Another One Bites The Dust – The Anti-Rangers Campaign Continues

Now it can be told.

The problems of Rangers Football Club have seen the embattled supporters turned this way and that, like defenders facing a Jinky Johnstone run down the wing.

One minute there were certainties.

Rangers would spend ten pounds for every five their opponents would outlay.

Rangers would buy top quality players, or at least pay top-quality prices.

Rangers’ Scottish players would all be capped for the country.

Opposing teams would see what seemed to be many unfortunate but timely “honest mistakes” by referees in games involving Rangers.

Rangers would win the majority of the competitions they played for (except for European games where the Ibrox magic too often failed them).

But Rangers were top dogs – bankrolled by Sir David Murray and the Bank of Scotland.

All was right with the world, although, as is the nature of football fans, there were grumbles.

But then, at the very point when the Ibrox faithful were on top of the world, the seeds of destruction were sown.

A secretive cabal of “Rangers haters” was formed. Whilst not part of Celtic in any official capacity, who had the greatest motive for doing down Rangers? We have all seen the thrillers and spy films where undercover agents are dropped into enemy territory, but told that, if captured, their country will deny any knowledge of them.

So, in the same way, people were put in place who were able to influence the top decision makers at Rangers into steering the blue ship onto the rocks.

Ask yourself – is it a coincidence that Paul Baxendale-Walker, the architect of the EBT scheme which, in the way it was applied by Rangers, caused so many problems, has NEVER been seen at Celtic Park? Does that not seem like an effort to hide the motivation for his actions? After all, what possible reason could anyone have for avoiding Celtic Park at all times?

As well as the EBT scheme, the Bank of Scotland, with the involvement of Gavin Masterton somewhere in the shadows, induced Rangers and Sir David Murray’s companies into accepting millions upon millions of pounds worth of loans, and in doing so over-extended the Murray empire.

It cannot be coincidence, can it, that Mr Masterton has had involvement, direct or indirect, with at least three teams, none of whom were Celtic, which have entered administration or worse? Why should the principle of bankrupting one’s competition only apply in business and not in football?

So the combination of the looming “Big Tax Case” and the now Lloyds-owned Bank of Scotland, had forced Sir David into having to sell the club he loved (although not his first love as he had tried previously to acquire Ayr United).


That removed Sir David Murray from the picture.

However there remained a couple of problems. The conspirators could not control the sale process. They could not know who would be successful in bidding enough to get Sir David’s consent to a deal.

There was also the highly professional Rangers CEO, Martin Bain. Mr Bain had been trying to run Rangers on a proper and sound financial footing over his tenure and to rein in the worst excesses of extravagance into which Sir David had been duped. Mr Bain had also made strides towards eliminating the sectarian singing which had seen Rangers summoned to Zurich to answer, on more than one occasion, to UEFA.

Mr Bain had to be taken out of the picture too.

Here was the next element of the master plan.

The new buyer was Craig Whyte. This Motherwell-born billionaire, with his wealth “off the radar”, and his multiple business interests in Florida, the British Virgin Islands and Switzerland, as well as in Skylines Village in London, was able to persuade Sir David to accept £1 for the deal.

He bought the club, using funds sourced from Ticketus. Ticketus had of course been involved with Rangers under Sir David Murray. Sir David has denied having any previous connections with Mr Whyte and of course we must believe him, but in the same way as payday loan companies entice borrowers into an ever descending spiral of debt, is it not consistent with the masterplan that Ticketus too were a regular finance provider to Rangers, the sums becoming greater and greater, until finally the debt could not be serviced?

Ticketus looks like a Latin word, and we all know which football team has close connections to a religion in which, until only fifty years ago, much of the worship took place in that language!

So we were now in a position where Mr Whyte had been on the pitch accepting the adulation of the fans on winning the league. This, combined with the “loyal” advisers to the club who had also been whispering in Sir David’s ear, led Mr Whyte, accustomed businessman as he was, to see that he could run the club himself. This meant that part two of the plan had succeeded. He froze out Mr Bain, little realising that this was playing into the hands of his football team’s enemies. Mr Bain, unaware of the way in which he was being pushed like a pawn around the chessboard, walked away, claimed unfair dismissal and took Rangers to court.

He too was no longer a factor.

At the same time the chairman, Alistair Johnston, also had to go. He was a hugely successful businessman with a world-wide reputation. He was the type of man who could see through the smokescreen and realise that Rangers as an institution was under concerted but covert attack.

But the same tactics as eliminated Mr Bain were applied to Mr Johnston, and he exited, stage left too.

MB aj 1

But still the plan could not succeed without the elimination of the new champion, Mr Whyte. Here came on of the most cunning parts of the plan. By duping HMRC into acting as a blunt instrument, the conspirators were able to put Mr Whyte into a position where, in an effort to sort out various tax issues, Mr Whyte could see no alternative to refusing to pay other taxes, effectively as a bargaining chip.

As was traditional, Rangers could rely on the support of the football authorities, generally always given to the biggest teams, and no action was taken against them.

However the BBC then intervened. I assume that no reader needs any further information about the BBC’s clear bias against all things British and especially Rangers?

Mark Daly won an award (as did the Rangers Tax Case blogger) for exposing details of the sale to Mr Whyte and of his past business history.

Bearing in mind how difficult it is to get information from bodies like HMRC and the Insolvency Service, then what possible explanation, apart from the clearly idiotic one of good journalism, could there be for the BBC getting hold of the relevant information? Who had an interest in doing Mr Whyte down? Not Rangers of course!

So his director’s disqualification was revealed and then the football authorities had no choice but to act against him.

At the same time, as Rangers fell from the top of the SPL, can anyone doubt this was due to malign influences? After all, the only other explanation was that the players were not good enough, and that the manager was not up to the job, and, as we know, those could never have been the case.

Next comes David Grier of Duff & Phelps. Is it coincidence that his initials, DG, also represent Deo Gratias, a response from the old Latin Mass!

He was able to persuade Mr Whyte to proceed down the administration route, brilliantly offering this excellent advice as being the best for Rangers and Mr Whyte, as, at least on one view, it was.

However, as soon as Duff & Phelps were getting ready to move in, HMRC intervened to insist on an appointment there and then. So, by mid February 2012 HMRC had secured the appointment of Duff & Phelps as administrators, and the speed with which the fell out with Mr Whyte cannot surely be explained away only by them acting as administrators as the law required, and not as Mr Whyte wanted them too. Maybe it can.

But the appointment of administrators eliminated Mr Whyte from the dramatis personae, at least for a while!


Then came the masterstroke. Working through finance houses and deal brokers, influence was brought to bear to bring together Mr Whyte, Mr Ahmad, the successful “money man” and Charles Green together.

Nobody in the traditional Rangers constituency had been serious about taking up the reins. Clearly they saw that there were people intent on destroying Rangers and the people involved in it. They made noises about involvement, but there was always a caveat or condition in the way. As a result the various multi-coloured Knights faded to grey.

Bill Miller appeared. The American businessman clearly gave those seeking to do Rangers down heart failure. He came in with a business plan. It seemed to be credible. He did not look at the world through blue-tinted spectacles. He had the temerity to suggest running Rangers as a business.

This would not do. And so it came to pass that the press wrote stories about Mr Miller and those closest to him. He decided this was not for him, so he left the stage.

This left the path clear for Mr Green. As a successful CEO at Sheffield United, and as a veteran of lucrative share flotations, he seemed the ideal man, in the absence of Mr Miller, to run the business properly and keep Rangers at the heights they are entitled to.

He soon made his deal with the administrators and, in June, one of his companies, though maybe not the one initially contracted to do so, acquired the assets. Rangers was saved!

Immediately though his efforts were sabotaged. He had, when paying £5.5 million for all of the assets, expected to realise around £8-£10 million immediately from selling players. This would have been entirely legitimate. But there were people who were able to pour metaphorical poison into the ears of the players who, as a result, told their agents to reject the transfer to whatever company had actually bought Rangers and instead to seek their own deals. Mr Green was left bereft. After all, he had paid £5.5 million, the best price realised by a fully competitive auction, to buy a handful of assets barely worth £70 million or so. And he had bought an SPL team too.

This had to be attacked as well if the plan was to succeed. Ask yourself who might have connections to the high flyers of Scottish football. Who benefited from Rangers’ decline?

Is it thus a surprise that Rangers were railroaded out of the SPL and into SFL3? It also became clear that the relevant football rules had been engineered over the years, like a bear trap, to catch the Ibrox team in this very situation.

Duly they fell into the bear trap, of SFL3.

But valiantly Mr Green struggled on.

He filled the ground most weeks.

His team gradually pulled away from the mighty Queens Park and Peterhead. OK, there were some blips on the way, but the quality in the SFL3 was unknown to a wider public until Rangers, forced to struggle on with the second or third highest wage bill in Scotland, were confronted with it.

In the previous season Rangers had struggled on occasion to beat European teams and SPL clubs. Now SFL3 teams showed that they too could compete at that level.

Despite all of the attempts to de-rail the share issue, he succeeded in having £22 million invested in the company, from fans, individuals and pension fund managers. What an achievement!

He only sought a piddling reward for doing so, becoming the largest shareholder with over 5 million shares acquired at a fraction of the issue price, but who could begrudge Mr Green that?

So the enemies saw that he had to be brought down.

Secretly they used the media as a weapon, persuading the press to actually report what Mr Green said. The press took this devious instruction to heart. They mentioned the boasts about Manchester United and the Dallas Cowboys. The claims about Adidas and international sponsors were publicised. The mention of nine or ten loan players from Newcastle was headline news.

How dare the media twist Mr Green’s words by reporting them without spin? After all, no one seriously believed what he was saying, so it was clearly an act of sabotage to report his words.

And this culminated in the double whammy of his apparently underogatory reference to Mr Ahmad and to Mr Whyte’s return.

Ask yourself this. Why would the press publish anything stemming from Mr Whyte, if not as part of a plan to do Mr Green down?

They even went as far as to publicise secret tape recordings and official forms signed by Mr Green, although, as he clearly explained, these were all designed simply to dupe Mr Whyte. How could anyone doubt Mr Green’s word? He was admitting to telling lies to get what he wanted. Was that the act of a man who could not be trusted? Of course not!

And so it came to pass that the Board decided to investigate Mr Green, overshadowing even the triumphant victory in SFL3. Why detract from a new world record – after all, no team with 54 wins in its top domestic league had them gone on to win the lowest division!

Last week Mr Green was forced out, with nothing other than his shareholding, salary and bonus to console him.

Mission accomplished!


But even now the masterplan seems to be failing.

After all, there is talk that Martin Bain might return, or that Alastair Johnston is one step away from re-joining the Board, or even that, like a benevolent old Uncle, Sir David Murray could be tempted back.

So it looks as if, after all the plotting and scheming, the efforts to destroy Rangers have failed. They sit proudly at the top of SFL3, heading to SFL2 next season.

They have their highest goalscorer in the dugout running the playing side and looking only for 10 new players to conquer the Second Division.

The fans will undoubtedly turn out in droves to buy, even at higher prices, season tickets and this will go some way towards reducing the £1 million plus monthly losses. And these will be made up by selling a couple of players to the EPL combined with a run to the League Cup and Scottish Cup finals next year.

So, after all of the efforts, Rangers will survive, ultimately stronger, knowing that the combined efforts of everyone from Alex Salmond downwards has failed to damage them.


Or alternatively, a football team desperate for success, gambled on spending money it could only generate by European success or wild and excessive borrowing, combined with a legally questionable tax scheme.

When the banks wanted money back, the owner had to sell and he did so to a man who specialised in taking over distressed companies and turning them into cash, even if only by asset-stripping.

When the roulette wheel of European football turned against him, and everything having been put on black, it came up red, the gamble had failed and insolvency was inevitable.

The administrators tried to sell the assets but a CVA was always impossible and no one seriously wanted to put money into the black hole, so Mr Green, a fine salesman, together with his financial backers, saw the chance to legitimately make a few quid. To their astonishment their low ball bid of £5.5 million worked.

By brilliant presentation the share sale succeeded, but Mr Green’s plans for vast increases in income came to naught, despite some sponsorship successes. It has clearly become apparent to at least some of the board that Mr Green’s plans were not sustainable and that he had become an embarrassment, so they have said goodbye to him and are now frantically looking for a steady hand to run the ship.

What we have left is a football team, with a wage bill almost infinitely higher than its competitors, losing over £1 million per month, which will have to rely, to get to the end of next season, on spending the proceeds of the share issue. Even then it will need cost-cutting to do so, and a drop off in season ticket sales will make that even worse.

How can a business with SPL outgoings live on SFL2 income, even with SPL level season ticket sales (especially as they cannot charge SPL prices)?


I was right the first time – the decline of Rangers is nothing to do with the actions of the people who owned it and who ran it – it must all be a conspiracy by those determined to destroy it, because they could not defeat them on the playing field.

Posted by Paul “Machiavelli” McConville


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  1. Just looking at the site’s stats and of the last 1,000 comments, can you guess the two most prolific commenters?

    Yes – it is not mick, or Ecojon, or JohnBhoy, or even Monti, but the indefatigable cam and carson!

    Thanks guys for your involvement!

    Clearly my attenpts at eliminating all opposing viewpoints has failed.

    (That is a joke, by the way).

    • Paul that past a good hour i think your blogs are really great thank you

    • Monti

      Morning Paul, Out of all the questions been asked about the demise of the sickest football club in the history of Scottish football, there is many things that have astonished & angered me about the dead clubs activities, from not paying taxes to cheating my club, Celtic & all other opponents for probably 2 decades ( that’s 20 years Cam). One of the things that stand out was, Duff & Phelps trying to EMPLOY Daniel Cousin? Duff & Phelps remit was to accumulate the most revenue for creditors ( normally done by slashing the wage bill) in what way by ADDING Daniel cousin to the wage bill & increasing it, how could that possibly be in the best interests of creditors? Has any other Administrators signed players for a club IN administration before? When a club has entered administration, why would an administrator on this case Duff & Phelps, actually want to ADD to the debt?? This whole corrupt, disgusting affair stinks to high heavens & it’s my firm belief that when Rangers (IL) were liquidated, that should have been it, Spartans or any other club with three years audited accounts, should have been placed in the football league instead of Zombie Sevco f.c. This has also been the funniest, satisfying & utterly gratifying period in Scottish football for me, I feel untold joy at their demise & the struggles of Newco. Finally, this countries footballing authorities are woefully inept & out of depth, their failure to deal strongly with the Rangers (IL) problem from the beginning has been infuriating for decent fans of all clubs in Scotland. I take solace in the knowledge there is no Rangers! HH!

      • Maggie

        Right back at you Monti,best year EVER ( emphasis,not shouting),well since 1967 anyway.”Such fun” and more to come.HH

    • Budweiser

      Did carson have 54 comments?

    • Maggie

      You’re just not trying hard enough….:-) You know you can do it,use all of your legal nous to eliminate the trolls.

      “How dare the media twist Mr Green’s words by reporting them without spin” Ooooh you are awful,but I do like you Mr Mc 🙂

      Btw,I’m in serious mourning for the loss of Chico from the fray…..sad day for us all,well the “mockers” anyway.When shall we see his like again?

    • cam

      Cyberdyne Systems programmed me well,,,i absolutely will not stop!

  2. Well spotted Paul, without your diligence this evil yet brilliant plan would have succeeded. Given your normal heavy serious day job work load being such a time consuming factor in your life, you still burrowed deep into your reserves to discover this plot.
    If the gentlemen over on the South side of Glasgow do not propose you for a knighthood I will be surprised………NOT! Great read thanks!

  3. Steven Brennan

    I thought one of them had written this post.
    And meant it!!

  4. @gortchomhor

    There’s this now

    And the share price continues to rise… Correct me if I’m wrong, share prices rise when there’s increased demand for the shares?

    So the CEO gets booted and the share price rises… Looks like war to me.

    • Project Walliams

      Sevco 5088 is listed as ” a subsidiary of the Company” (Rangers International Football Club plc).
      Funny that.
      In the RIFC Prospectus Sevco 5088 was not listed as a subsidiary.
      It is mentioned as follows: (page 67 item 28) “Sevco 5088 Limited (a company of which Charles Green was the sole shareholder and hence a related party).
      Past sense “was” and “sole shareholder” is very well written . I first read this as refering to a company no longer operating but equally it could be read as was originally the sole shareholder but may no longer be the sole shareholder.

  5. charliedon

    The Daily Record today carries a detailed account of the currently raging boardroom battle at Ibrox. One can only guess that the record is on the side of the Malcolm Murray/ Walter Smith faction and is being fed information from that quarter. Among the revelations, we find Ahmad & co are getting Charles Green’s tax advisors appointed to perform the “independent” investigation. Even more astonishing is that Is is revealed Malcom Murray, the CHAIRMAN, is not allowed sight of the bank account!
    I suspect the timebomb is about to go off.

    • Thomas

      Its pathetic charliedon, The message is thanks for the cash but we dont like you anymore please move over for the Peepil to take control and start kickin the kickers, SFA are on side so move along, we dont care if you own this club, beat it!
      Charles Green hasn’t left! he’s working from home! stupid suckers.

  6. Robert D Bruce


    Your excellent theory lacks one vital character and sub plot. The roll of the of the duplicitous journalist who has swayed one way the tother, who made condemnatory statements agin the club and contradictory statements for the defence. All this served to confuse and undermine confidence within the camp. Agent provocateur extraordinaire.
    Watch for his book before Christmas.

  7. Ash

    Although you mention Alex Salmond you fail to pick up the point that a mighty Rangers is the only way to hold the Union together. Without the combined might of the union bears and the vanguard bears Scotland may be cast asunder all on the basis of a democratIc vote.

    The ramifications of this may be greater than imagined. Barca (who played Celitc I believe (coincidence?)) and the Catalan question for a start. Dissolution of the European Union and possibly the end of the Western world as we know it.

    In the name of democracy the big hoose must stay open.

  8. @gortchomhor

    So Sevco 5088 was owned by “the company” at the time of the flotation? That helps clear things up eh. Is this the cleansing process — looks like a revisionist process to me?

    So, in other words, Whyte claims Sevco 5088 owns the assets and they respond by saying actually Sevco itself is owned by “the company” (RIFC)…

    I knew I shoulda finished that Freakonomics books, this is well freaky.

    Where’s the government in all this? I assumed the government would have some sort of rules about this sort of thing. Anyone got a number for the government?

  9. bishop peter lawwell

    And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling bears

  10. Absolutely brilliant. I read Keith Jackson’s excellent article in this morning’s Daily Record and thought it couldn’t be beaten. It just has! Thanks Paul for using your talent to good effect.

  11. Pensionerbhoy

    Ally, can I recommend CILLIT BANG!

  12. JimBhoy

    Mr Lawell has done a splendid job…

  13. carlislecelt

    A thoroughly good read!

  14. Michael

    A bit like Dallas, we are about to find out Whyte didn’t depart the scene and that it has all been a dream. We will wake up and discover that he is still in possession of the important assets (….and I don’t mean the players forming the worst rangers team in their 10 month history)..

  15. JimBhoy

    Sally says: “The biggest thing you can say about that is that he (Chico) got us a licence to play and got a team on the park. Listen, Charles told everyone he was a straight-talking Yorskhireman and that’s certainly what he was. Did everyone agree with what he said? Not at all. I’m not going to attempt to put the blame on one man for the club turning a bit, though. Not at all.”

    ‘Straight talking’?? The man made the most ridiculous, error-ridden, politically incorrect, ambiguous statements ever..He didn’t have to supply fact or foundation. Basically the man has lied for over a year..

    ‘The club turning a bit’?? Doubts over who owns the club, doubts over the whole administration episode and the possible collusion of all concerned to milk the cash cow. Doubts expressed by the new sponsors, will they pull out? Financial doubts over the stability of the club, Ahmad’s association with Whyte still under scrutiny…Could go on all day… Not a position I would like to see my club in.

  16. Fra

    TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. The cardie and cohorts are out of their depth with these conmen. The bigot dome is about to fall.


    • @gortchomhor

      Definition of Liquidation given in the

      Winding up of a firm by selling off its free (un-pledged) assets to convert them into cash to pay the firm’s unsecured creditors. (The secured creditors take control of the respective pledged assets on obtaining foreclosure orders). Any remaining amount is distributed among the shareholders in proportion to their shareholdings. Liquidation process is initiated either by the shareholders (voluntary liquidation) or by the creditors after obtaining court’s permission (compulsory liquidation).

      Read more:

      So, even after liquidation, Whyte as a secured creditor may have retained ownership of Ibrox and Murray Park? Nobody discussed that at the time, we all assumed all the assets were being sold as part of the liquidation process but it seems the secured assets would have remained secured….

      Is this correct?

      • Lennon

        Brilliant Paul!

      • JimBhoy

        @Gortchomhor…. Good question to which i do not have the answer unfortunately.. Subsequently, if your theory is true what did Chico sell to the shareholders? The pig or the poke?

      • yes …. this is (one of the reasons) why Whyte involvement was required ….. and openly confirmed by CG and D&P seperately.
        It has been pointed out on this site many times. Forms part of my suggestion previously ….. though I have further ‘observation’ to add when I have time.

        One point, we have always assumed that there was no line of credit from their banking facilities at Metro ……. that’s not the way I now see it !! …..looks to me as though it was actually a shrewd move ….. by Octupus …. !

  17. mick

    Great article Paul can’t belive cam and carson are top commenters does this make the site a sevco 1 or am I being narrow minded , lol it’s a right mess now if the rfc fan rePs popped by here last year they might have seen the good work yourself and others done in try to warn them about whyte and ticketus and d&ps a cant see them surviving this storm as the is to many ilegalitys surrounding the creation of newco which will lead to cross border investigations they might get a good deal via the handshake in Scotland but am sure the timmy London Irish met will want to get to the bottom of the criminality via floating a bogus company with ownership dramas lol all my English Irish family are old bill and so is a large number of all forces down there be afraid billy the London Irish met have you on there radar lol Hornet to lol

  18. Pensionerbhoy


    When one reads a full summary of events such as those described by you above, it strikes one very forcefully how negligent Scottish Football authorities have been. In an article that would cover at least one chapter in a book, given, that is, you are not a disciple of Dickens, Austen or Mrs. Gaskell, there is not one mention of the interventions or even activities of these intrepid guardians. Your saga, without contradiction, doth lay bare the now “historical misfortunes” of Rangers Football Club – a history I doubt anyone would deny them should they demand it. So, one might ask, where was the bold protectorate, the custodians of the game? Their inactivity and inadequacies have astounded everyone, victim and conspirator both. No one seems to know either what they intended or what they have actually done. During the various episodes of the case, every deal and decision appeared to be hatched in an entangled institutionalised web of neglect and incompetency. Yet, there are no “ prohibition” signs even on the drawing board for these apparently unprepared institutions never mind those steering them. Perhaps, given your strong hint of external, and possibly internal, forces conspiring to throw spanners into all football works (opus pes orbiti – I have no recollection of responding with this at any mass and have probably just assigned myself to a thumbs down from Caesar or a proper Latin scholar on here. Here I come lions!), there may even be nefarious infiltrators at the highest level of governance. Woe to Scottish football and, perhaps, even the Scottish nation should there be furtive elements within the echelons of power. Mr.McCoist may want to extend the cleaning contract far beyond the walls of either Ibrox or Murray Park.

  19. Crouchback

    Paul, heartened by many references to the “Old” ….?? Latin Mass.

    Less of the “Old” please, this is the ever young true Mass handed down by our forefathers of venerable memory.

    Can I suggest that if you can spare 40 minutes of a Sunday morning…..after you’ve stopped laughing at whatever has just transpired down Govan way…..that you seek out a Latin Mass…..maybe bring Cam and Carson with you…….an introduction to the Real faith may lift their spirits in these difficult days……


    Gervase Ignatius Pius Anthony John Paul Cosmas and Damian Crouchback……of the Ilk.

  20. I’m well confused now.

    According to Worthington’s stock exchange announcement, it has acquired 25% of Law Financial whose assets include its subsidiary Sevco 5088.

    According to today’s RIFC announcement, Sevco 5088 is (present tense) a subsidiary of RIFC.

    Neither says wholly owned – maybe they each hold 50%?

    And RIFC subsidiaries include R Shop, R Youth Development etc – were these acquired from Oldco? Don’t recall mention of it in the D&P creditors report.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  21. ecojon

    @ Paul

    They’ve got to you 🙂

  22. Dhougal

    I think it was mr Plum(Duff) ,in the trophy room with the red herring that did it !.Paul The Rangers dont do ………..sarcasm ! Expect your top posters to be The Ragers and demanding to know the names !

  23. An excellent read Paul, and your time dedicated to this blog is greatly appreciated.
    May I take this opportunity to congratulate Lenny and the bhoys on another successful campaign on the road to 10(maybe more) in a row. Well done bhoys!
    It would appear that a power struggle is underway within the board, and the coupe d’etat has met a little hiccup. Amongst the share dealings and board appointments in the battle for control, there is one battle faced by the newbies, which may be the most decisive in the outcome.
    That is the PR battle! The unseen hand of succulence has hovered over every twist and turn of this fiasco, and has proved to be extremely effective in Sevco’s current position. When a saviour was needed, wee Craigy had a big white horse, and glistening armour. When the next stage of the operation required a villain, he was a google eyed little f*ckwit.
    Likewise, when Chicco needed “positive” spin, it was there in buckets, and now that the coup has begun, he is a lying Yorkshire twat.
    Consistantly, and without fail, the MSM, have been instrumental in re-writing history, turning blind eyes, and blatant lying, on demand, to guide Sevco, who they insist on calling Rangers into their current position.
    Who could possibly wield such succulent power over our daily rags? …..Surely not!
    In no way am I suggesting that all of the main players in this charade are mere employees of the succulent hand. Honestly, as if any administraters would accept a mere £5.5m to ensure an end product. As if Chicco would possibly take on a 1 year contract for £4/5m. And Ahmed, Well, I have no idea how much the going rate would be for such expert advice. Certainly more than a lying Yorkshire twat! Then there is wee Craigy, £18m down to date, but it seems he is not the pasty he was expected to be!
    Maybe the debt has been written off, but I would hazard a guess and say so is the reputed £22m flotation money. with Chicco taking almost 20% alone.

  24. ektim

    Thanks Paul for another excellent piece exposing the myth that “Rangers Haters” conspired against the now dead club. I thought it was it just me, but I am totally fed up hearing Sevco and their fans claim that ‘the whole’ of Scottish Football is ‘against them’ and that these “Rangers Haters” are driven by “jealousy, hatred and bigotry”!

    I find this an amazing stance for a club (SEVCO), whose predecessor (Rangers) and its supporters have lived on an overwhelming sense of entitlement, breath-taking arrogance, and a superiority complex supported and abetted by a fawning and obsequious MSM whose succulent lamb journalism made those ‘journalists’ a laughing stock for their lack of critical perspective, lack of objectivity and total lack of reality when it came to their favourite free meal – oops I mean team!

    Add to this an SFA who have repeatedly turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to over 100 years of anti-Irish racism and anti-Catholic bigotry, and the same SFA whose referees ‘honest mistakes’ seemed to have mainly benefited one team year in year out, and the same SFA who tore up the entire rule book to allow Sevco membership of the SFA against all previous precedent, and the same SFA who took a new interpretation of rules on player registrations against all previous precedent forcing the LNS enquiry to come to the decision that while the £44m EBT payments were found to be against the rules this money provided no sporting benefit!

    Only the truly deluded could think that they have been hard done by in such circumstances, but I believe I have an explanation!

    Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, recognised that the human mind will adopt defence mechanisms that will “bend” reality into something else to make us feel better where otherwise we would be upset. “Psychological Projection” is one of these defence mechanisms in which a person or persons, unconsciously reject their own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to other objects or persons in the world.

    I therefore believe what we have here is a NEW WORLD RECORD of a mass case of what Sigmund Freud called “Psychological Projection” where Sevco, and their fans, say that ANYONE and EVERYONE who points out pesky details that are not to their liking is a “Rangers Hater” driven by jealousy, hatred or bigotry!

    According to Melanie Klein, ‘Projection can also be established as a means of obtaining or justifying certain actions that would normally be found unacceptable’ and that as a result “the projector may become somewhat depleted and rendered limp in character, as he loses part of his personality”.

    Other commentators have noted that people who habitually project ‘are not capable of recognizing, understanding, or avoiding this destructive mechanism, and that such a situation is very likely to be uncorrectable’. ‘Also these things are often coupled with significant personality disorders, and the perpetrators are completely – and damagingly – unable to see themselves as anything other than a victim, regardless of the situation’. Reasoning with projectors doesn’t work!

    Let’s rephrase that – Sevco/Rangers supporters being completely unable to see themselves as anything other than a victim, regardless of the situation? Wow! We may have something here!

    Other common defense mechanisms include Denial, Distortion and Repression. Denial is refusing to admit to yourself that something is real eg, some particularly bad news about your team; Distortion is where you change the reality of a situation to suit your needs and make it all other peoples fault; and Repression is where you cover up memories, feelings or emotions instead of coming to terms with them.

    You see the brain sometimes “loses” the ability to recall certain uncomfortable details, purely as a repressive defence mechanism. Craig Whyte being a Director of Sevco 5088 springs to my mind as an example of this!

    So there we have it folks, another NEW WORLD RECORD for Sevco – the biggest ever case of mass Psychological Projection!

    • JimBhoy

      @EKTIM A very well written piece you should offer a post to Paul on your theories and analysis of the Bears of Sevconia… 🙂

  25. Part one was so persuasive I almost believed it.

    But…er…not quite.

    Piss taking of the highest order.

  26. Mat

    Paul, excellent synopsis.
    However dost not the noble Lords figure in the plan? Was their strict interpretation of the administration and insolvency of this mighty Institution, not to the detriment of that noble cause?

  27. George Collins

    Are you David Leggat’s ghost-writer?

  28. paul

    No replies from the peeeples, still trying to decipher whats been said.
    Paul you need to write this in simples, like say, maybe 54 words.Keep Digging the really good, really really good shit has still to surface.

    • robertg

      I thought it was a teaser for Leggo’s book at first.

      Surely Benedict’s “resignation” must have something to do with it all? Maybe it was only Benedict’s intervention that was preventing the pop-eyed thousandaire from spilling the beans, and the ousting of Benny by “dark forces” has led to control being lost over Whyte?

      To be honest, I think we need transparency on this. As Coisty might say.

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