Guest Poster Stephen Explains to Cam Why New Rangers Is Not Old Rangers

Stephen addressed this comment to cam – I thought it worth putting up as a post on its own account, even although he disagrees with me! 🙂


At the end of the day, your club was one entity, David Murray was director of Rangers, Ally McCoist was a Rangers player.

There was only one set of accounts, only one licence, only one membership, only one constitution (you have to have a constitution to be formally recognised as a club in Scotland)

Never ever in the world of Scottish football was there ever any doubt about the reality of Rangers Football Club, until it went bust.

Now “The People” – forever preaching dignity and sound Presbyterian values to everyone else have decided to create the mindset where the club lives on but the less important “company” part has liquidated.

They want to keep the trophies won whilst dodge their way out of paying the bills that helped them win many of those trophies. Dignity? What would Mr Struth say to that today?

The only “club” that lives on is the one where it exists in the hearts & minds of those that used to follow it. I don’t blame them for doing it. But I do blame the SFA for allowing this scam to take place.

Let’s be clear – Rangers Football Club – the one that won 9IAR and the ECWC in 1972 is gone. However if you create the illusion and shout it loud enough and long enough, then appearances would suggest it is still here.

This is where media manipulation and carefully constructed events such as a 140 year old birthday party at Ibrox sow the seeds of the myth that the original club is still with us.

I’ve heard all the arguments from the bears, like the quote from Lord Nimmo Smith who said a club can exist etc. But no-one seems to want to be reminded when the very same person said Rangers ceased to exist on 14th June.

Or that Rangers FC exist in UEFA rankings but so do other liquidated clubs (these get updated every 5 years I believe)

Or that the club was bought (never seen Rangers Football Club in the asset sale)

Or that the membership was transferred so it’s the same club (a membership is not a club – a membership is an entitlement for a club to participate. Rangers transferred their membership to Sevco. Rangers are no longer entitled to play football, Sevco now are)

Or that the ECA regard you as the same club (The ECA are a private members club – who asked the SFA for guidance on how this new Rangers should be regarded, but have no authority over UEFA. They can pretty much say what they like.)

What we have here is an almighty push by many in Scotland, both from a Rangers point of view and from a Scottish football point of view, to make new Rangers LOOK like the old Rangers. It’s an embarrassment beyond all proportions for Rangers to have went bust in the first place and the saving of Rangers [for many] is a saving of face. Not to mention the emotional attachment – which I can understand.

Why, when asked – did Stuart Regan not give a clear answer to the question way back in 31st July 2012? Watch from 11:25

Is this the same club, same history …. ?

If it was the same club, all he had to do was say “Yes”. Why didn’t he?
He could have put this debate to bed last year, but he didn’t.

Because he knows fine well, from a legal perspective, Rangers are gone.
However it is clear he wants the new club REGARDED as the old club.
To put it simply – he knows he can’t do anything about it from a legal perspective, but he wants to retain the old Rangers for the image of Scottish football in general.

I disagree with Paul on his stance – just because he is from a legal background, it doesn’t make him right – every courtroom has two lawyers that disagree, so you could say Paul has a 50/50 chance of being right.

New club cannot play in Europe for the first 3 years.

New club was voted INTO Scottish football (not voted out from SPL)

LNS said the club ceased to exist on 14th June.

New club is associate members – were they downgraded or did they join as associate members?

Duff & Phelps stated that in the event of liquidation, the players registrations would revert back to the SFA. Why would that need to happen? Why couldn’t they remain registered with the club? Eh?

So let’s end the notion that the SFA say Rangers are the same club.
Behind the scenes they treat you like a new club by their actions, but they want you to be SEEN as the old club with their words – or lack of them. I don’t think anyone could argue with that.

Apart from those in denial.

We’ve watched everyone from Charles Green, Jim Traynor, Walter Smith, Mark Hately, Richard Gough etc, all go from a position of stating categorically that the old club is gone along with its history, to a position where they have simply ignored their own comments to keep up the pretence that the old Rangers is still alive.

If you tell a lie long enough and all that.

It’s all bluff & bluster from the blue brigade forcing through the myth that Rangers never died – whilst all clinging on to words of comfort from anyone no matter how ridiculous they might seem. I mean, can you really buy history?

In the original article – the point was made that it is the “mindset” that is still alive. That is very much the case. The spirit lives on so to speak. But the club didn’t. Because the club could not pay what it owed and that’s why it’s gone.

For me the disgusting aspect of all this – is that whilst other clubs have to pay their way, cut their cloth and balance the books, the Ibrox klan think it’s perfectly acceptable to watch creditors left with nothing, whilst they give two fingers up to the British taxpayer and then boast about being the same club and debt free.

Why didn’t Stewart Regan simply say “Yes, it’s the same club”?

Know why? I think you do.

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  1. Monti

    Ding dong the witch is dead
    Ding dong rangers are dead
    Don’t argue Carson, you know it’s TRUE
    I feel your pain, you zombies in blue

  2. mick

    niall rfc died and sevco scotland or 5088 got new membership with conditions (the 5 way agreement)there old membership was given to died they are new members of the sfl with conditions due to no audited accounts and being a new club they cheated this agreement and the aim float is a con to its a big week were a few home truths are popping out there sevco not rangers people only say rangers so not to upset them as they are Scotland black sheep the company club talk was via jabba 24hs after he told them the history was gone all the club company talk was to get them to buy ST and they feel for it green fleeced them big time its lol forever at sevco

  3. mick

    jog on daftie certianly lost all sense of prescriptive .is this a zombie debating melt down

  4. mick

    T minus 16hrs

  5. Hey Mick , you’ve still not told us where your new seat is ?

    • mick

      weres your seat for next season there’s a good chance it will be in some council recycle facility nothing stands in the way of business lol hahahahahahahahahaha you should have took it on Saturday its the last you will see it yous are done for its over for sevco they let the league finish first due to unrest now its showtime for the suits and spivs ice cream and jelly time again

    • willy wonka

      Mick won’t have “a seat”. Mick is the type who has never attended a football match. Probably doesn’t even watch it on the telly.
      He’s one of those guys who like to think they “know something” and want to pass it on. A rumour monger. Spends his time floating around the various websites hoping to pick up wee tit-bits from the terminally deluded like ten-names or the even crazier ones on KDS who forecast the end of Rangers “this Tuesday”, “next Tuesday”, “some time in the future”.
      I haven’t been on here for a few weeks but last time I was here I seem to recall him rolling the bones and saying “something” would be happening the next day. Still waiting for the bomb to detonate.
      Lol. You know the sort – Sad wee people.

    • portpower

      There`s a seat with your name on it at The Scottish Football Museum.
      World record crowds reminiscing at The Scottish Football Museum.
      Free entry every Valentine’s Day.

  6. mick

    carson your deluded just like all the other zombies that fell for green and jabbas moonbeams lol what a pair lol

  7. Now Mick , you’ve still not answered my question 1 who’s history would you rather have sevco or savilco ? 2 where is your new seat next season ?

    • Jamie

      You tell us Carson….whenever you get stuck in a debate you revert back to innuendo & vague references to sex abuse. There is no getting away from the facts your fucked….your not deluded your the unacceptable face of your dead club, part of the reason it went down the swanny and is in it’s death thrall….where will your seat be next season……C’mon you know the answer.

    • Monti

      His seat is beside me in the Champions league ha.

  8. Monti

    ” I take pride in the fact I was one of the first players to agree to give up 75 % of my wages to try & save the ORIGINAL Rangers” – Steven Naismith- Sky sports news. This is interesting.

  9. not nearly dead but really dead

    Give Carson a break please everybody.
    It was like this only a few weeks ago and indeed many times before that when bad news was about to break from ‘spiv-on-spiv f.c.’
    The insults increase
    The slogans get repeated
    The bigotry goes through the roof at the same rate the dignity goes out the door
    He is hurting. Its painful to sit through but we must be there for him.
    Chin up,Carson
    Chin up

  10. Mick ! Relocation, relocation .

  11. mick

    Rangers Tax-Case (@rangerstaxcase) says:
    Monday, May 6, 2013 at 22:22



    Rate This

    Hello. I just thought that I would type up my own thoughts on some of the recent speculation surrounding Sevco. Much of this has been covered by the likes of Paul McConville already, but I thought that a less learned approach could help communicate a few points. (Apologies if this is all well understood, but this site is too successful for me to read all of the posts).

    I have read a few hopeful posts to the effect that “Ibrox could be locked up while asset ownership is sorted out” This will not be the case. Sevco Scotland Ltd (aka The Rangers FC Ltd) owns Ibrox, Murray Park, and the Albion. The title to these assets is owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd according to the Land Registers. In terms of actual ownership that is no longer a matter for dispute under Scots Law. The owners of Sevco Scotland Ltd (RIFC plc) own oldco Rangers’ assets. That does not mean good news for Sevco FC supporters.

    Craig Whyte’s legal path is to sue Sevco Scotland Ltd (either personally or as Sevco 5088 Ltd)- as well as any parties who may have helped in scheme. If he is successful in proving that he was defrauded by Green and Ahmad, he would not be able to simply reclaim the assets. If Whyte pursues a claim against Sevco Scotland Ltd- presumably for the value of his share of the assets and expected profits- his reward will be a financial judgement.

    Let us assume that Whyte wins an award of £20m against Sevco Scotland Ltd. which would include his share of potential profit from the original deal. (It is worth repeating that this does not give Whyte any claim on Ibrox, at least not yet). As this sum could not be paid, Whyte would then go down a path with which Scottish football monitors have become quite familiar in recent years. He would initiate a Winding Up Order or try to have an administrator appointed. As the major creditor of Sevco Scotland Ltd, Whyte would likely have his choice of administrator- yet again.

    The problem for Whyte is that the amount raised in a new administration process will not come close to matching how much he owes Ticketus. Therefore, this above board path is not one that Craig Whyte will want to take. It will be a raging certainty that Whyte’s goal all along in this process has been to secure a payment into an offshore bank long before a court judgement is delivered. Either he has asked for too much or Green and Ahmad did not think that Whyte would or could hurt them too badly. Someone has miscalculated here. Whyte still needs to demonstrate that he is, after all, a ‘poker player from the top drawer’ to extract a free and clear payment from this mess. Time will tell if he has a plan or whether he is just winging it.

    On rumours that insolvency is imminent, I am not the loop on this. It seems unlikely to me that events could unfold in the timelines being discussed. (I think the Timternet is interpreting the underlying stories too literally). However, it does seem that the reincarnation of Rangers is doomed to die before too long. The combination of legal threats (Whyte and then the inevitable RIFC shareholder suits) plus cash burn rate make survival very unlikely. Under the misapprehension that Sevco FC would start life in the SPL, Charles Green’s club started life with a cost structure that appears to ensure that it will go through whatever sum was raised in the IPO long before arriving in the top tier of Scottish football. Short of a miracle investment from the outside or drastic cost-cutting on a scale that would endanger inevitable promotion, a date with an administrator awaits. When we add the in-fighting between the spiv and ‘Rangers-men’ factions, you would not bet much on the new club’s survival. How long does it have? I do not know the exact cash burn rate today and I do not know how much cash Sevco FC really has. Therefore, I will not put a date on their demise, but bar the intervention of an oil rich Emir, they look done for within the next year or two at the very best.

    Of course, events could move much more quickly. In the coming weeks news from the internal investigation will emerge. I have read with interest assorted theories that say that the ‘Rangers-men’ are likely to try to use this information to wrest control of the club away from the spivs. This will likely mean that they have to crash the RIFC/Sevco Scotland Ltd vehicle into a wall and rely upon the SFA to transplant the soul of the club into another newco. The SFA do have the power to render all of the Sevcos worthless by withdrawing their membership and license. Effectively handing a new Rangers membership to the ‘Rangers-men’ would effectively rid Scottish football of Green and Whyte in one fell swoop. The ‘Rangers-men’ have an old pal at the head of that organisation. We should not be too surprised at how far they will be willing to go to gain control. This theory has one major problem and that is where to play. Ibrox could not be guaranteed to be available for rent immediately, but I am sure that the idea is being considered.

    If the notion of the ‘Rangers-men’ killing both Sevcos seems far-fetched, I ask- why did they ask for the internal investigation? Assuming that the Malcolm Murray/Walter Smith sect on the RIFC board have no interest in a cover-up, what else can they do with a report that if leaked could put their club’s SFA membership and license in question? If the Craig Whyte connection is proven and the prospect of a Whyte lawsuit given credence, they will be able to paint a picture through their many media friends of the need to return the soul of Rangers to fit and proper ownership. They might even have a good point if it was not for the fact that so many of these ‘Rangers-men’ presided over the collapse of what should always have been Scotland’s richest club.

    (Apologies in advance for typos and grammar errors- I don’t have editing rights on here).
    welcome back rtc lol

    • Niall Walker

      I agree with some of what you say but I am not sure “The Rangers-men ” need to kill Sevco( Scotland) just reduce its value or better still threaten to reduce its value, its called extortion or a hostile takeover. Saves an awful lot of time and money, why start again ?

      I fail to see how £137,000 gets Craig Whyte 20 million in compensation.

    • willy wonka

      What a complete load of guff. Haw haw haw.
      I just can’t believe that some clown wasted his time typing that rubbish.
      Sevco own Rangers ? What’s new ? We all knew that.
      Whyte has a claim against Green ? Aye maybe, in his own mind.
      Whyte breaks the habit of a lifetime and actually takes action against Green ? It will be a personal action and will have NOTHING to do with Rangers.
      However, as posted before on here – Whyte is going to jail for fraud. He has NO claim on Rangers. NO CLAIM.
      And that’s a FACT.
      Jesus, how deluded are you folk ?

  12. mick

    what a great night rtc is back in cyberspace how cool

  13. not nearly dead but really dead

    RTC is back which means something (good or bad)for ‘brand rangers’ is about to happen
    I wonder what the good news is? Hmmmmmm…..

  14. Was that the same rtc that said the mighty Rangers would lose the FTT ? ?……..lmao .

  15. mick

    RTC is back what does that mean carson lolhahahahahahaha

  16. mick

    T minus 12.36hrs

  17. Ftt , orlit , winding up orders , padlocks on gates ??????…more pish , still alive and kicking ……Mick , btw , there is no Santa Claus , keep that to yourself .

    • mick

      all these liability’s to debate and you go and mention Santa Claus lol hes coming to Scotland tomorrow and your not on his list lolhahahahahaha

    • portpower

      Agent Whytes` response to “there is no Santa Claus.”
      “What? That effer owes me a club.”

  18. mick

    Twas the night before ALL our Christmas’s, when all through the BIG house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

  19. not nearly dead but really dead

    Erm… wasn’t it MIH that ‘lost’ (under appeal) that case.
    I thought that the oldco was nothing to do with sevco 5088/Scotland(tbc)/rangers,according to govan logic?

    On another note that corsica1968? He’s such a wheeze isnt he?

  20. mick

    great read about the ftt lol for the attention of carson (tax litigation can be a game of two halves!)

  21. Right Mick , bed ! Enough is enough ! Bed !! Go ! Now !…….you can not be late for the bru .

  22. mick

    goodnight carson T minus 12.07hrs you hold the fort while we all get some shut eye lol

  23. Jim traynor writing for the daily record April 12th 2012 and I quote,
    Some Rangers fans believe the club’s history, which would end with liquidation, must be protected but there is a shameful part of that history which they should want to forget and any newco should make it clear a new beginning means exactly that.

    A new club open to all from the very beginning.
    Wonder what happened to him!

  24. Niall Walker

    I would ask all Christians to stop using the term ” zombie ” in a derogatory sense, a zombie is a dead person who comes back to life.

  25. Iain Mcg

    In what sense should it be used?
    Only asking, like.

  26. Fisiani

    The AIM market opens in a few hours. The people with lots of shares and inside knowledge will have the edge on the fans who bought a handful of shares. Watch and follow the money.

  27. Monti

    In regards to who owns Rangers – I would suggest it’s the LISBON LIONS, who in the heat of Lisbon 25th May 1967,struck a blow so hard, Rangers were never to recover, I believe Rangers ashes are housed in an urn,next to the European cup in the Celtic trophy room.
    P.S. Carson, My seat has been relocated……it’s in the Champions league.

  28. rossco

    i havent visited this blog for donkeys………..and I cant believe grown men are still banging on about this old club new club thing……..who gives a s==t……grow up

  29. cam

    Well folks the experiment didn’t go down too well,,,i stepped into the works van,introduced myself as knobco 1690 and told the troops that due to health and safety laws i couldn’t do anything as i hadn’t been properly trained.
    After ensuring that under the 5 punches agreement was respected i paid off all lottery and tea money debts incurred by oldco.
    This transferred my license to talk utter pish to knobco1690 and i must inform you bhoys that knobco1690 performed admirably.
    After two hours of this pretence the bhoys in the van were reduced to tears of anguish,,,i got them to sing all choruses of the knobco1690/Rangers song Hello,Hello we are the knobco bhoys.
    I explained that their torture session was entirely due to Mr McConville attempting to deliver a googly in bad light at the close of play.
    My analogy of sporting legends suffering insolvency events not affecting their sporting aura and reputation stands firm, unlike knobco1690 which suffered bloggers droop.
    I note that i left at a good time as the subsequent debate involving sexual deviancy,transubstantiation,rage viruses and the Final Countdown(till mick’s brain cell gets a friend) was too much even for me.
    So its goodbye from knobco and Hello,Hello to the mighty Glasgow Rangers.

  30. cam

    I see from the Plato piece,,,no not the duck billed one mick,that Merciatic fessed up to having had some help from Paul in the presentation of his post.
    Further evidence of the biased slant that this site is taking.
    I demand bloggers rights and insist on equality for all commenters.I want nice pics and italics, i demand the knowledge of bold typeface,which has been completely bastardized by that irritating little carntyne twat.
    Thanks to the Merciatic chap my suggestion for a new club motto is being considered.
    Cogito ergo sum

    • Ed Paisley

      Here’s a hint – HTML scripting.
      Anyway, all that bold and under/through scoring stuff is for wimps. Real men only need the power of their words. You see – I am catching your anti-intellectual prejudice.

      • cam

        Ah a clue,,,this better not lead me to the mens room in the Blue Oyster bikers bar Ed.
        I partially agree,but presentation skills just might catch someone’s eye and a career opportunity could present itself.
        I now have four days off and mucho time to garden,golf,clatter,research and dress up in the wife’s clothes when she’s at the bingo…it doesn’t make me a bad person and you should see those fecking Jehovah’s witnesses faces when i invite them in.
        Jeez i’ve got browser pages open on theology,Jungian analysis,big girls in bikini’s and i’m playing chess with a baboon in the USA D of D.
        Hang on Ed,there’s two guys at the door ,i’ve gotta get my lippy on!

  31. cam

    T plus 322 years 10 months,,,,Julian/Gregorian conversion notwithstanding.

  32. I keep reading this site and I don’t really know why. I am with Rossco the obsession on here deepens and the bigotry gets worse. Carson’s latest line is disgusting, but I can understand that the hatred levelled at him can bring out the worst. Paul McConville long ago gave up any pretence that this was a balanced site on legal matters – it is now 100% about Rangers. It is becoming a blot on the internet and shows the world what Scotland is really like. You should all be ashamed.

    • cam

      Violet to read and not to act is a masochistic act.The old bhoys from the big school on the hill are ramping up their workrate,,,the Camster is here to peel back the covers.
      If you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles,,,Sun Tzu

    • charliedon

      Carson has been exactly the same since he first came on this blog. He is the bigot. Your long standing attempts to defend him and now blaming the posters on here for bringing out the worst in him is quite pathetic. It’s you who should feel ashamed.

    • Ed Paisley

      Hi Violet. Good morning.
      The only disgrace on here is Carson. There are a lot of clever people posting on here and mostly there is civility and acceptance ( and dare I say it, fellowship). Then carson comes along with his disgusting fixation and people react a little angrily.
      Yes it is disproporionately about Rangers but then Rangers tick all the boxes that produce human interest – greed, dishonesty, arrogance, romance (Ally and whoever sits in the CEOs chair), overeating (Ally again) and tragedy.
      Last night I put down my Claire Tomalin bio of Samuel Pepys and spent two happy hours on here reading the blog and replies.
      Thanks Paul, Barca, JimBhoy, Niall, Adam, Monti, Adam, Cam, MarchingOn, and all tou knew guys who spice things up from time to time. I love it.

      • Adam

        Carson is a disgrace with the latest stuff, but he is not by any smidging of the imagination “the only disgrace”

        Monti and mick are beyond parody and simply waste the blog with constant “hun” references, inane repetitive nonsense and like Carson, veiled references aimed at Rangers fans.

        If people cannot see this, then they too are part of the problem and will never be part of the solution.

        Bits of coal. Bits of coal.

    • There is no hatred leveled at carson, just ridicule which he gladly invites.
      Examples of the bigotry you speak of Violet??
      if you don’t mind.
      Also I believe Paul responded as to why there is so much focus on Sevco.
      The material just keeps on coming.

    • Monti

      3 for 2 at semi chem, razors, shower gel, toothpaste & mouthwash…..try it…VILE – IT! Left turn Clyde…..:D

  33. cam

    Off topic but then again maybe not,,,i’m reading a book called the Power of Habit,its all about why we do what we do and how to change.
    Now i don’t particularly want to change being an annoying bugger,but knowledge is power and if by boning up on these theories i can ruin some poor guys day and extract melon juice then all to the good.
    I’m getting to know and appreciate my basal ganglia, and knowing what i know now, i can see evidence of it at work in here.
    I only picked this book up from the library so as too shake off those two big guys in monks robes.My book selections are alerting various agencies who haven’t yet decided if i’m building a dirty bomb,receiving stocks and shares advice from extra terrestials or undergoing transgender reassignation.
    My tin foil helmet is on my Quad core processors are ready to rock,the AIM market is being monitored,street cams have been hacked into and anti padlock squads are on DEF CON 3.
    T minus sugar,plus honey and a splash of full cream milk please.

    • Ed Paisley

      Is it me? Your stuff is becoming less and less intelligible. Is it some kind of code message to the Orange Order members? “Blesse mon coeur d’un langeur monotone” sort of thing?

  34. Ed Paisley

    Great comment last night about Celtic’s European Cup triumph in Lisbon.
    When Stevie Chalmers scored the winning goal on that sultry night in Lisbon, it not only broke the southern European stranglehold on the competition and took Celtic FC to the pinnacle of world football. It also lead to the death of Glasgow Rangers FC in 2012. The path was an indirect one, but it was written in the stars that a child then playing with his tonka trucks and fake money, would a mere 35 years later, kill Rangers FC stone dead. That shame will live with David Murray until his final day on this good earth – no matter what flavour of Sevco us wearing the blue top.

  35. JimBhoy

    Happy Sunny Tuesday to all…. Maybe today’s debates could be a little less intense and personal…

    We had some Celtic scouts at my boy’s team game last night just as my son limped of with a recurring knee prob, he wasn’t best pleased.. We have another wee fella at Murray park tonight, he scored last week in a bounce game for rangers, given a chance and a wee bit of luck this boy is the next Kenny Miller. Smashed in over 100 goals for us last season..

  36. Fra

    @Stephen…..What a wonderful, no- nonsense post, summing up exactly the outcome we all know but is denied elsewhere. The part about Jabba et al saying they are dead one minute then changing their mind without a hint of embarrassment was for me the most succulent part.

    Why weren’t and still aren’t they taken to task about this, by so called journalists. When any journalist finds out something unpleasant, they are termed haters. Well I ain’t a journalist but I’m a hater. A hater of that toxic club who have brought nothing but shame to the game I love and have never shown any remorse.

    Die scummy sevco, die.

    • cam

      Fra,,,that contained all of its original essence of pure hatred all the way from NZ,,,i can only imagine that a particularly enchanting sheep got away from you and put you in a plum duff.
      Try to stay away from polite society for the remainder of your day/evening.

      • Fra

        Now now Cam. If you can’t be pleasant you should leave it at the door. Personal attacks are demeaning and unnecessary. My hatred towards the toxic club is totally justified with the way they have treated all around them and if you cannot understand this, then accept the term levelled at you as deluded.

  37. cam

    Careful study of the AIM market indicates a volatility factor of -1.3% the continuous downward trending due to the hard working negativity harbingers of doom,aka blogging rockets,has levelled at a mind numbing statistic which induces a morbid desire to read through Eco’s old posts.
    Satellite imagery of the Donegal area has not yet shown any images of an arsehole dressed up as a leprechaun doing handstands.

  38. jas

    Want rid of the bigot that is Cam? Simple, just don’t answer/react to any of his posts,he has a troubling fixation with child abuse and bigotry, ignore him and he will soon be gone like RFC1873.
    Honestly, DO NOT rise to his sick posts and he will be gone.

  39. Deansy

    There are two sides in this debate – One side that KNOWS rangers have cheated, that side contains every logical-thinking, honest and decent person in Scotland – the other side consists SOLELY of rangers and their fans.

  40. Antonious F

    I was very young when my 1st and only little goldfish died. there he was (i think it was a ‘he’), one minute swimming happily in his little tank, the next you know he is floating face up backstrokesque at the surface.

    I asked my mum what was wrong, to which she sat me on her knee and said ‘your we fish is dead son’. NO, i refused to believe it and made such a fuss that my dad secretly buried it in the garden but told me the fis was just slleping, but it slipped down the sink and out into the sea, when he was changing the water.

    Phew, that made me feel so much better.

    Now with the wisdom of years I finally realise that my little fish had indeed died, but in order to get 5 minutes peace and quiet and to make me feel better and protect me, my dad fabricated a little white lie.

    in the fullness of time we come to realise the truth.
    I wonder if Ecojohn has room on his knee for Carson and Cam, and maybe even Marching on Together.

  41. Niall Walker

    Its very simple, Rangers football club’s formal identity is its SFA membership, nothing to do with debts, companies or being founded in 1872. Part of this identity is its history, if the nitwits at the SFA transferred the membership then the history is continuous, if they didn’t then it has a broken history, it is not lost.

    If you pay into a pension for 10 years, stop for a year and then start again, its still your pension, whether it was continuous or broken is irrelevant.

    • Supposing a club wanted to play in the English league setup.

      To do this, it would require to relinquish its membership of the SFA, in order to acquire one from the English FA.

      Are you seriously saying that a club which moves leagues is no longer the same club, simply because it has relinquished membership of a Footballing Association?

      A National FA membership is simply that, a membership.

    • Stephen

      Niall, there once was a person called James who was a member of a golf club. He has been for many years and has won more trophies than anyone else. But eventually luck wasn’t kind to him, he lost his job and golf became too much of an expense so he gave it up.

      His friend Brian wanted to join the golf club, but alas he would have to wait a few years until he satisfied the criteria set out by the clubs rules & regulations.

      James, who was a good ambassador for the golf club over many years pleaded with the committee to transfer his membership to his friend Brian. After some consideration, they accepted and once the formalities were sorted out, James was no longer a member of the golf club but Brian was. Everyone was happy.

      But do you know something Niall?

      Brian didn’t become James & Brian has never won a trophy in his life.
      In fact he only started playing golf recently for the first time after he managed to get a membership and a set of golf clubs.

      He decided to try his luck one night in the clubhouse, when he boasted about having won the most trophies, but people just took pity on him – they knew he just started playing and in all honesty, he wasn’t even that good.

      Now people with common sense will understand the story I just told.

      Those who are deep in denial and with their heads buried in the sand wont.


      membership [ˈmɛmbəˌʃɪp]
      1. the members of an organization collectively
      2. the state of being a member

      Rangers FC were the old members.
      Sevco(Scotland) were the new members and changed name to The Rangers.

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