How Rangers Landing in SFL3 “Costs” Glasgow over 400k per annum

You’ll notice I have not ended the headline above with an exclamation. That’s because it is entirely legitimate and indeed prudent what the company has done. We are talking about non-domestic rates.

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Come back! It’s not that dull!

First thing is first. Glasgow City Council believes that Ibrox is owned by Rangers Football Club Ltd (the former Sevco Scotland Ltd).

Why do they say that?

Because Rangers Football Club Ltd DOES own those assets!

Moving on…

Rates are levied on business premises based on a notional rental income or rateable value (RV) which the Assessor determines for each property, based on various factors, including the value of similar premises.

When a revaluation occurs, and the last one was effective on 1st April 2010, there are floods of appeals lodged. A business can also appeal where there has been a “material change of circumstances”.

That is what Rangers Football Club Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd) did.

Glasgow City Council’s register lists that company, not RIFC PLC or even Sevco 5088 Ltd, as owner.

The RV for Ibrox was just under £2 million, at £1,916,000. It is now exactly £1 million. As the “rate” payable this year is 46.2p in the pound, the liability has dropped by around £423,000 per annum.

The “material change of circumstances” was the change from being an SPL team to an SFL3 one with the associated drop in income.

In fact, as rates were not paid up to date under Mr Whyte nor whilst the owner was insolvent and in administration, the Council will be delighted to be paid, I am sure.

When Hamilton was relegated 2 years ago its RV reduced by over two-thirds, from £62,500 to £20,500. Its rates bill dropped by around £16,000 per year.

However Dunfermline, relegated last year, have not seen a drop in RV nor does it seem to have appealed. The RV of East End Park is still £37,500.

Maybe in a small way the apparent failure to seek a reduction explains why that club is in administration!

Where does Ibrox stand in the lists of RVs for sporting subjects?

First of all it must be recognised that we are not comparing like with like. A football stadium containing retail outlets, function suites and restaurants will be liable for far more than a ground with a pitch and little else. The fact that RV depends on notional rent chargeable and that this in turn is a function of income generated means that the gross imbalances in Scottish football can be laid bare.

Can you guess what “sporting subjects” have the highest RV in Scotland?

Murrayfield – £2,250,000

Celtic Park – £1,995,000

Hampden – £1,100,000

Ibrox – £1,000,000

Murray Park – £598,500

Celtic’s training facility at Lennoxtown – £398,000

Meadowbank Stadium – £365,000

We then have a gap until:-

Ayr Racecourse – £280,000

Tynecastle -£224,000

Easter Road – £215,000

Pittodrie – £206,000

By contrast Cliftonhill, home of the Wee Rovers, has an RV of £2,450.

The RV for Murray Park did not fall on demotion, presumably on the basis that the change of league did not affect the notional rental income. However there is still an ongoing appeal so, in due course, Rangers might be successful in reducing the rates bill for Murray Park too.

Ironically, having commented that Glasgow City Council lists Rangers Football Club Ltd as correct owner of Ibrox, East Dunbartonshire Council do not do the same for Murray Park. Instead it lists Rangers Football Club PLC as owner. Either this is a typo (which is easy enough to do) or the records have not been updated. Either way it means little.

Coming back to the “costs” to Glasgow, it could be argued, in fact, that there has been financial advantage.

I suspect that policing levels at and around Ibrox on match days are down from SPL days. Especially so for Rangers v Celtic matches!

However the number of fans attending has not dropped too much, so a similar amount of money comes in to the Glasgow economy when Rangers play at home.

So, top line, the rates bill goes down – bottom line – at least it will now be getting paid!

And maybe this piece was that dull after all!

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308 responses to “How Rangers Landing in SFL3 “Costs” Glasgow over 400k per annum

  1. Ahhhhhh, brother cam the ” loyalty ” of the green ( lets break some seats ) brigade ……kind of gives you a warm glow inside knowing how ” loyal ” the wee souls are …bless em.

  2. cam

    Before i get sine died!!!

    • JimBhoy

      From earlier dude…..From your Maggie comment Fella..

      Cam Sometimes dude i think you are two people… You champion Violet, you fukin go way down in my estimation to your comments to Maggie….

      you can be funny fella but those comments put you wi the rest of your crowd on this obsessive blog.. you wont see a reply from me again..

      I am sure that will really trouble you…!! laugh it off in some i dunno way..

      • cam

        Thats cool for cats Jim,,,you can rely on me not to call Maggie a monkey,tell her she;’s a one toothed hag,call her a sectarian insult,or generally embarass myself in the presence of a lady,,,you’re defending Maggie and good on you but both of us will sober up tomorrow and i won’t be apologising,,,,,Maggie don’t like the camster and thats cool,,,trawl back and see when i’ve ever behaved ungentlemanly towards Maggie and get back to me,,if you criticised the disgusting comments towards Violet then your post might carry some validity and as i’ve said beforte if anyone slagged off Maggie in a manner that my wee ma would have battered me for, then my toe and their arse would be best pals

        • Monti

          That goes for me as well Cam, Maggie has never done anything to deserve that! Difference with Violet is she/he has come on here & attacked people for their faith, if your going to do that, you have to face the consequences. You & fellow Carson always have to take things too far, both of you are a pair of pricks.

      • Monti

        Well said Jimbhoy….

  3. Cam , please , STOP IT , I’m just off the floor after rolling about after the helicopter Sunday one .

  4. Ed Paisley

    Jeez, it’s the Cam and Carson show tonight. You guys are prolific posters if nothing else.
    I have to agree with a previous poster – I can’t say I ever enjoyed Celtic Rangers games. However, Rangers will never die, and the two clubs have an obligation to the wider community in fostering good community relations.
    It’s a shame that Rangers are being run by crooks and money grubbers but I hope that Mr Lawell will hold his nose and put on his antiseptic handcream, and shake the hand of the Rangers CEO, in the interests of community cohesion. Who knows, maybe Celtic’s exemplary record of corporate citizenship will rub off on Rangers.

    • Life is just so good ed , sunshine , sell out crowds , party on Saturday …..Saturday night ..ah fcuk it Sunday too ! P.S. the mighty Rangers CEO will shake liewells hand ….but only if he returns the ‘ shake ‘ properly ..nudge , nudge , wink , wink , brother .

  5. Methinks that Carson and Cam are bed fellows. . .

  6. Time for my rack now troops , enjoy tomorrow posting about the big club while I’m at the grindstone ….. stay safe and remember …it’s only a game.

  7. Ed Paisley

    You arra peepullllll. You make things sound so good at Rangers that I’m thinking of jumping ship. Also the last time I was at Ibrox I had a marvelous curried vegetable pie – are they still on sale at Ibrox? I remember sitting at the front of the top deck of the main stand – a very tight fit for a big guy like me but a great view.

    You see, I’m all ready to get a cheap Rangers season ticket and take my nephew Luke, but then I remember – Rangers are the team with a very sinister anti-Irish tradition and are being run by a collection of highly dubious businessmen who are out to steal from the supporters. I also can’t set aside the fact that they have recently walked away from a potential £60m debt to the hard pressed exchequer.

    I tried Carson, but I prefer the fellowship of the Celtic supporters who are a much more inclusive and welcoming bunch of people. My neighbour in the north stand is a protestant who travels all the way from Aberdeen. I kinda like that. I think I’ll keep going to Celtic Park and I am confident that I will turn Luke away from Rangers too. Oh, and my team pays all of its debts.

    Come to think of it, I am so so proud of Celtic FC. I hope you will find a reason for having pride in Rangers, eventually.

    So long bud.

  8. cam

    Ok lads after a few Blackthorns and Sailor Jerrys i think i’ve finally got Gratiutous Alienation sorted, but bugger that i just wanna say something about our host the incomparable Paul.
    The big guy could physically pick me up and use me as a key ring,intellectuallly he could twist and turn like Tommy Burns and bugger it he is funny too! and he suffers my utter pish like a good un.
    I mAY regret this when i sober up but the guy is good!
    My library book tells me that his thoughts on legal entities and the insolvency act are flawed due to watching the wee Rovers and too much hospitality in Guidi’s but thats neither here nor there.
    When i win the euromollions i’m having a dinner party with Ally,Paul,Chico,carson mick and newtz who will sweep the room for Whyties bugs.
    My chicken donner with all the trimmings is shouting eat me ya rocket and i must comply

    • arb urns

      to b p c
      imran should b on yer invite list


      Boli Soop ( Baxters)

      Greigs Stake Bake
      Nacho in Amoruso Sauce

      Puddin Trolley ( loads to chose from )

      Caffeine with Murray Mints

      Chariots @ Dimnight courtesy of Taxis Tommy of Glesga Toon

  9. cam

    Candles by pensionerbhoy,napkins by the FTTT and crackers by Billuy Nimmo

    • arb urns

      james galway could play his flute cam for a bit of nudge nudge wink wink balance if ye get ma drift.

      fudge from regan and doncasters .

      • cam

        I’ll supply the cheese and crackers

        • arb urns

          jacob thats a cracker !!!!!!!!!!!

          no VAT on the jack and jill mind.

          I hear Mrs C’s Crepes and Hunny Sauce r to die for.

          The Euromillions r a bit like yer titles cam dont go past 54 also are you not banned from playing the euro game ???????????????

  10. cam

    Tight shirt on and strutting ma funky stuff

  11. cam

    This is for Mr WHYTE

  12. balwa

    Hey Carson

    You do know your history, “god is with us” comment?

    Mmmmm seem to remember somebody else using that slogan too. Then again elements of your teams supporters are a throw back to that era

  13. cam

    Brown Sugar;Bomber or Imran
    Cant get no satisfaction;RTC
    Under my thumb; Regan
    Street fighting man;monti
    You can’t always get what you want;Celtic fans
    Paint it blackl;Paul McCONVILLE
    Sticky Fingers;Chico
    Beggars banquet;TSFM
    Rangers;not fade away
    have you seen the Celtic baby standing in the shadow; carson
    LNS;as tears go by
    Honky tonk women;Violet,,,,kidding!
    She’s a rainbow;Maggie,they are pretty!
    You can’t always get what you want;Phil Mac Giolla Bhainn
    play with fire;Wattie

    • arb urns

      the list is endless cam.. they musta had Ra Gers in mind when recording..

      aint to proud to beg ( share issues )
      back to zero ( share price)
      biggest mistake ( take yer pick )
      coming down again ( share price again )
      dead flowers
      dirty work ( take yer pick again)
      doom and gloom
      emotional rescue ( help i need somebody sorry wrong band)
      i got the blues ( yer spec req cam )
      its all over now ( no 2 in the Ra Gers charts)
      winning ugly

      and pop pickers the no 1 for the 139th year in a row and the LAST TIME its
      LOVING CUP ………………………………………………………………………………

      • cam

        Yer a brammer sir,the camster is fair puggled the nite and i’m in need of mothers little helpers,but i will rise again and don my armour,Sir Camelot will defeat Gawayne,,,,ah’ll tell u this i’m some dancer!

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