Why Urge “Loyalist” Rangers Fans to Buy Season Tickets to Fund New Signings? What About the Share Cash?

The internet columns written by that former practitioner of the “inky trades”, Mr David Leggat, have many uses.

Amongst those uses, a most valuable one is helping those outside the inner circle to gauge the Ibrox “temperature”.

From his many years in the press, he has clearly forged strong links with many powerful “Rangers Men” and often, though not always, his thoughts give an inkling into the mood in the higher echelons of Ibrox.

For example, he was very sceptical about Mr Green upon his arrival, calling him, with monotonous regularity, a “snake oil salesman”.

However, as he, and presumably the “Rangers Men” with whom he is in touch, became convinced of the good faith and sound judgement of Mr Green, he shifted his view – becoming a staunch and loyal supporter of the outspoken Yorkshireman. Mr Green clearly had “the right stuff”.

Now Mr Leggat has seen the light regarding Mr Green (as he sees it) and he is already being consigned to the bin, or the history books.

Mr Leggat refers to him today dismissively as follows, in discussing the “off field turmoil” at Ibrox this season:-

But the worst of that if (sic) over with Charles Green and Imran Ahmad no longer inside Ibrox.

Goodbye Charlie – we barely knew thee!

Why this rambling about Mr Leggat?

The thrust of his piece today, knowing, as we do, of his close contacts in the “Blue Room” is interesting.

He suggests that, as a reward to the loyal fans, and as part of an “early summer sales drive” the season ticket price will be frozen for next season. Thus, according to Mr Leggat, the fans will be enticed to buying up thousands of season tickets to give Rangers a boost for next season.

What is interesting are the reasons given by him for this. I have made some comments in bold interspersed into the piece, and come back more fully at the end.

Rangers hope it will also be good news for manager Alastair McCoist too as he needs cash to attract new players to Ibrox in order to try and provide better football.

True. It takes cash to buy players. But wasn’t the share floatation intended to fund this? Were we not told that Mr McCoist had a £10 million warchest available to him? If, as we are told and therefore we should have no doubts, Rangers still have double figures of millions in the bank, then surely the money is already there for these new players Mr McCoist needs to attract?


… McCoist has been operating under a number of severe restraints throughout the campaign. Chief among them was that he had no more than half a dozen or so signed players just days before the season kicked off, a handicap which led to rushed signings.

Rangers had a lot more than six signed players at the start of the season. They had more signed players than any team with whom they have been competing in SFL3. And at least they were able to sign players. After all, how many other SFL3 managers were able to go on signing sprees, acquiring SPL players just as the season started? The answer is zero.


And then there was the Scottish Football Association’s vindictive and unlawful transfer ban, which Rangers were blackmailed into accepting, despite that Court of Session ruling, in order to get their licence to play from Stewart Regan and Peter Lawwell’s SFA. McCoist is still stuck with that unlawful ban, which means he will only be able to sign Bosmans this summer and they will not be able to play until after the SFA allow them to be registered on September 1st, almost six weeks into the new season.

Rangers agreed to the registration embargo. If they were “blackmailed” and had no choice but to accept the conditions the authorities wanted to impose, then they would have been forced to concede titles. But Mr Green refused and, after tortuous negotiations, agreement was reached. As I have said repeatedly, the Court of Session ruled that, in terms of the case brought against Rangers, it was not within the power of the disciplinary panel to impose a registration embargo. However, on gaining admission to the SFA, the SFA was entitled to impose any conditions it thought fit.

So the “ban” is not “unlawful”. Nor does it preclude signing under 21 players. Nor indeed does it prevent Rangers buying players. If the cash was there, they could buy Lionel Messi from Barcelona. The only restriction is that, as Mr Leggat notes, he could not play for them till September 1st.

If the suggestion is that, in some way, Mr McCoist will be unfairly restricted, as every other SFL2 team will be signing SPL players and established internationalists, when Rangers will not, then that, frankly, is deluded.


Add to all of that the fact that fans delayed buying season tickets last summer right up until the last minute as uncertainty and doubt still hung over Ibrox.

How does that affect this season? After all, is this not the most financially stable football club in the UK?


However, there is no need for a repeat of that problem, for surely this summer Rangers fans will flock to the colours in even greater numbers than the amazing 38,000 loyalists who coughed up for season tickets last year.

“Loyalists”? Hmmm … A Freudian slip?


Rangers will be in the Second Division next time out and going for another championship, hopefully with more panache than this time. That, though, can only be achieved if manager Alastair McCoist is given the resources he needs and the only people who can give him those resources are The People.

But how is it that Mr McCoist’s signing plans depend on season ticket sales? Surely the “warchest” is still there, lying almost untouched? What about the money to be invested in the various ground improvements – the railway station – the new licensed premises?


Mr Leggat may very well be talking nonsense. It is a peril of internet writing and even the best will fall into that trap from time to time.

But unless we assume that Mr Leggat has invented the entire scenario, we have to believe that the freezing of season ticket prices as part of an early summer season ticket sales drive is essential to funding Rangers plans for the summer.

In that case maybe they do intend to sign Messi!

The proceeds of the share issue, earmarked for players, have clearly not yet been spent.

If however the plan is to drive sales based on this being needed to fund new players (which has often been a good strategy at many clubs) some fans might ask what is being done with the share issue cash? If the plan of the Board is not to use that as Mr McCoist’s warchest, then surely they should explain to the fans (let’s ignore shareholders and investors for now) what it will actually be spent on.

The secondary issue from Mr Leggat’s piece is the narrative which now exists and which suggests that poor Rangers have been entirely innocent victims of “blackmail” “illegal bans” and prejudice. Rangers fans might care to mount an argument that the owners of Rangers are not Rangers (although that has been rejected previously by the SFA independent Judicial Panel and in legal terms makes no sense) but, at the end of the day, the demise, even if temporary, of Rangers came about as a consequence of the actions and then latterly the inactions of the good “Rangers Men” with whom Mr Leggat is in close contact. If they do not believe that, and instead are of the view detailed by Mr Leggat, then frankly one can see history repeating itself. Déjà vu – all over again!

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  1. ” some fans might ask what is being done with the share issue cash? If the plan of the Board is not to use that as Mr McCoist’s warchest, then surely they should explain to the fans (let’s ignore shareholders and investors for now) what it will actually be spent on.”

    Paying of Craigy perchacne?

  2. charliedon

    Ah, John Fogerty – Deja Vu (All Over Again)

    Did you hear ’em talkin’ ’bout it on the radio
    Did you try to read the writing on the wall
    Did that voice inside you say I’ve heard it all before
    It’s like Deja Vu all over again

    How apt.

  3. @Paul

    What happened to “we will have 2 lots of season book money sitting in the bank next year” PLUS the IPO £’000m’s all in all by any reckoning there should be £40m+ in the bank account of the most successful debt free club in the world/galaxy/universe.

    Small matter again being overlooked is the tiny problem of the restriction on the number of over age players which Paul has continually highlighted since last year without any acknowledgement from the darkside.

    Happy days for us hard days for the deluded. Hope sally spends big because it will do no good and only rush the enevitable. tick tick tick!!

  4. charliedon

    I very much doubt we’ll see many, if any, signings on big wages this year. My gut feeling is that any residue of the share issue money will disappear in some way or other with the departing Green and Ahmed and their still mysterious backers. The fivers and tenners from season tickets sales will required for stuffing into the many holes in the dykes.

  5. SairFecht

    Examinations of Leggat’s rantings are often worth a good laugh. Somewhere in among the dreadful bitterness and career-slump disappointment comes the stuff of true comedy – the unconscious kind. More of Leggo’s rantings on the operating table please, Chief Surgeon McConville, and let the comedy doctors through.

    • And rather humourously, Mt Leggat provides the same level of fun and critique among the very group he aims to promote…The rangers forums often “rip the pish” out of him

  6. Monti

    Let them put all their money in first & BDO can then declare gratuitous alienation, then sevconians can lose everything! It really is what they deserve……..another bowl anyone 😀

    • mick

      Yes please Cornish vanillia with strawberry sauce and sprinkles plz

    • Adam

      On gratuitous alienation, a question that remains unanswered is on the following:


      “Should assets be purchased for a bargain price from an insolvency practitioner, rather than the company directly, the sale cannot then be challenged on valuation grounds.”

      I believe Paul was going to review and offer a view but not sure if he has.

      • lordmac

        ADAM ONLY THE WORDS FROM A TRAINEE. and mybe a copy of someone else works, but at the end of the day Scottish law would be different, as in words “spoken” as getting done over, hold the Scottish law together.

      • Niall Walker


        I may be wrong but I think the gratuitous alienation maybe referring to the alleged transfer of assets from Sevco 5088 to Sevco ( Scotland) for nothing. I think this assumes the assets were in the hands of Sevco 5088.

        • Adam

          Not on here Niall. GA has been getting discussed for months and months and the Sevco thing has only came up in last 4 weeks or so.

          GA talks went real quiet after someone posted the above link mind you so not sure if that was an acceptance that the noises around it had been silenced or if it was for other reasons.

          • Niall Walker

            Gratuitous alienation in a 4 month public sale ?

            To prove this would require a bidder accusing D&P of ignoring the higher bid, no such complaint has ever been made.

            • mcfc

              It’s obvious now – Niall is Adam’s imaginary friend – ah bless !

            • arb urns



            • Niall Walker

              Oh no arb, I much prefer hearing how gratuitous alienation works from you, since you seem to be an expert, I will wait here.

            • arb urns

              I’ll tell ye nae melton mowbray pork pies
              look where the burden of proof lies

            • Budweiser

              arb urns.

              Are you sure you didn’t mean ‘meltdown mowbray pies’ ?

            • Niall Walker
              May 3, 2013 at 5:33 pm

              No arb, I much prefer hearing how gratuitous alienation works from you.


              I’m sure you would Niall.

              It would be much more convenient than backing up your own claims.

            • Niall

              “To prove this would require a bidder accusing D&P of ignoring the higher bid…”

              The only thing that proves is that you really don’t have a clue how GA works. There is no need whatsoever for any “bidder accusing D&P” – if BDO decide to challenge a GA they are free to do so; it then falls on TRFC (or RIFC) to prove that they paid adequate consideration.

          • @Adam

            See my post at
            May 4, 2013 at 2:47 am above (or below!) GA talks did not go quiet, you stopped posting; had you bothered to read the replies the last 2 times you asked the question then you wouldn’t be asking it now.

        • Monti

          wrong Niall, Duff & Phelps selling at the price that they did, …..selling assets of £100m to anybody for £5.5m…leads to the gratuitous alienation…..how’s Julie?

          • Niall Walker

            Afternoon Monti,

            I see you confuse replaceable book values for insurance purposes with realization values, silly billy.

            Julie left me for being too smug and for refusing to paint the hall.

          • Steven Brennan

            Did she not run off with Ali G ?

      • @Adam

        “On gratuitous alienation, a question that remains unanswered is on the following:…”

        You posted the Holmes & Hills LLP quote on 2 consecutive posts (fairly) recently, and both times I directed you to Paul’s “Clarification for Clarkeng” post on 8th March, where Raymilland, Clarkeng & myself had an in-depth discussion on this very matter.

        As you disappeared directly afterwards (and I am not questioning your reasons for doing so) and have now brought it back up again, I must assume you never bothered checking back on it.

        This link will take you to it: https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/gratuitous-alienation-and-rfc-2012-plc-some-clarification-for-clarkeng/comment-page-1/#comment-58289

        You will note that the thread stops abruptly (this is because Clarkeng stopped posting, and again I am not questioning his reasons for doing so) however why not catch yourself up on what’s there.

        In the meantime, if I can tear myself away from enjoying the glorious spring weather that’s broken out down here, I’ll put together the rest of what I was going to post depending on Clarkeng’s response, which as I have said was not forthcoming.

        • Adam

          I have read back through and cannot see a clarification on law from Paul at all. I can see the discussion but the final word appears to be from clarkeng where again he states his point again, referencing the article i posted. I also had a subsequent private chat with Paul on it and he was going to look at it.

          I dont believe you or ray cleared it up sufficiently and it would be good to get the legal experts view on it.

          • First of all, at no time in that discussion did Paul say he would give a “clarification on law”.

            Secondly, “the final word appears to be from clarkeng where again he states his point again” the only point made (with which I agreed) is that there appears to be no precedent for GA to be challenged; however as I again pointed out that doesn’t preclude it

            i) Being tried
            ii) Being successful.

            Did you even bother reading the Halliday Campbell piece I mentioned? It certainly doesn’t seem like it. As a matter of fact it would appear that you never paid too much attention to Holmes & Hills either, otherwise you might have noticed that the article was

            i) Written by a trainee solicitor.
            ii) Missing some vital information.

            Have another read at Holmes & Hills and see if you can spot what it is that’s missing; it’s not hard.

            One final note: re “the final word” – did you miss the bit above where I wrote “You will note that the thread stops abruptly (this is because Clarkeng stopped posting…)”?

  7. Shugo

    Instead of condemning the article, read between the lines and ask questions of the people at RIFC, they will ‘take’ more of your hard earned cash. Murray told you the share money is safe, has anyone asked for proof or are you all just nodding. Is this YOUR club?

    • JimBhoy

      @Shugo straight to the point mate.. Nice one…

      The rangers fans probably have a bigger decision to make for the forthcoming season than they did this campaign IMHO…WRT SB purchases. Tough decision and one I am glad I do not have to make..

      Any of the rangers boys wanna give us their viewpoint on the statement above?

      • Adam

        Asking to see the cash isnt going to get anyone anywhere. Can you imagine going into Asda and saying “Im a customer, i want to see what money you have in the bank before i spend my weekly shopping budget in here” Mental.

        As for buying season books, well as many may already know on here, i was a huge investor in both clubs in relation to corporate hospitality for many years. I refused to ever only have places in 1 club so when Craig Whyte came on the scene and i was told what i was told, I never renewed the packages for either club.

        In the end it coincided with me working away from home for a good bit, something which has carried on however the company i was representing at the time could still have had places.

        I will be in attendance tomorrow as a guest of a former colleague who has a package and I have purchased a table for Monday afternoon and evening which is the first significant investment I have forked out for football.

        Fans will buy the season books because they understand its the only way the club will survive. I cant quite understand why people on here talk about the club losing money month on month then wondering what happened to the money when it comes to buying season tickets.

        without season tickets, Rangers (and Celtic for that matter) are goosed. Without season tickets, you can stick the padlocks on Scottish football for good. This is the reason the clubs are doing “deals”.

        Not sure if i answered all points there but if not, then happy to expand.

        • Cregganduff

          “Can you imagine going into Asda and saying “Im a customer, i want to see what money you have in the bank before i spend my weekly shopping budget in here”

          Do you really think that it is sensible to compare buying groceries in ASDA to buying a season book from Rangers. I mean ASDA aren’t likely go bust a week after you purchase your groceries and even if they do, you have still got your groceries.

          • Adam

            Matters not a jot. Rangers/Celtic/Asda/Wee Jeanie RS McColl newsagents wont show you what they have in the bank if you chap their door and ask them.

            Its up to you if you want to buy a product from them or not?

            • Cregganduff

              “Matters not a jot. Rangers/Celtic/Asda/Wee Jeanie RS McColl newsagents …..Its up to you if you want to buy a product from them or not?”

              Pay attention you stupid prick. Asda give you something for your money. Rangers an extremely dodgy company running at a massive loss promise you something over a 12 month period. If you can’t see the difference you are too stupid to be in business.

            • Adam

              Nice debating style.

            • Niall Walker
              May 3, 2013 at 5:36 pm

              ” Nice debating style.”

              Now I see why a lot of decent sensible posters have left, at least he wasn’t smug.

              Is that you admitting you’re not a decent sensible poster?

          • Niall Walker

            No, it is not, having money in the bank means nothing, just ask the Greeks, am I allowed to say Greeks ?

            • Niall Walker

              ” Nice debating style.”

              Now I see why a lot of decent sensible posters have left, at least he wasn’t smug.

        • lord mac

          why should we read what you have to say ADAM your a failed investor twice over, we are trying to keep you debt free, but it looks like you cant read our messages, or maybe you have a sight impairment

          • Adam

            I beg your pardon. Im not a failed investor once, never mind twice.

            On what basis do you make those claims ?

            • lord mac

              you invested money into rangers did you not

            • Adam

              My shares in oldco were gifts and of very, very, very small value.

              I bought one batch in newco and sold the vast majority to a private investor a few pence below the height to recoup my money.

              I have a number of shares left to do as i please at no cost.

            • Budweiser


              Glad to hear you bought shares in the newco, and made some dosh into the bargain.However I distinctly remember that before your latest sojourn, and before the share float, you were telling us ,in no uncertain fashion, that although chico was ‘ the only show in town ‘, That you would be reserving judgement and WOULD NOT BE INVESTING IN THE SHARE ISSUE!
              I even commented on the fact [ shortly before your ‘reappearance’] that ” at least adam had voiced scepticism on green, in your defence.
              So ,were you lying when you made that statement, or did you have a ‘Damascus revelation ‘ ?

            • Steven Brennan

              See above
              “I was a huge investor in both clubs”
              Or are you now saying you spent a couple of quid on hospitality?
              The statement by lordmac is correct if we are to believe your first post.
              But you have now backtracked.

            • Adam

              “I was a huge investor in both clubs in relation to corporate hospitality”

              I was very clear in what i said. Cannot be misinterpreted in any way whatsoever. In the region of £50k per season for 4 or 5 seasons and probably £30k for many a season previous to that.

              lordmac was referring to my share pruchases in Rangers so not sure where i have backtracked at all.


            • Steven Brennan

              To use you’re Asda analogy, if I spend £200 per week buying stuff, that’s over 10k a year. It doesnt make me an investor.
              You said you were a huge investor, what you should actually have said is
              You were a huge spender.
              Totally different from investing!!

            • Adam

              I think you are being pedantic, especially given that i clearly explained what i was meaning. To claim i back-pedalled is nonsense.

              Not withstanding that though, both clubs called us “investors” and both clubs held “investor nights” as a thank you for the money we spent each year.

            • Adam

              You are distinctly wrong. I never said i wasnt investing. I believe I was asked if i would even consider it if it was anyone other than Rangers and i said no. I didnt expect to get a penny back but when the shares rose, i “cashed in” and made even with shares left over.

              This is deja vu with peoples memories of me on RTC when i came back on here.

            • Budweiser


              Is that addressed to me ? It’s hard to tell on here .

            • Adam

              May 3, 2013 at 10:09 pm

              Yes it is hard. Not sure why some replies dont allow you to reply.

              And yes it was re your comment around me saying i wasnt investing.

            • Budweiser


              Thanks for your reply. Yes the no reply can sometimes be a problem. However , there are probably around 400 comments on this post alone. I realise that as one of the few ‘rangers posters’ you have to reply to ‘attacks’ from a number of anti -rangers people. That is why, imo, you have to ADDRESS the posters ! It’s ok, I suppose, if you are in a ‘tit for tat ‘ kind of debate, but it is not only,polite but necessary, to address to whom you are directing your replies,if you are responding to multiple questions.
              Having said all that, I must admit to be a little disappointed in your response to my query. I remember,at the time , to admiring your frank and honest resume of the Ibrox/ Green situation.ie. I don’t entirely agree with everything chico says, there is a lot of ambiguity etcetc, but ‘ he is the only show in town’. You DEFINITELY said that you wouldn’t buy shares !
              Look , it’s no big deal. Like myself, memory isn’t what it was. You changed your mind – so what?
              What interests me is – what changed your mind? If you saw the opportunity to make a few bucks – then good on ye ! – but why all the back-peddalling ?

            • Adam

              May 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm

              You are part right and part wrong.

              I did say i didnt agree with everything he said and i believe i said that at that point there was no major concern or certainly not the level of concern i had with Whyte. I never though said i wouldnt invest.

              I have had a look and here is where i was asked the question.


              Ash asked me:

              “If it wasn’t rangers would you even consider it?”

              I answered:

              “Nope. The money i will spend on this is not money I will ever get back, nor expect to.”

              This is exactly as i said in an earlier reply so my memory seems to be perfectly intact and clearly you are confusing me with someone else.

              I of course got it wrong as there is no way i expected the hike in price that allowed me to cash out. Im delighted i got it wrong though.

              In summary. My memory is fine. Yours isnt. I didnt change my mind.

            • Budweiser


              Sorry, you were right,and my memory is at fault. Again apologies.

        • JimBhoy

          Thanks for the reply Adam, i have some rangers pals who have had enough for a while, they wont renew but will go back at some time when the product improves and all the politics and legalities are out the way.. Football quality apart it is a tough climate for everyone right now hence I think SB sales generally will be at an all time low…

        • Jamie

          Adam, would you buy a food voucher from ASDA if there was a danger of it shutting down?

        • Adam
          May 3, 2013 at 1:33 pm

          Asking to see the cash isnt going to get anyone anywhere. Can you imagine going into Asda and saying “Im a customer, i want to see what money you have in the bank before i spend my weekly shopping budget in here” Mental.

          Perhaps if there were tens of thousands of Asda customers demonstrating outside their supermarket doors they might begin to take notice.

          You’re welcome.

        • Adam

          Incidentally, i should clarify, when i say “I invested” i am using the royal “i” This was various companies i was running or on the board of and i convinced them that it was good venues to take customers to. I personally entertained clients for the best part of 3 years and both clubs were superb throughout that time. Neither could have been nicer to the various guests, mainly from down south.

    • The Hidden Fortress

      The silence following Tuesday’s recruitment planning meeting between Mr McCoist and Mr Mather, coupled with the absence of the lesser-sighted bluebirds ‘audited accountus’ and ‘bancus statementios’ perched in opportune manner alongside the title deed documents, would appear to be very dark omens.
      The trickle of diminutive disposals on the AIM would also seem to indicate that it will require much more than another ‘stay loyal(ist) and true and trust us’ rallying call glossed with price freeze to achieve the same season ticket sales as in the club’s first year.
      Saturday’s fanfare will come and go. The ignorance, in it’s true sense, will obtain. Big decisions require information and it’s simply the not forthcoming kind on board SS DIGNITY. If the information in the Govan drydock was glowing positive, have no doubt that we would be being force-fed the full menu.

    • Shugo
      May 3, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Instead of condemning the article, read between the lines and ask questions of the people at RIFC, they will ‘take’ more of your hard earned cash. Murray told you the share money is safe, has anyone asked for proof or are you all just nodding.

      Is this YOUR club?

      I hope you’re not confusing Niall with a real Zombie supporter Shugo.

      Niall is merely an apologist for the Ibrox club.

  8. SairFecht

    Perhaps as a masterful insider Leggo could put his journalistic talents to more effective use – like trying to find out why the share price is going down quicker than Divine Brown with a $500 bill stuffed in her thong. Are we not far from the day when value at flotation is effectively halved, or are the South African Tax Dodger and Inverclyde Tax Dodger awaiting in the wings with a mighty rescue?

    • cam

      Sair Fecht, in the interests of fairness you can expect a visit from the hall monitor for that smut,,,,personally i found it funny, but i’m a smut meister.
      Do i take it you don’t like all forms of tax dodging?
      No matter who is using creative accounting methods?

      • SairFecht

        What? Did I imply Mizz Brown isn’t paying her taxes? Seriously (ha ha) – I was neighbours for over two years with a very decent and generous bloke who paid his self employed earnings through offshore trusts – he was sentenced to five years and is currently languishing in a big hotel in Kilmarnock. Do I / did I approve of his personal tax-saving scheme? In truth not really – though he and his counsel were adamant that he was within the law – the jury didn’t see it that way. In my view for the levels involved and given he is a man with a young family the sentence was harsh. For my own part I’m obliged to declare all earnings and do this on an annual basis – if I can pay my way in tax as a relatively low earner then I don’t see why the David Murrays/Kings/Easdales/EBT ‘loan’ footballers /Rangers Football Club can’t – not a moral high ground thing just fairness in my view. Personally iId rather we lived in a highly taxed country where wealth is distributed more evenly – like in Scandinavia – but that’s another matter. If you reply to this reply and I don’t reply to your reply to my reply it’s because I’m just off out into the rain for the weekend. Happy May Day!

  9. Green Dhay

    As a Leggat watcher of some time i think his contact is one Ally McCoist. So many times he has spouted the same rubbish McCoist peddles the day before him. As for his loyalist ‘slip up’,keep watching,it is only a matter of time before he slips up again. What surprised me was only mentioning Mr Lawwell once,almost unheard of in ‘leggoland’.

  10. JimBhoy

    I posted this earlier – from old sticklebricks a few days back…

    “….. to make up for the fact they are having to reduce the cost of their season tickets by £100 a pop in order to entice their supporters, fed up with the one horse race the SPL is in the absence of Rangers, to buy them and then actually turn up to watch the poor fare which is on offer.”

    Whats the difference between celtic offering fans a discount (After a financially very healthy season) and rangers who were gonna put ticket prices up announcing they will freeze their tickets.. The man is a hypocrit. Bunkum and Balderdash anyone pip pip..

    • Adam

      JB – as i say the man is a clown.

      Celtic are reducing it by £100 for one reason only. Their season books have went from something like 56,000 to a rumoured 40,000 in the space of 3 or 4 seasons. If they were the same price next season then it would be low 30k. The £100 reduction is to try and get back to the same number as this season and that might even be a struggle, discounted or not.

      If Rangers freeze the price then its for the exact same reason as above. They would just be looking to get the same number as last season as i dont think they will better it and an increase would be low 30k or lower.

      People cant see it because they are blind or dont want to admit it but in many aspects, the clubs are the same side of the coin.

      • Jamie

        Ah! so celtic reducing their prices is a negative while Sevco freezing is a positive….all this tosh about missing Sevco and armagedon…just what challenge would Sevco be in the SPL…truth be told it would go back to the old days when the Old co’s fans stayed away in their millions (er! thousands,er! hundreds) after a few skelpings from Dundee United, Inverness and the mighty Tic. Suck it up chaps its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll!

  11. JDon

    The trouble is Paul, those Bosman signings cost so much in transfer fees, so the war chest needs to be filled to the brim!

  12. Adam

    Leggo is a clown. Why even bother reading his nonsense ?

    • JimBhoy

      @Adam all part of the bigger circus mate… You wanna have a go at my post from a few mins ago? Qn on SBs, I’d be genuinely interested on your personal take on things..

  13. Pete the Feet

    Its never ceases to amaze me how few Rangers fans ask the pertinant questions.

    It has been well documented that the previous CEO stated there would be £10m from the IPO made available for players (you assume this includes transfers and salary). In addition the CEO stated a successful season ticket sale for the 2013/14 season could realise a further £20m for the manager to spend. Lets set aside the fact he is of course deluded and these are numbers plucked from the air, but if I was a Rangers supporter who was drawn to the share opportunity as my investment was being used to streghthen the team, and this money has erroded to nothing – then I would be asking some serious questions.

    Linked to this is the fact the CEO said categorically in both his communications to potential investions and in the IPO prospectus that monies raised from the share offering would be made available to the manager. If this is not the case, then surely at best this is some sort of diluted fraud.

  14. Adam

    Monti, to ensure it doesnt get lost and as i answered your question, i hope you would answer mine.

    Do you believe that all people found to be serially avoiding tax through made up tax schemes should be rounded upon, called cheats and treated with the same contempt you treat Rangers with?

    • Monti

      Adam you still haven’t used the words ‘in front of the rangers fans’ regarding my earlier question. Why?

      • Adam

        I believe that a Rangers player should be allowed to run onto the park, bless himself in front of 50,000 Rangers fans and not be criticised, turned on or have any negative reaction to him.

        Now. My question please.

        • Monti

          At last…..well done. Adam before I answer your question, are you trying to compare the Juninho ebt, which the tax was paid on, with multiple years of Rangers cheating & tax wasn’t paid? Is that the road your going down? Now before you answer Adam, remember Celtic paid the tax…..the floor is yours.

          • Adam

            Nope. Nothing to do with Juninho. So a simple answer yes or no Monti.

            Do you believe that all people who serially avoid tax through made up tax avoidance schemes should be rounded upon, called cheats and treated with the same contempt you treat Rangers with?

            Yes or No.

          • cam

            Answer the question ya rocket!

  15. cam

    Damn i’m disappointed,i do like the pictures that Paul puts up and he just won’t bite on my caption competition.
    The comparison beteen that rogue Nixon and wee Malkie was perhaps more Freudian that Leggo’s loyalists.
    I just sense a growing rage amongst the green army that after a few weeks of near “nuclear” revelations from the twitterati loons. that the Rangers monster just won’t stay down.
    How galling it must be that instead of padlocks and winding up orders,cease and desist notifications,licences being withdrawn and shares suspended that the talk is of a sold out Ibrox,a title party,a legends match,the youngsters dodging the flying seats and horsing the young Galacticos,the papers full of Rangers stories that don’t involve torture and slow death.
    Now why don’t we put out a story that the Gers buying season books is an act of such gross stupidity as it is only going into Craigie’s pockets,,,that sounds like a cunning plan.
    C’mon bhoys ramp it up,hit us with your best shot,,,is that all you’ve got?

  16. Budweiser

    Paul. Rumour has it that Barcelona are having a clear out at the end of the season. Surely a few bargains for Ally there?

  17. cam

    Everything goes in cycles,the weather,the seasons,fashion and fat bottomed girls.
    So the Gers will be riding their enormous chopper back to the glory days as sure as my next post is gonna annoy some raging zombie abuser.
    C’mon ya total dafties,this is pathetic,pick up yer work rate and land a few telling shots.
    The only winners in the whole fiasco are the referees.Another two seasons of pure bliss for the whistlers before the crash helmets are issued.
    Look in the mirror bhoys,,behold rage!

  18. cam

    Auld Leggo,,,a true fisher of men.He just has to use any old bait and the lemmings fill his net.
    Quick bhoys get onto fire control, there’s another outbreak of non negative news at Ibrox.
    50,000 folk cheering on their team,the stadium bouncing to Penny Arcade,folk smiling,part of the Rangers family,weans,grandads all full of hope that the blue skies will return.
    The subway getting a turn,the blue pound bringing joy,the Berwick players having a great day out at the five star theatre of dreams.Businessmen scratching their heads that no matter how dark the clouds look the peepul will follow follow.
    I’m greetin again bhoys,,,lump in the throat.

  19. Afternoon troops . Well , well , well…..remember who told you first ?….many moons ago ……? the closing of the top tier of the Lisbon stand ?…ring any bells ..? Looks like the greatest fans in the world are not buying into , pardon the pun , ra sellick …just when the bears have announced four days ago ….IT’S NOT SELL OUT SATURDAY AT IBROX , BUT , SOLD OUT SATURDAY .

  20. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better !..sell out Saturday ..party at the temple of football ..maybe a wee barbq ?…and it’s to be SUNNY ! ..I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight !….play up the Glasgow Rangers !!!!!!!….play up the boys in blue !!!!!!!

  21. Tommy

    From talking to quite a few current Rangers season ticket holders, most of whom travel on supporters buses that set off either in the west of Scotland or Northern Ireland, I get the impression that ‘The People’ are split right down the middle on whether to renew their tickets or not.

    It appears that the penny has dropped for a large chunk of the “loyalists”. i.e. That Alastair McCoist never was, is not now, and never will be a football manager.

    The feedback that I’ve had is that it really is as high as 50% of “loyalists” who are ‘definitely not renewing’ until Super Ally is replaced with someone who knows how to manage a football team. I assume, of course, that he will be walking upstairs rather than walking away.

    If things down Ibrox way remain roughly as they are now, with Mr. McCoist still in situe, and Rangers are able to put a team on the pitch, I reckon about half and a bit more of those dissenters will renew anyway.

    Prediction: Rangers will sell slightly less than 30,000 season tickets, but will probably declare slightly more for PR purposes.

    • So you’ve surveyed 38k Rangers supporters ?….lmao.

      • Tommy

        Of course not. I’ve spoken to four Rangers fans who are members of different supporters clubs and who travel on different buses to the games. It is their data that I am reporting to you. It’s what they said, based on the feedback they are getting from other members. It may well be that this is not representative of 38,000 season ticket holders. But it might be. Or I could be making it up. Which would you prefer?

        • Adam

          I actually agree that a lot of fans are fed up with Ally and i think this is also the reason for this no increase. I still reckon a decent amount will renew though and that there is probably people in the wings who will buy new.

          Mid 30ks for me if prices stay the same.

          Mid 20ks if the prices go up by the amounts that were being banded around.

          • Tommy

            I wonder what you think would be the catalyst for those who didn’t buy a season ticket last season, buying one this season? Is it the lure of the bright lights of the Scottish third tier? Perhaps there have been significant increases in social benefits, or are people generally earning more than they did last season and have more disposable income? Is it perhaps because these people have seen what great value the match day product is?

      • Monti

        Manchester calculator….

    • JimBhoy

      <20k sold imo

  22. cam

    So Ticketus who are after Craigie for £17.7 million and who own Rangers through a labyrinth scheme, now have to contend with Worthington’s legal team trying to get a slice of the pie that Craigie said he helped bake.All these players at the poker table are waiting for the Sweeney to kick in the door of the speak easy.
    Chico and Imran are trying to hop on a bus and cash in their chips and the obsessed are trying to warn the Bears not to keep lending money to the spivs cos they care about us??
    Ok newtz i’m at the crossroads and the map says turn back but i’m a mad mental Bear and i’m going full steam ahead.

    • Adam

      Worthington may have a review of their own on the agenda very soon. I posted a link a number of blogs ago…..I dont think anyone wanted to look at it in case it showed them up for what they are. 🙂

    • arb urns

      sherlock yer on the right trax keep newtz map in yer hipper ye can aye refer back tae it.

      keep right on to the end of the road keep right on to the end. Mind the reverse CAMber though.

      • cam

        Map oot the windae,sat nav tae Falkirk,i’m going on instinct Rabbie,windae wound doon and i can smell shoite so i must be passing Parkhead,i can hear a lot of wind,nearing Random thoughts,the lights as all at green,pedal to the metal,feck the recording devices,up a steep hill,running oot of gas,c’mon ya beauty,over the hump and coasting to victory,,,Ice cold in Govan.

  23. Mick , montit !…the nets buzzing ! the top tier of the Lisbon stand , closed , empty , fineeto…tumbleweed…tommy the taxi driver has been quoted as saying …’ it’s just the start ‘

  24. journo jim

    How history repeats itself. I listened to Radio Clyde SSB last night and there was the usual chorus of Rangers have been punished enough, we need to bring them back to the SPL regardless of integrity, regardless of anything, it’s wrong but the right thing to do, etc, etc.

    The rationale is that armageddon is unfolding before our eyes, as predicted. Hearts is all the proof you need, apparently, and even celtic are going to close parts of their stands (allegedly).

    (note: Heart’s problems pre-date the demise of Rangers FC [as these so called sports journalists know] and the celtic story appears to be nothing more than a revision of seating arrangements… but don’t let the facts get in the way of a scare story)

    To be sure, though, football in scotland is teetering on the brink; that’s true but not for the reasons these so-called sports journalists are so keen on. If they somehow get their way and Rangers are admitted to the SPL next season, I promise you there will be an armageddon — I predict season ticket sales and attendances to be down more than 50% if they do that.

    So keep talking so lovingly about the good of the game. Just be careful about what you wish for; if you get it, the game is doomed. You’re about to kill it stone dead with your careless radio chat.

    As for the entity we call Rangers, it looks like those in control have learned nothing, and I for one will be amazed if they play anywhere next season. They clearly have much less in the bank than anybody is willing to admit, there is clearly a degree of doubt over who owns the assets, their shares are almost certainly going to be suspended, and, given Whyte’s relationship with Green, their SFA license should be revoked. Add to that the running costs problem they have — they are spending much more than they make (estimated to be around £14 millions per year more).

  25. I honestly can’t think of a better sight ..sun rays on a capacity , UEFA 5 star venue ….

  26. cam

    If i don’t fill out a questionnaire properly and fail to disclose some pretty pertinent info,if i withhold PAYE and NI,if i tell lies and a court finds me unreliable,if i am found liable for £17million and struggle to pay my mortgage and maintenance and run around taping folk, can i be a director of a Company and walk about in public setting up business deals?
    I’m an awfy gullible stupid Bear and i’m just wondering like.

    • Adam

      Yeah but you will be a hero to some of the underclass hypocrites, despite being a scumbag cheat, proven liar and criminal spiv.

      You might even create a “following” from them like Joe Carroll while doing your time.

      Look in to my eyes, look round the eyes !!

    • Cregganduff

      given your CV you would seem to be ideal material for the Ibrox boardroom.

      • cam

        I see your temper hasn’t improved,your response to Adam was comic genius but it did lose you the argument.
        Never mind,if i woke up as a son of satan i would be in the plum duff myself.

        • Cregganduff

          How could you avoid picking on someone who posts the following in all seriousness.

          “I believe that a Rangers player should be allowed to run onto the park, bless himself in front of 50,000 Rangers fans and not be criticised, turned on or have any negative reaction to him.”

          He is the guy in the pub who wants to have serious discussions and ends up getting laughed at and ignored. A pompous little know-it-all.

        • gortnamona

          Do you seriously think that any of this is about winning arguments?. Especially considering your long drivel contributions, which I now skip over, pausing only to insert a TD.

  27. mcfc

    Dear Bears

    If I was in your shoes I’d pay-as-you-go until Christmas – until it’s clear who will get your money – it probably won’t be Ally – and it may not even be TRFC.

    Then, after Christmas you’ll probably get a good deal on a half season ticket.

    Otherwise you could be paying for Craigie’s millionaire lifestyle again. And Green’s. And Ahmad’s. How much would that hurt?

  28. lord mac

    how could you ask for more season ticket money, when there is no players going to be brought in does the rangers management think the “rangers fans” are daft or what.! Rangers could follow ASDA by asking the fans to put there money in to there Christmas fund.to stop anyone ” HAMPER” there survival.

  29. Niall Walker

    There will be some Rangers fans who will use the current shenanigans to justify not buying a season ticket, when in reality they are just tired of watching dross and feel its not value for money, there is a recession out there and its not going away anytime soon.

  30. mcfc

    Have the shares been suspended ?

    Only two trades yesterday – and none at all today so far

    Or maybe Charles and Imran are just on their hols at Craigie’s pad in Monaco – very poor wi-fi by the pool with those luxury apartment block all around.

    Well at least the price is stable.


    • @mcfc,
      It’s like the graveyard in “The good, The bad, & The ugly. Lots of furtive glances, beads of sweat on the brow. Who’s gonna draw first.
      Somebody will! Then the shoot-out will start for real. One twitch, One wrong move, Curtains.
      There’s only gonna be one winner digging up the Mexican gold.

  31. Monti

    Rangers are dead……..

  32. mick

    The sfl and spl are chatting about 10sfl clubs leaving and joining spl fresh today news jim spence on twitter bbc merge reconstruction back on just read it at kds

    sevco thread can any1 explain it and what’s the chances of it happening and why a thought it was over till next season the reconstruction ????

    • Reconstruction won’t go away , because …..without the big club Scottish fitbas fcukde !..and they can’t wait three years for the bug club to save the day ………Mick have you been relocated because of the ‘ shutdown ‘ …?

    • @Mick, that would put Sevco back in the bottom tier. Lol.
      When are the Craigy tapes getting released Mick. I want my Mr Whippy guy playing them instead of they annoying chimes.
      What an incentive to buy more double admin noughats.

      • mick

        Lol thanks for clarifying this up lads this new development is important and no doubt as it builds momentum we will have a post on it

    • JimBhoy

      SFL2 by invitation only 3 yrs of audited accounts required only promotion is to spl, demotions from spl. Only teams will full SFA membership (full time clubs)… The sfl then become the community clubs (part time).. That works for me..

  33. Any suggestions of what to do with the empty area once known as the ‘ top tier ‘ ….?…what about an allotment ? Or a sunbed parlour ? An outdoor swimming pool ? A lodge meeting area ? A band practice area ? Get David Blaine to create the illusion of it full ? Or an area people can take their dogs walking , a dogging area ?…..steady montit …steady…get you mind out of the sewer.

  34. Niall Walker


    Would you buy shares in Rangers at 0.56p per share as an investment ?

    • JimBhoy

      lmfao….Are you for real?

      Only if/when they get exchanged for a similar investment in the owning business Octopus… 🙂

      • @Jimbhoy,
        Worthington shares for me mate.!
        Then when all the good honest men of Celtic own Ibrokes, we can make up some cracking rules regarding entry criteria.
        No entry in less than a size 46 shoe.
        Big baggy troosers a must.
        Day-glo green wigs, not to be removed.
        I think they have already beat us to the supporters buses wi square wheels and swingy open doors.
        And charge rent!

    • Adam

      I wouldnt buy shares in any football club as an investment.

      • mick

        Sam would you buy shares in the worthington group they have shot up from whyte offloaded his film deal and claim with them what does this mean if sevco Scotland say he’s wrong why is the company set to Gain shares going throw the roof

      • Niall Walker

        Understandable, although I may have been tempted to buy shares in Celtic once Rangers were plonked in div 3, don’t know if they have risen or not.

      • Steven Brennan

        “Huge investor” a couple of posts ago.

        • Adam

          In relation to Corporate hospitality.

          Did you stop at investor and not read on ?

          • Steven Brennan

            Went out and didn’t read back.
            Get your point and i probably was being pedantic but thats what happens on here. So I will leave it there.

    • @ Niall
      Did Chicco not say to the faithful that his shares were his grandchildrens inheritance?

  35. arb urns

    Niall Nailed in Armageddon Night and The Afternoon…………

    Buttons to Ignore………………………………………………..

    Being a decent chap , Niall, rest easy the behind the scenes boys are falling into place to bring your disgraced club out of this. The possee has been formed believe me.

    Continuing the decent chap theme ask any East Fife fan who Julie is.

    • Niall Walker

      arb, you have already posted this on the other thread.

      There is no place like home….there is no place like home.

  36. joratim


    Looking for confirmation re your article a number days ago, re SFL having a limit on player numbers.

    Showed this article to many people.

    Being now looked upon as having been taken in by you.

    It would appear that your points are without credence.

    Please tell me that you were correct. Hate to look daft in front of my mates and family

    • JimBhoy

      22 x over 21s is the rule…For DoB’s 1st Jan and over..

      • joratim

        Hope you are on the ball JimBhoy, was my reading of the situation.

        But why are they still being associated with signing all the former (now holders of free bus passes) players.

        Do the Shocking Scottish Media through their silence, have information to the effect that once again rules will be changed to meet their accomodation.

  37. Tommy

    Adam, I think the siege mentality is what we saw this season. The defences have now been weakened by the latest episodes of Rangers The Soap Opera and in no little way, the Commander in Chief not being up to the task.

    A friend of mine has openly admitted to walking through the turnstile, going to the toilet, and walking straight out the door, back to the pub. Whilst this is probably not typical Bear behaviour, he is certainly not a lone practitioner.

    The siege is over for him and he will not be renewing his ticket. I think the fodder may be revolting.

  38. Jimbhoy , just to confirm , DoB ? Means date of birth ? Right ?….LMAO.

  39. mick

    Story Carson sevco are not involved in it lol

  40. arb urns

    Niall the only ‘east fife fan’ in the world who aparently hasnt heard of julie ‘down methil way’………..hmm

    • Niall Walker


      Are you just obsessive by nature ?

      • Niall Walker
        May 3, 2013 at 4:42 pm


        Are you just obsessive by nature?

        Don’t know about arb, but your obsessive habit of rushing to the Zombie’s defence is impressive.

        For an East Fife fan.

        • Cregganduff

          The guy’s a phoney. And the knee-jerk attack on the Catholic Church tells you all you need to know about where his is coming from.
          Also a bluffer, his contributions on gratuitous alienation were nonsensical, as Arb Urns so rightly pointed out.

  41. Spl 1 , spl 2 , espeehelll..blaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaa..IT’S NOTHING WITHOUT THE STAR ATTRACTION , THE BIG CLUB , THE MIGHTY RANGERS.

  42. mick

    This 11 clubs resigning from sfl is big breaking story it’s well up and running in cyber space lol very interesting development not at desk top so can’t copy and paste big breaking news

  43. the flatulent leggo is as steadfast of character AND opinion as a wilting weed denied of water or sunlight :mrgreen:

  44. Adam
    May 3, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Leggo is a clown. Why even bother reading his nonsense?

    For the same reason I read yours Adam.

    Comical entertainment.

  45. Adam
    May 3, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    I believe that a Rangers player should be allowed to run onto the park, bless himself in front of 50,000 Rangers fans and not be criticised.

    If Rangers ever do make it back to the SPL, a big supposition I know, but let’s fantasize, do you believe that a Celtic player should be allowed to run onto the field at Ibrox, bless himself in front of 50,000 Rangers fans, and not be criticised?

  46. joratim
    May 3, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Hope you are on the ball JimBhoy, was my reading of the situation.

    But why are they still being associated with signing all the former (now holders of free bus passes) players.

    To con their fans into buying season tickets would be my guess.

    “Being associated with signing all the former players” is a far cry from actually signing them.

    • joratim

      Could not agree with you more, this is an obvious agenda, but I am still awaiting a reply from Paul to confirm that his summation of the rules re the SFL’s limit on the number of players is as he stated.

      Further to my previous reply to Jim Bhoy, still concerned due to the lack of authorities response, are they once again in midnight talks to alter the rules in their favour?


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