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Mr McCoist Talks Of Rangers Signings But Does He Recall SFL Limit on Squad Sizes?

This will be a short post, but it is on an issue which is indicative, I think, of the view Rangers have about their present position, namely that they do not wish to acknowledge that it exists.

Mr McCoist is quoted on the official website today talking about plans for next season.

I recall that at least one player, Mr Bell from Kilmarnock, has been signed on a “pre-contract”. Continue reading


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Mr Leggat Thinks (Wrongly) that Conviction of Mr Whyte Would Mean Rangers’ Last 2 Years Never Happened

In which I look at Mr David Leggat’s explanation of how a conviction of Craig Whyte (should there ever be a prosecution) means that the last two years did not happen, and I respectfully disagree with him.

I also remind readers that, in October 2011, I identified who could stop Craig Whyte, and indeed how they should do so, but also why it was never going to happen.

And possibly I explain or debunk some of the numerous myths which have accumulated around this saga.


There is a natural human tendency to look on the bright side; to think that, no matter how bad the situation is, it will improve. This is one of the factors which explains the domination of the planet by the human race, and many amazing feats of endurance and survival, facing the greatest odds.

So when someone or something close to one’s heart is threatened, there is almost a default reaction of “it will be all right”. Sometimes it requires the construction of elaborate means by which the happy outcome will be achieved – this being part of the process of keeping one’s spirits up.

Yesterday saw such an effort from that mater of the “inky trades” Mr Leggat. He is a man with many decades of experience at the sharp end of the newspaper industry and someone whose qualifications in that field are clear. Continue reading


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The Easdale Brothers, Rangers Shares, “Fit and Proper” and Charles Green

And so the Rangers saga continues …

I want to look at the revelation earlier in the week that Mr Green, erstwhile CEO, is selling or has agreed to sell his shares in the PLC which owns 100% of the shares in the company which owns that assets and business which constitute Rangers Football Club to James Easdale.

Mr Easdale, along with his brother Sandy, owns McGill’s Coaches, one of the most successful bus and coach businesses in Scotland.

The BBC suggested the sale was to be to James Easdale, whilst the Scotsman suggested it would be to both James and Sandy.

There are a few questions which arise from the story.

1                    How much of Rangers do the Easdale brothers own just now?

2                    Is there likely to be any difficulty if the Easdales acquire the shares or, as suggested in the reports, seek a Board appointment?

3                    How can Mr Green sell his shares – is he not “locked in”?

I will do my best to clarify each matter. Continue reading


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Worthington PLC Claim To Have Reported Charles Green and Imran Ahmad to the Serious Fraud Office

As a preamble, it has not been made clear what the basis for the above report is. Undoubtedly Messrs Green and Ahmad will maintain, as they are entitled to do, that they are not guilty of any offence and in law they remain innocent men until a criminal court declares otherwise. There is a big difference between a report being made to the police or the SFO and such a report being accepted as credible and reliable. Even then, there remains some distance to go before evidence of criminality sufficient to mount a prosecution can be produced, and even then there is a further stretch to reaching the standard for a conviction in court. Most complaints to the police result in no action at all, as the matter falls at one of the above hurdles.

So, to end the preamble, accusations are not proof, and the reporting that such a report has been made should in no way be taken as a statement that the parties mentioned have done anything wrong. There is a long way from accusation to conviction, and my comments on the whole matter should not be taken as implying that there has been any wrongdoing by anyone.


Two Stock Market announcements today, which make it clear that all parties are very serious and that this issue is not going away any time soon.

First of all RIFC PLC came out in almost as “all guns blazing” a way which one can in a Stock Exchange announcement.

In light of the recent media speculation in relation to alleged claims which are purported to have been made by Craig Whyte, Aidan Earley, Law Financial Limited or Worthington Group plc in relation to the ownership or control of Sevco 5088 Limited (“Sevco 5088”), Rangers confirms that no legal claim has been received by Charles Green, Imran Ahmad or the Group.   As none of the allegations that have been made in the press have been substantiated by evidence of any legally enforceable rights and as details of any claim, whilst threatened, have not been received, the company regards any such press commentary and speculation to be highly spurious.  The Group has been and continues to receive legal advice to protect the business, assets and reputation of the company and its directors from such spurious claims. Continue reading


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Craig Mather Froths over Rangers Job – Guest Post by Ecojon

Now that Charles Green has sprinted down the marble staircase at Ibrox for the last time all eyes are  trying to spot his replacement with talks of boardroom splits between the True Blue ‘Dignity’ Brigade and the mystery people who actually own Rangers Football Club. For the moment I will ignore Wee Craigie’s claims, not because I have dismissed them, but purely in the interests of clarity.

A lot of focus has landed on Craig Mather an English businessman who is a member of the original shareholder consortium persuaded by Green to invest in approx £1 million in TRFCL . I have done a previous article on Craig if you want to read it  – link at end of post.

For the present and future many are waiting to see what hitherto secret ingredient Craig can apply to the swirling dust clouds that have engulfed Ibrox in recent times and bring crystal-clear clarity, free from all the old toxins. He may well be just the man to do it and the ace up his sleeve might be a Northern Ireland marketing miracle and possibly a truly motivational wee guy from Wishaw to help him achieve his goal. Continue reading


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