Charles Green – An Apology

When I wrote my blog last week about Mr Green and his imminent board meeting to deal with his “issues” about Craig Whyte, I confidently predicted that he would be out later that day.

However, I was wrong.

The Rangers-minded blogger, David Leggat, a man who has his inky fingers close to the Ibrox innards, had boldly predicted last Friday that Charles Green would survive this latest challenge. He then castigated award-winning journalist Keith Jackson for predicting that Green would fall – after all, as Mr Leggat made clear, Mr Jackson could not (presumably unlike Mr Leggat) have any reliable sources inside the Blue Room, else he would not have predicted the fall.

I make no claim of access to the inner sanctum on Edmiston Drive. My only visit to Ibrox was many years ago. It was to the wood-panelled offices, ascending the famous staircase, and in a professional capacity. I suspect that, by now, the batteries in the recording device I left behind might have failed.

However it seemed to me that, standing the storm surrounding Mr Green, it would be very difficult for him to survive.

I realise of course that, having read the statement produced tonight, I was wrong. My comments on parts of the statement are in bold.

Any prediction of his departure based upon the allegations made by Craig Whyte is completely wrong. The statement makes clear that this is the case, and who can disagree with it?

As the statement made clear:-

Whilst Mr Green strenuously denies any wrongdoing, he has recognised that this negative publicity is a distraction and is detracting from the achievements and reputation of The Club.

It is amazing how often we see people resigning, not because they have done anything wrong, but because their travails are a “distraction”. That has applied to politicians, clerics, business people and football managers. Mr Green now joins the long line of people who quit, selflessly, because of “distractions”.

One might however accuse the Board of being a little over-sensitive. After all, is this not the world’s most successful football club, and one called by the Finance Director only last week the “richest, best run and most stable” football club in the UK?

Either the accusations, notwithstanding the strenuous denial of guilt by Mr Green, are so serious that they over-shadow even the great achievements over 140 years, or this is a statement acting as a fig leaf to justify the Board getting rid of Mr Green.

A cynic might say that, after the events of the last couple of years (let’s ignore any debate about the previous 138 years), it might be hard to see how these latest accusations can damage the reputation more than what else has happened!

And after all, one would not want the achievement of winning SFL3 for the first time in its history to be overshadowed.


As a result, Mr Green has informed the Board that he will leave his post with immediate effect and leave the Company, following an orderly handover, by the end of May.

What will Mr Green be doing till the end of May if he has left his post, as CEO, with immediate effect? Is it rather the case that it has been agreed that, rather than give the required 3 months’ notice, Rangers will let him go after 6 weeks.

Rangers have taken steps to prevent him taking the secrets of the Ibrox board room elsewhere in Scotland (or at least to any top division club). As was stated in the RIFC Prospectus:-  

Following termination, Mr Green is restricted for 9 months from, without consent, directly or indirectly being employed by any football club in the top division in Scotland as a chief executive or similar role, soliciting any director/senior employee/player/youth player to leave RFCL or employing a director/senior employee/player/youth player who was employed within the 12 months preceding the date of termination.

So, at least until the end of February 2014, he cannot be enticed to Tynecastle, Pittodrie or even to Celtic Park, to advise these teams on how to organise a successful stock market flotation. As we know on this site, Mr Green has a long record of being involved in share flotations which raise lots of money.


The Board has commenced the search for a new Chief Executive and expects the role to attract high quality candidates from both within and outwith the industry. A further announcement will be made in due course.

I will get the old CV run off – after all, I suspect I have a knowledge of the internal machinations of Rangers better than most – think of me as the “Pope Francis” candidate!


Malcolm Murray said, “Charles Green was instrumental in helping to secure financial stability for The Club. The impact that he had in turning The Club around from the dark days of last summer will never be forgotten by the fans who I am sure, like me, will thank him for this and for choosing to put The Club ahead of his personal position at this time”.

One would scarcely imagine that only a few weeks ago the rumours were rife that Mr Murray and Mr Green were at daggers drawn with each other. The rumours that they were engaged in a struggle for control of the Boardroom from which only one would emerge intact were clearly false. After all, how could Mr Murray speak so generously about an enemy?

It has already been suggested that there is a bit of subliminal marketing going on in this statement. As we see in the two sentences from Mr Murray, there are three mentions of “The Club”. It gets a few more airings too.

One should also praise Mr Murray for the economy of language. After all, Mr Green has saved the football club Mr Murray and many thousands, nay millions, of others loved. To sum his achievements up therefore in two sentences, when clearly Mr Murray would have wanted to talk at great length, is masterful.

Anyone who suggests that two sentences as thanks for saving the club, sorry The Club, is grudging would clearly be wrong, and indeed intent on causing trouble.


Charles Green said, “Recent events have undoubtedly been a distraction for both myself and all involved with Rangers and I feel that it is appropriate that I step down so that The Club can continue to progress back to where it belongs at the pinnacle of Scottish football.

“I am very proud to have been associated with a club of the stature of Rangers and am proud of the achievements of The Club during my tenure as Chief Executive. My thanks go to the Rangers fans, whose support has been tremendous during my time at The Club.”

Three mentions of The Club in three sentences.

Mr Green says that he is stepping down as a result of the “distraction”. But this is an act of such generosity and self-sacrifice that, surely, the Rangers Board have a duty to refuse to accept his resignation. After all, whilst we do not know what the outcome is of the independent investigation commissioned by the Board is, or indeed whether it has concluded (or even started) there is no doubt that the Chairman would not have spoken with such high praise of his departing CEO if there was any evidence of wrong-doing.


Mr Green swore he would be at Ibrox over many years, and would not leave until after the strains of the Champions League theme were once more player across Ibrox’s hallowed green turf.

So, as a last gesture to him, let us listen to the music which would have been undoubted proof of his success at the most successful club in history!

All it remains to say is sorry to Mr Green for suggesting he would leave because of his actions. Instead, cementing his Businessman of the Year award, he has made the decision to go, when he could have stayed to clear his name.

Posted by Paul McConville


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94 responses to “Charles Green – An Apology

  1. JohnBhoy

    Memo to Charlie:

    If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

  2. When the bears hear the champions league music that will be our victory , and what’s the odds on the mighty Rangers hearing it before ra sellick ? ……..and if they don’t make it next season … the brown smelly stuff will hit the fan .

  3. Paul

    Hard act to follow Paul. How can such a man be replaced after reading these comments.I think he might just be tipped for the joker role when they start filming the Craig Whyte Movie Vatman returns..Surely must be tipped for an Oscar.

  4. End of duty now troops , time to recharge the batteries , off to the temple of football ra morra !!! It’s great to wake-up a bluenose ………… We are , and always have been , an will be ra peeeeeeeeeeeppeeeellllllllllllllll .

  5. Michael

    Peter Lawwell will sleep easy tonight knowing Chuck can’t take his job in the next 9 months.

  6. Paul

    It’s great to wake-up a bluenose ,Maybe you should see a doctor about that.

  7. carson
    I can feel your pain .take some photos tomorrow it may be a while before you see the inside of the hate factory again for a while,
    more bad news heading that way next week me thinks.
    I wish people would stop laughing at the poor sevco fans they have been duped again and we really need to pity the poor souls.
    thinking of you at this sad time carson 🙂

    • Please see above , I feel your frustration , but , you should always acknowledge your betters …chin chin.

      • Ash

        Carson, not a fan of the old firm, just sport in general, but genuinely, please wake up. Challenge the custodians of your club rather than just believing every glib statement they come out with.

        Rangers are really in shitsville.

        I’m sure you know that and just come in here for he windups, but you really should use your time more constructively.

  8. I have read that Charles Green was hounded out of Scottish Football by a bunch of internet bampots. What can I say?…except…next!

  9. rodfather67


    Does Zadok the Priest officiate at your temple?

    Next for Shaving!


  10. Paul, Busy night?
    A wee poser for you bud.
    In the recent STV interview, Chicco went to great pains to emphasise he was not working in partnership with Imran. Reading between the lines it is easy to get the impression that Chicco is the flea bitten tail to Imrans dog. Imran seems sharp and intelligent, charming even, while Chicco is just Chicco.
    If Imran was to come out of the sewer in a nice white suit because Chicco slid down before him in a hairy suit, scraping off the excrement, i.e. take the rap.
    Would this dilute weeCraigies claim, if it is assumed Imran acted honourably.? And in effect, be a new partnership in place. Or would Imran be ruled to still, even unknowingly, be part of a fraud conspiracy surrounding 5088..
    As in every manoeuvre in this charade, there is a tactic. Of which this will be one of many to follow. I get the feeling that this is a wee snowball, at the top of a very high hill. ,and it will gather momentum.

  11. bigz


    Now that rangers are floated on the stock exchage can the exchange order the company to ringfence the funds raised through the floatation given that reasonable doubt would been given to its legality if craig whytes statement that a judge feels there is a case to answer is true. Would rhis starve rhe club of operational funds or do they have reserves.

  12. Den

    Rangers chairman Malcolm Murray said “Green was instrumental in helping to secure financial stability for the club”.

    Losing £1m per month, CEO gone. Doubt as to who owns the assets. What would he define as instability?

  13. Mark Murphy

    Right. Paul Clark and David Whitehouse next for questioning?

  14. Raymilland

    As one door closes for Charlie; another slams shut!

  15. Robert Fallan

    Walter Smith has what it takes to be the next CEO

  16. ecojon

    Green didn’t walk away voluntarily.

    He would have stayed and slugged it out with the support of the troops and defeated Murray and his Board by telling the Bears not to buy STs untill Murray and his supporters resigned. I think Green could have won that one and caused Murray to fall on his sword to ‘save’ Rangers.

    So why has he gone? I have never thought Green had a pot to p*ss in so it could be that the original TRFCL investors told him it was time to go because a board room battle was going to take the share price down to 20-30p and that’s me being optimistic.

    The only other thing I can think of is Sevco 5088 is a ticking time bomb which will explode. There are going to casualties when that happens and I can’t see D&P escaping either.

    Whether it matters that the SFA screwed up on the licence front is probably neither here nor there especially if there is another admin event. I can see some directors walking away as well and I think we may start to see another round of musical chairs over the subsidiary companies.

    The real worry for Rangers supporters must be the position regarding the assets – are they secure? And then there is the sponsorship situation as I reckon sponsors could probably still walk on the racism issue and the more I think about it the more I believe that’s why there was this rather strange position of the RIFC Plc board that it had nothing to do with them but was a personal matter for Green. Bizarre!

    I wonder if Green will now tell us more about the shareholding acquisition of a Board member whose shares were funded by money found ‘lying about’ in the youth department. I really do believe if a £1 coin was lying spare at Ibrox it would have been trousered.

    I really do expect Green will settle some scores as I think he could make a sore loser. Still he and his investors obviously seriously underestimated the guile of the Scottish establishment who was prepared to let them earn a few bob to clean up the club but not to clean it out.

    And then we are left with the Ashley question. Does he really want his SportsDirect brand tied into this mess. Perhaps in the longer term he isn’t bothered and in view of his own football problems perhaps he might even be happy buying Green’s shares, at a heavy discount of course.

    One thing for sure is that this has a long way to run with a lot to emerge and by the law of averages I doubt if it can be all good news for Rangers, Perhaps even the conspiracy theories will get wilder and to be fair I can see a certain logic in the squaring of the circle to prove the theories.

    However, as usual, I will try to avoid the conspiracy explanations as they are too easy and it’s much more fun working away trying to find the facts because they are often stranger than the most outlandish conspiracy theory which are usually pre-packaged to divert attention to what the real spivs are up to and not the bottom-feeders like charlie.

  17. GWG

    So~~~ the baw’s ower the wall noo….. Chuckles resigns tae his NEW Villa in the South of France taking with him his two new pinstripe
    Suits & 0f course his Millions 1p shares noo who dae we know that has Villa’s / vineyards in the South of France ??

    Get ready gentlemen for the BIG ONE~~~~ ACCOUNTS!!!!!!

    • ecojon


      Don’t be stupid – We don’t do accounts – we shred them 🙂

    • The Hidden Fortress

      Will the auditors walk away too ? Will they hide away in that depreciating asset itemised as ‘THE WARCHEST’ ? Tangible or intangible….hmmm It’s a tough call, but it’s YOUR CALL Mr T. The silence is sometimes so sweet on these springtime phone-ins. Springtime for Mr Green on ‘La Baie des Anges’. JT – just another salary for the auditors to recommend be diced, seasoned and popped in a lamb stew. Sizzling succulence…feel the heat, nourished by the blaze of the share-burner stove.

  18. ecojon


    I have never believed that Ahmad was the junior partner in that relationship and as Green was starting to go out his depth and was flailing he kept trying to draw attention to Ahmad being the one that wee craigie was most involved with even with the 3 Russian Dolls.

    I actually think that’s true – I think the real nexus of power lay with Ahmad, Zeus and wee craigie and I have little doubt that a lot of the original investors are tied or connected to Zeus in some way.

    Green’s business record is quite clear and that is to raise share capital and he’s good at the flotation game and talking shares up – not so good afterwards but hey ho he leaves with his pay-off and his shares which he probably flogs.

    I think Green may have been blinded by Rangers and saw it as his final chance to get the retirement pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and maybe wee craigie spotted that and played him even against Ahmad from the beginning. But that’s me diverging into conspiracy theories 🙂

    So many diverse people and organisations have a vested interest in hiding the full truth that it could take years, if ever, before any explanation emerges. The only thing that could short-circuit it would be criminal charges and certainly not civil action because I think companies and commercial law is now virtually useless against spivs who can run rings round it and not break any laws IMO.

    • Ecojon you are right about getting sucked into theories, but it is intriguing, and hard not to. If you listen to the tape of Chicco saying, “You are sevco” Ahmed’s tone is clearly “FFS Chicco, shut up!” and I bet there was a wee welly under the table.
      The whole operation is too slick for Chicco to be the brains. Ahmed’s calm demeanour in every tape I have heard leads me to believe this is run of the mill to him. It’s his job!
      I must say though, not having had dealings with Companies House, I am surprised at their lack of authority or control over any of the dealings that pass through their doors. Spiffing,old boy!
      It may be safe to assume that the disdain they have shown Companies House has resulted in sloppiness .to detail, which generally passes under the radar. But, they may have made a serious error of judgement by trying to conduct their “business” in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow.
      Huge rewards, but greed is often a downfall. (MK ii) Here’s hoping.

      • I am caught between two stools.

        On the one hand, and I know this may sound crazy, I expect a massive fudge to be orchestrated that involves BDO, D&Ps, Lord Hodge, the AIM and others.

        I base this assumption on what I perceive to be the inaction of Lord Hodge when the BBC showed that D&Ps, vis-a-vis David Grier, were clearly conflicted when they took on the administration.

        Lord Hodge passed the buck, by citing the IPO investigation, and effectively kicked the issue into the long grass rather than remove D&Ps and appoint new administrators.

        If Lord Hodge had acted, that would have reset the clock on the administration process and there would have been no Rangers this season, IMO. The political issue of “social unrest” comes to mind. Lord Hodge, perhaps, was acting in the public interest.

        HMRC were also keen to see a Rangers continuing after they forced the old club into liquidation. Their statement after the event made that clear.

        They gave the Green light to the newco.

        They wanted to benefit from the revenues of the revived club while making their mark to other tax avoiding companies. It was a win-win.

        Where does the public interest lie now?

        HMRC now know that Whyte tried to stiff them twice through Green.

        However, if BDO, the AIM, the courts or the police start unpicking the threads of this cluster**** then that could jeopardise the continuing functionality of the new Rangers Football Club.

        This has the potential to unleash the kind of social unrest that the political and legal establishment appear afraid of.

        It will also deprive the Treasury of a decent wedge – assuming Sevco are paying PAYE, Income Tax, VAT etc.

        It’s a lose-lose.

        From this perspective, the public interest lies in getting Whyte and Green out of the picture and then muddling through as if nothing has really happened.

        Could things be fudged?

        It won’t be easy but some legal threats along with financial inducements could see Green and Whyte agree to disappear out of the picture, and the country.

        However, I said at the beginning that I was caught between two stools.

        That’s because there are a multitude of hurdles that have to be overcome if the new Rangers Football Club is to survive.

        It will need to be a belter of a fudge.

        And that leads me to Ahmed. From what I hear, there are some people out there who would like a clarification on his role in past actions at other enterprises.

        As I said, do the likes of BDO, the AIM or Lord Hodge really want to start pulling the threads of this affair apart?

        I reckon at least one agency is now ready to do so but, like I said, I am still caught in the middle although I am edging towards a critical mass being reached that forces the fudge policy to be abandoned.

        Sometimes it is in the public interest to lance the boil.

        • ecojon


          The thing about Ahmad that intrigues me is his recent paper interview where he claims to have been friend with Green for yonks and doing deals with him for years. I wonder what these deals were and why no one has tripped over any documentary evidence of them?

      • ecojon


        Companies House quite unashamedly admits to operating as a post office for company documentation. As long as there’s a signature there that’s fine even if you don’t know who it belongs to and even when the contents of the forms make no sense in regard to other previously lodged info.

        All part of the deregulation agenda to make it easier for City spivs to operate and fleece cash from others.

        I think you’re on the button with Glasgow’s goldfish bowl as no one who hasn’t been born there or been there for some time could ever believe that you can’t take a breath or sh*t without it being public knowledge before either have cooled.

  19. Budweiser


    Leaving aside the ‘ Newtz Theory ‘ [Collapsing Dark Stars and there place in collision companies ] after sucessfully predicting that chico would go, I now predict that Imran and Stockbridge are next. Chico and Imran 12% between them, plus stocky [ how much did he have?]. Blue Pitch holdings ? Margarita Funds etc – other dodgy shareholders – how much loyalty do they have? I predict a riot.
    Opening soon. Rose Budweiser . Reader of greasy palms!

    • ecojon

      @ Budweiser

      Stockbridge hasn’t got that much in shares – Chick has his 5 million and Imran 2.5 million, bought at 1p, and his boss at Zeus has 2.5 million and another Zeus director has 100K I think and then Blue Pitch Holdings had what was it about 6 million.

      There were only 19 million 1p shares and just the above adds up to 16 million although that’s just supposition because we don’t know what Ahmad’s Boss paid for his 2.5 million.

      Btw if you rub some snake oil on your hands it will remove all traces of grease but if you have really BIG hands you’ll need two bottles of the unguent.

    • @Bud, If wee Craigy gets the nod, he is on a serious result. I don’t see it being in his interest to see Sevco fold. That would leave him with a huge Ticketus bill, and a largely worthless (in comparison) stadium and training ground.
      It is actually in his interests to have a successful Sevco, who can pay high rent. Equally, I don’t think he will want the rats to scuttle over the side with a piece of his action. The bears probably are blinded to it, but hanging their coat on Craigy’s peg might be their safest option.
      Either way, the owners of Sevco will now, and forever more, will be lost in some corporate flowchart, if they survive.
      With a high turnover and constant cash movement, it is easy to see why the pretenders to the throne would like control of such a flexible money moving machine.

      • Budweiser


        Sounds fair to me! No matter which way this pans out, it’s a feck up! Unless a multi mega billionaire comes to the rescue – oh that’s right – he still owns them!
        ps. – Sell any shares in wallpaper manufacturers – seems to be a glut on the market!

  20. portpower

    Farewell uncle charlie. Thanks for the memories.

  21. Paul

    FOLLOWING the publication and broadcast of misleading and inaccurate information on STV this evening, a spokesman for Charles Green said: “Mr Green is appalled by this blatant attempt to discredit him.
    The above is from the Rangers official website.I think Charlie when STV produced documents with all the villains names lumped together you discredited yourself. Why not stay and fight off accusations if innocent. Misleading and accurate information would be a case to fight don’t you think?. obviously he does not think but opens up to the gallery and speaks the biggest load of pish for the sevconian faithful. Walk On Charlie.

    • ecojon

      @ Paul

      Well at least Chico hasn’t done walking away!

      He’s kept to his history and is sprinting into the blue yonder.

  22. portpower

    If uncle charlie is gone does that not mean the history is gone?

  23. Davido

    Paul, never been moved enough before to leave comment on your blog, but this is a tour de force. Well done, there are glimpses of Swiftian levels of satire here. Hilarious.

  24. ecojon

    No man should be bigger than the club. And in the end he wasn’t.

  25. Dougie Dixon

    STOP PRESS: Head racist of sectarian institution fired by Klan board.
    “There is no place in a sectarian loving club for a racist.”

  26. honest john

    Goodbye Chuck. It’s been a gas, we’ll all miss your homespun yarns as you kidded the gullibles out of their hard earned.
    History may be kind to you, not as much as to our own Craigy Bhoy who started the whole wonderful party. Not to forget Super Ally whose management skills especially in Europe put the final nail in.
    Goodbye Charles Green…..We’ll miss you.

  27. I have to give all credit to Chicco. He looks to have done ok out of this wee exercise, A very healthy, all expenses paid salary, A good few long haul holidays, (no bad) although he did have to meet up with the odd bluenose, who strangely enough, though thousands of miles from Ibrokes, still retained that endearing level of gullibility that continues to amaze behavioural scientists. And about £5m in shares….sorry £4m in shares ….sorry £3m in shares……..Lots and lots of toilet paper.

  28. honest john

    With Chuck gone, Jabba must be ‘brickin it’.
    If a ‘Real Rangers Man’ takes over they won’t want the likes of him about the place.
    Just thinkin like.

  29. Raymilland

    Random thoughts?

    Who selected the name ‘Sevco 5088’?

    An instant Google search of the above digits provides access to a biblical reference to King David; page 5088 in the Dictionary of Bible Themes (

    The main player in the Rangers story is a character named David; it could be said that “he was a strategist and courageous commander”; considered by some to be a ‘king’.
    Page 5086 David, rise of

    Page 5087 David, reign of

    Page 5088 David, character of

    David, although not perfect, is portrayed as a man and a king after God’s own heart. David’s characteristics include

    His trust in God
    His loyalty to others
    His respect for those in authority
    He was a strategist and courageous commander
    He was a wise leader
    His military activities prevented him from building the temple
    Is the 5088 connection to ‘King David’ a strange coincidence; or is someone with a dark sense of humour deliberately taking the piss?

    ‘Sevco Scotland’ was specifically chosen as a name to match the heritage of Rangers.

    Are we to believe that the above number which matches reference to the heritage of a certain biblical name of a principal character is entirely random?

    Of course it could be entirely coincidental; however, I prefer to believe that there is evidence of premeditation in the choice of moniker given the original holding company of TRFC.

    Anyway, the producers of the forthcoming ‘Downfall’ movie will play up the conspiracy theories.

    1 Samuel 13:14
    New International Version (NIV)
    14 But now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept the Lord’s command.”

    The people most certainly need a new leader.

    Will ‘King David’ defy the almighty and return to his people for another crack at it?

    Terry Gilliam is ready to commit to the project.

  30. Fisiani

    Follow the money
    Who owns Ibrox and the other assets?
    How much will Green make off with for just a few months PR work?
    Where are the shareholders funds? How secure are they? Are they for expansion or for plugging a gaping hole?
    When will the next insolvency event occur in a company losing more than 1000 pounds each and every hour of the week?
    What will BDO say about gratuitous alienation?
    Will enough mugs pay for a season ticket for a club that may soon cease to exist and then lose all this money?
    Do not expect the SFA or the SFL to treat this outfit like any other club.
    Why did Duff and Phelps agree exclusivity with Sevco 5088, sell to Sevco Scotland and preclude another buyer willing to match the price?
    The football writers of the MSM do not have the intellectual capacity to answer any of these questions. they are only able to comment on a groin strain or a transfer rumour.
    Serious journalists with a forensic accounting team need to expose this duplicity and possible illegality before honest Rangers fans get fooled a third time.

    • The Hidden Fortress

      The failure of most journalists to ask such questions persistently until they received satisfactory answers and / or proof has,once again, been truly shocking. It has been catastrophic disservice to the The Rangers supporters in particular, though not in the manner they generally seem to perceive. The passivity and timidity of the precarious print industry especially have indirectly contributed to the latest unfolding fiascoes. It is also frankly stunning that the SFA, after everything that transpired with the former company controlling Rangers FC, did not demand and receive absolute guarantees and details re-ownership, structure etc. What was actually in the business plan submitted ? What level of due diligence took place ? To think that it much fan pressure was necessary to avoid an automatic accession to the SPL ! The consequences are likely to continue to widen and affect more than those now in the lifeboats of SS Dignity – Simply the Wreck.

  31. poor carson your lot are already up to your aprons an gauntlets in the brown smelly stuff ya M.H.D.O.B,NOW GO DON YOUR BOWLA HAT AND SASH AND GO 4 ALANG WOK,……AFF A SHORT PIER C’MON THE HOOPS


  33. Fra

    JABBA, grab your coat on the way out.

    You begged at the bowl of Minty Moonbeams——YOU LOST

    You begged at the feet of Chuckles——————–YOU LOST

    Do you fancy a wee game of cards. You couldn’t spot a shark if he was biting your arse.

    They have played you like an old fiddle.

    How do you feel this fine day? Rather foolish I suspect.

  34. not nearly dead but really dead

    Is Ahmed next to leave ‘pinball wizard fc’ ?

  35. cam

    Mr O Brien resigned so as not to distract from papal elections,over some matters that may affect some peoples souls.
    Mr Green resigned so as not to distract from ra peepuls eleven,over some matters that may affect some peoples wallets.
    A cynic may say that the focus is misdirected,,,,i couldn’t possibly comment.

  36. JimBhoy

    Morning all.. Wow just read over 3 new posts, catching up, shame Chico has left I got much enjoyment outta that man…Rumour has it he will be looking for a suitable abode in Paisley early next year..
    I suspect the complaints of the new sponsors might have been the final nail in the coffin..Probably more than a wee complaint note. Money talks..

    This was the best move the rangers could have hoped for. It allows a rangers man to take over, it will have to be soon, timing of this event could have a big effect on SB sales. I think there will be a couple of weeks of spin coming out of Ibrox, is Jabba up to the mark when it comes to marketting BS to appease the masses and get them to dig deep when most believe they are in deep doodoo..?

    Taking potential litigations, AIM, BDO, SFA out of the equation the next couple of months will be critical to the rangers, is there enough in the pot to stave off another sequestration? There has been speculation that Chico did NOT secure the sum advertised in his IPO and I for one cannot believe Chico is going, making only what he gains in shares for all this hassle. Only the audited accounts will show what has gone on…If I was a rangers shareholder I would be pushing to see evidence of the TRUE financial stability of the club/business AND who actually (presently) owns the business assets.


    The Rangers Football Club apologised to fans today after the official website was suspended for several hours following a possible Denial of Service (DoS) attack yesterday.

    A spokesman said “We’re very sorry that we had to take the website down for a while but, in the immediate aftermath of Charles Green’s announcement that he was standing down the site was inundated with emails and crashed. We had 60 000 emails in the first hour alone.

    We have contacted Police Scotland’s Cyber Crimes Division as we believe it may have been a deliberate attack by hackers and not legitimate The Rangers fans.

    There are 3 reasons for this:

    1. All the emails were worded identically; every single one said “Sally must stay.”

    2. A large number of the ISPs were traced to the G40 postal district of Glasgow, although there were also a number from beyond the waves.

    3. Have you read the Bears Den recently?”

    When asked why TRFC’s Director of Communications wasn’t making this statement in person, the spokesman said “I’m afraid James is incommunicado at the moment, he’s barricaded himself into his office and is hiding under the desk with his fingers in his ears going “Lalalalalala” over & over again.”

    Peter Lawwell was not available for comment.

    In a totally unrelated story, the manager of Boots the Chemist’s Govan branch also had to apologise today after the store sold out of XXXXL Adult Disposable Nappies.

    The manager said “I really have to say sorry to all the care homes in the area, to whom we normally supply around a gross of nappies a day, but there was a run on them last night.

    Around 4 o’clock 2 heavy-set gentlemen came in one after the other (Well, our double doors aren’t that wide,) wearing identical blue bunnets and those Groucho Marx face masks and bought the lot.

    Hopefully that’ll be enough to see them through administration 2.”

    Peter Lawwell was still unavailable.

  38. Paul

    Sally must be well chuffed, 60,000 wanting him to stay he must be doing something right!!!!!

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