McCoist Speaks Out on Green’s Departure – “The Club Needs To Be Totally Cleansed”

Speaking to the Rangers official website after yesterday’s defeat to Peterhead at Ibrox, Ally McCoist revealed his thoughts on the departure of Mr Green as CEO.

His quotes are below, with my comments in bold.

“I was a little bit taken aback when the news broke and I only found out when I came over to Ibrox from Murray Park.

A little taken aback! Mr McCoist is a man of equanimity. His CEO, pledged to stay at Ibrox till the Champions League theme blasted out over the ground – who had led his club to be “the most financially stable in the UK” (c) Imran Ahmad – had gone.

Ally was “a little taken aback”.


“My opinion on it hasn’t changed one bit in the respect that the most important thing always has and always will be the club.

Good for him. It is the club which is important. Not the company which owns the assets which make up the club, or even the company which owns all of the shares in the company which owns the assets which make up the club. As a matter of interest, who employs Mr McCoist? Is it the former Sevco Scotland Ltd or Rangers International Football Club PLC? If the latter, then that would suggest Mr McCoist and his colleagues have been through two separate TUPE processes (at least) in just over six months.

There seem to be some Rangers fans who, in the interests of the club, would like Mr McCoist to move his talents out of the dugout. But I am sure Mr McCoist would not agree.


“As disappointed as we are with today’s result those boys out there have done the job that was asked of them and that is taking the club to the next step.

You cannot fault him. After all the primary goal was promotion and that has been achieved. One can only beat the teams you play against after all, and Rangers, burdened by only having the second or third highest wage bill in Scottish football, battled bravely to overcome that hardship.


“It is now evident what we need to do to go to the next step again, we need to get a bit of freshness.

Freshness in the team? So the young players brought forward from Murray Park (remember by the way that Mr Green was going to change the name of the training ground?), a Murray Park which is under the control apparently of Craig Mather, new favourite to be Mr Green’s successor, are not “fresh” enough?

Or maybe it is the SPL players and the foreigners bought by Mr McCoist who have become stale in the Third Division?

I am sure I am wrong, but I do not recall many managers of SFL3 teams speaking openly about the need for wholesale changes to take the club through SFL2. But, as I have said, Rangers have unique challenges to face.


“What the club needs is to be totally cleansed to give ourselves an opportunity to move on. We need everything out in the open and hopefully this investigation will do that so everyone can see what has been going on and where we are going to go because we’ve not had a chance to do that.

“Totally cleansed”? That accepts that there is some stain or taint needing cleaned up. Does this suggest that Mr McCoist agrees with criticism of his erstwhile boss?

And it is not clear if the investigation will continue – after all, if Mr Green is on his way out, presumably with terms agreed, there is no longer the need for the investigation. Maybe though Rangers are happy to use some of the share float proceeds to have an investigation done which will lead to no action whatsoever. I suspect Mr Green’s agreement to go has come with a suitably detailed and lengthy compromise agreement, protecting him from any action by RIFC after his departure, and probably gagging him too. The latter might prove an intolerable burden for Mr Green, but liberal applications of cash might just do the trick!


“I am certainly half full rather than half empty and the job has been done this season.

Normally people refer to glasses being half full or half empty, so I am sure that is what Mr McCoist means.


“We can argue about how it was done but the bottom line is the boys have managed to do the job. Now all we would like, as coaches and managers, is an opportunity to take the team forward and hopefully we can do that next year.”

So Mr Green does not get a mention in the manager’s reaction to the CEO leaving. No statement of regret. No disappointment at not being able to continue their successful partnership?

Maybe at his next press conference someone could ask him how he got on with Mr Green?

The implications of Mr McCoist’s comments above suggest that his reaction to the Yorkshireman’s departure is “Good riddance!”

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135 responses to “McCoist Speaks Out on Green’s Departure – “The Club Needs To Be Totally Cleansed”

  1. Paul

    it can be amusing to lob the odd dead cow over the walls
    Leave your Missus out of it because she like the Shellik.

  2. jjbhoy
    April 21, 2013 at 9:26 pm
    You know when the huns are hurting eh carson,ok hows about,european cup! championees ya fud! ye kin huv as many titles as ye want but ye’ll never have the EUROPEAN CUP!
    Or the Ramsden Cup

  3. cam

    Michael, i can only fulfil part of my promise to you.There will be no in depth analysis of Chico leaving as real life impinged upon my day,so as usual i’ll just make this up as i go.
    My mole in a hole leads me to the conclusion that it was pointed out to Chico,in no uncertain terms that his latest news releases were doing damage to the good name of the club and that a rather forceful individual left him in no doubt as to the displeasure it caused said individual.
    Mucho speculation regards the Motherwell vulture capitalist and Chico has been blabbered in here in scenes reminiscent of LNS and FTTT.Obviously the Einsteinian principles of not repeating the same blabbering are being ignored in here.
    As part of the dead cow blog above suggested,the independent investigation that was called for after the boardroom punch up,sorry,meeting,may in some folks opinion, no longer be necessary.That remains to be seen.
    Most already convinced jurors in Paul’s cyber court are shouting for that paragon of virtue,Mr Whyte,not because they love looking into his fascinating eyes,but because they see him as their preferred weapon of mass destruction.
    Chico did deliver much of what his big Yorkshire cakehole promised, and if no shady dealings in cahoots with the tapeworm are proven, then he can take his money and run in his plimsolls all the way to his French retreat whilst the folk that are slagging him are heading off to sign on.
    Worst case scenario?
    Chico and Craigie are googly eyed twins and Motherwell has handed the Gers the mother of all skelpings.
    More likely,Moses Smith leads the way again,the bracelets get snapped on some charmers and 50,000 Bears keep on keeping on.
    numquam succumbe.

    • arb urns

      Cwite like that alternative spelling of cam quam presume it means I Cam Surrender roughly translated !!

    • arb urns

      cwite like that alternative spelling of cam quam. presume roughly translated it mean I Cam Surrender !!

      • cam

        Never Rabbie,the knee shall not bow.
        I’m listening to Ally read Bill Struth’s magnificent statement
        Let the others come after us ,,,we welcome the chase.
        Title swally underway,the vol a vents are untainted,tunes are on,my mate an accomplished flautist, will be giving us a rendition of a Beach Boys tune and with our bowler hats it getting a little Clockwork Orange,,,tally ho!

        • “We Welcome the Chase” was Struth reffering to the bailiffs, creditors, Facepainters, cornershops, HMRC……..Peterhead, Anna Athletic?
          “let the others come after us” that little ditty just demonstrates that even in the mire the We Are The Peepel supremacist myth is being nursed back to health down Govan way even if the reformed fitba team is on a ventilator.. Bowler Hats, Flutes, Famine song! cam yer mask has slipped. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt over your communion wine slur, but I am now embarrassed by my own naivety. It would seem you are a simple common bigot, disguising it in admittedly. cleverly constructed witticism. A cheap, & sad wee bigot nonetheless.
          BTW, the Famine might be over & many of us have Irish ancestors, but were already home here in Scotland. Just a bit more aware of the snide contempt some peepel hold us in

          • cam

            Good lord Mac,we don’t go in for any of that disgusting racism at chez Cam,its a mixed crowd,,we’re having a little Fun,Fun.Fun.
            Your picking up Bad Vibrations Mac,Wouldn’t it be Nice if you could lighten up.

            • Simply not the best, & simply not funny !!!!

            • cam

              I do hope your title party is going well,i remember when life was sweet and skies were blue,marching,yes Mac,marching into the newsagents and asking in a stentorian voice laced with hunnish undertones,for ALL the daily papers,especially the ones with big posters of the championees.
              Do you remember fun Mac?
              It seems not,,oh well, you can tune in here tomorrow and discuss your grand obsession with like minded bovine tossers.
              Right where’s my mace?

            • Fun !
              plenty of that “comin down the road”, Admin event 2, follow, followed by a liquidation shambles sequel. How much fun are you entitled to have in one lifetime?,
              I think you might regret your Merlot overdose which has led to your Clockwork Orange bender this evening.
              Take it easy cam. night night.

          • cam

            night Mac,,,keep smiling mate.

          • gortnamona

            Mac T
            Get out the road on your bike for a few miles, the bigots fade quickly into the distance. Came across a bike fair yesterday with a lot of the big firms providing test bikes, so I went to the Specialized tent and asked if I could try out a 54. I was a little surprised when they handed me a Roubaix ExpertSL4 Di2 with deep rim carbon rimmed wheels and asked if I could bring it back in three hours as they would be closing. Beautiful bike in red and black handled nicely up hill and down and the electronic shifting was crisp and precise, I would have liked to hold onto it. €4990 + €2200 for the wheels they told me when I took it back, maybe just a little too rich for my requirements, but who knows?

            • @gortnamona Sound Advice mate.which I fully intend to follow. I’ll wander up to Dales later in the week & check out their Specialized range & see if I can spot the model your talking about. “Electronic shifting” looking forward to eventually trying it.
              Just wondering , did you take your own bike to Spain or did you find a decent hire bike?
              Hail Hail

    • Monti

      “Good name of the club”???? The old club were a disgrace & the new one shouldn’t even have been awarded a made up licence!!! Your new club don’t even have the same voice on the game as Stirling Albion!

  4. Tam McCondie

    cARSEon, I wonder what 5 minus 4 equals.

  5. Tam McCondie

    Cam. From Tam: is the mole in YOUR hole?

  6. cam

    East Fife 5 Thats East Fife 5
    Forfar 4
    Forfar 4

    East Fife 5
    Forfar 4

  7. cam

    Arb,check this,a wee flavour of the atmos at chez Cam,,,weee arrrra peeepuuulll.

  8. GeordieBhoy

    2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = R.I.P.

  9. Alexander Doherty

    Old club gone new club going when will you learn
    By by time to go
    Hail hail for ever and ever

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