Rangers Announce to Stock Exchange Contact for Further Info Re Report Into Mr Green is Mr Green!

This morning saw, as is required, release of a statement by Rangers to the London Stock Exchange regarding the independent investigation into the actions of its Chief executive, Charles Green.

The statement can be read in full on the LSE site here.

The relevant text in the announcement read as follows:-

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers”, the “Company” or the “Club”)

Response to Media Comments

The Company announces that it is commissioning an independent examination and report into matters raised in the media over recent days relating to allegations made by Craig Whyte, the previous owner of Rangers Football Club, concerning the Company’s Chief Executive, Charles Green and the Company’s Commercial Director, Imran Ahmad. Mr Green and Mr Ahmad strenuously deny any wrongdoing and lawyers have been instructed by the Company to address these allegations. However, the Directors believe that the review will help to ensure a swift conclusion to this issue. A further announcement will be made in due course.

For further information please contact:

Rangers International Football Club plc

Charles Green, CEO/ Brian Stockbridge, CFO


I posed the question on Twitter, before seeing that announcement, about whether or not, for a listed company, it would be good corporate governance for the Board of a PLC, on mounting an independent investigation into the actions of its CEO, to suspend the executive pending resolution. Such a suspension would be entirely “without prejudice” and simply to allow the investigation to proceed free of any potential conflicts. And, to be blunt, should an investigation (this is a general comment, rather than a specific one about the company in question) establish wrongdoing enough to warrant dismissal, does the Board want the CEO still at work during the investigatory phase, for fear of damage being done?

A prompt reply from @ecorporatelaw said:-

“Yes, if he is an employee (i.e. executive).”

Now, I am sure that the Rangers Board fully considered all of these matters before deciding to leave Mr Green in place for now, and in the absence of their advice and all of the matters they took into account, who can say they were wrong?

However, if you look at the foot of the extract from the Stock Exchange announcement above, who should one contact for further information about this matter?

Yes – you’ve guessed it – Mr Green!

Whilst the Rangers Board statement on Saturday said that Mr Green would not be involved in the investigation, it seems odd that he is the “go to” man for enquiries about it, especially as his last statement, issued on Friday night, said he would be making no further comment!

People wonder why supporters of other football clubs, and neutrals, together with the media, spend so much time discussing Rangers.

I cannot answer for anyone else, but for my part it is because, almost every day, some issue or other arises which justifies comment. Every other football team in Scotland manages to carry on its business out of the limelight, with none, or at worst only a few, of the travails of the Ibrox outfit.

One wonders if the LSE statement might be revised to take Mr Green’s name as the contact off it!

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  1. Great spot from Paul ‘Hawk-eye’ McConville!

    • cam

      One wonders if one spots these things after one’s crunchy nut cornflakes, and do they just fall from the sky or is there mucho effort being exerted by one,,,or many.

    • I just love the wee advert they’ve inserted, telling anyone who could care less of their wonderful successful club.

      Leaving out any mention of Administration/Liquidation.


    • Sam

      Publicly available by Business7
      Exclusive: Jailed fraudster Michael Brown’s links to Pritchard Stockbrokers

      By Scott McCulloch
      May 18 2012

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      Share on print

      Fraudster and Lib Dem donor Brown controlled broker linked to former Rangers owner Craig Whyte during his 2005/06 crime spree

      A stockbroking firm linked to Rangers former owner Craig Whyte has links to convicted fraudster and Lib Dem party donor Michael Brown.

      Brown, convicted of orchestrating a £36 million fraud, was a director in a number of companies linked to directors of Pritchard Stockbrokers and its then parent company, KSC Broking, during his 2005 and 2006 crime spree.

      Early in 2005, Brown acquired a controlling stake in Pritchard Stockbrokers through his British Virgin Islands company, Devonshire Capital Ltd.

      The deal was agreed through Pritchard’s then parent company, KSC Broking.

      Brown’s Devonshire Capital still holds those 300,000 shares in KSC Broking, which in turn still holds a controlling share in Pritchard Stockbrokers.

      Brown went on to commit a series of frauds totalling £36 million between February 9, 2005 and April 17, 2006.

      At the centre of the fraud was a bogus bond trading company, 5th Avenue Partners, through which Brown famously donated £2.4 million to the Lib Dems’ 2005 election campaign.

      That donation, his 2008 trial would later hear, was to dupe investors into thinking he had power and political influence.

      Among his victims – lured with investment return promises of 50 per cent – was former Manchester United chairman Charles Edwards, who lost £7m in the scam.

      Brown was arrested in the Dominican Republic in January this year after four years on the run.

      He had skipped bail midway though his 2008 fraud trial at London’s Southwark Crown Court, where he was convicted in his absence and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

      Brown was returned to the UK on April 30 and began a seven-year jail term for fraud a day later.

      Police are still trying to trace £18 million still missing from Brown’s various scams.

      In 2001, Brown, a former events promoter and PR consultant, reinvented himself as a banker in a Companies House filing with a firm called City Merchants Media Ltd.

      He went on to become a director of KSC Broking – a Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated stockbroking firm – from May 2005 to March 2006.

      In May 2005, The FSA approved an application from Brown to take control of KSC subsidiary Pritchard Stockbrokers.

      Freedom of information documents released by the FSA between 2006 and 2009 reveal Brown financed his share purchase of Pritchard stock through his British Virgin Island’s-based company, Devonshire Capital.

      The FSA records show Brown acquired “33 per cent or more but less than 50 per cent” in Pritchard from Keith Sinclair via Sinclair’s other FSA regulated finance firm, KSC Broking.

      Prior to the deal with Brown, Sinclair’s KSC Broking held 100 per cent of the Pritchard stock.

      Brown had joined the board of another finance firm, Premier Equity Ltd, in March 2005 along with Keith Sinclair, who was then a director in both Pritchard Stockbrokers and KSC Broking.

      In January 2005, Brown set up a company called Lamberhurst Developments, which he and Sinclair then became directors of on February 11 and April 28, 2005 respectively.

      Then on February 10, 2005, Brown set up his bond trading firm 5th Avenue Partners, a company he was sole director of and which was later described in his 2008 trial as a “wholly fraudulent” operation.

      In March 2005, Brown set up another new company in Glasgow called Major & General Holdings (UK) Ltd and became a director in June 2005.

      Devonshire Capital, Michael Brown’s British Virgin Island’s company, was listed as being a shareholder in that company.

      Brown’s activities soon caught the attention of the authorities, and in June 2005, Pritchard Stockbrokers’ offices were raided by the City of London Police.

      A note in the parent company KSC’s 2005 accounts tried to play down the significance of the investigation.

      It states: “On 14 June 2005 the Serious Fraud Office commenced an investigation into the Pritchard Stockbrokers Limited (the company) which the board believes is in respect of a transaction in 2003.

      “Subsequent to the initial visit in June 2005 and interviews in July 2005, the only contact the Serious Fraud Office have made with the company was a written request for a copy of the company’s procedures and further details relating to a third party.”

      On September 16, 2005, Sinclair resigned from Lamberhurst Developments and Brown filed a voluntary striking off application to wind the company up the same day.

      Lamberhurst was struck off in 2007 having never filed accounts.

      On November 8, 2005, the FSA wrote to Pritchard Stockbrokers asking if KSC Broking had “any other interest” in the company.

      The letter states: “From my notes, I understand that Michael Brown is a director of Premier Equity, but I believe that you told us that Keith Sinclair had once been but was no longer a director of that firm.

      “Our internal records still show him in such a role, so I would be grateful for clarification, and if necessary, please arrange for submission of the relevant forms to withdraw him.

      “It would be helpful if you could provide further details of when and how his involvement in the the firm began and developed, and the extent of his current role and influence.”

      Brown and Sinclair both resigned their directorships with Premier Equity on December 20, 2005.

      The FSA, having still not heard back from Pritchard by March 9, 2006, chased up its original request.

      It also wanted to know if Brown had any involvement in or influence over the Pritchard business or in Premier Equity since their initial June 2005 request.

      No further correspondence was released by the FSA in relation to that investigation, and City of London police have refused to comment on the outcome of the investigation, as have the FSA.

      Brown resigned as a director of KSC Broking in June 2006, though a recent update from KSC filed with Companies House shows Devonshire Capital holds 300,000 shares in the company.

      In October 2006, PR Week reported Pritchard Stockbrokers had hired PR firm MediaHouse to “argue its innocence to the press” over its alleged links to Michael Brown.

      KSC Broking was Pritchard’s parent company until April 2008, when Craig Whyte bought a stake in Pritchard via a company called Cairnwell Investments.

      Cairnwell is owned through shares held by his British Virgin Island’s-based company, Liberty Capital.

      In October 2008, Sinclair’s KSC Broking sold a controlling stake in Pritchard to its remaining directors, David Gillespie and David Welsby.

      Sinclair had resigned from the Pritchard board in September 2008 though his other broking firm, KSC, still held 550,000 of 1.75 million of Pritchard’s issued shares.

      By 2010, the number of issued shares in Pritchard rose to 1.83 million – KSC Broking held 550,000 and Whyte’s Cairnwell Investments 173,250.

      When Whyte first bought into Pritchard in 2008, the firm appeared to be in a dire financial state.

      After extending its reporting period by three months, Pritchard filed its 2008 accounts more than a year late – August 2009 – only after Companies House had moved to strike the firm off.

      The full year results, when finally published, revealed a loss of £296,789.

      Pritchard’s recent accounts show £500,000 in lifeline loans were received between September 2008 and August 2009 from companies linked to Craig Whyte.

      Whyte’s Liberty Capital first provided Pritchard with an unsecured £250,000 loan in 2008 as it struggled to stay afloat.

      Pritchard then went on to report losses of £506,171 for the 2009 year, and another £250,000 unsecured loan was provided, this time by Merchant House Securities Ltd, listed in Pritchard’s accounts as a connected company of Whyte’s Cairnwell Investments.

      Another company linked to Whyte’s offshore-based Liberty Capital – Liberty Corporate Ltd – was listed as Cairnwell’s company secretary when it launched in May 2009.

      Whyte then joined the Cairnwell board in July 2009.

      Craig Whyte’s father, Thomas Whyte, has been a director of Liberty Corporate since that company was launched in May, 2006.

      Liberty Corporate recently filed notice with Companies House it had taken control of the floating charge held over the value of Rangers Football Club’s assets.

      The debenture document secures the charge over Rangers FC Group, the ultimate parent company of the Ibrox club.

      Craig Whyte is also an investor in and lender to Merchant House Group, and held a number of directorships in its group companies between 2009 and 2012.

      He was a director of Merchant Turnaround from June 2009 to February 2012 as was Pritchard director David Gillespie, from November 2011 to March 2012.

      Former Rangers director Philip Betts is also currently a director of Merchant Turnaround, first appointed in February 2010.

      Whyte was also a director of Merchant Corporate Recovery from June 2008 to February 2012; Merchant Interactive from August 2010 to April 2011; Merchant Strategic Renewal from September 2010 to February 2012 and Merchant House Financial Services from August 2009 to January 2010.

      The FSA register shows Merchant House Financial Services came under its regulation in December 2010.

      Before December 2010 that company was called Merchant House Securities Limited, which had provided Pritchard with an £250,000 unsecured loan.

      Whyte, having taken no director roles in any of Merchant House Group’s FSA-regulated subsidiaries, also avoided having to disclose his seven-year director ban to the regulator.

      Craig Whyte and Pritchard director and majority shareholder, David Gillespie, are also linked through other companies.

      Whyte and Gillespie were both directors in Merchant House Group subsidiary, Merchant Turnaround Plc – Whyte from January to February 2010 and Gillespie from November 2011 to March 2012.

      Gillespie also holds directorships in KSC Broking and Merchant Capital Pub Realisation No 1, a new company he set up in May, 2011 in which Pritchard is listed as a shareholder.

      In November 2010, Gillespie set up a property firm called Enterprise House Developments and lists Pritchard as a shareholder.

      In most recent annual accounts to June 30, 2011, Pritchard Stockbrokers reported an annual profit of £18,000.

      It would have posted a loss of £432,000 if not for a £450,000 red book revaluation gain on a property held by Enterprise House Developments, a company Pritchard held a 16.8 per cent stake.

      Philip Betts, joined Rangers as a director just days after Whyte secured his takeover of the club, is also listed as a director of a company called Merchant House Finance Ltd.

      That company changed its name to DS Financing & Leasing Ltd in March 2 2012 and then its address three days later, moving out of the same office block in which Merchant House Group is based.

      Shares in Merchant House Group were temporarily suspended on April 3 after the firm admitted between October 2011 and December 2011 it had issued 652 million new shares – representing 14.1 per cent of its share capital – without making a formal announcement to the AIM market.

      On April 20, Merchant House Group’s directors asked for the shares to be suspended again while they ran checks on the group’s solvency, which was reported to have been triggered by the collapse of Pritchard Stockbrokers.

      Craig Whyte’s Liberty Capital is the largest shareholder in Merchant House Group, holding 11 per cent of the stock.

      Whyte and Betts were also directors together in two other firms in the past five years, LM Logistics Group Ltd and Countryliner Group Ltd.

      And they were both also directors in Wavetower Ltd, the company Whyte set up to buy Sir David Murray’s controlling stake in Rangers.

      A statement issued to the Plus Market the day Wavetower concluded the Rangers deal said: “On 18 August 2010 an administrator was appointed to LM Logistics Group Ltd, Craig Whyte and Phil Betts were directors of the company within the year prior to appointment.

      “The deficit to creditors was estimated at £3 million although the administration is continuing”.

      On May 6, 2011, the Independent Board of The Rangers Football Club plc (IBC) – comprising Alastair Johnston, Martin Bain, John Greig, John McClelland and Donald McIntyre – issued a strongly worded statement outlining their serious doubts about Whyte’s takeover of Rangers.

      Statements made included: “The decision on the sale and purchase of the majority shareholding in the club firmly and ultimately rests between Murray MHL Limited (“MHL”) and Lloyds Banking Group.

      Adding: “Although the IBC has no power to block the transaction, following its enquiries, the IBC and Wavetower have differing views on the future revenue generation and cash requirements of the Club and the IBC is concerned about a lack of clarity on how future cash requirements would be met, particularly any liability arising from the outstanding HMRC case.”

      The day the Rangers takeover was concluded, May 6, 2011, Gary Withey – then a solicitor with Collier Bristow who had acted on behalf of Whyte’s Wavetower in the buyout negotiations – joined the Rangers board as company secretary.

      During the earlier takeover negotiations, Withey, acting on behalf of Wavetower, had provided the Rangers board of directors with a written assurance from “a UK financial institution” Whyte had the funds not only to pay off its £18 million debt to Bank of Scotland, but would also provide an additional £5 million in working capital.

      The “UK financial institution” who provided the written assurance was Merchant House Group.

      Whyte had in fact funded his buyout by mortgaging off a portion of Rangers’ future season ticket sales to investment firm Ticketus in what was reported to be a £24 million deal.

      Ticketus has since indicated it now intends to lodge a legal claim against Craig Whyte totalling £27 million related to personal guarantees he gave for the money.

      Withey resigned from Collyer Bristow on March 2 of this year citing “family reasons” and Rangers’ administrators Duff & Phelps are now pursuing a £25 million damages claim based on Withey and his firm’s role in the deal.

      Noble Grossart, the merchant bank chaired by Sir Angus Grossart – himself a board member of Murray International Holdings – had “acted exclusively”as advisers to Rangers in the sale of the club to Wavetower.

      David Grier, a partner with Duff & Phelps – formally Menzies Corporate Restructuring – was an advisor to Wavetower in the months leading up to the Rangers buyout.

      Grier was also hired by Rangers, again in an advisory role, when the purchase was concluded and Whyte and Betts took control of the Rangers board.

      Whyte and his team then spent the next nine months running Rangers into the ground, paying virtually no one in the process.

      On February 13, 2012, Rangers applied to the Court of Session to appoint administrators after HM Revenue and Customs raised a £9 million action over the club’s non-payment of PAYE and VAT amassed since Whyte’s takeover.

      That same day, the FSA banned Pritchard Stockbrokers from trading having been caught using “client money to meet their own expenses”.

      The watchdog said it had “serious concerns” about how Pritchard was being run and immediately froze its assets.

      The following day, February 14, Whyte applied to the Court of Session to appoint his own administrators, Duff & Phelps, which was granted after HMRC withdrew an application to appoint its own administrators.

      Whyte resigned from the Pritchard board the same day.

      Before the FSA had banned Pritchard from trading, Whyte sold 16 shares Rangers held in Arsenal Football Club to a consortium – Red and White – led by majority shareholder, Alisher Usmanov.

      Whyte had blocked a move to pay the money into Rangers’ bank account, demanding the funds remained lodged with Pritchard.

      Rangers administrators, Duff & Phelps have stated publicly their belief that money may never be recovered.

      Pritchard Stockbrokers was placed into Special Administration – reserved for finance firms – on March 9, 2012 in a court process agreed with the FSA.

      Mazars were appointed as special administrators, and have so far uncovered a £3.4 million cash shortfall in the Pritchard books.

      Pritchard directors told the administrators Whyte’s Liberty Capital had pledged a £2 million funding facility to the firm.

      However, Mazars have found no documentary proof to substantiate the funding was ever put in place.

      “A request was made by the FSA for the company to call the facility to meet the company’s liquidity gap. However, no funds were forthcoming,” Mazars said in a statement.

      In the weeks before Pritchard was banned from trading, its brokers were said to be advising clients to convert their shareholdings to cash – some for six figure sums – the bulk of which is now “missing”.

      A number of Pritchard’s clients were inherited in 2010 from the failure of another stockbroking firm which fell foul of the FSA, Wills & Co.

      Collyer Bristow’s Gary Withey, acted for Wills & Co in Pritchard’s 2010 buyout of that firm’s client business.

      Slowing down the administrator’s investigation into Pritchard are claims from 5,400 clients of Merchant House Group.

      The majority of these client claims – around 80 per cent – are for shareholdings worth less than £1, with the average just 56 pence.

      After Pritchard was put into administration, its clients were moved over to a new firm, WH Ireland.

      Many are said to be unhappy with the arrangement as some Pritchard brokers were also transferred over to WH Ireland.

      One of Pritchard Stockbrokers creditors is Craig Whyte, said to be owed £173,000 for his shareholding in the firm.

      • Darn ….. steals the thunder from planned follow up to my post last night …. good find though …. and useful info for me ….. will rerun the NIST MADA for cam ….. is it the missing info ??

  2. josephmcgrath112001809

    Paul, Ihope you are not suggesting Rangers would ever attempt to cover up wrongdoing.

  3. cam

    Hehe,,,people wonder why folk spend so much time discussing Rangers,,where to start with that doozey?
    One wonders why the Coyote is behaving like a desperate electoral candidate,scrabbling around for votes for something that isn’t really of any benefit to Celtic.
    This comedian actually tries to convince us that Celtic are now interested in Scottish fitba,after years of an Old Firm veto policy to stifle change,,,you couldn’t make it up,,,move along nowt to see here.

    • Steven brennan

      Usual reply from Cam.
      Set the shields to deflection uhuru,
      You are predictable, what is your opinion on Mr Greens behaviour as a lying, racist swindler?

      • cam

        Freedom of choice Steven,i shall choose the areas where an aspiring blogger like myself wishes to comment.
        As Mr McC says,if there is anything in my posts which offend you then just don’t read them.
        You and yours can discuss 900 ways to portray RFC in as negative a light as possible.
        I shall just laugh.
        Your statement regards Mr Green is quite bold and obviously hasn’t tripped the moderation filter.

        • Steven brennan

          Which part hasn’t been established as fact ?
          And you are right about who what and when you choose to post, but it still looks like deflection to me.

          • cam

            Do you believe Mr Green is a racist because he admitted on tv that he calls his friend a Paki?
            The term is nowadays of course deemed as racist.
            I used to go for a “chinky” as did most ignorant politically uncorrect Scots.I meant no racist offence,i was ignorant,unthinking, but not racist.
            I don’t believe for a moment that Charles Green is racist and if Imran Ahmed does and is offended then a walk down to Govan police station will sort that in two minutes.
            To swindle is to cheat and defraud regards property or money and if you have proof that this occurred then again Govan police will be happy to take your complaint.Otherwise a wise man may hold his counsel Steven,wouldn’t want to see a nice chap like yourself get into trouble over something as daft as a football team you don’t like.
            Now for some proper deflection,how do you feel with Mr Joe O Rourke in his present position?

            • Paul

              I did not think he was a racist if his comments are personal and kept indoors with Ahmed, who has no qualms, but to air it on TV is foolish. But when he went on further to include not only Paki, but darkie, well you have to consider if you think this is just the ignorance of an old man brought up in a different era. But when you play to the gallery with chants like No surrender then you can be rest assured had he been appointed to be chairman of the NF, leave it to your imagination what he might be say to that gallery. is he a racist bigot or a fool has to be one or all of these.

            • Budweiser

              I think cam has grassed me up. Can you please delete my ‘ boardroom’ comment and anything else even remotely ligititous.

            • Ash

              Wonder if mr. Ahmed would be offended if his kids (if he has any) were getting called “paki” at school or if it would still just be bit of banter.

            • Cam sometimes your comments are very good, sometimes very witty, this time they Do appear defensive & deflective.

              Joe O Rourke falls into the SAME Category as Mr Green, obviously HIS comment caused you enough offence for you to remember it & quote it.

              BOTH brought their Club into Disrepute & should have resigned… There is a Big difference between an Official of a Supporters Association & THE CEO of THE CLUB so I felt your deflection was too much to let pass.

              Go back to the humour, cam it suits your style better.

      • Not guilty!…Not guilty!…Not guilty!

    • Paul

      And would that comedian be Walter who states that it is down to Celtic that the game is still alive thanks to CL! or are there more comedians you might want to talk about.Doncater-Regan-Ogilive-Green-Whyte-Ally.Roll up roll up.

    • Normally dont comment to you as its a pointless exercise, but on this occasion these words,
      ignorant, blinded, defelection, bitter, uninformed and pointless,
      come to mind

      • cam

        Thank you for your comment michael,,,i shall take it on board and try to assimilate it into my Borg napper and become a more rounded individual.

      • cam

        And for info purposes only i didn’t thumb you,so there must be another bitter ignorant fool around.

      • Maggie

        Thanks for that michael,you saved me the trouble.Like you I never respond to him as, you correctly say,what’s the point.God! he’s tedious in the extreme.I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually read anything he writes…..as soon as I see his name I just skim over it,but of course the usual accusations jump out,bigot,hater,mighty Rangers garbage.
        Now he’s defending the probity of Charles Green,the SELF CONFESSED liar and racist.
        1 Admitted lying to Craig Whyte
        2 Admitted calling an Asian man a p***
        As my old non Presbyterian granny used to say “You can watch a thief,but you can’t watch a liar” Once you have a reputation for lying,you might as well give up,as ever after all comers will never take anything you say at face value again. Great work Chico.

        • cam

          Sorry Maggie you are inaccurate in this statement.
          You felt the need to reply to my praise of BB’s statement and blamed the schools.
          You note that i said you were inaccurate or perhaps mistaken,,,not a liar.
          For you to respond to my statement then you must have read it.QED
          You now have a reputation for inaccuracy Margaret,but at least with all that frivolous shopping,you at least have a valid excuse.
          Consider your lovely self dismissed

        • david

          Does this apply to your friend Monti?

          You are right about Green & Co, parcel of rogues.

    • cam

      Good,this one struck a nerve!

  4. dan

    The words ‘white’ and ‘wash’ spring to mind. I’m more interested in whether or not the SFA will investigate this matter. Or are we really expected to swallow the inevitable ‘ no wrong-doing’ from Sevco followed by a ‘well that’s alright then’ from the SFA? Surely not.

  5. 100bjd

    I certainly believe that The Rangers board have done the right thing here with an independent investigation, although the exact remit of the probe will be interesting. Will it purely focus on the Whyte allegations or will the general running of the business be looked at as well. To be honest I feel some more paperwork from the Sevco switch is due any minute. You cannot have a situation where Sevco 5088 is given the absolute unconditional green light to buy the assets by The Duffers and a deal is transacted with Sevco Scotland instead. This is impossible unless there is a transfer document and agreement in place. The Duffers themselves are wide open on this issue and are open to action if the documentation is not there. I am afraid there is a lot more to come here.

    • 100bjd
      April 15, 2013 at 8:42 am

      To be honest I feel some more paperwork from the Sevco switch is due any minute. The Duffers themselves are wide open on this issue and are open to action if the documentation is not there.

      I am afraid there is a lot more to come here.

      I’m not afraid at all.

      This pantomime is wonderfully entertaining.

      “Its behind you!”

  6. JohnBhoy


    Prior to the investigation of alleged links between Charles Green and Craig Whyte, The Rangers has kindly released the final report in advance. It is printed below in full. Charles Green was not a member of the independent commission charged with undertaking the investigation next week and played no part in producing the final report. In anticipation, we would like to thank all those who gave of their time and effort in facilitating our investigation and commend this report to the Rangers Board.

    Final Report

    (Delete: I f*****g hate that wee c*** Craig Whyte.) Craig Whyte duped (delete: me) our saviour into (delete: unlawfully stealing) believing that he had legitimately (delete: conned) purchased (delete: that wee c***’s) Craig Whyte’s shares. There is (delete: concrete) no evidence to show (delete: any germ of honesty) duplicity on the part of (delete: me) our saviour. ( Delete.: Let’s fucking kill that wee f*****g c***, I’ve got f*****g big f*****g hands. I can f******g strangle him, – is f*****g every body in f*****g agreement?)

    This report concludes that (delete: I) Charles Green (delete: is guilty as sin) had no previous connection with Craig Whyte and is therefore an out and out liar innocent of (delete: obvious) alleged deception towards our (delete: unbelievably gullible fans I cannot f*****g believe that this f*****g lot still think I’m their f*****g saviour how f*****g bloody thick are this f*****g lot) glorious fans. (Delete: GIRUY suckers) Charles Green offers his sincere apologies for any misunderstanding. (delete: To stop this shit storm) In the interests of the continued good name of this club, Charles Green will be stepping down as CEO forthwith (delete: and running off with your f*****g swag to fleece some other f*wit sucker lol. No surrender! By the way you’re all f****d up the arse anyway. Run you f***ers, RUN, they’re coming, THEY’RE COMING!!!)

    (Delete: Thanks for the homer. Appreciated.) We are confident that the Rangers Board is (delete: completely f****d) moving in the right direction and commend (delete: my) this report to (delete: these f*****g suckers) them without prejudice.

    (Delete: Ally put that f*****g action man f*****g down, we’re trying to f*****g concoct) write a (delete: f*****g story here for the numpties) fans. (Delete: La la la la la. Ally, are you f*****g listening? La la la la la la la la. Jesus, get me f*****g outta here. Where’s ma f*****g money? I f*****g need it f*****g now. Imran, where the f*** are you?)

    (Delete: Charles Green) Chair of the independent commission


  7. Hmmm

    I’ve removed my normal tag for reasons that may seem obvious below but left my email address for Paul


    My own company (publicly quoted) had an incident a few years back where an investigation into potential purchase fraud by one individual (subsequently jailed) was being investigated.

    As a precautionary action every single person who had countersigned any purchase order by that person over about 2 years was immediately suspended on full pay with all computer access suspended pending interview (some for up to 8 weeks)

    This included several directors and one vice-president.

    This was not seen as an overreaction, it was seen as a way of protecting the company and those individuals.

    Mind you one item that does occur is given Rangers seems to only have 2 executive directors (that is ones with actual day jobs in the company) with the remainder being non-executive (so oversight only) it is difficult to see how CG could be suspended as from what I can see there is no one else who is empowered to actually run the business in his absence, it would only leave the FD and he seems to be someone who keeps a low public profile

    Here is a nasty issue for the non-execs, what can you actually do against the exec directors when they are also the main shareholder block in the company, doubt they can be dismissed as such, do they even have that power as NON-execs?

    Traditionally institutional shareholders don’t tend to vote out the sitting board unless they are really unhappy, a more normal reaction would be just off-load the shares. Do they have enough power (13MM of raised capital, so what 20-25% of shareholding v’s CG and his original investors with maybe 50%??). Perhaps we will find out if CG is coming good on his promise that no individual will have total power over Rangers again?

    Could this not get very messy indeed?

  8. cam

    Boogie wonderland
    The wonder of you
    The wonder years
    Wonderful tonight
    Wonderful world

    posted by Stevie Wonder

  9. JohnBhoy

    The Rebels Have Won

    When the old Celtic Board, under the rule of the Kelly and White dynasty, was bringing Celtic to its knees, the fans used their financial muscle to hurt them where it mattered most: their pockets. Attendances plummeted. That action contributed to their departure and a sea change in Celtic’s corporate management, starting with the welcome introduction of McCann.

    Under the twin banners of loyalty and defiance, The Rangers fans have adopted the opposite strategy – they have attended Ibrox in their droves. This has the effect of keeping the current incumbents in place, and maintaining the status quo, even when the club is once again spiralling out of control.

    The real power lies in the terraces, not the boardroom. Different tactics, different outcomes.

    • Frisnit

      Different situation though. Rangers had already gone out of business, so not supporting them after that could have led to them dying for real, if there were no substantial returns to be made in the future.
      Given all the claims/counter-claims and the hiding that’s going on (some necessary for business I’m sure), it’s hard to say whether removing Green just now would actually be a great or a terrible decision for Rangers future

      • JohnBhoy


        Entirely agree that, in the first instance, to save their club they had to step in, and they did so, but their loyalty, in my view, is now misdirected.

        The Board should take this opportunity to wrestle control from Green and his cohorts. He should be sacked and not allowed to resign and pals should go too. They obviously don’t trust him – why have an investigation after he has spent three hours pleading his innocence, unless you doubt his word. In which case, send him packing. It would be a start, but an important one.

  10. mcfc

    In days gone by the independent commission would probably have had the desired effect of calming the ticket buying masses – but those were different times. In the here and now, it is probably the least the RIFC board can do to meet their legal oversight responsibilities without dismissing Green and Ahmad immediately – thus opening up more cans of legal worms. However, the outcome is flawed before it starts because unless Green and Ahmad damn themselves after ODing on sodium pentothal, Whyte will certainly be able to discredit the whole report with a mash-up from his archive.

    And even without Whyte, the bampots now have such a detailed knowledge of the ins and outs on the whole affair that I doubt the appointed lawyers will be briefed with sufficient accuracy to avoid some obvious clangers..

    More entertainment to follow.

    P.S. when Green is next musing on the Spadieness of Spades maybe he might expand his philosophy into their use i.e. when in a deep and shitty hole refrain from further use of said implement..

  11. cam

    My mole in the hole tells me that RFC plc (IL) .org.BVI c/o newtz’s hard drive, had a 6 hour marathon meeting to discuss painting the concourse area.
    Being fully aware of the forensic examination being carried out by obsessed,sorry interested,members of the public into each toilet flush,they realised a crucial matter such as this required proper emulsion governance.
    The ethnicity,religion and background of the firms tendering for the job was researched, and the sourcing of the materials used, involved rigorous referencing to ensure that no beetles were harmed in the making of the paint.
    Experts from Caltech were consulted to ensure that no subliminal messages could be taken from the colour scheme, thereby exposing visiting fans to any dangers.
    Weather patterns have been studied for airborne contamination and a window of opportunity has been forecast for 3am 12 May 2014.Due to the hour, the painters will have to wear slippers so as not to disturb an easily offended neutral within a 5 mile radius and the painters will be fully insured.
    The proper notifications to all affected bodies will be carried out.
    Next item for discussion is a meeting with The European Emissions Agency,,,seemingly an anonymous chap from Royston has complained that there are outbreaks of carefully orchestrated breaking of wind at home games at Ibrox and speculation that the fans are farting the Billy Boys tune is mounting.

    posted by Cam Le Petomane

    • Steven brennan

      Shields up Uhuru.

      • cam

        Uhuru was the comms officer Steven,,,i think you will find that Mr Sulu was in charge of the shields.
        If you come to me with proper facts Steven then i’m willing to discuss dilithium crystals,impulse power and Vulcan mind melds.
        One to beam off board!

        • Steven brennan

          Shields up Data.
          Make it so.
          Last reference to star trek as I feel a klingon joke coming on, so I will sign off here.

        • Budweiser


          Wee Craigie has, up to now, only had his phasers on stun , what will happen when they are on full power ?

          • cam

            He is about to overload Bud,this wee man is in mucho doo doo

            Bentley no more
            castle no more
            Monaco no more
            oh when you go
            will you send back
            a postcard from
            the big hoose

          • cam

            Grass up a Buddie?,,,never
            btw,,,you spelt litigious wrongly,but i like your version better.
            I think i used that word and spelt it even more wrongly!

    • The Eurropean Emissions agency has requested further info. At present it has been impossible to determine which end of these strange creatures actually constitutes “The Arse”. New methane measuring meters are urgently being sought as the current filters, are continually blocked by mysterious white fibrous material.

    • Paul

      Must be the wind Charles blows, and it smells of Craig Shyte.Once again you highlight the stench coming out of ipox.

  12. Monti

    Paul, Has Ally McCoist demanded to know the names of the ‘Independent commission’ be made public yet? I wonder how many of the Independent panel are called, William, Wilson, Mason or Iain? Another Mark Daly Documentary or three is required into the shadowy goings on at the Asbestos dome. HH!

    • Paul

      He said he will publish the names to make it a real independent inquiry.

      • robertg

        Campbell Ogilvy would probably be a good choice for membership. After all, he’s remained impartial through all the SFA stuff, so he has a track record.

    • david

      So Monti, anyone with these names are not to be trusted?
      Might they be bigoted liars?
      BTW I have met many masons but never anyone called Mason as a Christian name.
      Have you? ( In your travelling role as “boss” )

  13. JimBhoy

    I cannot see how there will be a swift conclusion to this without some court time for the 4 in question… The lawyers can claim there was no wrongdoing as a swift conclusion in order to look like they have set the record straight for the bears to have their comfort blanket back so they can put their hands in their pockets.. That is the likely outcome here as timing is crucial for the SB monies…Any rangers fans currently happy that their club is on a safe footing must be aff their heid..!!!

    I think Spivster Whyte has more coming for Spivster Green and Green knows that.

    One last thing I cannot believe Chico is in this for a pretax 2-3 Million, I think if all goes his way he’ll be leasing back the main rangers assets to the football team for years to come..

  14. connor stafford

    Can anyone ‘do’ a short, sharp and accurate fact check on the status of rangers, as of this day, regarding whether they exist, firstly legally, or as a properly constituted football entity – as recognised under the rules of the SFA – or not?

    My understanding of events is that – however it came about or whether it should have been allowed at all – The the rangers or sevco or something was given a licence to play in Scotland as a direct result of assurances given, by them, to the Scottish football authorities and because of responses to specific narrow questions regarding Green’s and Whyte’s relationship.

    If it transpires that such assurances and declarations were false, does that mean that rangers ‘involvement’ in football in any match in the 2012/2013 season was wrong under the rules and all formal conclusions to that involvement automatically rescinded?

    Is there a false pretences statute whereby intentionally misrepresenting a past or existing fact to gain a financial or ownership or other advantage, means that all arrangements secured – and outcomes transpiring – under such a state, are also void?

  15. Monti

    I have a vision of Campbell Ogilvie doing overtime with the Hampden shredding machine this week…..Why is this man still in position? The game cannot move forward until Ogilvie, Doncaster, Regan & Longmuir have left their positions, and Peter Lawwell has hand picked their replacements.HH!

  16. cam

    Why doesn’t wee Craigie go to one of the daily rags and sell his story and his tapes(of which Bill McMurdo speaks).
    He could get a few bob,,,right enough Ticketus might grab it unless he gets them to send it to the local post office in Monaco.
    His parents must be vewy vewy pwoud.

    • JimBhoy

      @Cam he doesn’t need the money mate, the Billionaire from Motherwell has wealth off the radar..

      • cam

        It may take radar to find the little f***er when the blue flashing lights appear.
        One wonders if he still has that dolly bird(sexism alert) or does his propensity for taping frighten them away.

    • Paul

      Because he wants you lot to suffer slowly because he thinks he is been duped. Irony is a wonderful tool.

  17. mcfc

    I’m beginning to think of Downfall as The Hobbit. That is, the briefest, lightweight introduction to three heavy volumes for the truly dedicated and obsessive.

    But be warned, detailed reading and re-reading of this stuff may impair your performance in social situations. Ensure you have established the bona fides of others using established protocol before engaging in ritual displays of arcane knowledge.

  18. JohnBhoy

    Craigie Bhoy has introduced an enthusiasm for new technology at Ibrox. Amazon report a recent upsurge of recording devices being delivered to a Govan address. The recent Rangers Board meeting with Charlie had them all clandestinely taping each other lol. “For the record [leaning into his recording device] I did not have sexual relations with that man” lol.

  19. An iindependant investigation is currently underway, to determine if there is anything unshredded, which should have been shredded.
    This investigation is vital for two reasons.
    The first being that it was a very hectic time for everyone involved, and sometimes incriminating evidence can sometimes be lost in the smoke.
    The second being that we never bought these armour plated shredders for nothing …..Well we did actually, but the invoice for them simply proves how good they are..
    A full summary of the investigation, when complete, will be made available to the public, at the offices of , Coverrup Bros. 14, Hardtofind st. Glasgow nothing two cee.

  20. Is that statement factually acurate. Former owner Craig Whyte, was he not the owner of RFC(IL)

  21. Is that statement factually acurate? It says previous owner Craig Whtye, thought the company(club) he owned was in liquidation

  22. “Hello?…Is that Mr Green”?

    “Yes this is he”…

    “I understand you can update me on the progress of the commission investigating the behaviour of your CEO a Mr Chuckles Green”…

    “Yes that’s right, Chuckles, who is no relation by the way, has been thoroughly investigated by the commission and found innocent, and just to make that crystal clear, definitely not guilty!”

    “There must be some mistake surely Mr Green, the setting up of the commission was announced only a day or so ago, they couldn’t possibly have investigated and come to a conclusion this quickly”.

    “That’s correct, these things take time, many months or even years, but the investigation is only a formality, and I have been assured the verdict will be
    as I have stated”.

    “Thank you Mr. Green, everything seems to be in order”.

    “You’re welcome”.

  23. martin c

    more share movement, confidence is not there?

  24. cam

    As leader of the new fans group Gers For Loose Change i have been in intensive talks with a welfare benefits specialist in Larkhall and we are now Ready to put through an uncontestable claim for DLA for RFC.
    Atos have been consulted and their chief claims assesment officer Mr Billy Knox has said its a shoo in.
    Citing,death,reincarnation,extreme hardship,uncontrollable bleeding,suicidal tendencies,high toxin levels,blindness,temporary selective loss of memory and a victim culture,then the highest rate of assistance will be available to aid the Mighty Gers back to full fitness.
    Now even this goes against my Klan,right wing, neo nazi, red neck belief system,i’m prepared to abandon any principles i once held and shall be making my way to the games with the aid of a zimmer and oxygen mask just in case the snoopers see me.

  25. allyjambo

    If Whyte has the knowledge to damage TRFC then Green has the knowledge to kill them off. Perhaps this is the card he played at the boardroom table on Saturday when suspension/dismissal was discussed.

  26. coatbrigbhoy

    For further information please contact:
    Rangers International Football Club plc

    Charles Green, CEO/ Brian Stockbridge, CFO

    Please call the Waffle & Pish hotline on

    Tel: 0141 580 5088

    • cam

      Do they put jelly and ice cream on the waffles and do you supply the pish?

      • Huh. That doesn’t make sense Cam.

        Anyway I think with the whole ongoing NewGers omnishambles, OldGers still in liquidation and the passing of Thatch, jelly and ice cream are in short supply in Scotland. Maybe there’s an opportunity for some Motherwell-born-billionaire-entrepreneur if only he had the readies to invest…

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Do I supply the pish ?, naw you just keep posting it as you usually do.

  27. Paul

    Rangers: A House Divided
    Posted on April 14, 2013

    I am puzzled as to why Rangers need to appoint an independent panel to check out the business activities of Charles Green and Imran Ahmad.

    Haven’t the SFA and SFL checked the propriety of Rangers’ fiscal dealings?
    Above are the comments of bill mcturdo, he is puzzled as to why sevco think Green is dodgy, puzzled as to why the SFA and SFL have not checked the fiscal dealings. When will Sevco wake up and realise this is what the whole of Scotland is asking. Corruption and Ignorance go hand in hand with sevco and it’s fans. It not the fault of others but your wee institution which is at fault. You have answered your own goal.

    • Don

      @ JohnBhoy
      I would prefer to keep focused on this particular thread, however it is true to say that Celtic fans acted very much in the same fashion as their counterparts at Rangers, i.e. they were both compelled and constrained to financially support the respective takeovers of their clubs, as the alternative may well have been oblivion. As it happened Celtic’s saviour and new owner, Fergus McCann, also a very single minded and strong willed businessman, thankfully did not have the unsavoury baggage and slick oratory style of Mr Charles Green. – Now back to Maverick –
      Paul this statement issued today to the stock exchange would appear to reinforce your hypothesis set out in your earlier related thread regarding the Directors Appointment Forms of Sevco 5088 and the issues raised by asserting: not that the forms were wrong but merely not correct or valid. Wouldn’t a firm denial by Messrs Green and Ahmad, tacked on to this statement, to the effect that, with regard to the specific claims made by Mr Whyte about his and Mr Airlie’s alleged appointments to Sevco 5088, they had also instructed lawyers to rigorously pursue Whyte for Libel/Slander/Fraud/Forgery and Uttering whichever is appropriate. Surely this would have given greater confidence to the stock exchange, shareholders, the Ranger’s board and fans?

      • I think the outcome of the switcharoony will be that D&P, at a late stage, were made aware of CW’s involvement with 5088 .
        As such it was impossible for them to honour the binding agreement, but proceeded with CG and used sevco Scotland as the transfer vehicle.
        No official announcement was made, due to ongoing police investigation., blah blah!

  28. Geddy Lee

    I don’t know, you go away for a long weekend, and come back to total and utter chaos over Govan way.

    I assume the sevcovians are refusing to take their heads out of the sand,despite the perilous position of their new club.

    Share dropping dramatically ( down over 4p already today), as investors big and small, flee the sinking ship.

    One day, if they ever get another chance, Sevcovians, must start listening to Celtic fans when they warn them of the vultures circling their club. To have learned NOTHING from the tenures of both Murray and Whyte to such an extent that they have welcomed the dreadful Green with open arms, despite the ridicule he has heaped on the club, is frankly embarrassing.

    It remains to be seen if the “heaving hordes” will ever get up off their knees and start defending the club they now follow. Or will they once again be wowed by a spiv like Green just because he’s English, and wears a shirt AND tie.

  29. Geddy Lee

    With the share price tumbling, could a suspension of trade be on the cards?

  30. Could this be the opening salvo in a coup d’etat. Are the Establishment planning to give the “putsh” to Chicco & Imran? Their usefulness expired, a few bob in their back pocket, and the “Real Rangers Men”: back in control.

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca would this be booting them out of the holding company who own the football business only…? The holding company owning the holding company who as I suspect actually own the company assets would then be in a position to lease said assets to the holding company owning the club…I really think this has been the plan all along. Chico would pick up a couple of million being sacked but would make an absolute fortune for years to come based on that lease agreement. Maybe that’s what Craigie Bhoy was asking Chico for in his demands for 25% of Chico’s shares (of the assets) or £1m a year for life…

      • But with wee Craigy, safely in handcuffs, as per my reply to Don above, The task will be complete! Chicco & chums on a nice we earner, Rangers men back at the helm. And the old status quo, firmly entrenched again. Hector and creditors a distant memory.

        • cam

          That’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever said,,,continue!

          • Certainly Cam, if the suggestion proves correct, and probably legal, then Hector and the creditors will have been successfully stiffed.
            The moral viewpoint of this new club will always be the dirtiest thing in Scottish football. Do you agree that the followers who further enrich this club should also be seen as the most morally void unprincipled supporters ever to walk the planet, and that dignity will quite rightly never be attached to their name again. Sensible enough for you?

            • Good! That one struck a nerve! Right through the deflector shield! Whooooooosh!

            • cam

              Sorry i had to step out and practise my flute.
              Yes, all of the above sounds pretty damn fine as long as it keeps you lot awake at night with mucho denture gnashing.
              Take that disrupter beam right in your asteroids!

            • A very Carson-esque response Cam. I doubt you can play the flute, but you actually agree with my assessment of future followers of Sevco. A dilemma for you because you are not like that, but still feel the need to defend the indefencible

    • Deception, lies, associates with proven fraudsters.

      I’d say he is a real Rangers man.

  31. Didn’t think they could top their last inaccurate stock exchange announcement: “Rangers wins league”. Which league did they win? I thought they won a division of the league.

    And why, fact fans, are they registered at 160 Edmiston Drive on the stock exchange when the Rangers website has them at 150! (Insert club next door joke here)


  32. mcfc

    When does PeterL start buying – could have himself a half decent colts team by the end of the week 🙂

  33. ecojon

    Rangers international

    -3.50p (-5.34%)

    Looks as though the market isn’t waiting for any investigation but just walking away.

  34. Geddy Lee

    Incidentally, good to see the Sevcovians really getting to grips with their current situation .

    OH NO, sorry I must have been mistaken. Over on the VILE Bear’s den Forum, we have yet another thread about Big Bad Peter Lawwell, and hysterically, a new campaign just getting off the ground. This one concerns “State Aid” to Celtic.

    Apparently they have just discovered that Glasgow Council sold Celtic some land while they were developing Celtic Park.

    They are also STILL raging that Celtic Park will host the opening ceremony of the Commenwealth Games, and are apopleptic at the thought of money being spent redeveloping the East End of the city. All a Catholic? SNP conspiracy apparently, aimed at attracting the “minority vote”. You see in their alternative universe, the SNP are out to marganalise the Protestant population in favour of the catholics. This despite the leader of the SNP being himself Protestant.

    They see nothing bizarre in a party committting political suicide, which is exactly what such a policy would be.

    But hey, with Celtic getting the Commenwealth Games, and sevcovians arrested for shrieking “F##K the Pope” there MUST be a Caholic conspiracy in play. So what do they do? those who are actually registered to vote (Not many) will

    vote Labour of all parties. If ever a party was catholic dominated, with links all the way up to” OPus Dei” then it’s Labour.

    The local MP for Govan (Davidson?) has attached himself to the Sevco cause. No one in Sevcovia seems to be aware that this man is a member of the most fanatical , anti royalist orginisation within Westminster. he is very much a republican.

    Not only that, his role as spokesman for sevcoviaat Westminster was rendered void when he accepted a heap of shares from Green, thus rendering him unable to lobby due to a conflict of interest.

    But hey, he nad his handlers will be gathering votes, and continue to produce the ANti SNP banners help up by the wee boys in the “ulta section” (snigger). And Labour will continue to post anti SNP threads for discussion on the Bear@s Den Forum.

    The plants are so obvious to anyone with a functioning brain cell, but seemed to have been missed by all insundry on the site.

    Indeed the local LABOUR MP for Govan, the man who has attached himself to the rangers cause

    • ecojon

      @Geddy Lee
      April 15, 2013 at 12:32 pm

      I have never noticed anything about Davidson having received rangers shares – have you a source for that?


  35. Hmmm – possibly just a wee bit tenuous? I don’t think it’s actually that crystal clear that Green’s the ‘go to’ guy from that statement. It could well be read as ‘further information from [Sevco] whose CEO and CFO are… etc’
    Admittedly, it’s pretty clumsy, and possibly downright stupid, to word/present it the way they have, but hey, isn’t that just par for the course with this mob? (I’m sure that will be their explanation anyway – maybe not word for word mind.)
    One thing’s for sure though, no one at Ibrox seems to be any good at proof-reading – no doubt it’s a long time since Jabba stooped so low as to carry out this very basic of journalistic functions.

  36. Monti

    Campbell Ogilvie has tapped into the cereal market, he’s bringing out a new brand of SHREDDIES!!!!;

  37. Geddy Lee


    Computer not playing. No more rambling for me (SOB)

  38. arb urns

    charles green…. sheer clanger or leech rangers the clue is in the name u kno….

    was amazed he wasnt suspended on full pay a la murray and sandaza but then again he doesnt have one rule for cg and another rule for others !!!

    can only guess but suspect somebody on the board worked out we got ‘the shyster’ hosing us on the outside could be a whole lot worse if the chickster gets his hose out and starts sprayin from the inside….

    my 8 farthings worth would be on chico has seized upon the failed cva to ‘alter’ things in the background……..never liked this deal where chico’s ‘movable consortium’ were the only bidders from a CVL…. cant believe why nobody has got D and P in a courtroom near you on this if only for the TUPE cock up…. so you have to deduce they are all in this together….

    Local Hero is the no 2 move of all time……scotland could scoop the oscars next year if Irvine and Danny decide to have a go at this…………

    might be one o’ these film schemes that would actually work..box office receipts to pay off all the face painters etc….. the final scene would be carson in a q of one buying three season tickets…… sure tesco would sponsor the movie too……….good for a few sequels too

    • arb urns

      ps….. no need for casting for the final scene above….. carson plays himself…..no brainer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. ecojon

    Where is clarkeng when you need a laugh?

    I remember how he was confidently stating that the Celtic share price would collapse in March and certain trolls were backing him to the hilt. Any attempt to point-out the weakness in his argument was ridiculed and, not for the first-time, a former resident haridan pronounced to all and sundry that I knew nothing about shares and was basically an idiot.

    I put my hands up to all that but in spite of it all I would never ever have been daft enough to put money in Rangers shares beyond the flotation ‘boost’ as the share has only one way to go.

    And to be fair to clarkgen he did get it sort of right about a share collapse – he was a bit late and he got the club wrong but he was and is trying.

    If the day continues like this then the RFC shareprice will fall below the Celtic shareprice – what does that matter? Nothing to me but it will eat away at a lot of people forced to suffer serious acid indigestion in silence with an inane grin on their face 🙂

    And they still can’t see the train wreck ahead and McCoist still hasn’t worked out what the lights at the end of the tunnel are 🙂

    • @eco

      Have to say I’m mystified & not a little miffed at the way Clarkeng disappeared; we were in the middle of what was (to my mind anyway!) a pretty interesting discussion re gratuitous alienation, and he vanished just as I found the info that blew his argument out of the water.

      Adam (remember him?) tried to bring it up on 2 consecutive threads, then he went awol without answering my challenge. So my “big reveal” never saw the light of day!

      • cam

        Could you post it tomorrow at midnight,,,i’m having trouble sleeping.
        The doctor told me to stop looking at the picture of Lenny kicking those Lucozade bottles,as hysterical laughter release chemicals that fight the sleep instinct.

        • @bam

          I would suggest that you DON’T read it – even a partial understanding of the intricacies of the Insolvency Act 1986 takes an intellectual rigour which, as your vapid, banal tripe reminds us every day, is way beyond your skill set.

  40. portpower

    rangers International Football Club plc (AIM: RFC), the holding company for the Scottish football club ‘rangers’. So do rangers International Football Club plc have an urn ready because rangers are in liquidation soon to be dead.

    javascript: var x=openWin2(‘/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-
    detail.html?announcementId=11535118’, ‘News’, 900, 600, ‘resizable=yes,toolbar=no,location=yes,directories=yes,addressbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,menubar=no’)

    • portpower

      javascript: var x=openWin2(‘/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=11535118’, ‘News’, 900, 600, ‘resizable=yes,toolbar=no,location=yes,directories=yes,addressbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,menubar=no’)

      • portpower

        Regulatory Story
        Go to market news section View chart Print

        Company Rangers Int F.C. PLC
        TIDM RFC
        Headline Rangers Wins League
        Released 07:00 02-Apr-2013
        Number 2327B07

        RNS Number : 2327B

        Rangers Int. Football Club PLC

        02 April 2013


        2 April 2013

        Embargoed for 07:00

        Rangers International Football Club plc

        (“Rangers” or the “Company”)

        Rangers Wins League

        Rangers International Football Club plc (AIM: RFC), the holding company for the Scottish football club ‘Rangers’, is pleased to announce that is has won the Scottish Football League third-division championship. The title was secured at the weekend when, more than a month before the completion of the season, Rangers moved 22 points clear of their closest rivals and cannot now be overtaken.

        This latest honour for Rangers FC, the most successful club in Scotland, is the first significant step on the Club’s journey back to the top of football.

        For further information please contact:

        Rangers International Football Club plc


        Charles Green, CEO/ Brian Stockbridge, CFO

        Tel: 0141 580 8647

        Cenkos Securities plc

        Stephen Keys, Adrian Hargrave, Max Hartley (Corporate Finance)

        Tel: 020 7397 8900

        Russell Kerr (Corporate Broking)

        Newgate Threadneedle

        Graham Herring / John Coles / Roddy Watt / Fiona Conroy

        Tel: 020 7148 6143

  41. Gortch

    Rangers shares down around 7% today. Any fool can see that the issues raised put huge questions marks over the validity and legality of Sevco Scotland’s ownership of key assets.

    But I think Green was right to put his contact details on that statement, and here’s why…

    A sort of hypothetical question: you buy shares in a car, looks like a pretty good car, good runner, 2 or 3 previous owners… you hear rumours that one of the previous owners is saying he still has claims on the car, that it should never been sold without his approval. What do you do?

    If it was me, I’d get out fast and get my money back — sell my shares. It could be only a matter of time before the old bill turn up and say “I’m afraid your shares are worthless, the car is being ceased and returned to its rightful owner…”

    As far as any losses incurred to you the share holder are concerned, we advise you to contact Mr. Green, his contact details are on the statement he submitted to the Stock Exchange recently.

    So there you go, he was right to put himself as the point of contact.

    Well done, Charles.

  42. lord mac

    why where these 2 company’s still trading up to 11 April 2013 and the other up to the 14 April 2013 sc132239 and sc141225 when they at the same time where issued with a floating charge on 24th Feb 1999 along with SC 004276 why did these 2 company’s not get liquidated at the same time
    with the debt from the bank of Scotland

    • Gortch

      What companies are they? I doubt if any of us are so obsessed as to know their company registration numbers off the top of our heads…

  43. Monti

    St.Mirren & Ross county vote No! talk about tail wagging the dog?

    • Raymilland

      Flogging a dead horse (SPL 2)

      After two days in the desert sun
      My skin began to turn red
      After three days in the desert fun
      I was looking at a river bed
      And the story it told of a river that flowed
      Made me sad to think it was dead

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti Not really sure what the big deal is on the restructuring.. From a Celtic perspective it means nothing much other than they don’t get a reduced sum from the tv money if we have the status Quo. From a rangers perspective they will be in the 3rd division regardless. It impacts the teams in the SFL more I would assume as the new system gives out more to those leagues so in that respect Ross Co and St Mirren could be seen as selfish or thinking solely of their own interests.. Either way IMO it’s far too late in the day to restructure anything…

      Restructuring or NOT Sally will claim it’s another penalty on the rangers from the rabid rangers haters and that Peter Lawell..

  44. coatbrigbhoy

    from the BBC website, the no vote response.

    Kristian Ogilvie: “Nice to see common sense prevail. the bully tactics of Lawwell have rightly failed.”

    i was sure his name was Campbell

  45. Geddy Lee

    On a more pleasant note. Well done Celtic’s under17’s , who have just returned from Moscow where they finished runners up , behind Barcelona in the Spartak Cup. They finished with the same points as Barca, and despite having a better goal difference, Barca won after the head to head was taken into consideration (Barca winnnig it 1-0).

    Top quality opposition, including Benfica were put to the sword, with the lad’s final game being a 2-0 humping of Spurs.

    The sevcos are already getting excited about the Glasgow Cup Final which features the under 17’s. The cream of Murray Park(STILL awaiting new branding) will have the chance to shine against the mighty Celts.

    Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, Celtic’s under 20’s finished 3rd in the AL AIN International tournament.

    The final match this time wads a 3 nil humping of Inter Milan.

    The future is bright, and would seem to be Green and White.

  46. portpower

    I saw a piece of paper nailed to a tree. On closer inspection I saw it was sevco shares. So I took it. You can never have enough nails.

  47. Dundee Dee

    I notice from the LSE website that someone just dumped 30,000 “the Rangers” shares at 61p and asked for delayed announcement? Is Chukles building his own war chest! New halftime song at Ibrox Tom Petty “Freefallin” . God bless Craigieboy his training at MI5 in counter intellegence skills has paid dividends (oups sorry for the pun as none of the shareholdes got any)

  48. Maggie

    Comment of the day,so far ( don’t want you getting big headed 🙂 )

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