Craig Whyte’s Counsel in the Ticketus Case Had Been Knighted – Can You Guess By Whom?

The case raised by Ticketus LLP and Ticketus 2 LLP against Craig Whyte has been won by the plaintiffs. I will be writing about the judgement and what it tells us, if anything, about the future of Rangers, over the next couple of days.

I noticed a fact about the case which is of no significance but which, in the fevered imaginations of some, might provoke alarm, concern or conspiracy theories galore.

There is already a theory I have seen going round the blue bits of the internet (and to be fair not the more sensible end) noting that Craig Whyte was represented both personally and for his company by Harper MacLeod.

As we know Harper MacLeod have a special place in hell reserved for them, at least in the eyes of some Rangers fans, for having the temerity to act for the SPL in the case against Rangers before the Nimmo Smith Commission.

I saw this advanced as “proof” that Celtic, who have also made use of Harper MacLeod’s excellent services, were in fact behind the whole Whyte takeover as a means of sabotaging their rivals! The amount of influence credited to Peter Lawwell is remarkable!

So, after that preamble, would you believe that Mr Whyte’s representative in the Ticketus case was also someone with connections which might upset a few of the Rangers fanatics?

His barrister was Mark Watson-Gandy. He is described on his chambers’ website as follows:-

Mark practices in the areas of insolvency, company, banking and private international law. He is the author of “Watson-Gandy on Accountants”, “Corporate Insolvency Practice” and “Personal Insolvency Practice”. He is one of the Editors of the Butterworths Corporate Law Service.

He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster and a Visiting Lecturer at Cass Business School, City University.

He was a finalist in Credit Today magazine’s Insolvency and Rescue awards in 2009 and 2010 as “Barrister of the Year” and Acquisition International magazine voted him in their M&A Awards 2012 “Insolvency Barrister of the Year”.

He is undoubtedly a high-quality lawyer and one who would have given Mr Whyte the best possible representation possible.

But none of the above is what might provoke some ire. For that you need to go to the next section:-

His Holiness Pope Benedict knighted him in recognition of “his work as a barrister and law professor for the Catholic Church” in 2007 (Knight of the Order of St Gregory of the Great).

Yes. The former Chairman of Rangers and the “owner” of the club was represented at court by a Papal Knight!

One would have feared for the sanity of some of the more “traditional” Rangers fans if that had happened whilst he was still ensconced in the “Blue Room”!

(Of course the vast, vast majority of Rangers fans would not have a problem with that at all, but there is a small corner of the internet where people gather and in which such a decision regarding representation would be taken as tantamount to a betrayal.)

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201 responses to “Craig Whyte’s Counsel in the Ticketus Case Had Been Knighted – Can You Guess By Whom?

  1. On a more serious note , do you think when , not if , ra sellick win the league they should be a footnote to the title that they had no competition to their tainted title ? Surely there is no other league in the world that is over before its started ?

  2. Looking good for title 43 ? 44 ? Or is it 45 ? ….. just another 9 or 10 to catch up with the big club …Mind the gap bhoys …we welcome the chase .

    • Craig and Charlie's green and whyte army

      As above, your deid, won’t be getting any more tainted titles no matter what nonsense gets spouted by horrible little bigots such as yourself.

      Ha ha ha

    • douglas dixon

      We feel your pain, we feel your shame – but we’re not to blame. Lol

    • portpower

      so who was it that bought the history? The company or club. Think you`ll find your history sitting in the South of France somewhere. 1 and counting.
      Hail Hail.

  3. Sellick captain , Scott brown , has just stated …” we were lucky Rangers were not in the league this year ” ……..54 and counting …mind this gap .

  4. JimBhoy

    Championeees championeees… Hail hail to all the celtic minded…

  5. Paul

    What about a new team that is finished before it even got started?

  6. Judging by ra telly , ra sellick didn’t even sell out for their damp sqid of a ” party ” …’s gonna be sooooooooooo goooood seeing the ” champions” play to a half full unfinished ” stadium ” and no champions league to keep them going …….54 bhoys ..mind the gap.

  7. Fra

    Congrats to Neil and everyone of the Bhoys. Capacity crowd was like a twelfth man. Hail hail to the Celtic family the world over.

  8. Monti


    • Monti , how are you home from the game so early ? Were you at the game ? ….or are you an armchair ?….just askin like .

      • mark

        So we can thick to your list adjectives. Why does he need to be home to post on the internet?

        There were more people at paradise today watching the champions wrap up another title than have been at ibrox watching the new team playing there struggling at any game this season.

        Always have been, always will be

  9. It must really piss off the green seat brigade that If, note if , they win all the titles until the mighty Rangers are back in their rightful position they will still be playing catch up ……54 …mind the gap .

  10. not nearly dead but really dead

    How much has Carson commented on Celtic fc today.
    Surely a world record!
    Don’t worry my good man.
    Let the Celtic fans enjoy their moment, we will be back to talking about the only show in town (t’rangers, I’m sure you’ve heard of them) soon enough. I mean something may happen this week to the holding company/club (delete as per after admin event of 2012, when the ridiculous notion was born) to overshadow Celtics achievement,

    Except you might not want to talk about that as much
    Chin up

    • not nearly dead but really dead
      April 21, 2013 at 3:53 pm

      How much has Carson commented on Celtic fc today?
      Surely a world record!


      The liquidation of Sevco will shut carson up for good.

      And soon.

  11. Great to see the Liverpool fans today will acknowledge the 96 , Mrs Williams and the victims of Boston, how anyone can mock the victims of tragedy at a football match and the victims of terrorists is beyond me.

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