I didn’t hear a half-time roar from Ibrox on Saturday so assume a lucky Bear didn’t manage to hit the crossbar and collect £1 million.  Or has the prize actually been won and the lucky winner doesn’t realise it?

It may well be that the Promoter of the Crossbar Challenge and the Teddy Bear Challenge might even have to refund all the phone charges paid by those who entered both competitions.  “Surely not!” I hear you say.

Well BEAR with me while I lay BARE the facts as I see them. 🙂

First things first.

Who is the Promoter of both challenges? Well, that’s usually found by inspecting the Terms & Conditions and it seems to be quite clear that the company concerned is Strathan ME Limited but no address is given.  It’s also slightly puzzling that no company of that name is listed at Companies House.

Still it makes the rule – ‘All decisions of Strathan ME Limited will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into’ – quite understandable as it would be difficult, if not impossible, to correspond with a mystery company with no apparent address!

OK, let’s leave that mystery for the moment and concentrate on the ‘Prize’ and the good news is under the Terms & Conditions that: ‘The first entry drawn at random from all eligible entries who have answered the question correctly will win the prize’.

Let’s just remember what the Rangers Cross Bar Challenge states on the Rangers website: ‘Your chance to win £1 million’ and the question to be answered is: ‘Where do Rangers play their home matches?’ Three alternative answers are helpfully listed: Tynecastle, Ibrox or Hampden.

IMO the T&C read in conjunction with the competition advert makes it quite clear that a correct entry sent to the Promoter and picked at random wins ‘The Prize’ which is £1 million. Nothing in the T&C or the advert qualifies ‘The Prize’ as the opportunity to stand on the centre spot to try to hit the crossbar and win another unspecified prize. The T&C also state if the original winner can’t be contacted or can’t comply with the terms and conditions then Strathan ME Limited reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant.

So let’s assume a Bear who won the £1 million prize refused it because he didn’t hit the crossbar. It could well be argued that he isn’t complying with the T&C and the actual next eligible entrant gets the £1 million. Even if he too refuses, at some stage some Bear will be tempted – I mean why should only Ahmad, Green and some others be able to walk away with millions?

Some might argue that Rangers are the Promoter but I don’t think that would wash legally but let’s accept that argument on the basis that the competition advert and rules is accessed via their club website. However the URL where it resides: is registered to Glasgow-based Matador Creative which is currently being liquidated with the court authorising the winding-up notice last week.

So where next?

Well the Matador Creative web page lists Customer services for the competition as ‘Call Centre Sales Scotland Ltd’ First Floor, 1 Dukes Road, Troon, KA10 6QR. The sole director is Kelly Munro, 35, who was appointed on 3/08/2011. However Companies House records show that the nature of business is a ‘Dormant Company’ and that the accounts are overdue.

There are other issues about the competitions which strike me as a bit odd such as using exactly the same T&C for two very different competitions which leads to the strange situation that anyone under 16 can’t enter the ‘child’ competition (The Teddy Bear Challenge).  I would have thought that a competition designed for children should also be very careful to stipulate the ‘prize’ in terms that could be understood by a ‘child’ but the ‘prize’ isn’t detailed in the T&C or advert which just states: ‘Beat the goalie and win a fabulous prize’.

And then on 2 May 2013 at 15.11 the Rangers website was still encouraging fans to enter the competition under the heading: ‘Who Wants To Win A Million?’ accompanied by the statement: ‘THE biggest fans prize in football is up for grabs at this weekend’s home match with Berwick – and it’s not too late for you to enter for the chance to win £1million!

‘But the more times you enter, the more your chances of being picked improve so don’t waste another moment – enter now!’

Leaving aside the absence in the T&C as to how multiple entries are dealt with there is the more serious question that the T&C states that the: ‘Competition closes for entries via Phone line and SMS at midnight on the 30th April 2013’. Whether intentional or not that ad amounts to a straight rip-off of fans IMO.

Personally I’m unclear whether any laws have been broken and possibly Paul might have a better idea on the legal side but surely some kind of licence would have been needed to run this and it seems common sense that there must be some rules in place.

But this whole episode looks like a total utter shambles and I can’t help but think of the old Scottish saying that Rangers ‘couldn’t run a ménage’.  If they are getting stuff wrong at this level how well are they actually handling the Big Stuff?

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  1. Would it not be appropriate for someone to register an official complaint with newco in order for them to establish another official investigation into the scam. It obviously is a scam and I think on behalf of all bears in the universe I will make that call now. Tick tick tick

  2. Budweiser

    More dodgy dealings down Ibrox way. Is there nothing related to this club which IS above board?

  3. mick

    Good afternoon ecojon consumer law is a no no down ibrokes way these days and consumer protection seems lost down ibrokes way to it’s fleece the bears laws don’t matter they make there own lol

  4. Brian J

    The T&Cs appear to be very vague in relation to the prize. Perhaps deliberately so. This scheme would be regulated as a lottery in terms of The Gambling Act 2005 UNLESS IT CAN ESTABLISH AN EXEMPTION UNDER SECTION 14(5) OF THE ACT.
    Section 14(5) exempts from regulation a scheme which is not reliant wholly on chance and states:
    A process which requires persons to exercise skill or judgment or to display knowledge shall be treated for the purposes of this section as relying wholly on chance if—.

    (a)the requirement cannot reasonably be expected to prevent a significant proportion of persons who participate in the arrangement of which the process forms part from receiving a prize, and.

    (b)the requirement cannot reasonably be expected to prevent a significant proportion of persons who wish to participate in that arrangement from doing so..

    The T&Cs do not describe how the Crossbar challenge operates nor in fact even that the prize is an opportu8nuty to take part in a Crossbar Challenge. They may however attempt to rely on the fact that the scheme is advertised as a crossbar challenge.

    If the prize gives the winner one attempt to hit the crossbar from the halfway line then it requires an element of skill which would clearly prevent a significant proportion of those taking part from winning. If however it gives the person 50 chances over a season, then perhaps less so. The fact is the T&Cs do not say what the prize is and therefore it cannot be ascertained from the information published on the website whether or not the scheme qualifies for an exemption in terms of section 14(5). I suspect that might be remedied some time soon.

    • Monti

      They are dead…..

    • JimBhoy

      Do i need a ticket to enter the competition or are they excluding those without tickets also??? I’d gladly take a mill off the Gers, however I’d probably just end up another creditor…

  5. Fra

    Eco…Are we really surprised. This sounds like one of those ads where nobody has a chance of winning the jackpot. What would have happened if in that fifteen minute half time spell, somebody actually hit the bar. Would they have come out with an unseen rule to deny the victor. The rules aren’t clear but I bet they had no problems regarding the collecting of the premium rate calls

    Well researched piece mate. Fantastic.

  6. lordmac

    maybe charlie though, the 500milion fans, would take up the challenge

  7. lordmac

    THEY ARE DOING NOT TO BAD at the scamming, the second time around
    any sign of the charity money being payed out as yet

  8. willy wonka

    Jesus Christ ! How petty can you guys get ?
    “A game of skill and chance” – there’s your clue.
    Barrack room lawyers. Lol.

    • Monti

      Michael Higdon – player of the year – JOKE
      Allan Johnston – Manager of the year- JOKE
      Leigh Griffiths – young player of the year- JOKE
      Scottish football – JOKE!!!

    • Steven Brennan

      Shields up

    • josephmcgrath112001809

      Chance? – More like nae chance!

    • What’s petty about it?

    • ecojon

      I will assume a knee-jerk reaction without engaging the brain.

      However – legally in this context there is a world of as difference between ‘skill’ and ‘chance’ and it also isn’t a game but a competition or perchance something else.

      It’s abundantly clear that it’s a shambles of organisation, at the very least, from what is supposedly a leading worldwide brand with 500 million supporters who expect to lift the Champions League in a few years.

      Might be time that Rangers hired a barrack-room lawyer because whoever they’ve got in charge of this lot doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what they are doing or what the law requires 🙂

      • Brian J

        Cynics would however suggest that they know exactly what they are doing and that the lawyers they employed have deliberately drafted the scheme in such vague terms so as to entice the punters into spending fortunes on premium rate calls without fully explaining that the likelihood of anyone ever winning the major prize is remote in the extreme.
        For me, the fact that the club is happy to associate itself with and to actively promote such a scheme to its fan base speaks volumes as to what they really think of their supporters.

      • willy wonka

        It is a game of skill AND chance.
        Therein is the reason you are barking up completely the wrong tree.
        Put on your pointy hat and stand in the corner.

      • cregganduff

        Ecojon – give me your opinion

        Competitions can be illegal lotteries unless skill is required

        Under the Gambling Act 2005, a competition will not be a lottery if it satisfies the “skill” test or if no payment is required to enter

        Competitions that genuinely depend on skill, judgment or knowledge can continue to operate outside Gambling Act regulatory controls. Where there are several stages of a competition, THE KEY is whether the FIRST round satisfies the skill test. If those who complete a crossword puzzle successfully are entered into a draw to pick the winner, this will still qualify as a skill competition, not a lottery, because the first stage (completing the puzzle) satisfied the skill requirement.

        The question then is: Is there a sufficient degree of skill, judgment or knowledge required of the target audience in answering the question: Where do Rangers play their home matches, to prevent this competition becoming an illegal lottery?

    • JimBhoy

      Keep telling yourselves everything is OK, deny any facts or investigative discussions into all sorts of wrong doings… Deja Vu (again)…?

    • cregganduff

      willy wonka

      “A game of skill and chance”

      If skill is a requirement that’s the Rangers’ first team ruled out. However there has been no shortage of chancers around Ibrox in recent years.

    • willy wonka
      May 6, 2013 at 1:42 pm

      Jesus Christ ! How petty can you guys get ?
      “A game of skill and chance” – there’s your clue.

      A game run by chancers would be more accurate.

      No need to thank me.

  9. Steven Brennan

    Does the organiser not have to lodge the winning prize somewhere else and inform the gambling authority where when and who won it?

    • Brian J

      No, because it is not a regulated activity. The Gambling Commission has no locus.

    • ecojon

      @Steven Brennan

      Well that’s a good question but the Rules don’t actually specify what the prize is although the advert linked to the rules appears to suggest a prize of £1 million. Has anyone won the prize – well I suppose that depends on whether you follow the rules or some other set of instructions/circumstances which aren’t spelt out in the rules.

      I just find the whole thing farcical and a sign of how far Rangers have slipped when they can’t get something as simple as this right.

  10. Think everyone who took part knew what it was you had to do to win a million,only problem I see if people were being advised to enter after the closing date,was it itv that did something similar?they would have to reimburse the charges that were made to the fans who wanted to take part but were not entered. But good read from ecojon thanks.

    • ecojon

      @ Jimmy bee

      I take your point about ‘knowing’ but the Terms & Conditions are what governs the issue legally and there is no mention in them of anyone having to kick a ball. Quite the opposite – it is clear the prize of £1 million is picked at random from the entries sent in by phone/text. The Terms & Conditions are quite clear on that.

      I accept that that isn’t possibly what was intended but it would make a very interesting legal argument in court.

      However, I actually think one of the most serious probs is that this competition appears to have been run with no actual Promoter as I don’t believe a non-existant Ltd company could be classed as such.

      It seems there was little or no supervision or involvement in the running of the competitions by Rangers as far as the entries and presumably the rules or even customer service which appears to have been out-sourced.

      • Worth highlighting that the company associated with the scheme are facing liquidation and have been dormant for a considerable time, how were they going to be around at the end of the season to hand the prizes out? SCAM SCAMMERS

  11. Geddy Lee

    Oh dear, from one shambles to another it seems.

    The only intriguing part though is why on earth could the rangers not run this competition from inside the club?

    What percentage of the proceeds went to rangers?

    Who are behind this mob Stratham ME?. Surely it’s not another Green and Whyte production?

    You can sense the “laptop loyal” shuddering with fear, incase they are told to take this story up, not that any sevcovian wants to know the facts. Once again, it seems the sevcos have been taken for a ride by their own club.

  12. rab

    Is there any truth in the rumour i have just started, that sally of the peepell dressed up in disguise and tried the crossbar challenge in a futile attempt at raising 10% of the warchest recquired to keep him and his pals noses in the trough.

    That 900k ( -100k for pie expenses ), could have boydy, millery, and novo-y tearing up the scottish football league division 2 as craig whytes boys reclaim the dignity lost during greens regime.

    P.S I’m sure Mike Ashley is glad he didn’t pay green to name whytes assets.

    • Steven Brennan

      Sevco have 25 players on their books
      17 are 21 or over
      3 are 20 at the moment
      Using the current rules of 22 players max 21 and over, the pie man is not signing many more mature players.
      Do they think the sfl are just going to ignore this?

      • rab

        Steven, as long as the sfa are looking in the opposite direction when sevco are breaking the rules, then that means that sevco haven’t actually broken any rules. Its called the Bryson anomaly.

        Anyway, i was being facetious, it will all go kaboom long before sally can squander more mi££ions while failing miserably to emulate QOTS’s div2 destruction. 😀

      • JimBhoy

        @SB nice work mate does that include Goian and Bocanegra coming back? Do the rangers no have some players out on loan also?

      • Steven Brennan
        May 6, 2013 at 2:10 pm
        Sevco have 25 players on their books
        17 are 21 or over
        3 are 20 at the moment
        Using the current rules of 22 players max 21 and over, the pie man is not signing many more mature players.
        Do they think the sfl are just going to ignore this?

        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised Steven.

  13. Emu - The Scottish Journalist

    May 6, 2013 at 12:59 pm
    You need to watch this. It explains everything.

  14. @eco,
    A nice bit of research and detective work mate. I salute you.
    It may have been in vain though, as I heard a guy in a Groucho Marx mask with a Yorkshire accent won it.

  15. joe

    maybe they got the idea from the football readers digest!

  16. cam

    Just choked on the rice krispies!!!! pure blissful silence from probably the most boring petty obsessed train spotter in the known universe and then the above!!!
    It has of course got me absolutely greetin wi laughter that a human being could actually have this notion rattling about in their way too under occupied mind,,,but then when the tears of hilarity subside comes the awful realisation that if the fickle finger of fate,,or for Eco Buddhist karma,,,intervened then the Camster could get stuck in a lift with this utter loonball.
    On a slow news day or even pre Armageddon(according to the idiot) then this piece of whimsy could provoke some jocular reaction,,,but this is Random insanity and the fecking loons are actually debating it!!!!!

    fecking greetin! the biggest bunch of fecking weirdo’s gathered in one spot in cyber loonyland,,,,,bhoys take a bow!

    • willy wonka

      They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Eco abuses that privilege .
      Personally, I found the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act one of the most boring sections of Law I had to deal with.
      ————– but at least I took the time to actually read it before spouting off to the world.

      • Steven Brennan

        Shields up
        The ferengi are massing on the port bow.
        Massing being the operative word.

      • willy wonka
        May 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm

        They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

        You’re in no danger then…

    • Hope you go one further and actually choke on your Spam Fritters at dinner.

      Away ye go ya muppet.

      • cam

        Hi marty,,,howz u today?,,,hope you’re well and happy holidays to you too.
        Corned beef sarnies earlier with a wee pickled onion washed down with Orange juice!
        A wee satay later at work.Enjoy your tea and try to not let hatred run your life.

        • Steven Brennan

          Why dont you and the wonkar make a relevant comment and tell us what you both think about being turned over again by the twats that run your toxic dump?

  17. Bastian Bux (Craig Whyte), a quiet boy who loves to read, is accosted by bullies on his way to the bank. He hides in a blue room, interrupting the grumpy bookseller, Mr. Koreander (Duff and duffer). Bastian asks about one of the books he sees, but Mr. Koreander warns him it is “not safe.” Nevertheless, Bastian “borrows” the book, leaving a note promising to return it, and races towards IbroxFantasia. He then hides in the boardrooms attic to begin reading The Neverending Story.
    The book describes the fantasy world of IbroxFantasia which is being threatened by a force called “The Nothing,”HMRC a void of darkness that consumes everything. The Childlike Empress (SDM), who rules over ibroxFantasia from the Ivory Tower, has fallen ill due to the Nothing, and he has summoned Atreyu (Charles Green), a young warrior from the We are the People, to discover the means to end the Nothing. Atreyu is given AURYN, a title deed to protect and guide him. As Atreyu sets out, the Nothing summons Gmork (voiced by John Bomber Brown), a vicious, but highly intelligent wolf-like beast, to kill Atreyu.

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    According to Phil today Alex Thomson has more news on sevco this week stay tuned . The never ending story continues.

  18. since this is a “football” related “competition”, should the SFA not be “investigating” this ??!!

  19. ecojon

    @ jimlarkin

    I just assumed they had issued the licence for it as per usual without doing any checking 🙂

  20. ”Only those who buy their season tickets to ipox would be able to vote on the change of name to ‘Murray Park’! Fans will be able to own their own club! Hit the crossbar and win One Million ponds!

    They just need to put bars on the windows and doors of ipox at their next home game call it a prison and they would have them all where they belong. Crime rates would nosedive and Scottish society would be able to breathe fresh air.
    Who knows?

  21. Niall Walker

    So let’s assume a Bear who won the £1 million prize refused it because he didn’t hit the crossbar. It could well be argued that he isn’t complying with the T&C and the actual next eligible entrant gets the £1 million……………..

    I rarely make assumptions that are so improbable as to be rendered nonsensical.

    • willy wonka

      ” So let’s assume a Bear who won the £1 million prize refused it because he didn’t hit the crossbar. ”
      ——– and right there is where the arse falls out the chanty.
      If he doesn’t hit the crossbar he doesn’t win anything.
      That’s where the “skill” in “skill and chance” comes in.


      • Niall Walker

        My comments were more directed at the chances of someone refusing a million pounds, they seem unrealistic..

        • ecojon

          @ Niall Walker

          It would appear I have more faith in the average Bear’s love of his club than you have. Or perhaps I was covering all the bases 🙂

      • Ed Paisley

        It is a good fundraising idea though – can we all agree on that? The Paradise Windfall doesn’t make much money because we actually see the winner get his prize money.

        So I would suggest that when the entrant comes out onto the Ibrox pitch for the £1m “hit the crossbar from the half-way line” competition, he/she is escorted by a couple of highly decorated soldiers (or actors dressed as soldiers – depending on what is cheapest), and the soldiers are carrying a perspex attache case containing one million British pounds sterling.

        If there is any dispute about whether the ball actually hits the crossbar, then the crowd are the final arbiter – a kind of clapometer a la Hughie Green would appear on the big screen and if the cheers reach a certain decibel level then the soldiers hand over the cash case.

        There you go – all above board and transparent and no problem with the Gambling Act. But if Rangers adopt my idea then I will expect a cut!

    • cam

      Niall,i must say that i salute your indefatigability in the face of overwhelming oddities.
      If you keep this outstanding display of reasoned polite debate up then you may be seen as a contender for this site’s most unpopular commenter.
      I don’t like competition Niall and i give you fair warning that there are no limits to how low i will stoop to retain my crown.
      I refuse to even attempt to hit the bar with less than £20 in my pocket.

    • Niall Walker
      May 6, 2013 at 2:52 pm

      I rarely make assumptions that are so improbable as to be rendered nonsensical.

      You’re a one man pantomime…

  22. cam

    In other news,,,,
    We’re heading over to Glasgow now on the arrest of Michael Higdon,,our correspondent thick mick has all the details.

    Mick; fanks yes news fans ah’m hear ootide the nigthclu spoking to innocent byelawstanders who urr uplowding the picktures oan tae facebuke as we speek,,and we huv totallitatiran mouthwitnsess reportage that thyre mite be an sevoc connejion to the incidentals,,,,rest and be thankfooly assoored that if theyre isnawan then ahll jist maik one cornetto up.,,,,huad oan news groopies theirs a hunnnnnnnish lookin bhun jist drapt a bit of littur oa the street deliburitelly,ahll be bak wi this nuclear story fae a well defo academicail trusted soorce whuo has goar hunners rite oan the icecream trail

  23. mick

    t minus 21 h

  24. Ed Paisley

    I remember back in 1986 when cap’n Bob’s Daily Mirror was vying with Rupert Murdoch’s Sun in the tabloid circulation war. Maxwell hit on the UK’s first £1m newspaper bingo scheme – cue Maxwell appearing on the TV every evening promoting the game. Mirror sales duly rocketed.
    A memo was sent to Maxwell from the Mirror legal Dept enquiring as to who the scheme was insured through. Cap’n Bob responded – there is no need for insurance because no-one will win, I am the final arbiter of the scheme!

    I run a raffle at my local charity and I have to complete a return under the Gambling Act 2005. I’m sure Rangers will equally comply with the law and all regulations and I am fully confident that the people who run Rangers don’t regard the supporters as dumb oiks who are only there to be milked for cash.

    • mick

      The whole net is laughing and waiting never in the history of sport has there been as much attention on the business side of a club from green robbing whyte £1.50 per min call scams the illegal fighting fund and all the other cons oh the share float to even licence granted to play was scammed via green lying about whyte it’s lol haha karma ,when you look at the abuse dished out last year to any1 mentioning green was bad it’s no wonder the whole country is lacking any sympathy for them it’s lol we tried to tell you last year and yous throw the dummy out the pram and said we were all haters yes true but at the same time the net was trying to warn yous agian lolhaha there doomed

    • cam

      Thanks Ed for adding gravitas to Eco’s mindnumbing cluster feck,,,much appreciated.
      Now the next topic for discussion is thousands of folk going to a legends match for mass outbreaks of completely voluntary enjoyment,,which when i last checked,is still legal.
      The table at the back room in the Mitchell which deals with Sevco offences under the Charities subject has drafted in help from the Orlit table which has gone pretty quiet,,,contact has been established via the bhoys network and the saddos who infest the Twitter universe are scouring the cyber waves for juicy pish to waffle on about.
      In other news we have a heart warming story about a survivor from the “killing fields” which will strike a chord, or even a quaver ,with many fellow flautists in Scotland
      My fellow members of the Billy Nimmo loyal are sending out an invite to this lovely gent with a view to a guest appearance in July.
      Mrs C,,,,get the needle and thread out we have an honourary sash to prepare.

  25. Geddy Lee

    Are they having a “challenge” today at half time?

    “Erse the rid , white and blue Sports Direct blinkers. 2 fur a pound, 2 fur a pound.

  26. Raymilland

    What are the odds Mrs Ahmad being announced as £1m prize winner for the Crossbar Challenge? We should start our own sweepstake.

  27. cam

    Here we have Paul and Eco(allegedly) heading off for the T minus 20 in the Park meeting.

  28. joseph agnew

    Time for all the talk &deflections to stop & get all parties invetageted stop deflecting the truth & hiding all the lies.This is gone on for far to long.It must be breaking the law or as it seems certain sections are untouchable,why are the athorities not involved,so that is why all these alege scams keep happning

  29. Raymilland

    Crossbar Challenge cancelled!

  30. The T+C will be pritty straight forward, hit the crossbar, win £1million, cheque to be presented on the center circle of IPOX at same time ally gets presented with the Champions league trophy, or when sevco do 10 ina row, which ever comes along first…

  31. Paul, you have some competition. An excellent investigative piece of journalism. It crosses my mind that Robert Maxwell, of “who dares win” fame” and pension thief, may be directing Rangers operations from a dark place! Anything is possible!!!!

  32. lordmac

    what about the fake insurance claim, was it that, that set Braveheart off his nut, or was it the amount of attempts at the crossbar challenge a wonder how many goes he has had now, was it that which bankrupted him. LOL

  33. Something along similar lines, Alzipratu has an interesting take on The Rangers FC Vs Manchester Utd Legends game for ‘Charity’

  34. Jean M

    Hello Paul
    Regarding STRATHAN ME
    Have you considered that this name is an anagram of Stan Mather, possibly C Mather’s father or uncle perhaps
    An avid reader of your page

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