulloch away from the sharp tools section of B&Q and keepy Mr Easdale way from the petty cash tin.

    Good morning willywonka – I hope you can recover some of your humour today, you seem to have turned very nasty recently. I blame Toxic Carson who fare brings the tone doon.

    • Rab wasn’t long putting him to bed last night. Haw Haw Haw. Hope u got tucked in ok willy.Cant beat facts when entering an argument!

    • cam

      Ted,exactly what kind of mental illness could lead one to equate the Easdale bros and an insane mass murderer?
      Scraping the bottom of the biscuit tin their old bhoy.
      The tone fair took a dive with your nasty jibes,,you’re a very naughty grumpy Teddy Bear this morning.

      • Ed Paisley

        Hi bud. I know. You’re correct. Finding any moral equivalence in the crimes of MCulloch and Easdale is silly and I take that back. My only defence is that I had too much sherry trifle last night. You have to say though, Mr McCulloch now looks like a retired tobacconist and the Easdales look like the Krays. That is simply an observation.

  19. Raymilland

    @wily wonka

    Found the Ibrox boiler hoose cat under the carpet, flat as a pancake.

    Under the boiler hoose cat; TRFC accounts; five way agreement; SFA membership and a pawn ticket for a pair of brown brogues.

    The cat has now been stuffed and mounted, the SFA are waiting on the accounts (membership pending), and the shoes are still in the pawn shop.

    The IPO is the least of your worries, although BDO are duty bound to investigate the circumstances of the non disclosure of Whyte’s claim against Green.

  20. SairFecht

    Aye, it looks like the Knights are ferr drawin in.

  21. Everton fans none too happy Lenny is bookies favourite,don’t think he will get it if the fans have a say.

    • Adam

      They must be bigots.

        • Adam

          Well anyone who says anything remotely negative about him on here or in Scotland in general is labelled a bigot. Im guessing these Everton fans are the same. 🙂

        • cam

          Obvious Mac,,anyone who has a word to say against the ginger spitter is a bigot,,,QED

          • Total mince! Adam it would seem your not immune from lobbing in a groundless polemic. Lennon is viewed as an average manager by many Celtic fans.
            I like him as a person, but still think he’s got a bit of work to do as a manager.

      • Mark

        I think they’re holding out for a bigger manager. Somebody with the stature of the Michelin man, a penchant for stake bakes.

        Must be able to manage a team of over paid diddies in a part time league that consists of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers

      • Budweiser


        No, just sensible imo. Lennon might be capable in the future, but he certainly isn’t at the moment. IF he does go, then I think it a mite hypocitical, given his pleas to Hooper et al to stay at celtic.

        • Adam

          I agree re capabilities. One “fluke” result has papered over the true picture this season. The SPL form is arguably the worst since 1996 when Celtic won something like 30% of their non Old Firm games.

          Its a bit like the Ally situation, its because of who it is, that they get more leeway than anyone else with the home fans.

          • Mark

            Lennon has hs faults like any young manager learning his trade. He’s come a long way in the last few years and still has more to do.

            But getting to the last 16 of the champions league after playing 2 qualifying rounds and overcoming the finalists in the Europa league cannot be considered a fluke.

  22. @Adam.
    How are you getting on with your gambling stuff.?
    I came across a good site with a lot of info you may find useful.
    To them, a lot of myths surround FA rules and betting, while involved in the game acceptable. Some stuff there re Steve Jennings,(Motherwell) and red card betting scam, of which he was cleared. Off the top of my head, I remember an incident where a player hoofed the ball for a shy his first kick.
    Hope it is helpful.

  23. mick

    Good morning every 1 hail hail the celts are packing there bags and heading for Glasgow for trophy day what a great weekend while sevco cling to life in div3 as the bus firebugs said there in a internal civil war lol there’s lots of talk the bus boys are well at crime wise most bus company’s are struggling while there buying new buses and soccer clubs just saying like

    • cam

      C’mon micky elaborate on the latest snide allegation,,,speak up son,don’t be feart

      • Mark

        If you’re unsure of the comings and goings, the movers and shakers as it were in Inverclyde – I’m thinking about trades such as omnibus hire or public hostelries to name 2, then I suggest you google it.

        Failing that, perusal of a few back issues of the digger ought to put you in the picture.

        You shouldn’t require any protection to do that.

        • cam

          The digger?,,is that that comic bought by dafties in the GB?,,,c’mon marky bhoy spit it out sweetie wifing is for weans

    • cam

      Bus firebugs? bus boys well at crime?,,,more snide allegations from the man with a license to accuse in here?
      As a citizen and stakeholder in Scottish football it is your civic duty to take your documented evidence to the authorities.
      Alternatively you could maybe just shut yer big blabbering yap,,,lol

      • Mark

        Here’s an idea for you, assuming you have a spare couple of grand. Go and take the leasehold of a pub in Greenock over and see what happens.

        There’s a word certain types of people use for those that take documented evidence to the authorities and it tends not to go down to well in some places, not that i’m suggesting that its right or wrong.

        Point is if you’re happy with these sorts running your club then that’s your lookout but your fellow fans from that part of the world know exactly what these guys are about.

        For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a realistic possibility – not sure they have sufficient funds themselves to plug the massive gap in the rangers business plan and pay off Craig and charlie at the same time. I suspect it’s Green holding a gun to the board’s head. Lots of rangers board/shareholder types are from Renfrewshire and know exactly what’s happening in the next district along.

        • cam

          Ah,,i get it now Mark,,,if anyone suggests any wrongdoing by anyone on the green side its pulled, but the blue side is fair game,,,sorry i was a bit slow on the uptake there,,,,thanks for the heads up.
          Good to see that you’re well up on the Rangers business plan,,if you could give me the Google page where you got that,it would be great,,KDS?
          Carry on obsessing.

          • Mark

            Have a look at the share prospectus and recent (unaudited) accounts if you’re interested in the business side of rangers – all in the public domain.

            If you want to discuss any wrongdoings at Celtic plc then point me in the direction of the relevant section of our accounts that highlights them and I’ll be happy to discuss.

            Incidentally, accusations of obsession are a bit rich coming from you -you’re on here spouting more inaccurate ramblings about Celtic than anyone.

  24. @Mick.
    I’ll be watching in a wee French bar tomorrow. The locals love the Bhoys and get right into it! ‘Ail ‘Ail is magical in a French accent! I had them doing Le ‘Uddle last time I was there.
    It never fails to amaze me the welcome that a Celtic connection gets. I love it!
    Enjoy the day in Paradise mate, and I’ll be doing my wee bit for our international reputation. HH.

    • mick

      Over in France barca cam will think your the tobacco man down gallowgate lol hope you have a ball and enjoy your trip a love France a lived in Dover before in my youth and use to go over for beer sessions it’s well nice and friendly

      • @My Favourite country mate. I love the chilled ootness. The food, the weather, and the way the people just ignore a law if they find it petty. Lol.
        Deffo worth considering retiring to, but I need to do better with the lingo.

    • Where in Francs barca?

      • @Mac Tomas.
        A wee port called Carteret mate. There is a nearby wee market town called Barnneville,, with a cracking wee sports bar. Family friendly, so the weans get involved with the wee Frenchy weans.
        I can just about order a round, but the weans grab lingo much easier. Fortunately the bhoys in there have good English. Lol.

        • barca Love France. Been nippin the wife’s head for years about movin there. I’ll google Carteret & have a look. There’s a place down south I’ve got a mind to settle in. Uzes, near Nimes. The food, the weather the wine.
          Ahh ffs I’m gonnie start greetin :). Off to freezin Celtic Park tomorrow.
          Enjoy it mate HH

          • @Mac Tomas.
            If you have the chance mate take it! Provence is the place for food and wine so you have chosen well. At the end of the day, and all Scotsmen say it. Scotland is only “Up the road”. It’s a wee world now and your Mrs won’t be short of visitors.

    • Maggie

      Tres bien, ‘Ail ‘Ail,tres drole Monsieur Barca.
      Passer de bonnes vacances. ‘Ail ‘Ail. 🙂

      • @Maggie, You know my French is that poor that the garlic song never clicked with me lol. I better clear that up with the monsieurs tonight.
        Got about an hour to wait for the tide, so better get the weans in their lifejackets and get a flask of tea brewed.
        Be out of range for about an hour, but might pop back after my moulles et frites.
        Garlic garlic. Lol.

  25. mick

    Let’s hope they get control that would be fun we 2 billon dollar men yous get gangsters fae Greenock how cools that its odds on for a fire to start we’re the aasussie is lol claim it on the insurance lol just saying like clinging to life and gangsters there only hope lol hahahahahahahahahaa

    • Mark

      They need somebody to sort out the asbestos in the marble staircase for a good price.

      Edmiston drive barbecue maybe? Right around the middle of July so the inbreds and knuckle draggers out exercising their democratic right can get a free feed.

  26. Niall Walker


    Psalms 95:7 For he is our God; and ” we are the people ” of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice.

    Why do Rangers fans think they are Hebrews ?

    • Adam

      Here we go again. Who is your big team Niall ? Eh ?


    • SairFecht

      Don’t know but I almost showered the keyboard with hot tea the other day when I read on a Rangers forum – ‘no wonder we are compared to the tribes of Israel’. Unfortunately the only realistic diagnosis is mental illness.

    • Niall,

      Psalm 95 as the source of the popular cry ‘we are the people’ is an interesting one.

      Looking it up I see it has been described as a “call to worship and obedience”.

      These are not ideas I’m comfortable with though each to their own.

      95;10 is interesting for those who wish to read further.

      “For forty years I was grieved with that generation,
      And said, ‘It is a people who go astray in their hearts,
      And they do not know My ways.”

      Those of a nervous disposition might be advised to avoid 95:11 altogether.

    • Budweiser


      Is it because of Mather’s Big Shot juice ?

    • Bingo….. “that’s the one Niall”
      Some of them think that The “Ulster Scots” are descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel. …Seriously….. “How odd of God to Choose the Jews”
      gortnamona will fill you in with the details if your interested.
      The thing is, the halfwits have no clue of the origin of their bizarre sense of superiority. If your ever up in Dennistoun, Glasgow’s East End. there is a huge wall mural on the Louden Tavern. We Are The People” in giant red white & Blue Letters.
      Hilarious!!!! 🙂

      • Niall Walker

        We are all descended from a lost tribe that left Africa some 60-70,000 years ago and colonized the earth, We Are All Africans.

        Although about 25,000 years ago some assimilated with another tribe of hominids in Northern Europe before they became extinct, they were small, robust, barrel chested, red haired, pale freckled skin, very aggressive and anti social, they were called Neanderthal.

        Ring any bells ?

      • Ed Paisley

        Everyone likes a myth don’t they – Jesus visited England as a child, Pontius Pilate was born in Scotland, Rangers are still alive although they were liquidated in 2012. There all bullshit of course.

        • david

          Pontius Pilate MIGHT have been born in Fortingall.
          There is a mural where he appears to be wearing a St Johnstone jersey

          • Budweiser

            Is there any written documentary evidence [ except in the bible] that Pontius Pilate existed ?
            Btw; Loved the Ken Burns series. Also like the historical novels by Jeff Shaara and his father Michael Shaara [ whose book ‘The Killer Angels ‘ was filmed as ‘ Gettysburg ‘] .

            • david

              Yes, there is actually.
              A stone has been found bearing the name of Pontius Pilate ” Governor “.
              And Roman history is well documented.

              Watch Gods and Generals for a good Civil War film, it focuses on Stonewall Jackson.
              There is an interesting cameo in Gettysburg where the Confederate staff are discussing Darwinism. One General opines that everyone present could be descended from monkeys , but refuses to believe that General Robert E. Lee does.

            • Budweiser


              Thanks for that. I think I was confusing ‘the accounts of the trial of jesus’ which seem to be based on the gospels.
              Yes I have seen Gods and Generals, and also read the book by Jeff Shaara.
              Both excellent ! Have you seen any of the box sets for Ken Burns Civil War ? I looked on Amazon but there are 3 or 5 dvd sets and prices ranging from £24 to over £100 ! Very confusing . Any Recommendations?

      • Ed Paisley

        Cam’s beloved Morag?

  27. Andy

    Haven’t read this blog in a long while but popped on today, to still find Rangers unsuprisingly the main focus…

    Rangers season ticket holder for 20+ years and we look in real trouble, top to bottom a complete shambles, no direction, no leaders, a joker pretending to be a football manager, and a 1m a month over spend..

    CG, always reserved judgement, rallied the fans and raised 20m, fair play, everything else, the fighting authorities, the whyte fiasco, the ignorant comments, and almost most importantly the refusal to cut costs when clearly needed.

    Never mind 5 years to be competing again…it will be 10-15 years….what happens to scottish football in that time is anyones guess……If celtic dont qualify for the champs league next season then who will buy a season ticket even at cheaper rates…..who is going to be pay 25m for hearts…..dunferlime fans seem uninterested in saving the club, if not them, who will…..and who’s next??

    The immediate future looks potentially bleak….with no long term plan in place….It wasnt 10 years ago scotland was graced with world class players…now its simply a turn off.

    • Niall Walker


      Rangers are probably running an operating loss of more than the projected 3.5 million, but I just cannot see how they can have an operating loss of 12 million in their first year. For this to be true the income/expenditure in the December prospectus would have to be an entire work of fiction, and this is not permitted.

      There is a big difference between operating losses and losses, the latter normally associated with one-off expenditures that will not be repeated. I am not suggesting things are rosy but its a bit early to read the last rites.
      I do agree it will take Rangers until at least the end of this decade before they can compete with Celtic in a financial or football terms.

      • Andy


        Sorry, I wasnt forseeing our pending doom, just pointing out that the club, somehow is running at a loss, and that can only be from paying over the odds and too many staff…

        McCoist is awful, truly awful but takes home 500k a year….why do we need a manager on that sort of money?

        The board are a joke.

        The investors we would like, i,e, McColl, Park etc are not interesetd, and we have the likes of Easdale and King lurking in the shadows…. which is all we need given their colourful pasts…

        Rangers need an overhaul again already, from some high quality executives that we simply dont have….without it we will continue to stagnate.

        What I find interesting is that Rangers are still the hottest topic, when any oppurtinity for football to prosper in this country literally hangs in the balance…..

        • Niall Walker


          There are certain types of business structures in certain scenarios that are extremely difficult to downsize and Rangers happen to be one of them. The true cost of Rangers was never the assets, it was the 3 years of losses that needed to be bankrolled, Bill miler estimated these losses at 30 million, and if this can be halved then they should be happy.There is one unknown variable in the Rangers business plan and that is ticket sales, it is a very delicate juggling act to cut player costs without affecting ticket sales. I would be more concerned about next years ticket sales than this years operating losses.

          The combination of poor quality on the park and poor quality behind the scenes makes this venture extremely high risk, and investors expect very healthy returns for high risks, unfortunately Rangers does not offer a healthy return even in the SPL.

  28. Ed Paisley

    Do you remember James Watson made a stupid and unscholarly remark about the relative intelligence of African and European peoples? He was providing some suport to that discretited Bell Curve work.
    Watson is of Ulster Scots extraction and would often be dressed in a kilt by his mother when he was a child.
    Anyway some enterprising scientists ask for permission to analyse Prof Watson’s DNA and guess what – two very strong DNA markers suggestive of African anscestry. I read also about a cluster of the same markers in the North of England – reputed to have originated with African Roman troops stationed at the fort of Vindolanda.

    I should say that Prof Watson disavowed the comments and claimed to have been misquoted. Homosapiens arra peepullllll!

    Anyway, enterprising scientists a few hundred years ago.

    • gortnamona

      Do you remember the pseudoscience of Eugenics supported by:

      Winston Churchill, Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes, H. G. Wells, Norman Haire, Havelock Ellis, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, John Harvey Kellogg, Linus Pauling and Sidney Webb.
      And Adolf Hitler

  29. mcfc

    Why get so vexed about this issue – it could all be very, very straightforward within 12 months – then you’ll look back and realise you wasted a lot of emotional energy arguing over a very slim slice of arcane history.

    Cash is King

  30. lordmac

    IT WOULD NOT SUPRISE ME IF BILL NG”S is the guy that paid the 500,000 exclusivity fee preferd bidder to Duff and Phelps and it was he that wanted his money back and he contacted MR green maybe a deal done there
    someone paid it and there must be a paper trace.

  31. Pingback: Another Day Passes, But Still No Announcements By Rangers to the Stock Exchange | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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