Law Financial Ltd and Worthington plc Lay Claim To Rangers Assets and to Film Rights to the Takeover Story!

Worthington Group PLC released a statement to the Stock Exchange today. It can be read in full here. So what, one might say?

Apart from the apparent, or alleged, connections with Craig Whyte, some of which I looked at on this blog last year, I will quote the section from the release which has a bearing on our favourite Motherwell born billionaire and his once (and future?) football team.

The statement reads, at the relevant section:-

The Company is now pleased to announce that, as the first step in the possible acquisition of Law Financial Ltd (“LFL”), it has agreed to acquire a 26% stake in LFL for £250,000 payable in unsecured convertible loan notes.  The Company has also been granted an option to acquire the remaining share capital of LFL. The full acquisition would be subject to shareholder approval and compliance with any applicable Listing Rules.

LFL, a recently incorporated company, has a number of subsidiaries, namely Sevco 5088 Ltd, Law Capital Ltd, Litigation Capital Ltd and Media Litigation Ltd (LFL and its subsidiaries hereafter being referred to as the Law Financial Group).

The assets of Sevco 5088 Ltd include a claim, which has been independently reviewed by Leading Counsel who is also a Deputy High Court Judge, to all of the business and assets of RFC 2012 Plc which were purchased by Sevco 5088 Limited or Sevco Scotland Ltd from the administrators of RFC 2012 plc in June of 2012. Sevco Scotland Ltd was subsequently renamed The Rangers Football Club Limited and its share capital was acquired by Rangers International Football Club Plc, the shares of which are now traded on AIM. It is the position of Sevco 5088 Ltd that it is the rightful owner of the business and those assets. After examination of the evidence, Leading Counsel’s advice is that there is a prima facie case to answer.

It has also been agreed that, pursuant to the agreement certain other related rights, assets and causes of action will be transferred to the Law Financial Group or directly to Worthington. Those assets include the Book, Film and Television rights to the two takeovers of The Rangers Football Club in 2011 and 2012 as it relates to Craig Whyte. It is intended that these rights will be commercialised in due course.

When one thought that the Rangers saga could get no more complicated … along comes another complication!

This simple diagram makes all of the connections clear

This simple diagram makes all of the connections clear

Law Financial Limited was incorporated on 12th March 2013. Its registered office is at 48 Skylines Village – an address very familiar to those who have studied Mr Whyte’s various company involvements over the years.

Law Capital Limited was incorporated on the same date and with the same Registered Office as also were Media Litigation Limited and Litigation Capital Ltd.

Twelfth March 2013 was a busy day in 48 Skylines Village!

So we have a new company of which 25% is being sold off to Worthington plc and as a result valuing the “Law Financial Group” at £1 million.

The only company forming part of the group which is older than 12th March 2013 is Sevco 5088 Ltd. Companies House records disclose the apparent “resignation” of Craig Whyte and of Aidan Earley as Directors on 16th April 2013, their appointments having been recorded on the site on 12th April 2013. In addition the Registered Office is again listed as 35 Vine Street, being the offices of Field Fisher Waterhouse. Only a few days ago the Registered Office was changed to Skylines Village!

However it is clear that those in charge of the Law Financial Group have been able to persuade the relevant directors of Worthington plc to make a substantial investment in the Group.

What assets are they buying?

As we see from the statement, the Group has “Leading Counsel’s Opinion” that Sevco 5088 Ltd is in fact the true owner of the assets of Rangers (being those sold by Duff and Phelps and which are owned by Rangers Football Club Ltd (which was formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd)).

Now the statement does not make clear whether the assets were “sold” to 5088 or to Sevco Scotland – one might have thought that those in charge of 5088 would know if they bought the assets or not.

However the precise mechanism by which the assets came to Sevco Scotland Ltd do remain unclear, and there have been conflicting statements by Mr Green and by spokesmen for Rangers.

In any event the suggestion is that Sevco 5088 has these rights and that these rights form part of the assets of the Law Financial Group.

This, and the valuation of the company indicated by the sale to Worthington, might suggest that Sevco 5088 is not entirely confident that it is entitled to all of the assets, sold for £5.5 million and now worth £40 million or more. On the other hand, such a valuation might seem to suggest that the company views there as being a possibility it might be paid some money to “go away”!

It would therefore not surprise me if we were to see Sevco 5088 initiate court action seeking damages or return of the assets. The reason for doing so would not necessarily be for there to be what would be a long drawn out and expensive court battle, but instead for there to be a settlement negotiated to end the case.

On the same basis that my guess is that BDO will, in the fullness of time, initiate proceedings in respect of alleged “gratuitous alienation” and that RIFC PLC or its subsidiary will buy off the claim by paying a few million which will go to creditors of oldco Rangers, I would not be surprised to see a multi-million pound claim being made by 5088.

The goal will be for a quick payment of a couple of million or so to end the claim, and to end uncertainty which might affect further the share price of RIFC PLC.

There is of course no guarantee that Rangers would agree to settle. It might be seen as akin to blackmail but is in fact a legitimate legal tactic. How much would it be worth to Rangers to end that uncertainty?

There remains what would undoubtedly be the vexed question of who actually owns 5088.

Mr Green’s comments about “handing back” 5088 to Mr Whyte suggests that he accepts that he does not own the company. However the change of director details and of registered office back to the status quo suggests that Mr Green might not actually be fulfilling his pledge to resign and give the now apparently useless company back to Mr Whyte.

And of course we see that, according to the release, the book, TV and film rights to the story of the two takeovers is vested in 5088 but is to be transferred to Law Financial or to Worthington.

Hollywood might be calling for Mr Whyte, and for even minor players in the tale, we might too be saying:-

“I’m ready for my close up Mr De Mille!”


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  1. JimBhoy

    For some reasons my posts seem randomly scattered..

    Well there ya go, nothing to do with HIS SFL team gaining more financial gains but a rangers agenda….. He should know the rules…. Even though they seem to be pliable when required..

    I wonder what the Cowdenbeath fans think of that statement…

    Maybe looking to do a Jabba to Green’s bastion of integrity and stability…

    • allyjambo

      Well that’ll make Stewart Gilmour feel much better. Donald Findlay makes him look like a tool of Ranger’s revenge. More efforts from the Dark Side to discredit all who didn’t bow to their will and to drive another wedge into the cracks Rangers, and now TRFC, caused.

      • Good spot Jimbhoy Findlay has made a career of defending the indefensable.. (I know someone has to) However a top Scottish lawyer is failing to grasp, or simply ignoring that the rules of the game were justly adhered to. RANGERS were not kicked out of the SPL. As a liquidated team their SPL membership expired with them. The hastily reconfigured Frankenstein monster had to renegotiate SFA affiliation & attempted re entry to the SPL , which was correctly rejected. This narrative that they were kicked out remains largely unchallenged & simply fuels a ridiculous sense of persecution currently being encouraged by Green & now Findlay.

        • Sweeney Hughes

          If you repeat even the most outrageous lie long and loud enough people will eventually accept it as the truth.

  2. JimBhoy

    One more time, sorry for any duplicates

    Well there ya go, nothing to do with his SFL team gaining more financial gains but a rangers agenda….. He should know the rules…. Even though they seem to be pliable when required..

    I wonder what the Cowdenbeath fans think of that statement…

    Maybe looking to do a Jabba to Green’s bastion of integrity and stability…

  3. JimBhoy

    see my comments from April 18, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Seems the site is a bit chronologically challenged this eve..

    • JimBhoy

      OK Give up check out Donald Finlayson’s comments…

      • Sweeney Hughes

        The fact that the scoddish MSM are publishing the thoughts and opinions of a proven racist sectarian bigot says more about just how deep the seething coruption within Scottish football, which, at the end of the day reflects Scottish society itself, than findlay ever could in his pathetic attempt at defending the indefensible.
        What next, one of the Ayrshire bombers telling us about the evils of Catholic schools in Scotland?

        • Maggie

          @Sweeney Hughes
          No need,Carson and Sheriff Davidson have already covered that one.

          • Sweeney Hughes

            Are you implying that the Ayrshire bombers are a product of being denied a good Scots Irish* Roman Catholic education Maggie? ;0)


        • cam

          Or Mr O Rourke heading a CFC fans group.

          • Sweeney Hughes

            That’s the problem with sevconians, they have no sense of any moral compass when it comes to their cozy wee scoddish sectarian comfort zone, as cam here has just demonstrated.
            Cam of course is just about the only person alive that has never heard or told a joke about the Titanic.
            “Mr O’Rourke told a joke about the Titanic, probably no worse, or any funnier (sorry Joe ;0) than the many I heard in the school playground 40yrs ago.
            So what was all the fuss about?

            Joes joke made reference to the fact that few Catholics, if any, were involved in the ships construction in Belfast, and their lies the rub.
            Refering to Belfasts sectarian aphartheid past, by a Celtic supporter just wont be tolerated.
            I found the entire ‘Titanic’ thing way over the top, more people have lost their lifes in ship construction since the loss of the Titanic than were ever lost on it, as in other heavy industries.
            A terrible thing though it was and a tragic loss of life, I couldn’t help but thing that most people seemed to be mourning a motion picture and the sad passing of Leonardo de Caprio, rather than the actual events of 100yrs ago.
            It reminded me of the new statue of William Wallace unveiled in Striling (i think) some years ago, when the good folk at the Wallace Monument thought it a good idea to make the most of the buzz after the popularity of the movie ‘Braveheart.
            All the local dignitaries were present, the piper player, the press present , their photographers waiting patiently for the sheet to be pulled off the bronze statue which had cost the local council several tens of Thousands of pounds.

            What was actually unveiled was a bronze statue of the bold Mel Gibson, dreadlocks and all!!

            To say the local people were not happy I can safely state would be an understatement. The statue of just about Scotlands most famous and respected heroes was minus a head come the next morning.

            To suggest that persons sending several ‘viable explosive devices’ through the post to a mans family home, were a four year old baby sleeps and eats breakfast while mum receives mail from the postman every morning, for no other reason than the church he worships in, where he was born and the job he does (well), at a time when he and his wife and baby were being repatedly evacuated from the family home in the middle of the night, worrying the life out of a young mother and terrifying a wee toddler, with armed police officers invading the home in the darkness of the night, rousing the teriffied baby from the supposed safety of a warm cozy bed is somehow squared away because someone told what was at worst a ill-advised joke about the Titanic on the internet, is morally disgusting and just about one of the most despicable posts I’ve read on this blog.

            Yer a class act cam.

  4. Fra

    I’ve just had the displeasure of reading old sticklebricks contribution to the proposals of league reconstruction. All in the interests of gauging how the bears are fairing up. He bad mouths Peter Lawell, no surprise there, but to my surprise has a go at Stewart Milne with an aside against Steven Thompson.

    Would it not be more appropriate if he used his journalistic skills (sic) if he had a little delve into the murky goings on of Murray, Whyte and Green et al. This nest of vipers are like a cancer eating away at the belly of Scottish football from the inside.

    Again, I implore the relevant governing bodies to cut this cancer from our game. Finally, nail the tribute act once and for all because their motives are in no way for the betterment of our game. Draw a line in the sand, involve the law, suspend their license and place Spartans into the void. After all, the position was rightfully theirs before all the cheating and breaking of rules.

    Stand in front of Hampden, call a press conference and tell the world that the club formerly known as rangers have had their license revoked and will not be entertained until they get their act together. State unequivocally that the old rangers were liquidated, meaning they are no more.

    I guarantee your establishment will finally be applauded for finally growing a pair. There will be dancing in the street similar to what we witnessed last week. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to rejoice in someone else’s demise but on this occassion, it would be more than appropriate.

    @Monti and David. I salute the pair of you. Well done chaps. Life’s too short. I,ll probably now have Cam calling me a big softie for showing my sensitive side.

    @Carson… Are you watching Carson. There’s a love fest going on. Everybody welcome. Come on in, the waters lovely.

  5. Geddy Lee

    Cam , ref your military analagies.

    If your london based heros keep going, there will be no more military bashes in Ibrox, as there will be no “British” Army. The massive reduncancies are far from finished, indeed one retired general has already stated that any more cuts , and our forces will be reduced from Army to expeditionary status.

    It’s all about the EDF (European Defence Force) that the rest of Europe are forming. This is why our brave pilots are all having to learn French, as this is the only language their Aircraft Controllers will use. Without the French, our Airforce are hamstrung.

    Britain is destined to join the EDF, but your political heros don’t have the spine to tell the English electorate (The view from North of the Border is irrelevant to Westminster) what’s happening, instead, they are allowing our Military to wither on the vine, concentrating in future on a ragtag Territorial force to fight America’s future battles.

    You,and the rest of the Scottish “rule Britannias” will of course ignore all evidence to the contrary, adobting the standard “head in the sand” stance until it comes into being.

    The Empire is well and truely gone, best to start getting used to the fact.

    Incidentally, I’m a defence contractor, based in Germany, I know of what I speak.

    As for the Book, I believe only John Grisham could do this story justice

  6. Geddy Lee

    Oh, I’m up for moderation too. LOL.

  7. cam

    Off for a kip,i expect a different form of attack in the form of a new post when i awake.
    I think it would be best to continue to speculate on share values at present and then for each offended poster to write to sponsors.
    The U.N now has a football related dept. so that might be a new tack.
    numquam succumbe

  8. Raymilland

    @Mac Tomas

    Any person attending a game at Ibrox should be protected by indemnity insurance in case of personal injury caused through any negligence of the company owning the stadium.

    I would imagine that in order for the above insurance certificate to be valid; details of the holding company would be essential to authenticate the indemnity policy.

    If Green cannot satisfy the appropriate authority (Glasgow City Council) of the validity of certification; the stadium would be closed to the public (and staff) until such time as the matter is resolved.

    If Green and Whyte fail to settle their differences; TRFC may well end up going to the dogs.

    I would be grateful if that Paul McConville could perhaps settle this matter in regard to the above indemnity insurance?

    • It’s another interesting layer of complexity. We’re all aware of the rumours about a potential asbestos hazard on top of the financial quicksand Green is attempting to build on.
      Who’s stadium. Queens Park, Partick. S T M i R R E N ?
      Go Peter Lawell, extend the hand of friendship. Let them use the Kerrydale St carpark.

    • Robert D Bruce


      Great point regarding insurances. Perhaps someone in blogspere has has occasion to make a claim this season and could enlighten us as to the progress of their case.
      Perhaps the police would care to comment as their officers are in attendance at every game played there and would need to be indemnified against any unforeseen circumstances (slip,trip,fall,riot etc)

      To add to the confusion further the SFL and indeed the SPL rules insist that a club OWNS or LEASES it’s ground. Any lease must be under a formal agreement.
      If Sevco 5088 bought the ground and Craigie is involved then there are two options.
      1. Craig Whyte is still involved with the club and has been all season which is a no, no because of his previous with directorships, and may have repercussions for the total points amassed by the club this season or

      2. Sevco Scotland bought the ground contrary to the stated agreement with D&P and subsequently transferred the ownership to Rangers International Football Club who own the club. This, says Mr Whyte could not have happened and he is now seeking recourse in the courts.

      The SFL – if they are performing due diligence – should be aware of who has ownership and if they don’t know they are entitled -nay required – to ask.

      I wonder if the will? 🙂

      Below is an extract from the SFL rules governing clubs and ground ownership.

      Each Club shall, not later than 1st June in each year, register its ground and pitch dimensions with the Chief Executive and no club shall remove to another ground or alter its pitch dimensions without first obtaining the consent of the Board.

      86.1 A club may, at its discretion and with the prior consent of the Board, allow the use of its ground for the purpose of a testimonial match.

      86.2 Any club wishing to make any alteration to the designated name of the club or ground must first obtain the prior written consent of the Board.

      86.3 Each Club shall either own its own ground or be a tenant or occupier of its ground under a Lease or other formal Agreement in either case for an initial period of not less than five years.

      86.3.1 Any subsequent periods of Lease or occupancy shall also be for periods of not less than five years unless the prior written consent of the Board has been obtained.

      86.3.2 Each club must ensure that each year on the date of the commencement of the season, the Lease or other formal Agreement in respect of its tenancy or occupation of its ground does not expire for a period of at least two years.

      86.3.3 The Board shall have full power to deal with any club which is unable to procure or sustain such ownership or right of tenure.

      SPL / SFA, if you have the answers we the fans of Scottish football have a right to know. We demand to know!

      By your silence you will feed the fires of conspiracy and duplicity.

  9. JimBhoy

    Time for us all to draw a line in the sand and man up and move on… Hope everyone agrees… Last thing I want to see is Paul (or anyone else posting here) getting into bother or this site being shut down…

    • Jimbhoy There are a ton of other sites in line for that before this one, & I have to say, from what I’ve seen they are mainly red white & blue. This is a haven of civility in comparison to others. I can assure you.
      But fair point.

  10. Ed Paisley

    Hi folks. I am in Livi town centre waiting for the 1st Scots homecoming march at 11:00am. I am working from home today so that I could nip out to welcome the young men home.
    It will be a dignified event because I’m sure the young men will be remembering their fallen comrades. This is no time for triumphalism and I’m sure M G Eeles and the British Legion will be proud of the turnout.
    Welcome home lads. God save Britain and Ireland and the peoples of Afghanistan.

  11. honest john

    So, no change then. The newclub move up from the turd division to the turd tier of Scottish football.

  12. mick

    there doomed and a tainted product with major liability’s and soon cash flow problems its lololololololololololol yes Scotland needs a strong sevco so whyte can relax in ostentatious surroundings after the good work he done destroying rfc lol hailhail its odds on admin coming soon lol they have more liabilitys than oldco lol lol

    a wonder what today will bring lol

  13. Steven Brennan

    Have a wee look at Mr Leggats nonsense today, he just doesn’t do irony.
    I read his article once a month or so to cheer me up, wish he would allow people to respond to his unbiased well written professionally researched articles.

    • Sweeney Hughes

      Sorry Steven, but I’m an avid fan of yer man there.
      It’s seldom that I actually laugh out loud reading anything on the web, but the p!sh stained alky leggless never fails to get me chortling away.
      He does the huns no service at all, though does a great job in showing just how ludicrous and twisted the sevconian mind-set is.

      weepresbitariangranny CSC

  14. honest john

    When the newclub get liquidated and the SFA tear up the rule book to get them back in the league, what will the new-newclub be called?
    How about “Rangers The Turd”.
    Just thinking like.

  15. david

    Actually, Ecojon has me bang to rights.
    Perhaps I am guilty of ” formenting sectarianism “.
    I will give you 2 examples.
    Near to me is a flute band called the ” Heirs of Cromwell”
    When I pointed out to them via the net that their name was , actually, a wee bit stupid given that Cromwell was the greatest enemy of Scottish Presbyterianism ever and had killed and exiled thousands of Scots they became a tad belligerent and abusive. But we all know why they chose that name, given Cromwells record in Ireland.
    Sheer ignorance.
    Many moons ago ( very many ) I was on a road travelling behind a busload of Rangers supporters. For a laugh, I blessed myself ( not even sure I did it correctly ); cue a dozen contorted faces spitting rage and threats.
    If this constitutes formenting sectarianism then I am truly guilty and need locked up.
    That Larkhall ladies prison on the TV looks appealing.

  16. So CW likes to call a spade a spade …..
    Hearing he’s gonna get lot’s of practise ………..

  17. portpower

    Hold on a minute I`ll tell you later.

  18. portpower

    Pot Luck answer?

  19. portpower

    Corner pubs are closing in Govan. Turning into jackpot sevco support centres. ₤1 entry fee. Penny donation if it`s a song you`re wanting.

  20. portpower

    it`s called belief as a vocation. Will you maintain the pavements?

  21. Paddy Malarkey

    Not a comment on the topic but a question relating to Scots law . I watched a programme on Britain’s railways the other night and part opf the transmission concerned the travel aftermath of an Orange Order parade in Merseyside .At one point, a couple at a barrier sang “The Billy Boys” and the lyrics were easily discerned up to the line beginning “up to our knees ” when the voiceover took over . I thought that this song was proscribed in Scotland and assumed that any TV transmission would have to comply especially as it was on the BBC .Does Scottish law apply and are only certain parts of the song illegal ?

  22. Monti

    Err David, I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED in a couple of your posts today…firstly, you have said in at least two posts today, certainly one that I apologised to you (“after being demolished”) can I be clear, yesterday my apology was sent to you because 1. My comments merited an apology & 2. My apology was not based on the strength of the nonsense poll ‘ result’ or any other influence. I apologised because it was the RIGHT thing to do & was to be used as a barrier breaker going forward. I’m DISAPPOINTED you feel I apologised because of any other reason than decency, it certainly wasn’t because ( I felt demolished) David I just feel your tone today is not reflective of my efforts yesterday & that for me is a great pity! VERY DISAPPOINTED TODAY……

    • martin c


      David is letting himself down badly today, I have a five year old who uses similar language “I mean it”,

      To accept an apology can take great reserve of character as does to apologise, an apology given unconditionally should be accepted unconditionally not to brought up as a point scoring exercise against those who may have allegedly offended our sense of dignity.

      Your disappointment monti shows more of your character than it does of David (from his posts i feel david thinks the whole world owes him an apology)

    • david

      Fair enough Monti.
      I apologise.
      I am a cantankerous old codger by my own admission.
      You did the right thing for the right reasons and I accepted it with good grace.

  23. mick

    hi manc hope your weeks going well there’s movement behind the sceens
    a cease and desist order is inament is this the padlock going on till its sorted and is this why stmirren are in bed with sevco ground share lol inament lol

  24. martin c

    Does this sound familiar,

    n a fresh twist, a second boardroom row broke out on Tuesday when 26% shareholder Strategic Partner, which is backed by Dubai-based private equity firm Ithmar Capital, called for the non-executive directors to be removed and the firm to be de-listed. Its motives are unclear.


    • portpower

      It`s a company that`s been laiden with nothing else to do but have a face lift?

    • ecojon

      @martin c

      And Charlie of course was deputy chairman of Panceltica – another one of his success stories obviously. I can’t remember how much was lost on AIM with that one but £50 million seems about right.

      Still doesn’t matter I’m sure he has a new world record due at Ibrox.

  25. lord mac

    rangers fans to get there own way it will be decided very shortly ibrox to be turned into a penny arcade by the film makers that Neal Lennon lost money on so the tune the y now expect to here at ibrox, ain’t the champions league tune, but that of roil up roll up and spend your last dime.

  26. SairFecht

    Now, it is times like this that I wonder if a certain Mr D. Murray is, to coin a colloquial phrase, ‘bricking it’. With the roots of the Craig Whyte plot reaching back to the man himself, and who was advised by the Titon dossier of Whyte’s shady background before his parting with the fateful pound coin, it is left to wonder what Watergate style recordings there might be of conversations between the two – and even if not – what Whyte might be prepared to state or concoct of his dealings with SDM. Pity the great actor Kenneth More isn’t still on the scene though, his Douglas Bader was tip-top.

  27. JimBhoy

    Found this interesting… Salmond’s motive no doubt is one of local jobs but if this report is correct do we want to be associated with companies looking to sell tax loopholes to their multinational customers..

    • Sweeney Hughes

      I don’t think the fat boy has to worry about attracting new companies to open up new operations in Scotland.
      The precedent has been made.
      Scotland is the only country in Europe were a company can go through liquidation leaving hundreds of creditors owed hundreds of millions of pounds, then just state that the debt has “gone away”, continue trading from the same premises, under the same name, with the same corporate identity, selling the same product and seemingly get the support from the press, the authorities you operate under, with the best wishes from the government, and a public letter of support from the first minister himself.

      Luvley jubbley!

  28. Gortch

    JimBhoy, it would be illegal for you to claim ownership of Sevco history and serve a Cease & Desist Demand. You have no rightful claim on that history.

    If a Cease & Desist Demand has been imposed on RIFCL it is likely to carry the wieght of a Law Court or Judge; although anyone can issue these and they can carry little weight, they can also have an immediate and petrifying impact on activities.

    The timing and wording of Worthington Group’s statement yesterday is interesting, as well as a few other things that happened in the last 48 hours, suggesting legal action is at a more developed stage than anyone thought, I think.

    We are in the calm before the storm. Hurricane Sevco 5088 on its way. From what others are saying, it could be a perfect storm involving the SFA, Green, Police Scotland, BDO, Whyte, Murray, and many others.

    • JimBhoy

      @Gortch thanks for the clarification mate, I was of course attempting a little humour in my sevco1888 nonsense… But some interesting thoughts from you thanks.

      I find it difficult believing anything from company reps who are looking to exploit situations and throw in various legalities and more to back their claims… Seen enough of that over the past 14 months and do not have a legal mind…

      I guess time will tell.

  29. cam

    Look what you did Monti,,,the sites a mess now,with comments all jumbled up.Another 300 mark reached all due to the camster and not a word from Scrooge McConville,,,,Where’s that Fraser Wisharts number.

  30. portpower

    Leave my uncle Charlie alone.

  31. It’s a jumble out there ……..

    cam wrote ……. not so long ago ……

    After consultations with friends in MIT, i have a phrase that if inserted in one of my tirades,will decimate this site.

    If anything happens to me and i don’t send a keyword to my offshore e-mail account,this phrase shall be transmitted globally, and whilst i’m sunning myself with a cheeky Margarita holdings in an undisclosed location you will find that you’re legally married to mick,that Violet is your daughter,that your next door neighbour is carson and i’ve assumed your identity.

  32. portpower

    Just like all the other online dyslexia tests this is not a diagnosis. However if it does indicate the possibility of dyslexia you may want to seek further help and advice. For a full diagnosis you would need to be assessed by an educational or chartered psychologist.
    ocves no eht nur.

  33. SairFecht

    Port Power – Are you Dee Dee in disguise?
    If not:
    (i) Administraion of chloropromazine.
    (ii) Group Therapy.
    (iii) Catharsis through creative activity.

    • portpower

      youngtimers? 4 screws holding my back to arse with legal pharmaceutical poison. I`m away to put Bob Marley on. It`s against the law even though it works to relieve the pain? SairFecht you`ve 16 ?`s to go.
      Two questions for you SairFecht. Do you get good reception for the game where you are? If not why pay?

      • portpower

        17 to go SairFecht. Do you like a piece and jam?

        • SairFecht

          @portpower ~ Delicious ~ your inhabiting of the intangible dimension between logic and insanity borders on the almost entertaining ~ you should make frequent contributions to sports radio phone-ins on Saturday evenings ~ they could do no worse.

  34. portpower

    Somebody put the kettle on. It`s not the schools it`s googles` fault.

  35. portpower

    This a pot luck comment. Could land anywhere on the site. Please don`t be offended but Aussies do it better than Scots.

  36. lord mac

    will the law financial ltd now be able to make blue movies for the rangers fans lol there address is given as 48 skylines village

  37. Edmiston Ed


    Have you noticed that Sevco 5088 Ltd has had yet another change at Companies House?

    The registered office has gone back to being Field Fisher Waterhouse’s offices as of yesterday. Also Messrs Whyte and Earley have had their directorships terminated as at 16/04/2013.

    Presumably, this is Charlie Green’s doing (FFW are his lawyers). To me, it implies that Charlie is still in control of Sevco 5088 Ltd, although he has said otherwise. Or it could be somehow connected to this Worthington Group announcement?

  38. JohnBhoy


    In your ongoing spat with eco you wrote: “Your pal Monti apologised (having been demolished) – will you?”

    Monti made a genuine apology which you kindly accepted. Why go and spoil that with an ungracious and boastful reference to an empty-headed and unsavoury “victory”? Even the term “Your pal Monti” has an intended nasty ring to it. The results of a “survey” were not the reason for Monti’s apology – he apologised because he felt he had unjustly insulted you: the events were unrelated. What you have shown is that apologising to you is a waste of time.

    I could have harked on and on with regard to your unsubstantiated claims on Rangers’ alleged superior approach to tackling sectarianism compared to Celtic’s indifference and your alleged superior qualifications compared to mine. I let it go because, in my view, you were simply wrong and that is not a crime, although both of your claims were made to benefit, respectively, your argument and your prestige.

    And now you are demanding an apology from eco; and on the basis that you “demolished” Monti! Maybe you should look at how Cam accepts and gives apologies – no casting up, no greetin’.

    • Monti

      Johnbhoy, David has apologised to me today, let’s get on with it now mate! HH!

    • ecojon


      I find David an interesting specimen to observe and there are so many similarities with Adam I feel they must be brothers.

      I think he’ll be waiting a long time for me to apologise for him making-up a load of rubbish designed to place Celtic in a bad light over its approach to sectarianism.

      And his total inability to get his head round fomenting is hilarious and he now blames his formenting on me 🙂 Tbh it looks more like fermenting going on in that empty vessel between his ears where his pet theories are dreamt-up. Still we seem to be providing an escape valve for all that pressure.

      However, I have always had an interest in doing what I can for adult literacy and will struggle-on with David although I confess that I think it may well be beyond my capabilities to effect any meaningful improvement.

  39. lord mac

    would or could the blue knights buy this from law finance ltd, and then owning Rangers for £1million tifle deeds tv rights, the lot cheap as chips

  40. cam

    Newtz, while your giving out free advice,my daughters pc,running Vista 32 bit,i know!,,,,started developing a start up problem,recommended windows repair mode,created its own restore point and then was ok.
    If the problem re-occurs,if i do a factory restore after saving important docs,will it sort all probs?,,,i know its difficult without seeing the problem.
    Its running ok at present,i’ll probably get her a new laptop soon but i hate seeing things go to waste.

    • Steven Brennan

      A good time to cash in your sevco shares and put the dough to better use
      By mini cam an Ipad ya miserable old git.

    • Paul

      I can sort this out first of all Vista is shit, it is too heavy graphic dependent hence the reason why windows seven was created and now windows eight. I am PC technician too trade. restoring the factory settings will add all the same background advertisement crap that has clogged the system up through time. Get the PC Re-formatted and install either win 7 or 8, free advice as you know whatever else goes on in this site is banter and yes we are willing to help regardless of your views or team of preference hope this helps.

    • Is Windows updates turned On. Can also create problems with some applications if not up todate. (Critical updates)

      Another point – are lots of different USB devices used over time …. This may need sorting as they tend to grab ports and can eventually cause issues on occasions ….

      Would need to know the actual behaviour and error to be sure.
      If problems persist I can advise on cleaning up registries.

  41. ancient hibee

    Groucho Marx to play Charlie
    Boris Karloff to play Walter
    Ray Winstone to play Craig
    John Inman to play Ally
    Clint Eastwood to play Lee McCulloch(unless he’s too young)
    The 3 Stooges to play the Rangers midfield(and probably win)

  42. lord mac

    cant make my mind up who is the best business man for rangers as Craig whyte paid £1 for rangers, what he did for them was he got the bank of there back he got 18-24 million for rangers OK season tickets but Craig’s game is liquidation you see getting a company for a quid and getting it sold off completely would have made him plenty even a tanner in the pound when you have only used a £1 of your own money if that had come of he would have walked with a nice earner for a years work he still played a stormer he did help rangers by keeping them afloat to see if there was any extra money from Europe available to him if they where not involved with the euro Scene he would have closed earlier and the creditors would have had a bit more, duff and Phelps were under instruction rangers would have been re-bought and all would have been fine Charles green what has he done he bought the club for £2 he has like green put nothing of his own in got funding from others promised the same as whyte with war chests and he also has the same if rangers liquidate he is entitled to say 6p in the pound from a fee of nothing so i cant make up my mind as yet who has done best maybe its Craig as he could have salted some away for a rainy day

  43. Paul

    Once again the piper plays the tune and the hordes believe. The last tune Findlay played was the type that had the hordes facing European bans. How can a liquidated club now a tribute act have the audacity to tell porkies about how other clubs put the boot in and expect everyone to feel they have been hard done by. Look forward to the new book by Craig Whyte titled the wee Whyte Lie. St Mirren and Ross County was not an outcome that had everyone gasping in disbelief everyone knew where their vote was going and St Mirren in particular was a club visited on many occasion by the dead zombie club during the Duff and Phelps scenario. St Mirren equaled a club to sell and the zombies an opportunity to move in to secure SPL membership. I like St Mirren genuinely as an old traditional Scottish club, however, i think the bell will be tolling for them soon and there will not be any transition from the zombies.The SFA and SPL now face a dilemma as it is clear cut Green and Whyte, Duff and Phelps were all one in one the same with the same goal to screw the WATP brigade.

    • Budweiser

      paul.’ St Mirren in particular was a club visited on many occasion by the dead zombie club during the Duff and Phelps scenario. St Mirren equaled a club to sell and the zombies an opportunity to move in to secure SPL membership. I like St Mirren genuinely as an old traditional Scottish club, however, i think the bell will be tolling for them soon and there will not be any transition from the zombies.The SFA and SPL now face a dilemma as it is clear cut Green a ‘

      Nothing wrong with your post except the above. ie Why do you THINK ‘the bell will be tolling for them soon’? Saints’ home attendances are UP on last season, when we had both celtic and rangers visiting. [ Up to jan 2013 ] We have also had a Cup Final, and a semi final at Hampden and quarter final at St. Mirren Park. Besides the extra prize money, there was tv monies from all these games [ separate from ‘ normal’ espn/sky monies ]
      Like all small clubs, life is a struggle, but for the moment anyway, we seem to have our head above the water.
      Re. the ‘zombie/ D& P’ scenario. There were one visit, not ‘ a club visited on many occasion ‘ and that was the Gary Withey occasion.[which happened in Nov 2011 – well before d&p became involved. If you really LIKE St.Mirren, then don’t spread rumours which are swallowed by the gullible.
      I’m not saying it wasn’t a very strange affair, which I still don’t fully understand. However, there are many links available to the story in MSM –
      the following link shows a fan’s perspective.

  44. is it just me? Is Paul randomly shuffling the posts??????

  45. josephmcgrath112001809

    Apologies if you have already seen this. Rangers share price.

  46. Gortch

    Is it true that Charles has walked out? Anyone got anything on this? Heard it from two different sources…

  47. Ed frae Paisley

    I see @cam says that Adam, Clarkeng, Violet and the rest have been driven away by the sniping on this Site. Oh really? Isn’t it more likely that they have died of shame watching the Charlie/Craigy crookfest?

    Carson is constantly in moderation because of his filthy mouth. Cam is launching the occasional counter-attack employing the tactics of his hero Heinz Guderian but he is in danger of being over-run by the army of the righteous. So bluenoses, strap on your six-shooters and come out fighting!

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