Rangers Make It Official – Ding Dong, Mr Green’s Gone!

No official confirmation yet from Ibrox about the departure of Mr Green although this has been reported by the BBC since around 2pm today (and by me at about 2.04pm).

Breaking – statement issued as shown below!

The BBC’s Roddy Forsyth said “Make no mistake about it; he has gone.”

So where does this leave Rangers?

The PLC Board now appears to be left with the following Executive Directors:-

Brian Stockbridge … err, that’s it.

There are a number of non-execs:-

Chairman Malcolm Murray

Walter Smith

Ian Hart

Phillip Cartmell

Bryan Smart

As for Rangers Football Club Ltd, the former Sevco Scotland Ltd and the company which owns the assets which make up the football club (as opposed to the PLC which is 100% owner of the company which owns the assets which make up the football club) the Board is as follows:-

Imran Ahmad

Brian Stockbridge

And that is it.

Malcolm Murray was on the Board here too, but his appointment was terminated on 20th December 2012, allowing him to move to being Non-exec Chairman of the PLC.


The confirmation statement:-

The Company announces that Charles Green has notified the Board that he wishes to step down as Chief Executive with immediate effect. Recent weeks have seen media interest in the circumstances surrounding the period prior to the acquisition of The Club by the consortium led by Mr Green. Whilst Mr Green strenuously denies any wrongdoing, he has recognised that this negative publicity is a distraction and is detracting from the achievements and reputation of The Club. As a result, Mr Green has informed the Board that he will leave his post with immediate effect and leave the Company, following an orderly handover, by the end of May. The Board has commenced the search for a new Chief Executive and expects the role to attract high quality candidates from both within and outwith the industry. A further announcement will be made in due course.

Malcolm Murray said, “Charles Green was instrumental in helping to secure financial stability for The Club. The impact that he had in turning The Club around from the dark days of last summer will never be forgotten by the fans who I am sure, like me, will thank him for this and for choosing to put The Club ahead of his personal position at this time”.

Charles Green said, “Recent events have undoubtedly been a distraction for both myself and all involved with Rangers and I feel that it is appropriate that I step down so that The Club can continue to progress back to where it belongs at the pinnacle of Scottish football. I am very proud to have been associated with a club of the stature of Rangers and am proud of the achievements of The Club during my tenure as Chief Executive. My thanks go to the Rangers fans, whose support has been tremendous during my time at The Club.”

So, he is going, not because he has done anything wrong clearly, but because “recent events” have proved to be a distraction.

What is the difference, one wonders, between leaving his post immediately, and the company in May? Might this have to do with an orderly disposal of his shares? After all, one suspects he would not want to stay as the largest shareholder in the PLC, nor might the PLC want him in that position. After all, in light of the allegations about Mr Whyte’s involvement with Mr Green, and suggestions that Mr Green’s ownership was a front for Mr Whyte, he needs to dispose of the shares too?

Otherwise, won’t the distractions continue?

And the news might be good for Kenny Miller, as the Scotsman reported today that his signing by Ally McCoist was being blocked by Charles Green on the basis that Mr Green did not want to buy over the hill former players who were last decent footballers a few years back older players whose wage demands would far exceed any limited resale value.

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140 responses to “Rangers Make It Official – Ding Dong, Mr Green’s Gone!

  1. Title for movie – Fatal Distraction.

  2. mcfc

    It;’s official – http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/3796-directorate-change

    Sounds like the same lawyer wrote the quotes for Murray and Green.

  3. CG following a well worn pattern…one wonders if he deliberately makes an arse of himself so that the excuse to step aside presents itself…

    • I totally agree with you, Charlie has suffered from intentional foot in mouth disease from the outset. In fact it was only a matter of time before he ended up in an untenable situation because of his odd behaviour and his supposedly ‘down to earth, straight shooting’ attitude’. No surprise that he had to resign, the penny firework fell to Earth, after promising to make the heavens shine like a beacon showing how corrupt our game was against decent clubs like his.
      None of this would have happened if there was someone capable of understanding the mystic and arcane prophecies of that Delphic oracle Bomber Brown. Does anyone know if he has any luck at picking the horses? He is a bit like the wee boy in the fairy story who saw through the lie of The Emperor’s New Clothes. I never thought I would say this about him, but his gainsayers should be giving him an apology, or at least buy him a drink or two, and then ask if he has any inside gen who is going to win the Scottish Grand National.

  4. ee bye gume he’s a cannie lad,bhoy he can talk the ears of a wooden hun/sevco fan / dumco/slumco /pawnco shiteco, ‘ope you lot all end up in’t garbage pile,where yi’t all bilong, ps c’mont ‘oops

  5. mcfc

    Didn’t Charles say “I bought the history”.

    Will he be taking it with him?

    Or will he be leasing it back to TRFC?

  6. Just on BBC , sky , stv , Sheldon adelson , American billionaire and looking to expand his gamming and casino business interests in Europe , to take over as owner of the mighty Rangers ! A spokesman has said he has set aside substantial funds to take this iconic club to the highest level .

  7. mick

    With all th ilegalitys surrounding the deal has he gone or done a runner there is lots still to play in greens time at the bigot dome it’s lol lol lol at sevco the most freakish zombiefied sports product ever doomed for lacking transparacy will the sfa explain why whyte owns the brick and mortar as it was up to them to get deal and issue licence its a busted fflush am loving it the club and 10 company’s are doomed lol

    • mick

      greens gone a wonder who’s next for the hot seat ?

      • The Hidden Fortress

        A ‘high quality candidate’ of course. Just like Mr Green, Mr Whyte and Mr D Murray. Experience of ‘not being able to hear’ thousands of people singing sectarian chants in one’s immediate environs preferred. Ability to avoid filing audited accounts, paying all relevant social taxes and losing one million pounds per month in operations essential. Still holding on to those shares investors ? Even when Mr Green ‘disposes’ of his holding…purely in the Club’s interest, you understand ?..’La Baie des Anges’ beckons and the roulette wheel has just been spun. (Or ‘span’ if you use the Dodds New English dictionary).Your turn, people who do not ‘walk away’. Cash the chips or gamble and lose all. Just thinking aloud here, purely in a ‘personal capacity’. Most definitely NOT providing any financial advice whatsoever. But definitely smiling. What a week ! I need to go now. I think I can hear the Champions’ League bells ding-donging on the zig-zagging, staggering wreck that is SS Dignity. I seem to be smiling even more now…

  8. 100bjd

    Well if the biggest brass neck in Glasgow ( and Yorkshire) resigns because of an allegation by one of the world’s great liars PRIOR to an independent investigation you would have to think there is lots of nuclear stuff to come. I am sure there is!

    • mick

      It’s gamma level out lol hail hail its so good being a Tom these days with the lol at sevco everyday it’s big tel bhoy this week the only person a respect ever to wear blue it will be tough but it will be 2 in a row while sevco have there foundations dug up and skipped lol

  9. mcfc

    A genuine question.

    Does the SFA ban prevent Whyte from owning the land/buildings of a former football company/club – and renting, leasing them to a different football company/club. He has no control over the football activities of the company/club (director etc) so I’m assuming he’s in the clear.

    I wouldn’t trust him with a half eaten sandwich – but you’ve got to admire his low cunning.

    • mick

      Good point Manc a have wondered that and should sevco be billed for his fine he owes a fine to sfa a big 1 from last year legal route for collection was mentioned when he would not pay winding uP order via sfa legals lol

    • renfrewdave

      is he not part owner of a company that owns football club as long as he isnt part of the club dont see how the SFA can stop him. he could own catering companies that end up getting the catering contracts at ibrox and again how would the saf be able to stop that? he could really stick 2 fingers up to the sfa. anyone else know if this is correct?

  10. Ash

    I think Paul will need to an end of financial year review as well as an end of calendar year review. Even Paul’s concise style can’t deal with the volume of material being generated by these scoundrels and rogues.

  11. cam

    Briiliant,type out a statement put a line through it,great lawyerly stuff,,,
    Judge;ladies and gentlemen of the jury i must direct you to ignore that last statement made by learned counsel.
    side bar;now look Mr McConville i will not tolerate that kind of behaviour in my courtroom,keep your questioning relevant to the issue at hand.

    One wonders,what with all that speculating and suspecting that someone may be loitering with intent.
    For the avoidance of any doubt, the speculation regards Kenny Miller and RFC’s signing policy at present or in future would come under Employment Law and Contractual Law in case any aspiring lawyers wonder what i’m rambling on about.

  12. Seems your whipping yourselves into a frenzy over not a great deal bhoys , remember the orlt court case ? Or the new administration in February ? And shytes claim he is in charge ? Seems they all fell on their erses ! Chill out bhoys ! We are not going away you know .

    • mick

      Carson check thommos twitter winding up order is mentioned today lol orlet or whyte lol your keeping your head in the sand man up and face its all a con to fleece yous greens whytes mate he’s of skis now your left with whyte lol

    • cam

      He’s getting too excited and even i can’t translate his garbage anymore and i specialise in the stuff.

    • Carson, please please please don’t go away, because neither are Orlit, Whyte, or Admin ii.

      • I’m always here mate , can I call you mate ? I’ve not got any , and I never hide or have it on my toes , so we are not going away you know , infact looking forward to watching the mighty Rangers tomorrow , PLAY UP THE RANGERS !!!

        • cam

          What are they gonna do when the Bears turn out for next season,,,mucho greetin and even more conspiracies to keep the saddos ignoring their own team,,,its all about the Rangers.

          • arb urns

            cam carson u seem joined at the ip tonight

            • cam

              Shareholders,marchers,bowlers,back to back holding the enemy at bay until Gandalf Smith arrives wi a squad of troops on big white horses,,,thats the Ride of The Rohan,,,not the Ride of Motherwell!

          • Cam, seriously, Turn oot where? Did you see how many times “The Club” was mentioned in the Ibrokes presser. Subliminal messaging there mate. I’m surprised that got passed you. “The Club” aye, capital lettered, are facing eviction from “The Big Hoose”,

            • cam

              Ibrox,leading the way as usual.with the biggest support in Scotland.This is our country barca,we own everything!

        • Youze playing away or at Love street?

        • Paul

          Ahh the word mighty the one that goes with How the Mighty have fallen. Have a nice weekend and don’t drink too much irn bru from the wee diddy cup.

  13. Deansy

    It’s gonna be fun when, whoever takes over, gets access to the accounts their (Alleged) £20mil is MEANT to be in or how MUCH Chic has left them – this could be a life-altering time for Scottish Football and Scottish Society !!
    Here’s hoping/praying/wishing ………………….

    • Ed Paisley

      That’s a very good point Deansy. How much of the £22m will be left in the Ibrox coffers when Chico finally packs his bags at the end of May. He’ll probably get a very handsome pay-off for “securing Rangers’ financial stability”. No doubt he will be billing Rangers for sundry additional services before he goes. Rangers will probably guarantee him a minimum price for his shares. Chico will exact his pound of flesh.

  14. ccl

    Duff and Phelps stated re the CVA that Sevco 5088 ltd had paid £200000 for exclusive rights to the purchase of the assets of Rangers etc in the event that no CVA was agreed. How then can Duff and Phelps explain to BDO that they then transferred the assets to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

  15. Glazert Tim

    The Sheldon Adelson story is one of the funniest yet Carson.

    He who has a business associate Haim Saban who made his millions from …….The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise.

    Well, Sevco is adept at ‘morphin’, lacking on the ‘power’ and far from ‘mighty’ at this current time.

    If I see any Rangers branded crash helmets in Sports Direct, I’ll know the deal has gone through.

    • Rolfl, lmfao, haaaaaaaaa, I had you checking it out eh ? Sooooo easy .

      • Glazert Tim

        As a troll Carson, you need to step up to the plate, your recent posts have been petty poor, slowly moving up to watery shite. However, just so you don’t feel unloved I’ll take the bullet to give John, Maggie, Mick etc a break.

        In response to you, I read those annoying big papers that take up space on trains that often contain articles and facts of interest. I vaguely remember them being fairly successful…(duh)…in so far as they are probably the two big hitter Jewish businessmen in the US with plenty of column space.

        I was actually commending you in putting some research into your posting…..for once, that had a quirky undertone. However, I’m sure it won’t happen again.

        Anyhow, it’s sunny, friday night and TRFC are in the shite again. I’m off for a pint with Charlie Green, Craiggy and Peter L, just as soon as I finish my conference call with the Vatican Bank on our next move in the destruction of The Gers.

        P.S. Before anyone from TRFC bretheren asks the two US tycoon’s if they can get an orange strip, none of the MMPR outfits are orange but they all have white sashes. What more could they ask for……apart from “Who are these Power Rangers? We demand to know the identities of these hidden faceless people deciding our futures.”

        Ally: “I won’t lie. I’ve seen these Power Rangers and I’d ride the wan in pink and a widnae say no to the wee Chinese lassie in the yellow outfit either ” End of Rangers Media Announcement

  16. Interesting ……

    We know that there is a story currently in Embargo ……….
    (and if you don’t, then you should …..)

    We also know that Charles (“who is MU”) Green has a …. ‘Right To Reply’

    And today he steps down as CEO ………

    ……. Just an observation !

    • @newtz, it seems the boss is a caring shepherd, he trusts the farmers, but not the nasty wolves. For some folk tradition is all. They don’t seem to like change too much. Still it will be nice when the collies have the wolves penned in, or chase them off.

  17. Breaking news !!! Treacle teeth has announced he is now a grass , just when you thought he couldn’t go any lower .

  18. Always the dollars, as Joe Pesci would say… Maybe we can see why from the share performance graph (thanks to JosephmcGrath in the last posting) which shows the price heading through the floor, and scarily so in the last few weeks. So Charlie probably had to act (but possibly set the plan in motion a few weeks back?) to make sure he at least still had a couple of million get outta Dodge dollars…

    One thing’s for sure, he was completely correct when he said Rangers would have nothing to do with the SPL under him (didn’t say anything about St Mirren, obviously).

  19. I thought when wee Craigy brought his other companies into the fold, he was increasing his potential warchest for the legal battle. Now that Chicco has bottled it from wee Craigy, and it is clear that even the toughest of Yorkshire ‘Ard men, are no match for a Motherwell Jessie. But have Sevco in any way diluted, or protected a percentage of the assets over which Craigy can claim.?

  20. Michael Farrell

    This would never have happened if it wasn’t for those pesky Catholic Schools.

  21. ancient hibee

    Woodstein were right “follow the money”.

  22. big chico gone.
    rip sevco.
    anything thing from SFA/SPL/SFL.on the news.
    naw to busy wi neil francis lennon eh.

  23. cam

    I hear that Craigie has summoned Ally to Castle Grant to discuss signing targets,he has heard of an outstanding young foreign player who has a Scots granny,plays the flute, likes the rain and kicking folk.
    He is available for a cut price figure of £17.7 million,,,,his name?
    Ticke Tus,,,he is one of 8 children.

  24. I wonder why the stadium naming rights or the renaming of Murray Park deals haven’t happened yet? 🙂

    • The Hidden Fortress

      I’d have thought you would need a stadium for that first bit BB (chuckle, chuckle)…and be able to prove that YOU have it. We’re going to miss Cathal.

  25. Althetim

    I’m hugely disappointed in todays development. I liked Charlie Green – the man provided enormous entertainment every time he spoke and he certainly had the Sheep formerly known as Bears dancing to his tune. Something for everyone. Laughs for us, hope for them. One real, the other not so much.

    Scottish footballs gain is Scottish comedys’ loss. I hope he reconsiders.

  26. Paul

    Will the SFA now consider an appropriate punishment for lying. Whyte is not connected, the document is sort of fake, err i am sevco 5088, the cheque has not been cashed but we tried to give it back. Err Companies House are probably part of the celtic cabal. I am resigning too many distractions affecting our plans, Ally your war-chest is safe, need to get rid of McDowall and Durrant,.Sandazza, Murray and a PA Announcer all sacked, the guy is a comedian, and brilliant.
    Every statement is nothing but lies and still the zombies will believe any old Shit*. Spartans are entitled to their position in scottish football.

    • gortnamona

      Yea Paul
      Charlie is found out and has to sneak off with his tail between his legs. So Cam & Carson decide its time to attack Neil Lennon with their dirty little jibes. Just confirming that, where Rangers are concerned, when the going gets tough the foul-mouthed little bigots will always come to the fore.

      Cam has enough brains to be ashamed of himself, or should be. If Carson had a brain he might realise he is the Village Idiot on this site.

      • cam

        Touched a wee nerve?,,,good.
        I do love wee Lenny snarling out “it was two complaints bwaah” imagine someone being so obsessed that they would sit and listen to him swearing and then get on the blower,send e-mails,contact their local blogger,,,what kind of weirdo would do that eh gort? bwaahaha.
        Its on a par with his recent gem when St Mirren annoyed him by “claiming for everything” BWAHAHAHA.
        More dirty little jibes for a dirty wee man methinks.

        • gortnamona

          I am more interested in exposing the rotten little bigot behind the funny-man facade, than I am in defending Neil Lennon, who is well capable of looking after himself.

  27. Raymilland

    The Ibrox gatekeeper job is now officially surplus to requirements. There are many candidates already in place.

    Will Craig Whyte stand at the gates of Ibrox to make certain Charles Green is never allowed entry to the stadium again?

    Will Craig Whyte make certain Ally McCoist is never allowed entry to the stadium again?

    Will Ally McCoist stand at the gates of Ibrox to make certain Craig Whyte and Charles Green are never allowed entry to the stadium again?

    Will the Rangers fans stand at the gates of Ibrox to make certain all of the above are never allowed entry to the stadium again?

    Will the gates of Ibrox soon be appearing in an auction?

    Only one thing is certain; the Rangers fans are revolting;)

    • Breaking news ! Prince asaid we arra peepulll , a billionaire with wealth off the radar is to takeover the mighty Rangers from Mr Adelson , the American billionaire for three quid and will invest 300 million drcama on the team ! According to Mick .

  28. dan

    This is even better than great sex.

  29. Jon

    I thought Mr Green said we don’t do walking away?

  30. mick

    chuckie ta ra lol

  31. mick

    they are doomed what a great day for scottish sport evil mouth is gone

  32. mick

    whens the loving cup cant wait to see what lips are rimming it this year

  33. Robert D Bruce


    Nice to be associated with you.

    Best laugh for a bit.

    Why run when there is 100 mill in the pipeline?

    Sally won;t walk until he has a photo wi’ a trophy as “manager”

    Then let’s who does “WALKIN’ AWAY” next.

  34. antoniousF

    so what happens to Greeners SFA hearing on 25th April?

    • Who gives a flying fcujk ??? Tomorrow the mighty Rangers play to a full house ! While the rest of the diddy teams can’t fill their own middens !………. tick tick tick tock ..

  35. Gortch

    When the share prospectus was released in December, someone on KDS asked “what are they selling, the pig or the poke?”

    At the time the question seemed cynical and funny. Doesn’t seem so cynical now though, even if it’s still funny.

    You see, it’s quite possible that all they sold was a poke; with no dog meat or pork inside. Charles has conveniently extricated himself and will not be there when the poke is finally opened and we find out.

    If the assets really did belong to Craig Whyte’s Sevco 5088 then Sevco Scotland had/has no rightful claim to them. It’s as simple as that.

    Could this have been the best charade in the history of switcheroos? Is it possible they deliberately sold a poke for how many million, floated on the London Stock Exchange, in effect conjuring all that cash up out of thin, hot, air?

    It has to be said that Green’s antics recently looked suicidal; by that I mean deliberately sabotaging his own standing. Not only was he guilty of using racist language, he seemed to make an argument for using it. On top of that, he said his own team was the worst in history. We could go on, there’s a catalogue of examples of him offending people over the last couple of months.

    If true, who is going to do anything about it? Whyte seems to be embedding the assets in a Gordian knot of companies, with no obvious answers in terms of owns what.

    It would probably cost more than the assets are worth just to work out which company you want to take to court. By the time you get close, he will have added more complexity by selling companies, changing their names, moving assets around, etc….

    It all smells very Russian. Sophisticated and terrible all at once.

  36. Totally off topic , but have read that Stan petrov is in remission ! Good on you my man ! I hope you f@#$ing SMASH that fu@#ing disease .

  37. Monti

    Hun flew over the cuckoos nest

  38. Paul

    44,000 tenners will not cover 1.8mill a month.But will pay pay for Charlies petrol money back to Yorkshire. 60,000 will watch as Celtic lift the mens cup enjoy your diddy day with all the diddys who followed the pied piper.

  39. Robert D Bruce

    What Charlie has chucked it?

    What about the walkway to the pleasure dome Chas?

    What about Zadock the Priest?

    Chas where’s may pension money?

  40. renfrewdave

    so could the PLC which is 100% owner of the company which owns the assets which make up the football club influence what money the football club is able to spend? for example could they “skim” off the top of the season ticket money/football club income or limit the amount of cash that the club has to spend in a season?

    • Robert D Bruce

      As I understand it, Ranger International Football Club has the money.
      Rangers, Govan Version 1872, who all the supporters lined up at the turnstiles over the years to support have Hee Haw!
      Big ‘ands is away with the dough.
      Rangers International Football Club own Ibrox & Murray Park allegedly.

      Charlie has worked the Oracle if he has got away with it.

      If he has the once famous Glasgow Rangers are Third Lanarks’s neebor.

      Must be beyond time for league construction, is it no?

  41. mick

    its all over kds greens words they are heading for administration lol
    what a summer we are in for lol

    its from trusted source well true and what we are all expecting
    they really are doomed

  42. Paul

    How did all the sevcos not make the connection,that there was a conspiracy to convert and educate them. they became part of the green brigade, they were associated to glasgows green and whyte, they were tied to charlie and the boys they sang about the green and whyte and hooped it up big time about becoming richer than Man utd. Agent Whyte and Green mission accomplished once Lex Gold takes over they will realise they were operating under the irish flag. Have a nice wee diddy day and do not forget to take the silk scarves of yester years(100% Acrylic available on the bearsden) LOL this is just fecking too good to be true

  43. Mick , what about orlit ? Administration 2 ? ……now in her majestys English , in your own time go on .

  44. Now that Charles Green has walked away from his position as CEO of Rangers an analysis of his time in that position is inevitable.

    Truth is it’s too soon for anyone to provide one, though I’m sure there will be many attempts.

    There aren’t many things we can be sure of not least his reasons for leaving (apparently he had become a distraction).

    However there are some things which can be said.

    Taking a look at Rangers Media (a rough poll at best) the view seems to be that Charles Green saved Rangers Football Club and indeed defended them against all manner of foes. Many are saddened by his departure.

    A lot of Rangers fans bought season tickets and shares under Charles Greens’ stewardship; quite a few would have bought both.

    As the season draws to an end the tickets are all but worthless. The measure of Charles Greens value as a CEO to Rangers fans will be the value of those shares.

    I seem to remember commenting some time ago about the awful prospect for some Rangers fans that had lost out on shares and debentures offered by a previous regime having to invest again to save their club.

    As it happens they invested in the new regime. Essentially they invested in Charles Green in considerable numbers.

    The master salesman is now heading for the hills (possibly the dales) leaving those with share certificates with more questions than answers.

    The hope for Rangers fans is that their investment is secure, that the departure of their CEO is not a problem.

    It may be a hope based on faith rather than reason.

  45. alexander

    Charlie Cairoli! We will all miss you! you were a breath of Hot Air to the Scottish game! More one liners than Bob Hope,More Quotes than Mark Twain, More tales than Hans(no pun intended)Christian Anderson, More Lies than Tam Pepper and your partner Craigy Whyte put together! BUT! !!!WAS It WORTH IT? Of course it Was! you did the job you were there for! You Buffooned your way into the 3rd division! illegally! with YOUR! New Club, much to the delight of the deflated old Rangers fans, whom YOU convinced that this was the Same Rangers Club you Failed to save from LIQUIDATION! (at least YOU tried) unlike the so called millionaire fans who let the old club DIE! Chuckles! as a Celtic fan, I must Thank You, for appointing Sally as the manager of your New Club! and I hope you manage to sell your free shares! and I would recommend that there should be Statues of You and wee Craig outside the Big Hoose!!!!!!!! Or maybe even Carfin! God Bless You Both! and God forgive me!

  46. Fra

    Absolutely brilliant. Wee Craigie, man with a castle, jag, apartment in Monaco would somehow accept an avalanche of crap directed at him, court cases swirling about, all for what, a bill ot £18mill and hatred from the hordes!

    I remember asking a Rangers supporting friend why he had bought Rangers. His reply was ‘he didn’t know but thought it was the prestige of being associated with Glasgow Rangers.’ (Stop laughing, I said stop, that’s enough now, stop it). Remember at this time there was a potential bill for £130ish million. Football clubs don’t make vast profits????

    Personally I couldn’t fathom it either but could smell a rat. This guy who accumulated wealth much more than most of us on here had, although not off the radar, couldn’t be so stupid. Why put yourself through so much shit for nought. There had to be more to this saga.

    Since the the rangers were shoe horned into a position which shouldn’t have been theirs, this story has been giving and giving. I must say on a personal note, I find it fascinating.

    Whyte, Green et al have been an absolute pantomime but something has been in the back of my mind in this whole saga. Where is Minty Moonbeams?????? The guy who virtually controlled the MSM in this country has been conspicuous by his lack of coverage.

    Green was going to re-name Murray park to rid the new club of the stench of the old club. Murray stayed silent. His baby (trifc) was on its knees while he watched it being ripped to shreds by these charlatans and stood by and did diddly squat???

    We all think we can spot a fly man from a mile away but these characters are something else. Green is Whytes patsy?? Say anything to get the hordes on board. Fleece them and walk off into the sunshine. Your name is mud but you’ve got a couple of millions for your troubles. The debt is wiped and we change a letter in the heading and the finale………Minty Moonbeams rides into town to save the day and rescue his beloved baby from these bad men who duped him.

    As this car crash has played, how many times have we heard from Murray?

    How did Murray know Whyte? Don’t you think he had Whytes history dissected? Duped my arse. I’m beginning to think his ego was far too big to walk away and it was orchestrated by him all along. I could be wrong but it wouldn’t surprise me. Any things possible within this cable of snakes.

    As a little footnote: Haven’t the footballing authorities been shown to be complicit through laziness and stupidity in all of this. Anybody with an ounce of decency would have fell on their swords by now.

    • Fra

      Cable reads cabal

    • gortnamona

      Duff & Phelps have received very little attention so far, but I believe they must be up to their necks in Craig’s conspiracy to buy back Rangers for a peppercorn payment.

      • Fra

        @Gort…Was it not Alistair Johnstone(sic) who stated that the only time he saw Craig Whyte worried was when he thought Duff n Duffer looked as if they weren’t going to get preferred status as administrators.

        The whole thing stinks to high heaven

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