Some readers might remember my recent post on the expansion of Craig Mather’s business empire which you can read here.

In the post I expressed puzzlement that Mather,  the sole director of the Nottingham-based Little Big Shot Ltd which was incorporated on 15/1/2013 but which has no business description listed on Companies House, had chosen that particular name.

My surprise was based on the fact there used to be a Scottish company based in Wishaw named: Little Big Shot Ltd which was incorporated on 4/8/2009 and compulsorily struck-off and dissolved on 9/12/2011 whose sole director was Mr Albert Andrew Jukes and which promoted a soft drink.

It just seemed strange to me that Mr Mather would want to set-up a new business based on a failed company name. However Mr Jukes has bounced back as a director in the Belfast-based Big Shot (NI) Ltd and his soft drink has been re-energised with ocean water containing trace minerals sourced from 2,000 feet below the waves off the Taiwanese coast.

Indeed in my previous post I suggested Mr Mather should have a wee swallow of the miracle drink as it might help him land the Rangers CEO job and it looks as though he must have taken my advice to heart seeing he’s landed the plum position.

Perhaps now he’s the Ibrox Big Shot he might want to clear up a slight puzzle about a Rangers press release dated 20 September 2012 which stated: ‘RANGERS Football Club has confirmed Healthy Energy Drink company Little BigShot is the new sponsor of Club Mascot Broxi Bear and the Teddy Bear’s Crossbar Challenge – that will now be known as The Little BigShot Challenge’.

In September last year the company ‘Little Big Shot’ didn’t exist and the company which appears to own the drink is Big Shot (Northern Ireland) Ltd and has been from September 2010 to date.  There isn’t any sign of a Rangers sponsorship deal mentioned on the energy drink’s website although it’s possible I’ve missed it.

Another little Ibrox mystery as the company Little Big Shot didn’t come into existence until 15 January this year when it was set-up by Craig Mather.  I’m not any further forward figuring-out why Mr Mather decided to set-up the company and become the sole director and shareholder in it although he wasn’t, as far as I know, employed by Rangers at the time albeit a large shareholder in Rangers International FC Plc. I doubt if Craig’s Little Big Shot company was officially linked to Rangers as it would then probably have been a Scottish-registered company rather than English – possibly with Charles Green as a fellow director.

Now Craig’s the interim CEO of RIFC Plc it would be nice to tidy-up exactly which company is sponsoring Broxi Bear and who sponsored the Teddy Bear’s Crossbar Challenge. No doubt some will think it’s nit-picking but when even the sponsor for the club mascot turns into a mystery – well what can one say?

And poor old Broxi and the Teddy Bear’s Crossbar Challenge – we can’t even be sure who the Promoter of that competition is and all we know is it’s the same promoter as the £1 million Crossbar Challenge. The competition rules appear to identify the Promoter as Strathan ME Limited but that company isn’t listed on Companies House. What with Sevco 5088 Ltd it seems that Rangers are a bit lax with regard to Companies House but no doubt the new CEO will run a tighter ship.

Customer services for the competitions were handled by Call Centre Sales Scotland Ltd, Dukes Road, Troon, whose sole director Kelly Munro, 35, was appointed on 3/08/2011 with the sole shareholder listed as Iain Sutherland.  Mr Sutherland is also the major shareholder in Call Centre Sales Ltd and Brian Souter is listed as second-largest shareholder.  Ms Munro is also the sole director of that company from 5/07/11 also the day director George Cowan resigned.

Indeed on the same date Ms Munro replaced Mr Cowan as a director on GR8websolutions Ltd with Mr Cowan still listed as the only shareholder. Interestingly Call Centre Sales has a seemingly defunct website at  www.callcentresales.co.uk which was registered by gr8websolutions ltd.  Ms Munro also replaced Mr Cowan as director in GR8webmedia Ltd and GR8works Ltd with Mr Cowan still listed as holding 100% shareholding in both companies.

Ms Munro is a director in All Dolled Up (Global) Ltd as is GR8websolutions Ltd which holds 72.5% of the shareholding with GR8websolutions also a director in Yello Corporate Ltd and holding 25% of the shareholding with Ms Munro is also a Yello director.

Ms Munro also replaced Mr Cowan as a director in Broken Chains (UK) Ltd and also at Commsworld Health Sector Solutions Ltd and she further replaced Mr Cowan as a director in Vicon Feasibility Consulting Ltd where he is still listed as sole shareholder.

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  1. Right troops off to watch the young team kicking the sphere , behave , or you’ll get an asbo and made to walk the sellick walkway as punishment ………..any spare change mate ?…..2 bob for a cup of tea mate ?…..lmao.

  2. The Exiled Celt

    Seems like Ally was eating the pies before the game yesterday


    ON behalf of our client, Rangers Football Club, Azure Support Services would like to apologise to fans who attended the Manchester United Legends game on 6th May for the shortage of hot food at half time.

    This came about as a result of a higher than expected attendance at the game. We had not correctly anticipated the numbers attending this event and more than 23000 fans arrived to cheer on the two teams.

    Over the course of the season, we have served in excess of 800,000 fans, using some of the most modern retail facilities in UK stadia as a result of a recent refurbishment of the catering facilities.

    We will learn from this experience to ensure there is no future recurrence and that the loyal Rangers fans receive the very best service when they visit Ibrox Stadium. Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused to supporters who attended the game.

  3. //www.lse.co.uk/SharePrice.asp?shareprice=RFC

  4. The Exiled Celt

    Lord Walter Tantop of Cardiganshire’s brown brogues may well be waling away….

    Chairman Malcolm Murray could be on his way out at Rangers after losing a vote of confidence at a board meeting.
    BBC Scotland has learned that Ibrox board members are keen for Murray to stand down.

    This follows an internal investigation into ex-chief executive Charles Green’s links to the former owner Craig Whyte.
    After talks on Tuesday, Murray remains in post but it is believed he has little support from existing board members.
    However, BBC Scotland has learned non-executive director and former Rangers manager Walter Smith is said to be unhappy with the vote and was close to resigning following Monday’s talks.

    Green brought Murray to the Glasgow club last June on the day he completed his purchase of Rangers’ assets in a deal worth £5.5m.

    Murray, who has a fund management background, has little to do with the day-to-day running of the club.
    There was widespread reporting of a rift between Murray and Green earlier this year.
    But Green and commercial director Imran Ahmad have since resigned their posts following allegations over the dealings with Whyte, who steered the club into administration in February 2012.

    The pair deny any wrongdoing and retain their shareholdings in the club.
    Whyte has claimed that he still owns Rangers’ assets and that Green had agreed to be his front man before the consortium involving the Yorkshireman and Ahmad took control of Rangers’ assets.

    The claims and counter-claims led to Whyte and Green threatening one another with legal action.


  5. Niall Walker

    Cunning plan if he walks scot free with £10m profit in his skyrocket…..

    18 million plus 5.5 million = 23.5 million plus 10 million profit =33.5 million.

    £137,000 = £33,5 million.

    Nurse !!!!!

  6. Raymilland

    League reconstruction scuppered by St Mirren chairman.
    Stewart Gilmour seeks a 42 club SPL for next season.

    Not 12 10 10 10 but 42 0 0 0

    With no promotion or demotion to worry about; everyone’s a winner. The Crossbar Challenge is to replace the play offs (if you hit the crossbar from the halfway line; Campbell Ogilvie shall guarantee your team entry to Europe).

    It must be the weather.

  7. Adam

    So what happened. What went down on Traumatic Tuesday ?

    • @Adam.
      Nothing unusual mate. Share price plummet and a board of directors in turmoil.
      Run of the mill Sevco events so far, but the days not done yet. Be patient!
      It is human nature that when we watch a loved one suffer, we secretly, and with great guilt, long for their passing. We can but wait.
      I share your pain bro. 🙂

      • martin c

        1: Board has no confidence in Chairman, no statement as yet on the LSE.

        2: No season tickets sold at Ibrox.

        3: Scottish football moves forward – one governing body?

        4: Not enough pies at Ibrox on Monday “fans not monetised to their full potential”

        5: Wife threatens divorce if do not stop The rangers obsession.

        not much for a tuesday

    • willy wonka

      Absolutely nothing.
      Monti and Mick are away getting new watch batteries or they would’ve replied to you.

    • merciatic

      Ah, you follow Phil i see. Asking questions? Worried.

    • Sevco live to die another day, that’s all.

  8. Niall Walker

    So what happened. What went down on Traumatic Tuesday ?———–

    Craig Whyte bet on one of Alex Ferguson’s horses and it lost, tapes reveal he is now the true owner of Manchester United.

  9. cam

    What a great Tuesday,,,traumatic?,,,no,,,wonderful?,,,yes.
    Three wood of the first tee 200 yds straight down the middle,4 iron just short of the green,lovely chip up and holed! a 20footer,,,ya beauty.
    Ok i’ll be honest i was pish after that apart from some pitches and a 5 iron at the last hole but what a great day.
    Came back had a lovely curry,wee glass of Blackthorn slipped into a lacy basque and all ready for some clattering!
    Where is that total daftie mick?,,,,the poster who makes offensive remarks regards terrorist murderers,accuses a football club of murder in a case that is currently under investigation,this uncensored imbecile stated on a site that “your club killed a defenceless woman”,,,if this clown has evidence pertaining to an active investigation then by all means head over to Govan police station and do your civic duty.Otherwise shut your mouth or you could very well find yourself having a cosy chat with some legal folk.
    C’mon Mr T minus the square root of your IQ,,,,what about your prophets latest pish? ,,,are you not embarassed with yourself?,,,naw that would require a functioning brain.

    • You sound like one of those infuriating muppets who hold up play on the golf course,and shouldn’t be on in the first place.Anyone can have a diddy 28 handicap like you.Probably higher than your IQ.

      • cam

        Still hurting after yer last skelping Marty?,,,suck it up like a boxer sonny and keep yer hands high,,,ding ding round two!

        • Skelping ??

          Reckon I could give you 24 shots with your diddy handicap and your Donnay clubs…….

          Is it still the rolled up trouser legs and the knuckle crunch that gets you into your diddy wee lodge courses up there?

          • A lovely chip up from just short of the green left you fully 20 ft from the hole????
            Ffs what a player ey?
            Would hate to think what length of put you would have had with a less than lovely wee thinned chip.
            Sound as if you know even less about golf than football.
            Hope you play by the rules unlike the dead club that got liquidated.
            Cheats are really frowned upon at golf, ey?

            • gortnamona

              Very impressive first hole Cam, a 200 yard drive no less, lay up short of the bunker and chip and put for par. For the benefit of the uninitiated, that is known as good course management. If you find a luscious bronzed beauty standing on your doorstep, don’t be surprised. It will be Caroline Wozniacki, I hear that her and Rory had a bit of a tiff.

          • cam

            Good Marty,,,i’ve annoyed you,,,nurse yer wrath,its all you have.

            • Haven’t annoyed me at all.
              You’ve made me laugh at your acceptance of landing a chip 20ft from the hole,from just off the green, as a lovely shot.
              Accept mediocrity as lovely…..haha….the Sevco way.
              Bet you play on your own and award yourself 6 footers as gimmes.
              Did you set any new world records today?Must be the only day for weeks that Sevco haven’t done.

            • cam

              I can’t tolerate this heinous attempt by a hurting Pacific Rimmer to downgrade my golfing ability.
              The chip was actually a pitch from 40ft away 15ft below the green and over a bunker.The green was firm and on a slight downwards camber.The shot was a thing of beauty and the putt rattled in Marty.
              My car boot sale clubs served my hackers needs well.My best mate and i fair enjoyed our day out and mucho laughter about the unfortunate Rimmers was had.
              I’m laughing Marty,,its an illness, i just can’t stop,,,give it a wee try.

            • Haha…..rumbled…..you don’t know the difference between a chip and a pitch …..took you two attempts to describe the shot.



              Bullshit detector is off the scale now.

              You and your mate seem to know too much about rimming.

  10. arb urns

    hey CamGer……

    am just about done on here as my holeymoley wee birdie tells me the hunter has been sent out and will return with a new ‘king’ soon… some knights too…

    yer new frontman on here walker is turnin out to be a real dud. he says he was at the chocolate factory in methil wi the wonky willy guy and insists he is good but has yet tae stick wan ‘between the posts.’ suggest taxi fur walker, like the last time, ye kno ,the old inside phone call to get some conf info out and then a sit down wi carson and the ‘we are going in a different direction chat, yer gratuitously alienated son’ .’

    Duplesis was a class act and a much better striker is he out injured or something ?

    aw ra gorgie b

    • cam

      Good news Rabbie,Niall is fighting a classic rearguard action as there are a lot of tail gunners in here,i agree on duplesis,he is a super sub and waits till he sees the whites of their eyes.
      I never sicken of the taste of Midori and orange,,,freshly squeezed of course.
      The Gers, like the Camster don’t go in for that knee bowing malarkey,,,bayonets fixed and rite up em!

      • “The Gers like hamster don’t go in for that knee bending”
        Nah! just go in for forelock tugging for Queen & a once great country.
        Servile & proud ! W A T P. 🙂

    • Niall Walker


      I must be doing something right to warrant so much ad hominem copy.

      It hurts.

      • arb urns

        arb urns

        May 7, 2013 at 5:26 pm

        not billions n, but if u follow the penny share trail u will get there eventually,if u can find who the shareholders are in blue pitch and margharita post it on here. the octopus in the room is a big problem

        some assistance Niall.. non-adhominem of course

  11. cam

    As i’ve always said till the mighty Gers are back in the hands of true blue’s we’re always vulnerable to the sniping campaign from the internet bams who will stop at nothing to create a cloud of uncertainty and gossip.
    The snake is being lured out of its hole and thats when its vulnerable,,,with real men like Wattie,Greigy, Sandy and true blue money men waiting in the wings the Gers will always be safe.
    C’mon ya dafties,bring it on,,,do it the Celtic way with yer twittering, yer sweetie wifing,yer wee pals in media control,,,yer getting into a battle that you haven’t got a hope of winning,,,2nd class in every way.

    Right, thats a juicy wee worm thrown out for the bottom feeders .
    Oh the straits be broad and narrow
    its follow we will

    • Bill

      It’s awfy quiet on here noo ,Maybe the dafties have had their internet access removed till they learn to behave. I see AlexThomson jumping on the bandwagon again…he’s got a secret that he’s no telling anybody unless they ask him nicely.

      • Budweiser


        He did say it wasn’t about trfc going bust !

      • Bill

        alex thomson ‏@alextomo 53m

        take time but I hope we can place impotant new informatin in the publici domain late this/early next week….
        Straight from his twitter..I think Micks his typist.

        • willy wonka

          He’s going to reveal the tax dodge being carried out by the neighbour of the brother of the sponsor of one of the ballboys ..
          The neighbour claimed 5 miles petrol allowance through his work for a journey that was only 4..99 miles long.
          Ecojon will be up all night creating yet another blog that will send us all to sleep about it.
          Mick and Monti will both be demanding SFA, SPL, UEFA, FIFA, NilByMouth, NATO and government action straight way after somebody reads it out to them.

      • Monti

        Left turn Clyde….

    • “true blue money men” The Easdales!!!
      I See you’ve started being funny again.
      It really is a painful but necessary task to keep informing the forgetful & delusional of the reality of their circumstances. There are no Bloo money men out there cam. The Easdales are yer only hope & a desperate one at that. They’re like the cavalry turning up drunk, a week late after the battle of the little Big Horn, Custer & his troops are lying in the grass legs up in the air & have been well & truly scalped. Sevco are Donald Ducked..
      “Gers will always be safe”, cam stop it wi the funnies, Actually, it’s more like watching a circus clown performing in the belief that he’s cutting edge humour. Sad man!!!

      • cam

        Ask yourself this Mac,,,why after the last two years are the Rangers fans happier than the Celtic fans?,,,why are the Celtic fans still fixated on the plight of a 3rd div. team?,why would a clever guy like Paul feel the need to continually comment on RFC to such an extent that he is asked to remove posts deemed possibly damaging to a fatally wounded football club?
        Why do folk like yourself obsess over us?
        I know why Mac,,,,and i find it very funny.Both peculiar and haha.

        • willy wonka

          And why are the sellik fans deserting their team in droves while the only real proven football supporters in Scotland continue to flock to matches ?

        • “Rangers fans are happier than the Celtic fans” PMSL 🙂
          Yes it was horrible beating Barca, It was torture winning the SPL. I really wish this cup final would go away.
          On the other hand it must have been thriliing watching yer team get pumped out the “Ramsdens”, “THE RAMSDENS” by Galloways finest.
          Annan , Peterhead, Brechin, Berwick another four reasons why you are, err…. happier. Also just why would you be happy at advancing administration?
          As for obsession, your never off here!!!. Your never off this blog which you continually, & openly criticize. What exactly does that suggest about your “peculiar motives?.
          Also big Adam likes to pursue certain people for unanswered questions.
          How about answering one of mine I asked you earlier.
          What does We Are The People mean?

        • Jamie

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that was funny! aye you’ll be happier playing in the third at your own level…..for someone who’s obsessed about Celtic fans being obsessed your awfully obsessesd with us being obsessed all you ever talk about is the Tic….bordering on obsession if you ask me…..are you happy cam…well are you? really? Roll up roll up new spivmeister in town has an emotional investment in the club LMAO….Wattie close to resigning lol….lots to be happy about!

  12. SairFecht

    Guess who?!!! (Oh no they’re at it again!)

    Click on the link to find out!

  13. cam

    Share prices,sponsors of a mascot,what Ally said,sub section 4 paragraph 2 line 9 of some boring pish,pies,who hit a crossbar,the establishment,the Masons,the referees,the MSM,the polis, any excuse to make up for the fact that yer crap team with wee ginger couldn’t get the better of Sir Walter,,,greetin,bleatin,whinging and still not happy,,,its the Celtic way,,,always has been always will be,,,,

  14. Niall Walker

    There is a psychological reason why the opinions of non-Rangers or non-Celtic fans causes such enmity on Celtic and Rangers forums. In fact in the West, if you declare no allegiance to one or the other you are viewed with the same disbelief and suspicion, its as if its not possible, and more often than not the denial results in just as much animosity.
    I have come to the conclusion there is one thing bigots hate more than their opposing bigots, and its non-participants, they distrust them, they are outsiders who are in effect denying their raison d’etre..

    Its the same with opposing religions with atheists, they may hate each other with a passion but its a shared passion, almost a common bond that justifies and reinforces their ” passion “.

    The underlying cause of this phenomena lies in status and its relationship with cultural traits, we build our self esteem and significance around shared themes, its called tribalism.
    I am not a member of either tribe in the tribe of bigotry and this affects their self status and significance.

    A clever chap called Ernest Becker wrote a Pulitzer prize winning non-fiction book about the roots of status and its symbols The Denial of death.

    Ironically Rangers fans are denying death by denying the death of their club.

    • As a non-Rangers fan coming from an almost all Rangers supporting family (at least those that support a football team), I can atest to the fact that there was a strong sense of disbelief when I chose not to support Rangers growing up.

      • ecojon

        @ Adeste Fideles

        I am happy to accept that you have successfully grown-up however I would not extend that to the football club you mention which appears not to have progressed for nigh on 100 years 🙂

    • Niall Walker

      Ask yourself why a club’s history is so important, what difference should it make what happened before you supported your team ?

      What does a fan get out of attaching themselves to a club’s history and the answer is a sense of permanence, in effect immortality, the denial of death.

    • Niall your starting to blot your copy book. Assuming other people are not en mass as bright as you are, is a, boring & b. bound to see you with egg all over your smug coupon.
      “The underlying cause of this phenomena lies in status and it’s relationship with cultural traits” Doh! well thanks for putting us right on that.
      So your not indulging in a status game with your gratuitous jousting on this blog wi the bigot thickos????

      • Niall Walker

        So your not indulging in a status game with your gratuitous jousting on this blog wi the bigot thickos????………………………………………………..

        Of course but not for the reasons you state, more like one of the silent majority who values the reputation of their culture. Demonstrating the stupidity of hateful bias is slightly less damaging than the effects of it.

        • Niall, when you say culture, what exactly do you mean? & who or what do you perceive to be the biggest threat to it’s reputation?

          • Niall Walker

            Scottish culture with all its universal values, and every free society considers bigotry and sectarianism to be uncivilized and anti-social.

            Do you deny the presence of both in two Scottish football teams ?

            • Niall Walker

              What do they argue about……history, the basis of their culture and their self worth is their history, and throughout this history there has been conflict, it is just being re-acted on a different field in a different time.

              To some their club is a symbol of themselves, their status rises and falls with defeat and success.

            • I detect it’s presence in more than just two teams, & in other organizations outwith football.
              Bigotry is not just a blindness suffered by the football classes, unjustified contempt can be cutely displayed by the cultured elite. If you get my drift.

      • Niall Walker

        My post was about the threats to one’s status and the causes of conflict, try and stay with me.

    • arb urns

      wow…. theyres six DeNyalls in their and an a maze in mix of singulars and plurals…….. was it ‘hard’ when u rote that ?

  15. arb urns

    well past my EBT by date on here……. so ‘off up the amazon’ as u do…. I believe….

    to put a pigeon among the cats…………………………………………………………

    Do Airdrie United now hold the SFL First Division Title for 1975-76 and sit at two titles and counting ?

    • cam

      Last time i attempted that link it got vapourised,,,right enough i did accompany it with a news report regards Mr O Brien and Michael Lowry.
      Dennis doesn’t take any prisoners and is quite a sensitive soul.
      They say that money talks,,,sometimes it invokes silence.

    • ecojon


      There are obviously a large number of different aspects to the story and certainly if we are into saving on taxation payable it would certainly seem to parallel Murray’s EBTs.

      But since you raised it why don’t you explain the problems that you see.

      • Adam

        The problem i see is that there are numerous examples of potential tax scams that people could comment on or write about yet the only choose to demonise and write about Rangers.

        Now, you may have noticed that i havent wrote in great length about Rangers tax issues so therefore its not really my place to write about others.

        If people who do write loads about Rangers tax issues were genuinely concerned about the morality rather than any agenda driven motives then they would take this piece on along with various film company tax avoidance schemes.

        Of course, when you ask any questions about them, the main idiots retract into their shell and say “nuffin to see here”

        You seem to like long blogs on dodgy deals and other stuff. Why dont you give it a go, or are you frightened by what you may have to report ?

        • ecojon


          I have no interest in the tax affair of the Republic of Ireland and I also have no knowledge of their tax system or legal system and therefore feel any contribution I made in that regard would be of minimal value to anyone and could well be misleading through my ignorance.

          No I think it better for all if I stick to areas that I at least have a little interest in and experience of which actually impact directly on the country I live in.

          You are the person who seems to have the interest in this particular matter so I would suggest that you are just the man to get to the bottom of what is happening, if anything. I certainly look forward to seeing your efforts.

          I must say that I find your logic hard to follow that because you haven’t written at length about Rangers tax issues that you feel that you shouldn’t write about the tax issues of others. If you have no interest in the tax issues of others why then did you put the link-up that you did. Was it just sh*t stirring? That’s what it feels like to me and I actually thought you were above that but obviously not.

          However, why do you think that Craig Mather incorporated Little Big Shot Ltd in view of the connection with the name to a new energy drink which is the ‘property’ of another company which appears to have no visible connection to Mather’s company.

          Is it because Mather’s company name is the same as that used for a Rangers competition and, if so, why didn’t the club launch a company with an appropriate name. And who sponsors Broxi Bear? Is it Mather’s company or the energy company or neither?

          And I know you are an advocate of doing things correctly so do you think the legal requirements have been met for identifying the Promoter in the two competitions I have referred to?

          Yes I do like long blogs on dodgy deals and other stuff because it’s amazing the info that gets supplied. Perhaps you’ll become one of my moles as that certainly seems to be the Rangers Way 🙂

        • Mark

          Hi Adam,

          It does look like another case of the rich playing by their own rules leaving everybody else to foot the bill and pay their taxes.

          I can’t really tell from the blog but if there is a suggestion that a sporting team were using this scheme to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors then I’d hope the relevant administrative body would apply their rule book appropriately. For something as serious as this I’d imagine it would cost any team involved some or all of the awards they’d won unfairly during the time in question.

          If its not related to any particular sporting team then I’m not sure I see the relevance.

          • Adam

            Sorry. I didnt realise this was a sporting blog. I thought it was a generic legal blog where people basically moaned constantly about tax cheats. 🙂

            • Mark

              People on here moan about lots of things though you seem to have a better chance of involving more folk if it’s about rangers (whichever of the various clubs or companies takes your fancy!).

              I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s generally accepted that the richer you are the less tax you pay, be it legally or otherwise. I don’t want to speak for anyone else but the root of my interest in the rangers story (I’m happy for you to call it obsession though I don’t really see what difference that makes to the facts of the matter) is that for many years, they did use a similar scheme to maintain an unfair advantage – to me it’s nothing less than cheating which is something I think most right minded people abhor.

              When you look deeper and find out about the cosy relationship between the mint and BoS then it doesn’t take long to realise that rangers were enjoying a financial advantage that their competitors never had for even longer than the 9 or 10 years that they used EBTs.
              The sense of entitlement, puzzling air of superiority not to mention horribly bigoted and sectarian attitudes and rhetoric espoused by many followers of all of the rangers clubs in question (including some of the regular posters on here) Only adds to the need to see justice done.

              That the original club died because of the sins it committed would probably have been sufficient. If rangers supporters had bee able to man up and accept this at the time you’d probably have found there would be fewer people moaning and obsessing about them.

            • Budweiser

              Yes, that about sums it up.

    • What is it that your so gleeful about Adam? Is it that Ireland was bankrupted? or that Desmond has been caught with his big baggy Capitalist drawers round his ankles?

    • Brilliant find Adam ….

      Have Reblogged …. Have some other info it ties nicely into …. will work on it when I get time …..

      Have given you credit for the find ….. cheers

    • ecojon


      You really should try harder than just throwing a link up.

      Betdaq is described as ‘a reputable and significant player in European sports wagering’ which was forced to shut down its operations on Australian race meetings and sports following an exposure by The Australian.

      The newspaper did an expose which showed that it was possible for Australians to wager bets, effectively, anonymously and of significant amount, through the internet with Betdaq, an Irish private company. Apparently this was also possible with Bet365.

      The Australian made it clear that Betdaq, which began its racing operations in Australia only days before their report, had no intention to defraud anybody.

      So, what’s it all about? I’m a bit confused myself especially with the explanation: ‘‘The brouhaha began when reporters from The Australian secretly opened an online account with Betdaq, which is not a licensed partner of the Australian Football League, National Rugby League or any of Australia’s horse racing bodies. The Australian claims that their ability to open a Betdaq account makes a mockery of the recent agreement between national sports associations and the government to police the integrity of Aussie sports.’

      My take is that in Australia their legal system requires licences between betting companies and certain sports to enable Australians to be able to place a bet with the companies. I could be wrong and, if so, no doubt Adam with his great interest in Australia and their betting legislation will be in a position to correct me.

      I am puzzled as to why The Australian reporters have to ‘secretly’ open accounts? Is it because they couldn’t admit to Betdaq that they were actually in Australia because their actions would contravene Australian laws. Perhaps the Betdaq site had a disclaimer stating that Australian residents couldn’t bet on their home sports or possibly there was the warning that anyone betting on the site had to ensure that they weren’t breaking any local legislation. I don’t know the answers to any of this but hopefull Adam does so that we can all be enlightened.

      It’s amazing that the sevcoites don’t believe a word in a newspaper which is critical of their beloved Rangers but they clutch eagerly at a report in The Australian from 2011 that suits their agenda. Quite sad really.

      If you want to prove a point Adam you’ll need to do some work rather than just throw in a link which raises more questions than it answers.

      It’s a bit like a football club running a competition without providing the name and address of the Promoter – that is actually illegal so would that make the club a rogue operator?

      • Adam

        Again, i stress that numbers is my game. You are well versed into digging deeper into things and investigating issues. Why not do it with this.

        Can for instance the outcome of a Celtic match influence a payout on Betdaq ?

        Could £10m worth of bets on Celtic to win the league reduce a dividend for shareholders/directors/owners ?

        Is this allowed ?

        Just a few questions out there for one of you very good investigative “bloggers” to grasp a hold of and check out.

        • Adam

          As an example, the FA has a number of rules relating to betting which affect all players, managers, coaches, club medical staff and other Participants (e.g. directors, licensed agents).

          They state:

          What types of bets are prohibited?

          Betting includes the backing and laying of outcomes of matches and competitions.


          Inside information is information that you have become aware of through your involvement at your club or other clubs which is not publicly available. For example, you may find out that your club is about to appoint a new manager before this news is made public. this is inside information, and you are not allowed to use it for betting purposes.

          Likewise if for instance you knew that your manager had sent half his team on holiday then you could entice punters by raising the odds of that team knowing fine well that they would have a harder job winning that game.

          I cannot find the SFA rules on this issue but if they are similar then perhaps one of you lovely chaps who complain to every organisation known to man about Rangers could ask the question of the authorities.

        • ecojon


          But if numbers is your game then you are just the man to dig into betting issues IMO.

          I don’t gamble at all – never have and never will. It’s just the way I was brought-up. I have absolutely no interest in the subject. You certainly seem to wish to manipulate me into doing things that interest you and I have made it clear on previous occasions what I think of your thought processes. So it’s highly unlikely that anything that interests you would float my boat.

          I haven’t even a clue what you mean by: ‘Could £10m worth of bets on Celtic to win the league reduce a dividend for shareholders/directors/owners ?’ So I doubt if I’m the man to handle your pet project.

          But if you’re interested in doing some hard graft rather than just throwing up a link or making a throwaway comment then it’s time to get your sleeves rolled-up. If you keep asking others to do it while you do nothing except make fatuous comments you’ll just be increasingly ignored I’m afraid.

      • cam

        The reason Adam didn’t elaborate is because there are only the chosen few who can get away with alleging criminality in here.

        • Budweiser

          Do you mean like willi wonka?

          • cam

            Bud you KNOW who i mean!,,,your flag of neutrality is wilting

            • Budweiser


              It’s not the only thing that’s wilting. I’m still on a high after our magnificent psychological victory over broons bombers. I see he’ll be ‘walking away’ if he is given the lenny!
              Re; criminal activity and that poor wee souel craigie. What have you adam and willi got against your saviour? He kept you going until the blessed St Charles [ did I tell you that saints are thinking of renaming the team – nay the town – in his glorious honour?] turned up, and hey tesco, saved you again!
              Not many people know this, but are you aware that willi’s father in law was/is in the polis? I believe he was called Taggart ! Their last conversation went lkle this:-
              willi – ” Thurs been a murdur !” Taggart – ” Whose been kulled wulli ?”
              willi – ” Ma f##king team, ma f##cking club! “. Taggart – ” whodunnit wulli ?”
              willi – ” Well, it wisnae f##cking me ! ” – ” Jist fun oot in blame sum f##cker ”
              willi – ” Shoorly ye kin hing it oan sum googly eyed wee get ,can ye no?”
              Taggart – ” Jist leave it tae me mason”
              See this neutrality? Ah love it!

          • Adam

            Budweiser, who is your big team ? 😉


            • Budweiser

              The team that won the League Cup this year.I know ,for your team it stretches the imagination to breaking. But keep looking up – you never know, some day over the rainbow.

          • ecojon

            @ Budweiser

            I don’t allege criminality but just point out that it is a criminal offence not to provide the name and address for a Promoter. If I thought my club had done something like that I would be asking them why this had happened and how they were going to rectify matters so as to meet the legislation.

            Of course there are some football clubs that appear to believe they are above the rules and laws that apply to others. Now I wonder who that could be 🙂

            • Adam

              Are you sure about this ? My understanding, though i urge caution im not an expert, is that due to the “skill” element of this competition(hitting the bar) then this is not governed by Gambling Act 2005 and therefore the name and address of the promoter is not required.

              Were you aware of this ?

            • ecojon


              Sometimes you have to lower the deflector fields a little to actually read and understand what others are writing – note that I don’t ask you to agree with what they have written.

              Any competition has to have rules and as I have pointed out the rules for this competition states nothing about kicking a ball from the centre circle to hit the crossbar.

              The rules quite clearly state that the competition is based on correctly answering where Rangers plays its home games from three possible answers. From those who submit a correct answer a winner will be picked who receives the ‘prize’ which is clearly identified as £1 million.

              Perhaps that’s not what Rangers intended but why has the gross error not been picked-up since last September. Is there no one at Rangers who does any checking or knows what they are doing?

              As to the issue of ‘skill’ or ‘chance’ this is often one of the most diffiicult areas to legally determine when a competition is disputed and can be a very difficult area for Promoters to get correct. But the competition is based on the 3 questions – according to the rules – not on the actual kick.

              That is the fact of the matter and opens up all sorts of interesting legal issues as I laid out in my initial post on the subject prior to this one. One observation I have to make is that professionally Rangers appears to be either professionally ineps or just doesn’t care about legal ‘niceties’.

              However why list a non-existant Ltd company as being the person promoting the competition? Why still be advertising for entries to the competition on Rangers official website on 2 May when the rules of the competition state it closed for entries on 30 April? Don’t you see what’s wrong with that and wouldn’t you agree that all money collected after 30 April should be refunded?

  16. Niall Walker

    If Rangers fans associate their club with the highest Christian values then deep down they must feel a great deal of sadness, even in the knowledge that most was not their doing. The plain fact is reputation is more important than history, just ask Stuart Hall, and the reputation of Rangers ( the club) has been disgraced by numerous office bearers. Only time and a different attitude will repair the damage, there is no doubt in my mind that Rangers fell out the SPL because of the previous attitudes and values of both Rangers and their fans.

    I am torn between cheering for the good Rangers fans to booing against the WATP , and vice versa with Celtic fans.

    I just hope this argument over history will not reignite old historical attitudes, its a national embarrassment and damages our reputation as a civilised country.

    • willy wonka

      Shhhhh ! Don’t mention Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter or Jimmy Tarbuck here.
      Those fellas misdeeds were and are being played out in the public view and they will be dealt with swiftly if not already..
      A few years ago in Glasgow there was a lowlife who committed the same crimes. Fortunately for him, somebody lifted a carpet and swept the whole lot under it.

      • WHO CAN YOU MEAN ?….lmao.

      • JimBhoy

        Wonka dude i am sure you will find there were many disgusting individuals in Scotland who had previous… Are you really saying they were all set to one religion cos if you were , even though i have no religion I will present you evidence tomorrow of where your shallow and disgusting pretense falls over.. I won’t even suggest modern day abuse is by parental figures, do you have an uncle? Does his religious persuasion differ from yours? What is that significance?

        Non Catholic English man today in the US set up a ring of other fiends to get kids abuse them and eat them ffs. 160 kids save more than 50 lowlife detained.!!!! Michael Arnett follow on that.. WW…..

        What has the men you mentioned to do with Celtic..?

        • willy wonka

          Ah Jim ! “Religion” ?
          Who mentioned “religion” ?
          You see, paranoia rears its head once again.
          Why is it always “religion” with folk like you ?
          After all, isn’t it the huns/ zombies/ walking dead who are supposed to be fixated by “religion” ?
          A one way street according to most on here as far as that subject is concerned too.
          You say “religion”. I’ll submit Lithium.

  17. Monti

    watching ‘the Apprentice’ Carson why don’t you buy those union jack mugs? You could put your tooth in one before you go to sleep in the shop doorway. 😀

    • Can I “bags ” a spot on the sellick walkway , any door will do , I know there will be plenty of competition ….any spare change mistuur ?….2 bob for a cup o tee mistuur ?…any chance o a wee bit o ur hotdog mistuur ?…lmao.

  18. Hey MONTIT , you’ve been posting all day ! From dawn till .. …watching the apprentice on the beeb ! …lmao…have not got out of your midden all day ?……FFS MAN OPEN A WINDOW ….LET SOME AIR IN …..SPRAY SOME AIR FRESHENER …..LET YOUR FAT FLEE RIDDEN CAT OUT ….THINK OF YOUR NEIGHBOURS …FFS …GET A LIFE…..ROTFLMAO.

    • Niall Walker

      I have to say the comedy between the two protagonists is on occasions hilarious.

      • JimBhoy

        And the one who flits from one to the other even more curious.. But you know best you are superior at these comments apparently (in your East Fife world). Hilarious on more than the occasional basis to the posters here..

        • Niall Walker

          What I do not find curious is the symmetry between wanting Rangers dead and disliking me, it just proves my point.

    • mick

      carson a always watch the lord sugar show he started out in the eastend selling boiled beetroot

    • Monti

      How can you say all those F letters with one tooth, does your f sound like fths…..also Willy winky, stop the child references or I’ll get Carson to put his Kincora school outfit on, your handlers do like that eh?

  19. 2 hrs 8 minutes to go thick Mick ?..MONTIT ….were still here you know …were not going away you know ….who gives a flying fcuk who our manager , chairman , ceo or electrician is ???? As long as the people pack out or 5 star stadium , UEFA credited btw , no plastic , mdf or breezeblock in sight , lmao ! That 75 thousand fans In one weekend …that’s why the mighty Rangers will NEVER die …chairmen go , players go , managers go, the people don’t do walking away ….btw did I mention 75 thousand fans in one weekend ….did the essspppheeelll achieve that in the last month !…lmao.

  20. Will sellick try to get IKEA to sponsor the sellick ” 2 bob for a fag ” walkway …surely with all that plastic , mdf , breezeblock and cardboard about its the obvious choice ?

  21. mick

    did yous not die oh well maybe next tuesday lol T minus6days and 2hrs lol

  22. cam

    Brother Carson,unleash hell upon them.

  23. mick

    yous were well para all day lol

  24. mick

    board room drama thats significant so there was positives lol

    • willy wonka

      What time is it Mick ?
      Haw haw haw !

      • cam

        Incubator man stuck this trumpet in the oven for waaay too long,,,check their twitter feed,see how shit sticks together,question their motives at every turn,don’t ask what Brittania can do for you,instead ask what you can do for Brittania!
        Who do you think you are kidding Mr Lawwell if you think old Gers are done
        We’ve got the boys who will stop your little game
        We’ve got the boys who will make you think again

      • Monti

        7 past Niven…..

    • cam

      Smillie passes on his best and says you won’t be treading any of his planks ya rocket.

  25. Mick ? You always watch the lord sugar show ..( apprentice )..is that because you fancy nick ?

  26. Mick , montit , what about tommy the taxi drivers statue on ra sellicks ” any chance of a bit of your hotdog mate ” walkway ? any other ideas Mick ? Oops sorry you and montit are out of your quota of ideas for this decade …P.S. what about the 75k at the temple of football over the weekend bhoys ? The mighty Rangers get more in the line for a pie and bovril than the rest of those no mark espppeeeheelll diddy clubs attendances put together !

    • mick

      Ch4 were its at big news imminent gen up lads yous are doomed not now but soon lol

      • Bill

        The word is that Celtic fans are not going to like it .

        • It doesn’t matter bill , they will twist it to suit their obsessed wee souls , just watch who’s first on in the morning ! Shares , boardrooms , players , management…blaaaaablaaaaaaaablaaaaaaaaaa…they are obsessed haters , end of story and on a Scots law blog ! Lmfao..most of these Muppets couldn’t tell you what colour sellick play in ! Or the location of breezeblock castle !……. that what they can’t understand , as long as 50k bears fill the temple of football ” every other Saturday ” ..thats our victory , anything else is just….pish.

        • Budweiser

          bill – Like I said earlier.

      • cam

        I think its fair to say that in the eyes of the Celtic community in here that carson and violet are the most offensive posters.
        Their crimes include raising the issue of sex abuse,school education,flags,religious topics,attendance figures,personal hygiene,obsessive behavioural patterns,dental health, unemployment, political affilliation,national identity and ethnicity.
        Due to the nature of the human condition,mood swings,substance abuse and inherent stupidity and ignorance,we all “lose the plot ” sometimes and a recognition of that and a swift unreserved apology can square things up.
        Mick is a favourite in here,many fellow Celtic fans love his down to earth “everyman” approach and i confess to having respected his straightforward hands on contributions.
        Paul has intervened on a couple of occassions to absolve mick of his blogging transgressions and his desire to have a broad church which includes even my insanity, is to be commended.
        Mick is a good wind up merchant,his “doomed” posts are funny,his camraderie with carson is to be commended,his thick skin is an attribute that we could all adopt to our betterment.
        And now to cut to the chase,,,,he has a familiar now in Monti,a comrade and thats nice for both of them and the banter can be fun.
        Cutting to that chase ,,,anyone who agrees with celebrating terrorist murders is an arsehole,anyone who chastises carson for his contentious posts but TU’S mick for stating that a football club killed someone, is an arsehole.Anyone who agrees with calling Violet a hairy one toothed monkey but baulks at the only other female poster being called “frivolous” is an arsehole.
        These conditions shall be henceforth known as the heritable ownership of arseholedom and are permanent.
        I’m an arsehole and i’m very very pwoud.

        • JimBhoy

          Totally agree.. Like has been said fella your posts sometimes are spot on, sometimes daft… And this in a lot of ways at the disagreement to my many bloggie pals and I said i would never reply to you again. (i take it back) i give you a TU in a general sense to what you said..

          If we stick to the banter, facts and the funnies I would be a happy man… I like all posters on this site except jabba, sorry Niall… 😉

        • arb urns


          I have an after dinner speaking engagement at the larkhall haemarroids society next month and was mentioning it to my partner walking down the fourth fairway yesterday.

          oh he enquired inquisitively.. im confused i had heard everyone in larkhall (insert where u want of course) was a perfect arsehole.


          • david

            Why have a go at Larkhall ?
            The town with the second oldest Celtic supporters club in the World, the town that produced 7 Celtic players ( including a captain and a manager ) from ONE family, the town that produced many other Celtic players through their illustrious Juniors, including a Lisbon Lion, John Clark, plus Alan Sneddon, Bobby Hogg and a host of others.
            Plus Celtics longest-serving servant, John Steel.
            If you know their history ineed.

            • Mark

              Blue asda?

              Regardless of the few exceptions that prove the rule it’s a horrible cesspit of anti-catholic sectarianism that deserves to be sent back to the 17th century. Ironically enough, the era most of the residents like singing about.

            • david

              Blue Asda= MYTH.
              Most of the residents DO NOT engage in any anti-catholic sectarianism whatsoever.
              Few exceptions?
              Name another town in Scotland of a similar size which has contributed more to Celtic.
              You are buying a stereotype hook, line and sinker .

    • ecojon

      @ carson

      Yea but they don’t make any money out of the pies and bovril because Ally ate all the pies and Azure only bought one tin of Bovril. LMAO – organisation is a real weak point down Ibrox way 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        @eco I actually checked the bears den and they all said the food was fukin rotten generally, good thing not available…. Have to say my celtic experience is the same..

  27. @Budweiser.
    I don’t think there has been that much fundamental change in the boardroom. (Apart from the gagging of Chicco by the investors
    Green brought MM in, but maybe he is/was too much of a stickler for good business practise for Chicco’s “style”. We know they never seen eye to eye, with Chicco threatening to walk if MM stayed. It looks like MM will be the one who is walking.
    So the same game plan is in motion!
    The Rangers men, are making life difficult for the money boys, but for the money boys, this is old hat, and the Rangers men will be easy meat for them.
    The only card that the rangers men hold, is their ability to ruin the money men’s plans. To do this, they will need to bubble Sevco and pop it!
    It’s a trade off. Will the Sevco support back the moneymen with the Rangers men gone. Or will the Rangers men turn on the money men ?
    They are just sorting out the pecking order aat the mo, and I back the money men,
    They will leave at the most profitable time for them, and the Rangers men can pick up the pieces.
    There was absolutely no reason to bring Rangers men in, apart from SB sales. If it was thought they would be a threat, they wouldn’t have been offered the positions.
    The money men have it under control. The Rangers men have only a weapon of mutual destruction, taking their beloved club with them.

    • Budweiser


      Once again, you have put it in a nutshell. Where are cam’s ‘ good men and true?’ Are they once again waiting till the last minute, to pick up the pieces for peanuts?

      • cam

        Yes,,,after two years of concerted efforts by bloggers to portray RFC as a poor investment,the real Gers men are sitting back and letting the shit settle
        and will as every good Brit is expected,,,do their duty.
        Payback shall be deemed necessary and could be quite gruelling,so haud oan tight ye unbelievers

      • Bud The Injuns killed all of cams good men at Walters last stand. 🙂

        • Budweiser

          Mac Tomas.
          eco and others.
          Was sad to hear of the last survivor of the ‘ Artic Convoys’ dying recently. Fought for ‘The Artic Medal ‘ until just before his death. RIP.

    • Budweiser

      barca. — If MM and cardy go – whose left?

      • Mark

        Jimmy bell for CEO? He fits the bill(y)

      • @Budweiser.
        To the money men, I don’t think it matters much. Cardy is just there for SB’s and has limited business knowledge to trouble them.
        I think MM was brought in as reliable, but that proved too troublesome.
        Chicco coming back now will double the SB sales these two could muster. They are shot.
        Sally won’t be far behind them.
        On the other hand…they have an Ally and membership in Ogilvie. But that is the mutual destruct button.
        My best guess….. Rapidly devalue the company to a price that the Rangers men can afford. Then play who blinks first.
        It appears that Regan sought assurances they would not be invited to SPL 2. Why now hold them back after all the help?
        I think it is clear whose side the SFA will be on in a shootout! They have the biggest gun.

  28. 53 minutes Mick ? ….looks like were still here !….P.S. DRILLBIT !…gonna geese an update oan yon share thingys ?….I’m needin a snooooooooooozeee.

  29. gortnamona

    Serious amount of intellect on display tonight. Keep it going guys, I will catch up in the morning. Goodnight.

  30. cam

    A big discussion recently about the supremacist overtones of the “peepul” chant by Rangers fans.
    Take a look at CFC’s social mission statement where they “simply aim to be the team of the people”,,,any comments rockets?,,,nah.
    Then have a wee look at their unacceptable conduct policy and ground regulations and tell me that that is being adhered to.

    • JimBhoy

      CAm fella see my last wee post to you…. Are you honestly telling me ‘We are the people’, ‘ no surrender’ comments have been anything other that shield rattling for the old guard dude well that makes me sick.. Just throw in the bouncey bouncey and what that does NOT refer to apparently, fenian blood etc and more….

      If the mission statement says otherwise enforce it… Disgusts me tbh…!!!!!

      • cam

        The Irish conflict pish does my head in Jim,i’ve been telling fellow Bears that for years,90 minute bigotry and banter is oot the windae nowadays.
        I’ve done the bouncey and in no way do i associate that with anything other than good atmosphere,,,the place is bouncing? yeah?
        We’ll get there eventually,our kids are the better versions of us and the nut nut(thanks mick) filter might just end up creating a halfway decent specimen.
        I’m off to bed,my sword and shield are too heavy and i just want a cuddle now!

        • JimBhoy

          From what i hear there is no Irish conflict just those who think it is there or would like to revive that tribalism…. I dont mean this in any way disrespectfully “Zombie” by the cranberries told the story when i was in England, many years ago.. Anybody listen to that….?

          Talks to both parties imo.. Except me cos I prefer to watch football with a mixed bunch a few yards away and i would NEVER treat anyone differently
          or with bias..Best in a park than in a stand.

          You are right my kids are the better of me, you know my background been told many times to tedium on here but my youngest said to me last week after i watched her play footie(Lass) ‘ Dad I scored a hattrick’ wow awesome i said, they did win the tournament at Hamilton palace, I asked what a hattrick was, she smiled at me, her mother’s eyes, like she does and no answer really mattered, she said. ‘ I don’t know’ i think i did’, hattrick is good for me..

          Sorry i interject with a personal story..

          • JimBhoy

            I think Cam when he wants to be has a right good heid on his shoulders…

            I would certainly have him on my side after a few beers.

            Ok passing into Camesque mode… if we had to tell the Polis why we were stealing the bulbs off the 40 ft high xmas tree in Govan..Oops maybe just me…!!! He has the gold and Green ones and I have the blue and orange and those yellas that look orange, happy red lights Govan…It’s a fair cop…
            True story without Cam but could see it happen..

            Just saying…. Time for my cot apparently… Take care all…

            Dr Greg Black good son of William rocks…Funniest guy I have ever known…

      • willy wonka

        Jim. You really ARE deluded, aren’t you ?
        The bouncy ? You do realise that Rangers fans were doing the bouncy YEARS before what it “does NOT refer to” don’t you ?
        For Christ’s sake man ! How many times do you folk have to be told ?
        Is it always a case of ‘fingers in ears , Ah’m no listening’ with you people ?
        The fact that you persist in guff like this means I’m probably correct in my initial guess that you are about 14 years old.

    • answer the question, There’s a good cam.

  31. ccl

    Company number sc004276 which owned Ibrox, the other assets,and the intellectual property was liquidated and those assets were sold off. The assets were purchased by an unrelated company to do with whatever they wished. The new company set up a football team and was granted associate membership of the SFA. The new company applied for and was accepted into the lowest tier of Scottish Football League Division 3. It is therefore a new company and a new club. Forget about the name, the colour of the shirts etc it is definitely not SC004276. In other words it can never claim to have employed the likes of Jim Baxter and Willie Henderson. These great players, played for SC004276, which owned and operated Rangers. The history of SC004276 is still there but ended in season 2011-2012.

  32. jjbhoy

    Some more film names etc….The thirty nine steps…to liquidation!,hun flew over the cuckoos nest!,the green mile(div3-spl),huns on the run!,the scambusters!,live and let die!(us and them),apocalypse now!,dirty rotten scoundrels!,for whom the bell tolls!,the madness of king billy!the usual suspects!

    • JimBhoy

      the goonies… Gonna hit the sack…

    • cam

      The Crying Game,The Huns of Navarone,Saving Private Carson,A Bridge Loan Too Far,I’ve Got a Golden Ticketus,Fiddler On The Roof,The Bomber Brown Affair,Assault on Precinct G51,Three Men and A Liquidation,Once Upon a Time in Govan,A Fistful of Penny Shares,Dave King and I,National Treasure,A Perfect Storm,Gers,Lies and Audiotape,The Dirty Dozen,Inglorious Bastards.

  33. jjbhoy

    First class post but i have been on here asking all the usual suspects(cam,carson,marching on together and willy wonka)to answer these two questions,why did they have to play in the earlier rounds of the cup/s and why were they granted a temporary licence but as it shows again tonight is that they would rather slag off the re-generation of the east end than answer big peoples questions and i’m sure you will know the real answer….they’re scared of the truth! jjbhoy.

    • cam

      Sorry jj i thought i covered this in my reply to Stephen,,,,you can show me 1888 pieces of paper,quote 1916 paragraphs of footballing legislation and use 2012 words to convince yourself that RFC no longer exist.
      I’m extremely happy for you and hopefully you’re so happy for yourself you might not need to spend your precious time on this earth trying to convince me.
      My team,the Glasgow Rangers are playing at Ibrox in the red,white and blue,their history is intact, the trophies are going nowhere,the fans are still the same.Nothing much has changed apart from the fact that the mediocre team that won three titles in a row against Mowbray and Lennon’s Galactico’s has become even more mediocre and are now playing in a different division,enabling CFC to gather up meaningless titles until the natural order is restored.

      • Mark

        So hang the rules cos they only apply to everyone else? You are the people after all.

        Our titles are meaningless cos you’re not in the league but those that Murray, smith, advocaat and mcleish bought are part of the glorious 54 that you never tire of crowing about?

        Very good

      • JimBhoy

        Cam there will never be meaningless titles as long as your boys are being pumped when they meet our peers in the SPL…McCall lay down to yous last season but that is a thing of the past..

  34. ccl

    There was a Victorian children’s rhyme that went -Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a big fall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again. I think it may be an allegory for entropy. That is, time flows in one direction – e.g. a hot cup of water loses its heat but a cold cup of water won’t gain heat. A smashed egg cannot reform. Glasgow Rangers are history. Nothing can change that fact. What I find fascinating, is how strong a belief system can be. If you believe hard enough then you believe that you can trounce reality. The more that believe, the less relevant reality is. The “tinkerbell” effect? It is impressive, if 50000 believe. Nevertheless, it still is not reality. The team playing at Ibrox are a new team with one season’s history, nothing more, nothing less.

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