Craig Mather Froths over Rangers Job – Guest Post by Ecojon

Now that Charles Green has sprinted down the marble staircase at Ibrox for the last time all eyes are  trying to spot his replacement with talks of boardroom splits between the True Blue ‘Dignity’ Brigade and the mystery people who actually own Rangers Football Club. For the moment I will ignore Wee Craigie’s claims, not because I have dismissed them, but purely in the interests of clarity.

A lot of focus has landed on Craig Mather an English businessman who is a member of the original shareholder consortium persuaded by Green to invest in approx £1 million in TRFCL . I have done a previous article on Craig if you want to read it  – link at end of post.

For the present and future many are waiting to see what hitherto secret ingredient Craig can apply to the swirling dust clouds that have engulfed Ibrox in recent times and bring crystal-clear clarity, free from all the old toxins. He may well be just the man to do it and the ace up his sleeve might be a Northern Ireland marketing miracle and possibly a truly motivational wee guy from Wishaw to help him achieve his goal.

I‘ve been intrigued that Craig is being so heavily punted as CEO  for a soon-to-be £100+ million turnover public company with a 500 million supporter base and a worldwide brand because, quite frankly, he doesn’t seem to be in that league. After becoming involved with Rangers, possibly through his shared interest in the geegees with Green, he was given some kind of title as Director at Auchenhowie and expressed an interest in joining  not the main Rangers International  Plc board – but a subsidiary football board with the likes of Ally no doubt and a fan rep. But that Board, like so many of Green’s absolutely brilliant ideas, doesn’t appear to have come to pass.

So what has Mather been up to while warming the bench at the training pitch in preparation to getting a seat at Ibrox in the elevated Director’s Box. Well he’s been busy building his business Empire and became a director in One Partners Ltd (incorporated on 5/12/2012) where his fellow directors are Christopher Gascoine and Mr Paul Stephen Todd who is resident in the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Gascoine appears to have 10 current directorships including one in the ‘Emirates Focus Group Ltd’ and has resigned from 2 other companies and been a director in four other dissolved ones. He also held a directorship in Spirit Sports Entertainment and Media Ltd as did Craig Mather.

Mr Todd has previously been a director in the dissolved companies: Property Investor Worldwide Ltd; P&P Property Management Ltd; and HF (No 2) Ltd and resigned from First Homes Worldwide Ltd.

As already mentioned Mr Mather also became a director in Spirit Sports Entertainment and Media Ltd on 22/8/12, the same day that his long-time business colleague Guy Gisborne resigned from the company, which was subsequently struck-off voluntarily on 23/4/13. Christopher Metcalf also held a directorship in the short-lived company and was previously a director in the now dissolved companies: The Fit Club Franchising Ltd; The Fit Club (Liverpool) Ltd; and  The Karma Property Company Ltd.

Craig Mather also became a director in Puki Ltd (incorporated in 29/8/12) with fellow director Beth Mather – possibly his wife.

All in all I don’t see a lot to impress hard-bitten AIM investors that Craig is the man to run Rangers but perhaps his other new company might just be the one to put the fizz and sparkle back into Rangers. OK I’ll let you into the secret  🙂

Craig – Mather not Whyte – is a director in Little Big Shot Ltd – yea honestly I can guarantee that Wee Craigie isn’t behind it but I’m sure he’ll be furious that he didn’t think of the name first.  The company was incorporated on 15/1/2013 with Craig Mather as the sole director and as yet there is no business description for the Nottingham based enterprise.

Luckily my old memories cells didn’t fail me when I clocked the name and I thought: ‘I’ve met you before’. And sure enough there used to be a Scottish company based in Wishaw named: Little Big Shot Ltd which was incorporated on 4/8/2009 and compulsorily struck-off and dissolved on 9/12/2011. The sole director of the company was Mr Albert  Andrew Jukes.

Might seem a bit strange to pick a failed company for a new business enterprise but I suppose there’s no accounting for business decisions but there’s always Karma to consider and in what form those who have gone might return.

And Mr Jukes has returned, if not with a bang at least with a pop and froth, as a director (23/9/2010) in the Belfast-based Big Shot (NI) Ltd along with fellow NI-based director Mr Declan Hardy (14/10/2010). There isn’t enough internet bandwith for me  to adequately sing the praises of the company’s wonder product  but just google ‘jukes little big shot’ and you’ll truly be amazed at this energy drink that the world has been waiting for – perhaps the motivational skills of Mr Jukes has persuaded Craig Mather that Rangers too could become as desirable a worldwide brand and this could be his secret sales pitch for a new job as CEO.

Since the beginning of the year Little Big Shot has caused a marketing and media frenzy and I note that £1 million has been spent perfecting the drink  – £700,000 of Mr Juke’s own money – and £5 million in sales are predicted.  Mr Jukes, a diet and health products specialist, has apparently been ‘innovating in the sector’ since 2004 but it was 2010 before things were right after ‘messing about with various different ingredients’.

But the real breakthrough came when deep ocean water – apparently great for the minerals and trace minerals – and found by Taiwanese trials to be naturally energy-enhancing, was added to the mix. And it’s been a non-stop boom since then with an 800 store Tesco hook-up to test-market consumer reaction. I make no connection between Tesco and Rangers and wish to make that clear – right Mick!

Among the MSM – including Herald and Scotsman business puffs – and the local newspaper tsunami-wave of positive support for the wonder new Northern Ireland product there is a rather more sober assessment from The Grocers Journal at:

So what’s the connection between Little Big Shot and Craig Mather’s recently-formed company of the same name? I haven’t a clue but I’m all ears and they’re listening. One thing I’m not listening to is any tips from Craig Mather on horses as I noticed that Simply Racing Limited is an extremely unprofitable owner on the turf.

Flatstats  21/11/12 also note: The owner last won a race on the flat turf 642 days ago and the owner’s horses are much better on left handed courses. Only 2 wins in 36 runs and a lack of activity on the owner’s Twitter account possibly suggests interest might have slipped somewhat.

Perhaps Craig’s next race is the most important though and I suggest he start’s fuelling-up on ‘Little Big Shot’ to get him through the ordeal and might I suggest the City model ‘stab vest’ which is lighter than normal as it need only protect the back from back-slapping Board colleagues.

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763 responses to “Craig Mather Froths over Rangers Job – Guest Post by Ecojon

  1. alex thomson ‏@alextomo

    #c4news Worthington has reached a fees agreement with lawyers to take various legal action against both the club, Mr Ahmad and Mr Green.

    #c4news This relates to Worthingon’s claim not just on the assets of Rangers FC but on the shares in the club owned by Green/Ahmad.

  2. SouthernExile

    RIFC is obliged to give AIM its financials for the six months to end Feb by end of May latest (or face suspension).

    Any connection between this deadline and the current fighting over the spoils and the parachutes?

  3. mcfc

    One of mates once described Craig Bellamy, when playing for mcfc, as “a nasty little cnut”. The only defence I could manage was “yeah, but he’s our nasty little cnut”.

    Guess you could say the same for Craig Whyte.

  4. ecojon


    Tbh I laughed at the global film rights and thought he was losing it – he’s going to make zillions out of those rights and think of the boost to the city with all the filming and they’ll be able to use Ibrox either because it’ll be closed for business or Wee Craigie will own it.

    • mcfc


      I can see CW now – making the “greed is good” speech and CG lurking at the back of the conference being inspired to “be like you one day”. 🙂

  5. Jamie

    It’ll prob go straight to Video…Betamax! I predict mass boycot of any cinema who trys to screen it. Mass burning of videos in whichever store dare’s stock it. Who would play the main chancers er! Characters.

  6. The famous quote describing Rangers as ” a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace ” could use a little updating.

    The word “permanent” is now in doubt.

    Even the word “embarrassment” would now be out of place, we’ve gone way past that.

    As it happens “disgrace” still seems fitting, though I imagine the author of the quote could not have guessed at the level of disgrace Rangers would ultimately achieve.

    With information now being passed the the Serious Fraud Office
    ( presumably not to be confused with the Frivolous Fraud Office) events have taken an unmistakable turn. It is a serious matter.

    In a way that is completely understandable this is hilarious for those not affiliated to Rangers. I’m fine with that, it’s an acceptable part of the banter that exists between supporters of opposing football teams.

    One thing I would say, is that if there is criminal activity to be exposed and presented in court, Rangers fans are not likely to be in the dock.

    Whatever disgrace is examined in this instance the fans of Rangers are accused of nothing.

    Rangers fans bought shares in an act of support. Exactly what they have bought and the value of it is now in dispute. The chief salesman has departed at speed and is seeking to offload his own shares.

    If Charles Green can sell his stake in Rangers before events overtake him he stands to leave with a healthy profit, one that will see him comfortable for the rest of his life.

    Rangers fans who bought in on the basis of Charles Greens salesmanship have no such luxury. The scale of their investment as individuals was small in comparison to the whole, but significant for many relative to their own incomes. The potential for damage and anger is great.

    As I’ve said the comedic value of these events regarding Rangers is there to be enjoyed by fans of every other football club, not least their greatest rivals.

    That said, if crime is exposed and Rangers fans lose money as a consequence then football banter ends and something much more important takes it’s place.

    We all need to be protected from those that have the power and wealth that makes their utterances compelling.

    If Rangers fans can unite in an effort to save their club, leaving behind the old values that made them easy pickings for salesmen, they may have a future. Nothing is certain except that it will not be easy.

    They may even find support in the most unlikely of places.

  7. Just a couple of things need a wee bit of explaining , why would shyte wait a year for this to come out ? Why are people looking to take over Rangers and are not looking to worried about what the shyster claims ? Is it a coincidence that these accusations broke after his home was raided and ticketus kicked his sorry ass ? Is it a coincidence that this is the last throw of the dice for a desperate shyster ? And last but not least is he a credible witness ?

    • Jamie

      As credible as Chuck Green you mean…or Bomber, Sally or the Cardigan…..its a clusterfuck and you know it

    • Carson, I suggest you gather up 50,000 of your co-fans and get straight doon to Ibrokes and ask them. Before you become co-op fans. Don’t let anything in, or out, until you have those answers….Lock it down old boy!

  8. Pingback: RANGERS LITTLE BROXI BEAR AND BIG SHOT BRIAN SOUTER by Ecojon | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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