BBC Reports Charles Green To Leave Rangers!

The following is new on the BBC website:-

Charles Green has indicated to the Rangers board he will leave his role as chief executive of the club.

Green became chief executive after leading a consortium that purchased the assets of the liquidated Rangers Football Club plc.

He is now to subject of an independent investigation, commissioned by the club’s board, following allegations of covert dealings with former Rangers owner Craig Whyte.

Green is Rangers’ biggest shareholder.

The Englishman, who has just under 8% of the overall shareholding, has been unavailable for comment.

I do not believe it.

Mr Green – unavailable for comment! Impossible!

More to come, I am sure!

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114 responses to “BBC Reports Charles Green To Leave Rangers!

  1. dear mum charlie here , i’ll be ‘ome by’t chrismis so put aa’t cuppa tea on’t gas luv charlie

  2. dear mum all of ‘unnery is assunder luv charlie ant’ bhoyz

  3. agent green return tit vatican pope wants tit see yi’ pronto lad

  4. Niall Walker

    The reality is there is only one thing that can put Rangers back into administration and that is the fans walking away, if they stay loyal and buy season tickets in the same numbers for the next 2 years then they should just about make it. Rangers from their prospectus have fixed operating costs ( outwith team wages) of approx 25 million and any significant fall in sales will bring it down again. No investor will accept operating losses for two more years more than a few million especially if their fan base is dwindling. Charles Green became a threat to season ticket sales and resigned to protect his share value.
    The million dollar question is will they stay loyal or walk away, and I do not have a crystal ball.

    • Budweiser


      Yes, well that all supposes that all is well in the big hoose, and this is merely ‘ a transition phase ‘ and normal service will be resumed shortly.
      A reliable source [ newtz ] has informed me that a massive tunnel has been built under Castle Grant and stretches ,in a wide circle, to Govan and back. It’s called The Heiland Hodrum Collider! Companies are smashed together at speeds close to the speed of light, attempting to discover the ‘ Oh My God Particle ‘. Massive supercomputers are analysing the data as we speak.
      In related news:
      Govan residents are said to be ‘ extremely concerned ‘ at the experiments!
      Some claim that the’ collisions’are ” shaking big hooses to their very foundations “!
      A local amateur football club’s spokesman, Mr Green, said, in his retirement speech ” t’eres nowt t’ worr aboot” ” ! wer ah coom fro , appens a t’ time “. Mr Green departed from the brand new Ibrox Station.

  5. Tic…Toc…tic… toc…tic…toc…

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