Rangers Declare On Official Website that the Company = The Club!

A short post – yes I know, I have promised that before, but this is!

In the continuing saga of whether or not “Rangers” today is the same as Rangers last year and Rangers in 1872 and 1899, there have been many opinions expressed.

Rangers makes clear in its website and in all public pronouncements that it believes that it remains – Then, Now and Forever.

As we know, from monotonous repetition, the club is a collection of assets which was sold by the administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC to a Sevco company (a dispute coming soon to a court near you). The “assets and business” of the club were thus separate from the company which owned the assets.

And so the assets and business made its way to Sevco Scotland Ltd, which changed its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd and which in turn was wholly acquired by Rangers International Football Club PLC.

That is described, erroneously, as the “holding company” which owns the company which owns the football club.

The football club, we are told, is most definitely NOT the limited company.

Would it surprise people to find out that there is a legal document which defines “The Club” as The Rangers Football Club Ltd?

Would it be even more surprising to find that document is on the Rangers website!

The terms and conditions for season ticket sales for 2012-2013 can be seen here. Terms & Conditions 2012

On page 7 we see, in the section dealing with conditions of entry the following:-

“This Smartcard (“this Card”) is and remains the property of The Rangers Football Club Ltd (“the Club”) and must be produced on demand by the Smartcard holder named herein (“the holder”) or any person authorised by the holder to use this Card at a particular match (“the nominee”) to an official of the Club in stewarding or associated duties at Ibrox Stadium (“the Stadium”).” (Emphasis added)

So there we have it. Rangers itself says that the Club = the Company!

Now, I don’t suggest that this is conclusive, but rather a sign of the confusion which these concepts of “club” and “company” can generate. However, the next time a Rangers fan points out that the club does not equate with the company, they can be politely told that their own team thinks differently!

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  1. lordmac

    I am very proud of our cosmopolitan Scottish race, all landing here pilgrims from Ireland coming here to this island and then by proliferate it To the full, then go on and achieve what no other club in Scotland did, by wining the cup with the big ears, this is ” CELTIC” the first team in Britain to do this, then to surpass our self’s once again by intermixing once more in England and then to allow them to achieve Greatness once more, in lifting the big eared cup I THINK we should be known AS the People, and of great “prod”-igy lol

    • david

      I think if you examine the names of the famous 67 team you will see that every single one is a Scottish surname.

    • gary brown

      was passing ibrox today and two cars pulled up and 8c.i.d got out some carrying files and quickly went in the front doors,somethings going on down there,anybody any ideas….this is true im not just making it up..gary

      • david

        Arresting the full Rangers squad for impersonation, I would think.
        And obtaining money under false pretences.

        • gary brown

          dont no david,but it was defo CID,when your brought up in the gorbals ye can smell them afore ye see them,strange murray gets voted oot and then the fuzz are aw over the place

          • mick

            gary dont forget there is lots of cross boarder police investigations going on

          • cam

            Its ok Gary i phoned my mole in the hole,,,they were just in to see if they could hold their annual Secret Policemans Ball, in the Blue Room,,don’t tell anybody else,,,its a secret.

            • gary brown

              aahhhh yer mole must be sally then,cos hes been up a few holes the last two year,sussed it cam

            • @Cam, have tou not heard? There is no mole! Seems Ibrokes is bugged. Infiltrated by a subversive bunch of haters, who have planted electronics all over the place.
              Everybody has them! Big Pete is down for 4. The BBC have a couple, the sun, the record share 1, wouldn’t be surprised if Paul has a couple!

    • The first team “in Britain” to win the Big Cup was Real Madrid,in Glasgow in 1960…..The first (British Club/Scottish Club)to win it was the famous Glasgow Celtic1967…ghod bless them ! in Lisbon.The old European Cup Final was held in Glasgow in 1960 between Eintracht ??wrong spelling ooops..and Real Madrid.I have won the odd pint of black stuff and wee goldies through the years with that one bhoys.After that there was various small English teams who did a bit of copying us………But we were first……..I heard the Famous Hampden Roar that night in Castlemilk where I lived at the time.mom the hoops.

  2. mick

    they really do have no place in a modern world universalized via transport and mass movement of people due to economics they world has evolved and left them looking like a back wards cult they really should be shut down as this is not what Scotland wants to be seen as they are wacko

  3. martin c

    . . . for the avoidance of doubt the club/company/newco/oldco/sevco5008/sevco scotland ltd I will now refer to as spivco. . .

  4. Monti

    Good to see NEIL SIMPSON on T.V. tonight, talking well and fondly about Alex Ferguson, NEIL SIMPSON, one of my all time favourite midfielders…..

    • david

      Thats not nice, Monti.
      I assume you are referring to the Ian Durrant injury?
      Or are you?
      Have you heard of a Celtic player called Brian McLaughlin and what happened to him.?
      The game cannot afford to lose great players irrespective of the colours of their shirt.

      • Adam

        Of course he is. mick at it as well.

        • mick

          whats wrong with mentioning a Aberdeen great managed by sir Alex wheres the problem in that ???

          • david

            Nothing at all Mick.
            But at least be honest as to why you like him.
            Is it
            due to skill as a midfielder, or
            that he restricted the career of a very good Rangers player/

            which is it?

        • david

          Then let him state that conclusively and not hide.

        • Watched sir Alex there getting interviewed after the cup final against rangers geez I thought he had lost unti I heard the commentator said they had won.Pity some of the newer managers aren’t as honest as that,sometimes I think Lenny is at a different game from me,in his assessment of the teams performance. That’s how you become a legend,even if you win it’s not good enough,it’s how you do it that matters.
          No one will be able to match sir Alex but good luck to the next man lucky enough to be asked to do so.

          • Jimmy Agree, I love Lenny the man, but as you say he seems to see big performances when I can see mediocrity, (Europe Aside)
            Also got concerns about his preparation for cup final!

        • Monti

          Adam, read my next words carefully, Ian Durrant would have become a world class player if he never received that injury, I empathised with Rangers fans at the time & my thoughts were, how would I feel if that happened to Paul McStay? I admired Neil Simpson as a player, very combative, I admired,Mcleish & miller & Strachan & Mcghee! Adam you need to grow up & stop jumping on my words simply because they are my words, Ian Durrant is a great loss to the Scottish game.

      • Monti

        Evening David, I was NOT referring to Ian Durrant, Durrant was a wonderful player.

        • david

          Good for you Monti.

          • Monti

            Thanks David, I despised Rangers & most of their fans,with a passion, however I am a football man & can call it how it is, Ian Durrant would have played for ANY of the TOP sides in the world, if he didn’t receive that injury, just as Paul McStay would have graced a Real Madrid or Barcelona, if he had chosen to leave, I’m glad he stayed, but in hindsight Paul should have left. Davie Cooper was another sore loss, Davie cooper teaching kids how to cross a ball from the wing, Cooper was class simple as that, guys like Tommy Burns & Davie Cooper are sorely missed in Scottish football.

        • jimmy durrant was a wonderful comedian, is that what you are referring to.

    • Coyote Briggs

      Monty there are times when you come across as a Fud

  5. Adam

    Getting back to a more meatier topic. Does anyone know if Scottish football has similar rules to the FA in relation to betting?

  6. mick

    yes Adam sfa and betting did you know the man at William hill at the sfa knew yous were going bust and gave better odds on yous winning the spl how sad that even the bookies fleeced yous he knew there was no funds for jan sale players upped the odds knowing yous were going bust and Celtic would win due to point deduction via admin sad in it .

  7. mick

    http://www.ralphtopping.com/ ask him about it at link why rfc oldco were still aloud to bet on who would win league when he knew they were heading for admin why were odds made higher dec11 jan 12 and how much his company made on him knowing this inside info ???makes you think dont it

  8. mick

    ralph topping hang your head in shame fleecing fans when you knew the club was going bust and heading for admin

    • Adam

      Is Ralph Topping involved in any football club or is it only the SPL chairmanship ?

    • cam

      So you have all the facts in front of you,you have clear undeniable facts that Mr Topping used insider knowledge to affect the betting odds?
      Have a read through this,it will stop you clattering and might help you if Ralph is in a bad mood and reads your comments.
      Thin ice alert!!

      • mick

        cam a personally think the above is right in what a say hes a top man at spl increase odds he knew they all knew that old co was heading for bin why did he not stop bets the writing was on the wall for rfc and he upped the odds a know all this as a have spoke at length to rfc fans and others about it the man lacks integrity its proving it that is difficult

        • cam

          I honestly cannot comprehend how you can continually get away with making these statements.
          I can read the Moriarty report and come to my own conclusions about the business methods of CFC shareholders,,,but i’m not going to come on here and allege any wrongdoing,especially regards Mr O Brien who doesn’t muck about when folk question his integrity.
          The delving into the background of anyone connected to RFC seems to be
          the order of the day and i must thank Eco for that wonderful titbit about deep sea minerals,,,absolutely riveting.
          I don’t know if this will reach you as it might set off the moddy filter.
          I’ll tell you one thing though,,,our spivs could beat your spivs anyday,,so nananana!

  9. Dark Star

    Had a look at Sevco 5088 Limited on the Companies House website. The Annual Return is overdue (due on 26 April 2013 but not filed – yet). In that the Annual return should identify the shareholder (remember that according to Companies House only the one subscriber share has been isued) it will be intresting to see which camp – Rangers/Whyte – gets in a filing first …

    • cam

      Thanks mate,,,i’m gonna mark that up on my calendar.
      Danny Alves or Danny McGrain?,,,,jeez thats a tough one.
      I loved Danny Mac,,,but that Alves is some player.

  10. Niall Walker

    The term ” we the people ” infers absolute inclusivity and egality, therefore the term ” we ARE the people ” must infer some exclusive and superior aspect that seperates them from ” we the people “. In order for this term to have any meaning the full statement must read ” we are the people not you “. and by inference it rejects ” we the people “.

    Anything that rejects we the people or promotes we are the people not you is not nice, and there are a lot of nice laws that protect we the people from we are the people.

    Therefore the origin of the term is irrelevant, it is what it defines or infers that is objectionable, much like abbreviating the term Pakistani.

    I may start an e-petition requesting the term be banned, I demand the majority be protected from a minority, I believe in equality in all things, why should only minorities need protection.

    • cam

      I can get round any ban by shouting “i am the person” therefore if 50,000 folk chant it in unison it logically follows that they are the people.
      Case closed.
      Start a petition to stop Celtic fans taking off their tops,,those moobs put me right off my kebab!

  11. mick

    niall we are debating topping know lol

    • Niall Walker


      Are you kidding me on, I have just spent hours studying the OT, the history of the Reformation, Ulster, the Orange Order and the entire works of Rabbi Burns ffs !!

      Off to listen to Marching to Georgia, another red herring I got lost on.

      • mick

        whats your big team niall lol

      • Niall don’t whistling marching through Georgia out loud in the Gallowgate.
        That’d be like whistling Dixie in Harlem 🙂

      • arb urns

        u not down south tonite ?

      • gortnamona

        Marching Through Georgia.
        William Tecumseh Sheridan’s scorched earth campaign that more or less finally broke Southern resistance Highly recommend the Ken Burns series on the American Civil War. Might get it on PBS America.

        • david

          The greatest historical series probably ever made.
          Ken Burns died last year as did the contributor Shelby Foote,
          The Georgia campaign did not break Confederate resistance however. The War was decided on the Virginia front, Robert E Lees magnificent fighting army was worn down by overwhelming odds.
          In Georgia J.E. Johnston wisely avoided general engagements allowing Sherman to rampage through the countryside.
          He was fortunate he never met Lee or Jackson on the field on anything like even terms.

  12. mick

    niall focus your efforts on the gaming rules

  13. Niall Walker

    niall focus your efforts on the gaming rules…………………………………….

    No, my head hurts, I have been chanting “I am that I am ” for three hours.

    • david

      Youre Popeye?

    • gortnamona

      Your suffering from Camitis a virulent bug that roams cyberspace emanating from the eponymous nuisance that disrupts the serious discussions on this forum. Get your local priest to sprinkle holy water on your computer before you use it again.

  14. cam

    Here Niall this will help.

  15. david

    Aside topic, did anyone see the article in the Scotsman on Saturday about Dennis McQuade of Partick Thistle?
    Funniest football article I have ever read about a real Thistle legend, archetypal Jag; clever, unpredictable, infuriating and eccentric.
    Was training to be a Priest and was a contemporary of Philip Tartaglia; we could have had a Bishop McQuade of Maryhill by now.
    Said that Bertie Aulds most common phrase was ” McQuade, youre dropped “. After a 7-0 and 8-3 defeat wee Bertie organised a training game to improve their confidence- against nobody. Dennis said, its harder playing against nobody than you think, their left-back was still hoofing the ball out the park.
    Only signed because the Thistle scout turned up at the wrong game. Once saw him score direct from a free-kick against Ray Clemence for Scotland Under 23s, and on another occasion miss a free header and an open goal at the far post; he missed the ball and headed the post, knocking himself out.
    Not enough characters like that now.

  16. mick

    why has topping popped up when both spl and sfl fans thought we just carring on with same struture whats his motive ?

  17. I like short posts! 🙂

  18. Adam

    So mick, we are struggling to find rules but lets presume they are similar to the FA, whats your views on Dermot Desmonds ownership/role in Betdaq where bets on Celtic are placed and laid day in day out.

    Does insider information apply to Mr Desmond in your view ?

    • cam

      I would lay odds he doesn’t know!

    • mick

      Dermot Desmond has a hand in all industry’s am sure his involvement is all above board thanks for this info Adam as a will now post bets there and tell every1 to do same your clutching at straws the man has integrity and is not going to risk anything celtic for a few mil in a betting scam text leggo he will do a post on it lol hahahahaha

      • Adam

        Lets get something straight here. There is no suggestion of a betting scam whatsoever. Im sure purely on a gambling front that the site is 100% straight, or certainly i have no reason to doubt that is the case.

        However, the question i am asking i suppose is that being a Director of a football club in England precludes you from being involved in either placing or laying a bet in a game or competition that your team is involved in.

        If you believe the rules in Scotland are the same, then do you believe that Mr Desmond will be breaking the rules purely through his involvement in Betdaq. ?

        Are you going to seek any evidence out or are you just going to assume its all above board because he is a Celtic man, just as you do the exact opposite if its a sevcoian ?

        • mick

          no adam hes an investor not a gambler he has most likely seen a gap and plugged it with cash for a return hes a silent investor some1 would have put idea to him and he would have gave cash to them for return there is no law agianst it its straw cltuching on your part the man is clean a thought you had a hidden agenda to night you were all nice then this lol pmsl hahahahaha

          • Adam

            He wasnt a silent investor in Betdaq. He set the whole thing up and owned it.

            You’re off to a good start. lol

        • mick

          what evidence do you have ?

          • Adam

            I dont have any evidence at all. Im asking a simple question and opening it out for some debate and research.

            • @Adam. He doesn’t place bets. He accepts them from people who want to bet.
              I imagine the odds set are computer based, so there would be no input there
              I do see your point, but many horse owners are able to bet. Even on their own horses!

            • Adam

              Ah but the FA rules state you are not allowed to “lay bets” either Barca.

      • cam

        Dermot is a very generous man, he lends money to lots of folk.
        Willie Haughey is also a generous donator and has assisted the city council and Labour party.The guy has done really well for himself.,,,,and others


      • Dermot Desmond …… The man who single handed created a Tax Haven
        enjoy ….

        • Adam

          An interesting read…..as was the other one from last night as well newtz.

          Many people have lost tens of thousands, some, hundreds of thousands due to the exaggerated property slump in Ireland whilst “some” seem largely unaffected. 😦

        • JimBhoy

          It’s all fekin shocking Newtz But this happens because the minority control the majority simple politics.. It is allowed to happen…

    • BTW Adam, as regards your earlier reply to Niall’s enquiry on WATP;
      we’re not calling other Peepel supremicists, that;s what Sevco fans are calling themselves. 🙂

      • martin c


        How much does dermot desmond now own in betdaq with the involvement of ladbrokes?

        • martin c

          should also ask what is his shareholding in Ladbrokes?

          • Adam

            Not sure martin but just noticed the share in Ladbrokes myself.

            • martin c

              The one thing betdaq suffers from when trading is lack of liquidity and i think that is why ladbrokes have been brought in- to get the markets moving and giving punters competitive odds. Betfair has almost a monopoly with exchange betting (higher liquidity) but winners are penalised with higher commissions.

              As for insider trading (conflict of interest) its the punters who set the prices- free market forces unlike a conventional bookmakers who set own
              prices. But I’m sure also the betting exchanges carry a conventional bookmaker option with back odds only set by the site.

    • gortnamona


      You have even less chance with Mick than you had with Monti.

  19. mick

    Dermot Desmond is an Irish businessman and financier. He is estimated to be worth €1.35billion and is ranked by the Sunday Independent as the seventh-richest person in Ireland.

    how lucky are we to have a man like this on our side 1.3bil lol oh adam hes a financier so there is your answer

  20. mick

    adam what else does he own so we know and can buy his products lol

  21. mick

    1.3bil hay wait a minute are yous sure yous are the people lol haha

  22. Ed Paisley

    I was driving home this afternoon from Paisley and I decided to take a detour past the Sevco Shizenhauzen. I have to say it seems to be falling into decay. To me it looks as if SEVCO are deferring a lot of maintenance work to save money. Does it even have an up to date safety certificate?

    Imagine that, the CEO of William Hill might have been treating the punters unfairly. Hang on – are these not the same people who are targeting the most deprived parts of our towns and cities and filling their shops with these compulsively addictive Fixed Odds Betting Terminals? Some shops are even installing fee charging ATMs. All’s fair in love and business I hear you say. I know Cam and Carson wouldn’t accept compulsive gambling as a serious psychological illness but most sensible people do these days. William Hill and their ilk are out to exploit that condition and I think it is shameful.

    • cam

      Yes Ted,i think they tried to get a grant from the local cooncil but the guy who was dealing with the paperwork seemingly still hasn’t stopped laughing.
      Table 43 i believe are dealing with the Ibrox safety certificate,they are cross referencing with table 12 who are in charge of asbestos rumours.If you follow the twitter feed of @cumbraemafioso and @dingdongbhoy1888 you can see the pattern.
      I’ve managed to trace the dead drop to a park bench in Royston but its too smelly up there to hang around for long.
      Table 16 are still trying to access the Coal Report for the area around Ibrox and extra help is being drafted into from the Derry branch of @obsessedandfeckingpwoud.
      Vatican rumours suggest that if it can be proven that a silent order of monks had squatters rights in G51 in years gone by then that might be an avenue worth exploring.
      Its all hands to the pumps at obsessedandfeckingpwoud.com.eire,,,,reports of a zombie apocalypse are scaring the shoite out of some folk.
      Hang on Ted,,,my mole says table 21 are getting excited about a 242 year old local bye law that might prevent outbreaks of happiness without proper planning consent,,,i’ll get back to you.

      • Ed Paisley

        You’ve upset me now cam. Only my mother calls me Ted and I hate it.
        But seriously the neglect of the Sevco arena will have the great Willie Waddell spinning in his grave.

  23. Graham Spiers telling it like it is in the Herald,

    he doesn’t say ‘gosh’ or imply that anyone is a ‘good guy’.

    He does like Mr Paul Murry though. Apparently what Rangers require ” is an honest, emotional and intellectual understanding of the club’s needs.”.

    It is implied that this particular Mr Murry has “instincts” others have lacked.and could make a welcome return.



    • gortnamona

      ” Apparently what Rangers require ” is an honest, emotional and intellectual understanding of the club’s needs.”

      Marjorie Props sadly is no longer with us. What would think of Ally and
      Oprah Winfrey having a heart to heart?

      • gort re your earlier post on the Covenantal beliefs alive in NI. Speaking as a Scotsman I can assure you those beliefs are alive & well on the Northern mainland. You’ll remember the bombs in the post sent to assorted non affiliated parties from the Ayrshire hinterland not so long ago. I used to cycle around the Kilwinning area (Ayrshire), but no longer have the stomach for it. Also I experienced further evidence last Saturday being stuck behind the local Lodge Samba ensemble.
        Also Ken Burns “The Civil War” is a televisual masterpiece, & the soundtrack cd is a classic

        • david

          MacTomas you cannot compare Covenanting principles to two Kilwinning bigoted halfwits.
          At the time of the the Covenanters, religious wars were raging throughout Europe, with atrocities on all sides. The Covenanting Army ( not to be confused with the later Covenanters ) was probably the most powerful force ever fielded by Scotland, due in large part to the experienced soldiers who had fought for the Protestant cause in Europe , particularly for Sweden. This Army defeated England in The Bishops Wars, holding large swathes of Northern England to ransom, and intervened decisively in the English Civil War on the Parliamentarian side.
          Ken Burns work is a masterpiece- the sound track is fantastic.
          The best tune is ” The Bonnie Blue Flag ”
          Guess where that came from.

  24. Ed Paisley

    Graham is soooooo middle class. He likes his golf, he wears corduroy jackets and he isn’t ashamed to tweet how much he loves his wife and weans. How can Leggo find so much hatred for the most inoffensive guy on the planet? It seriously puzzles me.

  25. jjbhoy

    @ Ed Paisley,simple answer to that one Ed,he spoke out against the rangurrz. Was just on the graham spiers site to pose the question that ALL rangers fans have ignored when i’ve asked,why did you have to play in the earlier rounds of the cup/s and why were you granted a temporary licence if you are the same team….not one of the huns were big enough to answer this anytime i’ve asked it.

    • Ed Paisley

      Thanks jjbhoy.
      I know Spiersy is a Rangers man and a son of the manse. So maybe they view him as a turncoat.

      Anyway, here is the best way to provoke the klan according to Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles:-

      • david

        Not a son of The Manse.
        His father was a Baptist Minister.
        Like the clip though- if you watch, they declare their crimes to Hedley Lamarr as ” stampeding cattle- through the Vatican! ”
        Sign here.

    • Ally McMoist

      They also can’t answer the fact that the old club got a vote on the new club’s potential SPL entry. No conflict of interest. 2 separate clubs.

  26. Okay. A few comments about simmie , very bad tackle agreed , vindictive ? ask the player ,
    just to even it up I give you the horrible Willie Johnston , excuse for standing on John McMasters throat “I thought it was Willie Miller” horrible excuse of a man

    • Ed Paisley

      You used to see lots of bad tackles where a player has plainly lost the rag. The worst I saw was Roy Keane on Alfie Haaland in 1997.

      Neil Simpson probably lost his self control for a split second and that tackle has followed him around his whole career. A great shame for Simmie and young Durrant but it is ancient history now.

  27. @Willy wonky
    There is no reply route at the earlier post, so I will put it here.
    With reference to WATP. You put up a song by Tax collector Rabbie Burns. A song about the possible threat of invasion by Napoleon. Apart from the fact the song has the word “people” in it, What is the connection with Rangers?
    The song was written when Rabbie was an active recruit of the Dumfries volunteers, but again, apart from the fact that Rangers like organisations with volunteer in their title, I can find no connection between Rangers and Dumfries.
    Maybe “connection” is the wrong word, but why do the Rangers support feel such an affinity with this song, to the extent that they have adopted a variation of a phrase from it?
    I am interested, TBH more from a Burns point of view, but your post fails to explain the “connection”, or affinity.

    • gortnamona

      Barca re Wonka
      Without a doubt the most obnoxious personality ever to post here. As well as being a congenital liar.

      • gort I vote SNP, the same party as Wonka “claims” to support. I’m confident the party has rid itself of the legacy of William Wolf, who wasn’t enthusiastic about the Papists. It’s a reason why so many from an Irish background will favour a United Ireland but are suspicious about an Independent Scotland.
        Wonka at best strikes me as an unpleasant throwback to Presby Nationalism.

        • gortnamona

          The times they are a changing and I believe that a United Ireland will be decided on economic issues, rather than Patriotism or emotion though personally I would like to see it happen.

          Didn’t do the 100K, had more than few pints and somehow pulled a muscle in my back. Probably been overdoing it anyway. Goodnight.

        • david

          Mac Tomas I have ALWAYS voted SNP and I dont give a toss what your background / religion / team is you are are part of the country the same as everyone else .
          The modern SNP believes in all the people of Scotland, William Wolfe is long gone and every religion is represented in the Party.

        • Ally McMoist

          If Wonka supports SNP would he not be seen by fellow bears as somewhat of a traitor to his “Rule Britannia” brethren??

      • JimBhoy

        @Gort could not agree more, serious personality disorder.

        Definitely Troll of the week award..

    • barca it was a scurrilous misappropriation & to my mind deliberate.
      To equate Burns’s egalitarianism with WATP , FFS!!!

      • @Gort, Mac,
        I know he’s a Numpty of the highest order! But Rabbie was the man.!
        WATP is so at odds with Rabbie’s ethos of all men being equal, and he is celebrated the world over to that fact.
        We all know he is talking shite by trying to connect such a song, by a tax collecting, Jacobite sympathising socialist, with the aggressive supremacist battle cry of a shower of tax dodging, royalist, eliteists. But I thought it would be funny watching him try. @Gort. Aye totally obnoxious!

        • gortnamona

          Would like to believe this is his work – love it.

          We labour soon, we labour late,
          To feed the titled knave, man;
          And a’the comfort we’re to get
          Is that ayont the grave, man.


  28. jjbhoy

    @Ed Paisley
    Hi Ed,was wondering if any of the orcs on here have answered the questions regards early cup rounds?,and their temporary licence?,aw those”people”who claim they are the same club but cannot come up with one single answer…..marvellous,by their silence they have answered my questions. P.S. Blazing Saddles wiz faf!

    • Adam

      Whilst not an orc, i will have a go at answering your questions.

      Under the Scottish FA’s Cup Competition Rules, Rangers, as a third division club join the William Hill Scottish Cup at the second round.

      In relation to the licence, Rangers do not have a temporary licence, they have a full licence which was rubber stamped on 3rd August. The SFA confirmed back in July that Sevco Scotland Ltd bought Rangers Football Club PLC’s share in the SPL and membership of the Scottish FA as part of their acquisition of assets. Under Article 14.1, Sevco Scotland are requesting the transfer of the existing membership of Oldco. This is different to an application for a new membership, which generally requires four years of financial statements.

      I hope that helps to clarify.

      • “For the avoidance of doubt, Sevco 5088 Limited bought the assets of the Rangers Football Club and then transferred them to Sevco Scotland Limited so that all the assets would be in the Scottish registered company that is Rangers FC.”

        Just to clarify, for the avoidance of doubt, that what you actually mean is that Sevco 5088 Limited bought Rangers Football Club PLC’s share in the SPL and membership of the Scottish FA as part of their acquisition of assets and then transferred them to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

        Or did they?

        • Adam

          Nope. The quote above was lifted directly from the SFA website who appear to be “in no doubt” that it was Sevco Scotland. Newtz also confirmed this 2 or 3 nights ago as he had access to the deeds and could see the assets were bought by Sev Scotland directly from oldco.

      • jjbhoy

        i think if you look at the rule books again you will find their are three stages to becoming a FULL member and you were granted a temporary licence and also a secret five way agreement to gain entry,not available to any other team in the leagues. Now you will also find your temporary licence does not actually exist in that rule book you are refering to and the reason you had to play was you were regarded as a new team or are you still trying to convince us that you keep the history but not the debt,you live in a fantasy world and don’t care who you stiff along the way and that demise was our doing,i.e.nine in a row and the european cup and all by a protestant,and one more thing if you are not an orc then answer me why your club has never signed a republic of ireland player when EVERY club registered in the WHOLE of the uk has? fair question!

        • jjbhoy

          @adam again,how can you transfer from something that has been liquidated and no longer exists as an entity,liquidation is,liquidation but not where you are from. As quoted before when a sports lawyer was asked by Sir Phil Mac in regards to a club being liquidated,could you transfer the history,yeah sure,i’ll phone notts forest and tell them man city want to buy or TRANSFER some history of THEIR euro success,more to be pitied than scorn for believing your own people and the msm for that wee whyte(oops)lie. you just need to be able to digest it once and for all adam,yir history is gone. hope that clarifies as well.

        • Adam

          Rangers are a full member of the SFA. Fact. The SFA have confirmed this. I accept though that they could be wrong and some guy on the internet knows better than them.

          As for the second part. I believe young Alan Smith is from the Republic however you could perhaps ask Alan Maybury why he never signed for Rangers. Ray Houghton as well. And another boy from about 3 or 4 seasons ago. Of course, it should be remembered that Alan Kernaghan coached at the club for a good number of years as well.

          • jjbhoy

            @adam,you were granted a temporary licence after your original licence and that therefore means you do not have the original licence you had as rfc and you have quoted certain players who refused to sign for your club,defensive?,in your entire history as rfc you have had a no blessing yourself ethos and sang songs about wading up to your knees in fenian blood and sevco were,correct me if i’m wrong,lambasted LIVE on tv by Ray Stubbs as the msm would never point out your shortcomings in regards to a racist/sectarian attitude from your old/new club and were also the same club who tried to get Artur Boruc”done”for blessing himself so much so that the Polish pm contacted alex salmond to ask what on earth was going on. your old/new club has had a rich history of a sectarian attitude with the mantra being progressed at your new club and you know it. the change your club needs will only start the day that real true fans stand up and shout down these idiots and before you get on your high horse,Celtic had the same problem but we have almost eradicated the sectarian/racist due to its fans shouting down these bampots and nobody is happier that this has stopped at Celtic Park.

        • Ally McMoist

          If i remember right, The Rangers weren’t allowed to vote in the last SFL vote. They don’t have a vote because they are NOT full members.

      • Monti

        LOL if you are full members of the Scottish league, why are they left out of the big decisions? Why Adam?

  29. In all seriousness, when did the lovers of the House of Hanover start shouting “we are the people”?

    I used to sing “we are the people” as a kid after hearing this song in a Citizen Smith episode.

    The connotations of this phrase, for me, is associated with left-wing egalitarianism.

    The same way I associate the writings of Burns with left-wing egalitarianism.

    Citizen SmithBurns was a “staunch Republican”, as was Burns, apparently.


    Just seems an odd sort of mantra for the followers of the House of Hanover to be associated with.

    But, as I said, I would appreciate it if someone can anyone tell me when they started using it.


    • In short Ray, it was incorporated into Loyalist culture at the inception of the partition of Ireland. Agreed everything about the sevcovites use of it is odd. What was even stranger was that chancer Wonka trying to equate it with Burns.

  30. While I am in an inquisitorial mood.
    Can anyone answer this: When did Scotland fans start booing the song dedicated to the Hanoverian usurper on the throne?

    At the height of the British Empire the Jocks could be relied upon to eulogise the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha monarch at sporting events.

    But times changed. I reckon the big switcheroo came in the early 70s when the “It’s Scotland’s oil” campaign was in full flow but it may have came earlier.

    Does anybody have an insight or first-hand knowledge of when the switcheroo happened.

  31. portpower

    Just catching up on things. sally misses out on the legends match ball. Now I know why uncle charlie was at the St.Mirren V Celtic game. He was after a loan of a pie warmer. The Company = The Club = No pies at half-time! Still plenty of Ruby Tonto Tuesdays to come at IOUbrox. wally has lined his pockets and wants to jump ship again. Will sevco ever learn?

  32. Monti

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd they gave us James McGrory & Paul Mcstay, they gave us Johnstone,Tully,Murdoch,Auld & Hay,& most of football’s greats,have past through Parkhead’s gates, just to play football the Glasgow Celtic way……! Another bowl please…:)!

  33. Tam McCondie

    Yesterday cARSEon boasted about sevco wearing black socks with red tops. Could he/she/ or whatever explain the true meaning of these colours? It might help if I point out that employees like weir, mcgregor and broadarse loved to pull the red part well over the knees (as in Fenian blood) while warming up in front of the TV cameras, as opposed to Amoruso who tucked the blood coloured portion inside the black. What is your take on it cARSE?

  34. ocuilte

    I have just received a draft response from the Advertising Standards Authority as one of 79 complainants against TRFC advertising as the owner of 54 titles.

    Whilst many of the views on whether oldco and newco FC are the same and can inherit/purchase a history are debatable, there are some new facts which have appeared in newco’s response to the ASA which appear to be misleading and I have replied to ASA to say so.

    In particular In newco’s response it claims that it IS a full member of the SFA and had oldco’s membership transferred. As we know this is just factually incorrect. There is a complication around the issue of a “license” which did apparently get purchased by newco from oldco, but the membership of SFA and SFL was as an associate member as a new company.

    newco also quoted UEFA as accepting that it was in fact oldco, but failed to mention that surprisingly it did not invite newco into the UEFA cup as it would be entitled to if it was oldco?

    newco selectively quoted from various SPL reports that it was accepted legally that newco is the same club as oldco. My memory of the various sources is that this issue was at best “fudged”.

    ASA feel that many people believe that newco has the oldco history and implies that usually it is not legal to advertise as a liquidated company but that because many people believe it, it is probably ok.

    I have also suggested to ASA in my reply that it would be very dangerous of the ASA to take a legal position on these muddy waters given the current internal external suggestions of litigation against the “club” in all its forms.

    • Budweiser

      Better tell Adam about the membership thingy. He believes that they are a full member and not an ‘ associate member’ .

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