Rangers Blueprint for Football Success Revealed By BBC – But Has It Been Dumped After Green’s Exit

Another scoop today for Chris McLaughlin of BBC Scotland.

He has located a document said to have been drawn up by a major Rangers investor in the last couple of months. It laid out a blueprint for the development of the football team, looking at the whole structure from the grass roots up, and included a major shift to a Director of Football, together with a clear signing policy – only signing players of 25 and under, who will have a resale value.

The document also criticised the standard and quality of football being played and lays the blame for this on the present coaching regime – with the suggestion that help there would be needed.

The bottom line was that, to achieve success and keep the customers happy, the style of football needed to be changed – the players needed to be properly incentivised – wages need to be controlled – and there was a recognition that, whilst winning was vital, there was a necessity to win with attractive football.

The document seems remarkable in its terms – not because it is outlandish, despite the goal being stated on winning a major European trophy by 2020, but for its apparent sense.

There is also the combination of ambition, in mentioning people like De Boer and Cruyff as potential Directors of Football, and realism, in recognising that, at least for now, such eminent people might not come to Ibrox.

To be honest, if it had appeared and was said to be from a top German team, or La Liga or Serie A, or from Ajax or Feyenoord, no one would blink an eye. But being from such a “traditional” team as Rangers …

Ironically the article by Mr McLaughlin includes the comment which might, to some degree, explain the problems of Scottish football – he suggests that, in light of the departures of Mr Green and Mr Ahmad, the plan has been shelved.

So it looks like a trip back to running up and down the sand dunes, and punting it up the park to the big centre-forward, whilst signing former stars at inflated salaries …

So, no change there!

You can read the full document below, with thanks to BBC Scotland.

Posted by Paul McConville


Rangers: the way forward – in full

Rangers’ football philosophy

Rangers are in a unique position in British football in that we have a company that is debt free, and a very large faithful following even in the lowest league.

Being in the lowest league also provides the opportunity to create a new structure with less pressure to make mistakes, and give ourselves time to ‘test/try’ new systems.

If we were in the top league there would be a huge pressure to succeed, but with Division Two and Division One over the next couple of years we can afford to learn from mistakes, so that in three years time we have a successful system on and off the park.

Rangers would adapt the ‘total football’ philosophy (or ‘tiki-taka’ by Barcelona) across every team, from the youths up to the first team.

All players would be coached on this pro-active style of football, and we would only recruit players who are prepared to work hard at their game and play as part of the team.

This would require some major changes to current attitudes within the club, and would no doubt result in some casualties.

The current staff costs are high for the level of football we currently play, so if these were cut then there would not be a large financial investment required to invest in a new system.

Some success stories across Europe are Ajax, Dortmund, Porto and Swansea. There are many articles available on these clubs, and it would be useful to visit these clubs to study how they developed their strategy and made it happen.

Our Vision…..

…is to win a major European trophy by 2020. Every decision made by each person connected with Rangers would be made with our vision in mind.

Whether you are the CEO, or the person taking calls from fans, you have your part to play in making Rangers one of the most successful clubs in European football.

We would all embrace this vision and have total belief that we will get there.

If anyone is not prepared to believe this then they will be helped to find an alternative company to work for. We will only accept a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and welcome suggestions on how we can continuously improve.

The objective of the club would be to develop young talent and provide them opportunities in the first team. Another objective is to develop players with a view to selling them on to the rich clubs across Europe.

This money would then be reinvested into youth development, and be used to pay incentive bonuses to the coaching staff.

If we played in the English Premiership and earned large payouts then our policy could change regarding selling on players, however we would always stick to budgets and not overspend.


We would have a director of football who would be responsible for the overall ‘total football’ development and delivery. This person would recruit the coaches at all levels, and lead them in the philosophy that we have.

All coaches would be trained on the exact same methodology and ensure that their teams play this style.

Choosing the director of football would be a key decision. We would want to attract a top European ex-player with great pedigree and reputation.

They would of course need to share the philosophy of ‘total football’ and have experience in developing this. They would be a natural leader with clear objectives on what they want to achieve.

Ideal candidates. Unlikely to attract them but it gives an idea of the people who would be suitable:

Frank de Boer – (current manager at Ajax and has won Dutch title in each of his two years). Ex-Rangers player for one season. Great reputation having had an excellent career and a big part of the Ajax family. Unsure if we would we be able to tempt him away. Marc Overmars is current Ajax Director of Football since 2012.

Johan Cruyff – (currently manager of Catalonia football team [unofficial friendly team]). This will not be a full time role, and right now Cruyff is an influential advisor to Barcelona and Ajax.

Frank Rijkaard – Left Saudi Arabia as coach on 16 Jan 2013 after they failed to reach the World Cup 2014 qualifiers. Successful player and comes from the coaching traditions of Rijkaard’s countrymen and forebears, Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff.

• Someone close to Michel Platini, and other influential leaders of European football.

We would then have a head coach (manager) who would be responsible for the first team only, but with a very keen interest and involvement within all Rangers teams.

Ideally a young manager with good leadership qualities and who would demand respect. Preferably a Scottish manager who knows the challenges of the Scottish game.

He should have had coaching experience and have a ‘big picture’ attitude. He would of course need to believe in the philosophy of ‘total football’, and have an optimistic view on taking Rangers to the top of Europe.

He would encourage and develop his players, show clear tactical awareness, and be willing to try new methods of training and coaching.

Mental attitude and confidence is a key component of all successful sportsmen, and Rangers will adapt this positive approach.

We will recruit the very best in sports psychologists and ensure that all our players and staff embrace the power of positivity.

Practices such as NLP have proven to be majorly successful in sport – just look at the success of the British cycling team, or the World Cup-winning English rugby team.

From the playing staff, we will see:

• A consistent style of football that attacks the ball and every player will give 100% for the full game, even if we are 4-0 up.

• The team will work for each other and press the opponents when not in possession.

• Players will be disciplined and act mature on and off the park.

• We will be ‘smart’ by challenging refereeing decisions, and be vocal in a respectable way.

• All players will display confidence and also show respect to opposing teams.

• Most of all, players will come off the park knowing that they have done their best.

• Players will know that if they have not shown the dedication, commitment and attitude that is required of a Rangers player, then they will not be here. They will be motivated at all times.

• Players will happily commit time to charity events, fans events, media, and most importantly the youth development. They will be role models.

• Rangers will look after their players by providing life coaching, financial advice and other support that will help them in their personal life.

The director of football would have the final decision on which players we sign, and would need to work within the budgets and policy set by the CEO/Board. The first team coach would of course have a lot of involvement in who we wish to buy or sell, however the director of football would have ultimate control.

Some policies on signing:

• In most cases, only sign players aged 25 or under.

• Do not sign ‘troublesome stars’. Stick to team players who are level-headed.

• Bring in players with the potential to grow.

• Recruit players with the right attitude and hunger (you can give them the skills, but it’s difficult to change attitude).

• Strict wage structure with a basic salary and attractive bonuses.

• Bonuses could be based on number of performances, disciplinary, results, greater than three-goal victories.

• Tiered wage structure based on which league we play in.

• All players need to be incentivised to play well, behave themselves, and only be rewarded for their efforts (not by a large basic salary just for turning up).

• If players do not accept the policy then they are not fit to play for Rangers. It may mean we lose out on players, but we would benefit more by having a ‘fair’ system for all players.

• Stick to our policy on agency fees, and give the message that we are not prepared to pay over the odds. We need to lose the reputation that we are an institution that can afford high wages. Look what happened to the old regime who thought it was good to speculate on big transfers.

How we reward our people

Rather than pay high salaries to people, we will incentivise our people. If the club does well, our people will do well.

Players will be rewarded for winning trophies and maintaining the consistent style of football.

We could set targets in terms of the number of goals scored in a season, minimal goals conceded, and also the number of ‘assists’ or possession. The players should be incentivised to work as a team rather than try to make a name individually.

Coaches would be rewarded by winning trophies, but the largest reward would come in the form of a percentage of the profit made by selling star players.

This would then give the coaches a clear objective of player development knowing that they can benefit from a player who ‘makes it’.

It would also soften the blow of losing star players from the squad, but ultimately our system would allow for someone else to step into the team and take their place.

A comprehensive financial model shall be produced that shows the connection between the selling of players, and the bonuses available to staff.

This approach should also be introduced to all employees of Rangers.

If the club has a successful period and has the funds available, then bonuses would be paid to all staff.

All employees would be performance-managed and be set clear objectives. They would be made accountable for their respective roles, and be expected to work efficiently. We cannot carry people.

Again, we will not pay over-inflated salaries, but will offer rewards based on good performance. This keeps people incentivised and only rewards those who deserve it.

There will be an optimistic ‘buzz’ around the place, with people having clear objectives and knowing exactly what their role is, and how they are helping Rangers to achieve the goal. People will be rewarded.

New people will come in and some will move on, and we will have a pro-active team of people providing a cost effective solution in all areas. We will be good to our people.

Our fans

With the events of 2012, the Rangers family are more bonded than ever. They have displayed overwhelming support and confidence in the club during the most difficult circumstances.

They are passionate in the redevelopment of their club, and they want nothing more than to see Rangers back at the very top and be able to look down with a wry smile at the people who tried so hard to hurt our club.

The Rangers fans will stick by the club and support us in their thousands, but only if they can see that there is progression.

Right now, many questions are being asked about what is really happening at the club, and the biggest concern seems to be the style of football and coaching theory.

With the fans on board, and a transparent policy of how their cash is being re-invested into player development, they will continue to pay.

Rangers have an amazing opportunity to use the huge fan base and ask them to spend on products and services that will ultimately benefit Rangers.

However, fans will only pay if they are happy with the on-field activities, and right now the majority of fans are not happy.

There is a big risk that if the current coaching regime remains, then fans will stop coming and we will see half of the season ticket sales we had this season.

Change is required………….and this starts with a big decision.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter F. Drucker




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91 responses to “Rangers Blueprint for Football Success Revealed By BBC – But Has It Been Dumped After Green’s Exit

  1. mick

    Sally must stay lol

  2. Rich753

    Disappointing that this document has been leaked – it’s company confidential and should have remained so.

    If that’s their approach, then good luck to them, if they can make it work then Scottish football as a whole should benefit.

    • Rich753
      May 3, 2013 at 5:12 pm

      Disappointing that this document has been leaked – it’s company confidential and should have remained so.

      Aye, it should have been protected under the Official Secrets Act.

      Traitors have been at work.

      • Charlieismydarling

        I blame the cabal of Liewell, Petrie, HMRC, The Vatican , Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and that bastion of balderdash The Day Late Rhecord.

    • james

      Its the kind of blueprint all Scottish teams should be following

      • Cregganduff

        Something not quite right about this document. As if written by a sports motivational expert rather than a real football person. Nothing wrong with it at all, maybe slightly utopian, just something?

        • Ian403

          Could it be you read it then closed your eyes & pictured McCulloch & Black & the rest of the overpaid caber tossers?

          Was it written to impress possible investors as part of the BS package, & is
          now being used to impress the gullible 500million supporters worldwide or at least the season book holders?

          Is it a case of aw naw, we could have had a Dutch Superstar Director of Football, that would justify Charlie & his orange top but we let Charlie go?

          Or is it just P*SH pure & simple.

          It undermines Sally in a suble way, mind you he did not help himself, He claimed training had not changed in Twenty Years.

      • Fra

        Is the idea of buying young, developing with a resale value not that other Glasgow clubs idea. (Was going to say blueprint but somehow seemed out of line). Why didn’t they just phone big Peter and ask. I’m sure he would have most approachable.

        Ring ring….Hello Is that Mr Lawell or should I call you Pete.

        Big Peter…Yes it is he. Who’s this.

        Caller………I represent a certain club who have just died. We were aware of your plan you have been implementing for the last few years. We notice in your short tenure, it has been most successful. We as a club have learned f@@k all in our short life. We are now a new entity with big teething problems (cough cough) and were admiring your business model from afar.

        Big Peter…….Are you offering me a job????

        Caller……Not as such but as you have probably noticed, we are in deep shit. I was hoping to tax your brain a little.

        Big Peter……Tax being the operative word, my advice to you would be to pay it, then make sure your bills are all paid. BTW, did I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You couldn’t run the messages.
        Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

        Caller……..Well…..Hello. Are you still there…….hello………

    • @Rich
      Only the company could have leaked it m8 They can keep a secret when the want to

    • Budweiser

      I believe that ‘the report’ has, since Green and Amhed left, been effectively ‘binned’. According to BBC.

  3. Michael

    Bad luck. Bad luck.

    This is what you could have won.

    ….now I wonder who leaked this.

  4. maybe this is why chuckles and imran were run out of town
    – the battle to get rid of BfAM was lost ?!

  5. jjbhoy

    Why dont they copy celtics format as they won nine in a row without financial doping and who could forget the european cup won by fair and square means beating the cream of europe en-route,also without financial doping,but they should always keep in mind that they were second to the nine in a row,and have never won the said european cup.These facts in themselves should be a big enough of a challenge,meanwhile we will hopefully have won ten in a row and again will have set the benchmark for them to aspire to,again. ahh bless them!

  6. mick

    Tuesday is biggest news yet day ipo fraudulent and whyte owns ibrokes it’s a world exclusive for the huddle board yeah ha it’s end game Tuesday lol

    • Bill

      Even the huddleboard admitted it was pish 5 hours ago Mick.

        • cam

          Bill,clicking on that link takes you to a scary place.
          The loons are everywhere,its an illness. bogbhoy 67 tells Deccy 88 that Che Larsson and Paultim666 saw GBdeathbhoy wi Craigie in a pub in the Barras,thickmick1888 tells Montaefeck1916 who posts it in here.
          A subculture within a nightmare wrapped up in a crap smeared blanket.
          National service and a big bar of carbolic soap,,,that’ll sort them!

          • Bill

            I know, make up a load of pish, post it on one of those daft boards then sit back and see which fud reposts it as fact on here .

          • “crap smeared blanket”
            you really are a toad !!!!! but you just can’t help yourself.

            Keep telling yerself it’s goin to just fine. “There will be no liquidation”, ” there will be no administration”, ” were goin to be alright”, “were goin to be alright”, “were goin to be alright” “Craig Whyte has got nothing on us”,
            “The deeds are kosher” “were goin to be alright” “the SPL did this to us & ran away” “everybody hates us” “WATP”, “WE ARE THE deluded, desperate. soon to be pumped once again by our own club custodians.
            Your positively REEKIN of desperation!!!
            There is no ” subculture on this side wrapped in a crap smeared blanket”.
            Enjoy the 4th div title party, lol!…….. “party” ffs! It’s like kids being handed a certificate for just ‘turning up’ at the school sports day!!!
            Don’t Worry cam ITS GOING TO BE JUST FINE”

            Also, man up ya prick, don’t bother making coded references about taigs & the hunger strikers, just come out & say it………

        • Thomas

          Bill, its most probably BS.
          Cam has a point, tainted, but a point.

    • @mick …. was a wind-up post on LSE

  7. JDon

    This has to be a leak from the Green faction, I can’t see who else would benefit from this document being in the public domain?

    • Doesn’t matter who leaked it as it is a fantasy. The club is leaking £1m a month, has to find an entire squad and at the same time keep the customers happy. The infrastructure in the document will cost plenty. Where is the funding for all this to come from? Before undertaking anything like the steps outlined the club will have to complete a comeback from its current situation. As things stand this is a 10 year project.

  8. That document is the most sensible thing to come out of Ibrox in decades.

    Someone should invent a time-machine and send it to David Murray circa 1986.

  9. The SFL have decided to add another tenner to the winners of the Ramsden Cup…..Now that is officially recognised as a major Euro trophy.
    Invitations to Euro’s elite teams have been invited to compete,….Like Linfield !

  10. Monti

    Agent whyte- ” Agent Whyte to Agent Monti”?
    Agent Monti ” go ahead agent Whyte, ha.”
    Agent Whyte” Mont get your Ice cream & Jelly bowl ready for next week”
    Agent Monti ” cool man, what’s happening”?
    Agent Whyte ” Just sit back & listen.
    Agent Monti ” good work Agent Whyte, see you next week”
    Agent Whyte” Graffiti on the wall Mont,…out”!

  11. cam

    Shutting down the top tier?,,,jeez Pedro what about the floating nightclub wi buckie on tap?
    That “leaked” visionary plan will get the Bears clamouring for even more season books.We might need a bigger ground soon.

  12. Sky Sports report today that 10 Scottish first division clubs are considering resigning from the Scottish Football League.

    This could lead to a formation of an SPL 2 with 10 teams as forecast earlier this year.

    This would mean there would be no room for the Rangers Tribute Act, widely touted as invitees to the new set up.

    However…never say never…

  13. cam

    It will be called RPL 1,,The Rangers Premier league or simply Ra peepul 1.

  14. Proinsias

    cum you dont even have a ground or a team ! I think craigy bhoy is laying claim to it all !

    • dan

      jimlarkin, I’ve known about this for some time. This Hartnett geezer is something else. He apparently made this (and the Vodafone) deal without any reference to his legal eagles at HMRC, who were of the opinion that the revenue could have screwed both sets of corporate crooks and substantially increased the income to to exchequer. Why isn’t this guy in the pokey—or at least in the stocks so we could throw rotten veg at him? Honestly, the mind truly does fucking boggle.

  15. cam

    Interesting topic up for debate with some no doubt legal issues involved.Mr Lennon v SFA in breach of rule 205(allegedly)
    Might be something for Paul to muse upon?
    Kenny Shiels up on a charge as well,perhaps they can share a taxi to Hampden?

    • @ cam
      What rule or legal issue or breach off! can you offer Kenny Sheils that compares with what Lennon again receives. A threat of life? Yeah he’ll take that. A constant none threat to life? yup he’ll take that as will we all.
      What about being able to spout shite (like you, but where is a 3 year SPL manager, you live in a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy) he’ll take that privilege too.
      NOTE TO ALL:
      I would remove NL in a hearts beat from CELTIC, but who do I replace him with? no idea.
      He aint no saviour, it came too kwik for him at the right time.
      Please please please, no answers in the COYLE, McGHEE, MON style

      TD ready

  16. Hi cam …….

    Guess what …………

    newtz has just been through The Deeds to Ibrox Stadium GLA210958
    …. top to bottom ….

    one thing struck me …… I could drive a train through there ….. !!! (proof)

    Now needs input from legal beagles (guess they are pouring over it as I write) ……

    But first observation ….. Nothing To See Here …… Move On ………….

    Proprietor …. Sevco Scotland Ltd as of 15/6/2012

    All Burdens seem ok

    • Interesting to see mg05’s now ….
      Only seen the release from BoS … (elsewhere on this site … curtosy of RTC) ….

    • Helloooo ……
      Now the entry date for the deeds is …. 14/6/2012 ……… a very busy day
      It’s the of CVA rejection …. is the day of purchase of assets ……… so all as expected ….

      So we see then that indeed …. passed Direct to Sevco Scotland …. as CG stated ….

      But is also the day of Sevco 5088 res11 ….

      Any connection …. ?

      • Budweiser


        Yes newtz. If res11 is genuine then with all directors consent, in writing, then sevco5088 goes to sevco scotland . viola! magical!
        Do I have to don my tag team wrestling shorts?

        • @Bud … and there would be documentary proof of this ……… yes ?
          Enough to satisfy D&P …. after all, they had a binding contract ….

          Interesting that CG never produced the deeds and kill off speculation …. but Stockbridge did not have a problem …. indeed looking at them there does NOT seem to be a probem …… other than direct to Sevco Scotland …. but is’nt that what CG claimed ….. so what’s the problem Charlie ….. ?

          The cynic in me might say that they are slowly hanging CG out to dry ….

          Something does not sit well here ….

        • @newtz, Bud,
          The thing is though, why would Chicco try to stiff Craigy when/if he knows he is on the paperwork? Doesn’t make sense!

          • The amount of double crossing in this business is incredible ….. but it looks like CW was ready for it ….. after all…..look at how he has built his …. ‘pyramid’ …..empire !

            As for CG ….. there is a lot of truth at times in what he has said ….. he is not as good as Craigy …. He needed Craigy …… but at the same time could not he seen …. or eventually traced …. to getting into bed with Craigy … aaaarrgghhh !

            Had he simply dealt legitimately and paid Whyte out …. yes, he would have taken serious flak ….. especially from the fans, media ….. bampots …. but … it’s recoverable ………… !

            Seems Green reverted to type ……..

            It could have turned out so different ………

            • So mo paper trail to Craigy… So far…
              Craigy gents agreement! ……only with double condom…….Craigy won’t take a chance with prossie……?

        • Bill

          So Rangers own everything they should ,Whytes about to get a new a**hole ripped and Green is merely a wise old operator who managed to get a massive company on the cheap ,saving it’s very existence ,stood up to anybody who threatened it and earned a good few quid and a boot in the bollocks for it . Both sets of fans owe him gratitude, Rangers fans for everything he’s done and Celtic fans for giving them something to talk about .

          • “stood up to anybody who threatened it” …… who threatened SEVCo? & with what? or what were they threatened? … is this an expression of the new victim status currently being incubated?

  17. arb urns

    B Hell can think of a few true blues who would tell em to shove it if this was introduced day 1 of pre season training. Always thought it weird Scotlands geatest ever player flourished despite the Gers Philosophy.

    Four Scottish Managers have found the G Spot in my time watching scottish football… E Turnbull, J Mclean, J Stein and Sir A F, from a pure footballing persp I’ve got them in that order too.

    That Basel coach cant half set his team up and entertain.

  18. Ed Paisley

    “There will be an optimistic buzz about the place”. Does that mean Chico was going to sprinkle amphetamine dust on the Monster Much?

  19. Deansy

    Unbelievable – these ‘people’ actually do see themselves as remotely connected with football ??. Should stick to what they know – Religion.

  20. portpower

    “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter F. Drucker.
    He also said.
    “People in any organization are always attached to the obsolete – the things that should have worked but did not, the things that once were productive and no longer are.” Peter F. Drucker.

  21. Fisiani

    Watch out for a sneaky bid to accelerate The Rangers.
    10 SFL clubs have mooted the suggestion of leaving SFL and becoming SPL 2 aka The Championship, they would be joined by the relegated Dundee making 11 teams.
    Or perhaps by the relegated Hearts making 11 teams.
    Either way that’s an 11 team league and we need an even number for fixtures. I wonder if any SFL member team or even an ASSOCIATE member team would be invited to take the remaining place.
    Do not let them get away this.

  22. Fra

    The suggestion that help would be needed on the coaching side is slightly different to we’re haemorrhaging cash so let’s get rid of Durrant and McDowall. We would also get rid of Sally due to the fact he ain’t got a clue but we need tickets sold.

    Could one of the bears tell me why the Cardie is so revered? Granted he won titles but for every problem, he threw millions at it and papered over the inevitable cracks. At Everton, he was an abject failure when he couldn’t get the cheque book out and before any angry bears have a go, a young inexperienced manager came in and sorted out his mess with even less of a budget.

    Maybe a bear could explain this to me because I honestly can’t see it. I’m open to persuasion on this matter so state your case for the beloved Wattie. Convince me my fiends (sorry, missed an R there) I meant friends of course.

    • Adam

      Its fair to say he did throw money at it. By the same token, i could ask the question as to why MON is revered when he did the exact same at Celtic and Villa and Sunderland but im sure you would say that was “whataboutery”

      Have to say, being honest though, towards the end of his second period, Walter bored me to tears with his performances. Having said that, he absolutely could get an extra 25% out of players, he could put a rocket up their asses when getting beat at half time and he defo had something that Ally doesnt and probably will never have.

      I certainly wouldnt want him back in charge of the team but i support a clear out of Ally, Durrant and McDowall who are useless in my opinion.

      • Fra

        @Adam….Thank you for your honesty Adam. I can’t say I was surprised about the MON insinuation although I thought it would have been Billy McNeil.

        I don’t for a minute think there weren’t internal problems at Everton but in the same breath, Moyes turned it around almost immediately. If Wattie was considered to the wily old fox he was made out to be, then his only sojourn into England cannot be looked upon favourably.

        His tenure at Ibrox coincided with the days of overspending which I stated above. If you assume the spending power of the big two at the time, then he realistically only had one team to beat. By the record amounts spent, then it really should’ve been a shoe-in on many occasions.

        I don’t say categorically that Wattie was crap. I just raise the question of not understanding the reverence towards him as the be all and end all and if Watties in the camp then all is rosy in the garden. I assume (possibly wrongly) that much of the pain your team is suffering was in part because of his overspending but I expect the bears to refute this

        • Adam

          It should be remembered however that Smiths spend at Everton over 4 seasons was less than £3m net. Moyes came in and got £25m net over the same period, which also included a £20m sale of Wayne Rooney.

    • portpower

      sally was a force at Sunderland as well. A one position player all their career. You`re gambling on them to be a manager. sevco stop pulling sallys` string and just take the batteries out. As for wally. He`s the reason Scottish football is in the shape it is. Nae clout anymore wally. You`ve been found out. Shite without the money.

    • Llets not forget Watties role in catapulting Gers towards the abyss. His “insistence” on a signing bender after his humiliation by Kaunas still goes completely ignored.

      • Adam

        Just to ensure we are talking facts, he brought in £8.5m from Cuellar and Cousin and spent £8.5m on Davis, Edu and Mendes.

        Hardly a “signing bender”

        • portpower

          Don`t worry about the bills, let`s sign Cousin. D&F`s should have sold the whole team off. @Adam your selfishness to sit and be comfortable as if nothing is happening cost people their livelihood. Enjoy your view in the jewellery rattlers section for your 1st (4th tier) irn bru trophy. /yo͞oz/ are sevco. We are the Pennyless.

          • portpower

            Now get your fckin soup out.

          • Adam

            My selfishness ?

            Care to explain.

            • portpower

              “I was a huge investor in both clubs in relation to corporate hospitality”

              I was very clear in what i said. Cannot be misinterpreted in any way whatsoever. In the region of £50k per season for 4 or 5 seasons and probably £30k for many a season previous to that.

              Now it`s debt free. Instead of walking away do the same thing all over again.

  23. Monti

    Just surprised there are any documents left? Martin Bain & Campbell Ogilvie wouldn’t have stood for that…….

  24. Monti


  25. Adam

    Its a fine crisp morning back here in my birthplace. A walk down to the butchers and ive returned with the finest Morton rolls along with a slab of square sausage, some black pudding and freshly made tattie scones.

    Family aside, there isnt a great deal i miss about Scotland, but the weekend fry up is most defo one of them.

    Making traditional Scottish brekkie for my eldest and her English bf then its off to the match i go.

    Its been a while. 🙂

  26. Adam

    Monti, I notice you still have not been courteous enough to answer my question, despite my courtesy shown to you ?

    Is there any particular reason you want to dodge the question ?

  27. cam

    Onion,mushrooms and beans,,,that’s what i would give to Jackie McNamara instead of his desired cash.
    Sun will be shining at Ibrox today,have the Worthington group went all in or are they bluffing with a knave high?
    Will newtz be awarded the freedom of Govan? can mick be trusted with a nail gun when his dreams are shattered? can Paul keep the bhoys morale up? can i have a roll and sausage?

    • portpower

      IOUbrox BBQ octopus.

      Place wine and balsamic in a saucepan with octopus. Bring to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain octopus, place in a bowl with soy, tomato sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Stir to combine. Heat barbecue to high and grill octopus for 5-6 minutes, turning occasionally, until cooked or lightly charred. Garnish with 4th tier parsley. Enjoy your Octopus.

  28. Right iv finaly composed myself enough after 45 minutes of uncontrollable laughter and bed wetting, iv never read anything more pathetic or embarrassing on so many levels, that wouldn’t even be the BLUEPRINT for Barcelona, man utd, real Madrid never mind a pondlife club lurking in the gutter of Scottish football, it sounds like there taking all the staff on a YTS, reduced salaries but big incentive bonuses for winning trophys, Christ theres going to be alot of people in poverty down govan way then.I know there a new club but are they from a new planet as well, at least the SPUEPRINT does admit that the football is embarrassing, the coaching staff are pish and there needs to be changes, TAXI FOR FAT SWALLY. thats my Saturday morning off to a brilliant start after reading that, thanx SEVCO… Hail hail, 125 UNBROKEN YEARS OF HISTORY+

  29. K19

    There’s just too much to rip the piss out of – where would any sane man start? It’s not Blue Sky thinking, it’s Bluenose thinking and it’s just bizarre! I just wish Whyte or Green had stayed around to try and enact this plan – how funny would that have been? Get a top coach but, if we can’t do that, get someone close to Platini! Brilliant!

  30. Dougie Dixon

    Convo with ma boss, who’s a punch drunk mason of a currant bhun…
    “This Miester plan…’am readin’,De Boer…which one?”
    “Frank, of course. Ya beauty!”
    “Well, last time (circa 2000) you said, Frankie, I said, ‘..probably Ronald, (laffing).’ It turned out to be Ronald. You said, ‘Who? Who the feck’s Ronald?'”
    “He’s NOT Frank, to be frank (laffing).”

    As your tax-collectin’ masonic hero once said, “The best laid plans of mice and men, aft gang aglay.”

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